Yakkers~Trial Talk~Day 39



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  1. Karen C. says:

    Good Morning, Y’all! Any good ideas when testimony might start? From this Court’s track record I hesitate to make an intelligent guess myself! I heard one thing last night, and something else this morning- you’d think Nurmi would lose some weight here, with all the stretching and back-bending he does for the Knife-Wielding Psycho….

  2. shyloh says:

    I’d say his weight loss should come from all the sidebars they hold haha. I’d hate to be married to him. His talking sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooow is driving me nuts. Oh well. Let’s hope our dancing Juan is up soon!!!

  3. Newbie says:

    I can’t imagine Travis’ family having to sit in the same room as Jodi. This is horrible as far as I’m concerned. It would be my guess Jodi is soaking it up gleefully…..grrr.

  4. gramared says:

    I just saw where Travis’ family is in the judge’s chambers with Arias and the attorneys. Pleeease tell me they aren’t considering a mistrial!! I cannot for a moment fathom Travis’ family having to undergo another trial. Why else would the family be in chambers??? I could just be jumping the gun. Any thoughts??

  5. Attorneys are out of chambers now….

  6. Mistrial denied….Juror #5 has been excused…

  7. I heard Nurmi start complaining about media coverage over the weekend…he will no doubt file another motion

  8. Travis’ sisters are crying??

  9. gramared says:

    Snoopy, any idea why the family is upset? Also, did you notice Jodi’s rather smug, trying-to-squelch a smile look that she had while watching the jury file into the courtroom?

  10. gramared~~no idea why they were crying… btw, Chris and Shy Hughes turned on Jodi when they found her listening outside their door and didn’t want her back in their home…hopefully Juan will bring this up when it is his turn…Jodi belly ached to the Hughes in a ploy to get Travis…typical obsessed stalker…

  11. Time to break for lunch in a few minutes…another day half wasted by Nurmi…

  12. gramared says:

    Thanks, Snoopy. I wonder how Nurmi would like it if everyone spoke as slooooowly as he does. This trial would go on for years!

    Everything Jodi does has an ulterior motive, and it’s never good, only evil. I’m with you. Let’s hope JM can expose all of it. I’ve missed a great deal of this trial at the beginning, but didn’t Sky and Chris testify? JM could call them back for an “update” of what they think now.

  13. Geez, my mind is getting too old… I thought Sky and Chris were just voir dired outside of the jury… This was when Gus Searcy made his presense known…

  14. gramared says:

    If JM didn’t have them testify, can they during rebuttal?

  15. gramared~~I am not sure who Juan will put on during rebuttal… hopefully Matt McCartney…and Travis’ friend who said he didn’t own a gun plus an employee from Walmart re that 3rd gas can… and also, the Hughes

  16. If Jodi cared so much for Travis, why would she go to a baseball game with her friends on T’s birthday, July 28th, 2007? IMO, Jodi did this to test Travis knowing damn well he would call her. This is just more manipulation.

  17. gramared says:

    I can’t stand how LaV goes on about how caring and emphathetic Jodi is and how innocent all her actions are – MANIPULATION, period!! How can LaA be so taken w/Jodi when she knows how she lies. Is Wilmott going to go on and on and on like Nurmi? If I were a juror I would have flipped out by now.

    I’ve seen bits and pieces but still can’t tell if Juror #5 is free to talk about the trial with any and all she chooses. It will be very interesting, if she can!

  18. Oh oh….Jodi did not walk in and catch Travis and another woman on the couch….rather she was stalking him and viewed it thru a window from the outside…defense is sugar coating…

    Travis was banging his head against the wall due to frustration because Jodi was stalking him and possibly blackmailing him to boot… This is when Jodi confronted him about the other woman which was none of her damn business…

  19. I think ABC will go after Juror #5 and offer her big bucks….

  20. gramared says:

    ABC has been known to do that!

  21. All this ‘evaluation’ of the JA journals is speculation- how can anyone know, based on the words, exactly what JA was thinking, and even if JA told what she was thinking, how can an inveterate liar be believed? And it is all about Jodi… with speculation as to what Travis was thinking or doing.

  22. Also, having experienced volatile exchanges with ‘boyfriends,’ I see no justification for then driving a 1000 miles to ‘get back at him’ in a violent way. LaViolette has not convinced me that JA has a domestic abuse issue; rather I feel she has a domestic violence issue.

  23. I wonder if Juror #5 just got so sick of all this BS she found a way to be ‘excused?’

  24. Whatever the ‘deception’ LaViolette is promoting about Travis, whoever he really was or was not, he did not deserve to be attacked, stabbed and shot to death. I hope the jury is keeping this point in mind.

  25. Did anyone notice…Juan’s hair is darker and he looks snazzy….woot woot I hope Nurmi doesn’t file another motion about it…

  26. margaret says:

    Has anyone seen the interview with detectives and jodi videos, that David Lohr has posted on Reallity Chatter.. They are lined up in row in order .. In #5 jodi is an insane person, when left by herself, she sings, she talks to herself. laughs,does her handstands, and is just crazy. This is after Martinez tells her she will remain there in jail until she can be extradited. He leaves and she is one weird woman. In a later one a woman detective talks to her, she barely talks to this woman and is peeping out from that hair like a wild woman.. There are ten or twelve videos all together. That is one wild mixed up woman,,that is scary looking out from that hair..

    It broke my heart today to see Travis sisters come out crying and that no good pile of rubbish grinning…Can’t wait for her day of judgement to come..

  27. Sandy Banks~~I totally agree with your comments. This trial has gotten out of hand and they are forgetting who the victim really was in this case. I find myself getting so fed up with the defense portraying an obsessed stalker as some sort of fragile goddess and the sad part is, that bitch is enjoying very bit of it.

    I noticed Judge Stephen’s patience running very thin today…

  28. Margaret~~the David Lohr videos are on youtube and I watched 3 of them in entirety last night…they are all unedited so we get to see it all…I plan on watching more of them later tonight when it is quiet…

  29. When Juror #5 was escorted from the courthouse, tears were streaming down her face…

  30. margaret says:

    I meant to say when Flores left jodi..in post above. We all have “”Juanitis ” LOL.

    When in heavens name are they going to get back to Travis and quit trying to make that pile of scum sound human. Why do they get to make judgement calls on Travis simply on what jodi says. How do they know when she may have written that crap. She could have been writing for the last 3 years and backdating. I am just so sick of her . I bet she took full advantage of being in that room with Travis family. Can’t wait for Martinez to throw everything back in LaV. face.

    Be sure to watch the #5 video of david Lohrs, that will leave you speechless. ….God bless Travis family.

  31. Margaret~~I was just ready to post it and then read your comment…. OMG…

    The following video is absolutely bizaare. It starts about half way….near the end Jodi says, “still hate me?” and then gives a laugh… It seems she is talking to Travis….

    Video-Jodi in interrogation room

  32. debl115 says:

    I know it’s still early on the West Coast (well, not so much, for this “Old Grandma”), but did anyone watch Dr. Drew tonight, with the videos of Jodi’s Mom & Dad and Detective Flores??? What an eye-opener, as to Jodi’s personality. I would love to attach links, but this Grandma is going to bed. Love all of the comments on this site, Snoop, you are the best 🙂

  33. gramared says:

    Here are the Dr. Drew links for the parents’ interrogations, short, but they are, as you say Debl115, eye-opening!



  34. weezie says:

    I’m not sure if this has been posted before but just in case it hasn’t I thought it quite compact.

  35. gramared says:

    Snoopy…You were right about Juan looking younger. See the link!!


  36. weezie says:

    So, it seems Jodi has managed to manipulate both Psychologists, and it appears, Travis’s good friends. They warned Jodi about his wild ways. How on earth did she manage to weave her way into Chris and Sky Hughes lives? According to this Dr., there were emails sent to Jodi explaining to her that she should dump Travis because of his womanizing ways. If true, they betrayed Travis by devulging his personal activities which didn’t include her. What is so mesmerizing about MS>>>> ARIAS? Well I bet most of us have been conned at least once in our lives. Now that we have seen the brief videos of her Mom and Dad, seems she did a pretty good job on them too. Somehow Jodi strangles her victims by getting pity, which she in turn uses as a stepping stone to her next prey. God I only hope these jurors can see through all this.

  37. Newbie says:

    HLN is showing the tapes of Jodi’s mothers interrogation at the police station. Heart breaking. I hate to admit that I am not as angry as I was towards Jodi and that concerns me. People that murder imo have problems. Many children are raised in circumstances that would shock us all and their stories aren’t told in Court and here we have Jodi and more than a million dollar trial and I find myself listening to the defenses witness and having to shake myself back to what the trial is all about.
    I’m with you MysticalPippin, I hope the jurors are able to keep focused on what is what. I know you’re so right about Jodi !!!

  38. gramared says:

    If I were testifying to all the lies that Jodi told and was trying to make her look like she walked on water, I’d get sick too!! To hear LaV tell it, Jodi did no wrong, and Travis should be on trial. Gag. Let’s hope, as you say, Weezie, that the jurors see through it.

  39. margaret says:

    Geeez this trial is never going to end… Now LaV is ill. court closed until tomorrow…

  40. Karen C. says:

    Oh, Merciful God! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!
    This woman sees abusers behind every tree! There are no healthy relationships! Travis just as bad as the cat-killer! Jodi doesn’t mention being slapped in her journal because of “Law of Attraction”! NOT because it didn’t effin’ happen at all! This is Alyce (LaV.) in Wonderland time! ACK!

  41. On the interrogation video Jodi is singing a phrase “I didn’t hear you breathe…” at the beginning when she has been left alone… what song is that from? And BTW if it is not from a song, it sounds like a maniacal creation… the defense probably couldn’t get her to be crazy enough to go for the insanity defense, but it sounds more and more to me as though she might be. This is a wierd, weird trial.

  42. snowynyte says:

    Snoopy and Yakkers;

    Thanks sooo much for the links and interesting reading materials. I have been skipping the trial because I didn’t want to hear that ALV trashing Travis. Mind you, he, like other boys/men, had his share of faults, I am sure, but he paid for all that during his last minutes of his life, and more.
    Defense puts him on trial whenever they can but I hope the younger looking(!) Mr. Martinez will shatter that and bring back the trial back on JA– hate even mentioning her initials- she is so vile.

    Thanks again & please take care.

  43. gramared says:

    The song is by Dido, and it’s title is “Here With Me.” Here are the lyrics!

    I didn’t hear you leave
    I wonder how am I still here
    I don’t want to move a thing
    It might change my memory

    Oh I am what I am
    I’ll do what I want but I can’t hide
    I won’t go I won’t sleep
    I can’t breathe until you’re resting here with me
    I won’t leave I can’t hide
    I cannot be until you’re resting here with me

    I don’t want to call my friends
    They might wake me from this dream
    And I can’t leave this bed,
    Risk forgetting all that’s been

    Oh I am what I am
    I’ll do what I want,
    But I can’t hide
    I won’t go, I won’t sleep,

    I can’t breathe,
    Until you’re resting here with me
    I won’t leave, I can’t hide,
    I cannot be until you’re resting here with me

    Very weird!

  44. Go to 32:00 in this video-Jodi gives a little laugh and says, “still hate me?” Can you hear it too? TIA

    Video-Jodi in interrogation room

  45. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I watched the video last night and tried to see where Jodi was saying “still hate me” and laughs. Do you know exactly where it is because I never could hear it? Of course, going deaf could hinder me!! jk

    Go to 32:00 minutes and listen…SS

  46. Gramared… Thanks… now I know the lyrics it’s even weirder!

  47. Newbie – There is a certain amount of empathy that is evoked by someone who is as troubled as this young woman obviously is, but that modicum of emotion is quickly erased when I review the photographs of a young man brutally murdered, cut off from a future by this psycho woman. She ranks right up there with the 18-19-20-ish most evil IMHO.

  48. gramared says:

    Thanks, Snoopy. Try as I might, my computer isn’t cooperting and freezes at 31.50 – I know, very weird, but my computer is being very weird.

    When you set it at 31:50, turn the video off and then on again..sometimes that works for me. It also may depend on your browser…I use Chrome all the time now and find it great.~~SS

  49. I finished watching all the interrogation videos of Jodi that David Lohr put up on youtube. I believe there were 18 in total and each one around 30 minutes in length.

    If a layperson were to watch these videos, they would immediately say Jodi was insane. Jodi doesn’t come close to being declared legally insane.

    Actions speak louder than words and while Jodi was by herself in the interrogation room, she was being observed through the one-way window. In fact, Jodi checked out the window. I could not be sure if Jodi knew she was being observed and that the video and audio were engaged. For instance, Jodi picked the recorder off the table and tried to see if she could turn it off or mess with it in some way.

    Jodi folded up a couple sheets of paper, and put them in her shirt pocket but noticed they were visible so hid them in the waist band of her pants. The female detective asked Jodi to turn them over to her when she came back in the room.

    I have to give Jodi credit….she has a beautiful singing voice.

    The female detective gave Jodi a sheet of paper and told her she could write Travis’ g/mother a letter and then left… so what does Jodi do? She writes with her right hand! Jodi is very suspicious and figured LE was tricking her into giving a sample of her writing….This girl doesn’t miss a beat.

    Jodi being a narcissist was so very evident… standing on her head so the blood would rush to her cheeks is cheap rouge…swinging her head to do her hair, wetting her finger and lining her eyebrows…she even fixed her eye lashes, picking away at them and then came the nail manicure not to forget her toenails…

    No one can tell me that Arias is not a psychotic, narcissist stalker BUT she is not criminally insane. She is insanely jealous tho…

  50. Thanks for all the great comments here today. I was hoping La Violette would be coming to the end of her testimony for the defense so Martinez could have a go at her. I noticed Willmott got a jump up on Juan by getting La Violette to correct her mistake of telling Martinez Jodi told her Travis’ was masturbating to little boys on the puter. I wonder if Juan tricked Willmott into doing that so the door would be open for him to discuss it. When Juan took La Violette’s deposition, she WAS under oath. hmmm

  51. Karen C. says:

    Yup, I hear it- “Still hate me? Hee hee”, and then something else perhaps. But, WHAT in the world is she doing in that bizzarro position curled up cocktail-shrimp like in the chair? Strange is right! The one adjective most everyone used with her….

  52. Karen C~~Jodi had to be saying that to Travis. I hope that girl never ever sees the light of day. She is someone who will kill again… I still wonder who was going to be in the sights of her 9mm.

  53. Karen C. says:

    Oh, now we KNOW what he had probably said to her right before his death- “Oh, I hate you…”, over her refusal to let him break off.

  54. Vicky says:

    Good Morning Ladies, I’m going a bit off topic here, so feel free to ignore.
    When ALV first began testifying, I found her to be very knowledgeable and credible. However, her misguided support for Jodi as an emotionally abused victim got me to thinking about the level to which both Jodi and Travis emotionally abused each other, and if in the absence of any diagnosable mental disorder (which there obviously was), was their relationship as unhealthy as ALV and the defense team would have us all believe? I am not a PhD, but I am exposed to psychologists and social workers five days a week and have learned a great deal from them. By what I am hearing from her, DLV is completely ignoring one of the most clinically supported approaches to maintaining healthy relationships. According to the latest research, couples that have no conflict tend to separate as much as those who have conflict. As a matter of fact, negativity Is important in healthy relationships (paraphrased).

    According to Dr. Gottman, the psychologist who pioneered this research, one key to a healthy relationship Is maintaining a 5:1 ratio, 5 positive to every 1 negative interactions. Mainstream couples therapists support this research and many use Gottman’s approach in couples counseling. His research is also being studied for application when it comes to other human interactions, including parent-child and other relationships. Of course physical aggression is unacceptable under any circumstances, but ALV would have us believe that verbal altercations are as damaging as physical ones. That simply isn’t true unless a negative comment is not buffered by 5 positive ones. Based upon Jodi’s written communication, their verbal interactions met, if not exceeded, the 5:1 ratio. Not once did she claim physical abuse in her journals, texts or conversations with others. Therefore, I maintain that it was Jodi’s personality disorder(s) that led to Travis’ death, not their negative interactions which actually seemed to be few and far between.
    I am providing a link to Gottman’s blog for anyone who might be interested in his research, which at this point is far less boring than listening to the direct examination of LaViolette. 🙂


  55. Vicky says:

    Good Morning America reports that they have had contact with juror #5. they did not name her, only indicating that she is an immigrant and will not discuss the case or why she was dismissed until the jury reaches a verdict. She does not want to give the defense any other excuse to request a mistrial.. I don’t have a link, I was listening.

  56. Karen C. says:

    Interesting article in HuffPo about a truly abused woman acquitted of killing her husband, in Alaska. Major differences here- she had a restraining order, documented medical injuries, he actually did own guns, and she dialed 911 immediately after she killed him.


    Couldn’t be more different from our Knife-Wielding Maniac….

  57. Vicky says:

    I did find the statement provided by juror #5 on another blog
    “In the past few days I have been a part of discussion and interest in the murder trial case of Jodi Arias. For the past three months I have been fulfilling my duty as one of the jurors in the case of Jodi Arias.  Jodi Arias’ attorneys have filed a motion asking for a mistrial or that Juror 5 is removed from the jury, which led to my removal.

    As a juror that has been removed from the jury, I would like to remind everyone that the murder trial case of Jodi Arias is still going on and that the time and money being invested in this trial are more relevant and important than my removal from the jury.

    Until the verdict in murder trial case of Jodi Arias is reached I will not make any statements or give any interviews regarding my removal from the jury.  I believe that the attention should be focused on the actual trial. I would ask from everyone to please respect my privacy and the privacy of my family.”


    Now I am off to work. 🙂

  58. Karen C. says:

    Here’s a thought- anyone else getting the general idea that ALV has not actually read through the journals, texts, etc., just whatever Nurmi’s cherry-picked for her? She did say, when shown the actual physical journal that she had not seen it yet- and they keep entering the copies of pages in as evidence….

  59. Of course they were cherry-picked…. and of course the witness (ALV) in order to be hired has to present ‘the best case’ for the defense. But presumably the jurors after all these days can see for themselves that however much the defense wants them to believe their BS, that doesn’t make it so. I am eager to see Yummy Juan at work on this…

  60. gramared says:

    Snoopy…. I finally heard Jodi’s weird remark on the tape. She says another word after the “still hate me.” Could you detect what it was? My computer was on the fritz last night, and I spent hours scanning and defraggin’. Tis working again in time for the trial. Thanks for your help.

    I suspect LaV might be ill because she knows Juan is on the way, that, and all the garbage she has been regurgitating about Jodi. Enough to make anyone sick.

  61. Rewatching the interrogation tapes, I can see how she tries and tries to manipulate the direction of the interrogation to try and create a different scenario… and blaming Travis – again.

  62. Any chance Jodi actually has two personalities? I would have gone for that kind of defense…

  63. gramared says:

    From AZ Central:
    9:50 a.m. (AZ time)
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #JodiArias judge finishes AM docket. Awaiting #Arias & all

  64. gramared says:

    It drives me crazy that LaV relays these “experiences” Jodi had with Travis, such as him choking her and her losing consciousness, like it’s FACT and not a LIE!!!!

  65. margaret says:

    Good Morning everyone, Snoops and gramared , after jodi says ” still hate me ” on the video I hear something that sounds like ” brat”. Do you guys hear that too?

    I’m thinking Nurmi and Willmot enjoy being paid by State of Arizona, because they show no sign of wrapping this up. I am so looking forward to Martinez getting his turn at LaV, but I cringe thinking about the clairvoiants getting to have another go at it. I think LaV could find a good excuse for jodi slashing Travis tires two different times..I am sick of them.

  66. “Approach.” “Approach.” If there is a carpet between the attorneys and the bench it must be worn through by now.

  67. Text accidentally sent? With no followup? I think it was intentional to try and aggravate Travis and when he replies and calls her a liar, he is beginning to get a picture of who she is… How I wish he had taken actions against her sooner.

  68. gramared says:

    Travis is on trial. Sad. LaV is trying to make Jodi sound like a saint and that she is sooooo sweet and so abused. LaV has fallen hook, line, and sinker for Jodi’s lies. If he doesn’t want details, why does Jodi give him details. Why would she tell him anything???

    Margaret… I couldn’t tell what that word was, and I’ll listen again later and try to determine.

    Sandy…I seriously doubt that Jodi ever did anything accidentally. She ALWAYS has an ulterior motive, and it’s not good.

  69. calipatti says:

    For me, LaViolette’s testimony has went on too long. Whatever credibility she had to start with has since been muddled. Her voice has and opinion have lost validly.
    The jury, no matter their instruction had formed a feeling toward Jodi. I no longer think LaViette is helping Jodi.
    I hope Martinez is able to stay on point when he does his cross and not become immeshed in the unimportant.
    I’m soooooo over Wilmott!

  70. Cali Patti~~I must be missing out on some things. I have not noticed Martinez getting enmeshed in anything unimportant. I did see him putting Jodi in her place which was the witness stand and let her know in no uncertain terms that he was the prosecutor. Juan brought out a side of Jodi that the jurors got to see. This is what Travis had to put up with. Jodi comes across as a nit picker who provoked Travis into arguments. No wonder he pounded his head on a closet door…and wanted to see the back of that bitch…with the exception of the free sex, of course.

  71. I expect Willmott will stretch her direct out until the court recesses for the weekend. La Violette looks tired…she will need to rest up before Martinez has a go at her…

  72. It is not character assassination to call someone a ‘sociopath’ if they are one… LaV’s testimony today is, therefore, inaccurate.

  73. gramared says:

    And WHO is the ONE who did the assassinating in this case!!!!!

  74. gramared says:

    It sounds like Travis finally got Jodi’s number and flipped, and this just adds to her motive as to why she killed him.

  75. In interrogation video #8 JA says “I knew how to get Travis mad in 5 seconds…” and almost smiles at the recollection…

  76. gramared says:

    Sandy…Do you recall where on the video JA said she can get Travis mad in five seconds? I’d like to see as little of JA as possible!!

  77. Gramared, it was about 10-15 minutes into the video #8, I’m guessing.

  78. margaret says:

    Good Lord is willmot ever going to shut up.? It is so sad that Lav is giving kudos to jodi , when all those texts she is basing it on , is nothing more than baiting Travis because she knows in May what his future holds if he doesn’t do as she says…

    It is so funny that the ex juror is in courtroom.. Nurmi will want protection when he leaves building.. LOL

  79. gramared says:

    Thanks, Sandy.

  80. The most concerning aspect of this day of testimony is that it does show Travis as someone who is contacting other women for sexting, photos, etc., and that Jodi was not the only one. But this could backfire on the Defense if Martinez uses it to prove that Jodi, having access to Travis’ emails, discovered his perfidy, his betrayal, and that it so enraged her she made a plan to go after him, and so NOTHING he said on June 4 would have redeemed him as she made herself into the avenging angel of Death.

  81. I wonder if there is any way to prove 100% that Travis wrote those text msges and IM’s the latter part of May/2008….I hope someone checked the IP #’s of the computer they originated from… Jodi had all Travis’ passwords and she is very sneaky… a lot of her journal entries are embellished to make Travis out to be the bad guy and her a saint…

  82. In one of the interrogation videos… Jodi said…”we didn’t discuss Travis'” and then turned her head to the left and said, “yuk”….this was in reference to talking to one of her friends.. after Travis’ murder. I cannot remember which video but I believe it was with Flores…

  83. Yeah, it would not surprise me if Jodi took on Travis’ persona and was sending those messages to the women and pretending to be him…

  84. Even if Travis was an abusive boyfriend, there is evidence that Jodi walked away from him, but then she re-activated the relationship… why was that? There are a lot of abusive relationships, and some really are life-threatening for individuals, but I think it was a lot more dangerous for Travis than it ever was for Jodi.

  85. Martinez is like a pit bull, and not giving up any ground with LaV….

  86. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss Sandy hugs to everyone…he’s my man….

    wooooooooooot woooooooooot

  87. I think Martinez is going to piss off a lot of people by pushing on the Snow White issue… I think I know where he’s trying to go, but he needs to get to the heart of it; that LaV does not have the credentials to evaluate anyone as battered.

  88. I wonder now if Martinez, knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere specific in a short time, deliberately decided to use the Snow White seminar as a way to put LaV on guard and realize that he knows a lot about her and her history…and he will uncover her weaknesses….

  89. gramared says:

    The only worry I have about JM is that he might tick off some on the jury who don’t appreciate (as we do) his approach. He’s like a laser, knowing where he’s going with his line of questioning, but some are left in the dark. At this point, you wonder how much more time the jury wants to spend on this case, no matter how entertaining!

    Sandy, you’re probably right about JM knowing that he didn’t have time to get into anything meaty, so he decided to have Snow White as a snack and totally confuse LaV.

  90. Martinez is comparing Snow White the battered woman to Jodi Arias the battered woman…

    Both fictional as far as the battering goes…..Jodi’s recount to La Violette was all fictional (lies)

    I see where Martinez is going…

  91. Jodi never said anything negative about Travis in her journals as there was nothing to tell… she had to make up a lie and say Travis made her tear pages out and/or she wouldn’t write negative things in her journal….once the journals came into evidence….Jodi had to trash Travis to save her own skin… and so for five years she fabricated….

  92. gramared~~Snow White as a snack….luv it!! I mentioned ages ago that I wondered if Martinez would mention Snow White…I never thought for a minute he would and am totally shocked…

  93. margaret says:

    The trial has ended on CBS5 KPHO , where I watch trial. Court has ended and Martinez and Nurmi wanted to speak to judge in private, camera showed seal then came back on showing courtroom,LaV gets down from witness stand and walks over to Nurmi, they hug and smile at each other, she leaves. Never saw a witness hug one of the lawyers in courtroom.. LaV was looking at mrs willmot and smiling at each other during Martinez short interrogation. I don’t think she will smile too much come Monday. God bless Juan, he’s the best.

  94. I think something else is happening at the courthouse..???? I don’t think the judge should allow Juror #5 in the courtroom…. I see trouble brewing…

  95. AHA! Based on the content in the hidden journals. Now we finally have proof that everything Jodi wrote in her prior Journals were nothing more than the same thing that comes out of her mouth – LIES LIES LIES! I’ve said it from the beginning. In the words of Bridget Jones “Everybody knows diaries are full of crap”!

    I’m so tired of ALV going on and on about Jodi being violated and abused. She is basing everything on what Jodi says. But furthermore she is completely ignoring professional training in this field and that is to get some kind of proof not just someones word. She HAS to KNOW by NOW that Jodi is a pathological LIAR. Why put all your opinions based on ONE as aspect of the mountains of other documents, evidence, etc as viable proof? I don’t understand this woman. Its as if she hates men in general……

  96. I forgot to say I’M TIRED OF THE VICTIM BEING ON TRIAL HERE. This is disgusting and a complete travisty of justice.

  97. I also need to say this. Kurt Nurmi walking back into court the morning of the dismissal of Juror#5 is completely unprofessional. I can see Jodi doing it because she’s a bitch with a axe to grind because she hates the fact that she got caught but Nurmi??? Excuse me but THAT’S grounds for a mistrial right there. And Jennifer Willmott is the biggest baby this side of the Mississippi. When she learns how to question someone properly is when she will earn her so called qualification as being a DP attorney and NOT before. She can’t get past 2 questions without asking a leading question and on top of that she can’t remember what she asked them because 10 minutes later she’s asking them the same question again.

  98. Pippin~~Alyce La Violette said today that a woman only has sex with a man to please him. women only like the foreplay… She sure as hell doesn’t live on the same side of the tracks as this old girl. I think she may be a man hater….

  99. Pippin~~apparently Willmott is DP qualified… but HLN has been known to get their info wrong…

    Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott as Arias’ new death penalty-qualified defense attorney. Between now and the new start date of October 17, Willmott will get up to speed on the case and Arias’ self-defense strategy.



  100. From HLN… Jodi has gotten into trouble behind bars on seven different occasions …fighting with another woman in July/09… others were for mostly stealing especially pens…

  101. I know I hate that Snoopy. I can’t believe she’s DP qualified because she’s so immature. Did you see that smirk on her face when ALV was arguing with JM? It seems to me that ALV has been rehearsed on how to play the semantics game with JM. Clearly they don’t realize that YOU don’t ask questions or make snide remarks to the Prosecutor. She’s going to be sorry she started out of the gate with him this way.

    Also forgot to mention this. Heard last night that Jodi has NOT been a model prisoner.

    She’s been reprimanded several times and punished once for disobeying her Jailor.

    She’s been caught 3 different times hiding 2 extra pens. The last time they were hidden in her shampoo. Now I ask ya……what good would they be to her after soaking in a bottle of shampoo??

    Something else I forgot – I’m sure you’ll hear about it.

    I would like to know what do people think of Jodi’s artwork??

  102. Newbie says:

    I’ve not been able to watch the trial this week and have been trying to catch up each evening. Seems there has been a lot “poppin”. So glad this blog is here to help a person see what is happening.
    Snoops, I think Alyce La Violette has missed a lot in life….lol. Now, back to what else happened today.

  103. Marilyn N says:

    SS: It makes me nervous to have juror #5 sitting there as well. I hope she sees that it’s not worth
    the trouble and stays home next week.

  104. margaret says:

    I did it again sorry Snoops…

    It’s okay hon, I will kiss it and make it all better…~~SS

  105. gramared says:

    Pippin….I agree that those diaries only prove that everything JA says is a LIE. Who writes such elaborate lies in one’s journal unless they are planning for what might happen down the road – like getting caught for Travis’ murder and having the journal be part of her alibi. She is one manipulative, conniving, psychopatic butcher. Who knows how long JA was planning on killing Travis. It could have been months.

    Here’s JA’s problems in jail:


  106. snowynyte says:

    Hey Pippin, JA’s doodling is sooo high school, FYI

    Sending high five’s to all! “Heat is Juan!”

    OMG, I looked at your name real quick and thought Snow White sneaked in here..lol~~SS

  107. Didn’t Jodi draw a picture of Snow White with a black eye? It seems Jodi tailored her life story around Snow White once she knew La Violette would be a witness…hmmmmm???

    Check the pic out here….


  108. The prosecutor in Jodi Arias’ murder trial on Thursday attacked a defense expert who said Arias is a victim of domestic violence, saying the expert once concluded Snow White was a battered woman.

    Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez challenged domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette’s opinion that Arias was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her former boyfriend, slaying victim Travis Alexander, 30. LaViolette gave a presentation in 2012 that found Snow White was a battered woman, which the prosecutor said shows the expert can find abuse in situations she knows very little about, including “myths.”

    “What this shows us is that even if it’s a myth — all made up — you can come up with the opinion that the person is a victim of domestic violence,” Martinez said.

    Read more here…. also video….scroll down…


  109. Judge Stephens made my day… Whiner Willmott kept objecting and the Judge kept overruling the objections… just awesome… At one point, It looked like Jennifer started to say, “may we approach?” and Stephens overruled it before Willmott could finish..

  110. margaret says:

    I missed a lot last week with my grandchildren being on spring break , I tried to find my answer to a question, but like Samuels I cannot stand to listen to LaV.. Where have these so called secret diaries been hidden and why are they only coming out now? Did she keep two sets or are they pulling another fast one.

  111. Clearly if LaV prefers women partners, she will be looking for all kinds of justifications as to why men are NDG and are abusers… hope Juan probes HER history a little bit for that bias as I am sure it is there. I expect that LaV will be spending the weekend with the Defense team trying to prepare for the balls (pun intended) that The Juan will lob over into her court… should be a lively Monday!

  112. calipatti says:

    I understand juror #5 wanting to be in court. She started something and might want to see how it ends. Besides with how happy Jodi and Nurmi were that she was tossed, she is saying ” Hey, look at me I’m back! Took some guts for her to show up. I’m thinking she did not do anything wrong, just gave the appearance of wrong doing. Judge played it safe by excusing juror #5. Again, a gutsy young woman.

  113. I agree patti she is brave and I think it also says to Jodi….hah! here I am – you can’t get rid of me .

  114. Snoops

    Who does ALV think battered Snow White? The seven dwarves? 🙂

  115. Newbie says:

    Well, while I have various emotions as this case proceeds, nothing changes the fact this was a brutal, preplanned murder. IMO, all the defense has done was use this trial to try to soften the decision that is to be made in the penalty phase. If one out of that jury is associating with being in an abusive relationship, the death penalty will not be applied. Just my opinion.

  116. First off, I have nothing against a person’s sexual orientation. I am however against a person professing to be an expert in assessing domestic violence when that person is biased. A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video of Alyce La Violette and about 15 minutes into the video I noticed a pattern and the route that La Violette was taking. This woman would be better off counselling women in lesbian relationships and in which she is more familiar. Take a peek at the following and judge for yourselves.

    Gender Fairytales and Domestic Violence

  117. La Violette again… did she or did she not use Snow White as an example in her talk? Again judge for yourself.
    Was Snow White a Battered Woman?

  118. I agree, Mainstreamfair, that a person’s preferences for whom they love and how they love is their own business, until that love turns abusive and creates unwanted pain of any kind. My issue is, as you suggested, that LaV has a bias which is leaking into her semi-professional opinion and because she does not have a PhD, you can bet that our Number Juan is going to put her on the defensive in a lot of ways on Monday… or at least she will be edgy and he will surprise her and not confront her, except to show that she does not have the professional credits to make the judgments she’s been making, for however much per hour she is being paid. Wonder why the defense could not find a PhD to defend JA? Perhaps because they would never jeopardize their credentials by testifying she is something she is not?

    The state of Arizona pays La Violette $250 per hour plus $300 per hour when she is on the stand testifying. She chalked up 44 hours interviewing Jodi alone and goodness knows how many more hours reading etc. ~~SS

  119. debl115 says:

    I just searched LaViolete on Amazon, clicked on the first book that comes up, and went to the “comment” section. People are having a field day on there, protesting all of her books, and there is even an open letter to Sage (her publisher). Pretty interesting stuff, and a lot of great comments. http://www.amazon.com/Open-Letter-SAGE-Publications-Inc-/forum/FxKEIETAAQ4S4L/Tx5Y6QTTCR16O6/1/ref=cm_cd_fp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=1452277745

    Thanks, debl115! Wow, La Violette has sold her career down the creek. As one comment stated, “professional suicide”…. promoting her book while fabricating domestic abuse and giving goddess Jodi an excuse to slaughter a good MAN~ ~ SS

  120. debl115 says:

    Another good article about La V. This site has a lot of interesting articles on Jodi, also.

  121. calipatti says:

    I was surprised from what I had read about LaViolette that she decided to testify in this case. I thought she would be more middle of the road with her testimony. I suppose she has time to explain herself.
    I understand about the title of he speech, needing a catchy phrase, it’s done all the time. I wish she had not used anything from that speech in her evaluation of Jodi.
    I had hoped LaViolette and still hope (not much of a chance) she will not be biased in her evaluation. Yes I understand how defense witness’s testify and why they are hired.
    At $250. X 60 ( 16 hrs readg/44hrs w/Jodi) + $300. X 20 hrs testifying == $18,000 and could be much higher.

  122. calipatti says:

    I might have added wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong for professionals to be paid. When they are paid these dollar amounts then they need to be professional not so biased.

    It’s about time you traded in your abacus, Cali…lol~~SS

  123. OMG she’s bringing up Wonder Woman now in her speech. (ON THE VIDEO) . If she’s gay they should’ve disclosed that at the beginning. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with being gay but I think this may put her mind in a specifice “mind set” if she is which I think is wrong.

    Someone on NG or Dr Drew also said she put her career on line testifying this way. I’m thinking at this point since the public is so familiar with the JA case – ANY expert is putting their career on the line by associating with the DEFENSE!

    Lesson learned folks – DON’T sacrifice your ethics to make money!

    Pippin~ ~ I was still typing when you posted…read below, I sort of let it all hang out..not Wonder Woman..I can’t keep up with the dwarfs…lol~~SS

  124. thanks Deb for your links

  125. When Alyce LaViolette first got on the stand, I really admired her but as day two ended, my whole perspective of her changed. That is one reason I set about to find some answers. I did watch a video of Alyce a couple weeks ago but felt I may have made a mistake in judging her after listening to her for those two days. Well, I ended up back at, “who is Alyce LaViolette?”

    I went back and re watched about 30 minutes of the video, “Gender Fairytales and Domestic Violence.” That was about all I could stomach. I couldn’t care less if God is masculine or feminine, anyone is gay or straight, religious or an atheist, just don’t try and shove it down my throat by disguising it in a fairy tale and coming off as a comedian while making fun of the male gender.

    Here is an example….during her talk…Alyce describes a woman in labor…her husband is sitting up in the rafters with rope tied around his genitals…the pregnant woman is down below holding the rope…every time she has a contraction, she yanks on the rope. Alyce got roars from her audience and was thrilled to hear a loud groan from a man.

    La Violette said she used Snow White in order to have a ‘catchy title’ ..I think Gender Fairytales speaks volumes, don’t you? I guess it depends on which gender you wish to catch the eye of.

    This same comedian/woman/feminist/???/???/??? is an expert witness for the defense. How can she be unbiased in assessing Jodi. LaViolette thinks that any sex between a man and woman is a form of abuse. She said that a woman only submits to her husband to please him or in other words to satisfy his sexual appetite. The woman only gets her satisfaction from the foreplay. This leads me to believe that Alyce looks upon penetration as abuse so therefore, a woman submits herself to abuse from her partner to keep harmony in the relationship, marriage or whatever.

  126. Snowynyte
    Thanks for your opinion. I wondered what others thought because personally I think her artwork is extremely formulaic. in other words it looks as if Jodi took one of those art courses that you send away for. They used to have adds in the back of magazines but I’m sure they have them online now – I’ve never looked but its a guess.

    Jodi’s artwork while it may look to some like she’s talented is really just a specific training she did in order to “draw”. Its very commercial and extremely “common” – doesn’t really demonstrate any sort of “real” artistic talent per se – it demonstrates training to be able to draw a certain way. I’m not impressed at all but I may be – being a little snotty because I am an artist and my personal preference is NOT commercial art. Its hard for me to define commercial art – what I mean is that I don’t like the stuff you see that has a “common” look to it. For example when something becomes popular all of a sudden you will see it everywhere – they artwork is simple and very colorful but in a good way it looks mass produced. Thats all I can think of to describe commercial art.

  127. Pippin~~I doubt if Richard Samuels will get many offers for evaluations, LaViolette may as well hang up her shingle and I cannot see Willmott and Nurmi getting rave reviews. That may sound like I am biased but not so… I used to give Baez credit when he put up a good argument for different motions.

  128. Pippin~~I remember there was an advertisement in the back of “True Story” Or “Real Romance”…it was a pic of a girl’s side profile and you could send away to learn to draw….I never sent away for the course but I sure could draw the pic of the girl at lightning speed.. Oh gawd, I never realized how old I am… lol

  129. snowynyte says:

    Hey Miss Pippin,

    IMO, JA’s “art” is too flat, and has no dimension, therefore, very high schoolish. When I took drawing in college, I was taught to work the pencil strokes to give the objects volume. On facial features, most of what JA sketched/drew, there are natural “hills and valleys” that would use different strokes of the pencils (in her case colored pencils). I did not dissect her work, mind you, because anything hers is repulsive to me but the initial impression was “nothing to write home about.” Some are better than others but still.

    Snoopy, I watched the beginning of the 48hrs special that included previously unseen footage and I caught this liar claiming to be “an artist and a photographer.” What a laugh! Her artistic pieces are high schoolish at most and her photo’s are basically of herself, no different angles, no meaning to each photo accept she is right in the middle of every one. Not one photo I have seen is trying to relay any message, except the love of herself. I think she even went on to say “getting outside of (her) comfort zone and getting in front of the camera…” Reallly??

    There are no words to describe this being. I just know she has no place among us and just being locked away is a waste of space, the space that she doesn’t deserve.

    So looking forward to Monday to see more of Mr. Martinez in action.

    G’nyte, all! Enjoy your weekend!

  130. Vicky says:

    I suppose some battered women might feel empowered by LaViolette’s approach to defining/identifying domestic violence (obviously Jodi has become a follower), but little that she testified to during her final hours on the witness stand is based on current research. Although the CDC has identified potential risk factors for domestic violence (which does in fact include child abuse) and intimate partner violence, to date researchers have been unable to classify DV or DVS under the disease model. Therefore, DVS it is not considered to be an illness in and of itself, rather the result of other underlying issues and illnesses. So, JM was correct when he pointed out that domestic violence syndrome is not acknowledged in the DSM.
    IMO, LaViolette has sold out true feminists. I have spent my entire adult life teaching my kids (female and male) and others to look beyond gender when viewing their role in the world, to never allow their gender to define them (beyond reproductive roles), to embrace and respect the inherent differences between males and females, that within each of us are feminine and masculine attributes, never to make another person responsible for their happiness or actions, honor the Golden Rule, to advocate for equal rights, to examine their role in conflict, accept accountability for their actions, etc. I even taught them that Jesus was a feminist. LOL
    It angers me, that as a self proclaimed feminist, ALV sat on that witness stand and basically told the jury that Jodi should be given a pass because as a female, she was destined to be abused if she met the wrong man, and Implied that killing her abuser was equally unavoidable. Worse yet, she trashed a male victim who was brutally murdered. Something she would never have done had the victim been a female.
    Jodi Arias did not grow up in a bubble. She grew up in the 80s and 90s, not during the frigging pre-feminist/equal rights movement era. So did my kids. Kids of that generation are neither the same, nor do they view the world the same way as ALV. Jodi’s actions as a teen proves she was far from easily intimidated. She did not demonstrate respect for or adherence to expectations within her family, and actually left home before finishing school to avoid rules and “abuse” (consequences). Jodi is no damn Snow White!
    I hope JM can use ALV’s ignorance to his advantage and uses her misguided testimony to reaffirm to the world that there are true victims and/or survivors of domestic violence and that Jodi Arias is NOT one of them. Travis Alexander is the victim in this case and it is high time the focus is returned to his brutal premeditated murder, which was committed by a cold blooded female (yes, LaViolette, modern women can be cold blooded) who would make Satan proud.

  131. debl115 says:

    Good night, ladies, can’t wait for Juan on Monday 🙂

  132. Vicky says:

    Oh, oh, I’ve been moderated.
    Guess I best quit while I’m ahead. LOL
    Good Night.

    I don’t know what is going on with WordPress for you to go into mod.. I only have a couple buzz words that will send you to mod. One is the F word… and it only takes 3 letters in succession to catch you in the mod trap…If you write luck, the ‘uck’ will trap you. It is the same with numbers if I have to put an IP number in to ban a troll. ~~SS

  133. Yeah you’re right snowynyte – her pictures are of people all the time. I’m sure she took some of scenery – places she’d been but I haven’t seen any and I seriously doubt they would be of quality.

    One of my sisters – who’s a way better artist than I am – took up photography about 8 years ago. She’s gradually become better and better. She’s been on trips where she went specifically to take pictures. Has a thing for bridges so she went upstate new york and vermont – took pics of old bridges they came out so nice.

    She likes barns too and has gone to Montana and Wyoming for that. Last time we were together we were in Reno for a friend’s family reunion (we’re part of their extended family because we’ve known them since I was 5 or 6.) Anyway, Rainey (my sis) was taking pictures of the lights above us in the hotel. I forgot which hotel it was but it was your typical semi-nice casino hotel. I started laughing at her until she showed me the pics on her digital – she was using a special lens that put this really cool effect on them. The lights themselves were actually pretty nice and I would never had noticed them if my sister didn’t point them out.

    The point I’m trying to make is that she’s self taught (like Jodi I assume – cause I can’t see her taking a class since she didn’t graduate from high school) but she uses her artistry to do different things to her pics PLUS she does all these different angles. I can’t see Jodi doing that because she’s not that “versatile”. Oh hell bells she’s just NOT smart at all. I’m sick and tired of hearing people say she’s smart. She’s NOT. she knows how to memorize things but that’s it.

    I remember one of the first things Jodi said when she was on the stand on direct was she talked about how she had just finished the book “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck. I’ve read that book and I thought OMG she couldn’t possible have understood it.
    But what’s funny about that is I just discovered she said it to Det. Flores during her interrogation too! That was 5 years ago. So which is it Jodi? hmm? maybe its the only title she can remember….lol

  134. Snoops – yep those are the ones I’m talking about – use to be in the back of magazines on their advertising pages. ha ha.

    I agree about Samuels and ALV. In fact, I think as Vicky pointed out a while back that Samuels is probably going to be reviewed by the medical board. There have been multiple doctors on tv and in blogs who are really miffed at his unprofessional diagnosis not to mention he ONCE AGAIN crossed the line by sending gifts and greeting cards to Jodi. I’ll bet he sent those cards to her after viewing all those naked pictures of her. I wouldn’t say he has feelings for her but I do think he had a hard on for her. (hope I don’t get into trouble for writing that) I think he’s going to be in some trouble.

    As far as ALV – she is taking some criticizm all over the net so like I said before she should’ve never sacrificed her ethics for money…..oh well her problem.

    Unfortunately I think Willmot and Nurmi will survive this because there are so many criminals out there that will probably think of them the next time they get in trouble…..
    Seriously, I think those two need lessons in communication. And both of them are so boring. they can’t and never will command any attention in the courtroom.

  135. margaret says:

    Good morning all, I have spent some time this morning looking at sites about LaV . I so hope she has done the same, along with Nurmi and Wilcott. I haven’t read a single comment or story that was in her favor. On Change.Org ,some people have a petition to ban her from giving her speeches in Ar. I think that if she is reading all this stuff about herself, she will have lost that stupid smirk she has when back in court facing ” Juan , the heat “… Gotta luv him.

    While looking at Change.Org. there is a petition for” Travis Law ” preventing the trashing of the victim without positive proof.

    Hope everyone has a great week end..Rest up and prepare for ” The Heat” and Snow White collision on Monday…

  136. calipatti says:

    I feel bad for LaViolette and this fiasco she has chosen to become involved in.
    LaViolette was instrumental in getting domestic violence defense into the courtroom in California.
    I can only guess why she is the way she is now, stubbornly misinformed. It’s as if she is fighting the fight of 30 years ago and has not educated herself in the new findings in domestic violence. LaViolette chose to do this trial and it will probably be her last.
    A sad ending.

    So true! Jodi’s evil can have a domino effect and take down more people and not just the victim, Travis Alexander. La Violette comparing Jodi to a battered woman has upset many people.~~SS

  137. snowynyte says:

    Snoopy & Yakkers,

    Here is an article re: ALV…

    “I was so offended by this woman, who claims to be invested in helping domestic abuse victims, that I had to turn off the sound at times. She regurgitated Jodi Arias’s lies and confabulations, as if they were documented by reality, not Arias’s shifting version of truth.”

    Please read more here: http://www.cbsnews.com/8601-504083_162-57577992.html?assetTypeId=41

    Enjoy, and please let me know what you think? 🙂

  138. Snowynyte ~~what do I think? La Violette is now ‘cooked Mother Goose’….and she did it all to herself….

    An excerpt from your link…To accuse poor Travis Alexander of being 1. An abusive maniac; 2. A non-virgin at 30; 3. A pervert; 4. A pedophile ;5. A pedophile who collects kiddie porn on young boys; 6. A fraud as a spiritual leader; 7. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, who leads young innocent women astray; 8. A potential murderer, in so far as Jodi had to shoot him (with HIS fake gun) to preserve her life, and when, like the living dead zombie movies, he kept on coming at her, he had to be stabbed, 29 times, and nearly decapitated, exsanguated and then left to rot in a shower stall.

    To Ms La Violette, Travis had one big strike against him…. He was MALE…need I say more?

  139. snowynyte says:


    People are talking about all the negative reviews that ALV’s book is receiving on Amazon.com; like you said, she did it all by herself, to herself, and for herself just because of $$. She appeared to have sold her integrity for $18,000 (somewhere I read).

    La Violette will end up with well over $25,000 just for assessing the case and testifying. That figure does not include her travelling expenses that are also paid by the state. She also banked on free advertising for her upcoming book…the one she took out of moth balls…~ ~SS

  140. snowynyte says:


    I cannot use the “reply” function on WordPress, please forgive my ignorance. I typed a reply to you, I think, about 3 times (I am getting better at it now lol). Basically it goes like this:
    Serious photographers choose their subjects because the topic is interesting, intriguing, mesmerizing, enchanting… in other words, there is a pull of some kind. When you see a photograph, you react, you feel, and hopefully move you and that image stay in your memory because it had an impact. In this way it comes art. In JA’s case the only thing that “pulls” JA is herself, because her photos are all about herself and not much more. The reason I would remember some of them is because I have seen them too many times and how vile she is IMO. Yuck!
    JA’s identical statement regarding a book she “just finished reading” or something like that is how she tries to appear cultured. How do I know? Sadly I know a person who is just like JA (to a lesser degree though, thank God) and she does the same thing.
    Hope your sister’s photography endeavors go well. Isn’t it amazing what potentials are hidden within us all? 🙂

  141. Vicky says:

    I am going to venture a guess as to why on earth LaViolette gambled on testifying on behalf of JA. One of my areas of professional knowledge is risk focused prevention. I became a certified Prevention Specialist bak in the 90s and am a firm believer in the use of prevention strategies in order to reduce violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, abuse, etc. When I listened to ALV’s videos and her testimony on the witness stand, it occurred to me that she supports prevention, but has misused or has misunderstood the use/purpose of data obtained in national surveys used to develop policy and risk focused prevention. IMO, ALV reviewed and misused the data from the most recent survey in preparation for her testimony and assertion that Travis abused JA.
    For example, just because women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, does not mean that women who claim victimization have been victimized. She makes a valid claim that people who verbally abuse their partners are more likely to physically abuse their partners, but that does not mean all verbally abusive partners are or will become batterers. She has also completely disregarded the data suggesting the prevalence of males who are victims of DV. The newest survey for violence against women was conducted in 2010. it surveyed both males and females.
    I have included a link for the CDC website that includes the survey questions and results for anyone interested. It is a lot of reading, but well worth it- IMO

    “To further the understanding of violence against women, the National Institute of Justice and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, jointly sponsored the National Violence Against Women Survey. Interviews were obtained from 8,000 women and 8,005 men who were 18 years of age or older residing in households throughout the United States in 1996. Respondents were asked about (1) their general fear of violence; (2) emotional abuse they had experienced by marital or cohabiting partners; (3) physical assault they had experienced as children by adult caretakers; (4) physical assault they had experienced as adults by any type of perpetrator; (5) forcible rape or stalking they had experienced by any type of perpetrator; and (6) threatened violence they had experienced by any type of perpetrator. The following reports were generated from the survey data:
    Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women 
    Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey
    Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Rape Victimization: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey”

  142. Vicky says:

    Here is another useful CDC link that provides information about intimate partner violence. The latest statistics show that 1 in 7 men are victims. Hopefully, JM has done his homework so he can corner ALV into acknowledging the data or demonstrate she hasn’t remained current on the latest research.

  143. calipatti says:

    Snowynite, Wow auto-spell has a blast with your name. I follow several photographers and on their sites are amazing photos. One man is so good it’s almost painful. One woman has drawn me into her life through her photos.
    Jodi’s photos are the same as my sons cell phone photos on Facebook. Not professional at all.
    Nat Geo and The Atlantic magazine sites explain the photos and why some are chosen and others are not. I’m attracted to bridges and snow scenes.

  144. snowynyte says:

    Hi Miss calipatti,

    Yes, for someone who has been toting the camera since at a young age, for her photos to be the facebook quality, what can you say about her? Not much. And the art works (for the lack of better words) that are being sold on eBay looks to be a high schooler’s work is actually drawn by a thirty-something… Not much to say about that either.

    She thinks and acts she is above everyone but you know what, I have tons of pens and pencils in my house, just rolling around, when she gets written up for keeping two taped under her sink in the jail…
    Guess who has the last laugh. Ha-Ha-Ha!

    Thanks, calipatti for sharing your thoughts. I am properly impressed by photography also. Bridges are pretty awesome and snow scenes bring a sense of peace, which I need now and then.

    Peace to ya! 🙂

  145. sarah0234 says:

    By Wendy Murphy, copyright 2013


  146. snowynyte says:

    Sarah & Margaret, thanks for the links. Enjoyed reading both. Margaret, doesn’t the liar’s entries after the murder gives you the chills? It’s something no normal person would think of doing… It screams premeditation IMO.

    I have a link to share with everyone & Miss Snoops. It is about a murder committed in the Arizona desert. This victim was also stabbed in the chest and her throat was slashed ear to ear. The victim’s sister, Kathy Monkman, has become an advocate for victims and she attends JA trial everyday on the Travis’s family side. On this webpage, after the introduction of the crime and the killers, Kathy’s victim’s impact statement included. From reading this statement I see what Travis’ family could be going through, specifically the sympathy for the “living” murders on the rise, and the murdered being blamed. It’s clear that Kathy was feeling unfairly treated by the court system and went as far to say she didn’t expect her impact statement to have any impact at all. Please read it here: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2009/07/retarded_german_killer_rudi_ap.php

  147. sarah0234 says:

    snowynyte: Thanks for the link. Wow! Incredible impact statement. I hope the court systems across the country take heed to her words.

    IMO, The Arias trial is basically doing the same thing to Travis’ family.

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