Caryn Kelley charged-Was it Murder or Suicide?


Caryn Kelley-Was it Murder or Suicide? Kelley is charged with First Degree Murder.

Accused of killing lover, did Caryn Kelley murder him?

Arrest Affidavit-July 27/2011

Some things said on the 911 call

Caryn Kelley: Judge sets $100K bond for accused College Park killer

A judge today set a $100,000 bond for Caryn Kelley, the woman charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of her boyfriend at her home in Orlando’s College Park community.

Circuit Judge Renee A. Roche said the state had not so far proved the standard “proof of guilt evident or presumption great” to deny Kelley pre-trial release. Roche ordered Kelley to be on GPS monitoring and gave her other strict restrictions upon her release from the Orange County Jail. More here at…Source Kelley’s attorney is Diana M. Tennis

Attorney Diana Tennis on Tuesday asked Judge O.S. Eaton to order the release of documents from a 2006 incident, in which boyfriend Phillip Peatross was hospitalized under the state’s Baker Act, which allows people to be involuntarily committed for observation for their safety or the safety of others.

Caryn Kelley: College Park murder suspect granted access to Baker Act records

Jury selection takes place on May 16 and 17. Opening statements are scheduled for the morning of the 20th, 2013.

Get a peek inside the Caryn Kelley case files

In what promises to be a particularly intriguing case, Caryn Kelley will go on trial Monday in the alleged slaying of her boyfriend Phillip Peatross. Kelley is charged with manslaughter with a weapon and could get up to 30 years in prison.

The 48-year-old told police she pulled out a gun after she thought Peatross, 46, was an intruder. He was at her home earlier in the night, but she said he left and made her alarm beep upon his return.

Kelley says Peatross fought her for the gun, putting it to his head. The two struggled, according to Kelley, and the gun went off.

Prosecutors say Kelley has changed her story several times, claiming she also fired the gun in self-defense and alleging that Peatross shot himself.

See for yourself how the story unfolded by checking out some of the most important documents in the case:

Cell Phone video shows a drunk Caryn the night of the killing/suicide

Transcript of Audio-Orlando PD-in pdf

Orlando Police Dept-Statement Transcript



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15 Responses to Caryn Kelley charged-Was it Murder or Suicide?

  1. Sarah says:

    I dunno about this one. Gun shot residue on HIS hands?

    It would be interesting to see Diana Tennis in action. She comes across as a strong and convincing attorney. We’ll see.

  2. Posted: 12:06 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, 2013
    ‘Dr. G’ takes stand in College Park boyfriend killing case

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Chief Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia (Dr. G) took the stand in the Caryn Kelley trial Wednesday morning.
    Kelley is accused of shooting her boyfriend, Phillip Peatross, to death inside her College Park home in 2011.
    Dr. G said the shooting was a homicide, and not a suicide.
    However, Kelley claimed that Peatross grabbed the gun from her during a, what investigators called a drunken fight, and shot himself.
    Jurors had to look at more gruesome photos as the Dr. G talked in detail about the gunshot would that took Peatross’ life.
    Kelley put her head down briefly during the testimony.

    More here…

  3. Caryn Kelley is expected to testify on Friday as her defense begins its case in her manslaughter trial.

    Kelley is on trial for manslaughter and accused of shooting her boyfriend, Phillip Peatross, to death in her College Park home in July 2011.

    The trial came to a halt on Friday, when the state had pathologist Dr. William Anderson on the stand testifying about a test.

    The problem was prosecutors said they knew nothing about the test, when each side is suppose to know the scope of what each witnesses is going to say, but prosecutors said they didn’t know about the test.

    Anderson’s test puts the distance between the muzzle of the gun and the victim’s face a lot closer than medical examiner’s Dr. Jan Garavaglia test.

    Read more:

  4. margaret says:

    It sure didn’t take long to settle this case.. I tend to agree with Dr. G. What did you think.?

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