~Justice ‘hanging’ in the balance~


A premeditated heinous murder is justification for a sentence of death but is it? Personally, if I had to spend the rest of my life in isolation in a prison, the lethal injection would be my preference. When we want to see a person put to death, are we seeking revenge or justice?

There were no winners in the decision that was handed down yesterday. Jodi is not going anywhere except to prison at a later date. She is presently in isolation in a jail cell for 23 hours each day. Her diet is consisting of peanut butter for 5 out of seven days each week. Her television interviews have been banned and she will not be the center of attention.

We cannot let our hate for Jodi fester inside of us. If we permit that to happen, we will become bitter and, in that event, Jodi will have won.

One third of the jurors did not want Jodi put to death and we cannot fault them. We must go forward and accept their decision along with the 2/3rds of the jurors who wanted Jodi put to death. It was a disappointment that the verdict was not unanimous so everyone could finally accept it and have closure.

It was evident that Judge Stephen was distraught over the verdict. She has worked tirelessly in her efforts to be fair to both sides. We were privy to her hours spent in the courtroom but not for all the time she had to be mediator in chambers with the burden of making difficult decisions. My heart went out to her yesterday!

I had a chance to listen to a short clip of the jury foreman. He felt , along with other jurors, that Jodi was mentally and verbally abused. I think they were justified in deliberating about that. One thing that has always nagged at me….WHY WHY WHY did Travis continue to use Jodi’s body for his own sexual gratification??

Travis broke off his relationship with Jodi and began to date other Mormon women. Jodi slashed his tires, broke into his facebook and mail accounts and was stalking him so WHY did he still have sex (including phone sex) with her?? Could he not see that Jodi was obsessed with him and she was evil. I came to one conclusion that Jodi may have been blackmailing Travis. She had the evidence in photographs and could expose Travis to the Mormon community. After all the names Travis called Jodi, he still had sex with Jodi on June 4th. I can fully understand why the jurors were so confused.

The judge scheduled a retrial for July 18. A new panel likely will be seated to try again to reach a decision on a sentence – unless the prosecutor takes death off the table agrees to a life sentence.

Under Arizona law, a hung jury in the death penalty phase of a trial requires a new jury to be seated to decide the punishment. If the second jury cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge would then sentence Arias to spend her entire life in prison or be eligible for release after 25 years. The judge cannot sentence Arias to death.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances am I saying that Travis’ murder was justified!!

I would like to know your thoughts.


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  1. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I’m sure you listened to the radio blog that had the interview with Sky Hughes. Remember when she said that Travis couldn’t see that Jodi had ill intent, even when others told him over and over, or something like that – my memory?? Anyway, Travis felt he could help Jodi, on some level. Plus, that sexual pull at his age knows no bounds, especially when it’s familiar territory. Who knows if blackmail was or was not necessary to pull him into that situation. Only Jodi knows the answer to that one, and she ain’t sayin’, at least not the truth.

    I am not for the death penalty, but I do feel that being in isolation for the remainder of your days would be punishment enough for anyone. Her audience will be stripped from her, and her living (if you can even call it that) conditions will be akin to torture. The Alexanders will never have to give her another thought – out of sight, out of mind. They need peace, and to drag this on just to have her executed will probably give them little comfort in the end. Knowing that she can never hurt another human, except perhaps herself, and knowing the way she will have to suffer and live because of her own horrible choices, should give them some comfort in the end. Who knows. It’s just time to end it.

  2. margaret says:


    The more I hear from this man ,the less I like him.. He wants to reach out to jodi ! He thinks Martinez attacked her and Travis did abuse her. Was he the one that had to wear ear phones because it sure doesn’t sound like he listened to anyone else. Oh yes , he doesn’t think it is fair to get another jury.. UGHHHHH. She sure snoballed him..

    You are so right Snoops.. I just resent the Alexanders having to look and listen to her again’

  3. sarah0234 says:

    I found this over at the Justice 4 Travis facebook page.

    This will be one of Jodi’s new “sisters”. I would love to be the fly on the wall if these two ever had a conversation in prison. Wait until this woman talks about the death penalty.

    Angela Simpson After Getting Life In Prison

  4. sarah0234 says:

    I agree with Gramared about why Travis was possibly going back and forth with Jodi. If Jodi didn’t like the treatment she was receiving then she should have stayed in CA instead of moving closer to Travis.

    I think it was Travis’ nature to want to “try” and help many. Like Gramared said, I think he thought on some level he could help Jodi. I do not think he verbally or emotionally abused Jodi. It’s like Demarte pointed out; he only used ugly language with her after she obviously did or said something to Travis. There’s a lot IMO that went on between this two and as Gramared stated; Jodi ain’t talkin’ and she never will. (When she does; it’s mostly lies.)

    I feel much better today about the situation. Like Snoops pointed out; Jodi’s not going anywhere. It’s not like she’s sitting at ClubMed. I just want the Alexanders’ pain to be eased.

  5. sarah0234 says:

    I never looked this up during the trial (I meant to but never did). Martinez used it several times.

    coup de grâce (k d gräs)

    n. pl. coups de grâce (k)

    1. A deathblow delivered to end the misery of a mortally wounded victim.
    2. A finishing stroke or decisive event.

  6. Perryville State Prison, Goodyear, Arizona

    Inmate convicted of murder by kiwi dies in Arizona prison

    Feb 13/2013
    PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Department of Corrections says a female inmate who was convicted of murder has died at the Perryville prison complex in Goodyear.
    The department says the death Tuesday of Christina Black, 52, was an apparent suicide.
    The department says Black, who was from Orlando, entered the prison system in 1999 after being sentenced in Pinal County to a life term.

    Read more here….


  7. margaret says:

    Sarah maybe jodi can meet this woman. ,Angela. I wish.

  8. gramared says:

    Sarah…That was one scarey sister!! I don’t know if they said, but is she in prison in AZ? Boy, can you imagine if Jodi tried to educate her – yikes!!! That would be Jodi’s last student.

  9. debl115 says:

    And another interview with the scary sister, this was Angela Simpson six months before she was sentenced. How much weight did she lose in those six months??? Just goes to show you what jail/prison will do to you. And yes, gramared, she was in the same jail as JA is in now, but ended up where JA will be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZi4djvoDqo

  10. gramared says:

    debl115…obviously a mentally ill woman. It’s sad, especially since she has four children. She lost the weight and glasses. In one sense, she came across as fairly articulate and intelligent, just not cooking on all her burners. You would definitely NOT want to say anything that upset this woman! Jodi can look forward to some interesting “sisters.”

  11. debl115 says:

    gramared, my sentiments exactly. my son and i watched the first interview , right after she was sentenced, and we both actually laughed at some of her comments. But when my daughter watched it with me, she said “i think she is totally making this shit up, i don’t think she ever killed anyone else, just playing for the camera”. after that, i had to agree with her. Remind you of anybody? But yes, a very scary woman. And i can think of nothing that i would want more than Jodi running into this woman. She deserves it, “don’t ya know”? LOL

  12. I am more than ready to close this door with a heavy clank and let the keys go to the jailers. Even if Jodi finds a way to communicate with her ‘sisters’ she won’t find it gives her the satisfaction she’s had in the past. I really do not want to spend any more time trying to figure out what the back story is/was between Travis and Jodi; there was something very bad there and it should not be resurrected. I think Travis did underestimate both Jodi’s strength and determination, to his sad end. I want the Alexander family to know that Travis is happy, that he awaits a family reunion in the right time and place and I don’t believe grudges exist in heaven. My personal POView.

    Anyone who is incarcerated for more than 90 days gets institutionalized. And it takes a long time to turn that around once the individual is released. Since Jodi will never be released, she will be forever as wacky as she is now, or worse. The jails are filled with nut jobs. You’d have to be to make a decision like that Angela to torture and kill someone and be proud of it.

    I have a three-year old cat I adopted from a shelter and for some reason, he was ‘incarcerated’ with them for over six months. That is a long time for a cat to be caged. I have had him now for a little over two months and he is still weird… jumpy… afraid to move easily… but gradually he is becoming a cat again. And I worked for awhile teaching the newly-released felons how to forgive and move forward. Of the ten in my class, only three finished the program and went on to live outside well. The rest eventually committed another crime and were yanked from their paroles. The corporations that build and house inmates depend on that for income. I won’t go into the details, but that is why there are no re-training programs for offenders.

    Jodi is doomed. And I seriously doubt any attempts at getting an appeal through will happen. So it is time for me to walk on out into the fresh air and see what creative thing I can do to wash the sadness away.

  13. Sandy~~I am more than ready to close this door with a heavy clank and let the keys go to the jailers My feelings, exactly!!

  14. debl115 says:

    Sandy Banks, i totally share your opinion. I SO want to walk away from this whole crap mess, and just say c’est la vie, Jodi. But for some reason i just can’t get past it at this point. i had the same problem with CA, and i still can’t let that go either.

  15. shyloh says:

    How do we know for a fact that they had sex that day? The nude pics that were taken I believe Jodi did that herself. You know the one with her laying all sprawled out on the bed with her pigtails????

    For me, and this is just me. Travis refused to give into her perverted ways. So maybe when he was out of the room she took the pics herself to say this is what her and Travis did that dreadful way. They had sex and more sex and well yea even more sex…. I believe Travis said to her no more. I am going to get my life together and sorry Jodi I can’t add you to the good girl list of women to marry. Ok I am just saying……… So she was thinkin, MURDER THEN! If I can’t have him. I am going to show him just what a fool he is… Just saying. So she slaughter him. And now she is so pissed she is even mocking the family. She didn’t have nightmares! She copied that from Steven. What and idiot.

    Give this woman LIFE. It’s better than dragging this out. That foreman is a nut. Sorry. He was likely one that wouldn’t want to put her to death so he can have a chance with her. Just saying. UGH!

    Some people are just wired wrong. Him being one of them plus 3 others hahahahaha.


  16. shyloh says:

    The funny part about all of this. Those 4 will go home and see all of the interviews and scream…… OMG what have I done…. That will eat them all alive. I do believe.

  17. jayelle sea says:

    The insanity that is “Jodi Arias’, is permeating our minds, like some sort of disease. Its never going to make sense, crazy never makes sense. I send out prays to everyone to heal from the shock of this whole trial. Her mind works completely strange, you can see it in her serpentine black eyes. She’s devious, she acts out other’s scripts because she doesn’t have her own. She acted out a psycho, that last day, I am now convinced. Travis with his huge forgiving heart was hoping to let her go easy, so as to avoid an uproar, he was being supportive in action. He even told his friends, she was threatening to commit suicide if he left her. That’s the most dangerous time in any relationship if one doesn’t want it it end. She illegally taped him, that entrapment. The tape is only partial, proof its one side. She lured him into taboo sexual content that day, specifically with intention of recording this, that’s a set up. She probably tried to blackmail him, and he threatened to expose her entrapment. That’s the source of the so called, “abusive letters”. He did not know she was coming that day is my theory. She came loaded for bear and one last fling, which is probably what she told him, this is the last time I bother you Travis. Knowing full well she was about to re-enact the shower scene from “psycho” on him right down to the poses. She’s insane, she tries to pull off this evasive sweet exterior, all the time scheming. If she was abused so bad, why does she keep coming back. Most abused victims can’t get away from their abusers, where as Jodi hunts her abuser down, it doesn’t make sense, crazy as a fox!

  18. Karen C. says:

    It’s funny, reading over on the other side, the ones who think she’s finally going to get “help” for those pesky lil’ mental issues of hers-HAH!

  19. redrelaxed says:

    What I’ve witnesed the last few days is that most of us are ready to throw in the towel and settle for Life or LWP. That sure smacks of the JA agenda. The master manipulator who wears on the resolve and patience of those she ensnares and they finally give in for self preservation… out of sheer frustration just so she’ll go away.

    It’s unfortunate that BZ was appointed the jury foreman. He lied and should have excused himself when he knew right off the get go that he couldn’t deliberate the penalty phase of this trial due to his biases. Two thirds of this jury got it right IMO.

    I pray that JM forges on with another jury for the penalty phase and not give in for the reassons I stated above.

    Thank you everyone for your insightful, intelligent comments and observations, I am humbled and grateful to part of this group of bloggers.

    All IMO
    ~ Red

  20. Tommy'sMom says:

    I still think it would be a just punishment if they just let the judge hand her a life sentence,and end this misery for the family and friends. From what has been posted about where she’s going that will be hell for Jodie. It would mean the family can start to heal and get some of their fives back.
    JMHO of course

  21. Tommy’sMom~~I am with you….end this and let the healing begin.

  22. jayelle sea says:

    I understand the anger, I to want the harshest punishment for this heinous crime, but I also know this anger is killing me. Its killing the light within. She is done, as far as I’m concerned, she can exit stage left. She is a convicted murderer, probably never see the light of a free day again. She will not fair well in that prison, either on her own or in a group, it looks like hell. To see how she continues to destroy just gives her more power ultimately. May some peaceful loving light enter Stephens and the Alexanders reality, she has darkened their days for far too long already. That’s all I’m saying.

  23. sarah0234 says:

    Redrelaxed: Best comment(s). I agree. Thanks for posting

  24. Sheriff Joe is getting raked over the coals….

    Federal judge says Arizona sheriff was racially profiling


  25. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops; hope it’s ok to post this article. This is well written by Camille Kimball.


    I’m not angry. As you so eloquently pointed out; Arias is going nowhere. I say to the state: Take all the time you need. I also hope that Juan Martinez reads this article.

  26. gramared says:

    Sarah .. .Thanks for the very interesting, well-written article. My concern is that Mr. Z was the jury foreman!! They hold more sway than you think and tend to direct traffic, so to speak. (I was once a fore”person” in a murder trial long ago – not DP.) He could have insisted that they continue to deliberate and not so quickly fold up their tent. They could have probably agreed on LWOP down the line, if not the DP. I do NOT believe they deliberated long enough.

    I was also always concerned that there were so many men on the jury. As it was so nicely put in the article, the women don’t fall for Jodi’s garbage and slithery, soft voice. Oh well, it’s over now. I’m anxious to hear from other jurors because much more is bound to come out.

  27. margaret says:


    This link takes you to interesting vidoes if you scroll down…one is of big mouth Donavan..

  28. gramared says:

    Margaret… Thanks for the info on Juror #6. For some reason, the link took me to a different one regarding a police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. Try this one???


  29. gramared says:

    Here are three jurors interviewed on GMA this morning – two women, one man. Very interesting.


  30. Thanks for the links, Margaret and gramared… I edited your comment Margaret..your link takes us to other interesting videos…

  31. Newbie says:

    Not meaning to be insensitive or a simple whimp, but the media has now started directing more attention to the GZ / TM case. I know I can’t and won’t follow that case just because……

    Regarding the last decision of the J A verdict, after seeing the interview of the Jury Foreman, did anyone else feel like he was an anti-death penalty person from the beginning and so wanted to be on that jury for that reason. Some of the things he said just hit my “hmmmmm” button. Not trying to be critical of the jury’s decision as they came back with the most important decision ………premeditated first degree murder .

  32. Newb~~how did the jury foreman know Jodi was being crucified in the media?? Did he learn that in 24 hrs or was he peeking at the tube when he was at home? Does make you go Hmmm

    As for Zimmerman, he has been found guilty already so I don’t know why they are bothering with a trial…It will be a miracle to pick an unbiased jury… If and when a verdict is passed down, I expect a lot of backlash…this is not just about a neighborhood watchman shooting an unarmed teen…it is about guns, SYG, race and politics.. By the way, ‘fists’ can be lethal..so was Trayvon really unarmed? You can see where I get myself in trouble when I follow this case…Ouch!

  33. Here is a case I have been keeping an eye on…Caryn is claiming self-defense…


  34. Thanks, gramared. Juror #16 sounds like a well spoken person. I am still sitting on the fence about that foreman though.

  35. redrelaxed says:

    Posted on facebook…thought you all might be interested…

    Tara Kelley, alternate juror 17, has been answering questions via Twitter over the weekend. Here is some of what she has to say:

    1. Do you believe she was abused in any way?

    Definitely not!

    2. Did you believe her “fog” story?

    Absolutely not!!! Was definitely not believable!

    3. Regarding the jury ‘betraying’ her:

    It’s all about her!!!

    4. What did you think of LaViolette’s testimony?

    Didn’t like her! I found her rude trying to spar with a prosecutor!

    5. Regarding Nurmi wanting off the case:

    Definitely can’t blame him for not wanting ti represent her!!

    6. Regarding the juror who got kicked off for a comment she made- Tara confirmed the comment was about how if they can $300/hr for an expert you would think they’d get us more comfortable chairs. She also indicated that the jurors were not the ones who turned her in.

    7. How did you feel about the pedophilia accusation?

    Disgusting and ridiculous! I asked her for proof in my questions to her! Of course she said she didn’t have any!

    8. Did anyone buy it (the pedophile comments)?

    I don’t think anyone bought it!!! Too far out there!

    9. What did you think about her claim of ninja skateboarders?

    Ridiculous! And then Juan kept referencing the hoard of skateboarders and it was sooo hard not to laugh out loud!!!

    10. How did you feel about the 2 minutes of silence?


    11. How did they ask you about the media issue with Juan (Signing/ photos)?

    They didn’t mention it was Juan! Just asked a general question!

    12. Do you feel Juan was too aggressive?

    He definitely had moments but I think it was passion!!!

    13. Have you seen the killer laughing and doing headstands in the interrogation?

    What made me most mad was when she said: ‘Gosh Jodi you could have at least done your makeup.’

    14. What did the jurors think about ‘child abuse’ claims?

    She was probably spanked but weren’t we all?

    15. Do you think the trial dragged on too long?


    16. (Nurmi) was basically calling you all liars and that you were going home at night reading, watching, etc.

    I heard enough in court! No interest in goin home to hear more and we weren’t supposed to anyway!

    17. Was Bill Z. the foreman throughout the trial or just the guilt phases?

    Foreman was chosen at the guilt phase.

    18. Travis’ anger all sounded normal relationship to us. You too?

    Yes and I really hope to be able to explain what I think happened and what that May 26 text was about!!

    19. Did it creep you out the way Jodi stared at you whenever you would enter or leave the courtroom?

    I never paid attention! I looked down when I walked in and down when I walked out.

    20. What about how she looked at the jury when answering each question?

    I understood it was probably their strategy! Didn’t phase me I was at the other end anyway!

    21. What do you think of her tweets? If you had known all that you know now, would your opinion be he same?

    Yes, because I’m not surprised!!

    22. Have you seen all the interrogation videos?

    Not all but quite a few.

    23. Have you seen the media ‘blitz’ Jodi did before the sentencing? If so your thoughts?

    Ridiculous but that’s Jodi wanting the spotlight!!

    24. How hard was it for you to sit through it all and not vote? Were you able to take part in discussions or did you just have to sit and listen?

    I was devastated! Cried as soon as we got out of the courtroom! The alternates were taken to a different area.

    25. Did the 4 jurors acknowledge the Alexander family, like the ones that were crying and mouthed ‘I’m sorry?’

    I don’t know! I was balling and looking down! I was too sad to look at them!

    26. Did it freak you out how close Jodi was to you during allocution?

    We were closer in judges chambers.

    27. You were in chambers with her?

    Yes, quite a few times!!!

    28. Did you know she had a shock band around her waist?

    Nope, had no idea!!

    29. Is Dr.Horn as beautiful in person as he appears on TV?


    30. What did you think of the 7 dwarf testimony?

    I have to admit I did laugh when LaViolette said she didn’t know how old the dwarfs were! Was funny!

    31. Were you shocked at the time-out comment?

    I was irritated when she said this! But he was snarky with her too! Was a long 10 days or whatever it was!

    32. Did you think the Locks of Love/book club/recycling was odd?

    I did because I didn’t think you could just start your own program in prison!

    33. Was it frustrating aitiing through Alyce & Samuels testimony knowing they were making $300 an hour spewing #blah?

    It was frustrating period!!

    34. Have you seen the video yet of TA telling the story of being robbed w/gun to his head that was identical to Jodi’s ninja story?

    Yes!! We saw the video w/o sound and the story was so important!!

    35. Did you think the gun used was her Grandfather’s?


    36. Did you ever notice Jodi peeping up through her hair to see the crime scene photos?

    No I didn’t! I was too upset myself seeing those pictures!

    37. What do you think came 1st- gun shot or knife wounds?

    Idk that it truly matters…he suffered so much pain either way! But I think the stab definitely did!

    38. How did you feel about Jodi when she was drawing and not paying attention in court?

    Beyond irritating!!

    39. Did you see the parent’s interrogation video where Mom said Jodi was growing pot on the roof?

    Yeah I think those tapes would have helped.


    [Jurors 6 and 17 will appear on Dr. Drew On Call, May 28]

  36. redrelaxed says:

    Oh dear…Snoop you’ll have to do a little housecleaning on my last post…for some reason it pasted twice. So sorry bout that!

    Thanks, Red for the info…it is all fixed.~~SS

  37. margaret says:

    Snoops ,as you know I have trouble with links when a video is involved . LOL So I will tell you ,On Youtube Crime Time there is lots of videos on the jodi case. My favorite is #3 with Jim Clemente. I wonder if jodi could see these would she feel any embarassed..I think it is entitled jodi begs for life..

    Don’t you think the reason Darrell didn’t get called was about the VCR she took from grandparents

  38. debl115 says:

    Ok, after a super busy weekend watching my three year old grandsons for three days, so that my daughter could have a well-deserved camping trip away from them, here is my take on the whole thing. I too, wish that Juan would just say “give her life in prison without the possibility of parole”. But on the other hand, I want what Travis’ family wants, and that is the DP. I absolutely hate the fact that they have to go through another 6+ weeks (and I think that is being very optimistic). Granted, even with LWOP, she will live a very secluded life, she will still live until she naturally dies, unless, of course, she has the guts to put a razor to her wrist again, which might “sting”. I hate that bitch with all of my being, and I hate what she has done to the Alexander family.

  39. debl115 says:

    Juror #16, speaking to Anderson Cooper (who I absolutely adore, BTW) “We felt we let the system down, we felt we let Travis’ family down. But because of the instructions we were given, it ended up the way it did, and it wasn’t ideal, but it is the way it is.” I seriously don’t understand how they could have NOT understand the jury instructions??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=ZA4yKsFsR50

  40. debl115 says:

    A post from Tanisha’s hubby on the Justice for Travis FB page: The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
    A statement by Harold Sorenson, Tanisha’s husband:

    I will make a comment ! These are my words only. This is not from any of the Alexander family or even from my wife Tanisha.
    They are all emotionally drained. At the same time they are overwhelmingly grateful – to the court, to Judge Stephens, to the jurors all of them, especially to Juan Martinez, to the Attorney General of Arizona, who they will be meeting with very shortly to prepare themselves emotionally, mentally, for the re-trial of the third phase, the penalty phase. This will be even harder on them then what they’ve experienced during the past phases of this trial.
    If ever they needed the world’s love and support of the overwhelming majority that have been there for them, it would be this re trial of the penalty phase.
    Please keep the family continually in your hearts, in your prayers as the fight for justice is not just for Travis alone, but for the past and future victims of the world that the DP can be respected and upheld when it truly is warranted.
    Let goodness prevail over evil.
    We love you, and deeply respect the overwhelming support. God bless true victims and justice for Travis Alexander.
    Thank you,
    Harold Sorenson.

  41. Hello yakers

    Its Monday morning and I’ve got plenty to do but I don’t think I’ll do it today. I’ve always been allergic to Mondays. Its raining and my bones are creeking so I’m going to clear the cobwebs of my mind instead and give my 2 cents.

    I’m disappointed. Very disapointed. At first I was shocked. I really had faith in the jury. I thought for sure they would come back with a death verdict. They got it right the first two times. then I started thinking about the jury and how hard this was for them. Nearly 6 months of their lives were put on hold and they had very little time to prepare for the 2-3 months they were told it would take. They had to be mentally exhausted. Well anyway, I’m not mad at them although that foreman – going by what he said on GMA makes me wonder how he got on that jury. He didn’t come across very intelligent IMCPO. (constitutionally protected opinon which I freely admit is not humble)

    I seriously doubt it was his influence that caused a deadlock. I still have respect for them as a whole because no one should have to put up with the delays and drawn out testimony that they did. And I do not believe that the foreman, other than its clear he was one of the four who voted for Life instead of death, that he had any influence on other juror’s. His job is strictly administration and organization but not managerial. In other words it was his job to keep it organized and systematic. The jurors as a group vote on almost everything including lunch time. They would’ve had opportunities to speak freely by themselves and within groups. The foreman can give his/her opinions and possibly sway someone elses during the course of their discussions but it wouldn’t be given any more weight because he is the foreman. Besides this foreman doesn’t appear to be the type to be able to command that kind of attention. He’s soft spoken and he seems sort of…..religious…. Its been said there were a few Mormons on the jury and they believe you must forgive everyone. it does seem though that he lied about NOT having a problem with the death penalty. I wouldn’t be surprise if there were a few others besides him.

    I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in that jury room. I want to know for one if they really did get to the core of why they had differences on the verdict. Or were they too kind to each other to really go at it? They’ve said they all bonded and became friends because of the intense situation they were thrown into together.

    I’ve also struggled with questions as to WHY did Travis keep going back to her? Why did he call her his girlfriend on that recorded call? Why did he have sex with Jodi that day knowing that she did something so hurtful to him that caused him much pain, you could hear it in the text, “You are the worst thing that’s every happened to me” he said what she did caused him as much pain as when his fathered died. It was over you could hear the finality of it and he meant it….at the time….. So why did he have sex with her when she showed up that early morning night….unannounced once again? I’ve toyed around with Snoopy’s, Vicky’s and Sandy’s theories. Snoops you get kudos for giving some real meat to it – about the photos but after thinking about it a lot – with variables…. I decided it would be impossible for Jodi to think of doing that. She’s not smart enough……she’s not smart at all.

    Over the course of this trial listening, watching and reading things I think I’m satisfied with this. Dr Drew talked about this several times. Travis had a rough childhood. It was also good once he turned 15 so he had an “interesting” childhood to say the least. but first the parents drug addict behavior, the neglect, etc…. They were extremely poor, sometimes living in cardboard boxes under a bridge. He was made fun of at school because he was always dirty and his clothes were…..disheveled, out dated…..and he was a little chubby. He was very shy until his grandmother came & took control of the kids. Once he got into his faith and became an active member of his church, things changed and his confidence grew. These are the things that effect us all – they effect us differently but in those differences its the same in that it shapes us in who we eventually become.

    Travis must’ve decided he was never going to treat anyone the way he was treated as a child. He had been on the receiving end and didn’t want anyone to suffer like that. He believed that everyone was good inside. He blew off his friends warnings because he never thought Jodi was capable of the things she would eventually do to him. If he had one smidgeon of the anger in him that Jodi claimed he would’ve beat when she destroyed his BMW. His friend who was with him when he found out said yeah he was a little upset but more frustrated than anything, he never got angry with her even then. (another example of Jodi’s supreme intelligence, she drove 50 miles in his BMW with a trailer of furniture attached to it….in 2nd gear the whole way) Travis let it go. Later when her antics began to wear on him and he started standing up to her, tried to break free she would pull out the old guilt trip and threaten to commit suicide if he let her go. Sky said that a few weeks before he died she had a conversation with Travis about Jodi. Sky told him for the umpteenth time to get rid of her. Travis said he couldn’t and she knew why. Sky then said, “Travis she’s not going to kill herself – she’s not” Travis said: “Sky you don’t know that for sure, and what if she did? I couldn’t live with myself if she did that”.

    Sadly Travis was an easy target but even worse was…. thats the one thing Jodi was good at. Narcissists are extremely good at finding those who are easy to manipulate and control. Its almost like a sixth sense to them. Anyway I believe that his childhood, his faith and his inherant belief that Jodi a good person and she would harm herself if he left her. As far as the sex goes well Travis was a man and we all know what men use sometimes to think with. Deanna said he like the attention Jodi showered on him. and Vinny Politan of all people (who I’ve grown to appreciate) said it was something they always did. They’d have a quarrel and then have makeup sex.

  42. Vicky says:

    Diane, juror # 6 on Dr. Drew is extremely articulate and obviously very intelligent. We at least know now that it wasn’t only the men who wanted the DP imposed. The alternate had Jodi’s number as well. Hearing their perspective on the outcome is very interesting.

  43. Great comments folks! I watched the Zimmerman hearing today and have been watching the jurors on HLN this evening. Caryn Kelley’s fate is being deliberated. I wrote a post on Kelley but did not watch the trial. I expect a verdict tomorrow on her manslaughter charge.

    I have a feeling all four women on the Arias jury voted for the DP… I hope this case will be resolved so we wont have another mini trial for the penalty phase.

  44. debl115 says:

    Caryn Kelley found not guilty. Not the outcome that I expected, although I haven’t followed the case very closely.

  45. gramared says:

    Vicky…I agree with you that Diane, Juror 6, came across as a very intelligent, thoughtful, caring person who took her responsibility as a juror very seriously. I appreciated Juror 17’s spunk.

    Here’s a snippet of Dr. Drew and the jurors. I wish I could see it all, but I only see what is posted on the Internet – no cable. I have enough distractions as it is!


    I also saw another juror, can’t remember which one, female, who said that the verdict seemed to be affected, not by gender, but age. It was older jurors who voted for Life. Interesting.

  46. gramared says:

    Snoopy….From the letter posted by Harold Sorenson, Tanisha’s husband, it sounds like the Alexander family is going forward with a mini trial. I’m with you. I just wish it could be over for them and that Jodi would not be allowed one more minute in the spotlight. She will relish it, no matter what the outcome because that’s how sick she is.

  47. sarah0234 says:

    MIssed you guys! My best friend from childhood (from age 8 to 15) that I haven’t seen in 34 years came and visited. It was like we were never apart. We had the best time.

    I appreciate all the links (and opinions). Just got caught up.

    I’m happy knowing that Jodi is sitting in a little jail cell with absolutely no attention from the media.

    Drats! Why couldn’t juror #17 be on the jury instead of an alternate.

    Oh well. Gettem’ next time.

  48. margaret says:

    Has anyone seen this guys videos about jodi trial?? I love his explanations and his praise of Matinez.. I love his voice..

  49. Arizona Prosecution will not take the death penalty off the table as per Jane Velez Mitchell

  50. redrelaxed says:

    Snoopy…That video of Nurmi doing the chicken dance was funny. Thanks for the laugh! He really is an awkward duck…

  51. Red~~Nurmi was getting something (yuk) out of his nose and it was stuck to his finger and the reason he kept waving his arms…lol

  52. debl115 says:

    Oh, Margaret, that clip was hilarious! I also love his voice! And Snoop, Nurmi at his best…how I detest that man. OT, but wanted to share that my hubby and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary today. Yay to us! Sometimes I think we both deserve a Purple Star for putting up with each other for all these years 🙂

  53. gramared says:

    Here’s a tidbit, in case you haven’t seen it as yet.


  54. gramared~~thank you. That was an interesting tidbit. If Jodi doesn’t accept the LWOP, they will pick another jury. I think Travis’ family will go for the death tho. I know Martinez wants the DP.

  55. margaret says:

    Snoopy that video was so funny !! I’ll bet Nurmi never moved that fast in his lifetime. I feel sorry for his eyesight problems though.Do you think jodi is wondering where all the cameras went ? She is probably tired of her own company by now.. Mean old Martinez did this to her,..ha ha

    Deb, the guys name is Mikee Daniels and he has about 30 of those videos about trial on you tube. in some he has a mask on so jodi won’t come and stab him. He is all for Martinez and always gives him praise. I have you beat afew years, in April I had been married 53 years. Congratulations..

  56. Margaret~~Wow, 53 years! Congratulations ….you too, deb on your 37.

    Jane Velez Mitchell show is all about Jodi tonight… They want to keep their ratings from falling..

  57. gramared says:

    Snoopy….Don’t you just want Jodi to GO AWAY. I know the family feels that somehow death is the only fair punishment because of what she did to Travis, but I think death for Jodi would be the easy way out – even tho it may takes years and years. I think she will suffer much more being forced to live in those miserable conditions for the rest of her remaining days with absolutely NO light at the end of her tunnel.

    As sick as she is, she will thrive on the additional attention she will garner from another penalty phase. She will enjoy seeing the Alexanders and all of Travis’ friends suffer again. She gets her kicks from it. She will once again be on stage and able to run her mouth. Real punishment for Jodi is to take away the lights, camera, action, powder puff, and lip gloss.

  58. Newbie says:

    Margaret and Deb, congratulations for sure to both of you !!!!!!

    I was watching Dr. Drew’s show tonight about stalking. A question from a viewer really got my attention, i.e., did Dr. Drew think Jodi had setup a plan to meet Travis before the time they actually met. hmmmm, had she researched this Prepaid Legal group and found info on Travis. Did she setup their meeting?
    It really clicked for me as in one of her interviews before the trial, Jodi was explaining how she had met Travis and she made a point of saying it was really something to find herself being a guest as usually she was on the other side as a server. To me it was said as if she had “made it”. . Now I am thinking Jodi was stalking Travis before they met. Since Jodi’s computer was basically destroyed, how would you be able to tell if she had setup their meeting or did they even think at the time about the possibility of Jodi starting to stalk Travis even before they met. Man, that would weigh heavy on a decision towards death penalty imo. Then again, am I over thinking this…..lol.

    I have to add, I’m trying to avoid getting involved with the Zimmerman case so what comes on immediately after Dr. Drew……After Dark starting on the Zimmerman case. Did I switch the channel…..no. Goodness, what is wrong with me !!!!!

  59. debl115 says:

    Grandmared, same with me, I just want to get away from all of the Jodi drama, but I did enjoy Dr. Drew’s stalking episode tonight. I really think they nailed it. And Margaret, thank you for making me feel so much younger with only 37 years under my belt, and congrats on your 53 years, that is certainly something to be so proud of! I noticed that I said my hubby and I deserved a Purple Star, when I actually meant a Purple Heart 🙂 I don’t want to get involved in this GZ trial. I was amazed at how much I got done at work this week, with not following tweets on the Travis trial. And thanks, Newbie 🙂

  60. Newbie says:

    deb, I loved the “Purple Star.” thinking how clever. In fact, when an opportunity presents itself, I’m looking forward to using it.

    I too am sick of Arias and wish my mind wouldn’t go there. I agree with Gramared, make a deal on life in prison with no possibility of parole so Jodi can’t enjoy the pain of the Alexander family and drag Travis thru the mud again. No more camera opportunities for her and life in a small cell is sounding pretty good at this point.

  61. margaret says:

    Arizona doesn’t play around.. Similar ending to jodi trial.


  62. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret: Wow! Now that’s good news! Thanks!

    Was it ever revealed where Napolean (Travis’ dog) was while he was being slaughtered?

  63. gramared says:

    In case you haven’t seen these comments by Diane Schwartz, Juror No. 6…very interesting…


  64. margaret says:

    You all may have seen this.I wish there was a camerain her cell that we could look at once in a while to hear and see how much she blames Travis then..

  65. Hi everyone,,,I have had company from out of town since Thursday and very busy in the real world…..will be back in the groove tomorrow…

  66. margaret says:

    You have been missed.. It seems everyone is taking time off. LOL

  67. Amber from Maryland says:


    At least we all had a life this weekend. I bet that Jodi is getting tired of the solitary confinement in her cell. I think she is finding out what life in prison might be and I doubt that she likes it. Of course it is all Travis’s fault and she can make battered women tee shirts to support her causes, but even so, I’ll bet it is an exceptionally boring life without the limelight of court. I would not want to reap what she has sown!

  68. Vicky says:

    It was five years ago today that Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander.

  69. Amber from Maryland says:


    Those were all very interesting pointers. Although Jodi might not be legally insane in the sense of not knowing right from wrong, if such a brutal murder and such a lack of ability to tell the truth doesn’t qualify her for being totally insane in the day to day understanding of the word, I don’t know what would. Normal people do not act like Jodi did!!! I do not think the Alexander family, their friends, and a host of other people would be safe if Jodi were to walk the streets again. I do think she should spend the rest of her life in confinement both as punishment for doing what she should have been able to understand was both morally wrong and illegal and also for the safety of her potential future victims.

  70. Jury questions not asked at Arias trial…

    Click to access ariasjurorquestions.pdf

  71. Karen C. says:

    Hey, All! Those were great juror’s questions, above. Hmmm….
    Renn. Faire over for another year- Glory Be!

  72. debl115 says:

    An interesting post on the Justice for Travis FB page, regarding those jurors that considered that fact that Jodi was “only 27 years old”: Jennifer KanaskiThe State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
    It’s incredibly confusing to me how Jodi Arias’ age at the time of her crime could be a mitigating factor, the implication being that she was too young to truly understand her actions or experienced the world and lived her life. At the age of twenty-seven, however, Jodi Arias could legally, and without parental consent: Buy tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, pornography, and/or fireworks. Get a tattoo and/or piercing. Skydive. Drive any time of the day or night. Rent a car. Work in a bar, night club and/or strip club. Own land, buy a house, lease an apartment, rent a post office box and/or apply for a mortgage. Get a loan, buy insurance, earn credit, enter into a contract. Get a business license and start your own business. Carry an organ donor card and/or donate blood. Agree to, or refuse, medical treatment. Sue someone or be sued, sign legal documents, get married or divorced, adopt a child, and make a will. Join the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, and/or the Police. Vote, pay taxes, stand for election, or serve on a jury. Be charged and convicted of murder. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of rights extended to a person twenty-seven years of age.
    Furthermore, the suggestion that age twenty-seven is too young to understand the way the world works or to accomplish something small or extraordinary in your life, is also a grave misnomer. By the time the following people were Jodi Arias’s age they had impacted the world in a positive way:
    • Ernest Hemingway published his first novel, ‘The Sun Also Rises.’
    • Ken Kesey published his first novel, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’
    • Thomas Pynchon published his acclaimed novel ‘V.’
    • Truman Capote published his first novel.
    • Mary Shelley wrote ‘Frankenstein.’
    • Jane Austen wrote her second and most famous novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice.’
    • Elizabeth Barrett Browning published her first volume of poetry.
    • S.E. Hinton wrote ‘The Outsiders’ while she was in high school.
    • Janis Joplin made her first recording.
    • John Singleton directed his first film, ‘Boys ‘N the Hood.’
    • Orson Welles conscripted, directed and starred in ‘Citizen Kane,’ but not before his famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast.
    • American anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote her famous dissertation, ‘Coming of Age in Samoa.’
    • Benjamin Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac.
    • Albert Einstein published five major research papers in a German physics journal, fundamentally changing man’s view of the universe.
    • Jean Piaget, renowned psychologist, received his Ph.D.
    • Steve Wosnia co-founded Apple Computer.
    • Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft.
    • Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
    • Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.
    • Antoine Joseph Sax invented the brass saxophone.
    • Caresse Crosby became the first person to patent a brassiere.
    • Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space.
    • Jack Nicklaus became the youngest golfer to win the Masters.
    • Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic.
    • Charles Darwin set off as a ship’s naturalist on a voyage to South America and the Galapagos Islands.

    And the list goes on and on. Not only there are immensely positive and influential milestones that have been accomplished by people before they turned twenty-seven, there are also grossly horrible crimes that have been perpetrated by people Jodi Arias’ age, and younger:
    • Beginning at age 29, Dennis Rader, known as ‘the BTK Killer,’ murdered ten people between 1974 and 1991.
    • Before his execution, Ted Bundy confessed to thirty homicides that he committed between the ages of 28 and 32.
    • Diane Downs, at the age of 28, shot her three children and then claimed she was carjacked by a strange man who shot her and her children.
    • Richard Speck, at the age of 25, tortured, raped and murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital.
    • At the age of 23, Herman Webster Mudgett began engaging in shady businesses, real estate and promotional deals under the alias H.H. Holmes. He would later build a hotel specifically designed with murder in mind.
    • At the age of 23, Wayne Williams, known for the ‘Atlanta Child Murders,’ killed twenty-eight African American children, adolescents and adults.
    • David Richard Berkowitz, known as ‘the Son of Sam,’ began a series of shooting attacks at the age of 23.
    • At the age of 23, Beverley Allitt murdered four children, attempted to murder three other children, and caused grievous bodily harm to a further six children.
    • Susan Smith, at the age of 23, let her car roll into the lake, drowning her two young children inside.
    • Karla Homolka, partner-in-crime to Paul Bernardo, was convicted at the age of 22 for the rape-murders of two teenage girls, as well as the rape and murder of her sister.
    • Myra Hindley, between the ages of 21 and 23, along with Ian Brady, murdered five children between the ages of ten and seventeen.
    • Irma Grese, known as ‘the Bitch of Belsen,’ became the second highest-ranking female guard at Auschwitz by the time she was 21.
    • Rosemary West, along with her husband Fred, was convicted of sexual assault at the age of 20. The murders for which she was later convicted were committed while she was 20 and 26.
    • Graham Frederick Young, beginning at the age of 18, murdered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991.
    • Charles Manson, at the age of 17, was transferred to the Natural Bridge Honor Camp, a minimum-security institution; a year after he would sodomize another boy at the institution while holding a razor blade to his throat.
    • Edmund Kemper, known as ‘the Co-Ed Killer,’ first killed at the age of 15, murdering his grandparents. Between 24 and 25, he went on to kill and dismember six female hitchhikers, as well as his mother and one of her friends.

    At the age of twenty-seven, Jodi Arias could have already accomplished much in her life – she could have gotten her G.E.D, gone to college or trade school, started a business, shown her art or photography in a gallery, and on and on. Instead, by her own decisions and hands, her epithet will forever read Jodi Arias, convicted of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend when she was twenty-seven years old.
    2 hours ago

  73. TommysMom says:

    Great post!
    I’m an older person who has a mind that wanders from time to time. During JA’s trial It got to wandering a bit mostly from boredom when her “team” was questioning witnesses. I started to wonder what she thought about all the very, very attractive women who were educated, living healthy, happy and productive lives, giving testimony.
    I mean here she sits a high school dropout who has made absolutely no worthwhile contribution to society. It amazes me that she thought her idea of recycling, a book club, a tee shirt or her “art” could be considered to be of any value to anyone. I mean seriously that’s some kind of fantasy she’s living.
    I wonder why she can’t understand what she has become and the life she’ll have in prison. Has her “team” told her what to expect?
    I just don’t get.

  74. Amber from Maryland says:

    I am glad that the state of Arizona is persisting and that they are considering the Alexander family. Although I do not agree with the death penalty, I think that Jodi deserves to sit through another penalty phase and prospect of the death penalty as part of her punishment. By now, life in solitary should be getting boring and wearing on Jodi. I think that she knows that death is not an appealing alternative. The stark reality of life in prison should set in soon if it has not already. She should be starting to realize, or maybe her attorneys will tell her, that no one believes her lies. Whether or not that will affect anything she says in the penalty phase remains to be seen. I hope that we do not have to be subjected to any more of Alyce LaViolette’s possibly well meaning but definitely very misguided testimony. However, I count on Juan Martinez to set the record straight whether Jodi lies again or Alyce acts as if Jodi’s lies were true.

  75. Amber from Maryland says:

    Very interesting reference!!! I hope there is not a year’s delay.

    Thanks Snoopy.

  76. margaret says:

    Hi guys, I haven’t run away yet. My son brought me 5 bushels of tomatos and 10 dozen ears of corn so I have been busy ,busy, busy.

    I really hope this trial does not get delayed again The DT knew this was part of trial , and they have had plenty of time to prepare. Womack is talking plenty on tv therefore she is not too afraid. Darrell Brewer was in town to testfy, why did they not call him? He even showed his face on a long interview with some reporter..

    Don’t you know she misses not being in control anymore. Everyone have a great weekend !

  77. Margaret~~looks like you are going to be busy canning.

    It is too bad Arizona allows two tries on the penalty phase. Judge Stephens should have sentenced Jodi to LWOP and shipped her off to prison. What a waste of tax dollars to have to listen to more sex capades. Nurmi and Willmott are trying to declare Jodi mentally ill so she will end up in a mental institution. There is a status hearing on the 20th so we should learn more.

  78. The Jodi Arias Trial: Unsealed Juror Questions That Weren’t Asked

    Many questions were asked by the jurors in the Jodi Arias case but not every question posed by a juror was approved by the court. I’ve got the list of 45 unsealed juror questions that were not asked though there are definitely some that I recognize.


  79. FYI~Jodi Arias will be back in court tomorrow for the status hearing!!

  80. gramared says:

    Snoopy, will the hearing be streamed live as in the past?

  81. HLN said they would show it. I will have to check Radar on Line and ABC.

  82. gramared says:

    Thanks. AZ Central might as well since they did the trial.

  83. A representative from the Maricopa County court told HLN that Thursday’s hearing will only be minutes long, because most of the issues will be discussed in Judge Sherry Stephens’ chambers.

    In chambers, the attorneys could discuss everything from a plea deal to scheduling issues and their preparations for the retrial.

    The retrial only applies to the penalty phase of the trial. Arias’ first-degree murder conviction still stands, and so does the jurors’ finding that Arias murdered Alexander in a “cruel manner.”

  84. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with what is happening. The TV snippets were very interesting. I think that Jodi is beginning to realize the consequences of her actions.

  85. Tommy'sMom says:

    All smiles for the Johnny guy who was winking and blowing kisses at her. Not the smartest of moves in a court of law, and he was asked to leave. He’s just a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

  86. sarah0234 says:

    Amber: I don’t think Jodi has a CLUE about the consequences of her actions. She is the ultimate narcissist and has no feelings for anyone but herself.

    Tommy’s Mom: Please share what you’re talking about. I must have missed it. Is there video?

  87. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Sarah0234,

    I agree that Jodi is the ultimate narcissist and that she has no feelings for anyone but herself. However, I think that she is not happy wearing prison stripes and shackles to court and being cooped up in solitary every day. You may be right if she is blaming someone else for her discomfort and not realizing it was her doing. Perhaps Travis should not have stood in the way of her knife.

  88. gramared says:

    Interesting take on Jodi from former jurors who attended the hearing yesterday. Jodi did look especially evil and angry.


  89. Convict Jodi Arias sports black-and-white prison garb at court hearing


    Video showing Jodi at the hearing follows..


  90. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Jodi doesn’t look very happy but was that a cell phone I heard on the video???

    A telephone ringing was very audible~~SS

  91. Tommy'sMom says:

    There is video but I can’t seem to copy the link. I found it on this site


    Posted on June 21, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Updated yesterday at 5:47 PM

    •Judge in Arias case delays decision on next move
    •Attorneys meet to discuss Jodi Arias case
    •Jodi Arias murder trial stories


    See all 2 photos »

    PHOENIX — One thing we’ve learned from the Jodi Arias murder trial is to expect the unexpected when she is in court.

    Thursday, Arias had a huge smile on her face during a hearing about the next stop for her murder trial.

    Apparently this is the reason why:

    According to a spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, a man named Johnny was in court with the Arias family.

    He was blowing kisses and winking at Arias, attempting to communicate with her.

    Deputies asked the man to stop, however, he became argumentative.

    Deputies warned the man that if he did not stop he would be asked to leave the court room.

    The man stood up and blew another kiss to Arias.

    He was then escorted from the court room without further incident.

  92. Tommy'sMom says:

    Oh my it worked I can’t believe it. Guess old dogs can learn new tricks 😉

  93. Tommy’sMom~~Bravo!! Thank you so much.

  94. Newbie says:

    Lifetime channel has the Jodi Arias/Dirty Little Secret movie running tonight. Wow! Anyone watching it?

  95. sarah0234 says:

    Newbie: NO!

  96. Newbie says:

    lol…sarah. My sentiments exactly!!!! I also didn’t watch the CA movie nor read Ashton’s book !

  97. I would not give up my Candy Crush for that movie. lol The title “Dirty Little Secret” was a turnoff. I did not watch the Casey movie either…

    Anyone else addicted to Candy Crush? I am at level 86…my two daughters and daughter’s hubby are all addicted too. I hope to watch the Zimmerman trial…opening statements start Monday…

  98. Tommy'sMom says:

    I play Candy Crush but I’ve taken root on level 30 just can’t seem to get it. If there is a secret to this game I don’t know it.
    I didn’t watch either of those movies, or read Ashton’s book.
    Am I the only one who wonders about the story behind that video of JA smiling at the Johnny guy?

  99. Candy Crush Snoopy? Remember the admonition! lol I watched it because I wanted to see how bad it would be and it didn’t disappoint. Very bad, storyline all screwed up events were way out of place and the actors sucked. Especially the Jodi actor. I’m guessing its not her fault though. I think the direction was really bad. Its really stupid of them to show the movie now when the story isn’t even over. I suppose thats why it was unusually bad – rush job.

    What was interesting though was this documentary after. They had 2 psychiatrists/psychologists giving their take and both said clearly premeditated, also she had multiple PD’s – they said they will be talking about her for years to come…..

  100. Amber
    Jodi’s not happy because she has to be seen on tv in prison garb……and no makeup too. lmao poor widdle Jodi she’s such a victim.

  101. Tommy’s Mom

    I can’t but wonder if Jodi’s mother or aunt were there and if they went along with it. I think Jodi gets some of her innapropriate behavior from her family. I’ve heard several accounts of laughter, whispering and joking from people sitting behind them in court by the Arias’s once with grandmother as well. It does seem like they were not as respectful as they could’ve been during the trial. Another thing I heard from their neighbor and friend is that the town where they live has pretty much given them the cold shoulder. No one has come out to support them. I’m sure this is not really their fault but……Odd don’t you think?

  102. Tommy'sMom says:


    I may be mistaken but I think a video showed that friend of JA’s that wouldn’t testify laughing it up with JA’s family. Sorry but I have very little sympathy for her family, they should have tried to get her help very early in her life. Now to carry on like they do in court is a disgrace, especially with the Alexander family sitting right there.

  103. sarah0234 says:

    This happened at a Phoenix detention center. I think the guys should all get ice cream and a year shaved from the sentences.


  104. sarah0234 says:

    I meant “their” sentences.

  105. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Sarah0234

    I agree with you that the inmates who saved the guard deserve a reward for their actions. THat was great.

  106. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I don’t know where to put this comment but our favorite baby killing felon is back in court today because Texas Equisearch is trying to sue her for their $100,000 search. Caylee Anthony never got justice but I am certainly hoping that Zenaida, Roy and Texas Equisearch will.

    Here is a pointer to the latest news on that. I do not know if it is formatted correctly:


  107. Thanks, Amber!! That girl has a lucky horse shoe up her butt. Commit murder and you can become rich and famous. It is the latest fad.

  108. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Texas Equisearch still has a chance though our baby killer has won a small victory. See

    You and I can’t commit murder and become rich. We were born long before killing an infant so we could go party with friends was considered an option.

    I am praying for Texas Equisearch, Zenaida Gonzales and Roy Kronk. Our favorite felon does not deserve a clean slate and they deserve some compensation for the harm she did them..

  109. What you didn’t hear in Jodi Arias trial-Video and write up…very interesting

    “It’s assertive, not aggressive,” Martinez said to Judge Sherry Stephens.

    “It’s not assertive, it’s aggressive,” Willmott countered. “The fact that she’s not answering the way he wants her to does not entitle him to start yelling at her.”

    And then seconds later, Martinez mimicked Willmott’s voice as she called to the judge to object.

    More here…


  110. very interesting read Snoopy.

  111. sarah0234 says:

    Interview of two of Travis’ friends who watched the Lifetime movie (I didn’t watch) by HLN ShowBiz show.

    ShowBiz Interview

  112. margaret says:

    Hi Everyone, missed you all.. I have been keeping up with my garden during this little break. I am ready to finish jodi case settled.. Don’t you know she is missing the camera and attention..I hope this break isn’t taking the focus off her punishment.

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