This motion is due to be heard on Monday morning at 9:am, April i5th.


COMES NOW, Ms Arias, by and through undersigned counsel to request that a mistrial be declared based on the prosecutorial misconduct that has infested these proceedings…. and so it goes on in part…

counsel for the State yelling at witnesses on a personal level and throwing evidence, chose to release evidence that was not coming into evidence to the media….and this must hurt Nurmi…

and to pose for pictures with his so called fans on the courthouse steps….and it goes on to mention a Salem Witch Hunt…and lastly which must reference Alyce La Violette…

berating witnesses via e-mail, telephone and in various internet forums. Said action has not only caused personal
distress to these witnesses but has made it difficult for them to provide effective testimony for Ms. Arias.


How the 12 News story on Juan Martinez originated
After a 12 news story on prosecutor Juan Martinez and his fan base is entered into evidence on a prosecutorial-misconduct hearing during the Jodi Arias trial, 12 news explains why the story was really done. You can watch the video HERE


Jodi Arias defense attorneys accuse prosecutor of misconduct by mingling with his fans outside of courthouse. Video


Jodi Arias prosecutor an unexpected leading man


Grace Wong is a producer for CNN/HLN.

She is the one whom the Judge ordered to be in court Monday morning, April 15th.

The judge told her (Grace Wong) that she could have her attorney present if needed.

I’m sure the cameras will be present and those who watch the trial LIVE STREAM will be able to see what this is all about.

It’s a HEARING where the jury will not be present. And, I’m also sure HLN will NOT be showing it!!

I believe L. Kirk Nurmi, Esq is not only defending his client, it seems he is trying to defend his honor. Remember when Martinez was doing his cross on Jodi and she was belligerent and taunting Juan.? She constantly complained about the way Juan posed his questions to her. It seems Kirk was having a field day, slouched back in his chair, finger up his nose and grinning from ear to ear and appeared to be quite amused at the way Jodi was handling the prosecutor.

It is a known fact around town that defense attorneys despise Juan Martinez for the simple fact they are no match for him in a courtroom but Nurmi was about to have a smaller fish to fry, Martinez.

Well it seems Nurmi was not prepared for what happened one day…Juan quickly went to the podium and leaning over it in Nurmi fashion said to Jodi, not verbatim…”Would you like me to ask the questions like this?” From that point on, Kirk was out for revenge.

I can see where Kirk would be envious about Juan’s fan club…take a peek at this…No Brad Pitt in this photo…

I think when we are looking around for misconduct, it can work both ways. I do not see Juan Martinez coaching his state witnesses from where he is sitting but I sure as hell have caught both Willmott and Nurmi doing this, especially to La Violette. They are both like tele prompters and La V many times looked over to the defense table for her cue. Folks, this is illegal and I am shocked Judge Stephens did not pick up on it and admonish them, second offense contempt of court.

How about a defense expert witness approaching the victims family? The real victim in this case, Travis Victor Alexander!!



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222 Responses to DEFENSE DESPERATION-Jodi Arias

  1. Wow, awesome Thank you!

    I didn’t know all this was happening behind the scene!

    And LaV is gonna get spanked for going up to the family! That’s off the hook, she should be incontempt!! I’d beat her ass if she did that to me!

    Welcome to my blog, Shannon!~~SS

  2. I always feel more comfortable writing in a comment box than making a post….

    Am I missing something here? The following was contained in the motion above… counsel for the State yelling at witnesses on a personal level and throwing evidence, chose to release evidence that was not coming into evidence to the media

    What evidence did Juan supposedly release to the media? Anyone??

    Juan dropped the camera. It cannot be proven he did it intentionally. He did not throw his pen, he placed it firmly on the desk. Nurmi should be glad he didn’t fire it at him.

    If Juan cannot get a witness to respond to his questions, he has to holler to get their attention. Can y ou just imagine Martinez tiptoeing up to Jodi and saying, “M’am, would you be so kind to answer the following question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’….I would be so grateful.”

    The following is not Martinez’ fault yet it is contained in the motion for a mistrial….berating witnesses via e-mail, telephone and in various internet forums. Said action has not only caused personal
    distress to these witnesses but has made it difficult for them to provide effective testimony for Ms. Arias.

    If Ms La Violette is having anxiety attacks because she is being trashed, how about Travis’ family? Maybe Alyce is having conscience attacks.

  3. I’ve seen a few trials in my day but I’ve never seen witness’s lie like this! i dont even know how to describe it!
    Do you think Lv will see herself on video, find out about all the evidence she clearly doesn’t know about? I wonder if she will even admit to herself!?

    To ADMIT in a motion their witness was ineffective – and Jaun made them do it is hysterical and pathetic!
    OMG! Lolo

    Shannon, raising the right hand and swearing to tell the truth doesn’t mean diddly squat these days. BTW, I just added you to my blogroll. ~~SS

  4. No she is not growing a conscience!! The venom in her as she refuses to miss an opportunity to say something nasty about Travis is unbelievable! Just like the killer!

  5. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, ABC filed a request for the release of Jodi’s journals under the freedom of information act and were provided them since they weren’t under any type of seal. If Nurmi thinks it is the prosecutor’s fault he needs to step back and consider the fact that his lack of foresight in not requesting that Judge Stevens seal those documents until the case was resolved is the reason the journals were released. Not that his request would have been granted.
    The defense wants to pick and choose how that information was used and although they managed to get info contained in the journals through LaViolette, it apparently did not occur to them that opening that door is the reason the press knew there were unreported journals out there and were available in transcribed form.

    The defense strategies they have decided to use have generated all of the public outcry, not Juan Martinez. Their battered woman defense was doomed from the get go. The defense team needs to put on their superman undies and get over it. As for LaViolette, if she couldn’t see that train wreck coming, shame on her. She picked the wrong case to further her cause, and the fact that the public has expressed outrage is in no way the fault of the State of Arizona. I am very sorry that there are people out there who have seen fit to threaten and harass her personally. That type of mob mentality is wrong. Those who have chosen that route should be dealt with on an individual basis. But asking for a mistrial is a waste of tax payer money since it won’t be granted and that decision will be held up under appeal. I am somewhat surprised that she has never had to deal with an acuual perpetrator making threats against her in the past. It would have better prepared her for the empty threats she has received over the past few weeks. I am personally disgusted that anyone would threaten her or Samuels.
    However, the criticism of her testimony is something she should have been prepared for, and is in my opinion well deserved.
    Jody Arias has no grounds for a mistrial and when convicted, the conviction will be upheld following the appeals process. IMO, she has been afforded an inordinate amount of leeway to present her defense. Just because Ms. Jodi Einstein Arias has been unable to outsmart the system does not mean her right to a fair trial has been compromised.

  6. Karen C. says:

    They have to work with some sort of dough, for an appellate issue. Play-doh here, it seems. But it’s on the record, wacko as it might be.

    I normally don’t post anything from the examiner but the following came in my mail alerts… Jodi is classified as indigent…SS

    Jodi Arias sale of artwork may cause officials to re-examine financial status

  7. Vicky~~great comment as per usual. Thanks for explaining about the journals…so that is what the defense is whining about…. Anyone making death threats to La Violette belong in Donavan’s league. I am sorry to say that the wrath directed at Alyce is justified. I wonder if she is too stubborn to realize it was self-inflicted.

  8. mystical pippin says:

    Snoops She’s mad and indignant over it. She cannot believe so many people hate her. She wanted fame and respect not this – IMO that’s the biggest reason she did this. She knew it would be a high profile case, so she thought to promote herself and her new book. I fully believe she wanted desperately to jump on that Fame Wagon.

    And now that its backfired d/t her unprofessionalism, lack of integrity and her inability to live in the 21st century she’s doing what every other full of themselves moron does. Refuses to accept responsibility for it. (hmm sounds like somebody else we know….)

    How dare she approach Travis’s family during the break. Who in the hell does she think she is? Clearly Alyce thinks she’s special just like Jodi does. she is just beginning to realize how many doemestic violence therapists, psychologists etc. around the world are speaking out against her. Her testimony has angered and disgusted them just as much as the women they treat. But I suspect it will be some time long after the trial’s over if ever when LaLa admits to herself she’s an idiot.

    Pippin~~La Violette has been successful in making herself her own worst enemy. Will she ever admit it? Not from what I have seen.~ ~ SS

  9. Karen C. says:

    One thing that really puzzles me is that there’s been no discussion anywhere of the phenomena of on-line rage, with regards to this case. LaV has accepted all these vitriolic texts allegedly from Travis (and I reserve judgement on that) on face-value. She really put a lot of stock in that one lengthy rant, for instance, and doesn’t seem to have incorporated the quite well-known fact that our on-line selves (especially when angry) can be truly over-the-top psycho in expression. Texting is a “safe” place to vent rage, especially if face-to-face confrontations have not achieved what the one party wants (like finally breaking up).

    Karen C~ ~ from what we know of Matt McCartney and Jodi…who can authenticate that those text msges were written by Travis? Remember Travis said to Jodi in one, “Did you use my phone without permission this morning?”~~SS

  10. omg I can’t believe I lost my whole million word comment! LOLOL but i’ll do it again later because I can’t wait to see what you guys say!! i’m so pissed!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrr why didn’t save as I went along!???

    PS. MainS, I didn’t notice the bold print notes you left on the comments! LOL until this morning! 😆

  11. you don’t have a twitter link, is it because you don’t want too many people here? because I wanted to let some peeps know about this info.. but i’ll just tell a few if that’s ok.? I don’t want you get an avalanche of crazy zealots threatening LAv, even though I haven’t really seen anyone actually threaten her. I was informed of a petition to have her removed from a schedule at a conference she was on, and I signed it with a comment about how incompetent she’s been on this case..there were over 3000 sigs at the time…sometime last week.. i’m going to look for it…

    Shannon~~it is the quality of the comments that matter not the quantity. I discourage threads being filled up with one-liner is the meaty ones that will hold the reader’s attention. ~~SS

  12. Marilyn N says:

    I guess both Jodi and LaV are in the same league, according to LV on the stand her retirement $$ is not looking good so they may both be indigent. (esp after this catastrophe!!)

  13. pjdoule says:

    When Alyce approached Travis’ sister she broke the law. Arizona has a victims bill of rights. She could get hit with a hefty fine!

    Welcome, pjdoule! Make yourself right at home here!~ ~SS

  14. Frank Romaniello says:

    Jodi was indeed a Battered Woman…don’t forget the crooked finger…ha ha ha…what a joke…LaV has definitely slapped the faces of all BATTERED Women…LaV should be self destructed by now…the biach…

  15. FYI~~ Just for the record…. I do not tweet… I also do not put in links to petitions or solicitations for donations. I just run a simple blog but I do have a moat surrounding this castle and it is full of hungry alligators at the ready. All newcomer’s comments go into moderation for approval…once approved you are free to comment…misbehave and you will be a snack for the

    Shannon…if you write a long comment…it is best to type it in notepad or whatever and do a copy and paste so you wont lose your hard work…it works for me…

  16. snowynyte says:

    welcome to all new yakkers!! thanks again to honorable ms. snoopy for running this great blog. i am one of those getting so much out of this blog (hoping to contribute as much when i grow up lol).

    I had seen on the (i think) website that a petition to take away JA’s ability to tweetin’… I know even the jail warden ‘s office said there isn’t anything they can do… 😦

    thanks for all the invaluable information! Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon… Monday is just a half-day away!!

    Snowy~~’honorable ms. snoopy= Snarky Old Backwoods Canadian Woman. As to Jodi tweeting, she is doing it through a third party, Donavan is typing out the tweets. It is legal for Jodi to make phone calls…Jodi’s counsel should have a chat with her especially since Nurmi is complaining about things being said in the media. His client is helping to stir the pot. ~~SS

  17. Vicky — Your words resonated strongly with me, and I especially liked your last sentence: “Just because Ms. Jodi Einstein Arias has been unable to outsmart the system does not mean her right to a fair trial has been compromised.” Too many defendants, believing themselves right or somehow victimized, don’t seem to realize it is just that attitude that got them in the fix they are in, unwilling to see another person’s point of view.
    That also goes for Ms. LaLa Violette, who stubbornly has stuck to her Tar Baby’s viewpoint, and now she is stuck to that Tar Baby for all to see. If she had only, only, only stepped back and looked at it through a set of ‘man-eyes’ she might have 1) realized how sticky the Tar Baby was going to get and 2) accepting the position of Defender of the Defendant she could have insisted that she was not going to compromise her ethics up front and if the Defense wanted her, it would be on those terms. I hope LaLa gets a chance to read various postings and begins to realize that when you run with the dogs, and lie down with those dogs, if you end up with fleas, it ain’t no one’s fault but yer own.

  18. Sarah says:

    About the Einstein Tweets: JA has her arse covered because she can always claim that Donavan is not doing so on her behalf. (I’ll only believe it if tapes are released of their phone conversations). Lie? Yes. Legally there’s not a darn thing anyone can do. In addition; I don’t believe Donavan either. Those two are thick as thieves. IMO, Donavan wants her name injected in this case like River Cruz did in the CA case. I also didn’t believe Cruz.

    I was referencing the AZ Victim Bill of Rights this afternoon (see below) and…….

    Click to access CrimeVictimsRightsLaws_0.pdf

    IMO, it depends on what LaV said or did to Samantha that may get her in trouble. Just saying hello is not illegal. Can’t wait until Tuesday to find the entire story. Will Samantha have to take the stand, I wonder.

    The mistrial hearing is a waste of time. I have no words.

  19. Sarah~~thanks for the link…. The following is what stood out to me… By La Violette testifying on the stand and trashing Travis, approaching Travis’ family and even uttering one word to them IMO, was abuse.

    To be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse,
    throughout the criminal justice process.


    13-4431. Minimizing victim’s contacts
    Before, during and immediately after any court proceeding, the court shall provide appropriate safeguards to
    minimize the contact that occurs between the victim, the victim’s immediate family and the victim’s witnesses
    and the defendant, the defendant’s immediate family and defense witnesses.

    B. The defendant, the defendant’s attorney or an agent of the defendant shall only initiate contact with the victim
    through the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office shall promptly inform the victim of the defendant’s
    request for an interview and shall advise the victim of the victim’s right to refuse the interview

  20. debl115 says:

    This link is very graphic, a link to the autopsy report on Travis. Choose to read it or not, but it is factual. Pretty sure that the jury has seen most of this, and if not, they should. And, it should remind all of us that this is what this trial is all about, Justice for Travis. I’m wondering if Ms. LaV has seen this report, and if not, would she change her testimony because of it? I’m guessing she probably has, but chooses to believe Jodi instead. Just padding her rocking chair, is my guess.

    Click to access redactedtravisautopsy.pdf

  21. Karen C. says:

    Actually, I think LaV had access to many items that she did not choose to look at, but also that the “Team” MADE SURE certain items were not available to her. She appeared genuinely surprised at various points at many of the “hypotheticals” JM brought up. I just wish he’d brought up the doggy door myself! Seeing as how it had already come in once on the Stand, early on. Betcha any money she has never heard of that little tidbit. But it doesn’t matter. They could find the gun in the desert, wrapped up in the striped pants, with a letter from JA explaining to Travis just why he had to die so she could be free from her own obsessions and compulsions, and LaV would find a way to minimize even that.

  22. I was rooting around in the attic and found this one …from Aug, 2011

    Murder suspect Arias to defend herself

    Kirk Nurmi is accusing the prosecution of creating a circus atmosphere in the courtroom. Go to 1:00.37 and listen to Jodi and then watch Nurmi….

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 22 – Part 2

    “I found the defendant to be credible,” LaViolette said.

    “Which means you found her to be truthful, right?” Martinez countered.

    “Alright,” LaViolette replied defiantly. “There is always reasonable doubt, Mr. Martinez,” she continued.

    “You didn’t talk to Mr. Alexander, did you?” he snapped back.

    “No, I did not,” LaViolette said.

    “You didn’t talk to any other witnesses, correct?” Martinez prodded.

    “No, I did not,” the witness said

    Read it all here…

    Prosecutor paints Jodi Arias as manipulative liar

  23. mystical pippin says:


    Katie Wick and another nice lady have been Dr. Drew’s ears and eyes in the courtroom since day one. He calls them his jury. The other lady (I can’t think of her name right now) she was real close by when LAV approached Samantha. She said LAV leaned right in Samantha’s face and said something to her. She could not hear what LAV said but she said she had a pretty good idea what it was. But Dr. Drew didn’t ask her to say what she thought.

    I have my own idea too. I think she attempted to apologize to her. It was said that Samantha remained expressionless and didn’t say anything. LAV walked away quickly after that. I don’t know if all that is true or accurate. I’m not saying that Drew’s juror is inaccurate I just don’t know if my memory is correct about re-telling it. There’s been so much stuff going on its hard to keep up.

    Katie said she went up to Samantha a little later in the lobby (she’s been able to maintain a friendly acquantance with them) and told her she had rights and didn’t have to put up with it. Samantha said to her “don’t worry Juan is on top of it”

  24. Sarah says:

    Thanks a lot Snoops. I clicked on your link; Jodi Arias Trial Day 22 Part 2. I found myself watching from your point of reference and continued watching part 3! I’ve got things to do. But watching her obvious lies and JM making her squirm is enticing.

    I also watched the program “Snapped” yesterday. Juan Martinez was a featured prosecutor in the case of Wendi Andriano. She is on death row. A lot of similarities as far as how she lies, changed her appearance for trial and claims of domestic abuse. (All lies).

    Pippin: I saw that interview with Dr. Drew’s jurists. I’m hoping that more than just hello was said to Samantha. Maybe hello could be considered harassment. I hope so.

    As I said, I’m watching Day 22 part 3. If you also go to 1:01, listen to JA’s smart a$$ answers and Nurmi in the background laughing. (I’m starting you at 1:01 so you will know what they’re talking about.) Nurmi actually does his perp smile at 1:04:30.

  25. That’s because he is the Top Juan! Of course Kermi is going to be upset that he’s not The Juan, but there is only Juan in this case and we know who he is!

    I have a weight problem myself so I don’t sling arrows in anyone else’s direction, and I will say that Kermi is a natty dresser (that’s good) and his self-esteem shows up every time he walks up to the Judge with his head down. I don’t know where or when that physical attribute developed, but as a Public Relations counselor, (if asked) I would have counseled Kermi to prepare himself for public display and that would include his manner of walking, speaking to the public, and his overall attitude. Kermi does not have a ‘winning’ attitude and that is essential in the stage room (oops, I meant court room) of justice. If you look beaten down every time you walk up to the judge, even if you think you are not, the rest of the world forms the opinion that you are. I am not trolling here, but trying to present an aspect of Kermi that perhaps even he is unaware of.

    As far as Ms. Einstein is concerned, I don’t think any amount of public relations can turn public opinion around to a positive light for her. The Court of Public Opinion has already ruled and it is not good.

  26. mystical pippin says:

    Uh oh Snoops. It looks like you’ve got some competition for the Juan and only Juan! 🙂

  27. mystical pippin says:

    So is this the defense’s last witness? The audio guy? Who is now a video expert? Wasssup with that? I cannot believe Nurmi is entertaining the “hidden figure” in Travis’s eye. Are you freaking kidding me? So are we now going to be forced to listen to ANOTHER version from Jodi? Let me guess. Now its going to be the reason she doesn’t remember stabbing Travis is because she didn’t do it. It was another murderer who just happened to show up the same time Jodi was killing Travis. So while Jodi was busy driving away covered in blood from the scene another murderer took over and finished the job?

    Nurmi needs to be disbarred.

  28. Redrelaxed says:

    At first I didn’t give this much credence…however listening to JM just now…regarding the issue tomorrow with ALV… I am wondering if there is some truth that ALV approached the media to let them know she required medical treatment for anxiety due to the public backlash and JM’s prosecutorial style? Garnering sympathy or perhaps a law suit.

  29. Sarah says:

    If the Judge lets this inane evidence in then Juan can run with it and say it’s a picture of a HUGE knife, reflecting the light from the flash when she started attacking Travis. It cuts both ways.

  30. calipatti says:

    I am betting the judge will let the evidence in because that is her pattern, I don’t understand why.
    I recall when Snoop showed us the same photo. I did not have an opinion back then because it could or could not be a person. It could or could not be Jodi. So, now what? Of course, the photo was taken by Jodi, isn’t that in evidence according to the timeline of photos and the murder of Travis.
    I don’t understand Nurmi’s point in bringing in this evidence?
    I liked how JM turned the hearing back on Jodi and the defense team by mentioning her tweets.

  31. JMO….I think Nurmi wants to show the enhancement of Travis’ eye because…if you look at the outline that is drawn…it shows a figure with their left arm up and at an angle as if they were defending them self against an attack…ie: Jodi defending herself when Travis lunged for her… it aint gonna work… I doubt if this shoddy piece of fake evidence will be allowed in to evidence nor the expert…

  32. mystical pippin says:

    Wow Nurmi – who cares if the flash reflection in Travis eye supports Jodi’s story about taking picture of Travis. There is no denying she took pictures of Travis in the shower. He’s trying to make that a stretch into Jody using two hands????? WTF.

    Snoopy you sure named this thread appropriate

  33. calipatti says:

    I hope your right Snoopy and the evidence is not allowed in. I have never been as sick of hearing attorneys as I am of Nurmi and Wilmott. Also your probably right about Nurmi saying Jodi was attempting to defend herself. Hog Wash! Yet when I take photos I use two hands and I think most people do.
    Did everyone catch JM accuse the defense of trying to earn more penny’s? Wee bit sarcastic.

  34. mystical pippin says:

    Is that what he’s getting at? Geez-us christopher….what a royal waste of time. DENIED

    Oh and now its Juan is intimidating Dr. Samuels…..

  35. mystical pippin says:

    Well I’m off to the airport to pick up my roomie. hope this doesn’t cause me to have any road rage…

  36. Newbie says:

    OFF SUBJECT….Explosions Near Bostom Marathon Finish Line…….NBC News …..

    Two dead, 20 injured so far…I am watching HLN>..SS

  37. The only other thing is what Cali mentioned…in that people take pics with both hands on the camera.. and they want to show that Jodi dropped the camera… when the pic was taken of the ceiling…the camera was not on the floor but about 3 feet above the floor…the pic was at an angle… I hope I am making some sense…as I am confused…

  38. Marilyn N says:

    SS – But Travis didn’t lunge at her until after the camera was dropped. Do you think it could
    be that the defense knows JM might state the possibility that she had the knife in her left
    hand, camera in right hand, and so they want to show how they “think” it really was? – (no knife)

  39. Marilyn N says:

    I think it’s like forming pictures from clouds in the sky.
    You can see whatever you want it to be in your imagination.

  40. calipatti says:

    Just my thoughts, if Nurmi and Wilmott want to keep JA off death row then they best start playing to the jury and stop with the useless witness’s. Start being likable and act intelligent. I am serious, they need to stop insulting the jury with stupidity. As of today JA is close to a death penalty verdict with how this trial is going. Their best outcome for the defense would be a mistrial and get a do over, but I doubt that is going to happen.
    So start acting likable, behave intelligently and remember the courtroom is a stage, start acting like winners. They seem more focused on their dislike of JM than their client’s verdict. This is just my observations of the courtroom

  41. Sarah says:

    I do like the color of blue Nurmi has on today. He could ditch the oversized watch though. (I like the larger watches on some people; but that one doesn’t look right for some reason).

    I agree with JM. The defense is just putting more pennies in their kettle. What a waste. A huge waste. (Who originally said that?)

    On the other hand; with supreme court rulings; you never know what might get a conviction overturned. Defenses motto: Keep throwing out anything and everything until something sticks.

  42. Okay, the defense wants to show that Jodi was holding a camera and not a weapon….

  43. Nurmi made a hint that the jurors are not watching the media coverage…he referred to it as ‘fantasy land”…. The judge has no jurisdiction over jail administration but she does have the right to prohibit a witness (Jodi) to not make contact with the media in any way shape or form…re the tweets through a third party… all the jail phone calls between Jodi and Donavan are recorded so the evidence is there if needed…

    I wonder what is going to transpire with La Violette…If the judge doesn’t release her from her subpoena, she may be admonished or held in contempt.. we may find out later today.. I don’t know if she is present at the closed door meeting today…

  44. calipatti says:

    I just heard, photo is coming in as fact, agreed upon by both sides. What? HLN reported this. Nurmi will say that is Jodi holding camera with both hands and no weapon.

  45. Court resumed briefly with the jury present. Travis’ photo was displayed on the screen. The judge informed the jury that, to take as a fact, the photo showed that the defendant was not holding a weapon when the picture was taken at 5:29:20 on June 4th.

    I am afraid to tell you that this was a big win for the defense. Court was recessed for the day!!

  46. I believe I just heard that La Violette is off the hook as having anything to do with intimidating a witness…

  47. calipatti says:

    Until I hear something different, I don’t see this as a big deal. Am I missing something? I never thought she was holding a weapon then. Plus, there was a struggle of some type. Travis tried to get away from Jodi and she followed after stabbing him. It’s a bathroom with a countertop, weapon could have been sitting there. I don’t see the importance of this.

  48. 4windsfl says:

    So she dropped the knife to take a picture? She has ADMITTED to killing him. That is not going to get stuffed back inside some hidden box. The expression on his face tells anyone with half a brain that he knew he was doomed and he is realizing who is responsible… such a sad, sad shot.

  49. Sarah says:

    I have no worries what so ever about the prosecution conceding that there was not a weapon in Jodi’s hand(s) at the time of that photo. However, one minute later she DID have weapon, (IMO). I can’t help but wonder if that’s why she wore the sweat pants with the zipper(s) in the legs. Or, she planted the weapons in the bathroom. Look at the series of photos at this link. IMO, it looks like she was getting the weapon during the photo she took at 5:30:30. Immediately she began stabbing him.

  50. mystical pippin says:

    I’m with you Cali – just a desperate last ditch attempt to save Jodi’s life. I’m sure it will have no effect what-so-ever to the jury

  51. snowynyte says:

    i won’t worry with captain juan at the helm… i think he is going to make JA confess, indirectly. she said she had no memory of stabbing but with this photo, she’d have to admit to what she WASN’T DOING, therefore she was DOING (something). What do you think, fellow yakkers?

  52. Karen C. says:

    Hey, Guys- I’ve been v. involved with what’s been going on in the Beantown that I love/hate, I have no idea what has transpired today in Court. Last I knew they were looking at a blowup of his eye- well, yuh, there she is all right. But how can anyone determine (other than the fact it IS a “good” pic) that she wasn’t holding the camera in one hand and something or other in the other hand?

    Any kind soul to fill me in a tad?

    (That whole area of Copley Sq. was my stomping grounds- my wee shoppe was on Newberry between Exeter and Fairfield; the second blast would have been one block over, over on Boylston. There is no way to secure a 26+ mile site- none whatsoever. This was the “softest” target ever. They will get this guy/guys. I do think the fact that this is “Patriot’s Day” in Beantown is significant, not a coincidence. That would be the first shots of the Revolutionary War, and it means something there- State holiday for one thing, so many people aren’t at work. Snoopy, move this if you want, over to wherever. I am officially freaked out now.)

    Karen, there are no words to describe the carnage. This world needs a cleansing. Hugs, my friend.~~SS

  53. Begin at 21:02 min and watch as Judge Stephens gives her ruling on the motion about Martinez’ misconduct…”Nurmi throws his pen on the desk at (21:38)…Judge Stephens gave him a sharp stare….

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 47 – Misconduct/Evidentairy Hearing – Part 2

  54. This must have been what prompted the defense to use the ‘eye’ image…it was posted on youtube a month ago…there are dozens more at youtube…

  55. Redrelaxed says:

    Who’s to say Jodi didn’t have a knife and or a gun shoved in the back of her pants while holding the camera taking that picture of Travis. Besides ten people could look at that image reflected in Travis’s pupil and see 10 different things. I personally think that the judge ought to have ruled against it, but she’s liberal in these matters.
    I’ve been distracted with the senseless tragedy at the Boston Marathon today. Prayers going out to all the victims and the helpers.

  56. Beth Karas InSession
    4 hours ago via mobile
    Last week, LaViolette was ordered back to court Tuesday. It’s not clear whether she still has to show up. If not, the defense could call another witness, or rest their case in chief. If the latter, then the State’s rebuttal will begin. #JodiArias

    Beth Karas InSession
    4 hours ago via mobile
    The stipulation, that Arias did not have a knife or gun in her hand at the time she took the photo, Ex. 159 (close up of Alexander’s face), was an agreement between both sides in lieu of Neumeister’s testimony. #JodiArias

  57. Karen C. says:

    Catching up- I loved when JM said he saw a dog in that there eye! With a stick in its mouth yet.

    Got a shock just now- I’ve been here in SC too long- It’s NewBURY St., Boston- NewBERRY is a town near here in SC! I feel like a traitor today, selfishly enjoying the warm Southern breezes, drinking my sweet teas and pruning azaleas, while others have suffered through the snows up there! Gotta get back and soon, but not TOO soon…. The Marathon is (was?) one of the best things about the place- the whole world represented there and in the very best spirit of competition and cooperation. I hope it doesn’t lose that. I am staggered by the Newtown CT. connection- haunting.

  58. Vicky says:

    Good Morning All, I have been thinking about what Jodi’s next move will be, since she has been playing games and starring in her very own “reality tv show” since arrested. I predict in the next week or so, Jodi will have a “mental meltdown” during the proceedings. This will be her last ditch effort to either dely the proceedings or be granted a mistrial claiming the jury has been tainted having witnessed her “bat chit crazy” act. Of course I’m probably full of it, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

  59. gramared says:

    Ok, the Dense Defense has decided to do the Rorschach Test of the eyeball, anything to waste precious time and cause more ridiculous delays. You can see JM just tolerating the foolishness and patiently waiting to pounce with his rebuttal. Nurmi comes across as grasping at straws because he knows The Juan is coming

    I can’t imagine how the jury is feeling. We can go about our lives and deal with this trial when it suits our fancy, but those poor jurers, everytime there is a delay, must just kill time together in a jury room, waiting, waiting, waiting. The delays would drive me crazy (for me, it’s a short trip!). Let’s just hope the jury’s irritation is turned in the direction it should be, convicting JA of first-degree, premeditated murder.

    Does anyone else get the sense that Judge Stephens is getting more irritated with the delays as well? Having to project her “neutral” persona must be more than challenging in this case, and I suspect that on more than one occasion the thought has crossed her mind to fly over the bench and strangle a few folks.

    Sandy Banks….I agree with you that Nurmi’s walk, talk, and demeaner are anything but winning. It’s amazing he doesn’t plow into more furniture because he looks down more than up! Does he really think his buzz cut is stylish???? He obviously could use your help!!

  60. Vicky says:

    Gramared, not only that, but his poor grooming habits are very distracting. Yesterday, both ends of his tie were showing from top to bottom (perhaps he needs an intro to Mr. Tie Pin), his tie knot was just awful, and his tie wasn’t tucked under his collar properly in the back. It looked as though it might have been twisted. He needs suspenders to keep hid pants in place, not to mention a proper fitting suit coat. Bottom line, larger framed men, actually any man who is not average in size, should not buy off the rack. Mr. Nurmi needs to ask JM who is tailor is. It is much easier to take someone more seriously when they actually appear to be a professional.

  61. Redrelaxed says:

    G’morning Everyone!

    Great title for this thread Snoop…you nailed it, as the desperation is 12 on a scale from 1-10.

    I got that sense yesterday Gramared…Judge Sherry was not impressed with latest stalling tactics with those ridiculous motions for a mistrial. Again. I was pleased to see that JS found her backbone and literally read the riot act to the DT. No mistrial! Give it a rest and do your job.

    Juan is such a class act. Calm and confident in the eye of the storm. I sure didn’t hear anything during that recording that would imply that Dr. Samuels was being intimidated. Just the opposite, as more so it was Samuels and the DT who raised their voices trying to pull a fast one and introduce new and improved testimony that hadn’t been provided to the prosecution.

    I am so looking forward to States rebuttal and hope it happens today after we hear what is going on with ALV. If we do. The curiosity is killing me.

    As far as Nurmi’s demeanor…he is THE reluctant defense attorney… he didn’t want to take this case to defend Jodi in the first place. Must be sour grapes for him to have to drag his carcass to the trial when his heart isn’t in it. This concerns me as no doubt Jodi will file for ineffective council when she’s found guilty of 1st degree murder.

    Sending good vibes to the family of TA to stay strong throughout the remainder of this trial. I felt so bad for the girls yesterday when they had to sit a few feet behind that monster in the jury box.

    All IMO

  62. Sarah says:

    On a lighter note: Joke of the day:

    How many attorneys does it take to convict Jodi Arias? Just Juan

  63. gramared says:

    Vicky…You’re right about that. One tends to pay more attention to how Nurmi looks rather than to what he’s saaaaayyyyyiiiinnnnngggg (trying to type as slowly as he speaks!) Nurmi no doubt fancies himself to be Dapper Dan because he has selected some very colorful shirts and ties. However, he presents a very unprfessional image.

    JA may have her demented fun by commenting on JM’s height, but she has probably never heard the saying that “good things come in small packages”!! Hopefully, it won’t be long before she has to eat her words!

  64. gramared says:

    Sarah…Good joke!!

  65. 4windsfl says:

    My nickname for him, “Kermi,” is not meant to be mean; and I do not personally wish him or JW ill because they are defending a self-confessed killer. Everyone deserves access to justice. Perhaps because in some cases, an individual sitting in the hot seat might actually be innocent of the crime. In that case, I would certainly want Kermi and JW to work hard for their case. I also think it is important to know that defense lawyers in a case like this are not the recipients of all that largesse that is being spent on the case. Kermi having his own office surely still has overhead/expenses to meet and perhaps the trial will increase his workload and thus, ultimately, his income. But for now, it is more likely he is ‘getting by’ and until BigTall Men sponsors his wardrobe, he may be getting stuff off the racks. Mostly it is his posture (sitting AND standing) that decries his professionalism.

  66. gramared says:

    Red…Can’t you just picture Nurmi at home, lying on the sofa, asleep in front of the TV, in his tee-shirt and boxers – YIKES!!! Now, maybe we can appreciate the fact that at least he covers up for court!!

  67. Redrelaxed says:

    Poor Nurmi…I don’t mean to be unkind, and it’s likely old fashioned boredom settling in with me whenever he’s at the podium… cuz he falls flat every time… Even yesterday with all the grand standing and empty accusations he tried to deliver with enthusiasm. He just sounded silly to me.

    I’ll bet he’ll be the happiest guy on the planet when he can go back to his practise and life where he is comfortable when this is all over. Clearly he doesn’t enjoy the limelight as his client does, but hey, you gotta make lemonade when you’re given lemons.

    Good one Sarah! Needed that!

    Now I’m trying to get out the image in my mind that Gramared so eloquently painted…yikes is right!

  68. gramared says:

    Hot Ziggity…. REBUTTAL has begun!!

  69. 4windsfl says:

    The Juan is, as the reference went about the slicer and dicer, making mincemeat of LaV’s testimony… 44 hours? Presents? Changing interpretation of certain words? Oh oh, JA’s in trouble now.

  70. gramared says:

    Do you think we have a “worried” Willmott and a “nervous” Nurmi?? Ms. Marte makes the DT’s so-called expert witnesses look like high-schoolers, and she’s probably half their ages. The Juan and Only has only just begun……

  71. Redrelaxed says:

    …and he is just as agressive with his own witnesses. Juan is so passionate, a tremendous voice for justice for TA and his family!
    As far as ALV & SR doing therapeutic work, I believe they were coaching and helping to plan the defenses case. IMO
    Willmott looks very concerned, she’s heaving and sighing.

  72. 4windsfl says:

    Prosecution gets in “…Ms. Arias decided to lie on a test…” and everyone scuffled off to another sidebar… but the jury is / are? taking notes with the PhD rebuttal witness and she is clear, succinct, and educational in her answers. More trouble for the defense.

  73. gramared says:

    Wow, when Dr. Marte said it was another instance where JA was lying, Willmott reacted like she was shot out of a cannon!! We can never, ever hear that JA lied now, can we.

  74. I hope Willmott has an extra pair of shoes handy… she is going to wear out the ones she has on…

  75. Karen C. says:

    The Dark Siders call JM Kermit. I’ve always liked Kermit the Frog- I can’t recall when he’s ever been wrong about anything, can you? Plus so cute.

  76. 4windsfl says:

    If LaV was worried before about her reputation, The Juan is doing a very good job of pointing out how unprofessional LaV was from beginning to end, even with her Master’s degree, and LaV can kiss her EVER being asked to be a professional witness again goodbye.

  77. mystical pippin says:

    Good day all
    last night I re-watched parts of the morning session where Nurmi presented his mistrial requests. I can’t believe all his complaints were what he and Willmott and Jodi were guilty of. Not only that but suddenly he was speaking in a normal manner. IOW normal speed, normal inflection and normal volume. What wasn’t normal was the context of his speech. The fantastical accusations of witness intimidation drawing conclusions that it was impossible for the defense to conduct a unobstructed representation. Can’t that be only attributed to him? Isn’t if his own fault – say his allegations were true he had ample time to logically plan out his defense. And even if it wasn’t he certainly had time prior to the trial starting to present his request for mistrial at that time.


    Kurt and Jennifer really need to grow up. Their reasoning, their reactions and everything they said reflect the mind of a 12 year old spoiled brat. Snoopy I take back my statement where I said that both Nurmi and Willmott will survive this trial. You were right they will now suffer careers limited to defending only the slimiest of criminals. Anyone who is remotely innocent or has the tiniest amount of intelligence will shun them. The only way they will advance their careers is if they choose a different one.

  78. gramared says:

    Do any of you find it quite interesting how “disengaged” JA has been during these entire proceedings?? She does not look at the witness at all and has been writing/drawing/doodling the entire morning. JA does NOT like JM’s rebuttal, but I am surprised she didn’t at least get up and take a bow when her IQ was announced.

  79. mystical pippin says:

    Ha ha Gramared good one. Jodi Einstein Arias with all her “intelligence” doesn’t know the meaning of “Pay attention – your life is on the line”. What an idiot she is. She just checks out when its most important to be present.

  80. gramared says:

    Pippin…Dr. Marte just explained WHY JA has been checked out this morning. According to the results of the MMPI, she hides her feelings of anger/rage. She is probably SEETHING at this witness and would like to attack her as well. It’s JA’s way of NOT showing her feelings. Her expression, if she dared to look at the witness, would give her away!

  81. mystical pippin says:

    Anybody notice the copious notes both Willmott and Nurmi are taking? Man are they worried or what? lol what fools they are. They thought yesterday was a good day for them – today they’re realizing all that time and energy they wasted was just wishfull thinking.

  82. gramared says:

    Pippin… You’ve got that right. By the time JM finishes his Rebuttal, the DT will be drained. I don’t think they can do a thing to make Dr. Marte look bad. She is too knowlegeable, intelligent, and in control of the facts. Her answers are clear, concise, and make sense, unlike the answers of some experts we’ve heard during this circus of a trial.

  83. mystical pippin says:

    I’m sooo impressed with Marte. She comes off as incredibly professional and effective. She is so concise too. And I love the succinct questions JM is asking. Every single question he asks is packed full of thought and so all inclusive its amazing. When we listen to Willmott or Nurmi, we have to more or less dumb ourselves down to their level and thats tiring. Even when Juan crossed their witnesses it was tiring because all they did was force him to break down the meaning of every word. Now that he’s questioning a person whose intelligence is equal to his its like drinking a cup of esspresso! I feel alive once again.

  84. Karen C. says:

    Gramared- There is, at the very least, quite a level of self-delusion involved- always was. She was/is/will be “off”. You or I would be gnawing our nails off right about now, but she probably has listened and taken false comfort in the possibility of appeals, and she truly believes in her own ability to wheedle and lie out of anything. Always worked before, until she got involved with someone who did not happily tolerate lies.

  85. gramared says:

    Karen…Don’t you just wonder what the jury thinks of her actions. Hope we hear loudly and clearly when the verdict comes and that they haven’t been conned by her lying manipulation.

  86. Sarah says:

    Rut-row: I just hope that this doesn’t buy Ms. Arias the sympathy card from the jury. I’m afraid she’ll get life instead of the death penalty.

  87. mystical pippin says:

    Karen you’re right she’s probably now setting her sights on the appeals process. I’m sure she still hopes for a miracle but I think she knows the writing was on the wall when the jury questions poured in for LAV.

    So we finally get Jodi’s IQ. Dr. Marte said on her overall she scored well – above average but I disagree. It came in at 119. But 121 to 127 is consdered above average. Maybe she meant it was well according to people in jail. She did scored high in the individual categories but I have to go back and hear what Marte said they were. As far as Jodi’s overall score 119 is just average.

  88. Karen C. says:

    You know, being a narcissistic liar doesn’t give you a pass to murder someone, let alone a sympathy card- thankfully! Her level of mental problems do not come close to that which is needed for this to be a true Temp. Insanity (or Plum Crazy defense- psychosis). She is not Andrea Yates, for instance, who thought that by killing her sinless kids they would never burn in hell after they sinned later in life (purification by water). She did not take off TA’s head and walk around talking to it in public, asking him what he wants for lunch (this has happened). Have no fear, except if she amazingly gets off due to Jury Insanity!

  89. margaret says:

    Can you believe it I just saw jodi yawn ? I wonder if Lav and samuels are listening to this “expert ” . They do not need to be labled as such.

  90. gramared says:

    By Jodi totally ignoring JM’s expert, she was probably telling herself that if I don’t acknowledge her, she doesn’t really exist. Ms. Einstein doesn’t realize that her behavior only makes her look more the psychopath. What defendant wouldn’t PAY ATTENTION to what is going on regarding her case??? Only Ms. Borderline Personality Disorder!

  91. mystical pippin says:

    Yeah all morning she’s been drawing. I can tell by the way her arm moves back and forth sometimes in the same place – like she shading or filling something in. She’s been periodically looking at the computer screen and making comments to Jennifer – ALL this is being done without wearing her glasses. At one point she put them on but slid them way down her nose so she didn’t have to look through them.

    Jennifer is angry too and completely dumbfounded she looks so surprised at Marte’s intelligent answers. One would think that an attorney would educated themselves regarding the psychological issues of their clients so they would be prepared at trial. You can tell Juan know what he’s talking about. He asks Marte to define things but thats for the jury. (I guess in this case its for defense attorneys as well)

  92. Sarah says:

    Karen C.: I like your view about Arias not getting the sympathy card. I pray you’re correct. I hope the jury sees it that way. No matter what “mental” issue Arias has, she knew right from wrong.

    Wilmott is not making any headway. Really? Wilmott wants to pick at her CV for not having some lectures listed? Please.

    DeMarte puts the others to shame.

    Good pick Juan.

    Speaking of Juan. I’m pretty confident that he will make this all about Travis and how evil and manipulative Arias is during closing. He will make sure that the jury feels Travis’ pain and his families. Juan has yet to disappoint me.

  93. Sarah says:

    Pippin: I saw Arias put the glasses on the tip of her nose. I said to the t.v.; just takem’ off for crying out loud. And she did. I laughed. Power of suggestion. She’s near sighted, so she doesn’t need them for reading or any thing close to her.

    Can you believe Wilmott? I thought she was preparing questions while DeMarte was on the stand. I was completely surprised that Wilmott divulged that she had met DeMarte prior.

    Maybe after hearing the “immature”, Arias will stop trying to look like a twelve year old wearing her little side top pony tail. It drives me crazy when she stands for the jury. Grrrr…….trying to be so sweet and innocent with finger tips barely touching. And the pastels! CA all over again.

    Speaking of CA. I think she has the same issue. Borderline personality disorder. Remember the pics of her with all the different boyfriends? She cut, died or permed her hair and wore the same style of clothing of each boyfriend. Yup. BPD all the way. Maybe a little something else mixed in.

  94. (I wonder if Donavan was busy??)

    Dr. Janeen Demarte’s home was burglarized in early February. A laptop was stolen that contained her psychological profile of Jodi Arias. Would you speculate that it was a random burglary or perhaps related to the J.A. trial?

  95. Karen C. says:

    Well, recall Ralph Waldo- if you don’t want to be called a liar, stop lying, if you don’t want to be called a thief, stop stealing, etc. So if you want to find out who committed a crime, look for the criminal….

  96. Sarah says:

    Snoops: for some reason the link you provided will not open. Says: server not found. boo hiss.

    Wait; I tried it through firefox and it worked. (took a few minutes) Sorry.

    Interesting article. Do you think it was just a coincidence?

  97. Cameras are right-handed… so if I stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of myself, wouldn’t the camera appear be a left-handed one and I would be holding it in my right hand as per my image in the mirror?

    The following appears to be quite a panoramic view of Jodi from only two feet away.

  98. margaret says:

    Hello all , Is Lav. finished or will she still be back ? Did you hear the new witness say that jodi was enjoying the hell out of being in prison..Over on EggTreeNews there is an article that will give you a smile.. I loved the title, ” Prosecutor takes control of runaway train “..

  99. debl115 says:

    Regardless as to whether the camera is right-handed or not, I, just like Juan, still see a dog, snout and all. Totally grasping at straws, IMO.

  100. Karen C. says:

    So, is the camera and flash supposed to be that white blobby up by her “face”, or the bigger blobby down at her chest? Me, I think that’s Frosty the Snowman myself….

  101. gramared says:

    If you remove the outline, it’s clearly ET!!

  102. The jurors must have been elated today when Jennifer Willmott began to cross Dr Janeen DeMarté…..*Groan….

    Willmott spent 80 minutes going over the doctors credentials in hopes of discrediting her. Then Jennifer tried to portray DeMarté as cold and heartless for not having instant compassion for CPS children. Jennifer was trying to do damage control for very biased LaViolette. I hardly think Jodi Arias is a child although she does act childish during this trial.

    I expect Willmott will drag out her cross for as long as possible. At least DeMarté is giving short precise answers to Willmott’s questions….unlike long winded LaViolette….

  103. The defense wanted the image in Travis eye brought into evidence to cast reasonable doubt. It just takes one juror to hang this jury so don’t laugh until the verdict is passed down. A trial is never a slam dunk… IMO, that pic of the eye is a lot of bunk but I am not on that jury!!

    I think the idiot expert wants us to believe that the lens in Travis’ eye took a picture of Jodi at the same time Jodi snapped the pic of him. We know that a knife and gun were the weapons used and they didn’t fall out of thin air and kill Travis. Jodi stabbed Travis in the chest when the inadvertent pic was taken of the ceiling.

  104. debl115 says:

    Totally agree, Snoops. How many of us were totally blindsided by the CA verdict?

    So true and many of us have not got over it and probably never will.~~SS

  105. gramared says:

    Makes me nervous that there are so many men on the jury. One of the commentators on AZ Central is a man who seems to lean toward Jodi. It’s subtle but noticeable, at least IMO.

  106. gramared~~you will see both male and female ‘defense’ attorneys appear to support Jodi but they are paid to do that in the media outlets. I really think man-hater LaViolette did not sway any male jurors, in fact IMO, she damaged the defense. I don’t think any man would be smitten with a ‘used piece of toilet paper’ enough to set her free to kill again.

    I have a lot of faith in Juan Martinez. Since, in the penalty phase of the trial, the jurors have to be unanimous, I am a bit leery that Jodi will get the death penalty but you never know they may get 12 out of 12 for it. Travis’ siblings will get to speak at the penalty phase.

  107. mystical pippin says:

    Looks like a chua chua to me…… 🙂

  108. mystical pippin says:

    So I’m assuming the long cross by Jennifer was to discredit Ms. DeMarte? She went over her credentials with a fine tooth comb hoping to trip her up somewhere. Seriously Jenny do you really think Juan Martinez is going to choose a moron to do the job, like you and Nurmi did?

    All she did was show the jury how highly qualified, intelligent, professional & UNbiased DeMarte is even though she doesn’t have the same amount of experience as most experts do. I like Janeen. She is smart as hell! she was able to give solid examples multiple times of Jodi’s lies. She was able to point out specifically through science and sound psychological principles why Jodi doesn’t have PTSD and that she remembers everything. She did not get flustered or look for help like a deer in headlights towards the DA’s table.

    I know Willmott is not done yet but given her track record thus far I don’t see her discrediteding DeMarte’s credibility one bit.

  109. mystical pippin says:

    BTW – I looked up IQ scoring because I didn’t agree with Janeen when she said Jodi’s overall score was above average. But since I am so impressed with her (Janeen not Jodi) I thought maybe I’m wrong.

    The last time I took one was about 10 years ago, I was told that test scores between 100 – 120 was average, 121 – 127 was above average, 128 – 139 is superior and 140 – up is considered genius. Turns out the ranking lists varied on the internet but most of them say that 119 is considered “bright”, “high average” or “above average” in intelligence. 50% of testers score in the 100 – 120 range.

    So Janeen was right. However, that being said its also true that scores vary even when taking the same test immediately after. I scored higher the first time I took mine. it was the same test both times a few days apart and my score went down 3 points the 2nd time! I decided to stick with the higher one when asked. 🙂

    I still don’t think Jodi is intelligent – in fact, I believe the opposite. she’s shrewd, cunning & good at memorizing things but she has proven again and again she’s not that bright. She doesn’t understand a large part of her own vocabulary, she mis-uses words quite often and demolishes their meaning. (“edify” among others). She has no common sense which is an attribute of intelligence. A criminal psychologist on Dr Drew said “Jodi Einstein bumbles around more like Frankenstein” and “She is not smart”.

    I’m not necessarily talking about her actions as being symptomatic of being stupid, because intelligent people sometimes do stupid things – however not all the time like Jodi. her choices have been consistently stupid starting with dropping out of high school.

    And anyone who was a photographer for as long as she was and thinks when you erase pictures from a camera they cannot be retrieved unless (according to her) “You find a specialist in that field and pay them a lot of money” is just plain stupid. Noooo anybody can do it with a software program – not only that its easy to find a FREE software program on the internet that will do it. You don’t have to be a “specialist” or even be knowledgable about camera’s. I’m sure that’s how she was able to hack all of Travis’s accounts. finding the instructions on the web is easy as pie.

  110. Vicky says:

    Good Morning, I found it rather amusing that JW would imply that DeMarte’s youth or inexperience might somehow make her less competent. JW isn’t exactly long in the tooth. And i would assume she has limited, if any experience in defending a client like Jodi Arias. DeMarte on the other hand has spent plenty of time over the past decade with individuals just like jodi. She may be younger than the expert witnesses used by the defense team, but her more recent experience and training in many ways works in her favor. She is up to date on all of the latest research, and due to her internships and fellowship within the past decade, has conducted MANY evaluations. I’m not sure whether or not everyone is aware, but not all people who receive behavioral healthcare are given a psych eval (Samuels and LaViolette are doing mostly clinical work). Actually, the majority in counseling are not given full blown evaluations. However, predoctoral interns are required to complete MANY, as are interns and PhDs who work in hospital settings. DeMarte’s CVT makes it clear she has had plenty of experiencing assessing and evaluating. it is only during more recent years that she has begun providing treatment on a full time basis.
    I found her to be extremely credible and well versed in the field. She did not go overboard to support the prosecution in her assessment of Jodi. I did not get the impression that she would be willing to say anything necessary to make the state’s case. As a matter of fact, she seems to have been the only mental health professional who found Jodi’s behavior unusual enough to have questioned her competency.
    Personally, I think the jury will find her extremely credible. I don’t believe they will “feel sorry” for Jodi due to her diagnosis. Quite to the contrary, I think that knowing she actually has a personality disorder (along with other undisclosed issues) they will fear the possibility that if ever released from prison, she might pose a threat to society.

  111. Karen C. says:

    It’s funny that “Snow White” was dragged into this, as I see JA’s story as a lot more about buying into “Cinderella” fantasies- finding her “true love” boyfriend while very young, then questing about for a high-earner who would take care of her type. First older live-in with a kid and resources (before she wiped them out), then fixating on Travis, who already had his own house.

    As for brains, what brightness she had has been twisted by her issues into a malicious cleverness. She is ruled by her own compulsions- going down the false rabbit-holes of “abuse” and “PTSD” is only there to provide her a defense to see what freedom they can buy her physical self. They do nothing to address her genuine problems.

  112. Tommy'sMom says:

    I’m curious to know why so many talking heads remark on JA’s intellect. Her IQ is 119,average IQ is 85-100 with a +/- factor of 15 so she is no genius. Just a shade over average,which depends on the type of test given and the area where the highest points occur. The expert witness(DeMarte) testified Arias scored very highly on some tests she administered and has an IQ of 119.
    A “gifted” score is a score of 125 to 134. An IQ of 134 to 145 is considered “highly gifted.” An intelligence test score above 145 is usually referred to as “genius” level.

  113. gramared says:

    Perhaps the IQ of the jury should be of concern???

  114. Sarah says:

    Witness and defense attorney wearing the same colors. Why isn’t JA in matching attire?

    Wilmott needs to slow down. She’s sounds too anxious. She’s gonna fall flat with the jury.

  115. Sarah says:

    Is it just me? Wilmotts’ voice grates on my nerves sometimes.

  116. gramared says:

    Sarah…Willmott’s voice probably grates on everyone!!! She is going on and on and on about Dr. DeMarte’s qualifications in the minutia, ad nauseum. The jury must be asleep. Get to the important stuff, Willmott!!

  117. Sarah says:

    Can someone please explain to me where Wilmott is going with this waste of time questioning. Or is she just doing tit for tat from JM’s questioning of the defense witnesses?

  118. Sarah says:

    Gramared: Thanks; you answered my question as I was typing it.

  119. gramared says:

    Sarah…Willmott is going in circles, her favorite direction.

  120. gramared says:

    Finally, maybe JM can shut up Willmott’s ridiculous questioning.

  121. Sarah says:

    Yawn. Ho hum. Bless Wilmotts’ little ole; heart; she’s trying.

  122. gramared says:

    Willmott is especially SNARKY today. Would love to question Willmott’s education, etc. Is any of this really going to matter to the jury? More grasping by the DT.

  123. gramared says:

    JA paying more attention today. Do you suppose her attorneys had a talk with her??

  124. Sarah says:

    Gramared: It makes me ill to see JA sitting there trying to act like an innocent victim.

    Yes; JA will pay attention when she is highlighted in the testimony.

  125. Sarah says:

    Somebody wipe that smirk off of Nurmi’s face. What is he there for?

  126. gramared says:

    Sarah…JA makes me sick, period. I like the way DeMarte is able to stand up to JW. DeM is getting a bit more testy as JW persists with her foolishness.

  127. gramared says:

    Why is Nurmi so low in his chair?? As tall as he is, you’d think he would be taller when sitting than JW and JA. He should have brought his lounge chair and slid it under the desk so he could nap comfortably!

  128. Willmot was trying to impeach DeMarté….

  129. gramared says:

    Hi Suzanne… You’re right about that. There was certainly much JA didn’t like hearing yesterday when JM was doing the questioning. The longer this trial draaaagggs on, the harder it becomes to look at JA at all….ugh!

  130. Sarah says:

    (off topic; snoops delete if necessary) HLN reporting 2 arrested in connection to the Boston bombings.

  131. Sarah says:

    Someone put toothpicks in my eye lids………….enough already Willmot. You’re not going to impeach this professional.

  132. gramared says:

    Suzanne…It’s the pure evil seeping out of her. She obviously has NO remorse for what she did to Travis, and her behavior is eerie and so inappropriate. Just pray the jury is taking notes and observing all of it.

  133. gramared says:

    Willmott doesn’t understand overkill any better than JA!

  134. Sarah says:

    Gramared: Demarte explained that one of the signs or symptoms is that JA externalizes; she blames everyone and anyone for her woes. She blames Travis for making her kill him. Disgusting. She will never show any remorse unless faked for her own benefit.

  135. gramared says:

    I know this probably isn’t possible, but I would love to see JA get LWOP in TOTAL ISOLATION. Take away her audience, and she will die a natural death relatively quickly!

  136. I’ve been following and what seems like a Last Ditch Effort by the DT, to attempt to characterize the Rebuttal Witness (Dr. DeM) as being unethical, misrepresenting herself, etc. But it only casts one’s memory back to the Defense Witness (LaV, NOT a DR, BTW) and reminds us (the outside jury and hopefully the inside one) of the various inadequacies of LaV. The chirpy vocal intonations of JW are annoying to say the least and I suspect she is putting that on to belie her real intent; that she is going to go tooth and nail to try and discredit Dr. DeM.

    JA’s studied inattention cannot be lost on the jury. Yes, her face does seem to have an ‘uglier’ cast to it, perhaps she is slowly becoming aware that her days of being in the limelight are coming to an end. I am hesitant to post this thought because I am sure it is read by all and sundry, but it cannot have escaped the eyes and awareness of the court and bailiffs that JA may ‘put on a show’ at some point (why she is wearing a control belt) but it would not surprise me if something could be staged to shock the jury into feeling something akin to compassion for JA… in the hope that it might affect one of the jurors enough to not vote for the DP. I will leave my thoughts about that there.

  137. calipatti says:

    I am replying to above comments about Jodi’s confinement or any prisoners confinement. I have always had thoughts about revenge versus punishment for a crime.Jodi committed a murder.
    Was it premeditated, legally we have to wait for a verdict.
    Disliking Jodi or putting Travis on a pedestal, earned that pedestal or not, should our feelings be part of sentencing? if our feelings are allowed in punishment, isn’t that revenge?
    As a society we seldom punish using, “eye for an eye.” We punish for the crime convicted of and to protect society. Then don’t we need to ask about rehabilitation? Or not.

    I have over the years given my feelings of anger, a question. Why do I want more of a punishment for a person than is warranted. Or is over-kill, pardon the pun?
    I’m tossing these thoughts out there because I want to know if others have been bothered by their own feelings of wanting revenge.

    Cali, would your feelings be different if it was your son who got butchered by a girl friend who stalked him? The punishment for a crime is not revenge it is a deterrent for others who may contemplate doing the same thing. If Jodi does end up getting the lethal injection, it will be a hell of a lot more humane than what Travis suffered. Maybe it should be an eye for eye and Jodi be taken out in a public street and stabbed 29 times and then shot.~~SS

  138. Beth Karas InSession
    6 minutes ago via mobile

    Defense attorneys are back in court. Arias just packed up and left the courtroom with a deputy. The bailiff then announced a recess until at least 5:30 pm ET/2:30 pm in Phoenix. #JodiArias

  139. calipatti says:

    Thank you for replying Snoopy. I tried not to show any feelings in my questions. Not sure I had feelings when asking the questions. I am not bothered when a maximum sentence is given to a convicted person. That was not what I was asking.
    This might not be the place to ask a question about a persons personal feeling on their personal thoughts. Thanks anyway.

    Cali, then please explain what you were asking. Keep in mind that this thread is to discuss the Jodi Arias case and not to psychoanalyze each other.~ ~ SS

  140. I would not be shocked if court is cancelled for the rest of today…there is no trial on Monday, the of the juror’s has another commitment…

  141. Court cancelled for the rest of today!! No court on April 26th …..No court Friday, Apr 19th or Monday, April 22nd….

  142. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I think what Cali was trying to say, is if we allow our anger to consume us to the point we seek revenge as opposed to justice, do we become more like the Jodi’s of the world?

    Perhaps Jodi make herself sick by swallowing foreign material. I have seen her do a lot of chewing on her pencils to extend the length of the graphite so she can work on her drawings. I stll predict a meltdown coming in the near future. 🙂

    Vicky, ‘we’ as in whom? I am just observing this case and have no desire to seek revenge on anyone. If I feel that Jodi should get the death penalty, why would that put me in the same category as Jodi? I want to see Travis get justice. As humans, we have emotions, be it love, loathing or whatever and many of us express them on blogs or forums in different cases. If some of us head off to Arizona and poison one of Jodi’s peanut butter sandwiches, than that would be taking the law in our own hands and would be considered revenge. lol How’s that? I also do not want anyone to feel guilty for expressing their feelings towards Jodi or other players in this case.~~SS

    In depth questions like Cali’s belong in the coffee café…

  143. FYI~~just confirmed…Jodi came down with another migraine and why court was cancelled for the day!

  144. calipatti says:

    Snoopy & Vicky, thank you. I wasn’t in any way trying to make this trial personal. I thought there was a lull in the court and time to ask a question.
    The question is not appropriate for in here. I wasn’t putting anyone down. I am NOT asking the question any longer. I will briefly attempt to explain better, then done .
    Often in life I have been angry at a person and thought of a consequence for that person that was completely over the top, revenge.
    My thoughts of what should happen to that person was no longer justice but revenge.
    I later, years ago, began asking myself where these thoughts came from and why was I so intense?
    I was bothered by my thoughts. I was asking if others were ever bothered by their thoughts of revenge over what is just or justice?
    I am NOT saying the revenge thoughts are wrong. No right or wrong.

    Cali~~even tho you are generalizing by using the term ‘a person’..Often in life I have been angry at a person and thought of a consequence for that person that was completely over the top, revenge.
    My thoughts of what should happen to that person was no longer justice but revenge.
    …I think this was directed at a specific individual ( as per our discussion behind the scenes) and therefore I tried to deflect it from being hashed out on this thread. I also prefer it not to be discussed at the Coffee Café. I wanted to clarify that for those who cannot make sense of our going back and forth here tonight.~ ~SS

  145. Vicky says:

    I agree Snoopy. I apologize if i left the impression that people shouldnt express their feelings or vent here. Blowing off steam on a blog can be a healthy outlet. Especially if that anger remains right there on a blog. I do it myself from time to time. 🙂 I was just making an effort to consider where Cali was coming from. Who knows, I could be completely wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.
    I attended a didactic on anger on Monday and learned that the latest research has shown that it is not always as healthy to outwardly express anger as once believed. As a matter of fact, in many instances, rather than reduce the feelings associated with anger, venting can actually escalate and intensify anger and the associated feelings/reactions. Especially if the person has poor coping skills. I’m thinking more in line with the people who have made threats of violence against the witnesses in this case, for example. Or people who do things like bomb the Boston Marathon because they feel anger over some real or imagined slight. People like Jodi, who kill rather than let go. Or people who will not accept a verdict, and who might hunt down a defendant upon release and impose street justice.
    In no way am I saying anyone here could or would do such a thing. We are all healthy and stable individuals, but such is not the case for everone else in the blogsphere.
    I don’t support the death penalty, but many people do. The majority of the people of the State of Arizona do. So, if the jury determines that Jodi deserves to die for what she has done, then justice will have been served. But if they don’t, then we all need to let go of our anger and accept their judgement. At least that is how I see it. Indeed we have a large range of emotions. Thank God we do. Otherwise we would never be able to fully appreciate the wonderful things in this world or identify the truly tragic one’s.
    Now, I will get off my soap box and go back to reading about the latest developments in this case. again, I apologize if I offended anyone.

  146. Go to 41:11 min in the following… you will see Nurmi lean over to Jodi… Wanna bet he didn’t say to Jodi…”get yourself a migraine. We need more time for Jenny to discredit DeMarte and they’ve got a deal on at McDonalds….two big macs for the price of one. Now go get sick, bitch!”

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 49 – Part 2

  147. gramared says:

    Headaches are convenient, especially in this case. There is no way to tell one way or the other whether she’s telling the truth. Oh, I forgot, it’s Jodi!!

  148. Vicky says:

    LMAO Snoopy. I was thinking they forgot Jodi’s pencil sharpener and the bailif wouldn’t find one for Jodi to borrow. she has been quite the busy beaver. I find it hard to believe one could be drawing intensely one minute and complaining of a migraine the next.

  149. Sarah says:

    Anyone else watching Nancy Grace? Priceless. Lenore Walker, a guest via telephone, states that she DOES still use the 6 criteria questions. Wilmott stated that she didn’t. Please JM be watching NG and use the video in court.

    I think JA’s migraine is from having to listen to Wilmott for two days. Delay, delay, delay.

    Sarah, thank you, thank you. If you go to 33.40 min and start to listen…it tells all at 37:28..SS

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 49 – Part 2

  150. Redrelaxed says:

    I am soooooooo glad that I didn’t have a mouth full when I read your last comment Snoop!

    Had to catch up on the trial today and haven’t seen part 3 and I’m assuming since St. Jodi of Arias came down with a serious case of “the short pencil finger cramps” *wink *wink… “migraine” that there won’t be a part 4 today.

    JW is making herself look like an I-dot. If she is trying to discredit DeMarte with her brillance, it ain’t working…and she is not baffling anyone with her bullchit. This expert is unflappable!

    I wonder what the jury makes of Jodi diassociative behaviour the last two days while DeMarte the Smarte has been testifying. Jodi has tuned out…she is the twilight zone. Ah of course… sparse oxygen way up there, so therefore the migraine.

    All IMO

  151. Redrelaxed says:

    Have a listen to this…
    Youtube Video

    I am not sure this is legit…I do not trust edited videos as to their authenticity. It wouldn’t surprise me if Willmott felt like saying it tho~~SS

  152. Here is Part 3 of Day 49….notice the big smiles that Judge Stephens and Juan share….

  153. Karen C. says:

    Ya know, I’m thinking this is a migraine because: a) She is SO pissing everybody off with this stuff, it would have to be legit, and b) right out the chute tomorrow it will be more of Willmott’s same same, and as I understand it, the way things are going, portends that end-of-day tomorrow would have to swing back to JM- surely that would not be the DTs druthers- right? Don’t they want to be the high point at end-of-day anytime they can manage it? What they have now is a lot of folks hugely resenting her, and inevitably considering how much of a headache Travis must’ve had there, in the last seconds of his life…. not a high point to wrap up Today’s testimony!

  154. mystical pippin says:

    I don’t think she would be that stupid do you all I mean she knows the mike is on why would she say that anyway?

  155. Sarah says:

    Pippin: I agree. I don’t think she said it. It could’ve been the word, “which” as she was searching. IMO, it’s the same issue as looking at the “blob” in Travis’ eye. It’s all in the eye of the beholder; or in this case, the ears.

    I wonder if the jury is getting aggravated with all the delays. How much more could Wilmott possibly have?

    Does anyone know if JM has anymore rebuttal witnesses?

    Do they go into closing arguments after JM’s rebuttal?

    I think Arias is keenly aware that her days are numbered. The trial isn’t quite going the way she had hoped. She didn’t realize the power of the Juan.

  156. Sarah says:

    I wanted to post the link to the segment of NG show where L. Walker is talking about her work:

    NG Walker Interview

  157. gramared says:

    Sarah… Can you imagine being on that jury? With every delay, they must sit in a room, waiting and watching the clock, as the HOURS pass by. They aren’t allowed to wander about, so what in the world are they allowed to do? Can they have any electronic devices that could connect them to the outside world?? I seriously doubt it. I would be claustrophobic by now and ready to scream because the one thing I would want to vent about, the case, I couldn’t mention. Their frustration level must be over the top.

    Ms. Migraine, however, knows that her 15 minutes of infamy is about to come to an end, and she will no longer be the center of attention. I think that’s why she gets “sick,” and I use the term lightly! Anything to delay, delay, delay. She and her DT are becoming masters at the art of wasting time, money and everyone’s patience.

  158. Sarah says:

    Why isn’t Arias writing or drawing today? Do they suspect it was causing her migraine?

    Wilmott seems to be in mood today. She’s making no points with me.

    I like the way DeMarte keeps turning the tables on Wilmott. (I don’t think she likes).

  159. Sarah says:

    it. (should have been the ending of my last sentence above)

    Wilmott really needs to slow down. She sounds desperate.

  160. gramared says:

    As I watch the split screen of Dr. DeMarte and JA, I can’t help but be struck by the different paths these women of similar age have taken with their lives. Dr. D has her life ahead of her with so many possibilities, part of which is obviously helping others. JA, on the other hand, has brutally murdered Travis and shattered so many lives in the process, without an ounce of remorse. She has no life ahead of her and may possibly be facing death. Choices.

  161. Sarah says:

    gramared: I thought the same thing.

    I think DeMarte is so good. I would hire her in a minute. I love the way she’s handling Wilmott.

  162. gramared says:

    Sarah…Jodi isn’t writing today because it’s a “pro Jodi” day in her mind, and she needs to pay attention. Let’s hope the jury is seeing the different behavior and making note of it.

    As for Willmott’s mood – Snarky and Sarcastic! The problem with Willmott is that her voice has NO authority, it’s just irritating.

  163. gramared says:

    Suzanne…You can bet JA has self-serving regret. We saw some of that early on in her interview with Det. Flores. She mentioned somewhere about the things she wouldn’t be able to do. JA seeing Dr. D probably brings her bad choice more into focus.

    I agree that Dr. De Marte is a super witness and giving ole Willmott a run for her money. One obvious difference is in how they speak which highlights Dr. D’s calm, intelligent, thoughtful responses to Willmott’s frenetic, repetitious high-pitched questioning.

    Sarah… My thanks, too, for the link to NG’s interview with Walker.

  164. Sarah says:

    After Wilmott (finally) finishes; Martinez does get to follow up, correct?

    (That sounded like a Wilmott question…tee hee)…..

    Oh my gosh……the last sentence on the first page of the email JA wrote starts with, “If I had a magic wand……..”
    You do now!

  165. gramared says:

    Suzanne…JM has shown quite a bit to the jury, especially of the interrogation, interviews, etc. Jodi is her own worst enemy, and let’s hope her words come back to bite her. I haven’t seen the entire trial either, but you can bet JM will know what to give the jury in his closing.

    Let’s hope JW finishes by lunchtime, but don’t count on it. She probably wants to drag out her questioning until day’s end so that JM won’t get a chance to put any thoughts into the juror’s minds before the long break. No trial Friday or Monday.

  166. margaret says:

    I love this witness ! Martinez knew what he was doing when he hired her..She is ready for Wilmott on all fronts. She gives quick precise answers and leaves no room for argument.. Wilmott needs to sit down and shut up..DeMarte is more organized than Wilmott.. I read there is only two questions in jury box, which to me means that this witness is totally believable to jury.. I love it when she corrects Wilmott on something..

    Wilmott must be reading here, her bald spot is covered today ! LOL

    I googled jodi arias on E-Bay last night and was surprised at what I saw. They have coloring books on that site of just headshot drawings of people concerned with trial.. One has all of HLN people, one has prosecution team, and there is 4 or 5 of them, I did not look at all of them..Is that what she has been doing all this time she has been doodling at her desk.. I read somewhere about her

    mother saying jodi’s art is selling “great “.. I think anything she makes should go to Alexanders..

  167. It will be next Tuesday before Martinez gets to put another one of his rebuttal witnesses on… I see juror fatigue…

  168. Sarah says:

    Anyone know why court has not resumed this afternoon? Didn’t they break just a little early?

  169. If that trial started on time it would shock our systems… I expect Willmott will keep yacking until it recesses for the day….

  170. margaret says:

    Snoops, good morning! Waiting for trial to resume and realized that I haven’t told you that you did it again and did it so perfectly, the title of this page.. The weekend is coming and I look forward to what you come up with each time for the new week..Thank you for a wonderful blog..

    I have something that has been bothering me, because I just can’t understand how it could be. I heard on HLN someone say that jodi’s parents say that when they visit jodi in jail that ” she is happy as hell “.. I just can’t imagine being happy in a place like that. Can anyone explain that to me.. Is she putting on show for parents ? I see her stomping and screaming at them to get her out , not happy..

  171. Sarah says:

    Juror fatigue? Gallery fatigue! I’m worn out and angry. I can only imagine what the jurors are going through. And the way I see it, delays have been caused by the defense. (Once by the judge).

    If the jury recognizes that the delays have been more the defenses fault, I think, subconsciencly, that the jury will hold Arias accountable by striking a verdict with a vengeance. (I hope)

  172. mystical pippin says:

    I know right? lol I’d bet a thousand bucks (if I had a thousand bucks that is….) that the jury was tired 3 months ago and absolutely knows the DT is stalling. Every single time Jenny gets up there she does the same exact thing. She runs over the experience and credentials of the witness in painstakingly redundant questions. As much as it pains me to say this, I think its better than having to listen to Nurmi’s slow drawl and wait 5 to 15 seconds in between each word.

  173. Sarah says:

    Lesser of two evils? Definitely Wilmott. If Nurmi was up I think I would be experiencing suicidal ideation. lol

    Wilmott is out of her league with this witness.

  174. Sarah says:

    Gawd, I can’t type today. I meant:

    Anyone else notice that Arias is wearing HER hair the same as Dr. DeMarte?

  175. gramared says:

    Ah, the verbal fisticuffs. Give it up JW. If only she knew how she comes across, so condescending, snippy, and dripping with sarcasm. Dr. D is holding her own, in spite of JW’s snarky approach.

    SS….Beyond jury fatigue. I think they might be ready to mutiny!

  176. gramared says:

    Doesn’t Jodi have her “groupies” in jail who believe her every word. Plus, she no doubt puts herself in the American Idol category, having won the singing contest! She’s in her element!! Tis a good thing, however, because she is going to be there for a loooooonnng time.

  177. Sarah says:

    What’s this about Arias stealing Travis’ ring?

  178. Sarah says:

    Dr. DeMarte was asked a question by JM and she was answering with examples and one of her examples that she was able to get out of her mouth before Wilmott objected was Arias stealing Travis’ ring. Sidebar. Then JM changed the word to “took” instead of steal. I just haven’t heard about Arias taking or stealing a ring before. I’m curious to which ring and when.

  179. Sarah says:

    I’m beginning to think you have battered woman(s) syndrome with the way you apologize all the time. lol I like the name Suz too. Have a sister we call Suz. Go figure. Small world, huh?

    I didn’t or haven’t responded right away because I’m listening to the magic juan…..oh, good: recess!

    Wonder what’s up next since JM rested.

  180. mystical pippin says:

    Sadly we’re still on Willmott here on the west coast…

    Ok lets go over some scaled charts of Jodi’s that you (DeM) didn’t consider because they are not the proper scales to use for someone with PTSD……

    poor clueless Jenny….she has no idea what she’s talking about…nothing new there but she also doesn’t get that when you try to force a real professional in psych field – who actually does know what she’s talking about – when you try to force your own spin on something that has no place being considered in the first place, well you look like a desperate fool.

  181. Sarah says:

    Pippin: You’re not watching live on-line?

    If not, just wait… gets better.

  182. Sarah says:


    See cafe…..

  183. Pippin…this may be faster for you….no commercials…just sidebars which you can scroll over…

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50 – Part 1

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50 – Part 2

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50 – Part 3

  184. Suzanne says:

    Sarah~ Thank you so much. I left my reply at Jonathon’s Cafe’ for you.

    Snoopy, thank you for the links so fast to catch anything we missed! Thinking of you. ❤

  185. Redrelaxed says:

    Hello all,

    Well that was a slam dunk. I think the jury questions for DeMarte were to bascially expand on her answers or for more info she didn’t provide. Didn’t hear or percieve any hidden digs as with juror questions for RS & ALV.

    Jodi seemed transfixed when DeMarte was expalning the steps for BPD…at times she was inadvertently nodding her head. Anyone else notice this? I was watching Radarlivestream where we had a split screen, so it was fascinating to watch Jodi while DeMarte gave her answers to JM.

    I hadn’t heard anything about Jodi and a stolen oh wait, scratch that…”taken” a ring from Travis either.

    Jodi looked much better today and indeed morphed overnight into a mini demarte.

    By the way…Egg Tree is back. Very funny but astute stuff. I didn’t post the link out of respect as this is Snoop’s sandbox. However if Snoop doesn’t mind, I’ll post it with permission?

    Red~~since this is a murder case, I prefer not to have any thing from Egg Tree here in this thread. TIA~~SS

  186. mystical pippin says:

    and I like being called Pippin since MP is such a mouthful.. Snoopy sometimes calls me Pippy or Pip all are ok – just don’t call me late for dinner! 🙂

    So Suz, what did you mean about MC Jail cause I thought life was hard there. I heard the Sheriff was a hard-ass and is super strict.

  187. mystical pippin says:

    I usually watch it on tv. Its very rare that I go to the live stream. The reasons are my laptop is old and tends to run hot if I have a lot of pages open or in use. Plus I prefer to come here and comment so thats why I watch it on tv.

    Hello Red, nice to see you. I’m very interested in who Egg Tree is. Can you post links in Jonathans Cafe?

  188. mystical pippin says:

    Ya thats wierd about Jodi’s hair perhaps it was a coincidence. However with Jodi’s disorder…..and she does fall under a cluster of traits and/or disorders, one being she mimics other people – she tries to assume different identities. I believe this stems from her desire to be like someone she respects. It could also be part of her fantasies where she imagines she is on the same level as this person so in order for her to project that she needs to look like that person.
    Do you all remember hearing from various people who knew Jodi – the latest being a neighbor where her parents live who went out to dinner two nights after Jodi murdered Travis to the restaurant where Jodi worked. She was their waitress.

    Incidently the neighbor said Jodi had a reputation around town for being a liar. Anyway, she said Jodi was acting like her usual self – strange as always but you would never know she had just murdered someone less than 48 hours earlier. She also said that a friend of hers was Jodi’s coworker and this friend said that she would catch Jodi staring at her at her in a way like she was sizing her up – as if she was mentally marking all of her mannerisms and ways, she said she would get a creepy feeling whenever this happened so she stayed away from Jodi.

  189. I cannot locate part 4 of day 50’s trial…. Here is #5….

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50 – Part 5 (Juror Questions)

  190. Sarah says:

    Jodi Arias Trial-Day 50-Part 4

    A big thank you, Sarah!~~SS

  191. Sarah~~Bravo on putting the following CODED link in….. I brought it down from upthread… Now I am off to check it out…I notice Juan was right on top of things today when he asked DeMarte about the 6 criteria…dang Willmott pretended she didn’t hear him…

    NG Walker Interview

  192. Sarah says:

    Thank you, thank you…….no autographs please. (Snoops; you’re a great teacher.)

    I watched the “6 criteria” fall flat with Wilmott; but did the jury catch it?

    Make no mistake; Wilmott is licking her wounds tonight. Bet the hubby had a big bottle of vodka ready.

  193. Pippin~~in response to your comment upthread. They use the gender ‘he’ in the article but I find Jodi has many of the traits described… we think of a psychopath as looking like a monster… but that is not always the case…

    Just what is a psychopath? What goes on in the mind of a psychopath? The dictionary definition of a psychopath is a person who is emotionally and behaviorally disturbed, characterized by clear perceptions of reality except for the individual’s social and moral obligations. But in ENGLISH, it basically means a dangerous person without a conscience, and is often highly skilled at lying and charming and at faking the emotions they lack. A psychopath knows exactly what he’s doing, but he just doesn’t care. That’s why insanity pleas don’t work with psychopaths. They aren’t crazy; in fact they are usually extremely intelligent. The most interesting things I learned from the book were the characteristics of a psychopath:

    More here….


  194. Vicky says:

    Snoops, I’m really sorry to hear about the flooding. We were under a flood watch yesterday, but fortunately the storm predicted did not materialize. The news footage from north of St. Lewis all the way to the Chicago area looks pretty bad.I hope there isn’t too much damage to her home. Does she regret moving to the U.S. Yet? LOL compared to Nova Scotia, living in the Chicago area, she gets some of the harshest weather experiences Mother Nature has to offer.

    She likes Bolingbrook… latest update a bit of water damage in her basement. Her basement is decked out like the Ritz…lol ~~SS

  195. Karen C. says:

    Dang! That sinkhole is shocking! Know one is surprised by anything in Florida (my sister calls ’em “topography”), but Chicago area? Good luck to her, Snoopy!

    That gal, DeMarte, is sharp as a tack and is doing exactly what she’s supposed to do. After all that fluffy fairytale crap we got from those other two….

    New post shall be needed soon, Methinks…. you have a lively herd of cats here to keep happy!

  196. Karen C~~ the more frustrated Willmott was getting when she couldn’t trip DeMarte up, the happier I was. I picture Willmott’s streaked hair as quills on a porcupine ready to all stand up before she lets out a hiss… I noticed Jodi was fascinated with DeMarte…I could have sworn she was nodding in agreement with her a few times…

  197. Sarah says:

    I think we all had questions about the “taken” ring by Arias.

    Ring Stolen By Arias-Nancy Grace

  198. mystical pippin says:

    Snoops – I don’t know what you mean….. I mean I know what a psychopath is but I don’t know what post you’re referring to where I talked about it. I tried looking all the way up for a post about psychopaths but I couldn’t find it. I looked at the article from the link and it looks familiar but it didn’t help me remember what I said. 😦 Sorry…… feeling very in the dark – ok wait it just dawned on me. Are you talking about my comment about how ugly Jodi is? Or how stupid I think she is. .

  199. mystical pippin says:

    Doh! Another thing I forgot. Its County not Prison. Thanks Suz, I sure as heck can’t seem to remember anything lately. but it all makes sense now. the trial is wearing me down. This trial needs to be over with a guilty verdict and then we have sentencing hearing…….OMG will it ever end?

  200. weezie10 says:

    Is there trial today?

  201. Sarah says:

    Morning Snoopers:

    Weezie: No trial today.

    During Day 50 part 5 (Juror Questions) Wilmott displays Dr. Samuels written answer sheet and asks Dr. DeMarte about the comparison of two different styles of writing. IMO, Dr. Sam wrote those answers. Arias is left handed (as I am) and we tend to make our check marks backwards if you will. The check marks on the test are marked to the right. I think he assisted her a great deal. Plus, what Dr. getting paid $300 an hour does not a bring a stinking answer sheet for the patient to mark? He seems very slimy to me. I wouldn’t trust him with my pet rat.

  202. weezie10 says:

    Sarah, thanks for answering. Yes that Dr. Sam was a very disorganized professional, well let’s just correct that, non professional witness on this case. He was a blundering bafoon. Wilmott, was trying to emulate Juan, but alas, she failed to capture DeMarte as a liar or too young to know her stuff. I’m glad that part is over. Why is it, the trial has diverted so much? You would think it was about abuse, with no murder!!!! That is what happened with Casey’s trial, thanks to Martinez. I have a bad feeling regarding the outcome here, I just hope my feeling is wrong.

  203. Newbie says:

    From what I understand, the Judge and attorneys are in chambers for what we do not know. Judge called the parties in.

  204. Sarah says:

    Newbie: Are you talking about today?

  205. Newbie says:

    Sarah, yes, today. I haven’t been watching HLN the last half hour or so but I think they are going to report immediately when the “conference” is over.
    I’m so scattered today I’m going back and checking what I just said…… HLN here I come !

  206. Newbie says:

    It is “Hearing Underway…….” Didn’t get it all before they went to commercial. I believe it was Hearing Underway Jodi Arias trial.

  207. Pippin ~~you mentioned this in your comment However with Jodi’s disorder…..and she does fall under a cluster of traits and/or disorders, one being she mimics other people – she tries to assume different identities.

    I responded to you with some info that I felt described Jodi…

  208. Newbie~~it was a sealed hearing….it is over now but HLN doesn’t know what it was about…possibly some evidence Martinez wants to introduce for his rebuttal…eg: putting weight on a closet shelf…

  209. Newbie says:

    Thank you Snoops. Sealed hearing….hmmmm…….maybe it is about the slashing of the tires….lol. Don’t we wish !!!!!

  210. Newbie~~the second time Travis’ tires were slashed…he did call the police but they were so late coming to his house, he and Lisa did not wait for their arrival… the call to the PD should be on record some where..

  211. Karen C. says:

    Oh, Snoopy! That is great news- if that’s the case (an attempt to report, though frustrated) would open that door, big-time!

    I was up til 3 am last night- stupidly checked CNN one more time at Midnight before hitting the sack, got absolutely wound up like the proverbial top watching the dramas unfold through local affiliates of all kind all over Beantown, Cambridge, Watertown. AMAZING stuff. Also a friend of mine there I hadn’t heard from all week was up too- couldn’t sleep either.

    Anyway, glad there’s no court today, or Monday. Don’t know about Y’all but I have hours worth of the After Dark thing, Dr. Drew, etc. to plow through- Boston has kept me fairly riveted… it’s nice that the BoSox/Yankees rivalry has been set aside…

  212. Karen C~~the 911 call when Travis body was found was never brought into evidence??? Will the defense argue that it is too prejudicial to bring in??

  213. margaret says:

    Snoops, just wanted to say that I read the link you left above. It was an interesting article and I can’t wait to call my library on Monday to see if they have it in.. I want to know more about the subject… It was as if the author knew jodi ..I read that it starts at a very young age, and from information from her parents, that was true with jodi.. It is clear now why her parents were not surprised that she was involved with Travis death..Those poor parents will probably live the rest of their lives ,wondering what they could have done to help her.. I kept reading thinking there would be an answer as to prevention.. There is no prevention that I could find nor any medical help for it..Did I understand this right ,50% of prisoners suffer from this and if set free will do the same thing again.? I hope the jury gets this. She deserves DP for the way she killed Travis. It was not just murder she tortured him. I believe Travis managed to get to end of hallway thinking he could get away from her, but she made sure he didn’t by slashing his throat.. I heard a doctor on HLN say the bruises on his feet and legs were probably put there by her kicking or stomping on them… To each his own opinion, but I want the DP or LWOP. God help the next person she gets her hands on if she were to be set free..

  214. Karen C. says:

    Hi, All!
    Happy dancing all over the place- now I must really catch up on sleep (last night’s TV news viewing was like a 3 hour action movie! At a midnight showing!)- but, NO, the 9-1-1 tape didn’t come in, I imagine for being prejudicial which burns my toast. As it turns out, his friends that fingered the b!tch were in fact correct- she was the only one who was a problem for him, and she did in fact, KILL HIM. It just drives me crazy- why not redact the whole damn autopsy report while they’re at it- that’s pretty danged “prejudicial” too, I’d say. We can keep out, say, 23 of the stab wounds- too prejudicial. That leaves, what, 6? Yeah, that’s more frickin’ fair!
    (Grr-ing softly while doing happy dance down hallway to bedroom….’Night!

  215. mystical pippin says:

    ahhh Snoops you cleared my fog. (pun intended) NOW I know what you’re talking about. Its that dam Koolaid the DT has been serving us all Winter! I swear I’m going to need rehab when this is over.

  216. mystical pippin says:

    Weezie how are you Sweetpea? I was wondering where the heck you been.

  217. mystical pippin says:

    Regarding the 911 call. I listened to it again recently and there was something on there that kind of made me laugh. (I’m trying to be sick here just hear me out)

    When the disptacher ask the friend on the phone if she knew of anyone that might want to hurt Travis and the friend said a resounding YES then started talking about Jodi. What struck me as funny was she moved her mouth away from the phone and called out to her friends and said:
    hey what was Jodi’s last name? 🙂
    It kind of hit me and I burst out laughing – Jodi makes such a good impression on people that not only do they shun her but they can’t even (or don’t want to) remember her name.

  218. mystical pippin says:

    Did anyone hear DeMarte mention Jodi hiding behind the christmas tree at Travis’s house? That was hilarious. I wish she would’ve been able to elaborate on it because I’ve heard a similar story and wonder if its the same one.

    Clancy, a close friend & coworker of Travis’s told us about one night Travis had invited all his coworkers over to spend the night at his house because the next day they were all flying out to an event put on by Legal Aid. Clancy said the way these events worked was you had to qualify for them because the employer was paying for everything so you had to reach a goal or something – not sure. Anyway, Travis invited all these people over and had given up his bedroom to a couple of girls. There were several couples who had taken the extra rooms, another group was sleeping on couches in living room and the dining room had been made into a quest room as well – there were people everywhere and no room for anyone else. He was planning on sleeping in his office.

    According to someone (not Clancy – other people have referenced this story when talking about Jodi’s bold behavior) This was actually before he started dating Jodi, although I’m not so sure about that. I’m thinking – maybe they were’nt officially dating but he must’ve had at least one sexual encounter with her at that point but nobody knew about it.

    So in walks Jodi. Clancy said as time went on Jodi was always showing up unannounced and uninvited. Jodi never qualified for any of the free trips paid for by Legal Aid and yet she was at most of them. (this is why she was broke all the time – she always paid her own way…..careful Jodi your intelligence is showing ha ha ha ha).

    Clancy said she walked up to the girls who had been given Travis’s room to sleep in and said (paraphrasing) Travis and I are dating so don’t you think its more appropriate that we use his bedroom? Travis was across the room but he heard it and said in front of everyone No we’re not and yes they can have my room! Apparantly Travis’s then girlfriend was in the room at the time so maybe he said that for her benefit. IDK – Clancy said Travis took Jodi in another room and was trying to get her to leave in a nice way….. but she said Jodi wound up sleeping under the christmas tree.
    I wonder if this is the same incident DeMarte was referring to or was there another time that Jodi actually hid behind it and Travis didn’t know she was there? I also can’t figure out why that wasn’t a big fat clue to Travis to stay away from her.

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