Bob Bashara’s Trial videos

(Live streaming banned by judge)

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  1. Judge bans live video coverage of testimony in Bob Bashara murder trial

    Evans up until now has allowed cameras to live stream testimony and other court proceedings, including the preliminary examination that contained scandalous claims made by Bashara’s mistress, Rachel Gillett, and others, but determined it will not be allowed during trial — except for the opening and closing statements

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed of this case. I had kept up with it for a while, then it disappeared from coverage. This is truly a humdinger of a case.

  3. Yesssssssssss….thanks deb

  4. sarah617 says:

    Oh I’m baaack!

    I absolutely loved the judges tongue lashing. Maybe I shouldn’t use that term; but I don’t think MasterBob! enjoyed it. And I never put the puzzle together of how the many different women in his life all “served” his needs. Wow.

    And how elegant Janes’ sister words were. I know they meant nothing to him; but the words were perfect. I hope she felt stronger after finally getting to tell him what a monster/devil/piece of scum that you find below the scum he is.

    He looked like it didn’t phase him to be sentenced to life w/o parole because his eyes are set on the appeal process. (Dangling carrot 🙂 Hope he understands that appeals can take years! Only to be denied! Each time he gets his appeal answer of Denied, I hope it hits him in the head as hard as his victim was struck; that hey, I might never get out of here. Hope his health goes down hill as he waits. Long torturous disease. And may he always suffer from athletes foot and jock itch 😉

  5. GREAT…thanks,deb…

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