La Shrinking Violette-Jodi Arias trial


As day 42 of Snow White’s trial gets underway tomorrow, April 8th, gender biased Madame La Violette will go up against Senor Martinez. Will we see a battle of the genders in full force?

While Snow White will sit and doodle, Nurmi will laze back in his chair and continue to park his left finger between his nose and upper lip and all the while Mandataire Willmott will be at the ready to scream, “irrelevant, foundation, scope, May we approach?” Did y’all notice how Willmott does the ‘bar strut’ as Nurmi plods along in the rear with his head down? To keep my sanity, I picture Jenny breaking a heel and while Nurmi reaches down to pick it up, I hear a big rip and we get to see if Kirk wears polka dot boxers. Notice how Nurmi always plays tug o war with those trousers up at the bench. I feel like sending him a pair of braces…Bill Sheaffer wears them…real sexy ones too.

I wonder if Madame La Violette happened to read all her not so rave reviews over the weekend. I think she should invite Richard Samuels out to the nearest bar so they can drown their woes. Richard is probably still in his office looking for all those missing pages. Something just crossed this naughty mind of mine…y’all don’t suppose both Alyce and Dick had the hots for Jodi? I hear she is quite versatile….

Opinions are welcome and don’t forget…try try try to stay on to pic…SS

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  1. Tommy'sMom says:

    I am sooooo over this trial. I’m really tired (as in bored)listening to this woman. She’s been up there longer than RS and it seems no end in sight. Thank heaven it’s JMs’ turn.
    I have finally completed watching David Lohr Youtube videos of JA unedited police interview very,very interesting. JA is one very scary woman. Both of those detectives show amazing patience.

    Tommy’sMom ~~I also watched all those videos. Jodi did not want to talk to the female detective but she thought she could manipulate Det Flores. I think she knew she was being watched thru the one-way window except for when she tried to steal the sheets of paper and slipped them in the waist of her pants. She definitely has a few screws missing but is not legally insane. I pray Travis will get justice to help his family to get some closure.~~SS

  2. Indeed we shall see how well Ms. LaViolette fares tomorrow… and I don’t know that it will be very good. I have been paying very close attention to Juan Martinez’ style and have worked with many litigators. They all have differing styles and I laugh when all of the critics come out and try to armchair quarterback him. I follow exactly what he is doing as probably everyone here does too. He is a master at distraction — he is a beautiful magician of words and when allowed will take you down the rabbit hole — just far enough that he can ask the one or two questions he really wants the answers to! Watch tomorrow as he leads Ms. LaViolette and uses the distraction technique — just when you think he has lost his mind with Happy, Bashful, Grumpy… and then Snow White’s potential for being abused.. BAM!!! — he will ask a legitimate question and Alyce will again, like Richard, sit stunned — a deer in the proverbial headlights. He masterfully weaves the conversation just far enough off track, getting the witness either confused, defensive or outright flustered … and at that point… they are pretty much toast. Even if they give the appropriate answer they have allowed their emotions to control them and the situation… and rack another one up for Mr. Martinez.

    Mr. Martinez has one of the most effective court room styles I’ve been privileged to observe in many years. And, if the chance ever presented itself, for me to work with him, I’d move to Arizona just for the experience. I am not a lawyer though — just a forensic nurse consultant so I don’t imagine I’ll hold my breath waiting for such a call… but it would be a genuine treat for my already very cool career!

    Stef~~ this sums Martinez up perfectly, “he is a beautiful magician of words”~ ~SS

  3. Margaret~~Here is one about Dr Phil that came in my mail alerts…

    Dr. Phil: I’m Not Paying for Jodi Arias’s Family During Her Trial

  4. I cannot verify that the following re Matt McCartney and Jodi is true in it’s entirety….interesting tho….You will have to zoom in to read. It was uploaded as a pic and too big for me to post as a photo here. If you cannot read it, let me know.

  5. Apparently LaV approached one of Travis’s sisters on the day that LaV insisted she could not wait until break to take a P… and she has been reported to the appropriate officials for doing that as it was way out of bounds! As the witness for the defense, she had NO right to approach the victim’s family and whatever was said, I am sure it was inappropriate after the character assassination she did of Travis.
    The Juan will have a large following on Monday I feel certain as we watch him strip the credentials away from LaV, making everything she said null and void.

    Sandy, defense experts are paid big bucks to lie. It seems LaV’s conscience was bothering her, regardless what a brazen b*&^% to have approached Travis’ sister. I expect fireworks today when Juan continues his cross.~ ~SS

  6. margaret says:

    Thanks again Snoopy for fixing my blooper again.. Don’t have any idea how I did that.

    Jodi started planning way back for her slaughter of Travis.. All that writing in her journal back in May was nothing more than a trap for Travis..She had to make herself out to be miss goody two shoes. I hope the jury gets it that she was planning all along for what she did. She just disgusts me..

    If DR. Phil is going to help anyone it ought to be Travis family. I don’t think jodis family will be like the Anthonys, they aren’t going to hang all their dirty laundry out for the world to knit-pick..

  7. Newbie says:

    I agree margaret…..that May writing was just Jodi setting the “stage”. Lies, lies and more lies.

  8. margaret says:

    interesting show about what LaV did to Travis sister during a break. Very Very interesting

    Wow, Margaret! Thanks so much for the heads up on this blog radio show. I hope Juan calls La Violette on approaching Travis’ sister. I like Wendy Murphy and she had some good info. You are my number one sleuth, hon. xoxo~ ~ SS

  9. I mentioned that ‘attack’ on Travis’ sister, too, but did not have any links to offer up. Thanks, Margaret for finding out more about it.

    Sandy, I responded to you upthread…thank you too for the heads up!!~~SS

  10. margaret says:

    My live comments on KPHO are saying that the defense, LaV are back in judges chambers and that two of Travis family members just went back… Juan has them dancing already.

  11. margaret says:

    LaV looking at defense as if to say, stop him.

  12. I wish there was some way that the tire slashing could be brought in. At least the stalking is coming into play. Yes, Margaret, LaV is glancing at the defense table a lot…

  13. margaret says:

    ” Juan” will find a way if it is possible.. I heard Pat Brown on a program the other night and she said that all defense lawyers should have take a lie detector before each trial.

  14. Looks like the Juan is slashing the credibility of LaV… he is leading her and she doesn’t even realize it…

  15. LaV is unwilling to admit she is WRONG… if she would simply say “Yep, got it wrong…” he would leave her alone…. “haven’t you just illustrated for us ?” He is relentless… lovely!

  16. margaret says:

    Another knock out for ” the heat” You go Juan

  17. LaV is finding out about all Jodi’s lies….she will never admit she was wrong in diagnosing her Domestic Abuse..@$300 per hour on that stand

  18. ha ha Snoops – the shrinking LA-VIOLETTE! How à propos! and you know I think you’re really on to something about shrinking V….. We know that both of them had copies of Jodi’s raunchy naked poses. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out that Samuals couldn’t tear his eyes away from the pervert’s spread eagle on all fours butt in the air pose!! It was so shocking I lost my lunch on that one… cripes you could see all the way to her stomach! how could she do that? He probably sat in his office for hours mauling er… mulling over those pictures. Missing papers…. Hah…right… more like ruined papers!

  19. Apparently the Defense is looking for another ruling on Mistrial due to The Juan getting passionate in court … looking for a ‘fair trial’ for the defendant. How about the defendant being required to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or being sentenced for perjury? And the Defense is trying to keep out evidence about the defendant’s weight and the information about the shelves in the closet… likely the truth would be too weighty.

  20. There will never be a ruling for a mistrial… ABC wouldn’t allow it.

  21. Two new motions have been filed…. another for a mistrial and one to preclude some evidence….

  22. I am wondering if Whiny Willmott is filing for a mistrial because Juan is badgering her experts…. I am ashamed of myself for calling her names all day….I even used the F word on her…under my breath of course…

  23. Agree with Sandy …with Ms. LaViolette not admitting she can be and is wrong at times. I haven’t spent as many hours on a witness stand as Ms. LaViolette and yet, one of the most important things we learn is that you never argue with an attorney or snipe back (very unprofessional — it is as though Alyce wants to one up Mr. Martinez and play tit for tat) and if you cannot admit being wrong – then being an expert isn’t a good path because we all have had that moment from he*l, when we realize we made a mistake or that we are wrong! It is hard to defend one’s position when they lose their neutrality/objectivity… clearly Ms. L. is struggling to answer Mr. Martinez’ questions because she tailored her interpretation/assessment of Jodi with considerable bias.

    This is a sad situation because even though we know there are experts out there that will make the facts fit into any mold as long as the money is right (Alyce just has not, historically speaking, been one of them). It is even sadder because Ms. LaViolette is (or was) a respected expert in her field – she does amazing work and now POOF! her cred could be dead.

    Ms. LaViolette agreed to take this case and at some point chose to throw her impartiality, objectivity and to some degree her credibility under the bus. Every time she takes these extended pauses and seems to search for the right words to answer the prosecution, she is struggling to maintain her credibility while sliding further under the bus of her own creating.

    This testimony will definitely be haunting her for many years to come…. I feel saddened that she got sucked into the hype of the trial so much, she put her objectivity and on some level her ethics on the line.

  24. Sarah says:

    I don’t know who’s aping who; but LaV and Arias testify in the same manner……IMO.

  25. OMG! after all this time, the brutally shocking crime, the shocking photos, all the shocking sex, the shocking texts, and above all the shockingly smug and defiant defendant… I feel like I know most of the evidence, most of the witnesses, etc….. and knowing that the bulk of the trial is winding down and although it has at least a month to go I thought I will not anymore jaw dropping reactions. I was dead wrong.

    I’ve been listening to shrinking V all day be deliberately and overly combative with every single question Juan poses. In fact she was immediately combative out of the gate with him starting last week. I’m not surprised she’s combative because her last 3 days on direct was very very rehearsed. Based on her expressions and head nodding she knew the question before it was half-way out of Willmott’s mouth. I knew she would be coached heavily to be combative as well as instructed to stall as much as possible. This is the exact same behavior we saw with Samuals. Once Juan got up there & started pointing out all of Samuels inconsistencies in his reports & his crossing of boundaries with Jodi the defense team realized he was a huge mistake. They had to fix it.

    they took the 3 day weekend and coached Samuels to mimic Jodi’s style. Samuels came back with a sudden case of arrogance & refusal to answer questions directly instead giving lengthy answers that were non-responsive. He also played the same semantics game that Jodi did. e.g. JM: When you discovered that Jodi lied didn’t you think the test was invalid? RS:What test? Then came the amnesia. RS: I don’t recall, I have to look at my notes, I don’t know where my notes are, I can’t remember what I said (2 minutes ago)

    So shrinking V has been on the stand already far too long and she hasn’t even been on cross a full day yet. The more combative she is the longer this will take, and you KNOW that re-direct will go on and on and on. then what? jury questions and re-direct again? Its become increasingly clear to me that the defense is deliberately stalling this case. I have several reasons formulating but nothing solid yet. Does anyone have an opinion about this? I know there is a really big reason for this in the minds of the defense team but since they each one of them has one oar out of the boat I can’t figure it out.

    Juan asked LAV if she ever thought that Jodi’s stories were too coincidental when it came to how she found out 2 of her ex boyfriends had cheated on her? Same unusual story 2 different relationships, 2 different girls who had never met Jodi, walked into 2 different restaurants where she worked, approached her and informed her that her boyfriend at that time was cheating. Shrinking V looked confused. Juan had to explain it again and again…. she finally answers no. Juan asks her if the fact that Travis got angry combined with these unusual stories from Jodi, a known liar LAV interupts and says “She had no pattern of lying prior to the murder” JM says ok but she told this story to you AFTER the murder. LAV again looks confused. She argues with him saying yes she told her after the murder but thats not when the events happened. They happened long before. So Juan says yeah according to Jodi. you have no idea if she’s telling the truth. LAV looked so surprise. As if she was shocked that he would accuse Jodie of lying! a few minutes later when he asked her if the fact that Travis had said in an email that he had a stalker and was afraid didn’t she think that say to her that it was true? (seeing as how he wound up dead) Oh no she says Travis was a liar!!!

    This made me gasp and scream. I’m sorry but this woman is a lying piece of crap. I’m not buying her act that she believes everything Jodie says at face value.
    Now I find out she’s approaching Travis’s sisters?? Who in the hell does she think she is? Is she enjoying this torture she’s dishing out to them in court? Throw her ass out of there and discount her ENTIRE testimony. Oh and that cr*ap about “I’m not a computer person” is a bunch of bs too.

  26. Snoopy I’ve noticed that my language has recently been more colorful. I’m sorry I can’t help it this trial is making me crazy.

    Pippin~~I know what you mean… it’s the “May we approach?” that gets to me. I keep Mollie on hand in here. lol~~SS

  27. There is a flu going around… creates a fog in one’s head, unable to remember specific things, even those things I might have said a short time ago, makes me believe the most outrageous lies, makes me unable to answer a yes or no question, forces me to give answers with lots of useless details and completely off the point of the question, and I also have to pee a lot…

  28. It’s the Arias Flu… very contagious… be careful everyone!

  29. Sandy~~I agree….geez… look at the following…Jodi is writing the motions herself, being a witch and all…what next?

    PHOENIX – Attorneys for Jodi Arias have filed another motion for a mistrial, claiming the prosecutor acted inappropriately and said the case resembles a modern-day equivalent to the Salem witch trials.
    In the motion filed on Sunday by Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmot, Arias’ defense team contends “the prosecutorial misconduct has infested these proceedings with a level of unfairness that cannot be cured by any others means.”
    The motion states there is a “circus-like atmosphere inside the courtroom” and prosecutor Juan Martinez has yelled at witnesses, attacked witnesses on a personal level, and has thrown evidence.
    The motion also alleges Martinez chose to “release evidence” and to pose for pictures with his fans on the steps of the courthouse.
    The attorneys claim Arias is now in a position where she cannot present a complete defense and the only constitutional course is to declare a mistrial.

    Read more here……

    Jodi Arias trial: Arias’ attorneys compare trial to Salem witch trials, ask for ANOTHER mistrial

  30. Sarah says:

    Translation of Arias’ latest “motion for a mistrial”: Mr. Martinez is kicking my a$$. Help!

  31. Karen C. says:

    They are nothing if not amusing with this latest. We’ve all seen examples of the not-so-subtle coaching coming from that table!

    Here’s the HuffPo piece on the “manifesto”. I KNEW there was stuff being held back for later- no way Pro Direct could be over that soon- but it seems we might not get a good look-see at it for a while. I’m feeling that there’s other bon-bons for later…

  32. Karen C. says:

    There’s been so many sidebars that HLN catches up with itself, even with all their d@mn breaks, if one is recording this all for later. Most feared word- “Approach!”

  33. gramared says:

    Does anyone else feel that Judge S. needs to do more to control the courtroom? She could limited the endless questioning by telling LaV that if it’s a yes or no answer that she MUST answer yes or no and that she CANNOT ramble on and on. If she does, then the judge STOPS her and REMINDS her everytime she fails to follow the judge’s instructions. A certain amount of repetition is necessary, but what I see is a major stall tactic, and if I were on the jury, I’d be dozing or furious.

    As you mentinoed, Karen, the judge’s favorite, and our most-feared, word seems to be “approach.” It’s ridiculous.

  34. Karen C. says:

    I hope that tra-la Jodi spouted off on the stand about her friend with the art gallery (you know, who was going to hang her “work” with the likes of Monet, et al) comes up again with this exploration of her “low self-esteem”! Please, oh please, oh please….

  35. gramared says:

    Here we go again – more stall tactics…

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #jodiArias judge calls both teams & #Arias to chambers for a hearing

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Unsure what closed hearing abt. #JodiArias atty Nurmi was @ bench w/ paperwork before #Arias judge called sidebar.

  36. gramared says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #JodiArias & team now headed to chambers for Ex parte proceeding. Juan Martinez walked out courtroom other direction.

  37. The delay tactics are absolutely frustrating.. however, this is the defense tactic at this moment is much like the CIA slogan…. “Deny Everything, Admit Nothing, Make Counteraccusations.” I imagine they have not much left but diversion tactics because things clearly are not going as well as they expected. The poor jurors… no one told them that this trial would last so long that by the time it is over, for those with small children — well, those children will be old enough to drink, drive and vote!

  38. LaV is totally unresponsive, but her voice is quavery, so I can only assume she knows that her life as she once knew it is over… but her unwillingness to answer the questions shows to everyone that she is trying not to lie, but lie she must for her ill-gotten gains.

  39. margaret says:

    Snoops this just caught my attention because of the Baez and casey names being involved..

  40. gramared says:

    Stef….and how many jurors might just die in the jury box!!

    Can you see how LaV is avoiding answering and that the judge needs to TAKE CONTROL!!

  41. gramared says:

    Not requiring LaV to answer yes or no and just telling JM to ask the next question is NOT taking control. Help!!

  42. The downturn in LaV’s facial features do NOTHING to improve her looks, and it is clear she is quite unhappy about where she is – she has only herself to blame.

  43. gramared says:

    We can almost see Willmot age before our very eyes. Me thinks the defense is getting nervoussss!

  44. Oh gramared!! You are so right… this is ridiculous! Ms. LaViolette is probably one of the most disrespectful expert witnesses I’ve ever listened to! She is trying her best to control the prosecution’s case, which will only backfire on her — both now and potentially in the future.

    After working with several law firms for over a decade, one of my jobs is to locate and secure the services of experts. If they are video taped in other trials, I always watch them and see how they do on cross, how well they converse/explain their answers. She would not be retained by any of the law firms I work with because getting an answer out of her is like trying to pull a rotten tooth out of a piranha’s mouth!! I sort of feel like hot ice picks are being jabbed into my eyeball’s when she starts answering a question.

  45. Sarah says:

    OMG, did Wilmott just coach the witness? Lot’s of whispering among the DT! Hang in there JM!

  46. Karen C. says:

    And the twinning thing again…

  47. Karen C. says:

    Great comment, Stef- I can’t help but think the DT was forced to take what they could get here to pad their witness list- someone who is thoroughly personally and professionally invested in the Domestic Violence issue, who could speak very narrowly to that and that alone (and she specified she would/could not speak to the crime itself- I wonder if she’s even read the autopsy report!)- in a Hail Mary to avoid DP.

  48. Sarah says:

    Did everyone just catch that? JM asked the witnesse not to look over at the DT’s direction…..finally!

  49. gramared says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Despite the grilling, sidebars & emotional exchanged I see no #JodiArias jury questions in basket today. Must be clear to #Arias panel

    The jury doesn’t want to listen to her rambling answers that have nothing to do with the truth.

    Yes, Sarah, JM is on top of everything today, and the DT is NOT happy.

  50. “You didn’t speak to the defendant about that, did you?” LaV backtracks, shuffles, prevaricates, tries to distract, and Juan comes right back to it… “Whether or not the victim was abused,” he said… he slips it in.. LaV misinterprets that he is referring to the victim as being JA… not Travis.

  51. They are definitely unhappy gramared… I think it very interesting that the jurors have no questions for her too. Ms. LaViolette is backed into a corner and cannot defend her conclusions without basically saying, “yes Mr. Martinez, I was duped by Jodi and I based my evaluation and conclusions on her lies.” And, her condescension toward the prosecutor is as thick as black strap molasses slowly melting off a polar ice cap in the middle of January — is so pathetic…. it is such a bad characteristic to have in an expert!

  52. Redrelaxed says:

    Thanks for all the links you’ve provided ladies!

    JM is destroying Alyce’s credibility beautifully. Unprepared much? She is getting paler by the minute, and seems lost. She isn’t making logical sense, and she knows it. Mr. Martinez is one hell of a prosecuter, he effectively exposes and repairs the doubts the jury may have into a logical conclusions that leave no stone unturned. Poetry. Love him!

    Approach…omg…Jenny is winning the Ginnes world record for sidebars hands down.

  53. Here it comes… LaV’s got the deer in the headlights look…. She is not going to be able to squirm or yell her way out of the decisions she has made in this case. This is what impeaching an expert looks like and sadly, it is very ugly. However, Ms. LaViolette clearly was not objective in her assessment of Ms. Arias and it shows how very good and very convincing Jodi is with her ability to lie. It is like watching the Titanic sink all over again…

  54. gramared says:

    Stef…Here you go…

  55. OH Gramared! You just made my day! This woman is just about to drive me to jab pins into my eardrum! The thing that makes it so difficult is that she is and has been a credible witness before, she had done excellent work with battered women during the course of her career and to throw it all away in an almost nonchalant demeanor is really sad. I guess she and Richard can sit together later on and try to assess how they ended up in such a situation. I wonder if it really was the high media attention that got to them… or on a more disturbing note, they really believe Jodi…

  56. gramared says:

    Stef…Glad I could help. We all need relief from this trial! It is pathtic to see someone who has committed such a heinous crime sit there with everyone (on the DT) trying to make her look good. Yes, LaV and RS made a huge mistake when deciding to get involved in a high-profile case that they thought would bring them fame and fortune. Instead, they drank Jodi’s poison and it will cause a rather rapid death to their careers. At least they aren’t young and just starting out. Retirement is probably looking pretty good to them at this point.

    I got the feeling that the judge couldn’t get out of that courtroom fast enough. They will all probably drink their lunch!!!

  57. Great comments, ladies!!

    Jennifer Willmott is coaching the witness… she is shaking her head to indicate to LaV to respond in the negative or affirmative… the judge should be notified and Willmott be admonished….severely…You cannot coach a witness while they are on the stand!!

  58. margaret says:

    This woman thinks as jodi, talk talk talk and hope Martinez forgets the question. Doesn’t work with juan.

    What is jodi writing, her story?? The link abve is supposed to lead to money trail for jodi. I don’t get the urls and all that stuff.Snoops is my expert.

  59. Redrelaxed says:

    Stef Fletcher,


    I don’t think Samuels or La Violette believe her lies for a minute, but they willingly boarded the JA Titanic and sealed their fate by accepting the the free fare of limelight that will uttimately be their demise.

    I don’t think it would have made any difference who the expert witnesses in this defense case were/are. The outcome of their evaluations based on Jodi’s lies IMO would be exactly the same with the style of this prosecutor.. I guess we ought to be grateful for people like RS and AV who will commit career suicide for the sake of justice. (however they define and qualify that for themselves)

    Seems the victims have no rights whatsoever as we’re seeing in this trial, and the criminals are treated wtih kid gloves. I feel so bad for TA’s family having to sit through these proceedings day after day watching and hearing these experts kill their loved one over and over again.

    Hopefully there will be justice for Travis Alexander and his family, and that is what JM is trying to achieve.

  60. Indeed Redrelaxed… I am sure neither Samuels or LaV truly believed JA’s stories… However, they are paying the piper now for trying to fit those square pegs into round holes! The heartbreaking part of this is how the DT has skewered Travis, with impunity and the effect this must be having on the family makes me very sad.

    I wonder, if the gender roles were reversed (Travis having killed Jodi), would we see the same type of behavior, from these experts – meaning would the judge/court allow such careless assaults of the victim’s character?

  61. Karen C. says:

    Anyone keeping track of how many times JM has used the phrase, ” the murder”, and gotten away with it so far? He was admonished (or rather caught himself in time), yesterday, but today I think I caught 4-5 times, with NO objection from the table or judge. Very telling, methinks.

  62. Alyce La Violette had tunnel vision when assessing this case!!

  63. LaV is in chambers watching the video of Det Flores and Jodi’s father…

  64. gramared says:

    The only thing in LaV’s tunnel is an oncoming train….the Juan Express!!

  65. Will this change LaV’s dianosis that Jodi was a victim of Domestic abuse….of course not!!

  66. calipatti says:

    Since JM brought up gas cans why didn’t he ask LaViolette if she knew about 3rd gas? Was she aware of no record of can being returned to store?
    Why doesn’t Martinez just show how limited LaViolette’s research was, with limited outside sources and no verification of Jodi’s truthfulness? Where is the proof Jodi was abused as a child?
    Then allow JM’s expert for rebuttal. Allow the states expert do the work.
    It’s the minute details that I have little interest in. Especially when he keeps asking the same question. He is allowed to make a statement in question form and demand yes or no answer.

  67. Vicky says:

    I think it is clear that ALV is not going to back down on her assertion that in her opinion Jodi was a victim of intimate partner violence. She also believes that Jodi was a victim of child abuse. My assumption is that ALV subscribes to the school of thought and any level of physical contact between a man and woman or any level of corporal punishment imposed on a child is abusive. She will not back down or admit that Travis’ behavior toward Jodi was not abusive (both alleged and known verbal). As a witness for the defense, she must stick to her assessment/expressed opinion. Backing down is in her mind admitting that verbal and emotional abuse are not injurious to a woman. Backing down would in her mind undermine her feeling that the relationship between Jodi and Travis was healthy. Which I am assuming is not the case. She is relying upon a statistic that says that most battered women are both emotionally and verbally abused prior to their physical abuse. She has made the assumption that Jodi was in fact emotionally abused and has taken a leap of faith that Jodi is not lying about the physical abuse. she has bought into Jodi’s story hook, line and sinker. Sadly, ALV has never encountered a Jodi Arias. I am also of the opinion that the defense cherry picked that information they allowed ALV to review. She alluded to the fact that when she asked the defense about face to face interviews, she was told to stick with the documents they provided her.

    Not wanting her propensity toward lying to her parents as a teen, among other things, to be allowed is that indications of a conduct disorder during youth increases the chances that a personality disorder might emerge as an adult. As a matter of fact, such a diagnosis is more difficult to make if no symptoms can be documented during childhood or adolescence. Since JM has a forensic psychologist standing by to testify during rebuttal, any bit of info JM can get in regarding her teen years is icing on the cake.

  68. cali patti says:

    Vicky, I agree that LaViolette will not back down, she believes! Why doesn’t Mr Martinez know that OR does he, but just proceeds? Why? For what reason? I’m not the quickest thinker however I think I understand his point. I think the jury does also. I have respect for Ms. LaViolette’s past work in this field and it is horrible that she has become involved with this trial. Thank you for reminding me she was given limited amount of information to work with.
    Yes, she made huge leaps of faith with Jodi and that was unprofessional of her.
    LaViolette looks tired.

  69. Sarah says:

    Juan Martinez is a genius!

    I dread the defense getting up next and trying to do “damage control”. No matter what they say or do; the shredded sheets are blowing in the wind.

  70. Vicky says:

    OMG, ALV even considers a rigorous examination by a prosecutor to be abusive and driven by an inability to control anger. I can’t believe she actually admonished JM! That woman has some serious issues with being unable to discriminate between proper and improper communication. She seems to think that a statement or question is delivered in a manner she consideres to be unacceptable, it is improper. In her world, if a man raises his voice or uses strong inflection he is abusive. Yet it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to be belligerent. She needs to take a time out from the field of domestic violence.

  71. gramared says:

    Don’t worry, cali patti, this trial is enough to make all of us repeat ourselves!!

  72. Vicky~~Bravo!! Excellent summary!!

  73. cali patti says:

    Thanks gramared,.but being identical the second comment should not have gone through. I’m feuding with WordPress. Sarah, your comment about Wilmott’s long drawn out rebuttal has been on mind also. Lordy, I never imagined a trial like this.

  74. Cali~~don’t under estimate Martinez. As Sarah stated, he is the genius…we are just just lay people (with the exception of a couple great minds in here) just looking on…

  75. Stef~~ Due to your past and present experience… I really appreciate your input here…

  76. Calipatti – You can say that again! lol

    Vicky – She did but she’s the one that sounded like a child doing it. “Mr Martinez if you were in MY group I’d put you on a timeout.” I wish JM could’ve said something like this back to her. “And if you were not in my courtroom Ms. LaViolette I would treat you with the same lack of respect that you dish out”.

  77. La V’s leading questions to Jodi during their interviews helped Jodi to structure her testimony with Nurmi.. It looked like a behind the scenes defense/experts team work. Juan is upsetting their apple cart…Jodi apparently cut her hand on one of those apples…IMO Juan is scoring points big time!!

  78. gramared says:

    LaV obviously thinks her disrespectful retorts will impress those who tag along with her to give moral support, aka her “peanut gallery.” Her comments are NOT impressive, only show she’s behaving as badly as Jodi on the stand.

  79. cali patti says:

    Snoopy, I enjoy JM’s style, most of the time. honestly. I believe he will be successful in this courtroom. I sort of miss that old style prosecutor of old, that’s all.

  80. Vicky says:

    Although I have never been a victim of intimate partner violence, I have worked with and raised money on behalf of several DV shelters in my local area. One thing I have observed, is that over time, and I imagine because of the incredible numbers of women who turn to shelters either following an incident or when they have finally decided to leave their abusers, many workers both paid and volunteer seem to develop a somewhat negative attitude toward men in general and begin to excuse any negative behavior battered women engage in. Most shelters lack sufficient funding to provide paid time off or debriefing for staff. IMO, this can result in an over identification of DV shelter workers with their clients. I have known staff to have money stolen from their purses, credit cards taken and used without authorization, drug/alcohol use by residents, all without negative consequences. I mention this because it becomes really easy to allow sympathy and empathy to cloud judgement. Which is in turn why I think ALV might be in need of some counseling for herself. Many counselors avail themselves of therapy from time to time so thet can regain balance, objectivity and sound judgement.
    I find it hard to believe that LaViolette is uncomfortable with discussion sex with her clients, sine sexual assault is often part of intimate partner violence. In that area, IMO, she is hedging.
    I truly believe ALV has made substantial contributions in the area of Intimate Partner Violence. However, it seems that over time she has began to lose her objectivity.

  81. Has anyone noticed for the past month Jodi has stepped up her smirking at the Alexanders?
    At first I wasn’t sure who she was looking at because of the camera view. We can’t see the whole courtroom. I went looking for a picture of the courtroom and found one and then last night Katie Wick on Dr Drew confirmed it.

    Jodi is such an idiot. She thinks she’s subtle. Most of the time she will look over with her eyes – her face is facing the witness stand and then she’ll strain her eyes all the way to the left then back to witness stand quickly – she’ll do it several times then stop. But lately I’ll see her turn her head in very small increments stopping in between during these times she will look at the judge then back to witness stand then when she reaches how far she wants to go, she’ll hold her stare a little longer.

    Pippin~~I especially took note of that yesterday. Jodi was looking in the direction of Travis’ family several times and held her stare.. I swear she had a slight smirk..the %^&*.. I notice Jodi is overly chatty with Willmott now too…~~SS

  82. Vicky says:

    Pippin, Watching video of Jodi Arias could be used by individuals studying psychopathology for years to come. LOL
    It is incredible that someone’s very essence as a human being can actually be transmitted via a video. Sometimes I turn off the sound just to look at jodi. How professional people have been able to miss those vibes is beyond me. I think ALV feels that the self reported lifelong abuse is to blame for Jodi’s actions. She can’t seem to grasp that it is possible that Jodi is the “monster” and that her innate flaws could be the spark that ignites negative reactions from others. That she suckers the life out of people who become involved with her. One thing for certain,unless people who come into contact with her do so with scepticism, she will make every effort to manipulate the heck out of them, often with success.
    My questions to each person who wants to see Jodi found not guilty or guilty of a lesser charge. “would you want her to meet your son and begin dating him?” “would you want her to be the mother of your grandchildren?” “would you want to piss her off?” .

  83. gramared says:

    Willmot and Jodi are really in sinc today, from their outfits to their chatter. It was like Jodi didn’t want to let Willmot go.

    I don’t know about you folks, but I’m worn out just watching JM! He must walk the equivalent of five miles during his cross, no need to exercise once he gets home. He gives it his all, that’s for sure.

  84. Sarah says:

    Can we post parodies in the Jonathan Cafe?

    No problem~~SS

  85. Very cool Main! I am very much enjoying following along with the updates and assessments of everyone here. This is a very well done blog and it is equally as nice to have a good place to be! So thank you too, for maintaining it!

    I must say, I was out earlier and listening to the trial on my phone — (waiting on a doctor…) and I was floored when Alyce said to Mr. Martinez…. in essence, ” . . . I would ask you to take a time out..” I have never in my life been witness to such disrespect for not only the prosecutor — it was also disrespectful and thoughtless toward Ms. Arias. As much as I believe nothing Ms. Arias says and am convinced she is a callous murderer — still, she deserves her defense and Ms. LaViolette is doing no good for the defendant by behaving so poorly. She is trying to be provocative and it is not working!

  86. Oh yes mystic… the smirks have increased and guess who else isn’t missing them.. the Jury. She is only hurting herself and then again we must remember, sociopaths simply do not “feel” anything and she probably feels completely justified in her disdain for Travis’ family. Why would we expect her to behave any differently toward them than she did Travis. Thankfully, in the courtroom they won’t give her weapons.

  87. calipatti says:

    When this trial is over we could form a class action group, file for compensation for therapy. Site battered brain dysfunction from overload of Jodi’s defense lies!

  88. On another thread, someone mentioned that the motive for JA’s rageful attack on Travis was not just jealousy, but a real need to make sure he could not talk… ever. That it was possible he knew something about her, something that if discovered could be ‘deadly to her’ (in her opinion) and that his fear of her was because of something she said to him about never revealing what he had uncovered/learned about her. That makes a lot of sense when you start backing up the planning to go there and not be discovered, her sending him e-mails as if she wasn’t aware of what had just happened to him, etc. That she showed up fully intending to end his life, but manipulated him into thinking she was just there for the sex, until she had him where she needed him to be – undressed and in the shower, cleaning up. She knew his patterns, and she took full advantage of that knowledge… and if this is true, she is scarier and more evil than I imagined.

  89. Vicky says:

    Steph, this is off topic, but I wanted to thank you for your work in Haiti. My daughter went there with a group following the disaster as part of a water project team and the experience completely changed her life. I applaud you for using your skills to help others.

  90. Oh indeed calipatti… I am about to set my hair on fire as this “expert” witness is so disappointing. I might need reconstructive surgery after all this!!
    Seriously speaking though, her work has been very good in the past and sadly, in one trial — where rather than admitting she was lied to and manipulated by Jodi, she keeps trying to feed us liver disguised as filet mignon. The fact that she cannot even follow a hypothetical is just ridiculous.. as expert witnesses we do this all the time! She knows how to follow it and she is afraid because by following along, she will have to admit to the prosecutor’s claims.

    Please Alyce, stop trying to make Jodi’s lies fit into something sensical — stop throwing your career on the sword. Admit you too wanted to believe this defendant and to genuinely use your expertise to bring us evidence that she had some.. ANY reason that might make sense for her murder of Travis… and there simply is none. Save for Jodi’s jealousy, her RAGE that finally spilled over into the most horrific act a human can commit against another. Just let her go… she is the one that no matter how hard we try to understand, we just cannot…. The best bet is to start telling the truth and then continue on to salvage your reputation — to keep doing the amazing work you have done…

    Sigh… now I might go put my flaming head under the running water!

  91. Oh Vicky.. thank you so much for the note about Haiti and how wonderful your daughter went! Both my sons came with me and the experience changed their lives. My oldest son volunteered for over a year with me and I watched him grow into a beautiful young man. I love Haiti and her beautiful people… I forever have a home there and friends who have become family because of my work there. Your note made my day so much better!!! And even more off topic — I am able to follow this trial so closely because I had double knee replacement surgery and am at home recovering!

  92. Redrelaxed says:

    Sandy B that makes some sense to me. I’ve always maintained that Travis had no clue Jodi was on her way to Mesa on June 4. This line of thinking could also explain the emails that Travis sent her back in May expressing that he thought she was a sociopath, and that she had hurt him more than anyone in his entire life. She was successful in silencing him, and has gone to great lengths to rewrie the ENTIRE script. Sadly we will never know TA’s side of the story, and I am personally left feeling there is an evil inside of Jodi Arias than we can not fathom it. Her smirks and demeanor are making my skin crawl more than usual today. Ugh…

  93. Trial on for this Friday….9:30am to 12:30 am MST…

    April 22nd…no trial
    April 26..full day 9am-4pm…
    May 3rd..full day..10am-4pm..(if necessary)

    I hope I got that right….there are many juror questions adding up for LaV… plus Willmott doing damage control… $300 per hr.,…Alyce will be able to retire on her earnings…

  94. calipatti says:

    Yes!! I believed LaViolette would testify strongly for Jodi, be her advocate. Then when shown evidence of Jodi’s lies, premeditation and stalking, LaViolette would admit she had not been made aware of those facts. Or something to that effect. To continue in her support of Jodi is professional suicide. Maybe tomorrow will be different after she has time to rest and reflect.

  95. Absolutely agree with you guys about Travis not knowing Jodi was coming… I believe she just showed up and played all coy, very loving and sexy. She knew he would listen to her and she knew he would fall prey again to her sexuality. He just didn’t have a chance and sadly, you are right about us never knowing Travis’ side of the story.

    I even believe that she might have created some of those text messages while on his phone, without Travis knowing about them… to make it appear as though he was sending her nasty messages. I mean she could have erased them and he would not necessarily go back to check them. She is the most devious femme fatale ever! She is by far one of the most cunning woman around!

  96. Karen C. says:

    Jodi has actually alluded to the “why” of this atrocity a few times that I’ve picked up on- once during the one interrogation tape- she says she had to make some “changes” in her life. Taken on face value, she’s referring to moving back to Yreka, but I think she was considering the “need” to eliminate him as a part of all that, so that she could “move forward”. Other references similar but scattered and more oblique. When I heard that, though, I felt a chill right down my back… like this was all a part of a self-actualization process. She’s so Special!

  97. NancyB says:

    When I saw JW do this in real time yesterday I was shocked! Her arm reaching out to signal some communication to ALV, then she realizes she is caught and tries to make the gesture appear as if she was just smoothing her hair. I was going to re watch the testimony to see it again but thank goodness queencroaker made a clip!!

    The video has been removed by user.~~SS

    Last night then I found THIS:

    OMG – I clearly see JW using blatant head gestures to give ALV the response JW wants her to answer Juan’s question with. It’s at 50.30 – 50.31

  98. NancyB says:

    Showing the jury that she chose not to believe Travis when he wrote that he was very afraid of Jodi due to her STALKING behavior is HUGE.

    Especially since he ended up DEAD only a couple of weeks later, at the hands of his STALKER.

    Also– HUGE that she said Travis wasn’t in fear of Jodi, in her opinion, because he continued to be involved with her.

    Ummmm, ALYCE. You spent DAYS telling this jury that women who are abused–BADLY–keep spending time with/living with/having sex with, etc their ABUSERS, didn’t you?????

    This is too easy. She is WAY out of her league here and showing HUGE BIAS.

    For someone who is so big on “keeping things in context” she certainly violated that principle when testifying. Everything she testified to was taken out of context! How can she get away with that?

    She has completely obliterated any chance at presenting herself as an unbiased, objective, credible evaluator. She is simply bought and paid for. Her desperate looks toward the defense table are pathetic. Has she acknowledged the jury at all? She is behaving just like JA did on the stand — a smart ass juvenile, arguing over every word, evading the question. Regardless of the good work she has done in this past, that does not absolve her of basically lying in open court for this evil psychopath. I hope that she will never work again.

    I changed a lot of caps to lower case as they represent hollering and some find them hard to read. I hope you understand.~~SS

  99. margaret says:

    Vicky and Steph, I have so enjoyed your posts today. Since I got the impression that you two know something about LaV and her past , is she married and does she have any children?? I cannot understand her reasoning toward jodi and her lying. Has she been a battered person? I know this is none of my business but she has taken such a hardline stance and won’t back up..My attitude toward defense attorneys is on a very low scale, and so far these two so-called experts are right there with them…

    Jodi seems a lot more upbeat the last couple of days, and wanting to talk talk to wilmott. Someone on State vs JodiArias says her family is being paid for her writing each day..Sounds like Dr. Phil is sneaking around..I hope Travis family can stop her from getting paid for anything. I do hope she is not staring at Travis family.

  100. Margaret~~I went on a little safari and came up with the following…I could not find a marital status??

    Alyce Dunn La Violette is 65 years old..


    Known also Alyce D Laviolette Alyce La Violette Alyce Laviolette Dunn Alyce L Laviolette
    Lived in Long Beach, CA Encino, CA
    Related to Corinne Laviolette, 37 Jean Laviolette

    Alyce Dunn Laviolette was born in 1947. Alyce currently lives in Long Beach, California. Before that, Alyce lived in Long Beach, CA from 2004 to 2012. Before that, Alyce lived in Long Beach, CA from 1999 to 2003.

  101. Who does the following describe? Combine them all/some and you may come up with a Narcissist/Psychopathic/Stalker/Murderess…..

    Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
    Taking advantage of others to reach own goals
    Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents
    Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance
    Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
    Becoming jealous easily
    Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others
    Being obsessed with self
    Pursuing mainly selfish goals
    Trouble keeping healthy relationships
    Becoming easily hurt and rejected
    Setting goals that are unrealistic
    Wanting “the best” of everything
    Appearing unemotional

    In addition to these symptoms, the person may also display dominance, arrogance, show superiority, and seek power.[6] The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder can be similar to the traits of individuals with strong self-esteem and confidence; differentiation occurs when the underlying psychological structures of these traits are considered pathological. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others. However, they have a fragile self-esteem and cannot handle criticism, and will often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. It is this sadistic tendency that is characteristic of narcissism as opposed to other psychological conditions affecting level of self-worth


  102. I found this blog which more correctly defines the personality disorder that most closely describes JA, IMHO… and while it is lengthy, it is extraordinarily informative (and funny in some places as well). But what is particularly chilling is the last section about the planned camping trip and JA getting the gun for it. We can all be very very thankful she is locked away right now and only hope the jury does its job to keep her there.

  103. Snoops – You’re right Jodi has been smirking something fierce at them the last few days. Apparantly she and Nurmi and Willmott are of the same mind that when your “expert” is disrespectiful to the court by being combative with the DA that you’re wining your case. Everytime she thinks she’s winning she starts smirking at them. I’m not sure if the sisters are aware of it. I think they have shown nothing but class througout this entire ordeal. But she was also smirky when Samuels was first on – around the part in his testimony when talking about Jodi’s “Fight or Flight mode.

    Now its her behavior with Jennifer. Have you noticed how lovingly she looks at her when they talk? It looked like Jodi kissed her on the cheek the other day. I think she’s developed a crush on Willmott. Its so bizarre and I saw her look in the direction of where the sisters would be while she was whispering in JW’s ear or vice versa, and she smiled – court had just ended its session so I don’t know if the Alexanders were still sitting there.

    Vicky – The main reason I was immediately fascinated with this case was Jodi’s obvious narcissism. on Dr. Drew several psychologists have mentioned “Cluster B” I couldn’t find anything on it. The Mayo clinic site mentions “Clusters” but it doesn’t say much – no specifics. Drew’s guests have only lightly talked about it. They said its a combination of pathology, Narcissism, histrionics & sociopathy. Drew says he thinks there is some gene involved. Jodi’s dad said she seemed to have “turned a corner” when she was 14 and they busted her for growing pot and searched her room. He said from that day forward she told them nothing but lies and never trusted them, constantly accused them of searching through her things. He told Flores that the day Jodi told him Travis had been murdered he asked her what did she do?

    Lately I’ve been feeling some sympathy for the parents. I don’t believe Jodi’s mom hit her with the wooden spoon all that much. When I saw her mom crying on the tape telling Dt. Flores that she knew there was something wrong with her daughter I just didn’t see a cold parent – she was genuinely upset. Remember she said she had told Jodi to get some help because she had this fantasy that she was abused as a child and it just didn’t happen. Yes they should’ve gotten her some help but what if they didn’t know what to do because they were afraid of her? I don’t mean in the sense afraid for themselves completely but maybe if they approached the subject, that she would go nuts and they wouldn’t be able to control her and she could hurt any of them or herself or run away. And you know people just don’t reach out and talk to others about this kind of stuff because of the social stigma. Its embarrassing and shameful. So maybe thats why they didn’t get her help. they might’ve been hoping she’d grow out of it.

  104. Vicky says:

    MP, The DSM is organized around five axes representing different domains used to assist clinicians with developing a treatment plan and predicting treatment outcomes. The distinction between axis I and Axis II is a recognition that there is a difference between mental illness and personality and that the two often coexist.. Axis one identifies clinical disorders. Axis II identifies the personality disorders and is divided into subcategories (clusters) A,B and C. In more simple terms, people with Cluster A disorders act odd. People with Cluster B disorders act out and people with Cluster C disorders act afraid. Cluster B disorders include the Anti social, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personalities.
    Hope this helps.

  105. Vicky says:

    I would like to add a cautionary statement as it relates to the discussion of mental illness and personality disorders. We all need to be careful not to perpetuate the stigma associated with both. The majority of people with mental illness, personality disorders or a combination of both do not engage in criminal conduct. It is easy to have ah-ha moments when someone brings harm to another. It is not so easy to predict abhorrent behavior. I personally know several very successful individuals who fall into the Axis I and/or Axis II categories, and odds are so do the majority of us. There are varying degrees of any illness. Just like any other illness, mental illness can become chronic, acute and sometimes terminal without proper diagnosis and treatment.

  106. gramared says:

    Will someone please explain to me why the judge doesn’t instruct LaV to answer JM’s question with a yes or no or, at the very least, tell her to quit arguing with him!!!!!

  107. Hi gramared… I won’t pretend to know the reasons the Judge specifically is allowing this combative, disruptive behavior. However, I would say most likely it is because this is a death penalty case. Her decisions must be made with much consideration because everything is sort of like a potential issue for appeal on crack! I don’t agree that she should allow so much leeway — as it relates to Ms. LaViolette and other times that she has allowed so much latitude that I felt like we were on a spaceship destined for nowhere land. I do believe she has at times given too much as it relates to the defense team and I certainly understand it.

    As we are seeing right now as LaV testifies… she is so very combative and absolutely refusing to answer questions. LaViolette needs a stiff admonishment by the judge and the DT — this is hurting their case terribly. It is so very disrespectful and the judge has let this get a bit out of control… But again, I stress…. this trial is very complicated and not like any I’ve ever experienced..

  108. gramared says:

    Someone posted this on AZ Central comments. Hope I can paste it here. It’s LaV having dinner with Willmott. Supposedly they discuss the case in and out of the courtroom??? Interesting.

  109. margaret says:

    What is wrong with that woman ? I’m thinking she may have sent men to prison with her warped sense of self. She just refuses to see the real jodi..The one who slaughters is awfully chatty this morning and she is almost in wilmott lap . … Nurmi needs a bed he can lie down on , and if he’s not careful ,and doesn’t pick his head up while walking to podium, he is just going to topple on over..

  110. I am not sure, StefFletcher if you were referring to LaV’s testiphony as hurting the defense case or the prosecution? I think what may be happening for the jury is that LaV is antagonizing them so that they will not believe her no matter what she says now. And I would be very very surprised if they (jurors) find it believable that Jodi was abused when she has no bruises, no reports, no restraining orders to back it up, no matter what LaV has testified to. The best thing JM can do is wrap up this pile of poo and get rid of it.

  111. gramared says:

    I understand that the jury has a number of questions for ole LaV. It will be interesting to see their mindset where she is concerned!!

    Stef…I agree that the judge may be overly cautious because this is a Death Penalty Case, but she is letting it go wayyyyy to far. No witness should be allowed to act like LaV has been acting. It’s so disrpectful and argumentative. JM isn’t allowed to be argumentative because Willmott is always objecting. I love that she is being overruled most of the time.

  112. Sorry for the confusion Sandy… I did mean the defense… and agree totally that she is now in danger of actually making them so frustrated that all of her testimony is basically tossed on its head by the jury in deliberations. Mr. Martinez indeed needs to get her finished ASAP! I am still sitting with red hot pokers at the ready … She is almost becoming an embarrassment and I wonder how this will impact the genuinely good work she has done here in California.

  113. calipatti says:

    If I murder a person, write a manifesto, doesn’t that mean I’m a terrorist and can no longer fly commercially? D#^*, I’m not writing a manifesto! Yup, losing brain cells with this trial.

  114. Indeed gramared… this has become a slow motion train wreck that cannot end well for defense. I do keep myself in check though because as we saw in the Casey Anthony trial — a jury can surprise us in ways we didn’t see coming. Although I do not think the cases are similar as some people seem to think (save for the DT’s approach being somewhat comparable). And, yes at least the objections are being overruled on most occasions. heavy sigh… I feel a bit embarrassed by her presentation and I am thrilled that Mr. Martinez (in spite of all those arm chair prosecutors) is unrelenting in his determination to be the voice for Travis.. for his family… and in many ways for all of us, who at any moment could fall victim to violent crime.

  115. calipatti says:

    When LaViolette was argueing over Travis being frightened of Jodi, saying there was no evidence of Travis being afraid, I wanted JM to slap down a photo of dead Teavis. Then ask if that was evidence?

  116. Hey Main… they just mentioned your blog… well, it is at the 10:55 a.m point on my recorder — the commentator said “La Shrinking Violette!”

  117. I believe I am becoming mentally ill listening to LaViolie. I really must stop watching. Our justice system is a complete mess. After all this, one boneheaded juror can cause a mistrial and we have to spend more millions attempting to put this admitted slasher and sociopath away where she belongs.

  118. Ahhh Louanne you are joining the group of us who are feeling the same way. However, I think I’ve moved from not only having my brain cells fried by Ms. LaV… Somewhere along the way she seems to have unilaterally decided that she alone would be Jodi’s saviorette. There is absolutely no reason for things to have gotten to this point. The ramifications for Ms. LaV’s career are incredibly serious at this point and sadly, she is hurting the very group of people she allegedly serves to assist and protect.

  119. cali patti says:

    Snoopy, Someone in here will be able to figure what I’m thinking, so here goes.
    LaViolette has based Jodi’s abuse on what Jodi has written or on Jodi’s interviews with little or no other verification’s. LaViolette said that is common among abused women NOT to tell.
    Yet when JM asks about Travis’s saying he is afraid of Jodi, LaVilolette says there is no bases to his fear, literally dismissed his words because he did not ACT afraid. She also states he took no action as a stalked person.
    Jodi took no actions as a abused woman either, yet LaViolette believes her.
    That does not make sense, does it?
    Most young men I know would not report Jodi’s behavior to law enforcement at that point either. They would think they could handle it, no problem, tough guys and would not want to appear weak.

    Cali~~La Violette is a defense expert who is being paid big bucks to aid the defense therefore she will not entertain anything that would put Travis in a positive light. She reminds me of a politician giving an election speech for the candidate of her choice, in this case Jodi Arias. She will trash the opposing party but sadly that party is the late Travis Victor Alexander.~ ~SS

  120. Hi Cali… (sorry I seem to be answering a lot today — I am currently recovering from knee surgery so I am a captive audience and I imagine a lot of others actually work!!)…

    You are correct on both main points.. It is very common for abused women to either not or to severely under report abuse. And, it is so common for men to not report at all perceived threats from women or direct violence/abuse from women. Ms. LaViolette is truly committing professional suicide here by completely disregarding Travis’ fears. The thing to remember here is that Ms. LaViolette decided long ago to disregard any legitimacy to the prosecution case and that Travis was the abuser of Jodi.. Period. Her refusal to even consider that Jodi is lying to her, was a threat to Travis, was incredibly jealous and had very clear stalking behavior will directly affect her credibility after this case is over.

  121. Sarah says:

    Good afternoon everyone; Been out all day……….Yes….I have a question.

    The tweets from AZ Central say that one of Travis’ sisters ran out of the courtroom crying or she was in the hallway crying. Does anyone know why?

  122. margaret says:

    have noticed Samantha has been crying off and on all day. There has been questions regarding thier chidhood. Don’t know if that is reason or not.. My heart breaks for that family.

  123. Sarah says:

    Thanks Margaret. From what I have seen late this afternoon the DT is really trashing Travis. It makes me ill. But, I still have faith in JM. I think he did a good job exposing JA as a stalker and an abuser. Hope the jury is paying attention. My heart goes out to Travis’ family.

  124. margaret says:

    Gramared, I saw picture you posted link to, but I don’t remember where.. The thing that caught my attention was the story. See the #36 on table , they were saying Travis would have been 36 this year. Their thought was Travis spirit won’t leave us until he gets justice..

  125. snowynyte says:

    As of April 10, 2013, ALV is an idiot, totally biased and has no integrity and credibility.
    Sorry everyone, but I find her equally disgusting as JA.

  126. calipatti says:

    Snoopy & Stef, Yes I know she is working for the defence howeverI’ve watched numerous experts testify over the years and there has been only one psychologist that was stubborn as LaViolette. Most of them conceded points to the opposing side. Conceding points here and there to the other side did not take away from their testimony or professional opinion. For me, it made their opinion more reliable.
    Often I was left respecting both experts with opposing opinions.

    Real court or CSI?~~SS

  127. La V is being paid $5.00 per minute for all the time she is on the stand and probably when she trots out to have a pee pee!!

  128. The testimony now is just regurgitated, repetitious, superfluous fluff.

  129. calipatti says:

    SS, real courts. The expert in Christian Gerhartsreiter, the phoney Rockefeller child kidnapping case had a famous psychiatrist that testified for him. He was stubborn in his opinion and his opinion did not stand up to cross. I can’t recall the experts name but I had admired his previous work. I felt the same way back then, excited to hear this expert testify then I was deflated by his stubbornness and opinion.
    The phoney was recently convicted of the 1985 California murders of his landlords.

  130. gramared says:

    Margaret…Snoopy would know this better than I would, but I think Travis was 29 when he was murdered. That would make him 34 this year.

  131. gramared says:

    Margaret…I just found this FYI:
    Travis Victor Alexander was born on July 28, 1977,[5] in Riverside, California, the child of Gary David Alexander (1948–1997), and Gary’s third wife, Pamela Elizabeth Morgan (1953–2005). After his father’s death, Alexander and his siblings were taken in by their paternal grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey (1932–2012), who eventually introduced them to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).[6] Following his high school graduation, Alexander served an LDS mission in Denver, Colorado, from the summer of 1996 to September 1998.


  132. Vicky says:

    You know what really frightens me? 7% of people watching this trial indicate that they believe Jodi and would find her not guilty. Hopefully, these are people who are as “ate up” as Jodi, and none with the same disordered people will find their way onto the final jury.
    I am so disgusted with this defense and it’s expert witnesses that I have a hard time watching the trial. I hope jury questions will reflect the same level of disbelief and skepticism we all share regarding ALV’s testimony. I never thought I would say this, but I have found Samuels to be more credible or at least more entertaining than ALV. At least he never went so far as to claim Travis was a perpetrator and never implied that Travis’ murder was justified. IMO, The Fog is a lot easier to stomach than extreme bias.
    I can’t wait for JM to begin his rebuttal case!

  133. I had to walk away from the trial today… when I heard the defense witness chirruping to the Wilnot “Yes” and “No” without any sidetracking or anything, I was totally disgusted. I hope the jurors see this for what it is. Praying they are not infected with Pinellas 12 and can hang in there to get it right.

  134. calipatti says:

    Dr. Keith Ablow was the stubborn expert witness. Me too, I agree with how LAV has a different demeanor on redirect, disgusting!

    I used to watch his tv show and really liked him…that all ended when he inserted himself in the Anthony case…his true colors of $$$ came out.~~SS

  135. Attention:- Ms La Violette

    You stated that Travis would not stay in contact with Jodi if he was terrified of her stalking him. He would not have sex with her.

    Read my lips, oh masculine lady who has tunnel vision…

    Did it ever cross your ‘already made up mind’ that Jodi was not only stalking Travis, she was blackmailing him? Jodi had enough evidence by way of pictures, videos, etc to ruin Travis and she let him know it in no uncertain terms, “Do as I say or I will expose you!!”

    Yes, Travis went into a relationship with Jodi for a period of five months. When he learned that Jodi was nothing but a promiscuous slut, he wanted out. This is when she started to stalk and blackmail him. Sadly, the jury will not be privy to what we have been.

    Blind lady, Jodi Arias is a narcissist and it is quite apparent that you do not have enough training to deal with psychopathic stalkers. Jodi Arias prostituted herself out to Travis and offered him maid service so she would always have contact with him. Unfortunately, Travis did not know how dangerous Jodi was. Who bought the book, “A Thousand Places to See Before You Die?” Who insisted on escorting Travis on his trips, or else??

    Alyce La Violette, you are 65 years old …you are promoting a book which will be released soon…you have been on the stand helping to free a woman who slaughtered a man because she was going to make damn sure no other woman would ever have him. You are gender biased and it shows. If Jodi is found not guilty, Travis’ blood will be on your hands too. Enjoy all the blood money you are raking in for your one-sided glorified diagnosis! You disgust me!!

    (Sorry, if I offended anyone…sometimes I must vent to release my frustrations)

  136. Sarah says:

    Oh lord, Wilmott to continue tomorrow.

    Someone posted a photo above of Wilmott and LaV having lunch or dinner together. Is that legal? Wouldn’t that be considered witness tampering?

    No, it is legit.~~SS

  137. Sarah says:

    Snoops: AMEN! ( to your open letter to LaV)

  138. calipatti says:

    Snoop, your open letter ALV is right on.
    ALV behavior and testimony is biased.
    Thank you for your thoughts on Dr.Ablow, I also liked him until his testimony in the Gerhartsreiter trial then the Anthony trial also.

  139. Newbie says:

    Your open letter to ALV nailed it ! Her believing Arias, what a joke. I’m wondering what illness ALV has.besides blindly seeing $$$$$.

  140. Vicky says:

    Bravo Snoopy, Bravo!!!! and and Amen Sister! thrown in for good measure. You need to vent and express your frustration more often my friend.

  141. Vicky says:

    I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I had a stalker my senior year in high school. He created our relationship in his mind and had plans to make it his reality. So, LaViolette is full of chit to claim one can’t be stalked without experiencing fear. I found out about my stalker’s intentions when the police notified me and my parents. Finding out he existed and what he had planned for me was creapy, but I did not live in fear while being stalked.
    I agree Snoopy, LaViolette is woefully misguided (misrepresenting the existence of different types of stalkers) in her assessment of stalking behavior.

  142. margaret says:

    My hat is off to our mighty and keepin it real leader.. Great letter Snoops ! !You said what we all want to say, but you did it in a nice way..Did I hear her say today that she had two daughters ? I listened to her today and IMO she has some of the same traits as jodi. I daresay all of us could probably do her job as well or bad? as she does, but with an open mind. She has done this mindgame to herself and will not give in come hell or high water,because to admit to being wrong about something is just not going to be entertained.

    Gramared I remember where I read that about Travis turning 36 this year it was on facebook State vs. Jodi Arias.. Someone had posted that picture. Thanks for the correction.

    Margaret, you were correct! Travis would have been 36 on July 28th of this year. He was just shy away from being 30 when he was murdered.~~SS

  143. Thanks for all your support, Ladies. I had to release some steam or explode.

    The defense still has another witness to put on the stand…I believe they are recalling the puter guy. The one who showed the pic of Travis’ penis. I also understand there are loads of juror questions for LaV in the basket. Let’s hope whiny Willmott will finish up tomorrow.

  144. Vicky says:

    Here is a link to a great editorial comparing the case of Francine Hughes (the Burning Bed) to Jodi Arias, intimate partner violence, stalking and this scam of a defense.

  145. Vicky~~How can Jodi claim domestic abuse if she was not cohabitating with Travis? TIA

    PS…I would not walk into a burning building.

  146. Vicky says:

    Here is another article written bynJanice Harper in Psychology Today in which she discusses the irony of ALV’s using The Snow White fairytale and it’s mention in this case. It literally gave me chills when I read it.

  147. snowynyte says:

    This link will take you to the website where anyone can sign to remove Alyce LaViolette from being able to speak at abuse seminars:

    I don’t know if posting this comment is allowed on this blog but I just can’t stand this woman (no lady) speaking for the abused.

    No problem, Snowy, it can stay…I just don’t post links for donations due to so many scam artists.~~SS

  148. Vicky says:

    In answer to your question, there are times when some dumb-ass female will continue dating a guy who beats the chit out of her. It is referred to as intimate partner violence, which is the more recent terminology. However, I can say with almost complete certainty that “domestic violence syndrome” won’t develop in a relationship where there is no economic dependance, no children involved and the people aren’t even living together. This part of the defense claim is beyond ridiculous.

    Vicky, dating a guy who beats the chit out of her would be a felony as in ‘battery’?
    Thanks for your response to me. The sad part is, there will be those who will side with Jodi due to their personal experiences with abuse and we know Jodi’s abuse is all fiction.~~SS

  149. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, even if there are survivors of domestic violence on that jury, I think it is safe to assume that not a single one killed their abuser. LOL I would imagine that a survivor would arrive at the conclusion that her actions and demeanor demonstrate that she was not a DV victim. With every comment I have heard or read from true victims, not a single one has sided with or identified with Jodi. My fear is that a juror might be on the panel who has lived a life with no exposure to DV and will fall for her story.

    I think the revelation today that Jodi told both expert witnesses that she shot Travis in the closet, but in order to explain away the location of the spent cartridge and lack of physical evidence in the closet, she told the jury it happened in the bathroom was yet another damning inconsistency. I have to assume that when she told her story to RS & ALV, it did not occur to her that the reason there was no blood when she shot Travis was because he was already dead. She had to get him out of that closet to explain a complete lack of blood and casing in that space.

  150. Vicky~~it looks like Jodi is tripping herself up….damn, I wish you were the foreman on that jury or maybe they come in here to read…wishful thinking, of course.

    Jodi also told LaV that Travis was masturbating to little boys on the puter… LaV took the blame for telling that to Martinez in error during her deposition…yeah right…

  151. snowynyte says:


    Last yakking before I go… On Youtube Video #1, at around 34:34 mark, JM alludes that JA’s journals are fake, which is what I have believed all along. I am not proud to say so but when I was a 5th grader one of our daily assignments was to keep a daily journal/diary. I wouldn’t write each night, instead I wrote a whole lot the day before it was due. //o,O\\
    From the time she returned from home after killing him and she got arrested, JA had plenty time to write. And by the look of each entry scrawled on, also how specific the descriptions get, you know she is writing for someone to read them. Didn’t she say her journal stays with her all the time so no one will get a chance to read it?? Also, she wrote how badly she felt to hear the news of Travis’ death… Hum-hum, so transparent! Never, never believe anything she says!

    Good nyte. 🙂

    Snowy, I interpreted Juan to say that the journal entries were not complete and therefore not truthful. I did not get the impression that he meant the entries were faked at another after Travis’ murder.~~SS

  152. Newbie says:

    I’ve tried to make simple comments and then keep my fingers away from the keys especially since I am not watching all of the testimony. Can’t do it tonight. This whole hog wash on domestic violence absolutely angers me to the core. ALV presents such a low key attitude on working with the perpetrator of violence and the victims. May be I am missing something but knowing a couple of women who were scared for their lives and having dealt with an abuse myself, victims are going to be fighting for their lives in the end. When I was working there was a waitress where we ate lunch. She would have a black eye one day, bruises another, a broken arm (yes, she went to work with a broken arm) and the last time I saw her she had lost the sight in her left eye because of a fist. We tried to get her to go to a shelter, we offered to pay her way to another state and help her financially until she could get on her feet. All she would say is he’ll kill me. Report to the police….bull. They arrest and the abuster gets out on bail. Over a two year period I thought one day we would go to the restaurant and she would be dead. The second gal I worked with. She came in with a black eye off and on. She finally filed for divorce and without going into detail, the police found him sitting in her bedroom closet with a loaded shot gun waiting for her after work.
    Now, my abuser was not as bad as this but I was the one that had the loaded gun when I filed for divorce. Prior to filing, I defended myself with a knife and instead of running the knife into his heart or close thereto, cut his finger off. My abuser was my second husband who started out with mild verbal abuse and graduated to anger and then drinking and anger. His failures were my fault no matter .
    AVL dishonors victims and absolutely angers me to where I could abuse her possibly…..tell me I need a time out …..

    Newbie~~we all have to release our pent up frustrations at some time and I admire you for doing just that. You do not stand alone. Thousands upon thousands are venting their anger towards La Violette. She is making a mockery out of those who were legitimately abused. Hugs, My dear friend.~~SS

  153. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, watching Samantha is heartbreaking. Im sure she is emotionally exhausted. if you ask me, ALV is guilty of emotional abuse toward Travis’ family members. How dare she assume to know all about their life with their parents. How does she know how often their parents spoke unkind words and how often they expressed words of love and encouragement? How dare she make any assumptions and dynamics about their family relationships without ever having spoken to a single one of them? Not only has she publicly dishonored the memory of their brother, she has dishonored the memory of their parents as well. Of course children of addicted parents face challenges, but the conclusions that woman has drawn about the Alexander family based upon a paragraph written by Travis, and her “knowledge” of risk is beyond out of bounds. Had Travis not been given the death penalty by Jodi Arias, he might very well have written about the wonderful times he was able to spend with his parents following their recovery. He might have written about how their determination to make up for their past mistakes and the process of moving forward had inspired him to never give up on himself, no matter what. We will never know how his past would effect his future as a husband and father. Jodi made certain of that.

    Vicky, as I watch LaV and the defense, it is like I am sitting back and letting Jodi stab Travis to death all over again and my hands are tied. I am sure this must be going thru Samantha’s mind. God forgive me for some of the thoughts I have towards Jodi and all the defense, experts included. ~~SS

  154. snowynyte says:

    Snoopy, gosh, I was really gonna go…, but I just have to point this. on the same youtube vid #1, at 50:14 mark, JA says to Wilmott, same question? so Wilmott says “(objection) same question.” Judge says “overruled.” At that JA says to Wilmott “It doesn’t make any sense” and shakes her head. What a dog she is! I get this urge to physical harm this wench through my laptop. Once I almost punched her nose in, my poor computer!

    RIP Travis Alexander! Hope his siblings find some comfort in that that she-dog is doomed for death.

  155. Newbie says:

    snowynyte, JA just sitting there without saying anything…..bam….bam…I wonder what Wilmott really thinks about JA. Between this trial and the CA trial, my faith in the legal system and what it has become, not good.

    Vicky, are you around where abusers are counseled or have data on programs for such. I’d like to know just how successful those programs are if you happen to know.

  156. Newbie says:

    Thank you Snoops. Back then abuser or not, the woman would go to prison for attempted murder or murder….lol. Vicky is so right about sticking it out because of finances, kids, or the living together (living in fear to me).

  157. This happened about 60 miles from me here in NS.

    The book was titled “Life With Billy” and then a movie was made…the worst case of spousal abuse I had ever heard of…

    A Youtube clip of the movie

  158. Thank you Main… I think you spoke for many of with that post. Even sadder than crucifying the victim here — she is in turn crucifying other victims she will no doubt work with in the future.

  159. Sarah says:

    OMG Snoops. I just watched the video you posted of Travis’ sister @10:25. Absolutely tore me up. Then the camera turns back to JA sitting there in her little pastel blue shirt so happy in her world. I want to hit something. I want to hit it hard. I can’t even begin to fathom what the siblings are feeling. This is probably the hardest thing they will ever have to do. It’s a travesty that JA is still here and Travis is not. What an upside down inside out world.

  160. Sarah says:

    After watching the video of TA’s sister I noticed a note written by croakerqueen123 under the “Published on Apr 10, 2013”. Motion to compel, JA Journals seized.

    Notice they were seized from her jail cell and on April 1, 2013. I wonder who filed the motion and why?

    She posted this link

    Sarah~~the defense filed that motion to Compel the journals seized from Jodi’s jail cell. I am not sure why tho..~~SS

  161. The video of Travis’ sister is heartbreaking and left me wondering about how one wake’s up on any given day and finds this to be their reality. After I watched it — and thank you for posting — I called on a very dear friend who is a monk and asked them to put Travis’ family in the meditation chant until the trial is over. I figure it can only help, even if we do not know them personally — to send warm light, heartfelt thoughts and prayers … because in essence we have become a part of their grief. The other thought is that when this trial is over — we can continue to be connected by becoming a part of the healing process for them.

    My heart is very heavy today and I pray for a quick end to the LaViolette train wreck. I don’t wish anything bad or ugly for her … I just hope she can sleep at night and that for every day she works with a real battered woman — she comes to understand that Jodi simply wasn’t one of them and she was hoodwinked by a very good, stealth bomber type liar. heavy sigh….

  162. gramared says:

    I wonder how many of the truly battered women with whom LaV has worked will let her know how betrayed they feel by her undying support of a pathological liar/murderer. Can’t imagine that they will all keep silent

    gramared~~check out this link…this is just one of many emerging all over the internet..including Amazon~~SS

  163. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Thanks for the link. Not only has LaV been stupid enough to testify in JA’s behalf, but she is toooo stupid to see that she has stabbed her career to death as well. Makes you wonder what makes some folks tick?? Was glad to read some of the outrage that LaV has generated. She deserves it.

    I wish JM would have read back JA’s testimony to LaV when JA admitted “lying to EVERY0NE.” Does LaV think she was somehow exempt????

  164. I hope Willmott wraps up today…I am anxious to hear the juror’s questions… that will give us an idea if LaV is making an impact on any of them..

  165. gramared says:

    SS….When was the trial to begin today??? I know it’s never on time, but I thought it was 9:30 AZ time.

  166. Sarah says:

    Just stumbled upon a Stephen Hawking Quote: “People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

    Gramared: Court today starts @10:30 AZ time

  167. Sarah says:

    Snoops: Have the journals that were seized from JA’s cell been made public? I thought the journals the court has referred to so far were ones that she kept back in 2007 and 2008, before she was arrested. ( I feel like those are false or more bluntly put; lies).

  168. tim eiserman says:

    This case is such bullshit. She is a liar!we all know that. I don’t get why these so called experts. They both put there careers on the line for this bitch. We can all see that there for jodi arias. I looked up the meaning for stalking and she is wrong the entire meaning of stalking fits jodi. I hope the experts both lose there jobs and move to another country. It makes me sick to sit and watch the defence ask questions leading questions. All the experts and jodi have no memeory problems when the defence asking questions but when jaun ask questions they aren’t sure or they don’t recall. They clearly won’t say anything bad about that jodi bitch……

  169. gramared says:

    Sarah…Thanks, but probably not today. I live in AZ, and it’s 11 a.m. The commentators for AZ Central aren’t even commenting yet, and they usually have something to say, even when the State insignia is all that is on the screen. Oh well, maybe LaV has lockjaw from telling so many lies.

  170. gramared says:

    This is the latest. Guess the commentators were having technical problems.
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Now #TravisAlexander sisters headed to chambers where part of#JodiArias team & Juan Martinez is

  171. Sarah says:

    gram: I know it didn’t start at 10:30, but it was scheduled to. This trial has never started on time. That’ll be the day.

  172. gramared says:

    Sarah…I couldn’t resist because the lyrics to Buddy Holly’s old song are sooo apropro.

    Well, that’ll be the day, when you say goodbye – (Please LaV – leave)
    Yes, that’ll be the day, when you make me cry – (Listening to LaV’s testimony)
    You say you’re gonna leave – (promises, promises)
    You know it’s a lie – (and you say it anyway, both you and Jodi)
    ‘Cause that’ll be the day when I die – (probably before Jodi ever does)

    This trial is probably driving us all nuts!

  173. Apparently the ‘social media glare’ is causing LaV some distress… but the writer of this story does not attribute any of the ‘pain’ to the witness as being caused by her agreement to testify and fail to look at ALL the aspects before taking the big bucks for ‘her word’ for the defendant. LaV made the choice to accept the seat she is sitting in and she can accept the slings and arrows of righteous indignation from people she is disenfranchising with her statements, because she is not telling the Truth so-help-me-God.

  174. Wow, look at this…(The account is managed by Arias’ friend, Donavan Bering, who updates the account with messages from Arias after speaking to the accused killer on the phone, Fox reported.)

    Jodi Arias accused of using Twitter to insult ‘vertically challenged’ murder trial prosecutor claiming he has ‘Little Man Syndrome’

    Reports say she passes messages to a friend, who then updates account
    Her tweets appear to criticise fiery prosecutor Juan Martinez
    ‘Anger management problems anyone?’, said one
    Arias is facing murder charges over the death of her boyfriend
    Police say they cannot do anything about the tweets

    Read more here…

    Here is Donavan Bering… you will recognize her/him…sry I cannot tell which gender it is…she sits with Jodi’s mother often…

  175. margaret says:

    Does LaV seem grumpy and subdude today ? Me thinks she is not happy and has maybe been catching up on some feedback that is out there about her testimony. She is now using shorter answers

  176. As long as JA is not yet found guilty, the jail cannot stop her from her verbal assaults by her nightly phone calls to Donavan. Clearly Donavan enjoys the spotlight and her ‘fame by association’ with JA and sitting next to her mother makes sure she gets maximum TV coverage. There is no understanding some people; and today I just realized I had to stop watching the trial because I am becoming JA-unky as well and that cannot be good for me.

    Sandy, even if you take a break from the trial and I can’t say I blame you, please stop in here now and then. Your comments are appreciated!!~ ~ SS

  177. Thank you for the link Sandy. There is some credibility to the issue of influencing a witness — however it is a very long reach for the general comments being made that are negative. The issue of contacting her office, telephoning her and requesting organizations that work with her to reconsider could be problematic — although it could be difficult to pursue. Ms. LaV has chosen the present an opinion that is not popular, which certainly carries with it the potential for harsh criticism. And, I do not think that is why there is such a backlash against her at this time.

    The situation, in my opinion, has become problematic for her because there have been several significant issues brought up by the prosecution that clearly demand she answer in a way that contradicts her original opinion. The fact that she chooses to argue and fight with the prosecution, rather than just answer the question, is the main reason she is facing this criticism. Every expert witness faces this possibility when they testify and it is very uncomfortable. However, when the expert tries to avoid the honest answer, which might be less than favorable for a defendant, they do harm to both themselves and said defendant. Her combative style with the prosecution, together with her attempts to fit the “facts” given to her by Ms. Arias into DT’s theory of the crime, is sadly going to negatively affect her. Most people, jurors included are not stupid people and we have common sense, which Ms. LaV seems to abandon in order to force her opinions into a theory of the crime that just does not make sense — common or otherwise.

    So, this outrage against her is truly not personal and of the critical comments made — many are prefaced with comments about how effective she is in her practice and how she is a true advocate for battered women. It is her evaluation and assessment in this trial and her seeming inability to admit that she was lied to, which led to a very unpopular opinion that is causing such harsh criticism of her. Testifying about an unpopular opinion is never easy and it takes guts…. however, when that unpopular opinion fails the many tests of validity and especially the test of common sense, the expert should not be shocked when there is considerable frustration and even outrage about that opinion.

    The jury questions are going to give us the insight into how jurors will consider her testimony. I do not believe she will fare well when those questions are asked of her…

  178. Personal Manifestos: Never a Good Sign

    Even killers who break the law seem to follow certain rules. Despite how inexplicable any normal person might consider a murderous action, many of them — particularly the ones that draw media attention — attempt to justify their behavior and even explain their beliefs in the form of a manifesto.

    In a case that has garnered headlines nationwide, alleged killer Jodi Arias has reportedly written a manifesto during her time in jail. The contents of the document have not yet been revealed, although prosecutors claim she wrote it “in case she became famous.”

    If criminal history in the past few decades has been any guide, a manifesto isn’t usually the hallmark of an innocent person. More often than not, it seems to spell trouble.

  179. margaret says:

    That is disgusting but it justs shows the true jodi. I think if my life were on the line , I would not want to ruffle anyones feathers..Considering all sources concerned, what is the saying ‘ lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.”” Martinez will get the last laugh. Can you send that link to HLN Snoops? They would gett it out there…

  180. Karen C. says:

    Hey, Y’all. Spent all day with my Folks, taking to appts., straightening out bills, etc. I’ve recorded today’s doings so far, but from what I’ve taken peeks at I don’t think I can handle ANY MORE from JW- NOPE! So I’ll catch juror’s questions here soon. Can I safely just erase all bullcrap from earlier today? Have I really missed anything of any value, probative or otherwise? Or will I just want to bust up our good TV hearing about how abusive Travis was, with his oh-so-secret double life and all? (Dude had S-E-X, after all- clearly deserves to die, per LaV!) Grrrr….

  181. margaret says:

    ” If jodi were a liar, she would have come up with better lie : ” That is the words of an expert ??? I can’t wait for jury questions…

  182. debl115 says:

    Link to a comment made on LaV’s Amazon page, enjoy!!!

  183. I just heard judge Stephens say it will be another 30 minutes before we start….

  184. Oh my, there was some activity and now the crest is back up…

  185. Hey Vicky – YES thank you so much it does help quite a bit in understanding what those clusters are.

  186. gramared says:

    Who knows how long this will go on because it’s already 2:17, and this was posted at…
    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    The afternoon starts with Arias and two of the Alexander siblings back in chambers with the attorneys and Judge Stephens.

  187. Pretty amazing that one of the first things out of LaV’s mouth in response to a question… ” . . I didn’t hear Travis say anything about . . .” Indeed Ms. LaViolette you didn’t … because not only was he murdered by Jodi. Then, after murdering him, she slit his throat from stem to stern … making it impossible even in death for him to “speak.”

    Please forgive me everyone, I just needed to get that out of my system… I can tell already this is going to be difficult to sit through. I feel just sickened for the Alexander family and cannot imagine how painful this must be for them…

    And again — thank you for this blog so filled with wonderful people!

  188. margaret says:

    This woman needs to just shut her lying mouth and go back under her rock. I am surprised she hasn’t brought jodi a halo to wear..Why does she get to tell a story to back up her lies..??? She has taken a long bath in the jodi kool-aid..

  189. Thank you Margaret for sharing your frustrations too… my brain is screaming into my ears for her to just tell the truth or go home (maybe she and Jodi have a whole lot in common). And, in addition to the halo… I am surprised she hasn’t been provided the wings to top it all off. Oh well….

  190. calipatti says:

    OMG, after LaViolettes Facebook page was mentioned in here, I went there. Overwhelming negative comments against her. I’m also sick of listening to her, Lordy she can talk.
    I don’t know what to think of the jurors questions, I had no questions for her.
    I’m glad I had to work on my car today, got me away from her voice for a time.

  191. Most of the following is Whiny Willmott asking leading questions to LaV….hell, Jenny is doing the actual testifying..

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 45 – Part 1

  192. I noticed LaV mentioned a lot of males in her life including her son. Strange there was no mention of her husband??? I wonder how long they were married before he kicked the chit out of her.

  193. One of the jurors asked a question that I would have asked. It was about the phone calls that may have been intertwined with the text msges. For instance…Travis says on a text msg, “I love you, Jodi.” How do we know that Jodi didn’t just tell him via telephone or voice mail that she just fed Napoleon or put extra starch in Travis’ underwear??

    I have told men that I loved them if they did a favor etc for me…hell, even my furnace man if he gave me a calendar.

  194. La V did not read anything in Jodi’s journals after June 04/08.. How did she miss reading them as they were still in Jodi’s possession until LE got the search warrant and confiscated the journals long after Jodi made more entries after she murdered Travis???

  195. margaret says:

    I am so angry with the so called expert that I could scream.. She is a cold heartless lying woman .. I am so totally sick at what she has done to Travis family,She sat there and admitted that she only used Travis words to come to the conclusion that he had a bad childhood, therefore he is an abuser. She got paid $300 an hour to sit on her behind and read the journals that the lying , murderous slut wrote. The DT handpicked what they wanted her to say and read.. While Travis sistter is sobbing her eyes out, jodi is sitting there smirking. I hope they all have trouble sleeping for the rest of their lives..

    I can’t even look at a picture of Travis without the one with his throat cut flashing in my mind. Can you just imagine how his poor family is feeling.I can only pray for God to give them peace and strength..Justice for Travis please God.

    Does anyone know who is next ?

  196. Redrelaxed says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My take on the jury questions was quite clear in the tone of said questions. This jury isn’t buying Alyce’s testimony and expert opinion. I believe the majority of them feel ALV has been manipulated by Jodi and the DT by them cherry picking what information was made available to her for this half assed evaluation of supposed DV. She admits to not being aware of far too much but won’t back down or give a bloody inch. Her blinders are super secured in DV bias tunnel vision.

    How ALV can honestly think she is the only one who JA hasn’t lied to is almost laughable. There has been an abundance of evidence presented to the jury that shows exactly what JA is. A monster who premeditated the most horrific crime imaginable against Travis who was not only mutilated by Jodi, but who isn’t finished killing him yet!

    ALV deserves the negative feedback that she’s getting as she willingly boarded this train wreck of lies, deceit and brutality. I am outraged that TA’s family has to sit in that courtroom and listen to garbage like this day after day. Travis was the victim here, and it’s very sad that ALV has ruined her 30 year career in full view of the world. ALV seems fragile to me. Anyone else getting that?

    Great comments and info today everyone… I’ve been busy with my mother who yesterday got through her 4th hip surgery since Jan 21, so I’m always playing catch up and this is the place to do it!

    All IMO

  197. Redrelaxed says:

    I see we’re on the same page Margaret!

  198. Redrelaxed says:

    Another sampling of how LaViolette is being viewed…I think this sums it up pretty well…

    “From my limited contact with LaViolette (just what I’ve seen during this trial) she is willing to twist the aggressor/victim scenario at will, to accommodate portraying Jodi as the victim. This is bullshit. She questions if Travis was fearful of Jodi because of her stalking behavior, then why did he continue seeing her? Yet she uses that exact scenario to portray Jodi as a victim by claiming even though she was fearful of Travis, she continued to see him. LaViolette paints this picture of domestic violence victims as women who despite their fear, stay with abusive spouses/partners because they fear the more real consequences of trying to leave their abuser. She speaks eloquently of how fearful Jodi was, but how she was compelled to stay with him, and yet when the script is flipped and Travis is fearful and staying with her, LaViolette’s distain and disgust is evident.”

    Red~~all the best to your Mom. Yes, Alyce has double standards. She is now getting a taste of what it feels like to be ‘trashed’…in her case it is justified.~~SS

  199. Donavan Bering has been tweeting for Jodi…….. I hope Donavan gets charged with witness tampering… It seems she was busy in 2008… and condones men being butchered. Let take a look at this woman. She is the messenger for Jodi who is making fun of Martinez’ stature. I doubt if Donavan’s fat ass will ever make it to the centerfold of Playboy or girl…..

    Arson suspects named in Sun City West blaze

    The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people on suspicion of arson in connection with a late May blaze at a Sun City West dental office.

    One of the suspects named was Sara Byron, a co-owner of Dental Impressions Family Dentistry, according to arson investigators. Byron, 46, was arrested and booked on one count of arson of an occupied structure and attempted fraud schemes.

    The other two suspects have been identified as Donavan Bering, 45, and Zachary Proctor, 20. They each were booked on one count of arson of an occupied structure, according to Sheriff’s deputies.

    Investigators concluded that someone doused the dental office with gasoline and set a fire using matches

    Read more:

  200. margaret says:

    Redrelaxed ,,what a great article.. I really wish we could have a do-over like the end of article, no gender, no names..IMO she doesn’t need to sit in judgement on anyone else

  201. calipatti says:

    According to HLN, Maricopa Sheriffs Dept. has verified the tweets are Jodi’s words via daily phone calls between Jodi & Donovan.
    Tweeting is not illegal as long as basic laws are not broken, such as threats.
    Jodi is allowed 16 he’s a week of phone time.

    Ahhh Cali, let’s hope Jodi gets a taste of Prison life… do you notice Jodi is forever licking around her teeth…she is trying to get Sgt Joe’s peanut butter off…all Jodi’s jail calls are recorded except for those with her attorneys..SS

  202. margaret says:

    Jodi seems to be a bit busy in jail.. I hope Travis family goes after her “art ”

  203. Redrelaxed says:

    Here is a link with the written list of juror questions and answers from day 45 for Laviolette that is borrowed from Juan Martinez support page on facebook.

  204. The following question and answer (from Reds’ link) demonstrates how biased LaViolette is…how quickly she puts the onus on Travis… Juan Objected and they went on to next question…

    26. Isn’t it possible that Jodi did not write some things in her journal because they never happened? It’s possible although Travis didn’t rite in his journal//

    Alyce would have said…Travis didn’t write that he liked little boys etc…

  205. margaret says:

    Once more and then it is beddy bye for me. Remember when trial first started and someone broke into a prosecution expert house. Computer was stolen. Dr. Janeen DeMarte was the name. Does anyone know if Martinez is still going to call her? …Snoop you will get kick out of this. I was reading some of the bad reviews for thepretend shrink, and someone that must know her, wrote lav had a weird marriage. Sleeping in separate bedroooms. Lol I really did read that ! ! !

    Good Niite folks. Hope Travis family is resting.

  206. Margaret~~this comment was posted at the link Redrelaxed posted at 12:11am….

    AnonymousApril 11, 2013 at 8:10 PM
    Because she is a lesbian .I myself am gay and as far as I am concerned she is also a disgrace to gay people everywhere. She shams our very essence ,our city and all of us that work so hard to overcome the stigma attached to alternative lifest. We don’t want her back in Long Beach.

    I don’t care what LaV’s sexual preferences are now…I feel she downgrades men and should not be in her present profession under those circumstances. Maybe she had a rotten marriage to a man at one time and it has spilled over and into her assessments.

  207. Mainstream… noted your link about Donovan’s fire-bugging activities… she is obviously trying to set some more fires in other ways, IMHO. I think she is just an activist, not necessarily a good one, and she’s convinced Jodi she will serve her best interests. What Jodi doesn’t know is that Donovan is a self-server, which means Jodi’s interests will not come first and not necessarily best as a result. But that’s OK, cuz Jodi isn’t going anywhere if the jury questions are any indication of the future. Glad to see that The Juan has a FB adoration page… he’s a giant in my book!

  208. mystical pippin says:

    Dang – I can’t see those FB pages cause I’m not a member. Oh well…. Ok this is what I heardsaw today. NG who was off tonight so redheaded atty took her place had Bering on the phone. Wish NG hadn’t been off she would’ve asked a lot more interesting questions but later a woman was on who admitted she started a campaign to get ALV kicked off the “guest speaker” circuit. (to which I signed btw I was a victim of domestic violence when I was 17 and 29) She said ALV has to suck it up because she chose to do this high profile case (I’m sure you all know thats exactly the reason she did it) and she chose to lie and bias herself so she needs to deal with the consequences. Apparantly ALV is upset that the photo of her having dinner with Jennifer is all over the web……duh what the hell did she think would happen given all the bad publicity she’s ALREADY gotten? What a dummy.

    You guys remember the juror questions asking ALV why does she keep staring at defense table and smiling at Jodi? ALV denied do that and said she tries to stay away if anything but just minutes before that when court was not in session yet from the lunch break, Katie Wick said ALV was sitting at defense table and they brought Jodi in she sat down and smiled at ALV and ALV gave her a huge smile back and nodded. REALLY Alyce and you want to whine how everybody thinks you’re unprofessional?
    This is a case of a really STUPID criminal, really STUPID attorneys and even more STUPID experts. what a sham – what a bunch of circus people.

  209. gramared says:

    Pippin….Let’s just hope this case doesn’t have a really stupid jury!! We need only recall CA!!! That’s the scary part.

  210. Vicky says:

    After listening to the Jury questions, thinking about LVA’s testimony and considering Jodi’s apparent distress over her complete lack of credibility, I was reminded part of a quote I was assigned to analyze in college. I found it and think it is worth sharing.

    “People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked…The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on…There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all.”
    ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

  211. gramared says:

    It’s very telling that LaV has been so respectful to the jury and JW. Let’s see how her attitude changes once JM starts to question her again. Prepare for fireworks. Hope the jury pays attention. They have really asked pointed, very good questions. Don’t think they’re buying what LaV is trying to sell.

  212. Redrelaxed says:

    I wish that JM hadn’t objected when ALV started to say…”I don’t have a great retirement….” related to a question on why she took on this case to begin with and if she believed Jodi.

    Still witnessing bias, double standards, hypocrital testimony here.

    More questions from the jury. Seems ALV is digging herself a grave to China.

    Prayers going out for TA’s family to stay strong throughout the remainder of this trial.

  213. Those juror questions are very potent…and not in favor of Jodi…

  214. Vicky says:

    Juror 11 has been excused due to illness. I hope it wasn’t anything other jurors can catch.

  215. Sarah says:

    ok ladies…….Who is this witness they are going to be calling on Monday? Miss Wong?

  216. Redrelaxed says:

    From what I can gather…Grace Wong is from In Session and has been ordered to testify for the defense at 11:00 am Monday. It has something to do with ALV approaching Samatha?

  217. calipatti says:

    Since my abacus is broken, what dollar sum do you think A. LaViette has earned?
    With 44 hours with Jodi, maybe 56 hours of pre trial reading work (or ?) plus testifying time. Anyone have a dollar amount?

  218. Marilyn N says:

    calipatti: I’ve seen one estimate up around $55,000.00
    Don’t know how accurate that might be.
    She’ll probably have to spend it all on doctor bills after this experience.

  219. janice cowley says:

    Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the willful act of swearing a false oath or of falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding.[1][A] That is, the witness falsely promises to tell the truth about matters which affect the outcome of the case. For example, it is not considered perjury to lie about one’s age unless age is a factor in determining the legal result, such as eligibility for old age retirement benefits.
    Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts, resulting in miscarriages of justice. In the United States, for example, the general perjury statute under Federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years

    Could you supply source for this info…eg…Wiki..TIA~~SS

  220. Marilyn N says:

    Well then might as well add some felony purjury years to Jodi’s sentencing!

  221. calipatti says:

    I was reading comments on LaViolettes Facebook page, about 19 hours ago someone writing for her wrote, that she had clicked back on a few the most hateful comments. It took her to their facebook page, where she copied name and notified FB. She also sent copies of the hateful comments to the writers employers. She said as a business owner she would want to know if her employees are being so hateful. WOW, guess Miss LaV. is ticked off.

    Whoever said they were contacting employers of those making hateful comments is bluffing. Facebook will never condone this or be part and parcel of any defamation alleged by this disgruntled person unless it was a threat on someone’s life. In that case, the FBI should be called in to handle it. La Violette would have to make that call. ~~SS

  222. FYI~~ Not confirmed yet…

    La Violette has been sent to the hospital due to anxiety…(Redacted)

    Sheriff Joe…was sent a bomb….

    Bomb sent to ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’: Cops


    So Alyce Laviolette was sent to the hospital last weekend with anxiety attacks and heart palpitations due to all the attacks she has received via social media?.. I thought she wasn’t suppose to be reading anything about the case until after her testimony is over??

  223. snowynyte says:

    Snoopy and anyone,

    JA looked like she had make up on today, yes or no? 😉

  224. Snowy~~it appeared to me that Jodi was not having a good day and was flushed. Did you notice her holding her neck a lot? This is a body language that shows she was very uncomfortable and rubs her neck to lower her blood pressure. It is a normal body reflex…Reality is starting to set in for Jodi..~ ~SS

  225. katfish says:

    Howdy! I thought I’d drop by to see what all you yakkers have to say about Alyce and her rabbit hole. So far I have just read your post Snoopy and you do not disappoint 😀
    There were a few questions I had from court today but I haven’t read the 250 some comments here yet, so I’ll save them. I think something happened today but I’m not sure what. LOL just katfish pondering…..

  226. katfish says:

    Redrelaxed says:April 12, 2013 at 2:35 pm
    “I wish that JM hadn’t objected when ALV started to say…”I don’t have a great retirement….” related to a question on why she took on this case to begin with and if she believed Jodi.”

    I have wondering about this statement by AL all day! I was beginning to think I had imagined it. I haven’t seen mention anywhere. LOL That pretty much sums up Alyce’s justification for taking this case when so many others turned it down….it’s the $$$.

  227. katfish says:

    At 12:45 AZ time today I noticed Travis’ sister Samantha was VERY distressed. When looking at the other sibs they looked mad. I was confused at the time because Juan was kicking Alyce’ butt right before that. Something happened today…just not sure what…My gut says it has something to do with AL and Grace Wong. Anyone hear any reports?

  228. Hey, Kat…good to see you!

    Here are today 47- questions and answers…plus other info re the court proceedings today… eg:-Monday, witness Grace Wong ordered to appear at 11 and can bring counsel. She sits with Beth Karas. Think this is about mistrial motion.

  229. Katfish~~Travis’ siblings love Juan Martinez because he is the voice of their brother. Maybe the defense is going after a mistrial for prosecution misconduct again. Ms Wong is with the media and may have been witness to a juror seeing Juan signing autographs or having his pic taken. This is just a guess on my part.

    [edit] There is also the issue of LaV approaching Travis’ sisters and speaking to them!

  230. katfish says:

    Thanks for the link…I LOVE donchais, she has always been a dependable source for information! I didn’t know she was covering this case too. Haven’t had free time to make rounds as much as i used to ~ This case has definitely had my attention though….my housework still isn’t caught up from Jodi’s 18 days on the stand. LOL I have seen the latest motion for mistrial.and agree that may be what was up today…guess we’ll have to wait to see. Juan deserves the love. from Travis’ family, he is battling for Travis…for justice and Travis’s legacy.

  231. katfish says:

    My gut tends to lean toward the incident of ALV approaching Samantha being witnessed by GW. I noticed ALV muttered today, when responding to a jury question, ” Apparently it’s against the law for me to speak with Mr. Alexander’s family. I only had access to the 7 hours of the unedited interviews from 48 hours.” Snarky because she is in trouble? or just explaining why she didn’t have a better profile of TA.? ~sigh~ She gives me the creeps~

  232. Why do I have the gut feeling that Martinez plans to impeach La Violette on Monday or Tuesday? It was the way he posed his last couple of questions to her. If Juan is successful, LaV’s testimony, all or some can be thrown out of evidence.

  233. Katfish~~I have never seen an expert witness as stubborn as Alyce LaViolette. I noticed Judge Stephens was very curt with her about having to return on Mon or Tues and reminded her that she was still under subpoena.

  234. Here is Jodi and Bobby Jurez…. Take note of the pigtails…she looks about 13 yrs old and also notice her outfit…strange eh?

  235. Here is a still pic of Jodi and Bobby…

  236. Look at the following comment I just swiped…

    OMG! Why hasn’t anyone made this connection yet…In the sex tape Travis says “Im NOT the freaken tossed salad type to be honest, but with you I would do it – I love doing it with you”. OK tossed salad is slang for anal sex which means…he has never been into that and has only recently done it with Arias. That’s sounds like it was new to him that’s another reason he had no idea the KY works great for anal sex and I would bet a kidney Arias being the anal sex queen doing it with many prior boyfriends before, talked Travis into it.

  237. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Is it me, or does Bobby look like he has on more eye makeup than Jodi?? When I first saw that picture and only their faces, I thought Bobby was a girl!!

    Question: Did you notice today’s session, Part 3, starting at 28:50…The judge says, “Ms. LaV, We will need you to return on Tuesday to complete your testimony, unless I release you from your subpoena prior to that time.”

    Since LaV hasn’t completed her testimony, what would cause the judge to release her “prior” to her completing it?? I hope you can explain this one. Thanks.

  238. gramared~~Bobby does have piercing eyes and feminine features. He is the Vampire…lol

    Re..Since LaV hasn’t completed her testimony, what would cause the judge to release her “prior” to her completing it?? I hope you can explain this one.

    If Juan or Willmott decided not to do a follow-up, LaV could be released so you would think Martinez and Willmott would tell the judge that. I thought I heard the judge say to LaV…”you need to be here and you know what it is about.” That suggests that it may have something to do with LaViolette approaching Travis’ sisters. Since LaV is an expert for the defense, it was misconduct or maybe illegal for her to do that. The defense went after Juan for prosecution misconduct so he is going to bite them back…

    Then there is always the impeachment of LaV….

  239. debl115 says:

    Oh, Katfish, welcome back! I always loved your comments on the CA case on Dave’s blog!!! I also love donchais’ blog. Seems like many of us formed a bond during the Caylee case (kudos to Dave), and now we have all come around again on this case. Lets all just hope and pray that this jury is smarter than the CA jury. And from what I’m seeing, this jury seems way more in tune to what’s going on. I am, tho, concerned about all of the media attention that this case has garnered, (not that the CA case didn’t draw a HUGE crowd), but with all of the negative comments and threats on Ms. LaV’s page, it scares me that cameras in the courtroom might be in jeopardy. With that said, we can only hope and pray for Justice for Travis, and GOOOOO Juan.

  240. calipatti says:

    Ahh Katfish … ponders, I enjoyed your comments on the CA case, … Good old days, maybe not. ha ha
    I think ALV is in trouble for speaking to Travis’s sister, but it could be anything. Maybe its because her phone was ringing in the court room today. Teasing! Never have I seen a trial like this.
    I liked how JM ended his cross today with ALV still talking. It really was a blatant public diss.

  241. gramared says:

    Thanks for the info, Snoopy. This trial has more twists and turns. Did you see LaV start to say something about “followup tests,” and the judge cut her off not wanting to hear her “personal” stuff. I suspect LaV never dreamed she would undergo such stress when she aGREED to take on this case!

    You’re very welcome although my response was just a Yes, I did see the judge cut LaV off… Judge Stephen didn’t seem all that pleased either…SS

  242. This is the place that breeds trolls….Lansing, Michigan… I just put the run to one….They come in as a sheep and reenter as a wolf…This one runs a Windows XP and used Firefox 20… so the fingerprint is in the data bank…

  243. Beginning at 6:00 minutes of the following, listen carefully as Juan asks LaV how much she is paid and uses the word…’evaluation” several times…this is one reason I have a strong feeling he is going to impeach her….You evaluated the behavior of a human being, correct? I don’t think LaV was qualified to do an evaluation..assessment yes, evaluation, no!

    Day 46-Part 3

  244. Sarah says:

    Mainstream: Your post at 12:16AM. I looked @ her pigtails and noticed that she is wearing a “super hero” themed shirt a long with them. (Hence, pigtails and spider man underwear with TA. I don’t think TA bought the underwear. I think JA did.)

    I too think Bobby has feminine features. Could he be “bi” and he was the one who introduced JA to anal sex?

    (Lord, I never thought I would be writing those words much less thinking about ’em).

    I believe JA learned very young how to use her sexual behavior as power over men.

    I guess we’re all pining for Monday and Tuesday to find out if LaV is in hot water. I hope. I hope. Sickem’ JM!

  245. mystical pippin says:

    Sarah you devil

  246. mystical pippin says:

    Yeah I hope they impeach the hell out of her. (ALV) Strike EVERY WORD she said from the record. ha ha That would send little pervert into a tailspin. Did you all see her crying the other day after 3-4 jury questions in row askng ALV if Jodi could be the perpetrator of abuse instead of Travis, another 2 or 3 about her lies. Boy I tell ya that stopped her from looking over at the Alexanders. (at least for the rest of the day)

    Juan has ALV so twisted up it seems she cannot answer a single question without looking at the defense table

    She’s getting uglier and uglier to me. She’s now taking on the features of a horse. Horse-face should be her new nickname.

  247. mystical pippin says:

    Ok this one made me fall off my chair. (from donchais)

    It slices, it dices…it’s the Juan Martinez, by Popeil!

  248. Sarah says:

    Pippin: What is Donchais website address?

  249. Sarah says:

    Never mind. I think I found it.

  250. mystical pippin says:

    Just in case you didn’t Sarah

  251. Redrelaxed says:

    G’morning Yakkers,

    Borrowed from the Joey Jackson fan page…

    Following is the motion for mistrial that will be addressed on Monday. This is the latest attempt by the defense to try and rid themselves of the mess they have created. If it were not such a serious issue, it would be laughable. What a waste of time and tax payers money. Patty/Admin.

    Click to access ariasmotion2.pdf

    Bobby and Jodi are ying and yang reflections of each other in those photo’s. I’m reminded that Jodi is a chameleon…

    Hi Kat! Good to see you… I’m soooo glad you also caught that comment ALV made regarding her retirement. I really really wanted to hear the whole sentence and thought process behind it, but alas JM has his reasoning for the objection.

    I’m wondering along with the rest of you Mr. Martinez is going to try and impeach her whole testimony. By the tone and intelligence of the jury questions posed to ALV, would that be necessary? I believe that as an expert, this witness… the self proclaimed old fashioned DV expert (this alarming confession has me sratching my head in as much of the DT’s Travis bashing was that HE was a sexual deviant when the sex was clearly consentual AND mutually enjoyed)…ALV lost credibility big time yesterday when Juan finally got her to admit that she had lied to the jury because she had not testified “one or two times” in criminal court for any men in her 30+ years as a DV expert. That’s huge! So really, I think JM made his point briliantly. She IS biased and the jury isn’t imagining those warm smiles and frequent glances over at St. Jodi of Arias. I’ve noticed the glances more so along with the coaching from Willmott when Alyce looked like a deer in headlights because she had no clue, no information and was basically hung out to dry by the defense. Me thinks the rehearsals were staged poorly with both of these defense experts. So now this…

    Regarding the motion up there…yep this is a circus alright. The clowns are desperate. I can’t think of one instance where Juan Maritnez has personally attacked a witness. He is agressive and It’s his style they don’t like. Begs the question… How do you effectively defend a client who shoots a person in the head, then stabs them 29 times, and for good measure… nearly cuts their head off?

    Self defense. Yeah…right.

    All IMO

  252. gramared says:

    Red… Agree with you, and this trial is costing big bucks for the State of AZ. JM should request a mistrial because of Nurmi’s SLOOOOOWWWW speech that put the jury to sleep! I know the DT is doing their job, but they could do it much more efficiently.

  253. Redrelaxed says:

    G’morning Gramared!

    Oh gawd…Nurmi nearly drove me bonkers with his drawn out, snails pace style of questioning. Seriously! I think the guy is boardering on a sugar crash 99% of the time.

    I’ve observed that Nurmi’s head and chins have expanded alarmingly since the beginning of this trial. He had his noggin’ down yesterday and I was thinking…woah…buddy…put the fork down! Suppose a lot of folks feed their stress.

    Not that will we be a popular opinion, but I think Jennifer Willmott is pretty sharp for what she has to work with. She doesn’t miss a beat, although the “evaluation” word was repeated by JM many times in a ten minute period of where Snoops suggested we re-listen at 6:00, and perhaps explains JW’s heavy sighs and visible heart beat under her blouse. Of the two DT attorney’s I prefer Jennifer over Nurmi any day of the week. Her voice tends to grate on my nerves, but all in all, IMO she is the sharper knife in the drawer.

  254. Newbie says:

    I’m wondering if the Judge will sequester the jury soon. In my thinking, everyday now the jurors have a higher risk of being exposed to something they shouldn’t.

  255. Vicky says:

    Good morning all, it is sad for LaViolette that she has failed to move forward with the times. Unfortunately, so has part of the language that supports key legislation for victims of domestic violence, more specifically, the Violence Against Women Act (legislation I fully support). To explain my point: Back when individuals first began advocating for victims/survivors of domestic violence, it was to be assumed at all times that victims/survivors were telling the truth. ALV obviously remains in that camp as do many DV advocates. The introduction of the original Act included the claim that women do not lie about DV. It was not until research and several wrongful convictions did it come to light that improper questions and the power of suggestion can result in false claims, not to mention good old fashion vindictiveness and manipulation. A few of JM’s questions were intended to bring that into focus, but, JW’s ongoing objections prevented him from hammering that point home. I believe this is part of the reason ALV has held firm to her position that women do not lie. Unfortunately, her unwillingness to concede that Jodi has at the very least exaggerated (most likely lied about) her claims of abuse, has done far more harm than good.
    I bring this up because there are those who will use the Jodi Arias case as a new excuse in their attempts to block reauthorization of the Act as written. Especially when a noted advocate insists on supporting the doctrine that all women are telling the truth when intimate partner violence claims are made, and that there seems to be no room for the possibility that men can be abused. The reauthorization has already been threatened, with an extension as opposed to reauthorization in February. LaViolette’s timing could not have been worse.

  256. Sarah says:

    JA’s claims of domestic abuse died when LaV stated she believed JA’s claim of cutting her finger on the poisonous apple. Guess she’s not going to be living in the castle any time soon.

    If I were on the jury I would be so angry from all of JA’s lies and manipulations from her own defense that I would surely give her the death penalty. Not to mention how angry I would be after seeing Travis’ autopsy and crime scene photos. Pure evil.

  257. Vicky says:

    I must correct myself. the act was reauthorized in February. However, when it comes back up again, there will be additional opposition. I can guarantee it.

  258. Redrelaxed says:

    Vicky, I support your thoughts and views regarding ALV’s agenda, and do believe that she is advocating for Jodi with a strong unwavering belief IN HER MIND that Jodi wasn’t even aware that she was a victim of DV. I have a hunch that through some of ALV’s testimony it was made clear to the jury that Alyce may have been a strong influence in the birth of the self defense claim. In part I believe this is why there has been such a harsh backlash from the public toward Ms. Laviolette.

    Additionally, I too am angry that the true victims of DV who tell the truth stay at risk because ALV was provided limited information on which to base her assessments. Sadly I beleive that ALV was the perfect patsy for this trial and as you have stated…her testimony will result in serious repercussions toward progressive legislation for REAL victims of DV.

  259. Karen C. says:

    Finally, enough time in my life to “check in” here. I don’t think we need to worry about this particular case and “witness” (feel weird even calling this one that!) creating any bad precedents, vis-a-vis Domestic Violence legislation, attitudes, etc. This is an ABERRATION, Folks. The juror’s questions prove it. I did not hear ONE that would seem at all helpful to JA/LaV agenda at all- quite the reverse! I recorded and listened, so I think I caught most all of them too. I would be extremely discouraged if I were asinine enough to be a JA supporter… the jury has drawn a clear distinction here between REAL DV vs dreamed-up-to-avoid-DP DV.

    LaV’s admission that she considers (still!) that JA was the “real victim” (without one smidgeon of proof!) is absolutely the most astonishing thing I’ve heard thus far- that was truly shocking. The jurors do not buy it, not at all. The fact that we heard so many juror’s questions all essentially on this one theme, and in almost identical wording, means they are pretty unified on this point- there was like, one question for each juror at least- some may have even submitted virtually the same question 2 or 3 times, with minor variations, because they wanted an answer! AND, LaV also stated that one has to have some sort of evidence to present at Trial- UM, Yeah, Lady!

    They WILL remember that….

  260. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- where did you swipe that comment from? I actually had to look up that term on Urban Dictionary- and Lawd Knows I stay away from that side of the internet town as much as possible… No, I think he only even knew of baby oil from masturbating- which he could easily have justified as morally “better” than actual sex of any kind. Can’t wait to get a gander of all those emails, messages, journals, etc. And CANNOT WAIT for Rebuttal! There’s still a boat-load to come in….

    Karen C~~I swiped it from here…SS

  261. calipatti says:

    Good day to all, Vicky and … I expected ALV to come out and testify as an advocate of Jodi’s however not quite in the manner she did. I also thought and expected her to concede a few points after JM exposed Jodi’s lies.
    When ALV kept to her original opinion and became arguemenitive with JM, I was disappointed. Now I’m downright ticked off.
    How dare she be so stubborn and ignorant as to what she is doing to all DV women.

  262. Thanks to everyone for your contributions here on OUR blog…. New Post up….

  263. mystical pippin says:

    Aww Snoops – thats so nice of you to call it OUR blog
    Hope this doesn’t mean we’re gonna have to help pay the hosting fees! 🙂 🙂

  264. I will gladly donate something because this has been a valuable resource… how can that be done to help out?

  265. Jimmie says:

    The judge has ordered Ms.LaViolette to appear on tuesday. Telling her she knows what its all about. Could it be an admonishment for the inappropriate approach to Alexanders sister??

    Welcome, Jimmie. It is good to have you join us.~SS

  266. FYI~~~I do not pay WordPress for this blog as I do not have the upgraded version….by contributions, I meant your comments…I still consider it OUR blog…thanks for the offer Sandy but it is not needed my friend.


  267. stefletcher says:

    You are quite a wonderful person main… It is understandable that we would want to support the site and your efforts! It does feel like a place that is ours, where we can meet, discuss and vent frustrations about our opinions regarding the trial. There is much being made by DT about the rights we have to voice our opinions in varying ways including blogs. Again, thank you.

    I gain a lot of satisfaction in maintaining this blog so by helping others we are actually helping ourselves. I went back and watched the La Violette testimony with Willmott and then Martinez on youtube last evening…this old girl was doing some pile of cussing at the monitor…not too wonderful but it was out of earshot of ~SS

  268. stefletcher says:

    So I am sitting here this morning trying to figure out why Nurmi has put on the videographer to enhance the reflection in Travis’ eyeball. I wonder if he is trying to become qualified as a video enhancement expert too. Hmmmmmm……

  269. mystical pippin says:

    Ooops my bad Snoopy…… I didn’t mean to start anything with my sarcasm

  270. calipatti says:

    Dog did what? (sorry, I couldn’t help it)

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