Munchausen by Proxy??

Mommy blogger accused of poisoning son to boost web traffic

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Mommy blogger arrested for murdering sick son with salt

The 26-year-old mother who documented her sickly son’s health struggles on social media was arrested on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, The Journal News reports.
Lacey Spears of Scottsville, Ky., pleaded not guilty to the charges, which follow an investigation into the death of her 5-year-old on son, Garnett, who died in a Westchester County children’s hospital on Jan. 23 from sodium poisoning. Spears is due back in court on July 2.

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21 Responses to Munchausen by Proxy??

  1. Website that Lacey set up to blog about her son…

  2. If you check out the website, you may find the eerie similarities to Casey Anthony and Caylee. Lacey is styling Garrett’s hair and dressing him like a little girl…Look at her toothy smiles in the pics…What is with Garrett having a pacifier??

  3. This case is getting more uncanny….

    Losing Garnett the Great, Part 1: Boy’s death reveals mom’s lies

  4. (Lasey was in Florida during the Casey Antyhony fiasco-How can we forget that the Pinellas County jurors were picked in a courthouse in Clearwater??)

    Lacey Spears: Florida report shows medical neglect of Garnett

    Three years before she was charged with poisoning her son to death with salt, Lacey Spears was investigated by Florida child welfare authorities after complaints that she was medically neglecting her then 2-year-old son and would slap him till he cried.

    “Mom will slap him for no reason as hard as she can. He begins to cry and then she begins to love on him,” according to an allegation made to Florida’s Department of Children and Families.

    That complaint in June 2011, the first of two that year against Spears while she lived in Clearwater, also accused the single mother of taking Garnett swimming with his eyes and ears bleeding, and taking him on outings with high-grade fevers. Investigators did not find any marks or bruising on Garnett, and Spears denied all allegations of neglect and abuse. The agency classified Garnett as being at “intermediate risk” because of his age and troubled medical history, but closed the case with no followup services ordered.

    More here….

  5. Karen C. says:

    This will prove to be a CLASSIC case of Munchausen-By-Proxy, which is pretty exotic. However, I believe milder cases of it may be more common than we know. I think tentative poisoning of a child by small amounts often occurs (Benadryl for instance), but the Mom backs away from completion, gets over her other problems, sorts out her issues, bonds in time more fully with the child. Mind you, this is pretty much a hunch of mine, coming from life experiences watching other peoples’ situations, and is different from this case. This one is quite elaborate (feeding tubes qualify as quite elaborate!). She’ll have to plead on this one if they have even 10% of these facts right. The multiple visits to different hospitals is very telling- if you are innocent you want your kid seen by the same staff, etc.

    When I worked at Mass. Gen. we had some interesting “regular” Munchausens turn up every so often (poisoning, wounding themselves)- you finally go, “OMG! THAT’S what’s going on!” We had one female who told tales of woe, and mentioned Providence. Someone picked up on that and picked up the phone- sure enough, she’d been dumped there when they worked out that it was all self-inflicted and she was non-compliant with treatment or therapy. Mass. Gen. and John Hopkins are like Meccas to these strange birds. The goal is to fool all the smart doctors and prove to the world you are smarter than all of them- plus all the attention! And this case is clearly about the attention she got as a Martyr Mom.

    I would actually bet a hundred bucks she “journeyed onward” the dog, too. She sets herself up for opposition ahead of time (treating a 5 yo like a dependent female infant- she can then “explain” the special circumstances to strangers when they question her- more attention and pity!) Oh, and she would have done this again if not caught this time. Very interesting reading, these Munchausens-By-Proxy.

  6. Karen~~great comment!! Thank you. I think I put up with consoling one strange bird who suffered from Munchausens?? I often wonder if she has continued her charade on other blogs…she knew I was getting wise to her so seems to have vanished in thin air. Of course, I could be wrong and she passed on..

  7. happy BIRTHDAY Snoops.

  8. Thanks, Ecossie…my Birthday was back in February…Maybe Snoop’s BD is today…lol

  9. Karen C. says:

    You get fake Kennedys in Boston (I met two over the years). The internet has just provided a new, bigger playing field for these types. The one you’re referring to must fit into some sort of subset! But there are distinctions between “Wedding Crasher”-type harmless manipulators looking to cadge a meal or a drink and get laid, and the mildly mentally ill who thrive on attention- and those who are actually criminal in their intent…
    “Martyr Mom” has a rare but very well studied and specific disorder, and this will be a battle of the experts, if it comes to that. It would be neat if any vet involved in the dog’s treatment had done a necropsy, with notes, at the time… she would have lied about that and would likely have been believed (who knew?), but in light of this…

  10. Scottsville Residents Know Little About Lacey Spears

    Letters: The short, sad life of Garnett Spears

    All mandated reporters, by law, do not wait for their own conclusive evidence that a child is being mistreated or neglected prior to contacting Child Protective Services. If staff reported their concerns and suspicions towards a CPS investigation, they might have saved the child’s life.

    Read the entire article here…

  11. (The strange stories are now emerging about Lacey Spears. Was she making children sick while in her care??)

    Another mother emerges: Lacey was ‘very obsessed’ with my child

    and here is more….

    Garnett Spears: Alabama nurse wants to talk to cops

  12. Karen C. says:

    I think it’s likely a lot of people have had suspicions and had seen “something” that was “off”, but people tend to minimize when they want to. These Munchausens are bright and very social people, usually female, with higher-than-average IQs, and the ability to say what you want to hear, in order to alleviate any misgivings, and are very assertive and convincing. They often know as much about the putative “condition(s)” as any of the medical folks they deal with. Process-of-elimination tests end up ruling everything else out; this can be obviously very costly, as these people have capped off their limits long ago…. Finally the docs are left with Munchausens- the Bottom-of-the-barrel. They HATE Munchausens cases- no one likes to be made a fool of!

  13. Revealed, the wicked web of lies spun by ‘sick’ blogger mom suspected of killing her son, five, with salt overdose: She said her cop fiancé died in a car crash but he never existed. Then she pretended the child she babysat was hers.

  14. Karen C. says:

    It’s all part of developing a new persona that makes one smart, plucky and heroic- a “good” person worthy of the halos that will accrue… when the kid starts to get sick, or she does in lieu of an available kid. Most people who fake a diagnosis on themselves just make it up on the internet to get money for “treatments”, and sympathy of course from their churches, co-workers, neighbors. They are criminals, of the wallet and the heart. But Munchausens-types are not that motivated by money- they want recognition, and those halos, and to feel very, very smart. Some Munchausen-by-proxy cases were caught only after they killed off 4-5 of their kids- they move around the country, and re-marry, change names, etc. And they often start not with their own biological, but a foster kid or adopted, one they babysit, pets, etc. Got to practice to get dosages, and stories, right….

  15. Tommy's Mom says:

    Hey Snoops! Long time since I’ve visited,don’t know why seems time goes quicker at my tender age. Any way I just listed to Big Finger Mason talking about CMA what a joke! He was interviewed on HLN pushing his book.

  16. Tommy's Mom says:

    Sorry that’s not the one I wanted and now I can’t find it. I’m pretty sure it was HLN

  17. Tommy's Mom says:

    OK I give up! It was CNN.

  18. Tommy’s Mom…here is the one from CNN…I cannot stand “old one finger’…

    Scroll down for the video…Mason has his arm around his new daughter

  19. Tommy's Mom says:

    Thanks Snoops
    He is such a jerk,he did day she doesn’t live alone,interesting. Oh how sad she can’t be out in the bars. She should have thought of that sooner. I still think she killed Caylee.

  20. Tommy’s Mom….Dave put up a new post…you will love it…I certainly do…Dave caught Mason in a lot of lies… BTW, thanks for the video you posted about the one finger idiot.

    Cheney Mason Jars the Truth, By George!

    Check it out here….

  21. margaret says:

    Cheney Mason seems to be enjoying himself , having a house guest.. Maybe when his book doesn’t sell his wife will kick her out..They still make my blood boil.

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