Will Jodi Arias’ Penalty Retrial Not Take Place?

Scroll down the page to find Jodi’s secret testimony that was just released.

Judge considers request to drop death penalty

(Judge Stephens is supposed to announce her decision on Monday!)

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  1. debl115 says:

    Aaaaaand, then she said she would announce her decision on Wednesday (today), still didn’t happen, and no trial the rest of the week, no trial on Monday (holiday), starting up again on Tuesday with “a full day of trial”….i’ll believe it when I see it. She also told the jurors today that the trial will be going into February, and if they have any concerns with that, to let the court know. So, that tells me that JSS is going to deny Nurmi’s motion to drop the death penalty. It just goes on, and on, and on. I feel so bad for the jurors, and for Travis’ family.

  2. deb~~I am so utterly fed up with this whole fiasco of a trial. Arizona has some strange laws and a few wimp judges. Jodi does not want to exit the stage…she relishes into calling the shots and is manipulating the system. Any sane person wants Jodi to sit on death row…by the time she ever gets the death penalty, it will be abolished in that state. If the death penalty is taken off the table, Stephens better give her the max penalty or go into hiding. I feel bad for Travis’ family and Juan Martinez…this case has hit almost a million bucks…kind of ridiculous eh?

  3. Monday, being a holiday, the trial will resume Tuesday, Jan 20th and probably go into February…

  4. debl115 says:

    At this point, this trial will take as long as the original trial, if not longer. And, actually, it is now over 3 million bucks that the Arizona taxpayers will get stuck with.

  5. sarah617 says:

    Oh, make no mistake. You can see fingernail marks in the floor at the jail where Jodi is hanging on for dear life. She is very afraid to die. She is relishing in the power she holds right now. (Over everyone! Not just the Alexanders’.)

    I can’t remember when there has been a full day testimony. They only meet once or twice a week, or so it seems. Then throw in the countless holidays. Good grief. Next up; headaches.

    But, I thought Judge Stephens rulings were great. She meticulously picked a part each motion. Take that Ms. Ari–as.

    How has everyone been? I hope well. Seems like forever. (I’ve peeked in on occasion. Lost my password. Finally just reset the darn thing; which is much easier than to keep looking for it). I know; you’re saying for me to lose it again; I talk too much. LOL

  6. Hey, Sarah….great to see you. i hope you didn’t spend too long in moderation…ahhh, you never talk too much. This blog has been too darn quiet.

  7. sarah617 says:

    Nope. Not in moderation long at all. You’re on top things 🙂

    I’m really curious about what Arias’ next move is going to be. When will this ever end?

    Saw that the defense is up to $3 million. I would imagine the state has spent $5 or $6. Wow!

    I’m still amazed at how she controls; from jail no less. I can now imagine what she put Travis through. He didn’t have a chance. Sad he really didn’t realize just how dangerous she is.

    I’ll admit I went to her “art” website. She also posts on the blog portion. If you read it; Juan is correct, she never takes responsibility. She wrote about the sheriff being mean just because she was trying to share her food with someone who was hungry and was punished for it. It’s never her fault.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I’m so confused about this trial. I don’t understand why the defense is allowed to make so many motions to take the death penalty off when they are denied over/over again. And the stuff they’re accusing Juan Martinez of is just beyond absurd. They have absolutely NO PROOF of his so called “misconduct”. I just don’t understand why its allowed to continue.

    I’m also confused about the secret testimony because the article also says she might not testify. So which is it? Didn’t she testify already? And I don’t see the point of asking her if she killed Travis because she’s ALREADY been convicted of killing him. what’s the point of asking her that again? There has never been so much bending over backwards to appease a murderer like this in the history of ALL murder trials.

  9. Hi Pippin. I have to laugh when they let the defense file motion after motion because Jodi will appeal the verdict and sentence, if they don’t. She is going to do that anyway. Jodi wants to prolong this case so she can torture Travis’ family more. She is a damn psycho.

  10. btw Snoops don’t worry about this blog being too quiet. You know its because we can’t see the trial and there are no other big cases happening right now – plus people come and go – or we get busy -life has a way of interfering like that. lol Once the verdict comes in – or the next big case, you’ll see lots of us here commenting… because…. you’re STILL the best at this kind of stuff.

    I read somewhere that after the trial is over they’re going to release the taping do you think that’s true?

  11. Ahhh Pippin…hugs… I do miss all you faithful contributors/friends. Yes, after the verdict (if it ever comes down) we are supposed to see the videos.. I want to see Juan…Nurmi has quite a new look..

  12. Reporter live tweets 22 minute objection by prosecutor in Jodi Arias case

  13. hmm… that was an interesting article. The fact that there’s only been 23 actual court days in the 4 months of this trial is absurd beyond belief. I think Nurmi and Willmott should be charged with obstruction of justice with their multiple – duplicate, triple and quadruple repetitive motions.

    In another article there they talked about the psychologists testimony:

    “Geffner testified Arias was a victim of abuse based on Alexander’s relationships with other women. Geffner told the jury Alexander engaged in a pattern of using women for sex.

    Here’s the part I don’t understand.

    Defense attorneys also attempted to admit statements by witnesses who were reportedly afraid to testify in open court. They claim they were harassed after the first trial and were afraid of the repercussions if they were seen to be supporting Arias “They’re in love with him,” Geffner said. “They’re interacting with him without necessarily knowing the others are.”

    Who is “they” and who is “him”???????

  14. I believe he meant all the women in Travis life. Looks like someone made an error while editing the article… I guess there was no trial today as they generally have Fridays off…this is all so absurd.

  15. Yeah that’s one heck of a mistake because he was talking about the people who support Arias were afraid to testify so they couldn’t possibly be “in love with him” (Travis). Also, he’s quoted Geffner as saying “they’re interacting with him without necessarily knowing the others are.” that’s present tense meaning it’s still going on….. ridiculous because that would mean he is not dead. Besides that what does it have to with the people who are afraid to testify?
    I blame this on the author of the article because whoever edits his posts would have no way of knowing it’s a misquote. I know they have to be aware of content but they’re mostly looking for misspells and grammatical errors. It totally threw me off – grrrr!

    I’m still completely shocked by the 23 court days in 4 months! No wonder its taking so long and if keeps up it most surely will go way past the length of original trial but the original trial had a hell of a lot more court days in the 5 months it took.

  16. Detective Flores’ 15 yr old son died in a car accident…

  17. Oh Snoopy that’s horrible. Only 15? Parents must be devastated. This is so sad. Flores is such a good man. He’s the one who nailed Jodi’s arse to the wall. He was brilliant in her interrogation. he sat in the courtroom every day during the first trial. He doesn’t deserve this. That poor man. I can’t stop crying now. I can’t believe this. WHY do awful things happen to good people?

  18. I feel the same, Pippin…I hope Jodi didn’t put a curse on him…she is so evil.

  19. Why Jodi wanted her testimony to be secret…watch this and barf….lol

  20. debl115 says:

    For anyone that hasn’t seen the letter that Jodi sent to Travis’ family, here it is. This just makes me want to puke.

  21. debl115 says:

    And this video, must makes me smile. (there is a lot of “He’s gonna go, touchdown, Seattle”) in the background, it’s part of her website, but I don’t mind, what so ever, GO Hawks!

  22. debl115 says:

    *just makes me smile

  23. deb, you are a sweetheart…thanks for posting some great stuff…xoxo

  24. Thanks Deb for the link to Jodi’s letter. I heard about it during the first trial but had never knew the contents. I didn’t know it was that long or that she wrote it when she was still lying about the Ninja home invaders. full of typical Jodi fairy tales……

    It solidifies so many things we have always known about her – one being how stupid she is. Did you see how she butchered the English language in that letter? And she calls 8 pages of rambling on and on about what a victim she was “a brief synopsis” of their relationship? uh huh

    Some of this was too irresistible for me NOT to make fun of:

    Our relationship during that time was ambiguous and defined
    Now there’s an oxymoron……… 🙂

    Nevertheless, there please have stayed with me since I last spoke with them
    this is one of hundreds of misspells – which occurs an average of every other sentence. But they’re not just misspells. I think she doesn’t know the difference between “pleas and please” and “their and there”. Time after time throughout the letter she mistakenly spells “theirs” as “theres” as if she doesn’t know it means “there is”

    Since things up call me in this way…….
    I have no idea what she is trying to say here.

    He would not let me an escape his influential grass
    They must’ve been smoking some good stuff…. lol

    I was at an unfair advantage because she had shoes on and I was in my bare feet
    uh….no…. that would be adisadvantage not advantage .

    When I came to, I thought to individuals standing near the bathroom
    I’m guessing she meant “I saw two individuals….” but how could miss smarty pants who loves to hear herself talk and surely read this letter back to herself multiple times – how could she miss so many egregious errors in her spelling, grammar and sentence structure?

    She was too caught up in her own delusions of being smart, desirable, the perfect catch that yet another man said “no thanks I’ll pass”. She probably thought weaving this heart wrenching tale of being a hero/victim she would get the pity she deserved and be set free to once again hunt down new prey.

  25. Here’s a comment I saw under the Christine Report

    “JA supporters have tweeted out some horrible “Karma” tweets, (regarding the death of Det. Flores son) personal info for Deanna’s family, Public pleas for Marc McGee to come forward to testify and save JA’s life.There is no end to their evil”

    Wow that’s just disgusting. If there is a god in heaven watching those tweeters will burn In hell.

  26. To Pippin et al….I have to make my comments brief as typing can be quite painful…due to over use of my tendons…ouch! I copy and paste most things…

  27. sarah617 says:

    What a wonderful day for the State yesterday! (Demartes’ testimony). I hope it continues today.

    I was floored when the judge actually allowed Demartes’ “negative” testimony in against Arias. Don’t you just know that Arias’ head was spinning! The state has poked the tiger now…..haha. I hope this new jury can now see Arias for who she really is: a cold blooded killer; not a wilting flower.

    I don’t understand Nurmi’s argument that the testimony would have been prejudicial and slanderous against his client. What have they been doing to Travis; and without ANY smidgen of proof?

    This case is so over the top beyond what a trial should be like. This judge has let the defense drag the court around by the nose. I know it’s Nurmi’s and Wilmott’s jobs; but this has gone too far. I have a glimmer of hope that the judge will begin curtailing some of the testimony by the defense. What takes them days to get across could be accomplished in an hour. I understand that it’s a defense strategy to delay; but again; enough is enough.

    I don’t know how much more I could take if I were the Alexanders.

    Snoops: hope your tendons are better. Ouch! Is right. I know the feeling. Once I hurt BOTH arms (tendons that feed down from the elbow to the hand) and couldn’t even lift a piece of toast! Thank God I didn’t have to have surgery and recovered completely. (Shots to the elbows and lifting weights to make them snap back and adhere. I worked for a plastic surgeon at the time. He was a hand specialist.) Get better soon!

  28. sarah617 says:

    Pippin: Jodi’s original letter was handwritten and 18 pages long! I mean the balls; to go on national TV with the story and then to put it in WRITING! The Einstein is not such a genius after all 🙂

  29. sarah617 says:

    Wow!! Another great day for Travis. Please let it continue.

    Now I’m afraid of Jodi Arias after listening to the latest (well; reading tweets) testimony by Dr. DeMarte.

    I know the rules are different; but what a difference from what was allowed during the original trial and what’s allowed during the mitigation phase.

    This testimony is far more damaging to Jodi. My only concern is: if they continue to drone on and on about boarder line personality disorder, the jurors, in my opinion, will begin to have sympathy for her.

  30. Thanks, Sarah!! This case will go down as being the most explicit of the century. I honestly think Nurmi and Jodi are enjoying every minute of it…I do wish they had a sterner judge on the bench. From all reports, I do not read many people who favor Stephens.

    I will be surprised if Jodi gets death. It’s too bad that the jury vote has to be unanimous…instead of the majority like in Florida.

  31. Yeah I agree with you Snoopy I don’t think she’ll get DP. But I do hope we are both wrong.

  32. sarah617 says:

    Just FYI: I’m sure you all know this; but today is scheduled for Nurmi to cross examine Dr. DeMarte. It’s been reported that he’s trying to be much more aggressive this time around. Wonder how he’ll treat the good doctor. All he can do is attack her years of experience. Good news is is that there are several “young” people (thirties) on the jury. Plus, Dr. DeMarte comes across as knowledgeable and professional, IMO. Not like Geffner as a bumbling buffoon.

    I’m hoping for the death penalty. It’s not just the brutal murder any longer for me; it’s how Arias has manipulated the media, the court system, the jurors and made the Alexanders suffer for this many years to get justice. It wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t think she was enjoying herself. She’s is a control freak.

    I hope she gets the ultimate penalty (not likely). But I’d be satisfied for her to go away forever in a jail cell if she would never be allowed to have human contact again. That would destroy her. Having no one to control? Priceless.

  33. Jodi Arias Trial Update News: Prosecution’s Key Witness Admits Arias Has a Mental Disorder in Death Penalty Retrial

  34. Yeah and I hope Nurmi’s and Wilmott’s careers fizzle and go down the drain after this. I know they’re supposed to defend her rigorously but their defense has been “rigorously” based on dragging Travis’ reputation through the mud when he really was a SAINT in my eyes for all the b.s. he put up with Jodi. Plus they have purposefully prolonged this case to the point that’s sickening. Their lack of concern for the lives of 2 full juries is appalling. Their lack of concern for the victim’s family is appalling.They have made a mockery of justice and the court system by deliberately drawing up phony motion after motion, they’ve used unqualified and unprofessional “expert” witnesses in both trials – dragging their testimony on for days and days just so they can all have more billable hours. And they have no remorse for all pain they’re heaping upon the Alexander family. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would want these two low-lifes as their attorney. No one will ever respect them for the disgraceful antics these 2 have employed throughout the case.

  35. sarah617 says:

    Well said Pippin!

    I agree that it’s their jobs (Nurmi and Wilmott) but they have REALLY pushed the envelope.

    This will never end. Or at least it seems that way.

  36. Thanks Sarah. I guess I went off on a rant there didn’t I? but those 2 make me want to vomit sometimes. Especially Wilmott. During the first trial she would repeatedly ask the same exact questions over/over again mostly with La Violette and DeMarte just by switching a word or two around. It drove me nuts. She doesn’t seem to be very intelligent

  37. sarah617 says:

    I don’t if any of you belong to Twitter. (I didn’t until now.) You can receive real time updates during the Jodi Arias penalty phase trial.

    I follow Jen’s Trial Diaries; Wild About Trial; Cathy@courtchatter

    Wild About Trial is hilarious. Serious when warranted. Jen with Jen’s Trial Diaries makes you feel like you’re sitting in the courtroom. And Cathy always has the latest documents, asap!

    Cathy@courtchatter posted the lastest supplemental motion for mistrial filed January 25, 2015 filed by Nurmi February 7, 2015. In it, he actually states, and I’m quoting:

    “As was pointed out in her (Jodi Arias) original motion Dr. Geffner, due to the fact that Ms. Arias’ mental impairments prevent her from testifying in open court…………”

    Mental impairments????? What would those be I wonder?

    Pippin: I hope you do have a Twitter account. You can’t make some of this up. Nurmi was acting like a jerk towards Dr. DeMarte this morning. He tried to be Juan Martinez but somehow just comes across as a buffoon.

    More to come……….

  38. i do not have an account with Twitter but I do go to Wild About Trial and read some of the tweets made there. Thanks, Sarah, foe the info .

  39. Pippin~~I enjoyed your rant and agree with everything you said!!

  40. Sarah – sorry I forgot to answer you. No I don’t have a twitter account. It’s too much work to learn something new. I’m having a hard enough time with my very first smart phone that I just bought 5 days ago… lol

    Since no one is posting… I’m assuming that the courtroom is dark this week?

  41. sarah617 says:

    Well, personally my 14 month old grandson came for a visit:) I don’t think there was any court until today.

    And boy it has started out with a bang. Two jurors were excused.

    Speculation is that closing arguments will begin tomorrow. Oh, and Ms. Arias wants the courtroom cleared once again so that she may allocute (spelling?). I have never seen a convicted defendant lead a courtroom around by their nose. This is insane. It was reported that she was very smiley this morning.

    (Pippin: I refused to get a cell phone for the looooonngest time. Now I have cell phone separation anxiety when it’s not near….LOL! I hope you enjoy yours just as much.)

  42. sarah617 says:

    Jodi’s pulling out all the stops! She refuses to allocute if public and press are present. Judge asks her if she took her meds today, LOL!

    So, FINALLY closing arguments begin tomorrow without JA allocuting. Defense will go first, then the state and last will be the defense.

    I’m waiting to see if anyone gets the scoop of why the two jurors were excused.

  43. This trial has been a three-ring-circus and enough to make a person barf. Don’t be surprised if the defense files more motions to try and cause a mistrial. Jodi is the devil in disguise and is running the show. I doubt if Jodi will get the DP and Lord help us if Stephens gives her 25 years less time already served. I have no faith in Judge Stephens.

  44. While the cameras have been barred for the death penalty retrial, the judge did announce at the end of closing arguments that she will allow the reading of the verdict to be broadcast live.

    Deliberations (barring any Arias’ last ditch efforts) will begin Wednesday!!

  45. sarah617 says:

    Right Snoops? This trial should have been over five years ago. Can you believe the American Sniper trial started and ended in less time than this freaking penalty phase of the guilty “reluctant” Jodi?

    Some have asked me why I’m so interested in this trial. It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t look away. I’m always waiting to see what the killer is going to pull next. Half the time I’m dumbfounded by what she does.

    Beg for the death penalty? She has done EVERYTHING possible to delay the outcome. Even convincing the court to be cleared for her testimony? Claiming she feels threatened? Didn’t feel that way when she was giving her TV interviews now did she? And now she won’t allocute for the same reason. Boo hoo.

    I don’t know if anyone was getting twitter feeds or any information yesterday; but it was sad when it was reported that Hilliary (Travis’s sister) ran to the victims room crying and some were saying that it sounded like she was puking. I believe this was around the time that Juan had put the picture up of Travis throat. I can not imagine having to sit through the horse poo that Jodi has said about their brother. My gut instinct is to get up and slap the crap out of the killer. How they have maintained their composure is in a class of its own. And what really gets me is that the convicted killer is enjoying every moment she is making them suffer.

    Arg! They lowered her chair and she put on the tears! Please God don’t let this jury buy into it.

    Thanks to Snoops; I’m better prepared this time around. Like Snoops said: she isn’t going anywhere. She’s convicted already. IMO, there’s no way she’s getting out in 25 years. I want her in solitary confinement 24/7 for the rest of her life. That would be worse than death for the killer.

  46. So much posting – I gotta start where I last left off. Give me a couple days to catch up. lol…. Sarah I too never wanted a cell phone – I was p.o. when they put phones in planes. my first one was given to me by my boss at the time and he had to beg me to use it! And I’m not having any fun yet with this new smart phone. I can’t get used to it and half the it rings I can’t pick up the call – its very frustrating.

    So tell me what does allocution mean? or is it allocate?

  47. I mean I know what the word means but don’t know what it means at court.

  48. sarah617 says:

    Allocute generally means to formally declare something. In the context of politics, it may refer to speaking before a legislative body in an effort to influence their position on an issue. In the legal context, it refers to stating specifically and in detail one’s actions and motices, often in relation to commission of a crime.

    In most United States jurisdictions a criminal defendant is allowed the opportunity before sentencing to offer an explanation for the crime through allocution. Some jurisdictions provide that this is an absolute right for all defendants, without which, a sentence may be overturned, and a new sentencing hearing must be held. Allocution is sometimes required of a defendant who pleads guilty to a crime in a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence. In such cases, allocution is intended to provide closure for victims or their families by removing any doubt as to the exact nature of the defendant’s guilt in the crime.

    I hope it’s a quick verdict.

  49. The longer the jury deliberates, the more ‘iffy’ the verdict will be the DP…

    Sarah, thanks for the explanation of allocute…it would be Jodi Arias giving a little speech asking for life instead of the death sentence. She probably had no intention of doing it without the media present but will use that as an excuse to get the verdict overturned…sly little bitch eh?

  50. Sarah – thanks for the explanation. I hope we get to hear and see this whole re-trial when its over. I bet her explanation will be the same tired lie that she was defending herself against the imaginary bad character Travis was. the one that she made up.

    So I guess the defense did not file any more motions? I can’t believe it….

  51. Snoops do you think this jury of 8 women and 4 men is a better chance of recommending death or at least life without parole? I don’t remember how many women were on the first jury. I do remember the reason they locked was because of the one man that Jodi got to…. what a fool that man was.

  52. Pippin~~IIRC there were 8 men and 4 women on the last jury. Women are more apt to give her death.

    God gave man a brain and a penis but not enough blood for both of them to function a the same time-Robin Williams.

  53. sarah617 says:

    Could today be the day? Fingers crossed.

    No matter the outcome; Jodi Arias has devastated so many lives in her wake of narcissism. Very sad. And hopefully those affected will find justice in the verdict.

  54. Yes, hopefully a verdict today…it should be death but I am not holding my breath… I want her to sit on death row in isolation…I know Travis’ family want that…

  55. This does not surprise me in the least. Maybe Arizona will revamp the penalty phase of their trials…What a waste of tax payers money.

  56. sarah617 says:

    I agree Snoops. When the first jury hung it should have gone to Judge Stephens. Total waste of time and tax payers money.

    Let’s pray this ends soon. The killer has held the spot light far too long.

  57. Judge Stephens better hand out the stiffer sentence or she best run for the hills. I cannot see the jury reaching a unanimous decision. Jodi, Willmott and Nurmi will be all smiles…dammit!!

  58. Jesus not another hung jury……

  59. God gave man a brain and a penis but not enough blood for both of them to function a the same time-Robin Williams.

    This makes me laugh and yet sad at the same time…..

  60. Jury Deliberations End for Day in Jodi Arias Case
    PHOENIX — Mar 4, 2015,
    Well it has costs the tax payers 3.1 million thus far for Jodi’s defense, not sure how much for the prosecution. If it is a hung jury and it sure looks that way, Judge Stephens has 4 to 6 weeks to sentence her. In the meantime, Willmott and Nurmi get paid and Arias gets to eat Sheriff Joe’s peanut butter.

  61. Just heard it was 11 to 1 in favor of death. Makes you wonder if there was a MOLE in that jury box…This is unconfirmed..

  62. Wow one juror…… and they tried to get her excused because they could tell she didn’t believe in the death penalty.

  63. It was heart wrenching to hear Travis’ sister crying when the Judge called a mistrial.

  64. sarah617 says:

    I’ve just now been able to pick my jaw up off the floor.


    More information keeps coming out about juror #17. Wow. The odds.

  65. sarah617 says:

    You’re right Snoops. If this derelict judge doesn’t throw the book at Jodi Arias her career will be over. (If it’s not already.)

  66. sarah617 says:

    Troy Hayden cracked me up when he asked the killer, …”what are your plans behind bars….for the rest of your life…?” …as if she would burst out and say, “I’m going to Disney World”……or “I’m going to teach spanish and sign language….”…”cut my hair for donations”…..”start a book club”….

  67. sarah617 says:

    IMO, I think this is upsetting to Jodi because she felt like she had a better shot at freedom through the appeals process of the death penalty versus one appeal through a life verdict.

  68. Sarah~~I am sure reading a lot of things about Juror 17…if they are true, she should be investigated and charged with perjury. 17 has deleted her FB and Twitter accts…also those of her husband. Jodi will go nuts in prison without an audience…I just hope Judge Stephens gives her life without parole. I don’t trust that judge!!

  69. sarah617 says:

    Not that I care; but Juror 17 has spoken with a local news station; I think NBC channel 12 in AZ (phoenix)?
    Look: IMO it’s a done deal. There’s no correcting this huge error for Travis. I hope she is prosecuted in some way (juror 17) to head off any future stealth jurors.

    I’ve thought about the sentencing and I think Life in Prison w/o release is fitting. Jodi would have spent millions in tax dollars appealing the death verdict. She possibly could have been given the chance to re-try this case, (God forbid). With the life sentence she only gets one appeal at tax payers expense. Any additional appeals would be on her dime.

    I am so over Jodi Arias. i wish no one would ever mention her name; as they did in the Ten Commandments movie (1956) where Moses’ name was forever stricken from the records and the King never said his name again. (Well, in the movie he does finally say Moses’ name on his death bed).

    And I’m sure you all have seen where she’s up to her little games in jail. Joe Arpio (spelling?) cut her video visitations. Oh, even better, her commissary trips have been cut……tee hee. He’s watching her like a hawk. I hope Perryville keeps her on a short leash too.

  70. Sarah~~I couldn’t of said it any better…I want to forget the murderess….I still do not trust Judge Stephens…April 13th will tell all..

  71. sarah617 says:

    I can’t believe that people are still “tweeting” about the Arias case. By saying that, I mean the two camps: Arias vs Travis supporters; are still fighting? Why? Why give the Arias supporters ANY attention?

    The mitigation specialist (cough, cough) has acted very unprofessional by even being on Twitter. What the hell was she thinking? The Travis supporters are very up in arms about her. I’m assuming there’s nothing legally that can stop her from acting so moronic. Again, very unprofessional.

    It’s basically over. Mourn. Life goes forward as it should. The Alexanders will never be the same again but they can now take solace in the fact that Arias isn’t going anywhere. She’ll be in a box for the rest of her waking, natural life. (I’m very confident that the judge will give her life without the possibility of release. If she doesn’t=career suicide.) Justice was served by finding Arias guilty. Look how many have walked from obvious murderers and justice wasn’t served.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of Spring!

  72. Out of respect for Travis and his family, after following this case for all this time, I felt I needed to have the closure of hearing the sentencing. It was clear that Martinez’s voice was challenged by this day as well. I am glad it is over. I am glad that the healing can begin at long last. And it is appropriate that the murderess will never walk in the free world again. But it is distressing to think that she may still have a voice, that she may still stir up the emotional pot and I sincerely hope her guards and warden will do their very best to contain that evil.

    I, for one, will do my best to never speak her name again. And I will certainly cleanse my spirit of her contamination. As I am sure Judge Stevens will have to do as well. I thought I saw her lower lip quivering at one point during this process, but certainly not when the mother came to speak. “Her beautiful soul,” is a hard thing to imagine. Helping people? Where is the remorse? As usual, she is dramatizing and lying, and thrusting yet another knife in the heart of his family. “Comparative analysis?”

    Bringing up cases of horror only stiffens my resistance to both the defendant and her attorney. As I am quite certain it did for Judge Stevens. I could see the judge getting restless. It was a bad day for Travis… if that’s all the remorse, it’s hardly enough… disgusted? Crying? That’s a measure for her remorse? No, whether she is mentally ill or not, clearly there is no manifestation of remorse. Wilmot did not do her client any favors by rambling on and on. And I don’t believe it was just “two minutes…” But for whatever ‘minutes” of rage the actions produced, she will have the rest of her life to ponder just what she gained.

    Finally, the gavel has come down and Mr. Nurmi can at last have the hope of being released.

  73. Sandy~~Bravo!! Your comments are right on. I never ever thought I would follow a case such as this and hope I never have to again. This is what can happen when a possessed stalker goes after their trophy. Jodi was going to make sure that if she couldn’t have Travis, no one else would. In her own sick mind, she is pleased with her accomplishment.

    I do have to add that Travis was not without fault. He played a dangerous game when he gave in to Jodi’s sexual advances after he ended their relationship. He certainly did not deserve to be murdered.

    I can hear Kirk Nurmi holler…”Freedom at last!!”

  74. Tommy's Mom says:

    I didn’t really expect to hear any truth from either JA or Wilmot but I also didn’t expect to hear such lies from her mother. I guess Nurmi is really hoping he’ll finally be free of her.

  75. Good to see you, Tommy’s Mom…I thought about you back in Feb…we both celebrated our Birthdays in that month and are almost the same

    Thank goodness, I do not have to listen to Jennifer Willmott droning on and on anymore. I wonder how some of those defense attorneys get a good night’s sleep. Jodi was vindictive in her impact speech…I wonder how she slept last night in her new residence.

    Sandy Arias looks like she has had a makeover….she was laughable.

  76. Hi ladies – I have lots of catching up to do. Just got out of hospital 2 weeks ago. Had to have open heart surgery. Everything went well but recouping is difficult….. I’m fine it’s just hard.

  77. TommysMom says:

    Hey mysticalpippin sorry to hear of your surgery but glad to hear you’re doing well.
    Hi Snoops, boy it sure was good to see JA in strips. I felt so bad for the Alexander family having to listen to JA continue to lie and malign Travis. JAs’ mother was indeed laughable. Wilmont sounded very unprepared to me stopping and stumbling going on and on. I so very glad she received LWOP, one appeal, then let’s not hear anything about her ever again.

  78. TommysMom says:

    OT Aaron Hernandez guilty of 1st degree murder and all other counts. Sentence will follow shortly but the only sentence available is LWOP.

  79. Tommy’s Mom…I am watching Hernandez now…he got LWOP…i didn’t follow his case except for bits and pieces..

    Pippin~~my gosh I did not know you had heart problems…here’s wishing you a speedy recovery…xoxo

  80. Well just got out of hospital again. Had to have another procedure. My heart wasn’t strong after the bypass so it wasn’t pumping right and I it was pooling liquid I couldn’t breathe for 3 weeks after the surgery. I kept telling my doctors something was wrong but hey couldn’t find anything – they kept saying I was fine… Ex-rays didn’t show anything. Finally I called an ambulance and the EMT’s could hear the fluid in my lungs and brought me to ER.
    They pulled liquid from my heart and lungs so now I can breathe normal. It was very scary but I’m ok now. My heart is pumping at the correct rate now and I shouldn’t have any more problems.

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