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Jodi Arias-A Matter of Life or Death

Jurors Given Conflicting Views of Jodi Arias http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/jodi-arias-sentencing-retrial-opens-arizona-26351108 Jodi Arias death-penalty trial resumes with fireworks http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2014/10/21/jodi-arias-death-penalty-trial-juan-martinez/17673253/ Advertisements

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Jodi Arias~~Manipulation

(This is becoming laughable) Jodi Arias asked a judge Wednesday to postpone the second penalty phase of her murder trial, explaining she would no longer represent herself if one of her two attorneys is allowed to quit the case. Read … Continue reading

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Bryan Wayne Hulsey Trial-Juan’s back

Source- Wild About Trial Bryan Wayne Hulsey, 40, is charged with shooting and killing Glendale Officer Anthony Holly, 24, during a routine traffic stop in metro Phoenix in February 2007. Prosecutor Juan Martinez, who gained significant notoriety for his bulldog … Continue reading

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~~Anything goes~~

This Dr Phil show is a gem….If you happen to watch it, I would love hear your feedback. Dr Phil: An Online Dating Predator Exposed – Full Show [9 October, 2013]

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Jodi Arias-hearing August 26th

A hearing is set for Aug. 26. Judge Stephens previously indicated she wanted to set a new trial date for the penalty phase for September. Just seating a new jury could take weeks, given the trial’s publicity. That process would … Continue reading

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Jodi Arias: Trial Date Rescheduled By Judge

Jodi Arias trial judge Sherry Stephens has rescheduled the status update hearing for the case, moving the court date two days earlier than previously planned. Earlier this week, the Maricopa County Superior Court announced through its Twitter account that the … Continue reading

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~Justice ‘hanging’ in the balance~

A premeditated heinous murder is justification for a sentence of death but is it? Personally, if I had to spend the rest of my life in isolation in a prison, the lethal injection would be my preference. When we want … Continue reading

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