Deltona Mom and children dead

Yessenia Suarez

Yessenia Suarez murdered, children missing and presumed dead. Bodies have not been recovered.

Confessed Killer Louis Toledo Refuses To Lead Investigators To Bodies Of Wife, Children

The following video is so heartbreaking….

Raw interview with father of missing children

Suarez’s husband and the children’s stepfather, Luis Toledo, has admitted to killing his wife but he won’t say where her body is. Toledo told investigators someone else is responsible for the children’s deaths, but their bodies have not been recovered either.

Texas Equusearch continues search for Deltona mom, kids

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2 Responses to Deltona Mom and children dead

  1. margaret says:

    So sad , Why do women wait until its too late to get herself and especially the children away from these monsters? I wish the children could be found alive somewhere. That poor father.

  2. Margaret~~Toledo will never tell where the bodies are. Right now he is being held without bond and charged with second degree murder. If they discover the bodies, that could change to first degree murder and Florida has the death penalty. Toledo has quite a rap sheet…unfortunately Suarez was romantically involved with a co-worker…she was playing with fire. God help the innocent children involved in these domestic disputes.

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