~~Anything goes~~


This Dr Phil show is a gem….If you happen to watch it, I would love hear your feedback.

Dr Phil: An Online Dating Predator Exposed – Full Show [9 October, 2013]

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  1. Estee says:

    Those women were naive…The first one definitely had no self esteem and was not savvy when it comes to dating, since she had only had one serious relationship…the other two were just not smart enough to comprehend…He(she) just wasn’t into you…otherwise there would have been some type of face to face….They all need to grow up…As to the perp…She was a nut case…Who in their right mind enjoys making others suffer emotionally ?

  2. shyloh says:

    I don’t think I want to judge those girls, I haven’t walked in their shoes. I pray I never do. I feel so sad for them. The way I see things. This life is a journey, we all have our own paths to walk, matters not which way one goes, there are lessons to be learned. I pray they have learned theirs. I have done some pretty stupid things in my life. I am sure there are many more stupid things to overcome. Ha!

    Words can really be painful. These girls and many more out there, are in a lot of pain. But I bet they all feel pretty dumb. And I hope they overcome that pain. People are always looking for love, that perfect partner, and in many ways we are all authors on the internet. When we type, no matter what site we visit. We type, Good, bad and ugly! Dr. Phil is right. In today’s world one must be soooooooo careful! It’s scary!

    Sorry. Just rambling, This video just got to me! (some) People can be so mean and evil.

  3. It wasn’t that long ago when, almost in my backyard, a young man was being duped by a so-called love interest he met online..he ended up taking his own life…


  4. I want to introduce you to ‘Mandy’. The best way I can do this is to provide you with a link to an article. A friend mailed me this article and I felt compelled to share it with you. I was shocked when I read it the first time. I had to read the entire article another couple of times to let it sink in. It was that hard to believe that some people would go to these lengths to gain attention. I hope you will read it too and let me know what you think. Maybe you have met a Mandy in cyberspace. How would you handle such a person if you found out that they were not being truthful? It is a damned if you do by confronting them and possibly causing irreparable damage to their psyche or do you just play along with their game? BTW, this game can really be an illness.

    Here is the article….

    Faking Illness-Online

    Footnote- There are sincere people out in cyberspace with real medical issues and share their stories online in order to gain support or help others. This post is not intended to discredit these people in any way-Mainstreamfair

    Source…. Posted Nov/2011


  5. Evidence in Martin MacNeill trial released by court officials


    Updated: Marissa Alexander Is Given No Bail Today – But New Evidence Comes To Court


    Jodi Arias retrial for sentencing phase tenatively scheduled to begin jury selection in December!!!


  6. James~~I watched all the videos of Dontae’s trial today…interesting.. quite a different atmosphere in all these courtrooms..

  7. margaret says:


    Lord have mercy. Can you believe this? What ever is happening to morals and doing the right thing? Are the people that we are supposed to trust and believe so stupid or are no better than some of the criminals they sit in judgement over. I guess I will never cease to be shocked over some things.

    Snoops I left a message in open thread as it was being closed. According to Orlando Sentinel, the Anthonys home is in foreclosure again. Little Caylee’s foundation must have run out of donors. Such a shame. They just never learn. Maybe caca benefactor can take care of them too. Didn’t see Foghorn shielding her at her last court appearance.

  8. margaret says:


    This may be interesting. So far I think someone forgot to turn on sound. This is the woman that accused the Duke LaCrosse players of rape. She is on trial for stabbing boyfriend..

  9. Margaret~~I didn’t close OPEN THREAD…I did close the Martin MacNeill thread… yes, I heard the Anthony home is in foreclosure again….I posted the following on Facebook…xxxxxxxxx~~the Zenaida and Kronk cases are pending again. I think the Anthony’s want to cry hard times…this is like deja vu. Casey was living at home when the ‘nannie’ accusation occured…I may be wrong but I think Anthony’s home owners insurance may have to come good if Zenaida and Kronk win their civil suits. I could be wrong but Dave will set me straight. lol

  10. Margaret~~do you have a Facebook account…If so, I will friend you or you can search for my name… Let me know and I will email you . We have some interesting discussions on FBook…

  11. FYI~~6 Jurors in MacNeill trial speak out here…..video


  12. Allegation vs. Utah doctor in death of brother to get review

    (Some great pictures taken during the MacNeill trial are on this site as well)


  13. margaret says:

    Boo hoo we won’t get to see Juan again . The Judge banned cameras for the trial. Not fair. He is the best.

  14. Margaret~~Jodi must be devastated that she wont get to be before the cameras. I wonder if the no cameras in the courtroom was Nurmi’s idea? Maybe the reason she wanted to fire him..lol


  15. Dontae Morris found GUILTY of premeditated first degree murder on the two counts. The penalty phase takes place on Nov 19th…surely he will get the death sentence. It was sad to see the two widows of the dead officers sitting in court…here is a press conference that took place after the verdict…

  16. Tommy's Mom says:

    Actually I was glad too see there would be no live coverage of JA’s trial, and no electronic devices of any kind allowed in the courtroom. I didn’t want to have to look at her or listen to her team again. After watching the video I’ve changed my mind, I will surely miss watching JM even if I must also hear Nurmi’s droning.

  17. Tommy’s Mom~~I don’t know why they don’t pick a jury and let them watch all the videos of Jodi’s guilt phase trial. They could edit out all the side bars and parts where the jurors were not present. It would sure save a lot of money. I could not handle listening to Jodi flaunt her sordid sex life and rub it in the Alexander’s noses so am glad cameras in the courtroom are taboo.

    In the clip above, I loved the way Juan caught LaViolette in a lie. She did not testify on behalf of any men in criminal court. She told the jury she testified for 2 different men when answering a juror question.

  18. Martin MacNeill will appeal his murder conviction

    Neither Spencer nor co-counsel Susanne Gustin —who, according to court documents, both worked for free to defendMartin MacNeill in the murder case — will handle the appeal.


  19. sarah0234 says:

    I assume you all have heard the latest about our favorite man of the year?

    Yep: George Zimmerman Arrested Again


  20. Sarah~~Z is being held without bail so it looks like they had enough to charge him …I wonder if a gun was involved??

    A pic of his mug shot here….he looks pleased…


  21. sarah0234 says:

    I’m sorry Snoops; I just can’t stand him. There’s something Casey Anthony-ess about him. I can’t put my finger on it. I have this huge urge to slap his face every time I see it.

    TMZ is also reporting that the girlfriend is saying she’s pregnant.

    Let me know if anyone finds out what the charges are. (I don’t seem to be able to find them yet.)

  22. Sarah~~I keep checking WESH for updates…the 911 call should be released soon. Z is a jerk and apparently has no respect for women…look how he treated Shellie..

  23. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Zimmerman was in an argument with his girlfriend. Deputies said during the argument, he broke a table, then pointed a shotgun at her. When the woman called 911, deputies said he pushed her out of the house and barricaded the door with furniture.

    More here…


  24. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks Snoops so much………also included at the web site you provided is the officers report:


    Snoops: Not only was he disrespectful to Shellie but other women in his life. In the article we’re reminded that another of his ex’s had a restraining order on him in 2005: In turn the big baby had one put on her.

    The 911 calls are very telling. He does know how the system works. He even made his own 911 call; not to request assistance; but to make sure everyone knows the truth? He is a piece of work that is getting more dangerous to society with each and every day and each incident that happens.

    Oh, he stated during the call that she is pregnant. Still don’t know if that’s true or not. But, thank goodness she is strong enough to press charges or stand behind them. I don’t know if she had to give the ok or if the sheriff’s dept. can make the charges without her consent. She sounded pretty feisty to me on the 911 call.

    Oh how the Zimmerman saga turns.

    Wonder what mummie and daddie think of their perfect son now. I know, I know….they’ll make excuses for him and say it was all her fault. At some point somebody needs to see the common denominator in all these scenarios = George.

  25. Sarah~~thank you… busy news day today…

    MacNeill back in court on sex assault charge…..

    MacNeill, 57, remained seated throughout Monday’s hearing, his face drawn. His attorney said he hasn’t been doing well since the murder conviction.

    More here…


  26. margaret says:

    Does anyone think that maybe hodi has that warped head of hers thinking that if there are no cameras in courtroom,since she can’t give interviews now, that she is maybe thinking she can make money off interviews when this is all over.She may be dense enough to believe this jury will set her free and then she can make a pile of money..I was trying to find away to check into her appeals fund the other night, but I couldn’t. however the address for donations was Medford Oregon. Isn’t that where the boyfriend, that forged letters for her live? I did so want to see her face when she finally realizes that she is no longer in control of anything. I wish Juan would put up two pictures of Travis in closing, one that clearly shows what she did to Travis and the one of him with the tag that reads , ” I am Travis Alexander and my life mattered”, side by side and let jury look at them .

  27. Marilyn N says:

    Who are these gems that choose Zimmerman to be their boyfriend?? Urggggggggg! (major stomach turn!!)

  28. Dontae Morris…verdict in penalty phase….DEATH

  29. margaret says:

    Well I watched Dr. Phil today, haven’t watched since Anthony debacle, . Gypsy was on and of course she cried a couple tears. Excuses excuses for everything.

  30. Margaret~~it goes to show Dr Phil is not particular who he has on his show. I wonder how much she was paid???

  31. margaret says:

    I wondered that too. I guess she has to get money anyway she can. She was pathetic and the good Dr. was using his quiet . most sympathetic voice.. Sick Sick.

  32. margaret says:

    You Know I believe that fiance of Michelle Parker killed her and that he and the friend , that grew up and got into scrapes together with him, destroyed the body. I can’t help but think that Michelle suffered the same end as Little Haliegh Cummings,, the St. Johns river and all the gators. I just hope that guy gets caught.

    So the killer doc is having ahard time accepting his fate. How great a jury was that. I listened to dipsy talk today about how martin did everything ,like doing paperwork to falsify records and get her name changed, she said she sat in the car. Yeah right.

  33. Margaret….can you spot him on this video…stop the video at 2:26 min

  34. How about this one….

  35. margaret says:

    That’s him ! I was looking for picture, not video. This guy was always with him at beginning. Theres another picture after smith had knocked down a cameraman or something. Great Sleuthing, maybe Dave will know him.

  36. margaret says:

    Snoops if my memory is still working, when this first happened, wasn’t it brought out that smith had a wife or fiancee that died mysteriously . She was supposedly out with smiths friend that night. There is a write up about a man being killed and smith was main culprit. Need to go back to archives .

  37. sarah0234 says:

    I just don’t get it Snoops. Is 15 minutes of notoriety really worth it to these people? She just lost her case. Too bad, so sad. Because; Z will do this again and again.

    I stumbled across an old video of Jodi Arias giving an interview. My blood pressure shoots through the roof the more she opens her mouth during the interview. I wonder if Juan will use any of those interviews to show how manipulative she is; not to mention the easy lies that flow from her face.

    One lie that is so obvious is after she was found guilty and she tells the reporter that she has had nightmares in the past, so bad that she wakes up screaming. Guess where she got that idea from? Yep, Steven; Travis’s brother during his victim impact statement.

    I know; to protect my own sanity; stop watching!

  38. margaret says:

    Sarah0234, I agree with you.. How that dumb jury foreman thinks she was a victim is beyond me. I have gone back and watched certain parts and it is amazing what she got away with. When Nurmi questioned her in his slow motion ways, she was this quiet shy, tearful killer that Nurmi allowed to run on and on forever. I thought Nurmi might break out in tears at any moment..Then Bam here came Juan, love him and I believe that had they not had the traits of Juan after her , she would have gotten away with it.. When Juan took over the questioning of her the eyes lit up and she got this stupid little grin , she was going to show Juan.. Didn’t takeHim long to wipe that grin away and he let her know she was no longer in charge And she was not nearly as smart as LaV. thought.

    I still have not figured out at what point , she and Willmot got so chummy. At the end of trial they were shoulder to shoulder and Nurmi appeared like someone they had to tolerate. Those two got too chummy. Any ideas. ? What ever hodi was writing Willmot was approving.

  39. Willmott was just going through the motions to get her paycheck…Remember at one time both Nurmi and Willmott wanted to be released from the case. The only way a public defender will be released from a case is generally because of illness or their demise.

  40. Anyone following all the Zimmerman trials and tribulations that have been going on lately? Most of it is National Enquirer fodder but fun to read when things are slow.

  41. margaret says:

    Someone needs to take Zimmerman out behind the barn, as my Grandpa used to say, and when he recovered enough to crawl out he would have a little respect. He is going to keep on getting into trouble until something really bad happens. I don’t think he can. I wish taffee would get out of his way because he is blaming everyone else, just like zimmerman. Shellie looked really pretty on the tv show..I notice his brother is not vouching for him any more.

  42. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret I agree with Snoops. Wilmott was putting her best foot forward. She remained professional even though her personal desire was to run! I think Wilmott and Nurmi both knew that JA was her own worse enemy. Remember; JA is the smartest one in the room……tee hee.

    Yes, I’m keeping up with the mighty Z and his latest buffoonic moves and relishing in the moments. I just hope no one gets seriously hurt. Translation=killed.

    Margaret: I’m looking up Shellie now to see her latest interviews. Now that you mention it; where is his brother? I know Taffee is still flapping his lips and making excuses. Grrrrrrr.

    Here’s an op-ed piece about poor George:


  43. margaret says:

    Sarah 0234, Thanks for link to Tony-Norman article. I also read the one about the young man who shot 3 of his school mates.. I like the way he writes.

    As for GZ, IMO, from the day he was elected to be the neighborhood watch and allowed to strap on that gun. he thought he was all that and a bag of chips.. The gun was his brain and backbone. The writer suggested that he was a good rep for the gun makers.. I don’t think even they want him around anymore. From the first and all these funds were set up for him and money started pouring in GZ has enjoyed every minute. He is probably broke now and is trying to get the money to start pouring in again.. As I watched him sit in court in his fine new suits , he became , in his mind, this very important man that everyone loved. After all they were sending him piles and piles of money..He wants all that back . I was always worried about how the trial would end because of the racial undertones. I do believe that is partly the reason for his raking in the money and that is a true shame. I credit Trayvon’s mom and dad , and their grace and courage for the trial ending peacefully. I just think Taffee should stay out of it, because he just wants his 15 minutes with Nancy Grace and she just keeps on feeding it to him. I just wish GZ would take casey and leave country and get out of Florida. Thats another blood pressure moment for me, if you know what I mean.

    It is good to see Shelly doing well, loosing weight and is emerging as a beautiful youg woman, and is trying to make something out of her shambled life. I wish her well. She stayed quiet and supported GZ to the end.

  44. margaret says:

    I forgot .. Lots of GZ siories and vids at Click Orlando .Com.. Hope everyone has great day.

  45. mysticalpippin says:

    This week Bill Maher included George Zimmerman in his weekly “New Rules”. VERY FUNNY. I watched it on tv but I will try to find it on YouTube if possible. It usually takes a week or so after to get on there if someone did it I will find it and post it here on Jonathan’s Café.

  46. mysticalpippin says:

    What nincompoop that Georgie is…. He calls 911 – says he wants them to know the truth. But when dispatch asks him why isn’t he talking to police he says its because he’s got nothing to say….uh huh

  47. Hey there, Pippin…how ya been? I like Bill Maher…

  48. sarah0234 says:

    Thank Gawd! This woman will be behind bars. Don’t know if everyone remembers her……but here she is and finally going to jail. (She needs to be under the jail.)


  49. Thanks, Sarah…yes, I remember her…I am glad another one is off the streets….

  50. Marilyn N says:

    Sweat Lodge guy James Ray is on Piers Morgan tonite (right now).
    So far, it’s all about “me” – (him).

  51. sarah0234 says:

    That is a sad statement about our society that there are so many of these creeps. Unbelievable.

    At least they’re nabbing them.

    Just think how many more have not been caught.

  52. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who believes he should be able to smoke medical marijuana while in uniform has had his uniform seized by fellow Mounties.

    Cpl. Ronald Francis, who serves with J Division in New Brunswick, told CBC News two officers showed up at his home at Kingsclear First Nation Thursday evening.

    More here….

  53. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I gained one pound.

    Freaky story about mom shooting her daughter, killing her while she was holding her baby. I’m sure it was an accident but really how stupid can someone be? She opened the front door and shoot’s immediately without looking first. Yes I know she thought it was the boyfriend but that’s no excuse because even if it was her boyfriend she would’ve killed him. How horrible it must be to know you killed your own daughter because you didn’t use your head. People like her shouldn’t own guns.

  54. Pippin~~it is a gun crazed world out there.

  55. Marilyn N says:

    Do we have anything to look forward to this week (or month) in the trial world???

  56. Angela Steinfurth, ex-boyfriend indicted in death of baby Elaina

    TOLEDO, OHIO — An east Toledo mother and her ex-boyriend, once charge with obstruction of justice in the case of her missing daughter, have been indicted on charges they murdered the baby.

    Angela Steinfurth has been indicted by a Lucas County grand jury for the death of Elaina Steinfurth. The toddler went missing from the Federal Street home Angela shared with her then boyfriend Steven King.

    King faces charges of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

    The toddler’s skeletal remains were found in a detached garage at the Federal Street home, belonging to King’s family, in September. WNWO spoke to King’s mother who said her son directed investigators to Elaina’s location.


  57. margaret says:


    I sure wish we could watch this one. I cried myself as I listened to tape as they were beating him and he was saying “help me daddy ” and finally “they are killing me daddy”. The boy was bi polar. I hope those police officers go to jail for the rest of their lives.

  58. Margaret~~I would certainly like to know more about this case. I read at the link and watched the video. I honestly don’t know what to make of it all. Please keep us up to date. Thanks.

  59. Mother, boyfriend sentenced to time behind bars for Baby Elaina’s death

    Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Courts/2013/12/03/King-gets-life-in-prison-for-role-in-killing-Baby-Elaina-eligible-for-parole-after-25-years.html#Aqu3lKTxrxpKFKxT.99

    ( I heard on HLN today that the boyfriend threw baby Elina up against the wall because she wouldn’t stop crying…he said he tried to give her CPR and then smothered her….the mother and boyfriend should rot in hell…instead they copped a plea and are, eligible for parole…hopefully the prison inmates will take care of King.)

  60. Atty: 2 Cops Wrongly Accused In CA Homeless Death


    (The original 911 call re Thomas is on this page too.)

  61. margaret says:

    I still believe that if you kill someone, you should die the same way. I hope Baby Alainas killers have a hell on this earth while they are living. The picture of that poor baby being thrown against wall across room ,so they could have sex , is just so sad. I can’t even think about the pain that helpless baby must have suffered.

  62. Convicted Wife Killer Martin MacNeill Attempted Jail Suicide
    (PROVO, Utah) — Martin MacNeill, the Utah doctor who was convicted last month in his wife’s murder, has been hospitalized after attempting suicide in his cell, according to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

    Guards intervened Thursday evening as MacNeill attempted suicide in his cell at the Utah County Jail, Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News.

    “He was discovered early enough by guards so his injuries were not life-threatening,” Cannon said. He declined to say how MacNeill tried to take his own life.


  63. MacNeill, 57, was reportedly found unconscious about 5:30 p.m. Thursday by jailers as they did their routine checks.

    More here…


  64. (I am getting info in bits and pieces…)

    Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon declined to specify how MacNeill was trying to kill himself. However, CNN reports Jeff Robinson, the Utah County Attorney’s Office bureau chief, said MacNeill used a razor to cut his femoral artery, which is very close to the groin.

    More here….


  65. sarah0234 says:

    He missed? Too bad.

  66. MacNeill used razor in apparent suicide attempt, officials say

    “It is a cop-out. I believe that it is not about remorse for any actions that Martin did. I believe that he is incapable of feeling remorse. He has put himself in this situation and he is realizing that there is the great possibility that he may spend his life in prison,” she said Friday. “This is not a shock. It’s just a another (portrayal) or who Martin really is.”

    Cluff said the suicide attempt was more about MacNeill feeling sorry for himself.

    MacNeill’s defense attorney, Susanne Gustin, said neither she nor co-counsel Randy Spencer had seen any signs that would cause them concern since he was convicted.

    “Randy and I are really shocked and saddened by this. Randy saw him (Thursday afternoon) and he seemed to be doing fine. He seemed kind of upbeat. So it came as quite a surprise,” she said. “Obviously in any case like this, it’s always in the back of your mind, in a big murder case like this, that someone may kill themselves. We weren’t concerned about any overt signs or anything that would trigger us to let the jail know he would take his life.”

    Gustin said she and Spencer attempted to visit their client at the hospital on Thursday but were not allowed.

    Read more here…


  67. margaret says:


    I think whoever wrote this has been talking to jodi.. Every word fits hers and Travis involvement. I have read a lot on subject but this is amazing . No names are mentioned but you can picture jodi with every word. I had noticed sometimes when Juan was after her that she could stare at him without blinking. Her right eye is wider open than her left when she is sparring with him. Poor Travis never stood a chance from day one. The face in this article was downright spooky.

    Which one of the good doctor’s daughters said that everytime he got caught doing something wrong that he would threaten suicide. He knew they were keeping close eye on him and he wouldn’t die. He probably misses Gypsy and is looking for sympathy from Alexis.. She has the upper hand over him now..

  68. Margaret~~thanks for posting that article. Besides Jodi, I was thinking of Casey Anthony. Travis was fair game for Jodi because he had a big ego and Jodi knew what to work on to win him over. A narcissist and psychopath go hand in hand…no conscience..no remorse…it is all me me me..Jodi is a professional liar and can do it without batting an eyelash. I especially noticed that Jodi seldom blinked. Look how she manipulated Alyce LaViolette… I expect Jodi is trying to win over some of the male guards at the jail… She says she wants to slit Juan’s throat and I believe it…the second time around should be a piece of cake….

  69. (The wrongful death suit against Andrea was settled out of court)

    Andrea Sneiderman bond hearing: Dec. 12, 2013


  70. margaret says:


    Canyou believe this crap?The world has totally lost sight of all reality .. I say take away check book and put MOM and Dad in cell with him for the rest of their lives.. The good judge needs an adjoining cell………..

  71. Amber from Maryland says:

    The world is a crazy place!!!

  72. mysticalpippin says:

    Margaret I heard about this on my car radio yesterday driving home. What a complete idiot the judge is. He had a chance to make an example of this rotten kid who’s been spoiled evil by his parents. he could’ve sentenced him to 20 years and he would’ve seen at least 5 of it behind bars – although I suspect that it would’ve been much longer. This kid is so screwed up in the head there’s no way he would be a “model” prisoner.

    This kid will do something awful again. The judge reinforced the chances of that by slapping his wrist. He’s also perpetuating the “Stupid Parent” mentality which is where parents, instead of raising their children properly – teaching them right from wrong they put them up on a pedestal and worship the quicksand they walk on.
    The judge, the mom and the dad are a complete waste of space and oxygen.

  73. Marilyn N says:

    I need a trial (even watching bond court!)
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    – Marilyn –

  74. Merry Christmas to you too, Marilyn….much too quiet on the crime front… I am glad Andrea (money bags) was denied bond….

    Andrea Sneiderman denied bond pending appeal


  75. MysticalPippin says:

    Figures….that women has a knack for escaping punishment doesn’t she. I didn’t know she accused Roy Kronk of having a hand in Caylee’s death

  76. Thanks, Marilyn. Bashara’s eyes are not the only things distorted…what will some of these defense lawyers try next? The last judge had to reprimand Bob for sticking out his tongue at some of the female witnesses.

  77. Marilyn N says:

    Is it called a slithering snake tongue issue? haha –

  78. Marilyn N says:

    Wow – look at Martin MacNeill now……

  79. Vicky says:

    I have been watching news and reading about the McMath tragedy. What a mess!

  80. Marilyn~~it looks like Martin needs a facelift…

    Vicky~~enlighten us re McMath okay?? We need some action in here..

  81. Vicky says:

    I am also following the police shooting ok Keith Vidol. Such and unnecessary tragedy!

  82. Vicky says:

    Jahi McMath is the 13 year old who was declared brain dead in December following catestrofic complications following surgery to resolve issues with sleep apnea. Her parents petitioned the courts and won’t the right to remove her from the hospital in order to keep her on a ventilator. They are looking for a miracle, that sadly will not happen.
    Lots of heated debate going on.

  83. Vicky says:

    Keith Vidal..
    I linked the above blog because I am in total agreement with Kristin Kandall on this subject, and am madder than the blue blazes that this kid was shot and killed.

  84. Vicky~~thanks…yes, I have heard about Jahi McMath on HLN…I just did not recall the name. I am not sure what to make of that case…I need more information…eg…does she have no brain waves showing on an EEG… I also heard a bit about the young boy who was shot…running away away wasn’t he? How can they claim they shot in self-defense?

  85. Vicky says:

    Jahi McMath shows no brain or brainstem activity/function. She has been declared legally brain dead. After this much time her brain has most certainly begun to liquify.

    As for Keith Vidol, he was tazered and then shot apparently while still on the ground.Details are rather scetchy at this point, but I can’t believe three LE officers were in feat of their lives. Most certainly not to the point where deadly force was necessary.

  86. Marilyn N says:

    Remember Grant Hayes?

  87. Marilyn~~well I finally had a chance to watch the video and listen to Grant Hayes. I think he has been spending a lot of time reading the law books. So Amanda killed Laura by accident in depending herself or so Hayes is maintaining? hmmmm When does Amanda’s trial come up or has it come and gone? I don’t think HLN covered this trial and I get my updates from that channel. I do know that both Amanda and Grant tampered with a dead body in a hideous way. Anyone who can do that is also capable of murder. Thanks so much, Marilyn for posting that video. Now we will see if the Hayes will win a new trial on appeal.

  88. Marilyn N says:

    Amanda’s trial is said to begin next week possibly Monday or Tuesday.
    We have an upcoming lineup of, what sound to be, good trials and I am ready!!!!!

  89. Marilyn N says:

    This is very odd hearing for the Bashara case.
    Sounds to me like this trial will not be any time soon.
    It is a lot of arguing between the attorneys and the judge.
    If you fast forward to the very end, good old odd Bob thanks the
    judge for acknowledging that this is the anniversary of his
    wife’s death. Seems as if he believes he will get an acquittal?

  90. Marilyn~~I just finished watching the whole hearing-Part 2…Who the heck is that judge and does she have the hots for Bashara? I noticed Bob slipped her the tongue once. Your link worked when I clicked on it…now it doesn’t…

  91. This is the hearing Marilyn is referring to..her link malfunctioned for some reason…

  92. Marilyn N says:

    Thanks for fixing!!
    Bob is one strange person, that we know for sure!!

  93. Marilyn N says:

    Busy day in court(s) today.
    Sounds like Marissa Devault will be streaming as well.
    Good thing we can watch later on YouTube!

    I watched the bond hearing for the theatre shooter Curtis Reeves (the texting victim in Florida).
    He has quite the feisty
    defense attorney. I’m not sure what his defense will be at trial, but it was an interesting hearing that you can view from TheTawniDilly.

  94. Marilyn N says:

    I know there is a lot to keep up with these days, but if you have a chance to watch the
    Curtis Reeves hearing which took place over a two day period, it is very good!

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