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Cashing in on Casey

Someone needs to get a job or show it all in Hustler. State Attorney’s Office-$141,362.25 FDLE-$71,000.00 MBI-$10,645.00 OCSD-to be determined IRS-approx-$70,000.00 Equusearch-$112,000.00 (civil suit) Zenaida Gonzales-$16,000.00(civil suit) Leonard Padilla-$200,000.00(civil suit) Check/Fraud court costs estimate-$5,000.00 __________________________________________________________ Estimate of total-$636,007.25 ORLANDO, Fla. … Continue reading

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The Clucking Headless Chicken

(To avoid any controversy, this chicken is not an import. It is a genuine Canadian bird.) We just can’t get away from it all. It is out there and no matter how we try to avoid it and put it … Continue reading

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The NEW ‘B’ Ranch

With a gobble here and a gobble gobble there. And an oink here and an oink oink there… And a moo here and a moo moo there….

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Casey has a new look

Hello, I used to be Casey Anthony. Please tell me I am gorgeous. José wont let me look in a mirror. My new name is EIEIO MacDonald. Feed me some swill and I will kill. Have duct tape will travel. … Continue reading

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A Poor Trait of Casey’s

Narcissism refers to a mental disorder which involves excessive admiration and love with one’s self. It is also characterized by a need for admiration and attention from others as well as an exaggerated sense of self-importance We all like to … Continue reading

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Movie of Casey-No Way!

(CNN) — Not so long ago, the idea of a Casey Anthony movie seemed like a certainty. How could Hollywood resist the chance to adapt the sensational murder case? After all, producers didn’t hesitate to turn the Amanda Knox, Natalee … Continue reading

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Judge shocked by Verdict

Strickland said he holds no ill will toward Baez, but insists he never had a relationship with blogger Dave Kneckel. He said he did nothing wrong when he talked to him in court after a hearing. “I signaled him up … Continue reading

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