Jodi Arias~~Manipulation

(This is becoming laughable)

Jodi Arias asked a judge Wednesday to postpone the second penalty phase of her murder trial, explaining she would no longer represent herself if one of her two attorneys is allowed to quit the case.

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40 Responses to Jodi Arias~~Manipulation

  1. TommysMom says:

    I think this is an absolute disgrace. The family has waited long enough. Let Nurmi go appoint another lawyer and get this done. There are going to be appeals not matter what the judge does, I don’t see those going anywhere as this crime was so brutal. If she doesn’t get death she will probably never get parole and be almost sixty when she gets out. She’ll be a hag.

  2. Nurmi was a public defender at the time Judge Stephens appointed him as Jodi’s attorney. He has gone back to public practice since then. Nurmi is not allowed to quit unless he is too sick to lawyer. Since Jodi is indigent, she cannot pick the public defenders. Jodi just wants to delay the penalty phase and all this lawyer BS was just another one of her ploys.

  3. TommysMom says:

    ITA I don’t see Judge Stephens letting this continue.

  4. Hopefully if the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict of death, Stephens will give Jodi life with no chance of parole. If Arias does get a death sentence, she will appeal it. This is never ending and costing the state of Arizona approx 2 million.

  5. margaret says:

    I have gone through my laughable phase and am on the sickenly disgusting phase.. Are thhe courts going to continue bowing to this murderers every whim .. Why pray tell is she wanting the prison rape expert, James E. Aiken, as her expert witness? No one is going to rape her, if anything every one needs to watch out for her. I wish they would let Nurmi go I believe that wilmott and marie have squeezed him out. I read somewhere that the money donated to her appeals account is going in the approprite fund but her artwork is hers personally and goes to a special account that helps her family with expenses.

    Poor Juan he is going to have some harrowing days with her.I have faith. Only he can handle her.

    She is probably going to run with this until time runs out and then sh will turn it back over to lawyers thinking it will be delayed again Hope the Judge has run out of delays..

  6. Margaret~~Jodi has also hired a private investigator and he is going back to the house where Travis was murdered. What in hell is wrong with Judge Stephens for allowing all this bull chit?

  7. margaret says:

    I don’t trust her investigator, willmott or the mitigator. Sure hope law inforcerment are going with him.

    I have reached the point that , like Steven, I never want to see her face again. I just want to know she got death penalty. I will miss Juan though.

  8. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret: I read your Sept 1 post. I’m probably wrong but, I would think that since Judge Stephens has ordered Nurmi and Willmott to remain as advisory council they would have to be kept abreast of the case; therefore; they would be up to date if Ms. Arias (convicted murderer) suddenly decides that she’s in over her head. Or least I’m hoping. The delay tactic is getting old.

    I wish no one would have ever given her that darn IQ test. Now she thinks she’s smarter than everyone in the world (not just the people in the room). Good grief.

    Ms. Arias is making a mockery of the justice system. She is enjoying herself and that’s what bothers me. Arias, IMO, is twisting the knife per se.

    I am curious why she’s having an investigator go back to the crime scene? And who are these “new” and improved mitigation witnesses?

    The only reason I prefer death row is because she would be in isolation. If they would give her life with solitary confinement that would make my day. I don’t think she would ever see the needle if she does get death. The laws are slowly changing state by state because DNA evidence has been used to show that some prisoners on death row are innocent.

    IMO, justice will be served regardless of which punishment she gets: Life or death. She just needs to go away and never be heard from again.

  9. Sarah~~great comment and so true. Jodi is in her glory and wants to torture Travis’ family some more. Juan must be livid…I hope he chews her up and spits her out. That girl is the devil in disguise. I expect her to put Travis’ ex girlfriends on the stand so she can embarrass them too.

  10. margaret says:

    Sarah, I agree with you about death penalty, I just want her taken from being able to mingle with people and let her deal with her Einstein ghosts. I read somewhere last night, probably one of Snoops links, that Maria, the mitigator, was booted for this new trial because of sneaking out Jodi art. Wonder if her investigator is the one who sits with Maria in court.

    Jodi does not want to be shipped to the prison, she has the good life in jail and she does not want to give it up.I have a feeling she will flip again and the attorneys will be in charge. She can then ask for another delay or for a new trial for ineffective council. One thing I am sure of she has a plan…Nbc is now wanting it to be televised so , I have changed my mind, I do want to see how this is going down.

    Lots of information in your links , Snoops.. Thanks. Are there any safeguards for Travis family and girlfriends to be protected from that killer. Anyone guessing that she is trying to co-erce Matt mccarthey to testify.

    Gotta cook dinner uugh..Enjoying all opinions!!!

  11. margaret says:

    I hope I Hope…………

    I think the killer is getting just too big for her britches and thinking she is just the belle of the ball. I wish I could get in her mind.. I hope the Alexanders are on ready to take everything she has. Read the write up beside this one. She has now asked a certain group to stop collecting funds for her because she wants all funds going through her family.. What.? Could it be possible that some money fund is helping her get everything set up to keep Alexanders away from it. I want to see her brought down.. BAD

  12. Estee says:

    She’s worried about her reputation? Now that’s laughable…

  13. Jodi is hoping to pick a jury of all men….hmmm

  14. Margaret~~here is a pic and article about Jodi Arias’ mitigator……

    Member of Jodi Arias’ legal team banned from visiting her in jail after she was caught walking out with a drawing made by the murderer as she awaits her September 8 sentencing retrial

  15. sarah0234 says:

    I just heard a rumor that Jodi is no longer representing herself. Checking it out and will get back to you all. She is a drama queen. (Please post if you get confirmation before I do.)

  16. margaret says:

    HLN is announcing that. JVM said she would have details on her show tonight. not surprising ..

  17. sarah0234 says:

    Yep. Just read an ABC news article that it’s true. The motion was filed today.

    I’ll be so glad when this is over. I can’t phantom what Travis’ siblings are living through. After she is sentenced; I hope they will either write a book or do an in depth interview; “Dealing With My Brothers Monster”.

  18. I believe Jodi wants to hire a new lawyer and it is just another ploy to delay the trial. I will be watching JVM tonight…

    (((Pictorius verdict tomorrow…

  19. margaret says:

    Knowing how Jodi is the center of her universe and the fact that she can twist and plot with the best, I believe her latest shenanighan , with the help of certain ones on her defense team, was all for killers personal benefit. Now that Maria has been kicked off jodis team, she no longer has an ally at jail, so she needed to get her ” artwork out of jail before trial,and she could legally do that , posing as lawyer. I read on twitter, facebook or somewhere. .asking some group to stop raising money for her appeal. She wants all money for her artwork to be handled by her family. She thought it funny that her family was spending it as fast as they could, to keep the Alexanders from getting their hands on it,,Viscous b—–. It must be all true because I googled Bill Arias and it is reported that he has opened a new restaurant, the ” O “, in Yreka. I think it was all a scheme and the judge just fell in line with her..She has done her dirty work and now she is going to work on her skill for crying without tears..Another scary thought, on facebook there is a scam warning naming Jose Baez and saying jodis mom was teaming up with them. My head just doesn’t understand all that stuff,..I remember all that being hashed around during Casey Anthony trial. One of the articles named Maria as being jodis art publicist. Sorry for rambling but I don’t believe she ever intended to play lawyer she just needed some time to try to set up the Alexanders..

  20. I thought that I read somewhere Maria De La Rosa, is a mitigation specialist and not a lawyer.

    Great comments, Margaret…I agree with everything you said!

  21. margaret says:

    She is a mitigator, but Iread that the judge had removed her from killers case and appointed another mitigator,, Sue,I forget last name..Will try to find it.

  22. margaret says:

    Snoops , The site I was talking about is the In the life ,section is where I read about Maria. There is a lot of reading. Just brushed over one about why jodi may have given up her new job.. Sounds like her and Maria are just a little chummy. Good Nite friend.

  23. Thanks, Margaret…Jodi puts the moves on both men and women…There is a big hearing on Monday…Should we expect more delays??

  24. Tommy's Mom says:

    This ought to bring out some really sick ones.
    Convicted Killer Jodi Arias Selling Glasses She Wore During Trial

  25. margaret says:

    Goodness, she is not that cute little blonde anymore.. She is getting old and ugly.. IMO.. I read an article of David Lohr and he agrees with me ,that jodi used her time as a lawyer to get her glasses and everything she wants out of jail before trial starts. She didn’t have to have approval as she was playing lawyer.. He said the girls maria and willmott helped her. Wonder if Nurmi was playing along or was he really wanting off case. Lots of hanky panky going on..Hope the Alexanders lawyer is up to speed on their civil suit before she gets her hands on any money.

  26. Arias and her cohorts are making a spectacle of Arizona’s court system…sickening!!

  27. There is a lot of good info posted here on Juan’s fan page. You may have to be a member of facebook to view it…

  28. margaret says:

    Guess whose name is appearing in the write-ups of jodis documentary. You got it , laviolette, the expert.. Geeez. Sheriff Joe doesn’t mind telling her no. I don’t know if anyone is readind on Dr. Randalls blog but over on right she has a list of posts, you have to read the one assessing ms laviollette performance. I wonder if alice has read this..

    Snoops I can not find the article about the replacement of Maria , she was still posted with jodi in court picture. I must have dreamed it.. Sorry.

  29. Thanks, Margaret. The never ending saga of psycho Jodi…yes, I see Maria is still around.

  30. Hey y’all
    Just some things I know a little about. Jodi is in isolation and has been since the trial ended so no worries on her being able to manipulate other inmates. The Sheriff said – even if she gets life her first 3-6 years will be in isolation and depending on her behavior will determine whether its 4, 5 or 6 years. But we all know Jodi the killer will not behave for any length of time.

    As far as the IQ test results go and I’m not sure but I think she scored around 120-121 and lots of people on the news were saying it’s above average because a lot sites say it is but it isn’t. The truth is it’s an average intelligence score. Most people when they test, score results around 119-124. Scores between 125-129 are above average intelligence and 130-135 are considered high intellect. Anything over 136 is considered Genius! I know this because about 10 years ago I went through a series of IQ tests that were conducted in a class I took. I got a real good education on scoring and how it works from some really well educated people.

    But here’s something to consider. Even people with Genius scores say and more importantly do really stupid things. Take Bill Clinton for example, his IQ is in the low 140’s and look at what he did while being the president….. Lots of Genius level people have emotional issues so they’re not always thinking right. That’s not to say Jodi is capable of anything intelligent. Just look at how she lived her whole life up until now. Besides murdering Travis in such a vindictive way she NEVER did or acted intelligently. She was lazy, didn’t want to work or even finish school. She thought if she read enough books she could make herself smart. That only works for people who think in normal terms but Jodi has never been normal. She used sex to get things for herself. She used her first boyfriend and everyone of them since. Her Narcissism is a great factor in her poor choices and actions.

    She is a manipulator – that’s a big difference from being intellectual.

  31. TommysMom says:

    ITA about the IQ. I took a test recently and it showed 126,I certainly don’t consider myself anything special, but then I’m not Jodie. At my age I guess I’ve just learned a few things, one of which is
    For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. Ro.12:3 NKJV
    I just love this blog!

  32. debl115 says:

    Another interesting article. Thank goodness for Twitter, we can keep up with the trial, albeit no video until after the verdict. If anyone wants to follow on twitter, I recommend, Jen is the best 🙂

  33. Thanks so much deb!!

    Nice to see you Tommy’s Mom and Pippin….I think things will get busier with some upcoming trials..

    (I have been battling tendonitis and have to keep my typing at a minimum-old age creeping up on me)

  34. 4windsfl says:

    Here’s a link to the Phoenix TV station that is reporting on the day-to-day progress of the trial.
    Have to say that I’m kinda glad there’s no full-on coverage. I am just about over having nightmares about Travis.

  35. Thank you, 4windsfl….Trial starts Oct 20th,,,jury picked…

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