No Life Either Way~Jodi Arias


As the curtain slowly begins to fall on Jodi Arias’ show and tell, it is difficult to predict what this week will bring.
I understand that Kirk Nurmi filed yet another motion so expect more delays. The defense is asking Judge Stephens to not allow the state to put on any more witnesses in the penalty phase of this trial. Nurmi made a visit to Jodi at the jail and I am assuming he wanted her okay and signature on the motion.

It is still somewhat of a mystery what caused the court to be adjourned on Thursday. Darryl Brewer was due to make an impact statement and rumor says he will show his face this time. A girlfriend of Jodi’s was also going to speak and she has requested her identity be hidden. I would not be surprised if Jodi demanded that the video be shown of her girlfriend’s wedding during the impact statement. Jodi was the photographer at that wedding. Both Brewer and the friend were present at the court on Thursday.

Jodi is also going to address the jurors. She will be displaying some of her copyright infringed art work, traced pics from magazine ads. I cannot imagine Jodi ever being able to say she is sorry or taking any responsibility for the hurt she has caused so many by slaughtering their loved one. Once Jodi opens her mouth, it may be the clincher for the jurors to put ‘DEATH’ on that ballot.

Let’s hope that this coming week will bring closure!!


Many of you have thanked me for keeping this blog up and running. It is I who should be thanking you for making our blog successful. You are one fine group of contributors and I am proud of each and every one of you. You have worked well together while maintaining a mature attitude throughout. Heck, you make my life easy, in fact my delete button was starting to rust out from lack of use.

Your contributions of facts and opinions has lured many readers to visit Mainstreamfair and I notice via my stat counter, they return on a regular basis. Your work does not go unnoticed by this blog owner and for all those things, I THANK YOU. Snoopy


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  1. debl115 says:

    Thanks so much Margaret, and Snoops for posting the song. I know that this must mean so much to Travis’ family, as well as Juan’s and the Flores family. They have all invested so many hours in this case, and I love all of them. I just pray that justice is served for all of their families, and that Jodi faces the ultimate penalty. Nothing less than the DP is justice, in my mind. I would love to see her spend 23 hours out of every day, having to live with what she has done, with nobody to talk to, nobody to manipulate, nobody to lie to, except herself. RIP, Travis, and RIH, Jodi. You deserve only the worst.

  2. Newbie says:

    You know Jodi will not go quietly. It would be my guess she sees the verdict as JM winning and will have been thinking this weekend about how she cares to get him (meaning Martinez). It will not be that she killed Travis….it will be JM and his “lies” and unfair tactics…lol. I’m somewhat leary of what is coming next. Hopefully I’m very wrong and her fate will be decided without a bunch of rig-a-ma-row.
    Snoops, this has been a go-to blog during this trial. Great info and great comments. Thank you all !

  3. gramared says:

    Snoopy….Thanks for all the hard work YOU do to make your blog “top of the line.” You provide great information which I’m sure is much appreciated by all the terrific contributors who visit here.

    I suspect we’re all a bit concerned about what Jodi has up her sleeve. She doesn’t want this to end because she knows, as your new title makes abundantly clear, she’s at the end of the line and has only a grim future in store. She will no doubt do anything to delay the process, remain the center of attention, and drag the Alexanders through the mire with her. She’s disgusting and won’t change at this late date. Let’s just hope for a quick resolution for Travis’ family so that they can get back to their lives and begin to heal.

  4. What I have loved about this blog is that it was – for the most part – about the trial. Not about petty grievances, not about one-up-man/woman ship, and on topic with some great links, sometimes even beating out other blogs/sites for correct and important information. While Donchais does a great job documenting the event – she must type 200 wpm!- the followers are sometimes just pasting words down to see their labels on the blog, I think. That is no criticism of Donchais, but of the people who waste a lot of space with their pointless babble. Anyhow, I’m not here to sling or slime anyone, just to reaffirm what a great gathering-spot was created by Snoops and to say again, a huge THANK YOU!

    And to add, that I have been prognosticating all along that The Jodi Show would not go quietly into that dark hallway … I’m sure she will not disappoint her watchers. May I add that I can NEVER, NEVER listen to That Christmas Song again with any pleasure… thanks, B…ea…ch.

  5. I imagine it will be a whole bunch of psycho babble to do with nothing but drama. Whats she going to talk about? Her past?, so what, she had a school friend or two. Her bad childhood/?, give me a break, oh whaw, and her artwork? She’s going to sell her art for a good cause she says. Well, it doesn’t give her a magic wand and make all the horrible things she’s done go away. I hope and pray for Travis’s family that this portion of the sentencing will be short and they can get out of there. Don’t really care what Nurmi and Willmot say, who really cares at this point about more lie’s from a habitual liar and killer. She will probably start appeals, “ineffective:council”.. or something, which is not going to go over real well. The Alexander family, for their own well being, need to end being around the vicious murderer and get back to their lives, homes and children.

  6. sarah0234 says:

    You all may have discussed this already; but there are reports that Womack has backed out and that Brewer is still standing. Do we think that’s what all the hoopla was about Thursday? Could that be why Arias was pouting?

    (Snoops: I think you know how I feel about your blog. It’s a true joy coming here and getting the correct answers. I respect everyone’s opinion. I just love it when someone writes and reflects on an angle I never even thought about or provides articles to educate us on a topic. Thank you to everyone!
    A huge Thank’s to you for teaching me how to make links for videos. By gosh I think I’ve got it. Wink.)

    Court begins 10AM (AZ) Central time. 1PM Eastern time.

  7. Tommy'sMom says:

    Snoop I don’t know anything about blogs,but I know what I like. This blog is the best! I don’t know if you delete the nasty stuff before it appears or if there isn’t any to begin with. In any event I think everyone gets along here and I’m very grateful that my comments never seem to be misunderstood,no matter how poorly I sometimes make them. A great group of yakkers.

    Now about JA if she doesn’t get the DP her life is far from over. She will be a star in GP,at least until a bigger star comes along. I don’t know if she will still be able to use twitter through that other person but if she can she will continue to malign Travis and JM in any way she can. I wonder is she can do it from Death Row? Will he/she be able to visit JA? I sure hope somehow an end can be put to that twitter thing.

    I wonder if the problem on Thursday was Mr Brewer was reconsidering his testimony?

    BTW I’m a survivor of child abuse,not sexual but psychological and physical. I carry scars in my body but the most hurtful are those in my mind. My mother’s favorite was, you’re so ugly no one would ever love you. She would say this rhyme applied to me “my face I don’t mind it,for I am behind it. It’s the people out front that I scare.” I guess be todays standards I should have been a serial killer. In later years it hit me,my mother was a very,very unhappy lonely woman. She never,ever had a call or a letter from a friend. She never had a friend. Can you image? I feel so sorry for her and I do forgive her.
    JA was not a victim of any one or any thing,she is a user,a liar and a loser. She rates right up there with CMA.
    JMHO of course

    Well I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us today.

  8. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I won’t be able to watch the proceedings today, so I’m counting on your excellent ability to post everything as quickly as possible. I depend on you!! It’s gonna be an interesting day – unless it’s just more delays???

  9. We can expect delays….read this….(please note, I believe they meant Thursday and not Friday as stated)

    Defense attorneys for Jodi Arias filed a motion for mistrial Sunday after a witness who was supposed to testify as to Arias’ character withdrew because she was being threatened.

    Patricia Womack, a friend of Arias, was supposed to testify Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court, but could not because the defense attorneys and the prosecutor spent the afternoon behind closed doors, ostensibly arguing over the defense case.

    “However, after returning home Ms. Womack began receiving threats, threats that included threats on her life if she were to testify on Ms. Arias’ behalf,” attorney Kirk Nurmi wrote in the motion. “On May 19, 2013, Ms. Womack contacted counsel for Ms. Arias that she is no longer willing to testify due to these threats. It should also be noted that these threats follow those made to Alyce LaViolette, a record of which was made ex-parte and under seal.”

    Read more here….

  10. margaret says:

    I wonder if Womack is like jodi in that she likes the attention.. She and her tattoos have been in court sitting , laughing with jodi mom,, She was also in 48 hours first video of jodi..

    Thank you for link to song Snoops..

  11. redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Snoopy & all you Yakkers!

    Not surprising re “Womack” backing out due to threats, and it will be a miracle if there aren’t more delays, since this is the only tool available to the DT now. Womack’s impact statement wouldn’t have influenced the jury toward a more favourable outcome anyway. Stale mate. Next…

    It ‘s a sad day when the only redeeming quality a person possesses is Tracing 101 as a mitigating factor. How will the planet rotate on it’s axis if we mere mortals are denied the genious of the gifted Arias? PlahLLLLLease…

    Should be an interesting day, no?

  12. margaret says:

    How about these apples ladies???

    High profile murderer #JodiArias got busted selling domestic violence t-shirts from prison to support Long Beach, CA women’s shelter. LBWS threw JA under bus, basically saying they don’t believe she was a DV victim, that they support the findings of the court, and have no arrangement or affiliation with JA at all whatsoever. They said they do appreciate donations and would like them sent to them directly, not through JA. They also asked that the nonsensical JA support site remove all references to the shelter. One more reason she needs to be terminated from society.

  13. sarah0234 says:

    Nurmi is arguing for mistrial. I would absolutely faint if she was granted a mistrial causing the Alexanders having to start over.

    Anyone else notice Arias’ boobs look bigger in that blouse (or is it my computer/tv? Is this a ploy to play on the “motherly” sympathies of the jury? As not to give death?

    Martinez is being the magic juan once again. No worries.

  14. sarah0234 says:

    Court in recess? We knew there would be drama today, right?

    I didn’t know what allocute meant: per dictionary: basically; Give a speech

  15. sarah0234 says:

    Wonder why the defense wore red and white? I think the white is to make Arias look “innocent”. But, why the red suit on Wilmott and the huge red tie on Nurmi?

  16. Beth Karas
    7 minutes ago via mobile
    Defense attorneys and Arias go into chambers. Martinez and Flores are still in court. #jodiarias

  17. redrelaxed says:

    Adjourned until tomorrow! Cheese and Rice…and Moses riding a bicylce built for two! It’s like they just saId on HLN…”:Jodi is driving this bus and she’s going to drive it right over a cliff” I feel so bad for the families and the jury. Dragging this out to the very END!!! Trace and color me frustrated…

  18. sarah0234 says:

    Arias has a slight smirk: she’s happy with todays outcome and the control she has over EVERYONE.

  19. sarah0234 says:

    This is good. It’s just going to p.o. the jury off even more.

  20. Answers to Legal Question in Criminal Law in New York : Re: meaning of allecute To “allocute” means to recite what you did when you committed a particular crime

  21. Beth Karas
    11 minutes ago via mobile
    No more court today after this brief argument. Arias will make a statement tomorrow at 12:30 pm ET/9:30 am in Phoenix. Then closings and jury will deliberate. #jodiarias

  22. Tommy'sMom says:

    Okay I don’t understand this,where is Mr Brewer,why isn’t he giving testimony? If Ms Womack won’t testify can that be used on appeal? Couldn’t they find one single person to speak up for her?
    Why does the defense keep asking to get off the case?

  23. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Thanks. I’m not finding that definition. Is allecute and allocute the same?
    Here’s what I found under a legal dictionary site. The word comes up as allocution.

    I just don’t see Arias getting up there explaining what she did during the crime due to the fact she was in a fog. It would be the same lies all over again.

  24. margaret says:

    Jodi is twisting the knife in the poor Alexanders as long as she can..

  25. Tommy'sMom says:

    Ms Womack day 10
    sorry I have no idea how to post links

  26. Tommy'sMom says:

    HEY! it worked. An old dog can learn a new trick.

    Good for you…so that is Jodi’s friend. She has drug issues…hmmmm~~SS

  27. Karen C. says:

    Holy Smokes! Mom couldn’t go up, ‘cuz JM would smack her on the “letters from Travis”. Not surprised by Womack- seems she has issues and would be exposing herself to potential criminal charges of some kind, she doesn’t care that much for the Murdering Bitch- am surprised a tad by Darryl’s pass on this- huge issues that would weigh against Jodi there, too. These would be her putting him in fiscal jeopardy when she couldn’t keep up with her end of the mortgage and bills (everyone has described her as a bad waitress), and then dumped him for Travis, and also I’m really thinking, um, hard, that those penis pics were of him, Darryl, not TA at all. There are substantive differences, best I can tell! That would SO hurt her, it can’t come in, anymore than the forged letters can come in with Mom.

    Think about this though, none of her sibs, her father, who’s clearly a sympathetic figure to some degree, Granny- none of them coming forward on her behalf? Well, that means THERE ARE REASONS for that. All this indicates to me that JM and Flores have found all sorts of stuff that, in balance, hurt JA way more than even a Mother’s plea for her daughter’s life.

    Basically- what a useless person this truly is. OMG, how the jury must HATE HER GUTS today. And why couldn’t she go up after a recess today? REALLY!?

  28. Karen C. says:

    BTW- Tommy’s Mom, just caught what you were talking about up there. Good grief, Gal, thanks for the courage that that took….

  29. Sarah, this one seems fitting…

    In most United States jurisdictions a defendant is allowed the opportunity to allocute—that is, explain himself—before sentence is passed.

  30. redrelaxed says:

    Snoops if JA tries to “explain” (allocute) herself she will enrage this jury further. She’s already testified that she was in THE fog and can’t remember anything she did to Travis and the jury doesn’t buy that story for a minute. The jury doesn’t believe that she was a DV victim either. As far as the jury is concerned she has painted herself into a corner with the death verdict.

    Fly at it darlin’…expose more of your dark worthless soul.

    I would definitely buy a book that either Nurmi or Willmott pens after this trial is finally concluded.

    Two words…Ineffective Council.

    Jodi is directing and manipulating the justice system AND her attornies every step of the way.

  31. Karen C. says:

    Here’s some skinny from elsewheres (credible elsewheres)- Darryl Brewer’s name is actually Harry Darryl Brewer (perhaps actually Henry?)- he has a drug record and a bankruptcy, perhaps more … AND Donovan-whoever (tweetiebird) has not only the arson conviction but also a Domestic Abuse charge on HER- THE IRONY!- AND, Womack there has a history with Child Services! Yuh, I wouldn’t want any of ’em up there either, vouching for my sterling character….

  32. Sounds to me like Womack, in facing the prosecutor last week, realized on what shaky ground she was walking by being a witness for the Evil One… I don’t think she was very committed to ‘saving’ her pal, and certainly interested in saving her own skin, which is likely now on record to be sliced and diced in several different directions. Threats? Yeah, she probably got a call from the State of California ‘asking’ her to answer some charges and she has disappeared from view.

    Did anyone see Donovan in the gallery today?

  33. jayelle sea says:

    Womack is wearing a black and white striped top sitting next to Jodi’s mom in the pic posted, maybe she wants to get into prison with her friend. Listen, nothing is going to save Jodi’s ass. She is as good as, well you know, I won’t say it. She has to narcissistically control everything, she still has hope at the eleventh hour that its all going to go her way. Unbelievable audacity, shameless!! She is a fraud when it comes to domestic abuse, what a sham to the real victims that already have a hard time coming forward and going through the turmoil in court again. That’s why domestic violence is rarely reported, because the courts put the abused through the wringer. Instead she slandered Travis after entrapment. I really can’t think of a worst person, and to pretend to be all sweet, what an actress. Well she can sit with herself forever alone!! ..good ..

  34. sarah0234 says:

    Karen C. says:
    May 20, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    “…Yuh, I wouldn’t want any of ‘em up there either, vouching for my sterling character….”

    Thanks for the laugh Karen.

  35. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I suppose “explain” might be more appropriate.

    What is she going to say? I was PMS-ing? For three weeks at that. I hated my new hair cut? When Travis started stirring things up again it reminded me of the wooden spoon from my childhood?

    I agree with everyone else; there’s just no explaining this slaughter away.

    But, I’m dying to know what she has to say.

    Can anyone think of any more antics she can pull to get out this tomorrow? Not the migraine, please.

  36. Newbie and Vicky~~~please check in and let us know if you are okay….

  37. Nurmi argued the following for a mistrial…

    Jodi is complaining about the media….who in %^&$ went on 48 hours, Second Edition and gave an interview with Fox 10 twenty minutes after her verdict was announced? Who got her con friend, Donavan to twitter for her and sent a msg to Nancy Grace?

    Jodi wanted the jury sequestered. Why should a jury be sentenced to spend the majority of five months holed up in their hotels?

    Jodi didn’t want cameras in the courtroom. Bull&^%$

    Nurmi is attacking the courts rulings on all the mistrial motions aka he is attacking Judge Stephens!!

  38. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Thanks for posting the proceedings so quickly. You do NOT disappoint!

    I watched and, if JA’s looks could kill today, Judge Stephens would be another one of her victims. You can almost see the steam coming from the judge’s ears. She is probably so fed up with JA and the DT that she could spit. I can’t wait to hear her feelings at sentencing.

    The jury is probably as disgusted as the rest of us with the additional delays. I can’t believe Jodi will let tomorrow be her last day in the slimylight. She will do something to drag out the proceedings.

    Can Juan play the post-conviction interview she gave so that the jury can grant her wish??

  39. jayelle sea says:

    I bet she develops another headache after everyone arrives and once again holds everyone up, waiting for a couple hours. I’d hate to see this but I feel she just will not stop. She wants as many delays as she can muster and that the judge allows. The show goes on and on, probably years and years of appeals and BS ahead. What ever happened to, “if I ever did anything to hurt Travis, I would beg for the death penalty/”. Speak it to God Jodi.

  40. The judge even offered Womack to give her statement before the jury sans audio and video and kept under seal.

  41. If Jodi gets the death penalty, the state will pay for one appeal….after that, it will cost her and it is far from cheap.

  42. Patty Womack sold pics of Jodi to tv networks and was paid licensing fees. She did not report the income to the IRS. She is using the excuse she was getting death threats. BS

  43. The motion for a mistrial was for the Penalty Phase. The Guilt Phase stands firm-Guilty of premeditated murder.

    The only hope Jodi has is to go beserk in front of the jury tomorrow. I wouldn’t doubt she can pull it off too. She will be hauled off to the psyche ward for a 30 day evaluation. That &^%$ girl is the devil in disguise.

    Nurmi should not have made Judge Stephen’s blood pressure to go up today. The court even hired more security for outside the courthouse in the event a sentence was passed down. This case must have hit $2 million by now.

  44. Newbie says:

    We’re okay Snoops. No conditions for tornadoes at this time. Yesterday was our day for tornadoes, about five I believe, but those were in the lessor populated areas and not above the EF2 stage. Oklahoma was hit by an EF4 (top being an EF5). They did have a half hour warning which I am sure saved numerous lives ! This same area was hit with a bad tornado in 1999.
    Now, we are to have good weather until Friday ……we’re looking at storms that day but nothing has been said about weather fronts causing tornadoes.
    Praying for those children and teachers not yet accounted for in Oklahoma !!!!

    Thanks, Newb…I do worry about my flock. ~~SS

  45. Newbie says:

    Snoopy, if I had engaged my brain prior to commenting the prior comment would be in the Coffee Cafe. Would you please move it for me. Thanks.


  46. Newbie says:

    lol….okay boss lady.

  47. Just heard on Nancy Grace via a caller, the probation dept is investigating Donavan???

    Jodi does not want this same jury making the decision on life or death. Willmott and Nurmi are just doing Jodi’s bidding by filing the motions for a mistrial. I am surprised Nurmi did not get down on his knees and start crying, “Judge, have mercy on me and release me from this case.”

  48. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Sarah0234;
    According to eHow, Liturgical color symbols for red and white are:
    “White is worn during all major holy days in the church year, such as Christmas and Easter. It is also worn during many of the Catholic sacrament ceremonies, such as baptism, marriage and dedications. It can also be worn during funerals as a symbol of the spirit’s resurrection. It is symbolic of purity, innocence, joy, holiness and reverence.”
    “Red symbolizes the presence of God as well as the blood of sacrifice. It is worn during Pentecost, feasts of the martyrs, and on Palm Sunday in anticipation of Jesus’ death. It is considered the color of the church, because red symbolizes the blood that has been sacrificed by many.”

    I don’t know why Nurmi and Wilmott would want to support any martyrs or to symbolize the presence of God in the court room. Many of us would consider Travis a martyr in ways, but I have seen no indication that Nurmi or Wilmott have any particular concern for Travis. As for Jodi wearing white, I have not heard of any one talking about Jodi in terms of “purity, innocence, joy, holiness or reverence.”. I think that Jodi is innocent of starting any wars on foreign soil and she is also innocent of Ted Bundy extent serial killing. It is hard to go much further than that when expanding upon Jodi’s innocence.

  49. Vicky says:

    Hi snoops. As Newbie said, all is well around here. I’ll comment later in the cafe. A friend’s nephew is trapped in a school (not the one on the news, different town), but they know he and others are ok. Her niece was in the school that was destroyed, but was uninjured. Her brother and sister have lost everything. My BIL is flying down tomorrow to bring them here.

  50. redrelaxed says:

    There will be no back peddling on Daryl Brewer’s testimony for the mitiation phase. Here’s an interview he did today. IMO, Mr. Brewer is a self serving chump. He sure paints an idealic picture of life with Ariais BEFORE she got involved with PPL & the Mormon church.

    I think he’s full of it. Says he couldn’t marry Jodi because it would have taken away from precious time with his son.

    Brewer was satisified with a commonlaw arrangement as she was paying for half the bills, the mortagage. He’s also got a nasty scar on his right cheek that resembles a…dare I say it…bullet hole.

    Happy to hear that everyone is safe and sound. God bless Vicky…{{{{hugs}}}}

  51. sarah0234 says:

    Amber: Thanks so much for the color meanings. The entire post made me grin. You have quite the way with words. “blood sacrifice” would describe Arias’ actions.

    I noticed that Jean Casaras (spelling?) had red in her dress. I guess they all got the memo.

    I too am happy to hear everyone is safe from O.K. My aunt and cousin are fine. It skirted them. No major damage. God be with the all Oklahomans’.

    Redrelaxed: going now to check out your article.

  52. Red~~thank you, thank you for the link. I was so busy watching Darryl’s tongue keep darting out, I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. I notice Jodi used to wet her lips with her tongue especially when she was discussing her sexcapades. Darryl is full of himself…watch his mannerisms…He and Jodi could be twins.

  53. sarah0234 says:

    Not to mention Snoops; he speaks softly.

    Man, love is blind. He saw absolutely nothing wrong in Arias’ behavior. Right. Except he did notice that she would do things to emulate his ex.

  54. Womack didn’t mind showing her face to NBC….I wonder if they paid her for the pics via license fees.

    Patricia Womack, Key Witness In Jodi Arias Trial, Withdraws Amid Death Threats

  55. redrelaxed says:

    Great post Amber…just wanted to add, that even Ted Bundy’s mother pleaded for his life during the penalty phase of his trial.

  56. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Red

    Ted Bundy probably was smart enough to let her plead for him.

    I think Jodi’s mother and probably other relatives wanted to plead for Jodi but they were not allowed by the defense to do so.

  57. Judge denies Jodi Arias lawyers’ request to withdraw from case

    The trial is scheduled to continue Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. ET with Arias speaking directly to the jury, but without cross-examination. Jurors will find out then if she tells them the same thing she told a local reporter: She’d rather be executed than spend her life in prison.

    Write up here along with video…

  58. Marilyn N says:

    OMG – Darryl’s tongue! That must have been something when those two snake tongues were

  59. Vicky says:

    You can all throw eggs at me, but I need to make an observation. How completely sad it is that Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty and her entire life has left her without a single reputable person willing to defy the masses and ask the jury to spare her life. Seriously, don’t most of us have at least one friend who would say f-off to the general public, even if we did something as terrible as Jodi has done? It’s as though she was incapable of forming bonding/binding relationships throughout her life. Surely, a true friend would realize that the threats are being made by a bunch of cowards and that a plea from one person would unlikely sway the jury. Jody Arias never found a true friend, and I for one pity anyone so lacking in social skills that not a single non family member would care enough about my life and our relationship to tell twelve people that she had at one time in life been a good person and a true friend.

    Now to fall back in line. I find it amusing that the defense is throwing a temper tantrum over media coverage, when Jodi Arias has taken advantage of media at every available opportunity. I can see the appellate judges now when they see footage of her powdering her nose, her tweets from jail and her post conviction interview. And since when are prosecuting attorneys supposed to play nice with defense witnesses – expert or not. I also suspect that the minutes from the closed hearings will go against her during the appeals process. And, yes I believe there will be an appeal, because this jury will sentence her to death.

  60. debl115 says:

    Ok, ladies, I am totally hating myself right now. I am switching back and forth between the tragedy in Oklahoma, and the stupid After Dark on HLN, which I absolutely hate. My daughter and I are discussing the reasons why JA will totally make an ass out of herself tomorrow, when I should really be focusing on OK, and whether Newbie and Vicky and their families are okay. I am seriously so angry with myself that I have, once again, become so involved in a case that I totally dis my family, and (dare I say), my job. I just want this whole thing to be over. For Travis, for his family, for all of the TRUE victims of DV, and most of all, for my family. I love all of you, and thank you, Snoop, and all of the amazing contributors to this blog, but I think this will be the last trial that I will follow. It’s been almost two years since CA was acquitted, but to me, it seems like yesterday. I got SO wrapped up in that case, following Dave, Snoop, and everyone else that had so much compassion for Caylee. I just hope and pray that this all ends soon, not only for Travis’ family, but for all of us, and most importantly to me, my family. Pretty sure they will be glad to have their wife, mommy, and grandma back 🙂 ❤ to you all!

    Deb, You mean your doggy or kitty cat will recognize you when this is over? lol~~SS

  61. Vicky~~I think Jodi alienated many people in her life, especially her mother and father. I would like to see the death threats against Womback authenticated. I think she used that to save her own skin from pending charges being made against her.

    Jodi is the lead attorney in this trial…I think, if she speaks tomorrow, she will try and portray herself as a martyr. I also believe she will ask for the death penalty. I watched as some defense strategy unfolded in the courtroom today. I am sure Judge Stephens noticed it too. Jodi made the decision that Darryl Brewer not testify.

    If anyone thought that Jodi’s last three stories were outrageous, just wait until tomorrow. Jodi is gonna handle the job all by herself, after all, there is no one in this universe as intelligent as Jodi Ann Arias.

  62. If Jodi should confess to the murder not being self-defense, there goes her appeal out the window, if she gets death.

    Then there is the chance that Jodi will do her rendition of O Holy Night, a few cart wheels and stand on her head before showing her art work.

    Nite all…psst…we had over 1000 hits in here today.

  63. debl115 says:

    I think that the reason that Jodi has nobody testifying in her defense, is that they would all have to face our Juan. If her Mom came up, Juan could bring up the tape of her in the interrogation room saying that Jodi was never abused, that she grew pot in the Tupperware containers on the roof of their house, and whatever else. Her BFF went on national TV and said that Jodi had the “ideal childhood”. Not sure about the ex-boyfriend, but obviously, he has something to fear, when facing our dear Juan. And, no, Snoop, I don’t have any doggies or kitties that will recognize me when this is over, just a hubby, three kids, and three grandkids that think I am bat-ass crazy 🙂

  64. jayelle sea says:

    Morning, everyone, oh what drama will we see today. I think it will be crazy talk and only another version of the truth if at all. She is a complete narcissist and the one thing they never do is take any blame, not directly anyways, “not my fault”. I think it will be a joke, I just don’t believe this girl is smart at all. She sure hasn’t used any intelligence so far. Now embarrassing, but she does not feel anything. Blank empty inside, I think it will be crazy talk, more sexual innuendo’s, more trash Travis and family. Just another pitiful excuse at why she’s SO SPECIAL. “Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive”. Ok Ms..Einstein , let the really big show begin…..

  65. Tommy'sMom says:

    I wonder where my comment went?

  66. sarah0234 says:

    Why am I getting so nervous about today?

    I feel a migraine coming on from Arias, so I shouldn’t be.

  67. redrelaxed says:

    Any wagers that Arias will NOT be giving her last words to the jury today? Hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that the EVIL ONE is trying to sabotage her trial and will stop at nothing to achieve her agenda. I hope that Judge Stephens has had enough of Nurmi and his strategic temper tantrum yesterday.

    A side note about Daryl Brewer…I wonder if the defense didn’t put him on the stand yesterday due to the link between the DVD remote and the stolen DVD player? There was a DVD player and gun reported stolen at JA’s grandparents home in May of 2008. Jodi returned to Brewer’s home a few hours after leaving at 7:00 the am to give him a remote that was forgotten in her rental car. Did she trade the stolen DVD player for the gas cans?

    Seems that there isn’t anyone who hasn’t been entangled in Jodi’s web of lies and plan to butcher Travis Alexander.

  68. Tommy’sMom~~I did a check and cannot find any comment from you in spam or pending.

  69. People are entering the courtroom… Jodi’s dad is present today… Travis’ family… Will be have proceedings or another delay?

  70. Podium has been placed in front of jury box

  71. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: How are you getting your info? You’re good.

  72. sarah0234 says:

    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    @CamilleKimball True, there is no cross, but if Arias opens any doors during her allocution, Juan Martinez can and will walk through them.


  73. Top secret..mental telepathy…

  74. The Alexander family just walked in: Samantha, Steven, Hillary and Tanisha. Deanna Reid is with them. #jodiarias

  75. sarah0234 says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #JodiArias has arrived in court. She, both legal teams and #TravisAlexander sibling go to chambers

  76. gramared says:

    Sarah….I always watch thru AZCentral. Do you, and do you think that Kiefer’s comments seem biased as times in favor of Jodi?

  77. Jodi wearing all black…went into chambers with her attorneys

  78. gramared says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews

    JodiArias has arrived in court. She, both legal teams and #TravisAlexander sibling go to chambers

  79. We must expect some drama… Nurmi is powdering Jodi’s nose…Jodi holding a manila envelope

  80. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: Yes! Several times I’ve been tempted to contact him; but I’m sure I would only be regarded as another “nut” in his eyes. It’s very obvious. Sarcasm oozes with ease from his posts. I wonder if he doesn’t like his job anymore. Or maybe he needs a Jodi Arias special. (wink)

  81. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Are you serious. Did he really powder her nose? Wonder what’s in the envelope.

  82. gramared says:

    Of course we all know her makeup, and especially her powder, is in the envelope!

  83. Jodi is in chambers with attorneys..exparté…..Juan is not in there

  84. gramared says:

    Sarah…. At the beginning of this Blog Talk Radio interview with Sky and Chris Huges, Katie Cool Lady (not sure if that’s her name or what) mentioned someone from a media outlet who was very biased. It’s at the beginning of the broadcast, if you haven’t heard it. I’ll bet it’s Kiefer. I don’t Tweet, but I have certainly been as tempted as you have to contact him. He comes across as a jerk.

    This was posted at the beginning of this thread, in you haven’t listened and have the time.

  85. Arias just walked in. Everyone just went into chambers–Arias, attorneys, and members of Alexander’s family. #jodiarias

  86. Only Martinez, Flores, and Alexander’s two sisters are out of chambers. #jodiarias

  87. sarah0234 says:

    out of chambers per az central

  88. gramared says:

    How many of you think this is all because Jodi is going to request death?

  89. sarah0234 says:

    sorry snoops. I should have known you were on top things. delete my prior post

  90. Tommy'sMom says:

    OK I’ll try again. Parents can’t take the stand because of JA’s lies. If asked about the abuse she claimed they would have to say yes or no. Mr Brewer wasn’t asked to appear because he knows nothing of her early life. He does continue to blame everyone except JA for the change he says he saw in her. He mentioned she had many friends but none of them where contacted. How would he know that? Why wouldn’t at least one come forward? I don’t believe Womack received threats,as the judge did give her the chance to talk and keep in under seal. I do believe she was afraid of criminal charges.
    I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for the fact that she has no friend to speak for her. All of us here know you must be a friend first to have a friend. Just look at us,if any of the yakkers were in need of support won’t at least one of us step up if we were able,if only to offer a kind word and a prayer. I still pray for the lady on Dave’s blog that needs a transplant,and I only know her ID as Shade,but my Father knows who it is.

  91. I wonder if The Judge has ever wondered during this trial why she decided to become one… there seems to be no end in sight.

  92. Maybe Jodi is trying to get the judge off the bench???

  93. gramared says:

    What do you make of this tweet from Diana Alvear of NBC in Courtroom?

    Diana Alvear‏@AlvearDiana17m

    Mother of #JodiaArias comforted then led out of courtroom.
    9:54 AM – 21 May 13from Phoenix, AZ · Details

  94. sarah0234 says:

    Oooooooo…..Gramared: Can’t imagine. Maybe someone said something mean to her?

  95. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I think that’s a little late in the game to pull that one.

    C. Williams confirms ex parte continues with JA and def team

  96. sarah0234 says:

    Do ya’ll think the jury is fuming by now?

  97. gramared says:

    Sarah….Maybe they told Jodi’s mom she was going to request death and waive her appeals??? I know, wishful thinking.

  98. Beth Karas
    11 minutes ago via mobile
    Arias and her attorneys are still in chambers. #jodiarias

  99. Jodi in holding cell with mitigation specialist

  100. I think they are going to take this to appellate to have a stay…

  101. Jodi’s father and sister left the courtroom

  102. sarah0234 says:

    This is so ridiculous. Why couldn’t they have done all of this yesterday afternoon??? Or earlier this morning?

  103. Defense attorneys and Arias are out of chambers. Arias left the courtroom. #jodiarias

  104. gramared says:

    Anything to keep the “Jodi Arias Dog and Pony Show” on the air! The poor Alexander family and the jury.

  105. If Jodi plans to speak….big IF…I think she ordered her family out of the courtroom

  106. gramared says:

    Snoops – Can she do that?

  107. I think Jodi is calling all the shots

  108. papers were just placed on defense and state tables-possibly final jury instructions

  109. gramared says:

    We know she loves being in control of everyone and everything. Sad for those who really matter.

  110. jayelle sea says:

    Drama Queen OMG!!

  111. sarah0234 says:

    No she didn’t! She was not abused by Travis! How dare she.

  112. sarah0234 says:

    She won’t be at her sisters wedding/ won’t be a photographer? What about Travis? He’s not even allowed to breath. And you know JA he was begging and pleading for HIS life!

  113. Newbie says:

    Well, I’m sure “Joan of Arc” should be allowed a life sentence since she can divert trash, save the other women in prison and show family photos. Wah, wah. pffff Oh no, she’s going to go to the plea offer she made…..strangle her someone please..

  114. sarah0234 says:

    Spiders no; dogs yes

  115. Newbie says:

    Man, I hope the jury sees her bull chit. Oh, don’t hurt her family through a death sentence. Lord help us !!

  116. jayelle sea says:

    Did you hear I’m so sorry for ending Travis’s life??? I didn’t I heard, I’m a survivor and an Artist, yeah for me…..sickening

  117. sarah0234 says:

    Amen Jayelle sea! It was the Jodi Arias Show.

    I was floored when she whipped that t-shirt out.

  118. gramared says:

    Jodi forgot to mention the only thing that may have resonated with the jury, a true apology for killing Travis and for the pain and agony it has caused his family. Never heard it, Jodi. Once again, it was all about YOU.

  119. Oh please let’s preserve her life for her family… please let’s let her influence other women… please do let’s let her contribute to society through her life behind bars… and do let’s show some mercy on someone who never showed a shred of it for Travis.

  120. redrelaxed says:

    Disconnected or what!? There was no remorse for what she did to Travis and his family. More focus on deflecting to her family and their suffering. No I’m sorry. Wow…just wow…don’t think that this 19 minutes will save her. She deserves the DP and I hope this jury will see through the lies and the fact that she STILL paints Travis as an abuser.

  121. sarah0234 says:

    Is this it or does Nurmi and Martinez do a closing statement?

  122. sarah0234 says:

    Never mind. Question answered.

  123. jayelle sea says:

    Jodi’s world
    when i was little
    I was the apple of my mother’s eye’s
    My mother took lots of photos of me
    must of been, one a day, me me me
    until my brother came and then, me me me
    my little sister came along, that was great
    then more pictures of me, that was fabulous
    I had a fabulous life, travelling, friends, family
    it was the best of times and the worst of times
    little out of chronilogical order, me me me
    um, coming out of my redheaded phase
    lets go camping Darryl, so much fun
    quaint memories, fun fun fun
    kids, family, a thick payne of glass
    oh poor me, i’m a victim don’t you see
    here’s the t-shirt i made, it says survivor
    can you see, that proves it, me me me
    until a couple weeks ago when the verdict
    came in, i was planning a future, pictures
    i’m an artist, i paint famous people
    riding coat tails to fame
    more photo’s, i’m missing family holidays
    now i will spend all my holidays here
    spare all the horrific details
    hoping to go quietly
    into the night
    I got on tv and i lied
    i love lying, me me me
    not my intention, not my fault
    i defended him also
    i didn’t want to say all those details
    lawyers forced me
    it was the worst thing
    i could ever imagine myself doing
    so…. i did it
    after all he said i was evil, he said
    i was the worst thing that ever happened
    to him, poor me me me

  124. High profile murderer #JodiArias got busted selling domestic violence t-shirts from prison to support Long Beach, CA women’s shelter. LBWS threw JA under bus, basically saying they don’t believe she was a DV victim, that they support the findings of the court, and have no arrangement or affiliation with JA at all whatsoever. They said they do appreciate donations and would like them sent to them directly, not through JA. They also asked that the nonsensical JA support site remove all references to the shelter. One more reason she needs to be terminated from society.

  125. sarah0234 says:

    Jayelle Sea: That was so perfect. Thank you. (you must type 300 wpm)

    I’m still reeling. Here was the one opportunity and she came off as a cold cyborg.

    (Cyborg: Noun
    a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.)

  126. jayelle sea says:

    Thanks Sarah, I was getting carried away with the robot…. she just drives me a little overboard

  127. sarah0234 says:

    If you watch again, it only gets worse. When she first started I thought, “she has seen the light” and will come clean. Say she’s sorry. Say that Travis was a wonderful person who didn’t deserve to die in the manner in which he did. Beg for her life. Humble herself.

    She Flat lined. I would just love love love to know what the jurors are thinking.

  128. gramared says:

    Willmott’s voice drives me nuts and has NO authority. AZ Central says she’s making her statement with a large picture of Jodi on the screen – yikes!! Haven’t they seen ENOUGH of JA!! Plus, Jodi is hanging on every word NOW.

  129. Amber from Maryland says:

    I am sorry. I just do not believe in the death penalty and probably never will. I do believe that life without parole will be harder on Jodi in many ways than the death penalty. Her first years in prison will be in maximum security which will be extremely unpleasant. I do not believe that she should ever be freed from prison since she is a danger to others. I think she has serious mental issues that do not excuse her criminal behavior. They make it clear that she is not capable of behaving in accordance with acceptable societal norms with respect to violence and murder and we need to keep people who are not capable of behaving within certain norms somewhere where they cant harm others.

  130. Amber from Maryland says:

    I am offended now that Wilmott is now criticizing Travis for verbally abusing Jodi. I was offended that Jodi criticized him in her plea but she is a known liar and no one would believe her. I wish that the jury could add a statement to their verdict, whatever it is, that Travis committed no verbal abuse and that the statements against him in the last phase of trial were offensive lies.

  131. sarah0234 says:

    Sit down and shut up Wilmott. Martinez didn’t interrupt her.

    Arias is back to drawing, doodling or making notes.

  132. jayelle sea says:

    If she hangs out with the with the other prisoners, she will manipulate, that’s all she knows. All her pictures are of her. She is dangerous to the general populace. She has not admitted to remorse for the killing, only saying weird statements, like “that’s not how I wanted to kill him”. She wanted it clean, sanitized, quiet! She could have taught English or recycled all ready. She thought she was leaving prison, so no reason to help anyone. Jodi said herself, “up until a couple weeks ago, when the verdict came, i thought I was getting out.”

  133. Amber from Maryland says:

    Jayelle Sea,
    I have to agree with everything you said. Jodi is not going to win points on anyone’s list of good people. I don’t think she has any remorse. Maybe the inmates in maximum security are kept in such strict conditions because they would be a danger to the general populace. I think that she will have to earn a release from maximum security to the general population in prison.

  134. sarah0234 says:

    Amber: You don’t have to apologize about not advocating or believing in the DP. To each his own.

    I too, as I’ve said before, struggle with it also. But, in this case; for me; she has earned the DP. I won’t lose sleep at night if she gets life. She’ll rear her ugly head some how and we’ll all have to hear about it: Arias stabs roommate. Arias refuses to eat. Arias tweeting from prison, still.

    In this case I do back what the family wishes. I just don’t see any redeeming qualities in Arias. The nerve of her to whip out that t-shirt and continue to lie. I’m sorry is not in her vocabulary.

  135. sarah0234 says:

    I’ve missed a lot of Martinezs’ closing. So, Snoops……counting on you me lady.

  136. sarah0234 says:

    I swear Snoops: You ruined looking at Wilmott for me. All I see is another one of Arias’ men. You and that parody. Tsk, Tsk.

  137. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Sarah

    I don’t see any redeeming qualities in Jodi either. I will also not lose sleep if she gets the death penalty and would not attend a candle light vigil for her. I think that if she gets the death penalty she will probably win an appeal somewhere down the road so she won’t actually be put to death. I do wish that there were some way to punish her for all of the lies she has told, and is continuing to tell, about Travis. It would be justified if she could be held in maximum security for at least a year or two after she admits to lying about Travis before any possibility of earning more privileges in prison. I do think that life in prison without parole is a punishment for murder, but she deserves another punishment for trying to destroy her victim’s reputation.

    I have to agree with every thing Juan is saying now. However, I still do not believe in the death penalty.

  138. sarah0234 says:

    Amber: Punishment for lying: too bad she couldn’t get a real forked tongue implanted.

  139. sarah0234 says:

    Did anyone else catch that she was able to slip in why Womack was not there yesterday?

  140. Amber from Maryland says:

    She said that Womack’s life was threatened. I just hoped that everyone would recognize it as another lie.

  141. The judge just lifted the ban so Jodi can do tv interviews… she plans on doing several

  142. redrelaxed says:

    Could be that Womacks life was threatened. There a lot of crazy people out there, one only has to peruse some of the blogs that attract these lunatics. Okay well that’s one good reason to NOT testify….however Jodi didn’t mention that her pal took the 5th when JM questioned her about her drug use and charges…not to mention other issues PM may be facing with the IRS. If I’m weighing Jodi’s testimony on the scales with Juan Martinez on the other end, I’m not believing anything she spews.

    It was when she hauled out the survivour t-shirt that offended me.

    The judge has lifted the ban on tv interviews. I hope to God that this jury comes back soon with the DP verdict and robs JA of any further media attention that she thrives on. Apparently Arias has several interviews lined up with all the the major networks from jail tonight.

  143. sarah0234 says:

    Bet HLN isn’t included on that long list.

  144. What a mockery to Travis’ family…a murderess becomes a celebrity

  145. sarah0234 says:

    I didn’t know that she would be eligible for parole after 25 years? Here’s what I found that had it in simple terms.

    In Arizona, how long is a life sentence?

    The length of a life sentence may change depending on the crime and whether the life sentence is for “life” or for “natural life.” A person sentenced to “natural life” is not eligible for parole or release for any reason. Depending on the crime and other specific circumstances, a person sentenced to “life” may not have his or her sentence commuted before to 25 or 35 years. To learn more about Arizona criminal sentencing, you can take a look at the Arizona criminal code sentencing guide.


    Also at the source was this:

    1st Degree Murder

    Sentence of death or imprisonment for life or na tural life, as determined in accordance with the procedures provided in §13-752. A person who is sentenced to natural life is not eligible for commutation, parole, work furlough, work release, or release from confinement on any basis. If the person is sentenced to life, the person shall not be released on any basis until having served 25 calendar years if the murdered person was 15 or more years of age and 35 calendar years if the murdered person was less than 15 years of age. A.R.S. §13-751.

  146. Sarah, that is why I am voting for death

  147. I can’t find today’s proceedings on youtube

  148. sarah0234 says:

    Hey Gramared:

    Just saw a tweet from our fav @ AZ Central

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 5m
    I will be doing an interview with Jodi Arias at 6 p.m

  149. gramared says:

    Sarah…..I just saw it a minute ago – was out running errands. He’ll be doing it with a number of networks. She is in her element, me, me, me, attention on me. Disgusting!!!

  150. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Croakerqueen has them up. Did you get them?

  151. sarah0234 says:

    Arias’ statement is above but I will post the one from croakerqueen too.

    Jodi Arias Penalty Phase – Day 3 – Part 1 (Jodi Arias Allocution)

  152. jayelle sea says:

    I’m feeling sick over this fiasco, why has the judge allowed this show to go on. Jodi’s controlling everyone like a puppet master. She just trashed Travis over and over again. Its not right, I hope the verdict on death sentence comes in soon and the Sheriff can take back control.

  153. Vicky says:

    Like Amber from Maryland, I do not believe in the death penalty. However, I completely respect those who do not share my opinion. I believe Jodi should be sentenced to natural life and opposed to a 25 year to life sentence. Her lack of remorse shows she is undeserving of a “second chance” at life outside of prison. Her statement today made my skin crawl and reinforced my belief that she is disingenuous, and completely void of a conscience, empathy and normal affect. If given the death penalty, she will thrive on the attention afforded her at tax payers expense during the appellate process. If given a life sentence, she will have to find a private source to pay for any appeal, I don’t see that happening, and will she fade into obscurity as the next headline murder trial hits the media circuit. She will be last week’s news in less than a week. Or at least once the Lifetime movie airs in three weeks. It would do my heart good to know that she gets to watch a movie of her story that memorializes her in reruns as a lying, manipulative, murderer. At least I pray that is the script that has been written. I have heard the movie will carry a viewer discretion warning due to sexual and violent content.
    If I were on that jury I would have a “Jodi Survivor” or “Just Say No to Jodi” t-shirt made prior to granting interviews.

  154. The only thing that will shut Jodi up is death…. I am disgusted!

  155. margaret says:

    I am sick of this woman…Did you all hear her tell the jury that if she got death, it would hurt her family. She was trying to lay a guilt trip on the jury,, none of the blame went to jodi.. She is a murderer why is she allowed to have interviews? She needs to go and go now.

  156. Vicky~~I was always against the death penalty until Jodi. The main reason I want her to get the DP is so she will be isolated for 23 hrs per day for at least 12 years. By that time, the DP will probably be abolished in Arizona.

  157. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I completely understand your frustration, but after this week, I don’t expect to hear much more from Jodi Arias. HLN will need to gear up and generate public interest in another topic. Gotta keep those ratings up. I expect next week they will begin turning public attention back to Trayvon Martin or the case you mentioned yesterday.
    So, Jodi may keep on talking, but very few will be listening. She will become a ward of the Arizona Department of Corrections here in the next few days and they don’t have an open door policy like Sheriff Joe. Regardless of the sentence imposed, there will be no interviews allowed for many weeks if not months.

  158. Willmott made 6 trips to the sidebar when Martinez was trying to do his closing…

  159. Vicky~~I do not want Jodi to be able to spread any more venom. Martinez did a wonderful job today with his “Forever Thirty.”

  160. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Martinez represents the best this country has to offer in giving a voice to victims and their families. Flores was so correct when he warned Jodi that she did not want to meet up with him in a courtroom. Team Martinez and Flores were truly amazing. The Alexander family were blessed to have both of them on their side. I must admit, I won’t lose any sleep if Jodi is sentenced to death. I just could never be the one to hand down a death sentence.

    This afternoon, I was watching HLN with my oldest grandson. He is on the fence about the DP. However, he did advise me that we euthanize animals if they kill, and animals aren’t capable of executive thinking, so why not adults who kill actually knowing it is wrong? I didn’t debate the issue with him, but I appreciated his analogy.

  161. jayelle sea says:

    Vicky, your grandson is wise beyond his years. I agree Snoopy, the DP is heavy, but it’s the sentence and restrictions that are needed to keep her isolated . I also think we should support whatever the jury decides, after all its heavy on their heads. I don’t want them to feel “bad” either way. I agree with Snoopy as to why, in she would be alone, and that is the real penalty here, being alone. To a narcissist that’s akin to murder, I just don’t feel sorry for her in anyway. So many needs and causes out there for compassionate people to get involved with.

  162. It wasn’t bad enough that Jodi slaughtered Travis in a jealous rage so no one else could have him, it was all the spiteful things she did after his death and will still do.

    At the Memorial service, the first person Jodi approached was Mimi Hall who never did get the trip to Cancun. She sent Travis’ grandmother the irises after murdering the poor woman’s grandson. She also wrote an EIGHTEEN page letter and sent it to the family on what would have been Travis’ 30th birthday, July 28th. That is just touching the surface…the most hateful thing she did was to accuse Travis of being a pedophile.

    She deserves the death penalty and I consider myself a compassionate person. I felt sorry for Casey Anthony for having Cindy controlling her life and did not want her to get the DP. Casey was a product of Cindy.

  163. gramared says:

    Here’s the first short interview I found – 12News in Phoenix. Typical Jodi just wanting to be seen and heard.

  164. gramared says:

    Part 3. I hope I’m doing this right. This is a different website, and I’m not sure this will be complete or whatever??? It would be nice if it were the complete interview all at once.

  165. gramared says:

    You can skip the first two links. The third one has the entire interview. Sorry it took me a while to figure it out, but it’s past my bedtime!!

  166. Newbie says:

    What a surprise on the interview….Jodi with no glasses or stringy bangs. And that is the only surprise. The interview seemed like the same garbage so I didn’t watch all of it. I am to the point I don’t care if it is death or natural life. Just shut her up !!!

  167. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: watching your link(s), Thanks.

    I see she’s got the big blister again. I hope it’s painful.
    She reminds me of Brewer; she licks her lips every 2 minutes.

    Her answers are just down right perplexing at times.

    Yep; same old same old………not her fault.

  168. sarah0234 says:

    She has a mustache.

    Wow, 180 on her opinion about dying.

    I don’t like the fact that they put the mike so close that you can hear her swallow and sigh.

    Ok, I’m confused. The interviewer asked her if she was religious. She answers that she’s not so much religious but she is spiritual. Two seconds later she professes to Mormon and that her faith REQUIRES her to forgive.

    This is what I’m talking about. She distanced herself from the Mormon faith in the first breath and then turns around and says (because, like Travis, she is baptized in the Mormon church) that she’s required to do certain things. She makes my head spin.

    She’s the greatest manipulator I’ve seen since Diana Downs.

  169. sarah0234 says:

    Here’s your I’m sorry: If you start watching one news outlet to the next; you will once again see variations of Arias’ truth.

    Fox 10 Arias

  170. sarah0234 says:

    Here’s another good one by (female interviewer-Arias seems a little off guard or she doesn’t know how to answer the questions). Lots of lip gloss.

    Jodi Arias interview: Arias speaks out to ABC15 as jury deliberates on death penalty

  171. Karen C. says:

    I don’t want to hear another word from the murderous, conniving bitch, until her last statement on execution day. I understand I’ll be subject to hearing bits and pieces of her lying crap as I hit the buttons on the remote, sighing in frustration, but I sure ain’t seeking it out anymore-life is short! During her Big Beg she managed to pull off brand new lies she just dreamed up- the crap tee shirt money, her Mom saying that about her father crying so hard- Hey, Bimbo, your Mom was turned away on Verdict Day! I knew that was going to happen when we heard the unbelievable words from the judge- No Cross. Feel free to lie some more to us all- the Jury won’t know!

  172. jayelle sea says:

    …..eventually the serpent eats its own tail and self destructs …..

  173. sarah0234 says:

    Karen C.: Is it a fact that the mother was turned away on verdict day? The reason I ask, (please don’t get upset with me) is because during Arias’ tour of interviews she stated her mom and cousin came to see her after the verdict and that it was their statements that changed her mind about seeking the DP.

    (If anyone wants to hear it: Go to the Fox10 link and go the 2:06 mark where she says her family visited her on the day of her verdict)

  174. sarah0234 says:

    Does anyone know if the things she stated in her allocution and appearing before the cameras was part of her manifesto?

  175. gramared and Sarah~~thank you for the links. I just finished watching them. I really liked the female interviewer…she asked some potent questions and so did Troy. Jodi is a psycho bitch. I hope the jurors got a peek at them…

  176. gramared says:

    Snooopy… You’re welcome. Didn’t mean to put up segments at first, but that’s what was showing initially. By now, we’ve probably all seen way tooooo much of her!

    It was interesting that one of the interviewers said Jodi had definite demands regarding NOT showing her “stripes or cuffs” and that she be allowed to stop and comb her hair and put on lip gloss. She is something else and needs to have those lips stitched SHUT.

    I don’t know if you want this posted and can remove if you don’t, but it’s that clever writer from eggtreenews. She puts a funny spin on the situation, and we could all use a good laugh about now. .

  177. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: You’re welcome.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the jury would come back fairly quick and give the Alexanders’ a wonderful gift for the memorial day weekend?

    I pray the Alexander families do get the assistance they need to move forward. I also pray that they will begin gathering again for holidays even though a chair remains empty. That they will forever remember the good times with Travis and not dwell on what could have been. This family has been dealt some tremendous blows in their young lives; they are pillars of strength. Through their example I hope others will conduct themselves with such grace.

  178. Karen C. says:

    We watched her Mom get turned away on Verdict Day, on camera. She marched up to the doors, was in for a bit, came out again. Jodi was being transferred and couldn’t be seen, she was now a convict, so off to the other place. With anybody else I’d think she had just misspoke, mixing up dates and such, but, well, seeing how this is her…. I don’t believe her opinion on the weather.

  179. Karen C. says:

    See, she could say ANYTHING to that jury during her statement- NO CROSS. During the “new” new interviews she may be referring to “after the verdict” as being some other time. But that was not her statement at Court!

  180. sarah0234 says:

    Arias in courtroom not only sporting an Audrey Hepburn ponytail but huge smiles to boot after her “close-ups” from last night. She has no worries.

  181. gramared says:

    Sarah….Did you notice her putting on the charm for the guard, chatting away like she had not a care in the world. Enjoy it now, Jodi. Her attorneys seemed chummy with her as well. They are probably just relieved to have this mess finished and could care less what happens to her.

  182. Karen C. says:

    Flirting with the guard. Habitual.

  183. It looks like the jurors want Life with no chance of parole…. otherwise they may opt for the death…JMO

  184. Beth Karas
    10 minutes ago via mobile
    The judge forgot to read a key instruction yesterday about what a verdict of “life” means. She brought the jury in to read it. The attorneys argued briefly as well. Deliberations began at 10:41 am local time/1:41 pm ET.

  185. Beth Karas
    6 minutes ago via mobile
    We’re back in court. Judge is on the bench. Alexander family is here. No defense or Arias yet. #jodiarias

  186. gramared says:

    This just posted by AZCentral…

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Just told by court personnel NO VERDICT in #JodiArias case. There is a question. #TravisAlexander

  187. Karen C. says:

    Oh, they’re all just steamin’ up their glasses.

    Don’t look at Evil One for any indication- she is in HUGE denial, clearly.

    MO, they want to appear thorough, and they do NOT want to see this decision revisited for any reason. Judge either. At least, now the judge does see which way the wind is blowing…

  188. margaret says:

    I can’t believe this!!! Last night she demanded her make-up and she got it. She didn’t even have to wear her prison top..Look at her now having the time of her life in court room..She is probably telling herself that shes so popular she needs to do this again. Snoops has good rules because if I could put down what I am thinking, it would not be pretty. Pray tell me how she is still tweeting today? Oh how I wish that the jury could hear what she said about them ..

  189. sarah0234 says:

    Hung? Wow. Poor Samantha.

  190. The jury cannot reach a unanimous decision …. they are going to try again

  191. sarah0234 says:

    Looks like Samantha left the courtroom.

  192. sarah0234 says:

    So, it could be just one person holding out. Let’s hope they change their mind(s).

    Do the jurors walk past the family as they are exiting? If so, I hope they saw Samantha’s face.

  193. Let’s put all our collective energy toward the jury coming up with a unanimous vote for whatever is in the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is!

  194. margaret says:

    Wish jurors would look at photos, Look at the victims poor broken hearted faces .. Come on Jurors, !

  195. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: You’re awfully quiet.

  196. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks for the laugh. It’s so you.

  197. sarah0234 says:

    The following shows what was written on the jurors hand written note:

    Two hours into deliberation Wednesday, the Jodi Arias jury informed Maricopa Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens that it was unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether to sentence Arias to death or life in prison.

    The judge gathered the jury in the court room and read them a standard instruction, asking them to deliberate further.

    Arias, 32, was convicted May 8 of first-degree murder in the June 2008 slaying of her lover Travis Alexander.

    The jury sent a handwritten note on an official question form to the judge. It said: “If the jury is unable to come to a unanimous decision @ this stage, do we notify the judge of this on the form (verdict) or do we just tell the judge her instruction on the bottom P. 10 on the final jury Instruction-Penalty phase?”

    It was signed by juror No.18.

    In the event of a hung jury, the judge will declare a mistrial in the penalty phase. The state would then have these options:

    –It could drop the death penalty and agree to life in prison.

    –It could decide to go forward and ask the court to seek a new jury to consider only the death penalty.

    Source: AZ Central

  198. I would settle for life with no chance of parole…Apparently there were a couple older women who were crying when they brought down the guilty verdict???

  199. shyloh says:

    I guess what’s ticking me off about the jury holding out so long. They ALL SAID they could hand down a death verdict. Ok if one of them can’t maybe that one lied to be on the jury. After all the crap Jodi did to Travis how can they not decide death? Shame on them. Ok don’t do death. Give her LWOP.

  200. Vicky says:

    I am not surprised that the jury is struggling with this. There are parents/grandparents on that jury and I can see their emotions getting the better of them. That is why I know I couldn’t sit on a DP jury. One must also consider the possibility that there is a juror who knew from the get go he/she would not impose the DP.
    I still believe LWOP would be a good outcome. Jodi might not be in solitary for the rest of her life, but she won’t meet the general population for several years at least, and by then she will have lost her celebrity status. Given her personality defects, I can see her getting her arse kicked several times, as she makes futile attempts to climb to the top of the pecking order. And will have to settle for being someone’s honey pot to be safe. That or request protective custody back in the maximum area of the facility.
    I had hoped the jury would reach a decision today so her evening interviews would come to an end. Unfortunately, it does not appear that will happen.

  201. sarah0234 says:

    I’m surprised. It never occurred to me that they would hang. They seemed so united in the first two phases.

    I become more disgusted when HLN replays Arias in court today smiling away. I think about Samantha crying her eyes out.

    Where are the scales of justice?

  202. Vicky says:

    I read the question the jury asked. It could be they were going over the jury instructions and trying to clarify procedures they would use if they can’t agree.
    However, after this amount of time, I would say they probably have a hold out. There might be a juror who compromised with the first degree verdict with no intention of backing down on imposing the DP. I wonder if JM and the Alexander family will agree to LWOP as opposed to a DP phase do over. I think that might be an option. I hate the idea of Jodi spending months in Joe’s jail granting audience to the media. Hopefully, Judge Stevens will impose a gag order once the jury renders its verdict. At that point she needs to be silenced until the DP phase is retried or she is in the custody of the Arizona Department of corrections.

  203. gramared says:

    Does anyone know why in the world Jodi is being allowed to give interviews? She’s a convicted felon awaiting sentencing and in custody. Can’t they simply tell her NO, you cannot give interviews? Makes no sense to me, and it just causes more pain for the Alexanders to see her being allowed to flaunt her sick self in front of the cameras.

    I would hope that if the jury is unable to agree that JM and the Alexanders will accept LWOP. They need to get back to some semblance of a normal life and put this behind them. It would be too grueling to put in another minute on this case, let alone who knows how long. Jodi will be put away for a good long time before she’s placed in the general population, and that’s enough time for the bloom to be off the stinkweed. If, on the other hand, there is a chance she could get only LWP, I can see them wanting to continue.

    Just so I’m clear. Isn’t it the judge who will determine if Jodi gets LWOP or LWP once the DP is off the table?

  204. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: HLN just answered your question. Even though…..even so…….she can blab all she wants…… long as people will listen. Unbelievable……but she still has that right.

    I want to know if there is a copy of her manifesto available.

  205. Vicky says:

    Gramared, she is allowed interviews because the judge lifted her gag order and Sheriff Joe allows inmates media access. He is a known media whore LOL
    Yes, Judge Stevens will determine which sentence Jodi receives. I can’t imagine her giving Jodi the opportunity to waltz out of prison in 25 years, not that a parole board would grant her request.
    What I’m not sure about is how much time will lapse before her sentence is imposed.

  206. sarah0234 says:

    Well, it’s 4:10 AZ time. There won’t be a verdict today. They leave at 4:30 AZ time, I think.

  207. sarah0234 says:

    Here’s another interview by Ryan Owens ABC national news. She gets a little testy with him. I guess I should say, sassy. Geez. Just being Arias as usual.

  208. gramared says:

    Thanks, Sarah and Vicky…. I think the judge has 60 days to rule, if she wants. I seriously doubt Judge Stephens will delay this mess for much longer. I am sooooo anxious to hear what she says to Jodi at sentencing since she has had to keep her opinion to herself during the trial, but not at sentencing. Some judges really let loose.

    I do wish she would reimpose the gag order just to give the Alexanders a little peace while they await the verdict. It is so unfair to them that Jodi is allowed to continue to trash Travis, especially since they aren’t commenting at this point.

    I hope some of the jurors will speak when this is finished. I suspect that if there was only one holdout against the DP, that juror will NOT want to be known, too much backlash from crazy folks.

  209. shyloh says:

    After 5 Months they have had plenty of time to think about all this. They were told about the D P. After they heard all the evidence if one or ever how many felt they could not vote death they should of removed them self. Sorry. I am not doing well with this haha. C A comes to mind.

  210. shyloh says:

    In many ways. Let Jodi keep talking. JM will use it against her if she gets a new hearing.

  211. sarah0234 says:

    Ya’ll will like this. Showing Arias in prison clothes and shackles as she requested for the media NOT to do. Love it.

  212. gramared says:

    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    The Arias jurors have gone home for the day. They will return at 10 am Thursday.

  213. sarah0234 says:

    She suddenly needed glasses when the trial started and now she doesn’t need them. Hmmm…..

  214. jayelle sea says:

    Jodi is a puppet master, at this point I think life without parole. Only because she would drag the appeals and Travis’s family all through the mud again. This way she acts out she get put in solitary confinement, that’s good enough. Enough of this vixen spinning her lie’s.

  215. Jodi should patent the word contemporaneous. .

    One thing about a NARCISSIST, they love attention even if it is negative as long as it keeps them in the spotlight. Jodi deliberately needles people and says things knowing full well it will all be discussed on the media. She plays word games….she used to play ‘body’ games.

    Jodi best find different makeup…geez, she had an ugly kisser during her interviews last night. Her sharp protruding canines give her an appearance of a vampire. I wonder if she drank anything from the glass that was found on top of Travis’ body in the shower??

  216. Newbie says:

    It is hard to remain an adult at this time keeping in mind it is harder for a jury to give the death penalty to a woman (so I am told). This jury came back in a short time with premeditated murder in the first degree, thank God. It is reasonable the jury will take their time in going over jury instructions and then making their decision. This is all of what I keep telling myself while my emotions are saying “do something NOW”.

  217. If those jurors would take into consideration that they are each 1/12th of a group of twelve in favor of putting Jodi to death, it may make easier for them. In other words, they do not solely bear the burden of killing (Willmott’s word) Jodi, they are only a fraction.

  218. margaret says:

    Well Iam going to hold out for a surprise verdict by tommorrow,, Remember this jury took their time with deciding she was eligible for DP.I think they are following the letter of the law very carefully. Too bad they still can’t watch the real jodi doing her interviews. If they don’t give her the DP, they will be sicck when they see what she is spewing now..

    Good Night everyone !

  219. jayelle sea says:

    She might not do as well in the general populace of the prison as she thinks. So Ms Arias Einstein might be up to her head in turmoil. I don’t know, I can hear her now, more drama queen, “begging” to be on her own because the girls so mean to her..

  220. sarah0234 says:


    In regards to Jodi’s vocabulary:

    Did you notice she dropped “de-edify”. She now uses “malign”.

    My favorite Jodi word was when she was describing how nervous she was during her Power Point presentation: convulsing (sorry, I didn’t see her convulse. I saw her shake a little)

    The icing on the cake was the word you pointed out: contemporaneous.
    I think she was stunned that the interviewer knew that word. (Jodi thinks everyone is illiterate.)

    Her number one new word of the day: (new) PERSPECTIVE
    (She debuted it during her allocution and has been using it ever since).

    I think THE best word(s) she used……….drum roll please………wait for it………magic wand!
    Ding, ding, ding! Yes, ladies and gentlemen; she referred to our magic “juan”!

    I hope she remembers those words: magic “jaun” when she gets the death penalty.

    Today will be the day jury comes back with the DP. I have had faith in Martinez this far and I will not stop just because the jury asked a question.

    For those who need to remember our theme song: (come on; get pumped! turn it up!)

    Pilot – Magic – You Tube Exclusive! – IN STEREO

  221. jayelle sea says:

    Good idea Sarah, she can give us the word of the day from her 12 ft cell. Jodi’s tidbits and magically thinking cinna-buns. Good day sunshine, hope this is the day that Travis’s family finally gets some closure so they can get on to healing and back to their lives. Jodi has taken enough time from everyone, she needs to get off the stage. I don’t know why news people hang on her every word, of course she just ADORES the attention. Who cares really what she says, she’s a full blown habitual LIAR! . Hopefully she’ll learn the words devastating and remorse! Or maybe she\s a Isaac Newton, who said, “you have to reinvent the way we see the world.”

  222. redrelaxed says:

    Just caught glimpses of the 2013 Arias Farewell Tour on HLN. One statement she made was that she felt “betrayed” by this jury. I had to laugh, she still lives in her crazy place…her head. Am praying for this jury to come to a consensus today or for how ever long it takes. I’m not giving up that they’ll find her worthy of the DP. Took the Scott Peterson jurors seven days to deliberate for his DP verdict.

    One interesting comment I found while out and about was this tid bit that was posted. If anyone thinks she’s going to be crowned the Perryville Debutant who takes over the system…read on…

    “I have unfortunately been in prison where she will go, and TRUST ME!!! She will NOT be the Predator..she WILL be the Prey!!! Prison is WAAAY different than that safe little jail she is in now!!! She’s in for a rude awakening!!! And what she said about starting programs and clubs and helping the “illiterate” inmates..NEVER going to happen!!! She’s going to be in COMPLETE isolation for AT LEAST five years, and after she manages to “program down” to a lower classification….she still needs to realize that’s she’s now an INMATE!! The State runs every aspect of your life, so NO she won’t be contributing ANYTHING to society!! The closest she’ll get is a 50 cent an hour job as a GED tutor..but that will take her YEARS and YEARS to get that “privilege”. And her smug, superior attitude she has, all that’s going to get her is beaten up and robbed!! So, it would be in her best interest to just SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE and get OK with the fact that as soon as that gate closes behind her at the “Perryville Complex” sign, nobody cares that she’s Jodi Arias…for the rest of her disgusting life, all anyone will know about her is her INMATE NUMBER!!!”

  223. gramared says:

    Thanks Red….Jodi should read that one – what an eye opener!! Jodi really doesn’t have a clue about anything, and the more she plasters her face on the tv, the more disgusting she becomes.

    I felt so bad for the Alexanders yesterday, especially Samantha. They are torn apart by this dragging on and on and on. Please, jury, find compassion for the victim and open your eyes to the evil in Jodi.

  224. Tommy'sMom says:

    sarah I’m so glad you mentioned her use of de-edify it’s not a word and she used edify incorrectly too. She placed on a 12th grade level in reading and her IQ 115-119 no where near genius.

    Redrelaxed I’m so glad you posted that,it makes me feel so much better. I feel I can live with her not getting the DP. Even if she gets 25yrs. with a chance of parole she will be used up @ 52 yrs. old.
    If she does get the DP it might be 10+ yrs and it will cost the state more money,but I think I read here that the state only pays for one appeal. Of course the DP could be done away with in the meantime.

  225. gramared says:

    LWP is 25 years to Life – so it could still mean a very long time behind bars. She’s only “eligible” for parole after 25, maybe only 20 since she’s already served five years (anyone know for sure). So, there is the very strong likelihood that she will never get past the Parole Board, especially if the Alexander family is present every time there is a hearing regarding her release. They need only give their statements, and I seriously doubt that Jodi would ever be paroled.

  226. jayelle sea says:

    Wow, i can see her, to use her words, “begging for the death penalty” still, description of that prison sounds like brutal punishment galore.

  227. margaret says:

    Good Morning everyone ..I too feel like the jury will come through today. Please God let it be over today for the Alexanders..I want to wipe her name and face off my computer and move on myself.. I can only imagine what the Alexanders are feeling.. I still think it will be DP..

    Snoops am looking forward to your next headline!!

  228. gramared says:

    Just some info from court via AZ Central…
    Arias – May 23, 2013
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    More #TravisAlexander family has arrived & I just spoke with security who brought #JodiArias attys up (not in sight). No announcements
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #TravisAlexander family arrives. Goes to victim impact room. Victim’s advocate says “just hanging out” as I gave her that “hmmm look”
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    No reason given but #JodiArias pros Juan Martinez just arrived on 5th floor. I asked “how are you feeling?” Answer: “good”

  229. Newbie says:

    redrelaxed, thanks for sharing the comment of the person who has spent time at the Perryville Prison where Jodi is headed. If the jury goes for life, it will not be so devastating …at least for me. Alexanders can present the evidence photos of Travis at any parole hearing ! Jodi can look forward to the possibility of serving twenty to twenty five years and then MAYBE being paroled (ha!). Somehow her losing the ability to be in the news because of a death sentence and appeals is satisfying today. I have wanted the death penalty yet am finding natural life may be more punishing. The only things is I think she will kill again while in prison. Then will the members of this jury feel like that was partially their fault because they chose not to give her death?????

  230. redrelaxed says:

    Thanks gals…I posted that comment because it made me feel a little better too about her recieving life should the jury not give her the DP. I can’t believe I’m even typing this, as I do not sway toward the DP, but in this case there is not a morsel of empathy left in me for Arias.

    She made me ill yesterday with all of her smiles and giggles with the court bailiff…she is so disconnected from reality she hasn’t a clue in her empty head that she is in BIG trouble either way.

    Yesterday, Willmott enabling the fantasy by spewing that she’s done something “very bad”…ummm…talk about an understatement. This DT has minimized the brutal slaughter of Travis with their flowery discriptions and phoney defense strategy. I hope the jury has Travis’ autopsy photo’s spread out all over the place while they deliberate.

    Guess this waiting is getting to me, and I’m having flashbacks to the Pinella’s pinheads. I honestly believe that this jury is far more invested with the evidence and they appear light years ahead with intelligence compared to the dirty dozen.

  231. Newbie says:

    You know I finally “justified” the CA verdict. It was Cindy and George’s punishment for all their lies in getting Casey off and for being bad, bad super bad parents. It was also Casey’s consequence to have to depend on her parents and a “well wisher attorney”. I wonder how many times Cindy has choked Casey since the trial and how many times Casey has choked Cindy. hmph….thinking in that line keeps my blood pressure down. Caylee is safe from all of it.

    Willmott’s saying to the jury “can you kill her” is bothering me today. While she has done her job in defending the rip, she went one step to far for me. The people of the State of Arizonda got the law put in place, Jodi brutally murdered, and the jury has a responsibility to follow the law. The Judge is part of following the law as is the executioner (warden and so forth). I hope the jury can get past Willmott’s statement.

    Now that I have done my “polly anna thinking”, I still want revenge…..kill the witch ! This is taking too long . See me tapping my foot due to my impatience.

  232. Thanks for this Pippin!!

  233. Karen C. says:

    Just me here, but I don’t blame JW for doing yeoman’s work there, I hated it BUT I believe she did her dang job, and very well there, too. Know what though? It is just possible that JW saved her lousy, worthless life indeed- the God-awful wretch will never acknowledge it or properly thank her- she would just assume that her own little presentation there had done the trick.
    Willmott will be able to walk away with her head held high, and hopefully help someone worthy in the future- she will not be to blame if this goes as far South as most of us are hoping for….

  234. Newbie says:

    Certainly agree with you Karen. Numri also did well doing their trial although he was a step by step slow talker. He didn’t have much to work with but…..

    Absolutely love the T-Shirt !!!!!

  235. Court reporter has been summoned back to court….

  236. Newbie says:

    HLN just reported their is activity……the court reporter has been called back to the court room ! Dare I get excited? HLN went from that to a commercial….darn.

  237. Newbie says:

    Family members have entered prosecution witness room….

  238. Newbie says:

    Jane V. just reporting seems it is the fourth question……..darn

  239. gramared says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Court PIO confirms there’s a #JodiArias jury question and we will be in courtroom
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Sources telling me there’s a #JodiArias jury question. Media still in hallway. We’ll see if we get in in this one. Be ready to live stream

  240. gramared says:

    If the jury doesn’t arrive at a verdict today, I hope they will work tomorrow – anything to get this thing over and done with and Jodi off to her new digs.

  241. Newbie says:

    HLN reporting extra security now entering the courtroom…..

  242. gramared says:

    AZ Central…Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    We’re hearing that if there’s no conclusion today, the Arias jury is off until Wednesday.

  243. Newbie says:

    Waiting for the Arias family to arrive per HLN……

  244. Beth Karas
    34 minutes ago via mobile
    Jurors have a question. We’ll be allowed into the courtroom soon. #jodiarias

  245. I don’t expect a verdict

  246. If a verdict had been reached the media would have been alerted

  247. Hope I am wrong lol

  248. sarah0234 says:

    I disagree Snoops:

    The family didn’t appear for the past three questions: why would they show up for this one?

    Why the extra security? Why ask the public to move away from the front entrance?

  249. sarah0234 says:

    Not to mention: detective Flores is there………hmmmmmmm

  250. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: You obviously didn’t listen to the “theme” song today.

    I’m hearing from AZ Central; judge is on the bench

  251. Beth Karas
    a few seconds ago via mobile
    Waiting for the judge and jury. #jodiarias

  252. Newbie says:

    Numri has been talking to Jodi. Jodi very upset…per HLN….this was great news as far as I am concerned….”jodi is upset”…

  253. Maybe due to this high profile…they are not announcing verdict has been reached

  254. Newbie says:

    Hey Snoops, I guess I’m your echo….lol.

  255. Newbie says:

    Oh, boo hoo…..Jodi is full blown crying..

  256. We are a team, Newb lol

  257. Newbie says:

    You betcha….Jodi is upset at the verdict “no unanimous agreement”:….as long as she is upset it makes that verdict go down easier….

  258. Newbie says:

    This jury found premeditated first degree. To me they did a great job. Just one too many to go for death….hold up somewhere…..maybe that Jodi is ill???? For me that is “so what”.

  259. sarah0234 says:

    I, personally, will be donating more money to the Alexanders!!! God and Travis be with them!

    Snoops, delete if not appropriate.

  260. One of the jurors mouthed “I am sorry” to the Alexander family

  261. gramared says:

    I truly hope that JM will offer Jodi LWOP and that she must waive all appeals – not that stupid JA will accept. It just needs to end for the sake of the family.

  262. Jurors are going to hold a presser

  263. sarah0234 says:

    Where will Arias be imprisoned until July?

  264. gramared says:

    From AZ Central
    Michelle Lee@myhlee
    Court PIO says jury “declined interview requests for right now.” #JodiArias

  265. Jodi will be housed in the jail she is in now…

  266. sarah0234 says:

    I didn’t start crying because of the verdict; but because of the judges voice.

  267. Tommy'sMom says:

    Now we get to go through this phase all over again begining 6/20 when the “team” will probably ask for a change of venue. Then the mini trial starts 7/18. I feel so bad for the Alexanders I wish I could afford to send money. I do hope they try and get some rest and can recharge their strength.

    If there was one holdout why couldn’t they just all agree on a life sentence,instead of putting the family through this again.

  268. Wait until the jurors who held out for ‘death’ get to watch Jodi’s interviews… Remember she said the jurors let her down in the guilt phase,,,,

  269. redrelaxed says:

    Juan won’t cave and take the DP off the table. He has so much more damning evidence now that the felon has shot her mouth off in all those interviews. It’s not in him to give up. Besides he’s mad as hell so he’ll fine tune his strategy moreso and come out swinging.

    The family is understandably devastated by this, but I have confidence in their ability to rally and stay the course. They are a strong family and have supreme guidance from a greater source of good. Upward and Onward.

    The challenge will be to find an impartial jury now that this trial has been exploited by the media. Thinking a fresh, newly pressed jury would be an asset about now.

    I’m taking a time out (Laviolette would approve) …didn’t we do this trial thing one summer a few years ago? Count me in part time.Thanks to all of you for the last few months. Snoops~ {{{hugs}}}

  270. shyloh says:

    One question, will JM be able to use any new words jodi says against her. Like getting caught up
    in the media heaven? All the trashing she did to Travis and more lies and more lies etc? Showing how she had to have her makeup on and how happy she was to be doing interviews????

  271. sarah0234 says:

    Then I started crying about the verdict. HUGE let down.

    I couldn’t imagine being on that jury for that many months and coming up a hung jury.

    I think the die hard DP’s said that they would not leave it up to the judge (I disagree with) because the judge could say L with parole. I don’t think the judge would have. I think the judge would have given L without P. But, they didn’t want to roll the dice.

    Sad, sad day for Travis and the Alexanders’. I just can’t fathom what they’re going through. I would be so angry that I would want to hurt someone.

  272. gramared says:

    It will be interesting to see how the jury voted. If there was one lone holdout from the DP, that person is going to want to remain anonymous. Time will tell, but I’ll bet some on that jury are just sick that they couldn’t come to a unanimous decision.

  273. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: “…the jurors let her down…..”? Hell no. She said the jury BETRAYED her.

    Say what?

    Shyloh: I would think that JM could use any and all tapes. (Let us pray)

    I should have said not verbatim…lol~~SS

  274. jayelle sea says:

    The main thing is, she was found guilty of premeditated murder! Juan and the jury did a fabulous job. Everyone can go home and defuse for awhile and forget about that snake, she will be her own quick demise. Peace and prays to the Alexander family.

  275. 8 for death…4 for life

  276. Jodi remains in 7×11 cell for 23 hrs per day….no more tv interviews

  277. Vicky says:

    8 for death, 4 for life.

  278. Vicky says:

    LOL snoops, I should have refreshed first.

  279. Vicky says:

    We spent the afternoon with two families who have lost everything and are mourning the deaths of adults and children they knew. It kind of puts things in perspective.

  280. sarah0234 says:

    Weren’t there 8 males and 4 females?

    Tells me a lot. I’m telling you; the motherly instincts kicked in for Arias. (MOO)

  281. sarah0234 says:

    The Fog is playing on your STARZ channel (if you have cable movie channels).

  282. sarah0234 says:

    Vicky: Bless you and your family. And those you helped mourn. Such a devastating tragedy.

  283. sarah0234 says:

    Jayelle Sea: Amen. Well said.

    The Alexanders’ can take comfort in Arias being convicted of FIRST degree murder and the jury saying the murder was cruel.

    IMO; I wouldn’t care how much money or time it would take to get the justice MY family thought necessary to bring justice FOR US.

    It’s the Alexanders’ decision

  284. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I’m so xx mad after watching the sentencing verdict again!

    You can plainly hear the judges disappoint.

    C’mon lurkers and regulars: Where’s your outrage or happiness?

  285. Sarah~~it is not God’s fault. Take a few deep breaths… Jodi was found guilty of Premeditated Murder…She is not a free woman and may never be… She cannot do tv interviews and she is holed up in jail for 23 hrs each day… Count a few blessings for those things…

  286. Lin says:

    Hi Snoop Do you think JM will call Jodi out and look into what she told the jury in her mitigation speech? Can he subpeona Pothead Patty? Remember Jody told the jury that her friend would have testified for her but was getting deaths threats and she was afraid…..Do you think Jaun will call the cancer organization to check to see if Jody really did donate her hair? 3 TIMES????Maybe Jaun will be so mad that this time he will subpoena her mom too, just to see why she didn’t testify for her daughter in the mitigating phase????? Another lie from Jodi…….Who knows he might even bring in all her FAKE ART she sells…….you know the ones she;s traced…..I am still praying that Travis will get justice and that his family can heal and get on with their lives……..

    Juan may try and cop a plea..get Jodi to waive the penalty phase in exchange for LWOP. If she doesn’t agree, then she will face a tiger. He may even subpoena God like Jodi challenged him to. Jodi’s interviews etc can be introduced and he can bring in pothead Patty. ~~SS

  287. sarah0234 says:

    THANK YOU SNOOPS! Your words brought me more comfort than you will EVER know.

    Big Hugs, Sarah~~SS

  288. debl115 says:

    Sarah, I’m so pissed at this point, and I agree, Snoop, it’s not God’s fault. I think the turning point in the last phase of this trial was Wilmott putting her hands on Jodi’s shoulders, and saying to the jury “the question is, can you kill her?”. I seriously don’t think that the jury felt any sympathy for Jodi during her BS rhetoric. As much as i can think that i would have had no problem saying DP, which i seriously can’t, i really think that Wilmott’s comment weighed heavily on the jurors. But like you said, Snoop, she was found guilty of Premeditated Murder, and will eventually end up in prison, not the jail that she is used to. Have fun with THAT, Jodi. She has NO idea what she is in for. Oh, and how hard is it going to be to find 12 jurors that don’t know about this case? It scares the hell out of me that the defense will try to move the trial to a different county? Sound familiar to anyone?? Grrrrr

    If the next jury is hung, Jodi will get life. I am hoping Judge Stephens is still on the bench to pass the sentence. I noticed Juan looking at the judge when her voice was cracking. He went up to the bench right afterwards. ~~SS

  289. debl115 says:

    And beyond being pissed about the “verdict”, I am more pissed that the Alexander family has to endure another 2/3/4 months of this shit. My heart aches for them.

  290. debl115 says:

    What Jodi has to look forward to. It kinda eases the pain.

  291. Newbie says:

    Exhausting today. Yet, knowing Jodi was so upset did help. Now, she knows the eight to four vote which should make her do a lot of sweating until another jury is seated and a decision is made.

  292. gramared says:

    debl115….That youtube video was one reality check – wow. Just listening to it for eight minutes was enough for me, and just thinking about living in those conditions for the rest of your natural life would be enough to make one prefer death.

    I really wish the Alexanders would be satisfied with LWOP for JA because it would give them a chance to put this horrific experience behind them to some degree. Life will never be the same for them, but she will be punished for what she did, and it won’t be a mild punishment. I don’t think there is anyone who would change places with her at this point and, one way or the other, she will reap what she has sowed.

  293. If Jodi gets life in prison, I will not give her six months in isolation. She will be begging for the death penalty and cursing the ones who did not give it to her. Her own words, “the ultimate freedom” will ring true when she opted for death. A narcissist cannot exist all alone. They are like heroin addicts without a fix.

    So you see, all is not lost in the hung jury today. I hope the Alexander family will see it this way too.

  294. shyloh says:

    Snoopy scroll your butt back up and read my question. I hope you can answer it. ( stop ignoring me 🙂 ) Hugs…

  295. shyloh says:

    Quote: If Jodi gets life in prison, I will not give her six months in isolation. She will be begging for the death penalty and cursing the ones who did not give it to her. Her own words, “the ultimate freedom” will ring true when she opted for death. A narcissist cannot exist all alone. They are like heroin addicts without a fix.

    PERFECT>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I SO AGREE!!!

  296. Karen C. says:

    Oh, those interviews will absolutely come back to bite her. Think, Jaws.

    I donated last night to the site. Family should try to rotate presence so they don’t all burn out.

    JM now has a new wealth of information, and you know he’ll poll that bunch for all he’s worth. Plus, he’s seen all the DTs bag of tricks.

    Unless they bring in Napoleon of course, for bestiality smear…. which could still happen….

  297. Another solace… with this news, she cannot grant any more interviews, and two, she will disappear from headline news at long last. In fact, she already has. She is old news, and the news hounds will not ‘revive’ her…. I am willing to bet that even with a new penalty jury and trial, it will not achieve the focus of the past one. It is summer, people are busy having fun, and won’t want to waste their time on it. It’s over , Jodi… your days in the limelight are O-V-E-R… hope this is some consolation to the Alexander family.

  298. gramared says:

    GMA had the first interview (that I’ve seen) with the jury foreman. It’s short but gives a tidbit of information. Not sure I agree with everything he said.

  299. shyloh says:

    I don’t agree with him about Travis doing any kind of abuse. How can the believe such a liar? She was such a robot on that stand. UNBELIEVABLE!!! She planned the murder that was good enough for me to even give her LWOP!

  300. jayelle sea says:

    I’m feeling good that this jury and Juan got this snake, the rest is history, her chapters done, its all just icing now. She’s locked up in her little cell, scheming. Imagine how everyone would feel if the 12 jurors did not vote for PM. She could have actually been getting out!!. Lets count our blessings , that the system worked this time, and she’ll have her day later in court. In the meantime the head is off the snake. Let her be by herself, that’s who she needs to communicate with, her own spirit. Lets just pray for some peace for the Alexanders, something they have not had since Jodi’s horrific crime. You are all awesome yackers..

  301. Tommy'sMom says:

    Debl115 I’m so glad you posted that, I hope there is someone her who can get it to the Alexander family and friends.

  302. [[shyloh says:
    May 23, 2013 at 9:58 pm (Edit)
    One question, will JM be able to use any new words jodi says against her. Like getting caught up
    in the media heaven? All the trashing she did to Travis and more lies and more lies etc? Showing how she had to have her makeup on and how happy she was to be doing interviews????]]

    I think the things you mentioned would be trivial but I am sure Juan will pick out certain parts of Jodi’s interviews to use against her.

  303. redrelaxed says:

    Good morning Yakkers,

    Yesterday was such a disappointment to all of us and today I feel rather blah. I’m not angry, as I do believe this jury got 90% of this trial correct. JA is a convicted felon for murder one, so that’s a really good start.

    I’m trying to remind myself that the jury was only privy to what was allowed in as evidence, and the fact they didn’t have all the information that the public did to form their opinions. I wonder if any of them will bother to investigate further and how the whole story will affect their overall feelings and decisions.

    The big problem I see for the next phase of this trial is finding unbiased jurors to fullfill the courts obligation. I don’t see Juan Martinez backing down on the DP, as I believe that TA’s family is married to death penalty as the only appropriate punishment for their brother. I can’t say I blame them either. I have two sons, one is the same age that Travis would have been had he not been brutally murdered. Without a doubt if my son had been killed by his ex girlfriend in such a premeditated henious manner I too would want her to pay with her life. I think of all the joy my eldest son has brought our family and his friends in the last five years, and I cannot imagine how broken the Alexander family is.

    I’m praying that somewhere in Arizona there are potential jurors for this re-do living under a rock who have no access to the media or computers.

  304. jayelle sea says:

    Wow, major wake up call, thanks for posting that clip deb on prison life. Well, I think she met her match finally, she’s in way over her head. The reality is any sanity she has left, which I’m not sure she ever had, Like he said, will be screaming for death in that prison. She really has no idea with her little “kumbaya moment”, branding herself in her speech. No idea of what she’s going to do in prison, imagining herself being sought after for guidance on higher learning?? Totally in denial still of her life, she acted out the “psycho movie”, on Travis in the shower, disgustingly evil!

  305. gramared says:

    I’m really suprised that JA has no clue as to what to expect in PRISON, not jail. Don’t her attorneys give her a “heads up” if this or that happens? I think they have an obligation to inform their client, no matter who he or she may be as to what the punishmen will involve. Maybe then, she would have waived all this craziness and asked for death – sincerely. I know, we’re talking about Jodi.

  306. Tommy'sMom says:

    You know when I listened to that tape and think about how life will be for her. I wonder if she’ll live as long as she would were she on death row. Being cofined to her cell now for 23 hrs a day she may think she’d do better getting life,especially if she really believes life would be like she thinks it will,with her being able to help others. Eight weeks is just a taste of what it will be like, 23 hrs alone with no one but herself for company. I’m thinking this could be over for the family if they learn just how bad her life could be and took the DP of the table. Jodie would be a fool not to take that deal if it were offered. Surely her “team” would explain to her the next jury could give her death and if it’s a hung jury the judge gives her life anyway. JMHO and maybe something to think about.

  307. shyloh says:

    Do any of you think this is a win for Jodi? I don’t. She’s not going anywhere! To me Travis’ family gained. Jody in my opinion lost. I so believe the next 12 will give her death!

  308. shyloh says:

    gramared I believe they did. But she is so odd she doesn’t get it. Seriously! She is clueless.

  309. gramared says:

    I think Jodi equates life in prison to something portrayed in the movies with her the star leading the cast of hundreds to bigger and better things, while all those beneath her hang on her every word. She needs to be shown that youtube video debl115 was kind enough to post.

  310. margaret says:

    It would be interesting to know if this jury foreman was one of the 5 holdouts on the pre-med and felony murder. It sounds to me like in his first time of seeing jodi in courtroom that he made his decision. I think he fell for jodi being abused. He didn’t pay any attention to evidence..I am just sick of this verdict.

  311. redrelaxed says:

    Hi Shyloh…long time no see! She is completely clueless and Perryville Prison is going to re-educate her silly notions and quickly.

    Thanks for the link Deb! Sounds like the Arizonn prison system is the worst place to fullfill a life sentence…and to think she drove willingly 1000 miles to her ultimate desination in hell.

    Gramared…I couldn’t agree more…I would happily burn to a disc and send it to her!

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