Dr Martin MacNeill, guilty or not guilty?

I did a bit of sleuting to familarize myself with the upcoming Martin MacNeill trial which is to take place on October 15th. I would like to share what I found with you and will welcome your input and opinions.
Is it just my imagination or does it seem that our trials of late seem to involve Mormons/Murder and Lust?

In the beginning, what a handsome couple…meet Michele and Martin MacNeill of Utah.

The years passed and middle age began to creep in….Michele remained stunningly beautiful while Martin’s good looks would stand out in a crowd.

Fairy tales do not always come true…

Now enters Gypsy Willis…

Info on Gypsy Willis

Here is the info I gathered…please feel free to add more…thank you, MSF

Dr. Martin MacNeill’s trial begins October 15
He’s accused of planning, carrying out wife’s murder
The trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill may rival that of Jodi Arias for lurid, sensational details.

He’s accused of using his medical knowledge to kill his wife, just days after making her get plastic surgery. Authorities say he drugged her heavily during her recuperation. She was found dead in the bathtub. But there are conflicting accounts, from MacNeill himself, about the position of her body. There’s “another woman,” stolen identities, reports of sexual assaults, and other crimes that figure into this complex story.

All but one of his children believe MacNeill killed their mother. The son who doubted his guilt committed suicide.


911 call

Here is a video to familarize you with this case.

Info re Case

Michele MacNeill can’t be called “the victim” at murder trial

Neilsen said Tuesday that as part of Willis’s plea bargain she could be required to testify against MacNeill, should he ever face charges for the death of his wife.

A nearly 60-page affidavit goes into even greater detail, suggesting that MacNeill was a serial liar with homicidal tendencies years before his wife died. The affidavit begins in 2006, when MacNeill allegedly had an affair with Anna Osborne. During the affair, MacNeill reportedly told Osborne that he previously killed his own brother, as well as some of his patients. Osborne also claimed that MacNeill had tried to kill his mother and that he wanted to kill his daughter Vanessa.

“On Jan. 22, 2006, Anna Osborne informed her psychiatrist she was having an affair with a serial killer,” the documents state.

The affidavit states that in 2006 MacNeill also began telling his family that he was dying. He claimed to have cancer, and later multiple sclerosis, and began rearranging his assets. He mentioned his supposedly fatal diagnoses to his family, neighbors and church congregation, the documents state, even though he knew he didn’t have those diseases.

More good stuff at this link…

Prosecutors charge doctor with murder in wife’s 2007 death

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252 Responses to Dr Martin MacNeill, guilty or not guilty?

  1. margaret says:

    All I can say is that some men are just so downright stupid.. Look closely at these two women, IMO Gypsy cannot hold a candle to Michelle and from all I have read she was a kind,loving person. I would like to know what the powers that be would call Michelle if not ” victim”.. Sick and so not right. Thank you Snoops for this post, the more I learn about it , the more angry with the justice system I get. Only the monsters get the breaks.

  2. Margaret~~I don’t think they are allowing the daughter to testify that Michele told her if anything happened to her to look at her father. She was washing her mother’s hair at the time.

    Martin seems to possess a lot of the same traits as Raven Abaroa, big egos, outspoken and a lust for other women. I need to learn more about this case. I am glad it will be televised…I just hope it is live streamed.

  3. To avoid an expensive appeals process, Utah will seldom ask for the death penalty but rather opt for LWOP.


  4. For more than a year, Deseret News reporter Sara Lenz has investigated the life of Martin MacNeill. The information in this story comes from court documents, 911 calls, police reports, an autopsy report, a search warrant affidavit, psychology reports and dozens of interviews with investigators, attorneys, police officers, neighbors, victims and family members detailing why some believe MacNeill may have killed his wife, Michele.

    Lots of reading material here…shocking details about MacNeill


  5. margaret says:

    OMG Snoops ! I have just finished reading the link you posted above and this guy is the lowest of the low. I can’t believe he has gotten away with so much. I can’t believe he could so callously hurt his children the way he has. I live 27 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and I think the only punishment to fit him, gypsy, jodi and bob bashara is to take them out 20 miles and throw them overboard. I would be willing to give the final push.I just can’t understand how anyone can be so heartless. Just think all of us that worked our butts off all our lives have paid that SOB all these years and taking money from real veterans to give him. How dare he and how dare our government deny some who really need the benefits but just freely hand it over to this jerk with no follow ups.. I am fuming, Be back later.

    Have a great day!!!

  6. Margaret~~I just finished reading the article by Lenz. It is like I read a fictional story but I trust that it is all true. I am as steamed up as you are!! What in hell was wrong with the police dept who investigated Michele’s death? Doctors have been known to murder. Then we have the gov’t paying this psycho maniac in the form of disability and then security benefits up until 2010. I wonder how Martin’s relatives all seemed to meet untimely deaths. This Gypsy bitch is now free…. I have to calm down. This is worse than the Arias case.

    Now MacNeill’s defense is filing motions to get a lot of evidence thrown out… I wonder what the judge will be like, hopefully he doesn’t believe in murder in lieu of divorce… Will we see another hung jury??

  7. margaret says:

    I know how you feel.. It is disgusting , the things he got away with. The older daughters think he had something to do with his son’s, their brother, suicide. It sounds like the M. E. and detectives just took the monsters word for how she died. Gypsy is not a pretty woman to me. She must be a jodi and this idiot found his perfect accomplice. I hope they both get beat up every day in prison. Yes I think this will be an interesting trial.

  8. margaret says:


    Thought you could use a laugh. Seems the Mormons need a new law, no fighting over pews. Silly and stupid.

    lolol…what next??~~ss

  9. Margaret~~what concerns me is the fact that the jurors will only hear and see evidence pert to the charges. MacNeill’s past bad acts will be considered prejudicial. I am not sure just how much of the daughter’s testimony will be allowed. On After Dark tonight the mock jury brought back a verdict of MacNeill being Guilty..unanimous too. It is not often they all agree. Let’s hope the jury will reach the same verdict.

  10. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Here’s the second part to video you posted under your article.


  11. Thanks so much, Sarah. It is new to me and very interesting.

  12. margaret says:

    I can bet that if that creep can come up with anything bad about his wife, they will allow that in. The laws are not for the victim. If he did something wrong it should come in. IMO. It sees he has always been in charge directing his life and his families to serve his own sick purpose.. He won’t be able to control the jury , but he will try.

  13. Where were the checks and balances that should have stopped this man at the hospital door years ago when he supposedly got a ‘degree’ and why weren’t references checked? Why was a man who got out of military service falsifying his symptoms never caught? Why hasn’t he been charged for defrauding the government? So many questions and it took his daughter pressuring officials to begin getting answers.

  14. Hi Sandy~~this is what baffles one’s mind. So much seemed to slip through the cracks by gov’t employees who were not doing their jobs. It went to show that Martin was a slick manipulator who duped the system. Now we will watch as he beats a murder rap. MacNeill’s defense is filing motion after motion so certain evidence will not be permissible at the trial.

    Michele MacNeill cannot be referred to as the “victim” for starters. The jurors will never hear Martin wanted to give away his children. The judge will allow two prison inmates to testify for the prosecution. Will we see justice take place? Somehow I doubt that.

    BTW, nice to see you…hope you had a great summer.

  15. It was an interesting one… traveling back to Colombia, SA, to close out my apt. and life there… got caught up in a national strike that closed the country down for three weeks and had a difficult time getting home on scheduled flight. Good to be back. 🙂

    Sorry to hear that but glad you finally made it home. xo~~SS

  16. Utah Dr. Martin MacNeill Set To Begin Murder Trial: Daughters Say He ‘Drugged And Drowned’ Wife To Be With Mistress [VIDEO]


  17. margaret says:

    Will we see the picking of the jury on Tuesday ? Isn’t that pushing things to pick jury and have opening statements by Thursday?

  18. Margaret~~cameras in the courtroom is rather new to Utah so I would be surprised if we get to see jurors being picked. I am still wondering if the trial will be live streamed?? I heard on HLN that Martin’s daughter, now 12 yrs old may testify. She was only 6 when she found her mother in the bath tub. It is hard to believe it took so long for charges to be laid and now here it is 2013 and the trial..

  19. (of course, the defense is trying to block Ada’s testimony)

    Trial may pit girl, 12, against her Mormon doctor father accused of overdosing his wife on pain and anxiety drugs and letting her drown so he could be with his mistress


  20. Judge: TV can live-stream coverage of Provo murder trial
    Courts » Judge clears way for cameras to record 6-week trial of Pleasant Grove doctor.


  21. This promises to be as demanding a trial as some others you have covered with lots of details to keep us on our faux-juror toes.

  22. Jury Being Selected In Utah Doctor’s Murder Trial

    Jury will not be sequestered…what I found interesting, they are picking 11 jurors..not 12??


  23. margaret1942 says:

    Do you know what just totally blows my mind is the defense not wanting Michelle to be called ” victim” , but at same time trying to kick all witnesses against Martin off witness list. This whole process is just wrong. In my mind Michelle was a ” victim ” before she was murdered. I can tell that I am going to have to watch my anger on this one too.

  24. I have just finished reading many of the documents found on Wild About Trial (WAT) on this case and if anyone has anger issues, start taking your stress medication now because this trial has the potential to stir up that pot very easily, it appears. By the way, WAT will be streaming live and our skilled friend, Beth Karas, is likely to be offering up some insightful commentary…

  25. Margaret and Sandy~~I totally agree that we may all need anger management before this trial is over. The jurors will not be privy to oodles of evidence. The defense is trying to block Ada’s testimony because she was questioned in advance by one of her sisters. (Ada is really Venessa’s daughter).

    I was of the understanding that a doctor is not allowed to treat his wife so how was MacNeill able to prescribe Michelle’s meds after the surgery. The surgeon and/or family doctor has the say on what medications should be given.

  26. I was amazed to read that the treating physician/surgeon even considered adding medications which were beyond the norm and he should be brought up on charges of drug peddling or something! I hope no one goes to that man who clearly doesn’t look out for his patients very well. He should have been astute enough to question why MacNeill was so eager to add drugs AND to try and have his wife at home so quickly… anyone else think the surgeon may have been complicit in some way?

  27. Judge determined to empanel jury in MacNeill trial today

    In court Wednesday, Pullan said the process was slower than anticipated, but he still planned to impanel eight jurors and three alternates by the end of the day so that testimony in the trial could start as planned.

    More here…


  28. FYI~~ A jury has been seated and Opening Statements tomorrow…

  29. margaret says:

    If the judge keeps allowing the defense to call all of the shots, there won’t be any need for a trial, just let him go. He’s the killer but getting all of the breaks. Despicable ! Snoops, thank you for verifying Ada’s parentage. I thought I had heard that but haven’t been able to find anything for sure. I just wish gypsy had to be tried along side of him..

    Our Dr. Perper is getting around, Good for him…

  30. Thank you again, Mainstream, for giving us a place to rant, rave and reply to the Case, whatever it might be… you are appreciated!

  31. Sandy~~you are very welcome! I enjoy your company.

    Margaret~~of course, I enjoy you too. Nancy said they had not picked a jury but I think her show is taped…JVM announced a jury was ready to go…

  32. Just confirmed by Jean C on After Dark….jury has been picked…

    Opening statements at 8:30am sharp…10:30am Florida time…11:30am for me.

  33. The medical examiner, Dr. Maureen Frikke, who conducted Michele’s autopsy said she died from cardiovascular disease.

    “This 50-year-old Caucasian female appears to have died as the consequence of natural cardiovascular disease. Postmortem examination revealed anatomic evidence of chronic hypertension and myparditis, which are capable of causing acute unexpected arrhythmias and sudden death,” wrote Frikke in her report concluding Michele MacNeill died of natural causes.

    The case was closed for about a year and half until it was reopened on the insistence of some of Michele MacNeill’s family members. Eventually, another medical examiner, Dr. Todd Grey,reviewed the case and determined Michele MacNeill died from “combined effects of heart disease and drug toxicity,” but could not determine if Michele MacNeill’s death was a homicide or natural.

    Then, yet another doctor reviewed the case, Dr. Joshua Perper,who says Michele MacNeill died as a result of drowning, but he also couldn’t determine whether she died as a result of an accident or whether it was a homicide.

    In a bizarre twist, prosecutors are expected to call Anna Osborne Walthall, who claims to be Martin MacNeill’s former lover, to testify about how he bragged to her that he could induce a heart attack in someone by injecting them with potassium, and how a medical examiner would not be able to detect it.


  34. The MacNeill Family
    The MacNeills had four biological children: Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa and Damian; and adopted four more children from Ukraine, or that’s what they told people. In 2010, the couple’s only son, Damian, committed suicide. During a preliminary hearing, Rachel MacNeill testified that Ada, who everyone knows as one of the MacNeills’ adopted daughters, is actually the MacNeills’ biological granddaughter. Ada is Vanessa’s daughter.


  35. (the following is from Dec/2012)

    “Investigators in the Utah County Attorney’s Office deemed (Damian MacNeill) to be a very dangerous individual who possessed homicidal impulses and discussed the ‘joys of killing,'” the motion states. “Damian was present in Pleasant Grove on the date of his mother’s death.”

    Attorneys Randall Spencer and Susanne Gustin reiterate that while they do not believe Michele MacNeill was murdered — MacNeill contends his wife’s death was nothing more than an accident — they believe the information about Damian MacNeill is “highly exculpatory and was intentionally concealed from defense counsel.”

    Damian MacNeill said he and his girlfriend disposed of his mother’s prescription pills shortly after her death at the instruction of his father. He told the Deseret News his father wanted him to get rid of them because he wanted to keep his mother’s facelift a private matter and said his father was also afraid he would try to overdose on the drugs himself.

    More here….


  36. shyloh says:

    Where can we watch this trial live. I may have missed the link. Thank you if you know!
    HUGS SNOOPY and all who post and read here.

  37. I cannot find a link to live streaming of the trial…Anyone?? If you find it please post it here TIA

  38. shyloh says:

    Not sure if you have to be a member to watch or not. I am one.
    Here’s another on it’s free. http://whoopwhoop.tv/macneill.htm
    This one is going to be a very interesting trial.

  39. shyloh says:

    OOPS thanks Snoopy, I also had the link to wild about trial. I registered last night ha. Forgot about it till I noticed it again in my email.

  40. I dont have any audio ….I see the judge

  41. shyloh says:

    Try my second link it works for me

  42. There is also a live stream through the Salt Lake Tribune…

  43. sarah0234 says:

    Thank goodness….Beth Karas is giving comments as the trial moves along. I will read tonight and get caught up. So far what I have read and listened to, this man is another evil narcissistic leach. What’s wrong people?

  44. The surgeon looks quite miserable on the stand for the cross; perhaps he is coming to realize the role he played in Michelle’s death at long last.

  45. Newbie says:

    Am I naive regarding doctors? Why would a skilled surgeon go ahead and operate for nine hours on someone that had high blood pressure? And how much “adjusting” do they do for fellow “comrades.” Seems to me you prescribe what you prescribe?
    Whoops, hospital “quick check was done?”
    Sorry guys, I am missing our “Don Juan” method on witness? Martinez where are you.

  46. Newbie says:

    Well, here I am backwards….again. HELLO all !

  47. I am glad one of the jurors asked the doctor if he found it odd that Martin was his wife’s primary doctor. This baffles my mind too.

    It is going to take a few days to get used to Judge Pullen and some of these lawyers…

    I was paying attention to MacNeill’s demeanor…he looks like a man with very little patience. I cannot see him maintaining his cool throughout the proceedings. At one time, it appeared he was checking his own pulse and stopped when he noticed the camera panning down on him from a side angle.

    Newbie…….I think we all miss our Juan…

  48. This is from Beth’s page…so we only have 4 days of trial and they recess early…

    Dr. Von Welch is excused. Trial is in recess until tomorrow at 8:30 am MT/10:30 am ET. Jurors are excused. Court will typically adjourn at 3:00 pm MT/5:00 pm ET every day. The trial is dark on Mondays. The attorneys are going to look at the bathtub which has been brought to the courthouse and is located on another floor.

  49. Newbie says:

    Could you tell I came in on the tail end of HLN…..lol….it is really not funny though….I have missed a lot of info obviously. It is terribly nice of you Snoopy to post so much information for those playing catch up !! Thanks.

  50. margaret says:

    Wouldn’t you know , I got all ready to watch trial and got a call from school, my granddaughter had been hit with ball during P.E. . Had to go pick her up, teachers had carried on so bad that they scared her half to death. She is fine ,,thank God and was glad to get home early.

    I saw maybe five minutes of the surgeon being questioned and if the perp manuvered the M.E.’ s , like he did that doctor it is no wonder that she did not get a decent, truthful autopsy..

    It is so good to see everyone coming back to comment, it has been too quiet lately. Hello everyone ! ! Now thanks to my friend Snoops, it is with a thankful heart for videos, and now I am off to play catch-up.. You are the best Snoops.

  51. Newbie~~I am ordering you to put your nose to the grindstone and learn about this case…inside and out…backwards and forwards…If I need questions answered, I will come to you. lol

    Margaret~~my pleasure…it is nice to see a few of us coming together again. xo

  52. Estee says:

    Oh, Snoops…I should have checked in here earlier today…Didn’t know you had the “goods” on this…I’ve been waiting for 1PM today to check HLN,,,I should have known better…

  53. margaret says:


    There are some cases, like this one we are watching now, that just eat at your heart. Susan’s smile is like Laci’s, just lights up the world.. The Powells are still harrassing the cox’s so bad.. Poor Susan, in death , has become kind of wealthy and the Powells want it. Who do they think they are? How they could even have the thought is beyond me. Several articles about Susan and boys at this site.

    BTW Snoops, I read a day or two ago that old man Powell won’t be set free on fourth, becuse the person who had promised he could live on his prperty, has changed his mind..He can’t be released now until they find new place for him to live.. LOL

  54. Margaret~~Powell must have lost his home. I wonder where the daughter( who stood by him) is and there was a son mentally challenged.

  55. margaret says:

    Wow , Greta is live streaming this one. Can this hurt the doctor who did the face lift ? I think he was totally wrong for prescribing the meds that Macneill wanted instead of what was best for Michelle.. His eyes are a lot like jodi, mean. Those eyes are wide open and never misses a beat. Is it me or do his lawyers act like they are new at this? I haven’t seen much from them. I would like to know more about the one sons suicide.. The daughters talked about their belieef that he may have had something to do with that too.. He has feelings for no one except himself, so it will not bother him if this young surgeon’s life is ruined fom this. I still get angry when I think about our taxpayers having to pay out to him, and that our government let him. Uuuggghhhh.

  56. shyloh says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, but this is what is bothering me a lot. How can her clothes be dry and her hair wet? Then all the people that were on the scene say different things on what she was wearing. That is so odd.

  57. Shyloh~ ~it has been over six years since Michelle was found in the tub on April 11/07. When the fire medic referred to the pink sweats, I think he got it confused with the towel that the neighbor draped over her lower body. I honestly think that Martin was trying to take the paramedics attention from their task at hand…he was terrified they may revive Michele. Most of the witnesses appear to be brain dead as far as their recollections go.

  58. shyloh says:

    You could be right about that. Heck, I can’t remember what happened 6 days ago let alone 6 years. UGH!! Being a police officer or paramedic, you see LOTS of people a day. How can one remember or even expect one to remember a certain clothing etc?

    One thing they all do state is Martin’s animation on that day. What a Dr. I don’t care. He is out of control and I just can’t believe his actions. What the hell was he thinking? If he didn’t act so stupid, yea, maybe he would of committed the perfect murder?!?

  59. The state only has one witness available for this afternoon and then they have some housekeeping matters to take care of. One matter is; Will Ada MacNeill be allowed to testify?? Did anyone notice the detective chewing away on his gum while testifying?

  60. Margaret~~the male defense lawyer irritates me as much as Nurmi did. I have not memorized all the names of the attorneys in this trial. lol

  61. margaret says:

    Is it me or is that female defense attorney almost in MacNeills lap ? Ada drew a picture of her mother dressed on her back with her eyes open, Is it possible he undressed her while Ada went for help and left her hanging over tub or didn’t have time to reposition her. He could certainly have gotten her out of tub. her legs and backside would have been heaviest and they were out already. People just surprise me all the time with their lack of feelings. I hope his new wedding band burns his fingers off. What a slap in the face for his children and Michelle’s memory..

  62. Here is a site you can go to and watch the videos of the trial…

    Video Archive thanks to Wild About Trial

  63. Margaret~~I think Susanne Gustin (defense lawyer) has a crush on Martin. She has changed her hairdo and today had on ‘hot pink’….maybe she wears her hair like that to hide her pug nose. She acts and speaks very sexy now…good grief…lol

  64. Tomorrow should be interesting…the judge is going to view Ada’s testimony from the prelim this evening…tomorrow they will probably do a proffer and the judge will make his decision as to her being permitted to testify. I so hope he approves it…. Alexis has custody of Ada now….btw, Alexis just had twins recently…Alexis is due to testify tomorrow and I believe another sister too.

  65. margaret says:

    My hate level for him is rising by the day. She has no mother to share her happiness and her dad is such a beast. I do hope Ada gets to testify.

  66. Here is a video of Michele and her daughters put together by her daughter Rachel…How could Martin dispose of this beautiful woman for a $%#@ like Gypsy Willis?


  67. Cierr says:

    This man is a sociopath. I whole-heartedly believe this man is guilty of even more things we will never know about. It does not surprise me that this man would let his daughter discover her mom dead. Considering he shipped off his 16 year old daughter back to the Ukraine while moving in his mistress only to steal said daughter’s identity confirms that this man can only think of himself. Puke puke puke. May he have a special corner in hell.

  68. margaret says:

    That no good pile of manure sat right there and didn’t even look at his daughter as she walked by him. he is disgusting. Michelle is probably the only one wanting to adopt, he just kept them so he wouldn’t lose his government money coming in.

    I googled Damien Macneill, the only son, last night. He commited suicide in 2010, and was estranged from his sisters also because he believed in his father. Sad all around. On one of the tv shows with the girls, they said their father may have been involved with that. I wonder how dear old scum reacted to his sons death.

  69. shyloh says:

    OK I forget at the moment but the second sister on the stand is so annoying to me. She seems to be trying to act, and it’s just looking stupid. Over reacting. Not quite sure. I’ll think of her name in a sec. Curly top, dark hair and and ugly brown shirt. SORRY!!!

  70. margaret says:

    This is oldest daughter, right? She said she was closer to her dad than her mother, so she got a double whammy. She lost both her mother and all confidence in her dad. She looks just like him, same facial bone structure. Dirtbag was rubbing his head, I hope God is pounding him good.

  71. shyloh says:

    Rachel is her name. NO disrespect, I know it must hurt, but to me she isn’t believable to this armchair juror.

  72. shyloh says:

    OHMYGOD! If she (Rachel) cut the garments, she should know what the garments is.

  73. shyloh says:

    Cross may be very interesting. Hope her animation is more believable. Right now Rachael has totally lost me.

  74. The paramedics cut the garment. Rachael is very believable to me. She is facing a father who murdered her mother to be with another woman. Rachael is very nervous and someone who may have had a mental breakdown after her mother’s murder.

  75. My friend was here with me watching as Rachel took the stand…five minutes into Rachel’s testimony, I told my friend that Rachel had serious mental issues and I was not wrong. She definitely was not play acting and my heart went out to her. It seems that Martin deprogrammed his children…thank God Alexis withstood his manipulation. No wonder Damian commit suicide…or was it suicide??

  76. Judge Pullen is going to reveal his decision as to Ada being allowed to testify tomorrow morning. Jillian (Gypsy) Willis is due to take the stand tomorrow if things go smoothly….

  77. Marilyn N says:

    Some good reading here.
    Be sure to read the link “By Linda”

    Thanks, Marilyn…I will read that later tonight..It is lengthy and looks very interesting~~SS

  78. margaret says:

    I wanted to slap that snarky female defense mouthpiece yesterday, when she was trying to upset daughter. She acted like Michelle had no right to spend ” martin’s ” money. I would like to know how if any way she was treated any different from the other children , growing up, by their father. So what if she has been married two times, someone needs to tell snarky that it happens every day. martin probably directed snarky to question her that way to break her down.

  79. I see Susanne has her hair down today trying to look sexy for Martin…her ‘acid’ voice irritates the hell out of me. She did not score any points the way she crossed Rachel yesterday.

    Ada’s prior prelim testimony was granted and the defense can cross exam her…if they open any doors, it may be their downfall.

    I find the blood expert very knowledgeable and his testimony thus far is interesting. Apparently Martin bragged to someone (forget who) that he could inject someone with potassium so it would act like a heart attack and be undetectable in an autopsy???

    Gypsy is due to take the stand today…let’s see if she makes google eyes at Martin…may make Susanne jealous..ya think??

  80. margaret1942 says:

    You and I had the same thought, Snoops. Miss Susannee must be afraid with a gyspy running around. She’s not sitting in his lap today. Have you watched the male defense lawyer make an objection? He reminds me of the sulton’s snake, at first he starts waving his hand while sitting, and then he slowly wiggles upright still waving.. He ceacks me up. O.K; I am serious now.. LOL

  81. redrelaxed says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Tried to avoid this trail like the plague. But I stumbled like the addict I am…so after bringing myself up to speed on most of the details last evening and into the wee hours I shall weigh in with my two sense.

    Rachael IMO was a sympathetic credible witness yesterday for her mother in spite of the drag queen who I strongly suspects wears leather and uses a whip when she crosses in private. I would like to hear more from Rachael although watching her suffer yesterday was dreadful. Loved the tribute she built for Michele and equally impressed with the facebook page.

    Oh boy…get a load of that Gypsy! Looks like she’s aged 20 years since 2007! Couldn’t agree more with you Snoopy,,,what on earth did Mr. Mega Mid-Life Crisis see in this meatball when he had fillet mignon at home?! I noticed she tried her best to undermine the “nature” of their relationship however she was bald faced with the exposure of all those cell calls and texts. Rather shocking how callous the number of calls exchanged in proximity to and after Michele’s untimely death.

    At the moment I’m of the mind that they both planned it. With the combined past discretions of these two demons it would be a miracle if they hadn’t. The poor LDS are taking a real beating in the MSM lately, no?!

    Anyone aware if Gillian/Gypsy is Mormon?

    All IMO…


  82. Red~~I would say Gypsy is a Moron…not a Mormon…She has put on the beef since the last time she was before the cameras… I noticed she displayed some fat cleavage atop her cute white lace undergarment. My God, she couldn’t hold a candle to Michele who had beauty inside and out. I noted Gypsy rehearsed her answers today and tried to sugar coat everything…the bitch!!

    I would say that Gypsy gave Martin an ultimatum…”get rid of the wife and kids…” The stupid jerk obliged…

  83. margaret says:

    Red i am so glad you are back, I missed your colorful take on these people.

  84. Cierra says:

    I think I would be much crazier than Rachel considering everything she has gone through in the past five years. Everything she said has been accurate in accordance to testimonies from other people. That seems to be pretty credible to me. When your mother dies suddenly and you know in your heart of hearts your own father was intentionally responsible, don’t you think it would be natural to act they way Rachel has? What exactly was it that you had a hard time with?

  85. Cierra says:

    Oh Gypsy….you’re telling me that this man that had to show his own daughter(Rachel) exactly how he “discovered” his wife, position and all, directly after her death, didn’t tell you much of anything about her death? The man that is providing you’re home, funding your school, texting and calling daily, and giving you a credit card was a casual thing? It’s called perjury. You don’t know what staging means? You knew when you emailed you’re friend after the temple incident. If the kid’s objected Martin wouldn’t have had you in the house???? Was Alexis not thrown out of the house for objecting and then the other members of the family told not to speak to her by Martin?! Yeah, you’re an awful person who shows no remorse for being a terrible human being. It’s just as well…I’m sure she will get what’s coming to her.

    Great comments…I totally agree and appreciate your contribution .~~SS

  86. On March 17/2011, Gypsy, as part of her plea deal was put on probation for 36 months. A stipulation of the probation is that she have no contact with the Mac Neill family including Martin Mac Neill. There have been some wondering if Gypsy visits Martin in jail…suffice to say it would be a violation of her probation.

    I wonder what kind of a website Gypsy was commenting on when she snagged Martin. MacNeill was known to visit porn sites and from all accounts, it appears that Gypsy didn’t mind exchanging sexual favors for the finer things in life, namely free lodging and the liberal use of a debit card which Martin supplied.

    I found a Gypsy Willis, Utah, age 37??

    Gypsy said she was married at one time. Could this have been her husband? I see she is listed as a relative and the age appears to be appropriate…



    Why would Gypsy want anything to do with Martin if (God forbid) he is found not guilty? He will never be able to practice law or medicine as he obtained his licence’s fraudulently. He owes oodles of money that he swindled from the US Army and Social Security. I cant see Gypsy being able to continue nursing school…Martin should hang himself in his cell and Gypsy go peddle her broad butt somewhere out of state …Ya think?

  87. Well this does look like she died of natural causes…Frikke was the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Michele..

    Dr. Maureen Jane Frikke Obituary

  88. margaret says:

    She did say she was a Jenson.. You know if martin has not seen her in a while, she may not be so hot to him now..Michelle wins hands down , in my book. Won’t it be funny when she gets the news that he is broke..She said she goes by the name of macneill. Was he idiot enough to really marry her in Vegas.If I were his daughters I would take every thing from him in support of younger children. He’s gonna miss his government handouts..

  89. Margaret~~to my knowledge Martin and Gypsy never legally married. Gypsy, with Martin’s legal help stole Martin’s daughter’s identity. She portrayed her identity to be Martin’s daughter, Jillian MacNeill. Martin changed his will and left all of his children $1 each and everything else went to Jillian aka Gypsy. The house was in Michele’s name when she passed. Martin under the pretense that Michele was still alive signed the house over to himself …(he was acting as his dead wife’s lawyer)…On other documents, Gypsy and Martin put down their wedding date as April 11/2007…the date of Michele’s death… This is part of the reason that the FBI and investigator arrested both Gypsy and Martin ..for forgery etc etc etc etc ….lol

  90. BTW~~Susanne will be the one doing the cross on Gypsy…if the defense decides to cross examine her… maybe we will see some hair pulling…lol

  91. Marilyn N says:

    This is interesting if you haven’t already seen:

  92. Marilyn ~~thank you so much! ! That is a new one to me. I notice her family is not sticking up for her and telling it like it is. So Gypsy had a little girl, Julie, out of wedlock and ask her mother to adopt her. She then has no contact with her parents or the child for 4 to 5 years. It seems to prove that both Gypsy and Martin are sociopath/ narcissists and only out for their own gain. This can only spell one thing and that is disaster.

  93. Marilyn N says:

    Pretty bizarre some of those who live among us!
    I am really hoping the jury will be able to see how sick and twisted
    these two (humans?) are!

  94. margaret says:

    HLN has just said gypsy’s parents will testify tomorrow.. That ought to be interesting..So the “nanny” has a daughter that she abandoned. Nice nanny.

  95. Estee says:

    Thanks for the heads up Margaret…I’ll watch it online tomorrow..

  96. Over the weekend, I went to Wild About Trial and watched the Opening Statements again to get an idea of who may be testifying for the state. I know Dr Perper will be and 4 or 5 inmates… The defense is really banking on the medical examiner’s reports…none of them ruled homicide..

    Thanks again, Margaret…you are one great help to all of us…xoxo

  97. Gypsy’s parents will testify about Martin proposing to their daughter. I am unsure how much info they can testify to about Gypsy…anything they heard her say would be inadmissible as hearsay. I wish Gypsy’s roommates could take the stand but the judge would never let their testimony in …she is not the one on trial…

  98. margaret says:


    This is website Michelles sister said she keeps up to date. Lots of information on this sleeze ball.

  99. I see that Susanne Gustin, defense lawyer, passed the Utah Bar exam the same time Martin did..in 1991…

    The Utah State Board of Bar Commissioners has announced the names of those people who passed the Utah State Bar examination administered July 30-31.


  100. Martin’s eyes look wild with Alexis on the stand… Spencer expects it will take an hour to do the cross…He has his work cut out for him …Alexis was very believable and a good witness..

  101. margaret says:


    Some interesting thoughts on Damien Macneill and his father. He seemed like a really sad, lost boy.

  102. margaret says:

    Is it me or does it seem that the bulk of the MacNeill children are falling apart like their bother Damien? I feel so bad for all of them and wished I could have held their hands today. It seems clear that their sperm donor did not devote much love and concern for them. I hope Alexis has a good support system because she is going to have to be the strong one..I don’t have any faith in the original ME, after her telling martin that Meschelle didn’t have a uteris and then the two laughing.. How that man can sit there dry eyed and listen to little Ada, say in a whisper that she didn’t want to talk about things.. Did you all see Gypsy’s mother turn her picture over last night. She didn’t want to look at her either. Think martin is still paying her bills? He needs to cut out the twinkies.

  103. Margaret~~I am afraid, by the way things are proceeding, that Martin may walk free. The jurors are only hearing bits and pieces and not the full story. I doubt if they will ever know Damian commit suicide. The defense is tearing Alexis’ testimony to shreds. They are making it appear that Alexis wanted her mother’s house and money. How I wish Juan Martinez was prosecuting this case.

    Yes, I noticed Gypsy’s mother turn the pic face down…I hope the jurors made note of it too. If Martin loved Michele as a ‘sister’…then it shows he believed in incest..

  104. Somewhere in my travels I heard that injecting potassium chloride in a person can cause a heart attack and the potassium would not be detected during autopsy… Here is a bit about potassium…


  105. You can watch today’s trial here…It may be a good idea to bookmark it for the future…


  106. During his cross of Alexis, Spencer mentioned the civil suit Alexis filed against Martin. I wonder if this will open the door for the state. Martin acted as Michele’s lawyer as if Michele were still alive. He signed the house over to himself by forging her signature……later he left the house to Jillian MacNeill and only $1 to each of his children. I hope the jury can hear this…This Judge is NOT giving the state any breaks so I wont hold my breath…

  107. margaret says:

    This case bothers me. It seems the judge is allowing martin to keep a squeaky clean image other than the fact he had an affair. The defense is making the girls sound like money grubbers. Wheres the fleecing of the government, his signing the chidrens home over to a jodi wanna- be, kicking the kids out of their home with one dollar and much much more..The defense has really tried to trip up Alexis but they can’t do it. The jurors shoukd hear about Damien having to take a knife away from him when he was threatening to kill Michele and himself , when he was caught with porn.

    I believe Michele must have had a lonely life except for her children. I need to read up on how the mormons deal with divorce. I wonder why she stayed with him.Her poor mother hanging onto martins police records because she was afraid he would kill Michele one day, from all those years ago. That pile of crap needs to be stoned until almost dead and then allowed to look at gypsy picture until hes dead..IMO

  108. margaret says:

    Snoops as I was listening to the other mistress and her saying she had asked if anyone had checked Micheles toes. I remembered a story from a young man in this community that had been a drug addict. He told me about ways to get by the urinalysis test. I could not believe some of the ways and when I asked how he kept them from seeing the needle marks a he said people gave themselves the shots between the toes. Nobody ever checked between toes.. I was sick when he stopped talking. Martin could have injected her with the drugs and no one would ever find out.

    Dr. Kobilinsky was on HLN tonight and he agrees with us and says he can’t understand why they can’t call it a homocide.

  109. Margaret~~I would never have thought of an injection site being between the toes. Wow…

    I think Michele was almost dead before being placed in the tub. He placed her head under the taps and ran the water in her face forcing her to swallow and breathe it in. He wanted to make it look like she was running the water and fell in with all her clothes on…when Ada went for help, Martin removed Micheles slacks so it would look more realistic..He hid the slacks somewhere…The bath mat and wet towels were found in the laundry room..???

  110. I am afraid that this will be another trial in which the jurors will not learn the real truth until after they render a verdict of not guilty or undecided.

  111. shyloh says:

    Martin looks so pitiful doesn’t he? The signs of a guilty person. I hope Dr. Perper does well!

  112. Shyloh~ ~ Dr Perper is a very intelligent expert. Believe it or not, I could understand most everything he was explaining.

    I notice Martin looks fearful just before the juror questions are asked. Dang, I was hoping Dr Perper would be able to tell about his book, “When a Doctor KIlls.” The judge wouldn’t allow it…hmmm

  113. Spencer will probably cross Perper right up until they recess for the weekend… the inmates are supposed to testify today…

  114. Marilyn N says:

    Too bad these experts go on the different television shows.
    It always comes back to bite in court!!

  115. redrelaxed says:

    Ding, ding, ding! I think Dr. Perper just gave every member of this jury a logical, scientific opinion that boosts all the incredible circumstantial evidence so they can proceed with good conscience to convict this dangerous scum and get him off the streets. Hello Margaret…!!! Sure have found your posts helpful in determining my own conclusions. Especially the sister’s blog. Thank you!

  116. margaret says:

    Dr. Perper is right up there with Juan in my book, nothing but the truth. I wish he could have gotten to Michele’s body first. I want to reach in and slap the male defense attorney. I call him the cheshire cat, he has this wide grin and gets downright giggly when he thinks he is about tomake a point, but when it turns on him that grin goes away with lightening speed and he gets snarky bigtime. You go Dr. Perper.

  117. shyloh says:

    Marilyn N says:
    November 1, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Too bad these experts go on the different television shows.
    It always comes back to bite in court!!

    I was thinking the very same thing. But I thought about that a long time ago. You’d think they’d learn.

  118. It is not unusual for an expert to go on tv shows and then get hired by the state or defense. Eg..Mark Garagos appeared on the Larry King Show and then got hired to defend Scott Peterson. Dr Perper was on the Anna Nicole case… He is very well known in the scientific world.

  119. The judge would not allow Dr Perper to discuss his book…

    When Doctors Kill: Who, Why, and How

  120. Susanne Gustin was covering her face and laughing…making fun of Dr Perper when Spencer was badgering the poor man… the bitch!!

  121. redrelaxed says:

    Dr. Peper has incredible recall for the tiniest of details regarding the cases he represents. He’s one smart cookie. I noticed the Dr. didn’t have to refer to his notes at all yesterday until Spencer gave him the wrong documents. If that little stunt was purposely to make Perper look like a fool it backfired IMO.

    The fact that Perper found that Michele’s blood was diluted and her lungs weighed more than would be expected makes sense to me in determining cause of death was drowning. It would additionally be possible that if Martin held MIchele’s head under the water and she struggled, that the incisions on her face would likely open and cause bleeding hence Ada recalling brown water in the tub.

    The testimony from Alexis was that Michele always got in the tub and then filled it up with water. I don’t know about y’all but I don’t bathe in my clothes and taking a bath is somewhat ritualistic…you normally do what you have always do…automatic pilot. Martin was adamant to show his family how he found Michele in the tub. Ada remembers seeing her mother IN the tub, not draped over the side with just her head immerged. Her head was under the faucet. Could Ada have been coached? Possibly, but I think that memory of finding her mother would be ingrained forever, and something she will recall vividly for the rest of her life. Ruined? You betcha Martin.

    Martin had Damien’s girlfriend flush the medication before the police got there. Why? Because Alexis knew exactly how much medication SHE had given her mother. Martin lied about the medication when Alexis asked him where it was. He told her the police must have taken it. Martin got rid of the black book that recorded everything Alexis had administered in the previous days but he either wasn’t aware she had another copy of the medication log or couldn’t find it in the chaos.

    The other thing that tipped his hand… is that Martin told his first mistress (that we know of)…”I always know exactly what I’m doing”. I believe Martin drugged his wife (or in addition gave her a deadly shot of undetectable potassium) and then carried her to the tub and staged an accident. When Ada went to get Martin after discovering Michele he said he “couldn’t” get her out of the tub and to call 911. Seriously Martin? A five year old…call 911…Then wasting more precious time with Michele immerged in water he sends her next door for help. Bull Chit…Another small subtle detail that Martin pre-planned. If he couldn’t get Michele out of the tub, then theoretically he could never have put her in the tub. While Ada was next door he had plenty of time to re-stage the crime scene. Anyone else believe that Martin did not performed CPR?

    Martin didn’t know that Michele had confided in Alexis and that she was aware of her mother’s fears about the affair with Gypsy. Martin might have thought he “always knew what HE was doing” but he grossly underestimated his daughters and what they knew.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant Snoop…this is such a horrible tragic story. So many lives ruined, not just Ada’s.

  122. Red~~I wish to God that you were on that jury. You are right on and exactly the way I think things transpired. The neighbors said Michele’s head was by the taps…who takes a bath with their head up by the taps? I do not believe Martin even attempted CPR…Michele’s face was full of mucus and Doug , the neighbor said he did not see Martin actually put his mouth over Michele’s…pinch her nostrils, tip her head back and place his hand under her chin before placing his mouth over hers to directly blow in…I believe Martin obstructed Doug’s view so he could feign it.

    Spencer made a complete ass of himself…”a and …a and …a and…in the preliminary you stated…a and a and a and..” He bullied Dr Perper…I did get a kick out of the looks Dr Perper was giving the jury…like..”what ridiculous thing is this lawyer going to ask me next?” Dr Perper has a photographic memory and I think he had one up on Spencer who tried so hard to trip him up.

    PS…I have noticed some inconsistencies in Alexis’ accounts but she recounted things years later and that may be the reason.

  123. shyloh says:

    Should we forget the paramedic saying they got about 3 cups of water when they performed CPR? Isn’t that consistent with drowning, and that Martin didn’t really try to perform CPR? I can’t stand this trial. All of his lies should come into play. He won’t take the stand. MORON!! I believe all of your theories on this. He held her under the water and then USED his poor daughter to find her. What a sick Bas&*() he is. I am just typing out loud.

  124. Shyloh~~what pizzes me off is Judge Pullen seems to favor the defense in his rulings…

  125. Why does Martin periodically haul on his right ear and look up towards the judge???? This happens a lot when the lawyers are at the bar speaking with the judge.

  126. Marilyn N says:

    Is anyone nervous about those inmates testifying? I am!

  127. Marilyn~ ~normally people, jurors, do not put much credence in what inmates testify to. They do not testify because they are good citizens..rather they are rewarded by having heir sentencing reduced. Look at Gypsy…she was offered a plea to testify and avoided more time in prison. Did she tell the truth?
    BTW, Gypsy is on probation until May/2014. Her probation stipulated that she have no contact with the MacNeill’s, including Martin.

  128. Re~~Preliminary Hearing… (Gypsy wore Michele’s black jacket…Judge Pullen..*sigh.. would not let that pic be shown of Gypsy when Alexis testified at the trial)

    Court testimonies show side of doctor close friends didn’t know existed


  129. This is for Margaret!!

  130. shyloh says:

    Gosh that video is great! I so love Juan. He’s totally awesome!

    I can’t believe when evidence is right there in front of the Judge’s he let’s it go. That to me is so unjust. Laws need to be changed. Seriously.

  131. margaret says:

    I love it Snoops, Thank You. Oh how I wish.. I don’t understand how this judge can hold out on everything that the killer doctor did. One of the girls were about to tell about gypsy wearing Michele’s clothes , snarky susanna cut that off real fast. I do hope that jury is taking notice. It has been reported that he had his son to count the left over drugs, but then had the sons girlfriend to destroy them. Could martin have used that to involve his son in the crime ,and could that have helped to push him to suicide.? Only the son knew how many pills were left over..SOmething is fishy about meds or martin would not have destroyed them. Damiens suicide bothers me for some reason.

  132. Darling says:

    Did “anyone” thought that Damien’s death could’ve been done by his father, dr. Martin Macneill. I think that dr. Macneill may’ve drugged Damien and covered his face with the bag and leave him to die. I do not trust that man. Dr. Macneill know exactly how to kill for it to look as if it was a suicide. The children and cops should look into that after they are done with Michelle’s case; only to know the truth and put their mind at rest. That man is “evil” I do not trust him one bit!

    I have wondered if Damien overdosed on drugs without some help. I believe that Martin was trying to throw suspicion towards Damien in that he killed his mother. ~~SS

  133. redrelaxed says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Snoop, someone spent a lot of time on that video! Thanks for posting that. Bravo!

    Yanno, when I’ve been watching the Prosecution in this trial I’ve had mixed feelings. After watching several trails now it seems that the PT needs to walk a fine line as to not appear overly aggressive with witnesses. This team has definitely been fairly gentle IMO. This might well be another feather in the State’s headdress at the end of the day.

    Especially after watching the CA trial I believe it’s imperative to have the jury “like” the State. I am always trying to keep in mind these jury’s are not privy to all the information that the witnesses and general public are aware of as it would be prejudicial.

    This judge is totally dead pan and lack luster. He’s in the wrong century. It’s painful to listen to him read…*groan.

    Juan Martinez is so exciting to watch in the courtroom. One of a kind.

    I watched that video twice. Thought it might be wishful thinking but during Gypsy’s actual testimony I didn’t notice that she was nervous, in fact she seemed rather arrogant and very sure of herself while she lied. However when I watched this video it was apparent that she was very nervous. Now is this my imagination because in this video Juan is asking the questions?

    I agree. Whoever put that video together did a great job. Gypsy didn’t appear nervous to me…she seemed to relish being the other woman. Actually she put me in mind of Jodi Arias. I think the state is presenting their case quite well. I don’t think Spencer or Gustin will win any popularity contests with the jurors. I was reading comments at another blog…they call Spencer, Goofy and Gustin, Miss Piggy. lol~SS

  134. Darling says:

    I’m so sorry for the Macneill’s children for what they’re going through right now; May God give them the strength to get through this terrible ordeal and go on to live healthy lives. Not forgetting Michelle’s family and friends who loved her so very much.
    I truly wished that someone could’ve smacked those grins off the faces of the two ex mistresses! It’s a murder trial for God sake and not a beauty contest; someone is “dead”. They were both smiling and seemed very happy as they testified. What kind of stone-hearted people are really existing on this earth? I think that the both of them are evil just as dr. Macneill. I do hope that they find dr. Macneill guilty of murder and put him to death! And that Gypsy THING should get no less than eighty years in prison.
    Who would marry or even think of marrying someone on the “day” of his wife’s funeral? ONLY THE EVIL SCUMBAG, DR. MACNEILL. Who would marry or even think of marrying a man on the “day” of his wife’s funeral? ONLY NASTY AND EVIL GYPSY! I do have only one child and a daughter also, God forbid she does something as horrible as Gypsy, I WILL not speak with her ever again; she’d be dead as well for me! Many men and women are just NASTY SCUMBAGS!

  135. sarah0234 says:

    Darling: so glad to hear that you’ve noticed Gypsy smirking. I watched the video and that’s all I could see. Like Snoops said, she’s relishing in this moment. She thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.

    People must be really starving for attention nowadays. The lengths they go to for it is unbelievable.

    I feel bad for the children too. They lost their mother and their children will never know their grandmother.

  136. Darling says:

    Sarah 0234: Those children would never be the same ever again because apart from being without a mother in their lives, their mother was “killed” and by whom? None other than their “own” cruel father. I think that dr. Macneill planned for two years to kill his wife and how he would do it BUT there’re few loopholes. Sarah I think that he also killed Damien in 2010; he drugged him and put the bag over his face and left him to die. I can’t wait to see the day when justice would be done. It just breaks my heart to see those poor children Sarah, it really does. May he and that Gypsy thing rot in hell!

  137. This link was posted up thread and it is worth posting again for anyone who may have missed it… I just wish the jurors had access to this article…Martin MacNeill would never go free…

    Editor’s note: For more than a year, Deseret News reporter Sara Lenz has investigated the life of Martin MacNeill. The information in this story comes from court documents, 911 calls, police reports, an autopsy report, a search warrant affidavit, psychology reports and dozens of interviews with investigators, attorneys, police officers, neighbors, victims and family members detailing why some believe MacNeill may have killed his wife, Michele.

    Read it all here…


  138. margaret says:

    Did I hear one of the girls testify that they never went to a doctor, that their dad treated them if they got sick. I just feel so bad and angry about Rachel, Damien and Vanessa. I would like to know what he has treated them for as they were growing up. I woder if he had life insurancee on the children or if he has been molesting Rachel and Vanessa and has kept them drugged all their lives. They both look and act as if their nervous system has been badly damaged..Rachel said that she had always been closer to her dad than her mother, maybe there is a reason for that. Poor Damien we will never know. There is something really wrong wrong with these children..Why did they only adopt girls? Maybe Damien would have enjoyed a brother. I just feel so bad for these girls.

  139. margaret says:

    OMG Snoops , what an article( link above ). How did this man go undetected for so long ? I too would be worried , and fearful if he ever went free,.

    What father calls his children ” fffen children “. Wonder what susannah and gypsy think about martin calling women ” bitches “.. Maybe susannah will get out of his lap.

  140. Marilyn N says:

    If the jury isn’t supposed to know about Martin’s previous crimes, then what do they think he was in
    prison with these inmates for?

  141. I just hope the jurors are able to connect the dots…. I am glad they are not sequestered!! Ahem…

  142. shyloh says:

    Marilyn N says:
    November 5, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    If the jury isn’t supposed to know about Martin’s previous crimes, then what do they think he was in
    prison with these inmates for?

    That is funny! Maybe just doing a regular DOC, check up! (rolling eyes)

  143. Gypsy is back on the stand tomorrow State estimated it would take about an hour???

  144. One of the inmates said…”her name was Dipsy or Gypsy…something like that.” lol

  145. Darling says:

    I’m not an attorney but what is the prosecution doing by having these inmates testify, inmates? I think that they’re helping the defence if anything. This evil doc is really a piece of work! He almost killed his mother, luckily his sister came in the nick of time and called 911 else the poor lady would’ve died. I think that he killed his brother who also died in a bathtub, killed wife Michelle who also died in a bathtub, his son Damian was said to have committed suicide by drugging himself and then putting a bag over his head. I don’t believe that Damian killed himself; not for one minute would I believe that! Who knows how many more he killed? He even mentioned to someone that he worked with Doctor Kevorkian for some years and said it was THEN Doctor Kevorkian started to kill his patients; he is downright “EVIL”. He seemed to have control over everyone he was around? He sexually assaulted his biological daughter Alexis and who knows if the rest of them was sexually assaulted also. Maybe Vanessa couldn’t take the pressure so she turned to drugs or HE was drugging her before and she had gotten addicted to it; who knows if Vanessa’s child, Ada is his because this man have no regard for absolutely no one, not even his own children. No one was expecting him to do all those horrible things because he was a doctor, an Attorney and a Priest also, I think. How come this man was always around those in his family who was committing suicide or accidentally drowning? THIS MAN SHOULD BE WIPED OUT FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! So many things I read that he had done since he was a teenager and how come he got away with most of them and was still a practising MD? He is a big nasty fake for a man. He is not a man but a DEVIL!

  146. Darling ~~

    I don’t think the inmates helped the state’s case at all…I do not know why the prosecution let them testify. I am afraid that if the state does not bring forth a smoking gun, Martin will walk.

    Martin is a typical narrcissist/sociopath. They have no conscience and will plow down anyone who gets in their way. They are egotists who feel superior to everyone else…even God.

    All we can do is say a silent prayer that the jury will find MacNeill guilty….”beyond a reasonable doubt” will be the stickler.

    I really enjoy your comments and thank you for participating here.

  147. The jurors are going to want to know why Martin was in prison…One juror question to the inmate who snitched and 26 were charged showed they are being very astute. I am glad the question straightened out the confusion…Spencer is good at trying to confuse the witnesses until he gets the answers he wants. I listened to the inmates testimony again and have changed my mind…I think they scored a few points for the state. Another inmate is due to testify tomorrow…

  148. Darling says:

    Mainstreamfair, I’m pleased to know that you liked my comments; thank you. I’ve heard two inmates testified so far and I don’t think either of them said anything that could’ve helped the prosecution but as I’ve already said in one of my comments that I’m not an Attorney. I missed out on some today because I was out running some errands but I’ll soon catch up. We’ll wait patiently and see what tomorrow brings; as you said another inmate shall testify. I wonder why are they bringing back “Dipsy” on the stand to testify again? Maybe they found out some new information. Don’t you think that Dipsy sounds better than Gypsy? It seems as though her parents couldn’t find a decent sounding name for her. Good to hear from you, bye.

  149. margaret says:

    Did everyone see the tweet on mcneill trial… Judge Stephens refused to fire Nurmi,,, Too bad Jodi,, love it.

  150. redrelaxed says:


    I agree with you, death and destruction surround this evil hobbit MacNeill. (No offense to hobbits everywhere) That in itself is a huge red flag to me. Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. I too think that Damien’s suicide was suspicious. He was the only child who was holding out for his Dad’s innocence so what the hell happened?! I wonder if the girls will share more of the details after the trial is over.

    Hoping to God this jury convicts this monster or I fear that the remainder of MacNeill’s children will be in very real peril for their lives.

    Felt the inmate who was dressed in the black sweater and red tie did a good job for the State. Spencer (who has an uncanny resemblance to the Joker from Batman) tried his best to discredit him…but he was in JAIL for heavens sake…that’s where he came in contact with MacNeill. People go to jail for breaking the law. I don’t think that the average person on the jury is going to expect an inmate that testifies to be squeaky clean. Pretty damaging that MacNeill basically told this inmate that he had gotten away with killing his wife. The fact that he asked to be moved away from MacNeill resounded with me. Did you see the size of this inmate? Compared to Whimpy? He also slipped in that he didn’t disclose all that he knows. He was afraid for his own life in jail and not because he was physically afraid of MacNeill. I believe him that he wanted to do the right thing. It’s not like he got a diamond deal for testifying.

    Sooooo curious as to why they are bring Dipsy back…let’s hope it’s the smoking gun Snoop! After reading that post upstairs by Sara Lentz I am convinced that the “mistress dipsy” was definitely aware and most likely involved in the murder of Michele.

    All IMO

  151. redrelaxed says:

    I meant the darling Darling!

  152. shyloh says:

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “Dipsy” That was priceless!!! Dipsy is a great name for her.

  153. The prosecution has presented this case professionally thus far. I am so dang curious about bringing Gypsy back. Chad Grunander said it would take about an hour to question her…Folks, they are saving Gypsy for the last…please…please…please let it be something big…A Smoking Gun!!

  154. margaret says:

    There was testimony that the male neighbor looked for something to wipe up floor and carpet before children came home and saw it, he could find nothing. It was reported that apile of wet bloody towels were on floor beside washing machine. Is it possible that dipsy was there helping martin cover up. The neighbor said there was no water on bathroom floor..Just thinking and praying that the jury gets it right..

  155. Margaret~~I believe Gypsy has a tight alibi for the morning of Apr 11/07….not sure what…if it was cell phone records…anyone could have been using her cell at a different location…

    Gypsy was at the courthouse today thinking she would testify…. her attorney was with her…???

  156. Judge Derek Pullan has denied a request for mistrial made by Martin MacNeill’s defense team after a portion of a newscast began playing in court during MacNeill’s murder trial Wednesday.

    more here…….


  157. Darling says:

    I watched it today and I’m so happy that the Judge had denied the request for a mistrial. I’m hoping that this would be over soon and they’d put this EVIL BUM away for good.
    I pray that these children would heal in time and get on with their lives; this is so very sad. Poor little Ada, what she saw as a six year old would be etched in her memory forever.

  158. margaret says:


    Just found site, nice big video if anyone interested.

  159. Gypsy is being impeached….this could result in her being charged with perjury and she could end up back in the slammer….this is huge!! As part of her plea, she was supposed to be truthful…

  160. margaret says:

    Snoops , you would like that site, i have been watching for little while and you would love the chat going on.

  161. Dammit…the state gave Gypsy USE IMMUNITY…will explain it later…

  162. margaret says:

    Sorry forget link above , they want donations..sorry.

  163. redrelaxed says:

    In his own words “I have loved you since the FIRST day I met you”…will it be enough to get a guilty verdict? Sure hope so.

  164. margaret says:

    Am I seeing things? After sitting there dry eyed, angry and showing no love for his children as they cried on the stand, is this no good pile of you know what, tearing up for this piece of trash, dipsy. Oh I wish I was in charge of punishment for the both of them…

  165. Estee says:

    Beats me Red…But I do have some questions for the teacher…Did MM usually pick his daughter up from school??? How often did he pick her up??? Question to his work cohorts, did MM usually tell you when he was gonna pick Ada up from school???

    Spencer is skirting with having testimony about disposing of drugs struck…He said that there was evidence that the pills were counted…What he didn’t say was that the written list of meds and pill count somehow are missing…Hmmmmm….

  166. Marilyn N says:

    Hummmmmmm! Wouldn’t you think Martin could have climbed into the tub if he really wanted
    to hoist her out of the tub?

  167. margaret says:

    What happened to dipsy? I had to be gone awhile. Thought she was coming back.. Is she going back to jail please please please.

    Did anyone see After Dark on HLN last night? I had to miss that too, but they were showing a video of birthday party and dipsy’s car was parked across street.

  168. Margaret, you can watch Dipsy here….video of her on the stand is included in this video of today’s trial…


  169. Darling says:

    Margaret I thought it was only me that was seeing him tearing up and at one time he also wiped tears; SCUMBAG! Those kind of men don’t have any feelings for their children, parents or anyone else BUT those women like themselves and partner in crime. I’ll be back later on I’m now going to have my dinner. Later.

  170. margaret says:

    Now we know why sleaze ball wanted to get rid of Gisele. Poor child she is on HLN After Dark tonight.

  171. I may be wrong but I believe Gypsy can still be charged with perjury even tho she was given ‘use immunity’ for her testimony today in court. I think the letters Martin and Gypsy wrote back and forth while they were incarcerated can be used as evidence against her. I don’t think the ‘use immunity’ covers ‘evidence’…just the testimony. I could be wrong but I hope I am right. She lied under oath to a peace officer. Her lawyer jumped up to the bench pretty fast today.

  172. Darling says:

    I watched HLN After Dark tonight and I’m very sorry for Giselle. She was like a Cinderella, according to her “a slave” in the Macneill’s home; cleaning, cooking and looking after little Ada. It seems to me that although she was doing all the work in the home she wasn’t treated nicely. The biological daughters didn’t really care about her or even had the heart to show some appreciation. I understand that she felt like an outsider NOT like a daughter and she is very hurt; poor girl! I think if someone adopts a child they should do it ONLY to help the child and not think about the child helping them; if you want a helper, pay for a maid service. They should’ve loved “all” their children and make them comfortable and happy in their home. I think that the Macneill’s had adopted those female children to get their work done in their home because they didn’t want to pay for a maid service. Scumbag Martin may’ve also thought that he could’ve used all the girls “adopted and biological”. I think that he was interfering with all of his children and I mean all. I hope that he’s found guilty and spends the rest of his life in prison. The world would be much better without men like those. Anxious for tomorrow.

  173. Marilyn N says:

    Anybody think Martin has anyone supporting him?

    Yup, Gypsy is and his attorneys until he pays them.~~SS

  174. sarah0234 says:

    It’s my understanding that the jury is deliberating now. I’m listening to HLN’s replay of the closing arguments.

    IMO, he’s guilty as h e double hockey sticks!

  175. margaret says:

    Oh, how I want this man found guilty..Please Dear Sweet Jesus let the jury make the right decision and let this family heal..

    Snoops I am praying you are right and dypsy has to go back to prison. IMO she knew exactly what martin was doing all along. Ithink they should go after the person making it possible for the two sleases to write to each other.

    I hope when this is over that things can be made right between the other children and Gisele. I hope that they can have some semblance of a loving and happy family.

  176. redrelaxed says:

    If I’m a juror I’m wondering if Michele was slumped over the tub with her head submerged as MacNiell professes, how come he sent Ada next door to get help to get her out of the tub? It would have been a lot easier to “save” her in the slumped position.

    Help me out here folks. Did the neighbors witness Michele IN the tub? TIA. I’m so confused, as I can’t believe that MacNiell would be so stupid as to change this part of the story when there were witnesses that saw Michele submerged fully in the tub as did Ada.

    Yes, 3 different neighbors witnessed Michele in the tub, the two women neighbors and Doug who helped lift her out.~~SS

  177. James says:

    Martin is just 51 years old and he’s looking like an emaciated 71 year old man.

  178. James~~I believe Martin is 57 now and Gypsy is 37. I am hoping we wont have a hung jury…

    Does anyone know if the jury is deliberating tomorrow? If not, they will not be resuming until Tuesday.

  179. James says:

    Got it. His defense once referred to Martin as 51. I guess he was referring in past tense.

  180. margaret says:

    Red and anyone else that hasn’t read the affidavit for martins arrest, it is filled with everything, It is very informant and answers questions about stuff that wasn’t allowed in. That is where I first read of body position as martin told it. You can find it on Wild About Trial under martins court documents. That man is a piece of work and the jurors do not know half the story.

    I made an edit to your name and just left the Margaret. The two names sent you to moderation. Hope this was ok~~SS

  181. Darling says:

    Yes Marilyn that had certainly crossed my mind and few other things. Gypsy Dipsy had no receipts or any bills that could’ve proven she was thirty eight miles from the murdered scene.

    I’m also wondering WHY Damian committed suicide and IF it was really suicide, could he be involved in any way in his mom’s murder? I hate to think like that but I can’t help thinking of these things because the kind of children are in today’s world anything is possible and IF he did, maybe he just couldn’t live with his conscience so he committed suicide.

    Another thing that crossed my mind is Scumbag Martin may’ve killed Damian because he may’ve known something about the murder and Martin was afraid that he may not be able to keep his mouth zipped forever and he couldn’t take that chance.

    I think that we may have to wait until Tuesday to know the verdict because Monday is a holiday. I’m ninety-nine percent sure that Martin would be found GUILTY!

  182. Darling says:

    James, I think that Scumbag Martin was 51 when he murdered his wife, Michelle now he’s 57.

  183. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoops, Have you seen Belvin Perry and Linda Drane Burdick on WFTV,, The Rodrigeous trial. It was good to see them in action again.

    Not yet, had company from out of town the last couple of days. Thanks for the heads up~~SS

  184. Affidavit In Support Of Arrest Warrant 8/24/2012

    (Click document to view all pages)


  185. James says:

    During the past year, I’ve so gotten into following these trials via stream. I had not realized Martin’s son had committed sucicide. Totally sad. I just finished following the David Pietz trial. His sentencing was early this week. I fail to understand how these morons seem to think that their going to get away with anything. If Martin could not hide his liaison with other women, how the heck does he come to the conclusion he’d be above suspicion in the death of his wife?

    I couldn’t pass gas in a crowd at Grand Central Station with out someone looking at me to fess up!!

    Just when it seems the interesting trials conclude, a more fantastic trial comes next. I just do not see Martin not being convicted. He’s a lawyer and a doctor. That combination along with arrogance will hang him. The mere fact that he was the family doctor to the family is his first error. The medical profession views doctors serving as their family’s doctor as unethical. I was taught that in basic nurses training so I know well that Martin knew he’d crossed the line in that matter. During Gypsy’s last testament on the stand earlier this week, she admitted she had gone on with her life and was in another relationship. The good ole DOC, I’m sure, is kicking himself in the rear for having even messed with her. When he’s convicted, he’ll never see the outside of prison again. He’ll spend the rest of his life helping inmates get their GEDs, like Jodi Arias wants to do. He’ll also be the jail house doctor.

    When I was a kid, the only thing I worried about was getting beat up after school. Kids these days face much more complex issues regarding their families and society.

  186. James~~there are 5 men and 3 women on he jury. It is hard to predict what the verdict will be. Sadly the jurors are not privy to all the information we are. The jurors never got to hear that Michele told Alexis, “if anything happens to me, make sure it wasn’t your dad.” Alexis was helping her mother wash her hair at the time. I am hoping the jurors were able to read between the lines.

    I do not believe Gypsy is in another serious relationship…she is on probation until May/2014…stipulation of the probation is no contact with the MacNeill’s including Martin…time will tell.

    ~~ After jury deliberated 8 hrs.. video update here….


  187. Tommy's Mom says:

    Guilty Guilty

    Thank You Lord

  188. shyloh says:

    Hummm I am in Moderation? What did I do now?

    I have no idea..just a glitch I guess…~~SS

  189. Marilyn N says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  190. Marilyn N says:

    January 7th, 1:00 – I’ll be there for sentencing!!

  191. Darling says:

    Guilty! I was 99 percent sure that would’ve been the verdict as I said in my earlier post. I am so very happy today. Rest in peace Michelle that Scumbag got what he deserved.

  192. margaret says:

    Thank you God !! Now that is a jury to be proud of ! I am so thankful this man is going away, I hope for the rest of his life. That Judge knows everything that the jury couldn’t hear so I hope he gives him the max. I wonder how smart he thinks he is today, Iwould love to be a fly on the wall of his cell. Now go get dypsy , she is an accomplice.

  193. margaret says:


    A sweet note from the family after verdict. God bless them all.

  194. Estee says:

    Their prayers have been answered…I believe in miracles…

  195. I wish to extend a BIG thank you to all of you who contributed at my blog during this MacNeill case. With your help, it has made my managing OUR blog a pleasure so once again, Thank You All.

  196. Darling says:

    You’re welcome and thank “you” for letting us express ourselves here. Finally that Scumbag has gotten exactly what he deserved; thank God! Now Michelle’s soul can rest in peace and her children would’ve some peace of mind too and try to carry on with healing their lives; Amen.

  197. sarah0234 says:

    Finally! An intelligent jury. Thank you Lord.

    I echo the sentiments of others…….I hope they get Gypsy on something, anything. She helped to orchestrate this murder, IMO. The two of them together was just pure evil.

    Don’t you ever wonder how people like that find each other? I mean really. Out of all the millions of people in America and they find each other. Unbelievable. Michele didn’t stand a chance.

    May she rest in peace now and the rest of her family celebrate and experience a bit of healing.

  198. James says:

    Like minds always find one another, good or evil. Gypsy has immunity unless she does something that is against the deal she made with the State.

  199. James~~the state gave Gypsy limited “use immunity” and it was worth it. I believe her testimony helped the state, especially the letters….Martin wrote, “I’ve loved you since the first time I met you” or something similar.

    Dr Joshua Perper’s brilliant testimony along with Perkin’s closing rebuttal re the lapse of time that Martin could not account for helped the jurors reach a guilty verdict. I hope we get to see some of the jurors being interviewed.

  200. Marilyn N says:

    OK – So when does the next good trial begin????

  201. James says:

    I think the next really good trial is going to be the Bob Bashar trial. The preliminary hearing was about a month ago and the trial date is sometime in the early part of next year. He’s the guy that had his wife killed by his handyman who has a very low IQ, as reported in the news, but not low enough to not kill someone if promised money.

  202. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, that should be a good one!
    He is a piece of work!!

  203. Marilyn N says:

    The Michael Dunn trial is scheduled for February 3, 2014.

  204. James says:

    Now Michael Dunn is dumber than dumb. Trying to use the stand your ground law. It’s my understanding that stand your ground is when someone is unlawfully on your property and they are threating your life or property, if they have like a gun, shot gun, or some other deadly weapon that puts one’s life at risk. My logical mind tells me that it won’t fly in this case, but stranger things have happened. We just can’t kill “Willy Nilly” and claim stand your ground in public places, unless there is immediate danger of losing one’s life by an attacker of sorts with a deadly weapon, ready to use it.

  205. Here is the post I put up for Bob Bashara. in Sept…. the judge at the prelim scolded Bob for sticking his tongue out at the witnesses… Bob is one dangerous man…


    Bob Bashara’s trial…March 3/2014


  206. In my opinion, Michael Dunn doesn’t have a prayer of beating the charges against him. They postponed the trial until 2014 to delay the inevitable of him being found guilty.

    If anyone has a impending trial they would like to discuss here, I will be glad to put up a post for it… I consider this OUR blog so welcome all your help. I also welcome guest writers who want to write a post for us. TIA

  207. Nancy Grace has scheduled to have some of the MacNeill daughters and prosecution team on her show tomorrow night. I expect we may see some jurors interviewed on HLN at some time. It will be interesting to see what evidence tipped the scales for them to reach their verdict.

  208. Here is a good article which summarizes things quite nicely in the MacNeill saga …

    Mother’s words became MacNeill daughter’s quest for justice

    An excerpt from the article…That seemed to be what convinced the MacNeill jury to convict, said Cluff, who met with the panel along with prosecutors and her family members about 1:30 a.m..

    “A couple of them said that (MacNeill) destroying the evidence was really key,” she said. “It just speaks so loud.”

    Grunander declined to discuss the substance of his conversation with jurors, whose names have not been released and so far have not responded to requests made through the court to speak with media.


  209. margaret says:

    Juan has 2 cases that have to be finished up. hodi and chrisman. I wish they would finish them up before New Year, but probably won’t. I think we will hear more about dypsy . I can hope anyway.

    My dear Snoops it is I who should be thanking you for putting up with me on your blog.I feel like part of this huge family here and I am so thankful for your expertise. As you are my resident lawyer you can;t get rid of me either. LOL

  210. Margaret~~me a lawyer…ha ha ha ha…I said a long time ago, “if I don’t know the answer, I will just make something up.” My friend asked me just last week when I was going to write my bar exam. He accused me of interrogating him instead of asking civil questions. I guess a little of Nancy Grace has rubbed off on me…lol

    Bless you, Margaret!! You are easy to please.

  211. Margaret~~Here is the post I wrote on John Goodman….he is filthy rich so we will see if his money will keep him out of prison…


  212. Newbie says:

    I’m back…..I think. Missed th whole trial on the lousy doctor/husband.

  213. margaret says:

    Hi Newbie, welcome back.! Hope you are well. It was some trial, I hope the judge will sentence him to life .

  214. margaret says:

    Has anyone read the story of Michael Morton, a man who was convicted of his wife’s murder,and spent 24 yrs and 7 mos. in prison. After all that time ,it was discovered that the judge and prosecution had with held information that could have convicted the right man, who by the way murdered another woman in the meantime.It is ablog on Huffington Post , written by Robert L. Cavner. Titled, An Unreal Dream: Justice and Reform Win Over Corruption. It is on Crime section on Post. There are a couple of videos too. It brought tears to my eyes.

    That is one of my pet peeves with justice system.I was afraid they were with holding so much on martin macneill that he would get away with killing Michele. I say if it is there let it all come in .O.K. that is my rant for the day.

  215. Margaret~~there are a few judges who are corrupt. I will admit that I was afraid MacNeill would walk free. So much evidence is not allowed because it is considered prejudicial and it depends how the sitting judge interprets the laws. Innocent people have been put to death and guilty people set free (Casey).

    Thanks for the heads up on Michael Morton. My God it must be terrible to be imprisoned when you are innocent. Thank goodness for DNA and the Barry Schecks…


  216. PROVO — The attorney for convicted killer Dr. Martin MacNeill told FOX 13 on Monday he was “certain there will be an appeal” of his murder conviction.
    Randall Spencer also said in an interview that he did not expect to handle the appeal himself, but anticipated it would be filed. Prosecutors were also anticipating an appeal.


  217. Darling says:

    Snoops, I was 99% sure that the Scumbag Martin Mackill would’ve been found guilty? If you can recall when I commented on Friday at about 11pm this is exactly what I wrote. I think that we may have to wait until Tuesday to know the verdict because Monday is a holiday. I’m ninety-nine percent sure that Martin would be found GUILTY!
    I think that the inmates did a good job testifying, the closing statements from the prosecution was great and the eight jurors had enough evidence to find the Scumbag guilty. There were too many lies from Martin and people only lie when they’ve something to hide.
    He lied about not knowing Gypsy Dipsy when in fact they were both corresponding via emails since 2005.
    He took Gypsy to his home as his children’s nanny, according to Sabrina Gypsy only cooked spaghetti “one” day. My understanding is that she “was” a nanny alright but certainly not his children’s because she took care of him!
    He lied about the position of Michelle’s body.
    He lied about where she was found.
    He lied about what she was wearing.
    He said that it was Michelle’s idea to have the Surgery when it was he who’d wanted her to have it and at that specific time too.
    He called 911 ONLY to have the proof that he called.
    He pretended to be desperately in need of help when he’d already killed her.
    He’s a doctor obviously he would’ve known that Michelle was already dead yet he was telling the doctor at the hospital that he’ll give him ten thousand dollars to save Michelle; SCUMBAG!
    He lied through the entire 911 call to the operator saying that he was performing Cardio resuscitation on her. I’m sure that his lips didn’t even touch hers; the neighbors thought that he was trying to revive her because their view was obscure.
    He purposely spoke frantically to the 911 operator so he’d seem genuine also that she wouldn’t understand him and she couldn’t send help; he wanted to blame them that they came too late.
    He insisted on his co-worker taking a second photograph just to make sure that he was in “one”.
    The jurors must’ve noticed how he’d to wipe tears when Dipsy was reading the highlighted lines from both Martin and her letters and looked so darn stoned hearted when his daughters were crying while testifying.
    So many things pointed to him murdering his wife that I was 99% sure that the jury of eight would’ve found that Scumbag Mackill guilty!
    Those jurors were wonderful!
    I was very happy for the verdict when I heard it I cried and said loudly thank God now you can rest in peace Michelle.

  218. Darling~~yes, you called it right. Since the Casey Anthony case, I tend to keep my guard up. I am so glad Martin was found guilty.

  219. Is someone paying this lying bitch for these interviews?? ….she should be run out of Dodge…


  220. James says:

    The Dontae Morris trial began yesterday in Tampa FL. He’s on trial for killing two Tampa police officers.

  221. James~ ~ I watched a bit of the Morris trial yesterday. This guy is doing time for another murder. His defense is trying to prove that Dontae has a look alike who killed the officers….how ridiculous… The death penalty is on the table in this trial…They had a change of venue and picked the jurors in Orange County instead of Hillsborough Co where he is being tried.

  222. James says:

    The trial is interesting but not as interesting as those trials that involve white upper class society. The murders, adultrey, the hidden affairs, and lots of money. It’s like Colonel Mustard using the candle stick to do the killing in the library. I bet the farm that Macneill never, in his wildest of imagination, thought that the testamony of a black convict would play a part in bringing him down. Just goes to show that one never knows what life has in store and what goes around comes around.

    I can’t wait for the Bob Bashra trial. Here’s another idiot who traded everything in life for what he now has. Imagine slipping the tongue to an EX who’s on the witness stand. That’s a GAS!!!!!

  223. Having to work kept me away from the computer once I got home, but I so appreciated the postings that kept me in the loop… I thank you again for providing this wonderful service. Between you and WAT, I can have all the details. Sounds like the holidays will be bereft of sensational trials and we can focus on other things…

  224. This Thread is now closed!

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