Monsters or Mental?


Casey Anthony, Laura Spears and here’s another….The list is growing to epidemic proportions and it is not just the mothers.

Police arrested an 18-year-old, St. Cloud mother for allegedly trying to suffocate her 3-month-old daughter in the hospital in early June.
According to court documents, Brenna Elise Winter’s baby, Olivia, was admitted to Nemours Hospital because she was vomiting blood on two separate occasions.
After tests, Olivia was cleared to go home, only to be brought back for the same health problem.
That was when police say they believe Winter was caught on the hospital’s patient video monitoring system trying to suffocate Olivia at least two times after tripping the patient distress alarm

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Florida mother accused of trying to kill 3-month-old daughter in hospital

Facebook Page Brenna posted in her daughter’s name

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10 Responses to Monsters or Mental?

  1. margaret says:

    Monsters ! Our children are becoming The Endangered Species ,.

  2. Another Monster….Orlando…

    A medical examiner determined the death of Schwartz’s 3-year-old, Yeliani Schwartz-Ojeda, was a homicide, adding the girl’s condition was not consistent with a hit-and-run crash, which is how Schwartz said her daughter died.

    Video and more here…

  3. margaret says:

    What do these monsters do , lay awake at night to come up with a new excuse for killing your child? Then jump on the mental bandwagon and get a slap on the wrist, then have more to torture and murder.I still cannot wrap my head around forgetting your child..

  4. Margaret~~I started a new post on Justin Harris…these people are psycho…

  5. margaret says:

    Well, another monster was released from prison today to have another one to murder. She had to give up 5 years of her life behind bars, Yes, I said 5 years, for the life of her son , Gabriel. Something is just not right there. Sad Sad laws..

  6. margaret says:

    I’m sorry, I was talking about Elizabeth Johnson above.

  7. Margaret~~I watched Johnson walk out of jail on HLN. The bitch was guilty in the death of little Gabriel. Sick sick sick…

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