What to do O What to do

Probation is NOT considered to be a sentence. A sentence is issued as punishment for a crime. If Judge Perry decides to pass Judge Strickland’s amended order, it will NOT be double jeopardy. A person cannot be tried twice for the same crime (once a verdict is handed down.) This also applies to being sentenced for the same crime. Since probation is not a sentence, the defense was errant in their argument that Casey could not be sentenced to serve probation as per Judge Strickland’s amended order as it would be double jeopardy.

Mr Frank George said his office was NOT informed that Casey Anthony had started her probation in Jan/10 nor were they informed when she terminated that probation in Jan/11.

Ms Anthony was to have received a letter congratulating her for the completion of her probation period. Judge Perry said that of all the cases he has studied, he does not recall any probationers being sent a letter upon their termination.

JMO, Mr Baez and Ms Lyon were present in the courtroom along with their client, Ms Anthony, when Judge Strickland gave his verbal order, in open court, that Casey would serve a year’s probation upon her release from custody. This took place in Jan/10 when Casey pled guilty to the check/fraud and was sentenced to 412 days already served. The defense were made aware that Casey went on probation at the jail in Jan/10. As I said above, the state was unaware of that fact.

It is my opinion that the defense knew that a mistake had been made and Corrections had received wrong information. A judge’s verbal order supercedes the written transcript of that order. So, was this deception on the part of the defense.

Previously, I felt that Judge Perry would grant the defense motion and Casey would not have to serve probation for one year. After listening to the hearing today, I am leaning towards Judge Perry upholding Judge Strickland’s amended order and Casey will have to serve the probation but with certain conditions. I cannot see Casey being ordered back to Orange County but she will have to keep her nose clean for a year.

Hearing-Part One

Hearing-Part Two

Hearing-Part Three

Here is a great write up of Richard Hornsby’s. I love the way Richard writes and the humor he intermingles with his sound reasoning.

For Judge Perry’s Eyes Only

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  1. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, I think you may be right. I don’t care where she serves her probation just as long as she has to behave herself and get a job.

  2. Frankie~~I am secretly rooting for Judge Strickland’s amended order. That is why I hope Judge Perry rules in favor of him. The trollop will probably get Administrative Probation and a six pack of beer, if she does have to do the probation.

  3. offthecuff says:

    Gee, I think every inmate should serve their probation while in jail. Saves all that messy paperwork, driving around and checking up on them, making/breaking appointments, and the chances of drug use, possessing weapons, leaving jurisdiction, and/or breaking other probationary laws are greatly if not totally reduced. In this economy, our judicial system deserves this monetary break.

    And if the inmate is particularly GOOD, such as Casey supposedly was, why not obliterate all probation all together? Give them a gold star sticker and a certificate instead.

  4. annie says:

    hello to all mason was not with baez when the cheque fraud hearing and judge strickland is right she needs to go to probation period.it was announced loud and clear by the judge so it will stay wf will serve her probation period.wherever she goes that will follow her for one full year.yes judges amended motion will serve for a while anyway.now we will know where she lives and where she works good for her she deserves that.nothing will take her away from being a killer though.KILLER CASEY.your fat and ugly now.

    Annie, I found your comment in spam. If you use the name bozo, it goes directly to spam. I corrected it to baez~J

  5. Well if Casey was serving her probation from Jan/10 to Jan/11, did she receive any contraband in the form of pens given to her by Mr Baez? How about breaking the jail rules and sneaking letters to her inmate pals? What about the illegal haircut in Casey’s cell?

  6. Frankie says:

    Yes Snoopy, what about Casey breaking the jail rules during her so called probation? What do these authorities do for their paycheck? If I over looked things and made mistakes like the various employees in whatever department concerning an important murder case like these people have done, I would probably get fired. How do they get away with all the screw ups? They certainly are not doing their jobs very well.

  7. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I don’t think the white bearded one had joined the team at the time of the check fraud charges. He came on a little later around the time they declared her ‘indigent’.

    Here is a link to an old video–all I can see is Lyon and Baez (plus the turnip at the table).
    Casey Anthony Check Fraud Plea Court Hearing 1/25/10
    At about 4:56 minutes in you can see them all at the defense table.

    Thanks for the new post. I haven’t found the courage to listen to today’s hearing–maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

    You know, looking through some of those old videos (some from MSNBC, particularly) and things–I was struck by the thought that the members of that jury watched a whole lot more coverage of this case than they admitted to.

    That is just my opinion only.

    This whole thing is such a travesty–it’s depressing.

  8. Nan11~~thanks for providing that link. I googled and found the white bearded one came aboard when they had the hearing for Casey’s indigency. I just replaced Mason with Lyon in my post and deleted the comment I made upthread.

    Judge Perry should have a ruling on this latest motion by Wednesday of next week. I wish the judge would read Richard Hornsby’s post. I get laughing when Richard refers to Mason as Foghorn Leghorn…LOL

  9. Nan11~~I think the members of the jury only read one blog and that was JBMission’s. LOL

  10. Sherry says:

    offthecuff-too funny! Its a good idea, though. Maybe Casey Anthony has set a new precedent for probation. πŸ˜†

    I’m not ready for watching the court proceedings of today just yet. I’ve seen snippets and have read the comments about it and that works for me. I wish I could be optimistic that Casey will have to abide by the law but the upholders of it doesn’t give me a reason to be so hopeful.

  11. β€œDO NOT Click on any Pics by TMZ or Splash of Casey Anthony!! She has been verified by NBC that she is getting paid for each click on those pics
    Go to splashes fb page & there web site & tell them how u feel!!!!!”


  12. cali patti says:

    Not surprized. Photos looked staged and IF the photos had been taken by surprize she would have been followed home or “outed” in some way. Just pics of the turnip.

  13. Laurali says:

    LOL the only skills turnip has to make money is to sell photos of herself. I guess she does not realize she is not worth a wooden nickle the only reason people even know her name is because of Caylee. Nothing great done by turnip. Worthless piece of chit mother. So what she walked around Old Navy. Maybe if she had a job (what a concept) she could actually afford to by something from Old Navy.
    Jose never did clarify the kind of therapy she is getting so I stick by my earlier comment. Retail Therapy. Still no remorse or sadness for the loss of Caylee. My hope is she gets probation so if she steals a piece of bubble gum her azz will go back to jail for the first 6 (six) felonies! LOL I said if should have said when she steals a piece of bubble gum. πŸ™‚

  14. Laura~~ Next Tuesday, the 9th, Caylee would have been 6 years old. I heard somewhere in my travels that they are going to release mauve balloons. I wonder if that project out at Suburban is still going forward. They planned to make a brick walkway at the site the remains were found. I had heard that a person can purchase a brick and have their name on it for around $84. They swore that they were not making money off of this memorial for Caylee.

  15. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, Who is they that is planning the brick walkway at the site where Caylee’s remains were found? How can they do that on someone else’s property? Wouldn’t that be trespassing? It better not be the Anthony’s.
    Hi Laurali

  16. Frankie says:

    Sorry Snoop, You must have been posting the info while I was asking ?’s. Thanks

  17. Frankie~~ they go by the name of Bring Kids Home and I know WESH news was checking them out. They have to purchase the land. I think it is about a half acre. I wonder where Dennis Milstead is these days. This would be something he would do to make money for himself.

  18. Frankie~~I have got to the point that I don’t trust anyone who decides to make Memorials etc. Cindy is planning to set up another foundation and I hope no one sends her donations. They can live off the administration fees that they pay themselves. I don’t know if she ever dissolved The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Inc. Cindy was the president of that and George, Lee, and Mallory Parker were directors. Jodi Parker, Mallory’s mother was the treasurer.

  19. Andrea says:

    Oh I sure do agree with ya, Jonathan and I sure hope we’re both right because its the right thing to do. πŸ™‚

  20. Its irrelevant I M O,,,A few months ago we would have pitched a fit if someone said Caseys punishment would be a few days in Jail an a years probation at the conclussion of the trial…Let it go this whole farce of a verdict has been yet another instance of insult an inferance that CAYLEE was a non person,,The judicial system an 12 jurours thinking a perverse shock an awe not guilty verdict.Would garner them infammy media exposure magazine book deals ect,The court of public opinion will not fail CAYLEE,…An casey will be on parole probation for the rest of her sorry life.She will screw up sooner rather than later an the public will be scrutiniseing an monitering her more closely than any probation official M O O.

  21. Hi Andrea~~ Casey was always jealous of the attention that Caylee received. I hope people will focus more on Caylee and other abused and missing children and ignore the evil one. I am so leery when not-for profit- organizations start up. There are legitimate ones out there but some like Kidfinder’s Network are con artists. I guess just about anyone can start up a non-prof. There should be a set rule about how much can be paid out in administrative fees. The Anthonys reaped the harvest when their foundation was active. I hope people have wised up to that clan.

  22. Ecossie~~How have you been matey? When Casey crawls out from under her rock, the public will be waiting and she will be glad to take her fangs and slink back under it. A leopard does not change it’s spots. It is just a matter of time before Casey resorts back into her old habits, lying, stealing and bedding down with any man she can. She cannot be helped with mental therapy because she would first have to admit that she did something wrong. Narcissists are holier than thou and are never at fault so….

  23. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, That woman has a lot of nerve if she thinks people would take seriously a foundation set up by a lying phony like Cindy Anthony. You have to know it is just a money grab so the Anthony’s can live the life style they have become accustom to without having to work for a living. It’s not just George that believes he is entitled. That whole family makes my skin crawl. They ALL need therapy in a bad way. None of them will live long enough for therapy to make any dent in their messed up lives.

  24. Here is the official website for Bring Kids Home. They are selling the bricks for $80 @. For some reason, I am getting bad vibes so I hope people will be very cautious before they go ordering these bricks.


    FYI~ notice on the website it says, “Purchase a Memorial Walkway Engraved Bick, not Brick. I never picked that up when I first looked at the site. It says brick when you click on the link to purchase one.

  25. Frankie says:

    Good catch Snoopy. I’m not sure if I like the idea of that place as the right place for a memorial for Caylee. That place gives me the creeps. It leaves me with unpleasant thoughts and vision about what occurred there.

  26. Im alright Snoops been better been a hellava lot worse so cant complain,An even if I did Id get shot down pretty fast,Cats are Boss in this house then my wife an I am at the bottom of the totem pole pecking order…Hope you are well……..?

    Matey, I don’t know whether to be glad or sad for you. Just learn how to meow and hiss back at the pussy cats. LOL~SS

  27. Frankie~~On August 9th, the Bring Kids Home are supposed to be at the site at 6pm to release balloons and have some small ceremony initiating the site. Let’s hope they show up and haven’t run off with all the eighty dollars. A memorial at that site will create more traffic in the school zone and I agree with you, it is not the right place. The $80 would be better spent going to Texas Equusearch or other legitimate missing children foundations. I wonder if there is a place online that shows the sale of that land to Bring Kids Home. They need permits before erecting anything on that swampy land. I think they are selling the bricks prematurely. There are some pile of snakes that run free among the kudzu out in that swamp and you are right, what a creepy place.

  28. I have a feeling Cindy has been working on her book, “If She Did It” and has already rec’d a substantial advancement from the publisher. How can Cindy and George live on a meager disabitlity check? I wonder if Mark Lippman is working pro bono. He deals in real estate and helped Cindy save her home. I think Cindy and Mark bonded. Nite nite….

  29. Frankie says:

    I never thought of that Snoopy. Those $80 bricks will be under water during the wet storm season unless they built up an area to put the walkway on. If that land is part of a flood plain they may not be able to get approval.
    Well my dear it is time for me to hit the sack. Nite Nite see you tomorrow.

  30. Vicky says:

    Good Morning – There is a 501c3 listed by the IRS called Bring Kids Home, but that doesn’t mean too much. As long as they file all of the proper paper work, and can manage to find financial support, they can stay in business. If this is the same group. The One listed by the IRS is in Belleview, WA. That doesn’t mean this is the same group.
    I took a look at their website. They claim to be an all volunteer organization. The QA section makes it fairly clear that they have an agenda that I personally would not fully support. And I could never donate to an operation that does not openly provide a point of contact. FYI, they are seeking volunteers in all “52” stares. LOL
    They might be a non profit, but not one I would support.
    Also, I agree a swamp/dump site is no place for a memorial. It will be interesting to see who shows up on Suburban Dr to represent them.

  31. Vicky says:

    Here is a link to an article about the person in Orlando who is organizing the event/project. – Eddie Delvalle.

  32. Vicky says:

    Dr. Delvalle seems to be respected in Orlando. I suppose bring kids home could be legit, but I always find charities that don’t provide a mailing address a bit suspect. Even if they don’t have paid staff. There should be a specific POC named and not just an email. I think I’ll go on a 990 hunt when I have time. Perhaps someone else might beat me to it.

  33. Vicky~~thanks for checking out Bring Kids Home. It is better to be safe than sorry before someone goes donating their hard earned cash. IMO, I do not think a memorial walkway where the remains were found is a good idea at all.

  34. cali patti says:

    is it Monday Judge Perry will come back with his ruling? If she gets administrative probation at least she will have to ask before traveling away from the county she is in. Guessing they will make her do drug tests but doubt she will have to work.
    I do not believe she is in any real danger at all. Yes there are kooks everywhere but her danger comes from name calling, being refused service places and yelled at. JMO, but I can’t see her threats as real. Maybe thats why I am not in LE.
    I have always felt Orange County LE should not have to protect this turnip. That is what would happen if she is given probation there. Plus I still think she gets off on the attention, even bad attention. Having a court tell her we don’t care about you enough even to put you on probation is to me a bigger slap.
    I do see Judge Perry ruling in favor of Judge Strickland, in some manner.

  35. margaret says:

    S noops, My resident personal lawyer, what happened to the adjudicated 7 check charges? I thought they were tied in to her completing probation. Can anything ever be done about them? I read somewhere that it is almost impossible to get an adjudicated charge off your record. I watched the hearing last night and enjoyed watching Baez squirm when Judge Perry asked what. Baez , as an officer of the court, duty was if he knew the probation was being carried out wrong. Ms. Frye did not have an answer for that, but Baez slumped back in his chair and looked away. Sleazy crook. Ms. Frye reminds me of the energizer bunny, she can jump up and be at the podium, speaking before you can blink. She seems prepared, unlike the rest of them. She will be good someday if she gets away from Mason. Mr. Mason acts like he is reaching his boiling point. Things must not be going as planned. I think if I were a reporter I would not waste my time on him, he is dangerous. I almost think G&C lawyer is agreeing with how Baez is handling Killer too much lately. IMO I wish they would put Caylee’s memorial at J. Blanchard Park, it was said Caylee enjoyed going there and it would be more accessible to people.

  36. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Not that it matters what I think, but I feel a ‘memorial walkway’ where Caylee was left to rot is a disgusting idea.

    Memorialize the location where a dastardly deed occurred–maybe, if it is in warning to another who might be contemplating the samething.

    However, what would this be memorializing? The spot where the turnip left her own flesh and blood to rot after she brutally murdered her and then went unpunished by society?

    My Opinion Only, of course!

  37. Cali Patti~~I believe it may not be until Wednesday until Judge Perry comes back with his decision. He is handling other trials and has to try and research the probation laws in the evenings.

  38. Margaret~~the defense knew that Casey was put on probation and it was an error. As per Richard Hornsby, the defense is not obligated to report errors. If Casey does have to serve probation, once the year is up, that will be the end of it. She is still on the felon list.

  39. Nan11, I am with you. A memorial where the remains were found is almost a mockery of what occured there. That location is a dumping ground for trash and we all know what Casey considered trash.

    It looks like we may have a thunder shower as it is getting dark.

    July 14th, 2011
    New York, N.Y. – Bring Kids Home Inc. a non-profit public charity announces a
    strategic alliance with T.B.C. Productions of Orlando Florida.
    Under this relationship Dr. Eddie Delvalle will be the official local spokesperson
    for the Caylee Anthony Memorial Walkway project in Orlando Florida. In
    addition, Dr. Delvalle will be managing all Bring Kids Home activities within the
    State of Florida.
    Bring Kids Home welcomes Dr. Delvalle to the Bring Kids Home all volunteer
    team along with twenty-five years of working in the areas of youth counseling,
    ministries, community service, and domestic abuse.
    On Sunday July 17th at 2:00 pm, the public is invited to attend a Peace Walk For
    Caylee Anthony, gathering at the Memorial Walkway Project site on Surburban
    Drive in Orlando Florida.
    Dr. Delvalle is available to the media for television and radio interviews regarding
    the Caylee Anthony Memorial Walkway Project.
    Contact Information
    Dr. Eddie DelValle
    (407) 342-4956
    Bring Kids Home Inc.



    Here is a pic of Eddie DelValle President of TBC Productions. TBC Production has joined with Bring Kids Home. This man seems to be involved with a lot of things.


  41. There is still a little kid in all of us. LOL

  42. Terrytsk says:

    Ecossie said, “Its irrelevant I M O,,,A few months ago we would have pitched a fit if someone said Caseys punishment would be a few days in Jail an a years probation at the conclussion of the trial…Let it go this whole farce of a verdict has been yet another instance of insult an inferance that CAYLEE was a non person”.

    I agree. I never even dreamed that “trunkmom” would have been given a free pass by a jury of her peers. I have to let it go. It is what it is. It’s not fair and it shouldn’t have happened, but it did and it sounds like the State Attorneys have given up. She was found not guilty of the charges by a jury of her peers and also excused for ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER BABY DAUGHTER’S DEATH. WOW!!!! Really? What the hell just happened? There are no logical answers.

    BUT, Caylee Marie Anthony was not a non person as the jury, her mother and family thought. She was a real person who deserved the love and concern for her safety that her family never showed. God Bless Caylee Marie Anthony. She was loved and appreciated by many of us. I wish the whole crew would just get lost. Casey and her sicko supporters/attorneys, George and Cindy and Lee and Mallory, please just go away! Let this 2 year old child rest in peace.

  43. FYI~ The name Casey Anthony is now a ‘buzz’ word and has been put in filter. Any comment using that name or part of that name will go directly to spam. If your write the name Caylee, do not add the Anthony to the name. Caylee Marie is fine. Thank you!

  44. nan11 says:

    Terrytsk said: “I have to let it go.”

    I’m in that boat with ya’, and I know you are right but am I ever struggling with it. I just rant and rant–the pain never gets any less and I’m no closer to acceptance today than I was when the verdict first came down.

    I guess it will just take time–but how much time? I’m starting to get a little worried. πŸ˜†

    I don’t know if forever will be long enough. I want justice so bad for Caylee that I can taste it, but I can’t administer it!

    Everyday I’m sick to my stomach over the turnip trunkmom walking free like the rest of us.

    The thought is intolerable–I want to shake it loose but I can’t.

    I heard on WebSleuth’s Talk Radio Show that it got $500,000.00 for those pictures of herself. Surely this can’t be right! Oh, how I hang my head in shame because I did click on those pictures, more than once.

    I will never, ever give that murdering turnip another click. Never! I can’t stop kicking myself in the behind.

    J: I love those little smiley’s. The two of them on the teeter-totter are really cute! I also love your idea about banning its name.

  45. Nan11~~I am not going to give the turnip any more acknowledgement. As far as I am concerned, it is dead. I will discuss Caylee and update any pending suits and Judge Perry’s decision. We cannot change the verdict but we sure as heck can ignore, ignore, ignore. If everyone did that, we will have justice for Caylee. There is another blog who is also putting the kabosh on discussing the turnip. Tomorrow afternoon at 6pm, they are having the balloon and butterfly release out at Suburban. It will be interesting to see how many show and we should find out more about this Memorial Walkway.

  46. We may hear the decision of the jury in the Warren Jeffs case. I hope they give him one hundred and ninety-nine years. The SOB even sodomized his 5 year old nephew. The young man is 28 today. Beth Karas has been attending the trial and reporting on HLN. Apparently the jury are hearing horror stories that were not allowed in at trial.

  47. Terrytsk says:

    “We cannot change the verdict but we sure as heck can ignore, ignore, ignore”.

    I agree. I will never hit on another photo spread that may or may not be that biatch. I don’t want to see her ugly mug again. I also don’t want to see her parents or her brother ever again. If there is a movie, or reality show, or documentary about the death of Caylee Marie, I WILL NOT watch it because I know her mother and grandparents will be financially rewarded. Imagine being paid money for a dead baby. What’s this world coming to?

  48. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I happy to hear that really. That’s all that’s left for us to care about, anyway.

    I remember they had a ‘walk’ from the dump site to Hopespring Drive and back again on July 15, 2011–IIRC. About 150 people showed up. It was quiet and peaceful. A few people shed some tears.

    The dang media thought that they should not have went near the home. That really bothered me–the public is supposed to keep giving money, money, money; but heaven forbid their home be approached or that anyone expresses disaproval.

    I would like to see all 15 members of the disgraceful excuse for a jury have to spend one night in that swamp where the murdering turnip trunkmom left her baby.

    Maybe Mr. Ashton could arrange to have the carpet liner from the Pontiac be left with them. They could examine it during their leisure hours and think about what that stain really was!!!

  49. Laurali says:

    Hi guys. I have been reading just do not have a lot to say just yet. Tomorrow is the funeral. My stress level is through the roof right now.

    As far as turnip goes, I would rather discuss Caylee any day over her. Caylee had potential, turnip not so much.

  50. Help Find Breeann Rodriguez – Missing From Senath, Missouri

    Breeann went missing from her yard on Saturday, August 6th. The pink bicycle with training wheels is also missing.



  51. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Oh, what a little sweetie! This is the first I’ve heard about it. (I’ve been skipping Nancy Grace and JVM lately.)

    I took a peak at WebSleuth’s and I noticed they were saying that she lived near the end of the dead end street, and the street had about 12 houses on it. They think she was up near the intersection of the main road. 😐

    I hate to say it but I don’t think it would have been very hard for someone to grab that little thing–bike and all. Those bikes for three year old’s aren’t very big and will easily fit into a vehicle.

    I’m sort of hoping that someone will come forward that saw something but didn’t think anything of it in the moment.

    I’ll add links to a couple of write-ups from today. One has pictures of her parents–they look broken-hearted.

    Karnes: It will be a daily thing until we find her or find out what happened
    Monday, August 8, 2011 – GEORGE ANDERSON, Daily Dunklin Democrat

    $45K in rewards offered in case of missing Senath youth
    Monday, August 8, 2011 – GEORGE ANDERSON Daily Dunklin Democrat

    Prayers for Breeann.

  52. nan11 says:

    Laurali: Try to get as much sleep as you can. We’ll all be here when you get back.

    Prayers for you and your family. βœΏά“

  53. margaret says:

    It just never seems to stop, what a beautiful child.Whats with the amber alert? I say even if it is a suspicion, the sooner the alert goes on the better. So what if it is found not to have been needed. If it is needed look at the time wasted. I pray she will be found safe but it has been a day and half already.

  54. margaret says:

    Has anyone heard from Sagemom? when was her sons surgery?

  55. cali patti says:

    Great idea about her name, will do.
    I am not a fan of any memorial that has been proposed. Maybe something in the future but to honor all small/young children of crime.

  56. nan11 says:

    Margaret: I think I heard that a license plate number and/or vehicle description is needed for an Amber alert. I’m not sure though–Nancy seemed really wild about why one wasn’t issued. Also, they did think they had a suspect for awhile–but it turned out to be nothing.

    I believe Sagemom’s son’s operation is August 11, IIRC. I was thinking about that, too.

  57. When a child goes missing, the first 72 hours are critical. A half hour may have passed from the time Breeann’s brother went into the house and then went back outside to find her missing. A 3 yr old is much too young to leave outside alone without supervision. No neighborhoods are safe any more. Law enforcement said they questioned 8 registered sex offenders who live in that area. I doubt if they would tell the truth. I hope every nook and cranny in their homes was searched. Look what happened to Jessica Lunsford? Soon everyone will have to live in gated communities or lock their children inside their homes. It seems that a week does not pass without another child going missing. I expect Breeann’s parents will consent to polygraphs. This will help LE with their investigation.

  58. I expect Sage Mom’s son will be admitted to the hospital a few days in advance to prepare for the surgery. It is a major operation. I will keep them in my prayers.

  59. Breeann’s house is on the left….across the street from the one with a fence…

    Google Map

  60. Frankie says:

    My husband took me out for a late birthday lunch and a nice relaxing drive though our Mennonite country. We all think alike. I was thinking about Sage Mom and her son before I came on. I told her that I would remember the surgery date because it is my son’s birthday Aug. 11. I will be praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
    Another missing child. There are just too many things happening to the children. I don’t understand why. People can be so evil. It’s scary. You can’t let your children out of your sight for one minute. It’s so sad.

  61. Frankie says:

    Thanks Snoopy. I had a great day!

  62. You are very welcome!!

  63. nan11 says:

    Snoop: From your link, it appears that Breeann lived right near the corner. I’ll link-up an old style Google map that shows the street ending and the vacant areas where the corn rows and cotton fields are. Also, you can see where the highways are. (It’s such a small town–population around 1600, if I’ve got that right.)

    Ode Johnson St., Senath, MO. 63876

    Gosh, I hope I’m wrong but I think we are asking for a miracle.

    I don’t know if this link will stay active, but it has a couple of short videos. One of her parents pleading for her safe return. 😦
    $45,000 offered in search for missing pre-schooler
    Updated: Aug 09, 2011 12:46 AM

    I found Mr. Klauss a little bit hard on the parents. First he said you shouldn’t leave a little child alone and then he said if you can believe them. Of course, I’m sure he is right; however, when your heart has just been ripped out because you’re child is missing–isn’t this rubbing salt in the wound, big time? (And no-one is perfect.)

    I feel for them–even though I realize I could end up with egg on my face. Prayers for them and especially Breeann.

    Frankie: It sounds like you had a great birthday. It’s been years and years since I’ve seen beautiful Mennonite country.

  64. Nan11~~thanks, I will check that out. My hope are dimming for Breeann. BTW, there are those who cannot tolerate Mark Klaas. I was a bit offended at his remarks last nite.

    Warren Jeffs got one life sentence on one count and 20 yrs on the other. He is going away for a long time and deserves it, the SOB.

  65. FYI~~ Dave has a new post up and it is a great read. I am sure that you will agree with me when I say it is an excellent post. Oh, he chose a new name for the trunk turnip and it is Ca Ca, I really like it and don’t mind if you use it here. She reminds me of Ca Ca aka chit.

    Of Bibical Proportions

  66. Caylee would have celebrated her sixth birthday today. She was denied that by her murderous, greedy, psychopathic mother. While Caylee spends her birthday in the arms of Jesus, people are remembering her out at Suburban where balloons and butterflies will be released this evening at 6pm. Eddie DeValle will be present to discuss the Memorial Walkway.


    Kathi Belich-WFTV-Video

  67. kas says:

    I have a soft spot for Mark Klaas simply because of the hell he has gone through and what he has chosen to do with the hand he was dealt.

    Having said that, he fell hook, line, and sinker for what Hailey Dunns’ Mother was selling and while I don’t fault him for being inclined to take up the cause of fellow parents, it was a little off-putting to hear him say that last night.

  68. nan11 says:

    Kas: I, too, respect Mr. Klaas and what he has been through.

    Whether or not I agree with his opinions, I know he is always out there working tirelessly for missing children. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  69. George and Cindy are out at Suburban. It was just on CNN Prime

  70. I just saw Dave taking pics out there with his video camera. There is quite a crowd there.

  71. margaret says:

    I just saw the gathering for Caylee at her memorial sight on HLN. Guess who is there front and center JOJO and Cindy I guess they want a piece of that now. Happy Birthday little Caylee , you will never be forgotten but I refuse to watch their charade.

  72. Margaret~~Dave is out there so he should have a video for us. I would like to see pictures of Caylee by herself and not that toothy turnip’s mug in the pictures. I wish I could go around the internet and black out her ugly mug on every pic of her. I can understand George being out there but I am suprised that they both attended. Cindy cannot reverse her lies to try and save her murderous daughter.

  73. It is supposed to be Caylee’s day and I notice the camera is following Cindy and panning in on her t-shirt. Quite a few people are hugging Cindy so she is getting sympathy. There is no doubt both Geo and Cindy loved Caylee but making money off her is wrong.

  74. nan11 says:

    I believe they loved Caylee; however, they lied and tried to protect the person who murdered her. They won–Caylee’s murder will always go unpunished. I hope they are pleased. The murderer was set free.

    They may have even known where the murdering turnip Ca Ca dumped her and contributed by leaving her remains there to rot (hoping no one would ever find her)–all in an effort to cover for their evil spawn.

    MOO–they have no business there, they have no business collecting money or sympathy.

    I haven’t watched any coverage or even read any articles today, and I’m not sorry. I’m in a bad enough mood.

  75. If I had my way, I would spend 24/7 in the courtroom observing trials. I guess I would be an exception to the rule as per the following…

    Canadians shy away from courtrooms-The Province

  76. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I read that article you linked in your comment of 10:07 p.m. The following quote is something I didn’t know. I wonder if that is applicable to all provinces? I have my doubts.
    Anyone who shows up at our city’s courthouse building can, for a small fee, acquire such documents that offer much greater detail than we are often able to cover in a news report.
    End of Quote

    Anyway I did enjoy reading the write-up; however, did you notice the picture he put up on the top? Why not something from the other crimes he wrote about?

    See, that’s the way they go on over here on this side of the border. They simply don’t cover the cases–and, okay, sometimes it’s because there is a media black out.

    If Caylee’s case would have happened here, few people would have heard about it because there would have been no coverage of it. The local people would have looked for her and then when her remains were found–that would have been it. Media black-out time until after the trial! By then the news is so old, who wants to follow it?

    It truly is a shame–because these types of crimes should not be covered up and hid. A nation has the right to know how it’s citizens are treating their children–it matters.
    Maybe even a little knowledge would help prevent some of them.

    Nancy Grace gets such a bad rap, but she goes on TV night and night; and puts these cases out there. I know she is well paid but I think she deserves it, too. If she whips us into hysteria sometimes, maybe we need to be whipped into hysteria. That might mean that she has captured our attention and we care. Lookout, law makers, we might have something to say if we had a ‘Nancy Grace’.

    And bull poop to this quote: “in Canada the mainstream media tells the stories of crime and punishment in such a way that the public leaves the decision-making to those running the justice system.”

    The mainstrem media tells the stories the way they want them told. If noone swallows it–that’s all the better. That way when someone gets about 10 years (to be out in 5 to 8 for murdering a child–there is no public outcry. They just slip it right past us. Who would listen if we tried to speak? Most times it’s way too late anyway, the person is already in prison serving their sentence. What could we change?

    They might think we don’t care, but I’ll tell him something–a lot of Canadians followed Caylee’s case. We do care deeply. Let them do a better job of reporting the crimes, and they might find that out.

    And I’m just shocked at this quote: “I’m glad, though, that we live in a country where those who know it best mete out justice – relatively free of interference from an outraged scribe or a vengeful mob.” How dare he! Did he follow the case at all, I wonder. The vengeful mob and outraged scribe had no say–they set the murdering turnip trunkmom free.

    BTW~~I had never heard of that Calgary case. My eyes smarted over that.

    All My Opinion Only, of course.

  77. Just over George’s right shoulder, notice the bald man in the blue shirt off in the distance ….LOL

  78. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Maybe Dave will make a video for us to watch. It’ll be one of the few we won’t have to worry about it (or them) getting money from.

    They are pathetic–the both of them. I would not let them hold my daughter’s hand.

    Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. πŸ˜‰


  79. Nan11~~you never have to apologize for being in a bad mood. You are a compassionate person and cannot understand how some others can be so cold hearted and evil. Many of us have been on an emotional roller coaster. Had a guilty verdict been handed down, it would have been justice for Caylee and closure for us. This is why it is hard to supress our anger and disappointment because justice for Caylee is just hanging in limbo. We must keep the faith that somewhere, somehow, there will be justice served. It is just taking longer than we expected.

    I was watching Vinny tonight and he put a lot of pics of Caylee up. A couple were of her and the monster. I wont repeat the names I called the evil one. They are not fit to print here. I am ashamed of how much deep hate I felt at the time. It bothered me terrible to see Cindy and George stealing the show, once again. Nan11, you are not alone with your feelings.

  80. margaret says:

    Nan11 and Snoops, some more good news for the killer and her slimy lawyers. OS has an article that states Killer has not paid any of the fines she was charged with in the fraud cases, and the kicker………..Orange County has no plans to collect. They would put me back in jail if that were me. Has the court system gone nuts where she is concerned or have I?

  81. Bring Kids Home have a contract to purchase the land at Suburban. It is zoned as residential and they have to get permission to build the walkway out there. They have already raisied $25,000 from brick sales. If the zoning does not pass, will the people get their money back?


  82. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is the latest on little Breeann Rodriguez.

    “We’re out south of Senath,” Karnes said. “We’ve found one piece of physical evidence. It has been secured.”
    End of Quote

    There is a rumor that the piece of physical evidence is a ‘training wheel’ off of her bicycle. Apparently, it was found in straight line course from her home and people are wondering if she possibly drove that far alone before her bike broke down. But how could she have disappeared? It really doesn’t sound too promising–it’s terrifying to think of her alone and lost!

    Also, police are looking for anyone with info on a ‘white van’. 😐

    New evidence found in missing Senath youth case
    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 ~ GEORGE ANDERSON, Daily Dunklin Democrat

  83. Nan11~~when Breenann’s brother went in the house, she may have taken off down the road on her bike. She could travel quite a ways in about 30 minutes. I hope she wasn’t struck by a vehicle and they picked up the child and her bike and took off. I notice there are no sidewalks where she lived.

  84. It would cost millions to build anything on Suburban the area would need drainage an backfilled with handreds of tons of gravell before building could begin.There is a reason its an overgrown dumpsite.A small plaqe an a sapling tree planted would suffice,This is a scam I MO more people useing Caylees name to line there pockets,

  85. Ecossie~ ~they estimate that they can build that walkway for $200,000 and that is way under what it would actually cost. Like you, I am very leery about this project. Why wouldn’t they purchase the land and get the deed before selling the bricks?

  86. margaret says:

    Funny!! A poll done weekly by Reuters is saying killer is still the most hated woman in America. Fifty three percent said they were aware of her story, ninety four percent of those disliked her,,fifty seven percent thinks she is creepy,, and sixty percent think she is cold…. Wonder what Baez and Mason are thinking about that??? Abscense is not making the heart grow fonder..The money deals must be looking kind of slim….Wonder how long they are prepared to hide her out? I just hope she knows how people feel and that she is not what she thinks she is… Snoops if the IRS has a lien on her how is she getting the money from picture selling…Oh I forgot she beat out O.j. Simpson as most disliked.

  87. nan11 says:

    Senath Police: Evidence is negative sign in search for missing Breeann Rodriguez
    Updated: Aug 10, 2011 4:27 PM ~ By Brandi Hodges, Video Journalist

    Snoop: This is the latest on Breeann. They are saying they have found two pieces of physical evidence. One last night and another late this morning–a little distance apart in the same field. Apparently, at least one of the pieces contains DNA–and they have sent it to the lab for analysis. 😐

    If that’s not worrisome enough, read this:
    Karnes also said he doesn’t believe the evidence was in the field the first time it was searched.
    End of Quote

    I think the following link will work. It’s from this mornings “Today Show”. It’s so sad, though. Breeann’s Dad says he thinks an ‘older couple’ have her and that they must be afraid to come forward. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I can understand how much he needs to believe that.

    You can also get a good idea from the video of how shocked everyone is, and how everyone is pulling together to try and find this little girl.

    FBI Joins Search for Missing Toddler

    Prayers for Breeann.

  88. nan11 says:

    Snoop & Margaret: I just read over at WebSleuth’s that George & Cindy are requesting $450,000.00 for a ‘sit-down’ interview on the new Anderson Cooper show. (New time only, as far as I know.)

    Apparently, the power’s that be said they would never pay that. I’m telling you–if those lying, deceitful people appear on his show, I will never watch it again. And I mean that.

    I have not read the article or anything–I just dropped into WebSleuth’s ‘news’ thread to see what’s new. I can provide a link if anyone would like to read it, though.

  89. Nan11~~it does not look good for Breeann. It is terrible to say this but a sexual predator generally kills their victim within the first three hours. As long as there are predators out there, this will never stop. Most of them are never caught. My God to lose a child this way has to be hell on earth for the parents never knowing how their child sufferer or may be out there still being tortured.

    That first video did not work for me either. Sometimes they take them down and you just get a black box. The second one worked fine.

  90. Nan11, who the hell wants to listen to C&G spew more of their crap? They went out to Suburban for the Balloon Release to promote themselves. Cindy can turn on the tears as easy as she can lie. I am so sick of going to a website, even to check out Breeann’s and lo and behold, the page is filled with pics of the turnip. CNN Prime have been showing the video of C&G all day. Who needs a Mermorial Walkway that the turnip used for a makeshift cemetery? Cindy said they needed closure. My advice to her is, “Shut your big mouth then!”

  91. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I can’t even imagine where they can come up with the idea that an interview with them could possibly be worth that kind of dough. Who do they think they are–the Prince and Princess of Wales, or something?

    These people are nothing more than the surviving grandparents of a baby that was brutally murdered and left to rot–complements of their own evil spawn. They wanted her set free and they won. Why don’t they go away and hang their heads in shame and, what’s more important–why doesn’t the dang media let them.

    They are sick and disgusting. I have heard enough of their lies to last a lifetime. Surely the media can find something more palatable to discuss. If not, they need to hang their heads in shame.

    That idea of a memorial walkway strikes me just about the same way. The blood of a beautiful child and was spilled on that ground. Terrible, terrible things occurred on that ground–the animals tore that little girl apart and chewed on her bones. Why do they want to memorialize that? Who is behind it? The work of the devil occurred in that location. Do we really need to pay homage to that spot?

    It’s all just so sick, sick, sick. When is it going to end?

  92. Nan11, I am surprised that someone hasn’t made an effigy of the turnip. Bind her with duct tape like a mummy and hang her by the neck from that tree out at Suburban that was struck with lightning. I know it would never be allowed because the elementary school is handy to that spot.
    I notice some pics of the turnip at Facebook with duct tape stuck on her mouth and nose.

  93. I noticed that Breeann’s parents are out helping to search for her every day. They don’t have tents set up selling T-shirts!!

  94. margaret says:

    After seeing them at the memorial yesterday, I made up my mind that I would not participate. I had thought of a brick in my granchildrens names. I will send mine to Tim Miller in Caylees name I know he uses it for the good. Breanna is such a beautiful child. I hope and pray they can find her before it is too late. I keep checking on baby Kate, that guy did not have much time to do whatever with her. I read he has pulled a page out of killers book and won’t talk to anyone. God Bless our poor neglected chldren, I read today on OS about an 11mo. old and a 3yr. old drowning in pools.

  95. Here is what the Walkway Memorial is supposed to look like….

  96. Is there something in the water in Florida? Here is a sister and her two brothers who are from Florida.

    Bonnie and her 2 Clyde Brothers from Florida captured in Colorado

  97. It seems that the tourist industry in Aruba may be on the decline if stories like the following keep surfacing. Will this be another Natalie Holloway?

    Maryland Woman Missing in Aruba

    More on Suspect re Missing in Aruba

  98. Frankie says:

    Snoopy, It’s funny because as I was looking at the plans for Caylee’s Memorial I thought to myself, there must be something in the Florida water and your very next comment said the same thing. I was also thinking those people should give themselves a shake. What in the he– are they doing putting a memorial in the swamp where Caylee’s beautiful little body was left to rot. I said it when I first heard about it and I still say it is not the place for the memorial. It congers up horrible visions and I just don’t understand their thinking that it is a good thing. Not that I give a chit what G&C think about it but if I was her grandparent I would not want the memorial around the corner from my house in a swamp. I can’t believe that the county would allow that property to be used for a public attraction like that especially across the street from a school. It would be a constant reminder to the children that a child’s body was found there. The whole thing disgusts me. MOO

  99. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just don’t think it should be ‘beautified’ like that. I’m sorry to say this and remind everyone of the uglyness–but Caylee’s body was not in a pretty circular location like that. Her remains were found spread-out over an acre of land! Law enforcement searched on their hands and knees for days to ‘find’ her.

    Personally, I can’t see how the beautification of the area will help anyone move past this. It is a false presentation and will help that despicable bunch become immoralized in their infamous way.

    What occurred there–occurred there. We can’t change it. We set her free. We have to live with it.

    Please, we have to find a way to not support them financially. This is the last thing we can do for Caylee. Please.

  100. Nan11~~I totally agree. It is a farce to glorify a garbage dump where a beautiful child was left to rot. I’ll be shocked if that project ever gets off the ground. It is probably just another money making scheme. That site is only zoned for residential. Bring Kids Home has not even finalized the purchase of the land..

  101. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just checked out your links on the young woman, now missing, in Aruba. The second link is really good. (At least my ‘puter allowed the videos!)

    I think I see a motive–she had texted her ‘original’ boyfriend that she loved him and wanted to sort things out later. (Those aren’t her exact words.)

    If this ‘new’ guy hacked into her computer and discovered that, I think that could have put murder in his mind. Apparently, this guy has quite a history of violence.

    Her ‘original’ boyfriend said he had received this “I love you” message just three hours before she was reported missing. 😐

    So sad.

  102. Sherry says:

    ITA, too, nan11~

    That the Anthonys were at that Balloon/Butterfly release the other day bothers me. Its not just that they perverted justice and succeeded but it made me wonder if they have a vested interest in the memorial being there. Will this make the site more palatable to them to look at as they pass it by leaving their subdivision? Is this a way to stick it up the neighbors’ patooties who want them to leave? Will they lord it over them? We are dealing with some sick, delusional people here with the grandparents. πŸ˜•

  103. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Well said!

  104. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is a link to a video from this morning’s ‘Today Show’ about Breeann. The news has really become very negative.

    The ‘items’ were found only a mile from her home and law enforcement took a cadaver dog out. They say they have got an odor. Still, maybe they didn’t mean that the way I took it.

    Oh dear, though. Maybe they should encourage her parents not to search too much. Snoop, they could be the ones to find her.

    If that were the case, I don’t know how they could ever put the pieces of their lives back together.

    I almost forgot the link, so I’ll just add it down here:

    VIDEO: Small Steps Toward Finding Missing Tot In Missouri

  105. I am not sure what to make of the following….

    A DCF spokeswoman said death investigations and reviews are done independently of the outcome of any legal proceedings.

    DCF: Turnip ‘Failed to Protect’ Caylee

  106. Orlando Sentinel has a short piece up that just says that failed to protect Caylee contributed to her death. It is too bad that they don’t file wrongful death charges and haul the turnip back in court.

  107. margaret says:

    This report would have helped if it had been done during trial. Everything seems to have been held back against killer. Who can trace the money for photos and all. She filed indigency paper work just two days ago, this is after photo sell. Who can investigate that and will they? Why can’t Feds do something about the failure to protect ? Lee is certainly staying out of limelight. I can’t find anything on Baby Kate. Is there any news there? Anyone heard from Sagemom?

  108. Margaret~~Sage Mom has been commenting in Jonathon’s Coffee Shop… here


  109. nan11 says:

    Margaret: I keep checking on Baby Kate, too. The last write-ups done on her case were on August 3/11~~I haven’t seen anything since then. πŸ˜•

    Snoop: I’ll join you in not quite knowing what to make of the new DCF report. I just read through the report itself and there are a couple of strange statements there. Also, what do you make of the ‘blacked out portions’?

    I’ll quote the two parts in particular that I find really odd and I’ll add a link to the actual report:
    From Page 4 (Paragraph just above Section B):
    Per the Medical Examiner’s report, there were no documented injuries as the body was primarily a skeleton with very little tissue left other than under the areas of duct tape.
    End of Quote

    From Page 6:
    July 12: After they had not seen Caylee for some time, the maternal grandparents were concerned and confronted the mother?
    End of Quote

    Department of Children and Families Review of Child Death
    Comprehensive Death Review – Final Report
    Signed and Dated – August 10, 2011

    It’s also noted in the report that they never did get around to interviewing Caylee’s grandfather or her uncle (and that they should have.) 😐

    It seems a very strange time to release this report; however, maybe it’s standard procedure under the Sunshine Laws.

    It sort of matches the judge’s decision to withhold his findings on the ‘parole’ issue until tomorrow–and then go on his vacation. Whatever.

  110. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is another short article on Breeann. Two of the three items that they found are now being confirmed as the training wheels of her bicycle. They are not saying what the third piece is.

    It sounds to me as if someone is chopping up the bike and trying to dispose of it in pieces. I wonder what they are doing with the baby? Good heavens!

    Police release info about possible evidence
    Updated: Aug. 11, 2911; 5:47 PM ~ By Holly Brantley

    FYI: My ‘puter is hot today–it even let me watch the video. Ha! That’s because it knows the doctor is calling tomorrow. They will blame the nut behind the wheel, for sure. Then the dang thing will go back to it’s bad behaviour!!!

  111. nan11 says:

    Me again, Snoop. I thought this video (and article) from CBS ~ The Early Show was interesting. It’s nothing really new, though.

    Robyn’s friend says she knew that guy for a year. Vacation plans had collapsed for them once before. 😐
    Roommate of woman missing in Aurba speaks out

  112. Nan11~~that DCF final report is really in detail. I guess they keep that in their records. I wonder if John Morgan would like to get his hands on that and use it in the Zenaida civil case. So good old Baez kept CPS away from the turnip and Cindy and George would not talk to them. I wish Caylee’s father would appear and file a wrongful death suit. Cindy and Geo could file one but that is just wishful thinking.

  113. Nan11~~I heard on CNN Prime tonight that the training wheels on Breeann’s bicycle were unscrewed and were thrown away in a field in two separate locations. This is someone trying to get rid of the evidence. Anyone noticing a pink bike with training wheels would be suspicious. It was also suggested that someone may have abducted Breeann with intentions of selling her. Breeann’s father was on tv this evening and my gosh it was so sad. He has been out hunting every day and nite until 3 am and he said he is not giving up.

  114. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’m just hearing on ‘Nancy Grace’ that Breeann’s parents failed their polygraphs. 😦

    I don’t know what to make of that. I’m a little surprised.

  115. Nan11~~I had Nancy on but must have missed that when I got a phone call. Both parents are so emotionally distraught and that could interfere with the results of a poly. My God, I hope the parents are not involved. If they are, they are good actors. I am sure that LE questioned Breeann’s brother. Kids are not very good at keeping secrets (for their parents.)

  116. margaret says:

    Nan11 and Snoop, So killer and co. lied to CFS from day one too. according to Baez , Caylee was never missing. Maybe this report can be used against her in the other cases. No way she she can get the four charges of lying wiped out. Someday something will stick. Maybe Judge Perry will read this and make her do the probation. Part of me wishes she had to serve it in Orlando. Rob Dick said on Dr. Drew that killer would be enjoying the attention of knowing she is most hated. Baez must really have her brainwashed, because I am sure she is chomping at the bit to party again. Theyall are quiet these days. I hope it is because they are not being asked to appear on the talk shows. Tmz is complaining about their being boycotted, claim they did not buy photos. Right………They lie too.

  117. nan11 says:

    Gosh, Snoop. I just went over to WebSleuths and nobody seems to have mentioned their failed polys there–but I really don’t think I dreamed it. Sierra 1947 doesn’t have any links for Nancy’s show up yet, etiher.

    I don’t really know how reliable those things are–and now I’m thinking back to what Marc Klaas said. {sigh}

    Apparently earlier in the case, her father said she was sleeping when he left to go to an aution at around 10:00 a.m. Do you find this late for a little one of that age to sleep?

  118. Margaret~~a narcissist thrives on attention even if it is negative. They must be noticed so you can rest assured that she will crawl out from under her rock.

    Surely we will hear from Judge Perry tomorrow. The poor man will need a vacation after all the stress he has gone through. He has to handle other trials and then work into the night researching laws. Regardless of what his decision will be, there will be those who disagree with it.

    I hope the IRS is keeping a close watch on the turnip. Uncle Sam will not settle for an IOU.

  119. Nan11~~I did some searching for the parents taking a polygraph and came up empty handed. I did read a bit at a statement analysis site but do not agree with what they said . Breeann’s parents do not use perfect English so it is hard to analyize what they state. The site is run by Seamus?? something or other.

  120. Nan11~~I hate to sound suspicious of everyone but I did watch Edgar Rodriguez very closely on the videos. The FBI thinks that someone may have put the training wheels in the field to throw off the searchers. I read that Breeann’s parents said they searched that grassy area the day before. Things are starting to get a bit complicated in this case.

  121. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I think that site you mentioned above is Peter Hyatt’s blog. I haven’t been over for a while; but I did just drop in.

    I agreed with everything he said about Caylee’s case, but sometimes I hold out on the others. πŸ˜†

    I agree with you, really. I’m going to give it some more time. You’re right, though. Things are really heating up. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. πŸ˜•

  122. I have been thinking about Sage Mom this evening. She must be exhausted. I pray everything went well.

  123. Frankie says:

    I too pray that Dylan’s surgery went well and I know how exhausted Sage Mom must be. I hope she can get some sleep tonight.
    Snoopy, the travelling companion of the missing woman in Aruba sounds like the perfect suspect. The lady that said he got upset and grabbed her arm when she tried to touch his hair brought his hair to my attention. I think he may have got so upset because he is wearing a toupee or wig. It looks like it to me and he looks like he is pushing it down or checking it because of the wind. I have been to Aruba a few times and one thing that is constant is the wind or (very strong breeze). I got quite sand burnt while on the beach. There is nothing wrong with wearing a hair piece but some men are sensitive about it and have some mental and social issues that could be really negative. Something doesn’t seem right with his story. IMO

  124. Frankie you think he wigged out?

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