Justin Harris now in HOT seat!


Shocking new details emerged during the HEARING of Harris last week while his wife, , Leanna sat in the courtroom completely unphased. In fact, the supposedly mourning mother chewed gum and revealed zero emotion — even as the detective described in gruesome detail how her son looked at the time of his death.

Could Leanna Harris have also been involved in the tragic death of her son, Cooper? Growing suspicions about Justin Ross Harris’ wife and her odd behavior has led police to look into what role she may have played in her son’s death.

You can get caught up on this case at this SOURCE

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15 Responses to Justin Harris now in HOT seat!

  1. Sherry says:

    Maybe Leanna Harris needs to hire Casey Anthony as an image Consultant. She needs the help in how to look horribly upset upon hearing of her child’s death and condition of death.

  2. Sherry~~this case is so heartbreaking. How can these people hurt a precious child? Leanna just looked nonchalant chewing her gum…It will be a few weeks before this case goes before a grand jury…I hope they put the death penalty on the table. I have a gut feeling both Leanna and Justin planned Cooper’s death in advance.

  3. Sherry says:

    I, too, hope the DP is on the table. Justin Ross Harris almost fooled me until I saw his statement to the media-he seemed so emotionally flat about it. And, what parent, after such a tragedy by their own unintentional doing, could possibly want to show their face for the whole world to see?

    What I just learned from the pre-trial video you posted was that this dad was in charge of dropping off his son at daycare so it makes his statement about spacing out and forgetting about his son a lie.

    I heard that he was schizophrenic, having different personalities. Do you know anything about that, Snoopy?

  4. margaret says:

    Well well it really is a small world after all..Last week I got a call from home in Alabama, that my baby brother had a heart attack and that he had flatlined in helicopter going to larger hospital in Tuscaloosa Al. He survived and is doing really well, Thank God. As we have been on phone each day since, I learned that Leanna grew up in my town and that her folks still live there.I can’t write what he said Justin was, but it was not a nice description.

    I agree with you , this was a deliberate act on both mother and daddy. Don’t you know that if my husband had forgotten my child and he died, that he would be begging to die to get away from me.She reminded me of Cindy Anthony , chewing that gum. That poor baby was probably mistreated and ignored by those two monsters his whole life..My dislike of defense attorneys is rearing its ugly head. I cannot believe the excuses they are putting out for these lowlifes..Sick.

    My brother said she was a cheerleader in school..Snoops that bottomless pit in your area is looking better and better . Just throw them all in and concrete over it.

  5. Sherry~~I heard that Justin was leading a double life…one being a sex addict. I didn’t hear anything about him being schizophrenic.

  6. Margaret~~if you get any good scoops about Leanna and Justin, please let us know or message me in Facebook.

  7. sarah0234 says:

    Once again Snoops you came up with a perfect title! Love it! And I hope that seat keeps getting hotter!

  8. Cooper Harris, Toddler Left To Die In Hot Car ‘Had Injuries Indicating He May Have Tried To Free Himself’


  9. margaret says:

    Do you know Snoops, after the remark leanne made to daycare workers ,about ross leaving the baby in the car, makes me wonder if they have left him there before., They just got caught this time because of hot weather. My brother says the local paper is quiet on this subject because of relatives living there.

  10. Margaret~~I think Leanne is a tad stunned. What I really think is both Leanne and Justin planned the death of their son. Premeditated!! Why would Justin change back to the ‘rear facing car seat’ and adjust it to the tiniest setting? That child was strapped in tightly.

  11. Karen C. says:

    He didn’t want to see the little, trusting face- that’s why the change back. Easier the back of the head.

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