Casey has to return to Orlando!!

The Judge has ruled…Judge Strickland’s order stands. The turnip has to be back by noon on August 26th. Yipee!

Judge Perry’s Probation Order

The following is from Nan11’s comments and worth posting here.

Mason should pay attention. Instead of using rude gestures, Judge Perry used words to make his point in a dignified manner~~and make his point, he did.

Quotes from latest Order: Page 9
To permit the Defendant, whose counsel was well aware that the probation was to begin upon the Defendant’s release from jail, to avoid serving probation now, would take a lawfully imposed sentence and make it a mockery of justice. This would allow a defendant to take advantage of a scrivener’s error and be rewarded. This is not the message the courts want to send to the public or defendants.

And this fromPage 10: How sweet it is!
While ignorance of the contents of a court order is one thing, the failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener’s error in the order may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor. To additionally seek to use a scrivener’s error to achieve an end that was against the court’s intent, expecially where both parties had argued the issue of when probation should commence, strikes at the very foundation of our justice system.

The duty of candor is simply not a rule of fine etiquette, but is the gold standard that all officers of the court – especiall attorneys – must live by if we are to ensure the public’s trust and faith in our justice system. No attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court.
End of Quotes

I can’t believe how happy this makes me. It’s a small thing, but it’s a little victory for Caylee and for the justice system itself. Oh, I’m so pleased! πŸ™‚

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  1. margaret says:

    YEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Karma is alve and well………. Guess she can live with Mason and Baez. I love it..

  2. Sherry says:

    …pinching self…ouch!…pinching self again…ouch!…is this a dream….?

    That’s OK, Baez or Mason will give her a job and an address. She will be just fine…speaking of fines, she’d best pay up!

  3. As soon as I find the 13 page ruling I will post it unless someone else finds it first.

    Nan11, where are you? Get in here and help us celebrate!

    I’ll bet Mason is busy filing a motion to appeal this.

  4. cali patti says:

    LOL, feels like a party in here. Karma does have its way.
    I am NOT surprized by Judge Perry’s ruling once I saw Judge Stricklands video of his ruling.
    Everyone ready for the circus to begin again?

    Maybe atty Simms will take her in with that big ranch of hers.

  5. nan11 says:

    Snoop: As usual, I’m late for the party! πŸ˜†

    ‘Puter doctor’s were visiting. We’ll see if all stays well.

    This is a surpirse. Wow! Wow! I read this morning that her private jet had charted a course for Texas–and so i wondered. It’s well past time those responsible for justice stopped hiding.

    Kudos to Judge Strickland and Judge Perry.

    I suppose Mason will be preparing his finger.

  6. margaret says:

    I guess Judge Perry finally got his chance to chastize Baez for trying to sneak by the order…Even gave him some reading assignments. I love it . Maybe this will prompt the Florida Bar to do something with Baez. I hope the Doc will not give her permission to leave Orlando… I love it. wonder if she is laughing now….Oh poor killer ,has to leave mansion. She ought to be able to lift a few things there to sell for money…FUNNY FUNNY….If anyone wants to take her picture now will have to come to Orlando. Hope they snap one of her being told of Judge Perry Order. Mason it seems Judge Strickland does have a voice…Who is laughing now Mason?????

  7. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Ha! Mason should pay attention. Instead of using rude gestures, Judge Perry used words to make his point in a dignified manner~~and make his point, he did.

    Quotes from latest Order: Page 9
    To permit the Defendant, whose counsel was well aware that the probation was to begin upon the Defendant’s release from jail, to avoid serving probation now, would take a lawfully imposed sentence and make it a mockery of justice. This would allow a defendant to take advantage of a scrivener’s error and be rewarded. This is not the message the courts want to send to the public or defendants.

    And this fromPage 10: How sweet it is!
    While ignorance of the contents of a court order is one thing, the failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener’s error in the order may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor. To additionally seek to use a scrivener’s error to achieve an end that was against the court’s intent, expecially where both parties had argued the issue of when probation should commence, strikes at the very foundation of our justice system.

    The duty of candor is simply not a rule of fine etiquette, but is the gold standard that all officers of the court – especiall attorneys – must live by if we are to ensure the public’s trust and faith in our justice system. No attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court.
    End of Quotes

    I can’t believe how happy this makes me. It’s a small thing, but it’s a little victory for Caylee and for the justice system itself. Oh, I’m so pleased! πŸ™‚

  8. Ladies, we needed this good news. Oh God, I could give Judges Perry and Strickland big hugs and kisses right now.

    You could tell Judge Perry’s mood as he was dictating his order. He knew darn well that Baez was trying to be deceptive and knew Judge Strickland’s order was not being followed. Cheney Mason must have chit in this trousers when he read that order. He must be livid…ha ha ha ha ha

  9. terri says:

    I love how Judge Perry ripped Baez a new one in his order. But, before we all get too excited, you can bet your sweet ass Baez will appeal this order.

  10. terri~~in the meantime, we will celebrate. LOL Baez can appeal all his wants. Judge Perry sure gave him a lecture. I can picture Perry with Baez across his knee and using a big ping pong paddle on him…spank, spank, spank… Cheney Mason has to be wild right now.

  11. “We have just received the order and are in the process of reviewing it,” said Jo Ellyn Rackleff, spokeswoman for the corrections department. “We will then determine what is the best way to implement it. Miss Anthony has not received permission to move to another state.”

    Read More here at WFTV

  12. margaret says:

    Nan11……..Whats with the Texas thing ……George and Cindy made a trip to Texas last week also…………Think they have had reunion already? Just think Turnip in Orlando and can’t party.. Judge Alex Ferrer has just said she will not make it through the whole year without trouble. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Baez and Mason office.

  13. Rob? says:

    Snoop, Can’t believe she will return to Orlando. She is the Teflon Murdering Mom. Nothing ever sticks to her. Got to love Judge Perry. He is the best.

  14. Hilde says:

    πŸ˜† Finally something went right!
    Couldn’t been easy for Judge Perry but he knows what he is doing when it comes to the Law and what is right.

  15. Laurali says:

    WOW! I missed it, again. Life is hectic right now. I seriously do not understand how in the he!! turnip just picked up and moved on when Caylee drowned. (cough) It has been 8 days since G-pa passed and I still can’t pick up and go on.

    Anyway thank goodness the tax payers of Florida will get a year of justice out of turnip. Maybe she will start paying some of those fines.

  16. Frankie says:

    I am soooo happy that the probation order sticks. I thought it took a lot of nerve for that young lawyer (forget her name) to imply that judge Strickland was being vindictive when all he really wanted was his original orders followed. Her statement may come back and kick her in the butt in her future cases. I can’t believe that it is somewhat common for probation to be served while in jail in Florida. It seems ridiculous to me. Baez made yet another poor decision regarding the probation and now it has to report to an officer again. Yippee and Yahoo looks good on her.
    Has anyone heard from Sage Mom?

  17. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Well, I would bet my last dollar on the fact that the ‘rents went to see their spawn. Whether she allowed them access or not is probably another story. πŸ˜†

    I think they just used the Texas thing to fool all her fans. Macaluso gets his jolly’s this way (when he is not stealing from the trust funds of his clients.) πŸ˜‰

    My Opinion Only, of course.

  18. nan11 says:

    Laurali: It truly is astounding when you put it in context like that, isn’t is? It gives me shivers when I think what must like beneath the surface.

    Frankie: That’s Ms. Lisabeth Fryer. Graduated top of her class. Brainy girl, but a bit mislead, I would say. She needs a new hero–one without the finger. MOO

  19. shyloh says:

    It is wonderful news. Now Morgan and Morgan will be able to FIND her. That’s terrific! Yes Karma will always find you.

  20. Frankie says:

    She maybe brainy but she wasn’t smart enough to tell her bosses Baez and Mason that a comment like that might cause some problems in her career in the future. It’s an assumption by the defense to garner sympathy for the murderer that they got off by making up lies about an accident. You are right, she does need a hero but it may be hard to find one that is a DEFENSE attorney. I know there are good one’s but many are cut from the same cloth as B & M. Mind you, if I was a murderer, they are just the kind of attorney I would want. Not having a conscience and having the ba–s to lie in the court to a judge and jury helps, I’m sure. He wants to hope that the real truth never comes out.

  21. Dierdra says:

    I am so happy for what happened today. This will be the hardest thing she will ever have to do so far, fit in with society, if she doesn’t hide with mommy and daddy and pretend to have a job at their frauy foundation??????????????

    Welcome to my blog~Snoop

  22. cali patti says:

    Laureli, My mom passed a few months ago and I am with you. Just yesterday all was good as I walked to my mail box and then the tears began again out of nowhere. I hope in the future you pain is easier for you to carry.
    She has never shown any feelings of loss or pain.

  23. janelwhite says:

    Twelve months probation for not reporting a drowning for 31 days? Another win for Casey Anthony. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

    Welcome to my blog~Snoop

  24. nan11 says:

    janelwhite: How right you are!

    Let’s just take what few crumbs of justice we can find and celebrate them, though. Had this been before a jury their lies would have gotten another underserved victory for turnip trunkmom.

    So, at least in this one tiny little issue (compared to the magnitude of her actual crimes)–we have a victory.

    Cheers, I say!!

  25. On August 25th, there is a hearing about all the money that the turnip has to pay back to the state and OCSD. The IRS will be able to find her easier once the Dept of Corrections has an address for her. She has to find employment now and no boozing it up.

  26. janelwhite says:

    The judge may have failed to consider two important issues in this action. One, Casey Anthony was already released from probation by the probation department and this will be overturned on the Appellate level. And two, I don’t believe the judge considered just how many complaints the probation department is likely to receive from this defendant by claims of inappropriate actions and non-actions alleged against the department in a twelve month period of time. This will cost the Florida tax-payers an untold and incalculable amount of money. And, for what? Nothing. Casey wins again. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

  27. Legally, Casey did not serve her probation. The court order was not followed so it makes the probation served null and void. Judge Perry went to great lengths to follow the order of the law in handing down his latest order. I do not think the Appellate courts will go against the judge’s ruling. Any dept receives complaints and that is the reason they have a file 13, aka Trash Can.

    Since money cannot become an issue when granting someone a fair trial, it also cannot become an issue in carrying out the courts orders. What is good for the turnip is good for the turnip.

  28. margaret says:

    On Orlando Sentinel site under ” politics and government” heading, an article that states the Senate is creating a Turnp committee to probe the legislative response to the turnip murder trial verdict.[you know who I am talking about] . Wish they would probe deep enough to find a way to put her back in jail. Baez and Mason stuck with her for a year. Love it.

  29. I guess Hornsby does not agree with the following. He said that a defense attorney is not reponsible for bringing errors to the attention of the court. ( not in those exact words)

    While ignorance of the contents of a court order is one thing, the failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener’s error in the order may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor. To additionally seek to use a scrivener’s error to achieve an end that was against the court’s intent, expecially where both parties had argued the issue of when probation should commence, strikes at the very foundation of our justice system.

  30. Sherry says:

    The probation has nothing to do with the crime against Caylee. This is about finishing out the sentence for check fraud as HHJS intended. No appellate court will reverse this and it is quite a petty thing to go to them about.

  31. Margaret~~ I went to Orlando Sentinel and was unable to find what you mentioned. I will look for it once again as that sounds interesting.

  32. cali patti says:

    Another good thing is she will have public photo’s taken of her so no more photos for money will happen. Hope TMZ did NOT made their underhanded investment back.

  33. margaret says:

    Sorry Snoops, Google Central Florida Political Pulse Orlando sentinal , About 5th or 6th article down. I have to get to work on cutting and paste.

    I found it and here is the link~J

  34. nan11 says:

    We’ll never see justice for Caylee–the day that sick excuse for a jury had their say justice was forever denied.

    We can’t change that. Never. Never. Never.

    But today, we have an order from a judge upholding the law in manners concerning the same defendant–only for another [lesser] crime.

    The delicious victory I taste is because neither she, nor her clever [not] defense team wanted her to have to serve her probation. On top of everything else, they thought they would pull this one over on Lady Justice, too. That will not be the case, though.

    Let’s remember Judge Perry’s record. Let’s remember the time he spent making this decision. Let’s remember Judge Strickland. I do not believe that the Appellate Court will overturn this decision. (If they even look at it.)

    I’m sorry for what this costs the Florida taxpayers–hopefully the State will continue with their suit against the turnip and will win.

    That is a plus resulting from her having to serve probation–she can be ordered to appear in court and will be escorted there if necessary. πŸ™‚

    I don’t give a hoot what Richard Hornsby has to say–he always likes to think he knows more than any judge, anyway. MOO

  35. cali patti says:

    to Nan11 @ 7:34 ~ You go girl!

  36. janelwhite says:

    Maybe we’ll see some justice for Caylee when Casey starts popping out some more little-Caylees. Maybe name them Caylee2, Caylee3, Caylee4, and so on. You know Casey will be pregnant soon because that type of conduct is an activity that Casey is quite successful at and she plays the role of a tramp quite well. -Jane

  37. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I was interested in reading Margaret’s link, as well. Here it is {I think}:

    Senate creating a Casey Anthony Committee
    Uncategorized β€” posted by aaron deslatte on August, 12 2011 1:21 PM
    In the wake of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, members of the Florida Senate, as well as concerned Floridians requested the issue of child protection be further examined by the Florida Senate.

    In response to these requests, the Senate President today announced the creation of a Senate Select Committee on Protecting Florida’s Children. This select committee will be charged with examining the various policy options that are available to further advance the protection of Florida’s children. The Florida Senate will discuss these options as a legislative body, and then determine whether changes need to be made to current Florida law.
    End of Quote

  38. nan11 says:

    Oh, too cute, Snoop. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Even little sparkles on the lips! Perfect. Have I told you that I agree?

    JVM is on griping about this ruling being sour grapes. Anybody got a rotten egg? I have an idea.

  39. Nan11, I slowed down the kisses. I didn’t want to wear off my sparkles. I am listening to them gripe on JVM. Jane is pizzed because she called it wrong. Sour grapes for sure!

  40. janelwhite says:

    Sour grapes for sure mainstreamfair, all the HLN shows have been wrong near-daily for over three straight years and they are now in damage-control mode. Jane

  41. cali patti says:

    Those sparkles will grow in time, not wear off. lol, too cute…

  42. cali patti says:

    Way To Go lady, hope he sees his image. Surely have him smiling.

  43. nika says:

    I am so happy Judge Perry gave the probation sentence. There is no way it will be reversed as he took a least a week to study the case and most likely talked with other Florida judges.This is justice for Amy, not Caylee but I will take whatever i can get. There are jobs Casey can get and remain out of public sight but she will have to work-a word not in her vocabulary. She should also take this time to get her GED. I hate to think this but I feel Casey enjoys being “the most hated person in America”.

  44. Nika~~Amy Huizenga said she didn’t care if Casey served probation or not. Anything that will restrict Casey’s movements is a small pittance of justice for Caylee. If Casey does not adhere to the probation rules, she may very well end up back in the slammer. That would be fine by me. LOL

    If Casey finds work, the IRS will have her current address. She is indebted to them for almost $70,000. With interest calculated daily on unpaid balances, it is probably more then $70,ooo now.

    Narcissists love to play the part of a martyr…”oh woe is poor little me, ” types.

  45. nan11 says:

    You got it working good now, Snoop. It really brightens things up. πŸ˜‰

    I couldn’t take anymore of JVM, so I switched the channel. She doesn’t have an original idea in her head–she is sucking-up to Baez, hoping he will give her an interview. That’s what he does–he dangles the carrot that if they give the turnip favorable coverage, he may give them an interview. (Excuse me while I vomit.)

    I just tried Nancy Grace, hoping that she was talking about the other cases. Alas, my hope was in vain. {sigh}

    I doubt that the turnip will bother with her GED–she can be Baez’ paralegal without a high-school diploma; just like she was an events planner without one. Who knows, maybe she will name herself a professional photographer. After all, Baez bought her a camera! She can run around snapping pictures of little children. 😐

    I wonder if they [the defense team] will continue to provide her with liquor?

  46. nan11 says:

    😳 Sorry, last line should be – “continue to provide her”. I do think that was a typing blooper not a spelling blooper; however, someday’s I could use improvement in both.

    Oh, Bill Sheaffer is on Nancy Grace. (via telephone, I think.)

  47. Nan11~~Baez has to be careful who he dangles his carrot at. OMG, I couldn’t resist that one. LOL

    PS, I don’t think Baez is JVM’s type.

  48. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yup, you’re right. He’s not her type. However, she would worship at the devil’s feet for an interview. JMHOO

    Bill was disappointing–if I caught enough of it, I don’t think he is very confident that the judge’s decision will stand.

    Pfhhh, I gonna be happy about it anyway. At least for now–if they reverse it tomorrow I’ll live.

  49. Nan11, this may change your mind about Bill….

    If the defense appeals Judge Perry’s ruling, it will take up to a year for the appellate court to hear it.

    Kathi and a touch of Bill

  50. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Thank you for that link. That’s got me smiling from ear to ear again. I’m really tickled over this.

    She might have an inflated self-image due to her notoriety; but she can’t like the fact that she will now have to serve parole for her check cashing extravaganza. Just like any common criminal!

    The irony is a bit rich tonight, at least.

  51. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I was over at WebSleuth’s looking to see if there was anything new on the cases that we follow and I came across this little beauty~~missing from Sacramento, California. They have an amber alert out on her. From the write-up they say she could be in danger.

    It appears that her own father abducted her though, and his father says he won’t hurt her. I guess there is a ‘messy’ divorce going on.

    I’m a little surprised that Nancy didn’t mention it, though.

    FBI is seeking public’s help in finding missing 2-year-old girl
    By Record Searchlight staff – Posted August 12, 2011 at 11:55 a.m., updated August 12, 2011 at 11:55 a.m.

  52. cali patti says:

    blub, blub blub, am I in space warp? A photo is missing. It poofed. I get it, I think. Hope those sparkly’s are smooching Nan for all her work…If i did not trust everyone in here I would be scared.
    It is a party room with this new ruling.

    I just left the one pic up in the post~J

  53. FYI~~Sage Mom left a comment in the Coffee CafΓ©. I am sure you will be as glad to hear from her as I was.

  54. Frankie says:

    I am really getting annoyed with Judge Larry Seidlin and others on JVM saying that Judge Perry and Strickland are vindictive and out to get the turnip anyway they can. They say the motive is political and they are making a point by picking on the poor little murdering turnip. Hog wash. They are following the law and the judges original order for probation. The order has nothing to do with the murder case which some seem to forget.

  55. margaret says:

    It is amazing what a little bit of good news can do for a person.. I love the picture and the kiss for Judge Perry. Perfect Snoopy. Can everyone imagine the conversation between Baez and Mason today.. Cheney telling Baez shes his girl, Baez telling Mason well shes like your granddaughter. Mason ‘s wife telling him, shes not coming here.. Baez wife saying she’s not gong to be around my baby. Don’t you know they have had some not so nice words for Judge Perry and Judge Strickland today. Mason thought they wouldn’t dare cross his big ,bad and stupid self. Turnip probably has a headache and her wrists are hurting again after having her hands balled into fists, and spewing that horny looking devil face all day. OH I do love the picture. She can’t take the money and run if she’s in Orlando . As slick as shhe was hiding from her parents and Lee, she will never survive probation. After all she is smarter than everyone.. I can’t wait.

  56. margaret says:

    Isn’t there a hearing on Aug. 25, on paying back State of Fl. Maybe she will get another nice little present when she shows up. JVM was saying the State of Florida would have to pay to protect her. That was shot down, she is on her own like anyone else.

  57. Margaret~ we needed some good news to cheer us up a bit. This place sure came alive today. I put on my sparkly lipstick and could not control myself. I think the judge liked my smooches.

    Yes, there is a hearing on Aug 25th re the money issues. I think Casey owes the state and OCSD around $515,000. Baez said that Casey is broke. The poor baby will have to get a job. I also read somewhere that Orange County has millions of dollars in unpaid fines that they hand over to collection agencies. I forget the exact amount but it was a staggering figure.

  58. Dierdra says:

    If she is indebted for 70,000 and she made 50,00 in pics recently what happens??? Help

    No ‘ifs’ about it, she does owe the IRS approx $70G. There is no proof that she made any monies on pics. ~J

  59. margaret says:

    I wish you could send that to Judge Perry.I know he would flash that same smile. Nancy said Maceloso is denieing she is at his place . who cares… What goes around is slowly coming back. It has been a good day. Good nite Snoops……………………Bill Shaeffer is still saying on Nancy that he’s still not sure the audio orders trumps the written .Appeal coming.

  60. Margaret~~the verbal order does trump the written order. It is the law! Judge Perry states that right in his ruling. Judge Strickland’s verbal order is on video, not audio. Todd Macaluso does not have a good track record. The California Bar Assoc. thought so when they disbarred him and made me go to rehab for excessive alcohol consumption. Todd ‘borrowed’ one of his client’s money to buy an airplane. Of course, he didn’t tell the client he swiped it. Macaluso has been reinstated and is practicing law again. I could care less where the turnip is. I just want her to get her buns back to Orlando and serve her probation. Why? It will make her put on her pouty face.

  61. offthecuff says:

    If everyone knew about this probation order, why didn’t HHJP address it in his release of Anthony and the figuring out of days served…etc? Why did it take this long to address the issue? JP says Baez was trying to let it slide, but didn’t he also know about it?

  62. nan11 says:

    Snoop: There is some very bad news in the case of little Breeann. 😦

    If there is any light, it is that at least the suspect is not the parents of this tiny, beautiful child.

    Suspect in custody in connection with missing Senath girl
    Authorities in Dunklin County say they have a suspect in custody in the case of 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez, but the little girl is still missing.
    Investigators say the suspect is from the local area and is not related to the family.
    End of Quote

  63. nan11 says:

    offthecuff: I’ve wondered about that, too. I think the initial order of amendment had to come from the origial judge–Judge Strickland.

    I think he took his time with this to ensure that it was not sour grapes–contrary to what JVM spews in order to kowtow to Baez & crew. I think this was a very well researched decision by both judges–they do not want any more egg on their faces. They are well aware of the ‘situation’.

    The teflon murderer will have to serve probation for the bad checks, at least. Hip! Hip! Hooray! πŸ™‚

  64. kas says:

    nann11: JVM isn’t even trying to be subtle anymore about wanting that Baez interview is she?? I love how she brings on Lindsey (“Those drugs aren’t mine”) Lohans’ Lawyer to back up her ridiculous argument.

    Frankie: Judge Seidlin is a piece of work. He is oddly entertaining (sometimes, when it’s not a serious subject) because most of the time all he does is take whatever question has been asked of him and repeat the exact question back word for word……very…..slowly… if this makes him seem thoughtful and contemplative…….as opposed to just weird.

  65. Nan11~~it looks like they found the white van and enough evidence in it to haul this suspect in. Now, will he clam up and we never know where Breeann’s body is? This seems to be the pattern of these sexual predators. They are going to release the suspects name once he is charged.

  66. Frankie says:

    Kas, Judge Seidlin is a piece of work for sure. He is such a bad actor. He really turned me off when he made some comment about Anna Nicol Smith’s body, like ” nobody is going to touch my body” (not word for word) meaning ANS’s body like it was his. He’s more than weird. He should tie his hands down then maybe he wouldn’t be able to talk. I thought he would support his fellow judges, but no, he didn’t. He is good for a laugh now and then but mostly he is annoying.

  67. OfftheCuff~~there was no way that Judge Perry would have known that the turnip was serving probation in the jail. Frank George said his office was not notified that the probabtion had begun or when it had finished. Baez knew and he also knew the it was being carried out in error and did not conform with Judge Strickland’s order. He was being deceptive and Judge Perry spelled that out in his last order. As an officer of the court, Baez was supposed to have informed the court of the error in the written transcript of JS’s verbal ruling but he kept it under wraps. After the turnip was released, JS realized his order was not being carried out and when he found out there was an error in the writtien transcript he amended it. Baez thought that Strickland only had 60 days to amend the order and this is where he was mistaken. He felt that the probation order would be legal after the 60 days had expired. Lisabeth Fryer also had her facts wrong and she was also misaken about the double jeopardy.

    Judge Strickland was within his rights to amend the order. Judge Perry, after a lot of research, gave his ruling and the turnip must serve a year’s supervised probation. If the defense wants to appeal it, that is fine. It is take a year or more for it to go through the appellate court and by that time, the turnip will have served her probation.

    I wish someone would amend the 412 days that the turnip was credited with twice for time served. Once for the check/fraud and also for the 4 misdemeanors of lying to LE. I read at a lawyer’s blog that this error cannot be reversed. Had the mistake not been made, the turnip would have served another nine months for lying to LE.

    I hope that I have not confused you with all this… If you have any questions, ask away.

  68. nan11 says:

    Snoop: On Breeann – There was supposed to be a press conference at ‘noon’ their time; however, I don’t think it has occurred yet.

    I wanted to link this article because it says they are no longer interested in the white van, but I’m considering the source. This could be wrong.

    Suspect held in Missouri girl’s disappearance
    By the CNN Wire Staff~August 13, 2011 12:19 p.m. EDT
    Authorities said they were no longer interested in tracking down a white cargo van that had been seen in the area days ahead of Breeann’s disappearance.
    End of Quote

  69. margaret says:

    I am so saddened and angry to read everyday about some small child missing and killed by some nasty sicko that should not be allowed in society. Another beautiful little girl Breanna is probably dead and thrown away, because this pervert has no more use for her. What kind of mindset makes him think she was put on this earth solely for his purpose. It has been proven that there is no curing those people so why are they allowed the right to live freely, to just drive around and pick and choose which child to abduct and kill. The government needs to have a seperate prison for only them. To H*ll with their rights. If they eat they have to grow it. I can’t even begin to imagine how her family must feel. There has been too many. How can we start a revolt against these people and how can we get the prisons to never turn these people loose.They need to just go ahead and give them the needle . Our children are far more important than any of them will ever be. I wish I knew what to do.

  70. Nan11~ ~I am wondering if it was a neighbor who took Breeann. They mentioned they found the training wheels BEFORE she went missing. I thought they found them in the field when they were searching for her. In a small town like that, the predator must have been keeping an eye on Breeann and then noticed an opportunity to snatch her up.

    Margaret~~these sexual predators should be castrated. To hell with their rights. Little children have rights too. Who makes up these damn laws, the predators themselves?

  71. nan11 says:

    Snoop and Sherry: I was just getting in with a link. It’s a different one so I might as well add it. It has his picture. Apparently, he was a neighbour. 😦

    Male neighbor charged in death of missing three-year-old
    Saturday, August 13, 2011 – Deanna Coronado, Daily Dunklin Democrat

    Snoop: I’m in an out today, so I seem to be confused. I was wondering where you heard that about them discovering the wheels before Breeann went missing? I understood they found one late Tuesday evening and another one Wednesday morning (in the same field, not too far apart.) I even thought they had said that they had searched the location previously and the wheels had not been there.

    There was also a third piece of evidence, which I’m not sure if they ever released what it was.

    Also, I guess he wouldn’t tell them where she is. I thnk they are still looking for her remains.

    Man, this is when I would like to water-board them. IYKWIM

  72. nan11 says:

    Margaret: What turns my stomach more are the ones they set free to do it again!

  73. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is a little blurb that I found on a ‘facebook’ news page. They think that monster suffocated that beautiful child. 😦

    I haven’t seen this in any of the write-ups, so maybe it is not true. (Or maybe I missed it while reading quickly.)

    facebook: Region 8 News
    Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Sokoloff: Also charged with armed criminal action, tampering with physical evidence in connection with disappearance of Breeann Rodriguez. Morgan caused death by suffocation; still searching for body.
    End of Quote

  74. Nan11~~I read the following at the link you put in at 2:15pm. I found it rather unusual.

    Police said Thursday that they’d found two training wheels similar to those on a pink bike ridden by Breeann before she went missing.

  75. Nan11~~I read at one of the links that the neighbor suffocated Breeann. The rotten bastard. Breeann’s family must be out of their minds. Life will never be the same for them while another child will never get to start school and grow up because of a montster. When are the legislators going to wake up and enact stricter laws. Pedofiles cannot be rehabitated.

    Nan11, this was in your link at 4:24pm…Sokoloff, joined by Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder, and Senath Chief of Police Omar Karnes, met with members of the press at the Dunklin County Justice Center on Saturday after word got out that a suspect had been taken into custody, earlier that morning. Sokoloff said that it is charged that Morgan caused the death of Rodriguez by suffocating, but was unable to provide any further details.

  76. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Okay, I see what you mean. Thanks for looking that up, I was just scanning quickly and i guess I took it to mean that she road the bike (with training wheels attached) prior to going missing.

    I really think he took Breeann and the bike at the same time. I’m getting the impression that he was disposing of the bike in pieces so law enforcement wouldn’t find it in his possession.

    He had already gotten ride of Breeann. Oh, the brutal monster. A jail cell is too good for him.

    I think I read somewhere where that he has children of his own. 😐

    Prayers for Breeann and her family. ΰ²₯ Μ― ΰ²₯

  77. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Sorry for all my confusion. I’ve got too many pots on the fire today.

    I think you’ve got me straightened out now.

  78. margaret says:

    The police needs to take people like him for a ride ,uncuff him ,open the car door and shoot him down for trying to escape. That policeman would be a hero, but unfortunately that won’t happen. He will be coddoled like he is somebody. HE and his kind need to go to trial immediately and be sentenced to death now, not 10 years from now. That poor Baby died horrified. If she were my child I would watch for a chance and blow his brains out. I am just sick and her poor family will never be the same..

  79. Nan11~~you are right. I read that wrong about the training wheels. Sometimes my brain stays in neutral. Some of these cases really get to me and I almost hate to turn on the news any more.

  80. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Me again. I think I read that this guy didn’t have any prior arrest record–similar to the teflon murderer.

    My heart really aches for Breeann’s father–he must be out of his mind with grief right now. I don’t think he had prepared himself in any for this outcome.

    Her mom must be in shock, too; but sometimes women are stronger–or can accept things more readily.

  81. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I’ll just add this link and then I’ll give it a rest, I promise. The following statement that I quoted below was made by a lady who had been a neighbour to Shawn Morgan for 10 years.

    No wonder she’s shocked, though. We all think we know a little bit of something about neighbours we’ve lived next door to for so many years, but I guess we can be wrong. It seems impossible to tell what evil lurks inside another.

    Breeann Rodriguez Missing: Father of Three Charged With Murder
    “Our street is a dead-end street. We watch after each other’s children. Our grandchildren have been here all summer,” she said. “This is so shocking. It’s hard to believe. … He’s such a small-built man, about 5’6,” maybe 130 or 140 popunds, real meek. And just always seemed like a real nice guy.”
    End of Quote

  82. Nan11~~this character must be talking because how would LE know she died of suffocation without the body? To think he has 3 children of his own. I wonder if Breeann was sexually molested or he just got some pleasure from killing her. I see some articles list him as 43 and others as 34 so that sounds like a typo. I hope they find the body soon so they can get enough evidence to hang the SOB. Can you imagine what his own children must think of their father? Maybe he molested them too. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he was into child porn.

  83. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I wondered about that, too. At first I thought maybe ‘suffocation’ was a rumor, but I guess not.

    I read where they were searcing in water–lakes or rivers maybe. So, possibly they know the basic location, but not the exact spot.

    Something seems strange, though.

    When I heard that they had removed the computer from his home, I had the exact same thought as you about the child porn.

    I don’t think I heard anything about how old his childern are. If they are as young as Breeann, they probably don’t understand much. If their older, though–they’re probably pretty messed up kids right about now. Not to mention his wife–I guess she had no idea about any of this. πŸ˜•

  84. cali patti says:

    Seems to be an epidemic of abuse towards women and children. Makes me sick.

  85. nan11 says:

    Snoop: From ‘Vine Link’, WebSleuth’s confirm his age as 43–DOB: 06/15/1968.

    WebSleuth’s Single Post – Vine Link Info

    Also, there are a few posters there that are saying it shows he pled guilty to a criminal case in 2003; but it does not show what the charge was. There could be something revealing there, imo.

    One more thing–they are saying his children are a ‘little bit older than Breeann’. I know people are marrying and having children older these day, but don’t you find he is a little bit on the ‘old’ side to have such young children? (Maybe I’m just being silly–his wife could be young, if he married late or something.)

  86. Frankie says:

    Snoop, How sad. Another innocent child killed. Where did this happen? Nothing has the state or city on it.

  87. nan11 says:

    Frankie–It happened in Senath, Missouri. It’s a very small town–population about 1800.

  88. Frankie~~it happened in Senath, a small town in Missouri. The accused is a neighbor who lived on the same street as Breeann.

  89. nan11 says:

    Here is a fairly recent update, but nothing really new. It’s just so strange. They have him charged with murder and they appear to know what ‘method’ he used–yet they can’t find her or her bicycle.

    Maybe they are holding some information from the public. They must have something more than they are saying.

    Police: Man charged in case of missing 3-year-old Missouri girl – Posted on August 13, 2011 at 8:06 AM – Updated today at 9:44 PM

  90. Nan11~~they are searching for Breeann’s remains in an ‘undisclosed’ area. I wonder if this Shawn has sent them on a wild goose chase. He had to have told them he suffocated her unless they found some sort of evidence. I hope to God it was not duct tape.

  91. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Yup, an ‘undisclosed’ area which includes waterways. 😦

    You know, I’m reading a lot of ‘hypotheses’ about this guy hitting Breeann with his vehicle, then suffocating her to keep her quite.

    This makes absolutely no sense to me! I have not seen one write-up where this was even hinted at. If anyone has, please link it for me.

    We started rumors like this with the turnip trunkmom–oh, she couldn’t have suffocated her own daughter with duct tape, she must have accidently used a little too much chloroform. And where did that lead? ~~ Right straight to her acquital, that’s where!

    Her defense read our thoughts on these blogs & forums; and they used them to defend her!

    I hope we all just wait to hear what law enforcement has to say, and that we listen carefully.

    This is My Opinion Only, of course. [And my rant.] πŸ˜‰

  92. So much for Jose an Caseys dreams of a big payday for her first exclusive interveiwe,Looks like her first face to face sit down will be with a probation officer.An she will have to pay them hope she gets a woman probation officer.I can imagine Jose trying to laydown ground rules on what can an not be asked of his client,But those days are gone.

  93. Nan11~~yes the rumors are flying. Check out Peter Hyatt’s blog. Everything from failing the polygraphs to being mixed up in drug deals and Shawn running over Breeann in the driveway then smothering her. What a damn shame!

  94. Ecossie~~you hit the nail on the head, Matey. The turnip gets her first unpaid interview with Corrections. She has to pay them $20 each time plus a surcharge. The poor little thing… boo hoo..

  95. nan11 says:

    Snoop & Ecossie: Those thoughts put a little smile on my lips. πŸ™‚

    Really–she has to pay them twenty bucks each time? Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, too funny.

    The probation officer will ask whatever she needs to–Mason & Baez can rotate on their fingers (sorry for the graphics but I couldn’t resist.)

    I wished for much more, but this is one thing that she wasn’t allowed to slime away from. MOO

  96. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I just checked out the blog you mentioned. πŸ˜‰

    Well, okay, it’s a great read–and many points I agree with. However, it’s brutal in regards to showing respect for Breeann’s parents in this time of great sorrow.

    It’s just that we are all imperfect human beings, and most of us do better once we know better; but–until then–we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I don’t think he knows for sure that they were ‘on drugs’. We know they failed their polygraphs, but we don’t know why. I mean, I understand it probably wasn’t for sterling reasons. Still, these people are in great pain right now. They have lost a child.

    Do we kick a dog while it’s down?

    It won’t help. We need to reach out with compassion and offer a helping hand. Lecturing from a bully pulpit seldom helps. Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

    (Now watch everything he said turn out to be true; and I’ll wind up with so much egg on my face that I’ll be scraping it off for days.)

  97. Hilde says:

    There is a Thought, maybe the Perpetrator in the Breeann’s Case got some Pointers from the Anthony Case, how to get away with Murder!
    How can any one hurt an innocent Child is beyond me, yet it happens way too often.
    It seems like it is Open Season on little Children and also on Woman.
    I believe the Laws need to get stricter, something has to change to put a Stop to that Madness.
    It is heartbreaking every time we hear yet again about Cases like that! JMO
    I sure will hope the Monster who is responsible for what has happened to little Breeann will get what is coming to him and God forbid not walk away from it like Casey Anthony!

  98. Hilde ~ ~you are right! It is an open season on small children and women. Not a week goes by that we do not hear about one or two more. Was it always this way and because of the internet, we hear about them? I think drugs and alcohol play a big part in these crimes along with all the child porn which is a big money maker. Some people will never change but laws can change and be made stricter. Murderers are getting smarter and know if they can get a defense lawyer who will lie for them, they will end up beating the rap. I expect there to be a lot of copycat killers who will follow in the turnip’s foot steps and hoping they will have a jury like the one from Pinellas County.

  99. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Here is the latest on Breeann. Nothing new–just a little update. 😐
    Senath residents react to charges
    Sherry Flood grew up in Senath and says she has never felt like she had to worry about her kid’s safety until now. “It’s shocking, because I grew up here and was always able to do what I wanted to do,” says Flood, “I never had to worry somebody was going to take my kids.”
    End of Quote

  100. Terry Tsk says:

    It’s funny, I stopped watching Nancy Grace because my family couldn’t stand her voice and her whole persona. Though I personally like Nancy, it didn’t bother me because she was always behind the times and I was reading the discovery as it came out. Her “stupid” guest defense attorneys drove me around the bend. I noticed that one of her favorites, Mickey Sherman who was a staunch supporter of Casey Anthony/Jose Baez, disappeared from her show and googled him to find out he was incarcerated for some kind of fraud or tax evasion charges. I can’t remember the details and really don’t care. Why is the Nancy Grace Show inviting this kind of low-life onto the Nancy Grace Show?

    Mind you, JVM and HLN are even more pathetic. I like Mark English, Mark Nejame, Bill Sheaffer, Richard Hornsby, Wendy Murphy, the one who rhymes…. I can’t remember her name but she is too cute and stands up for abused children, and many others who offered an impartial viewpoint explaining the law. The rest of them are just bottom-feeders who rant and rave trying to convince us that they are noble when they circumvent justice by fooling a jury or the court. The truth and the rights of the victim is meaningless, swept under the carpet and indeed, disregarded as unimportant and nonexistent.

    I’m not watching any of the HLN shows any more. As a matter of fact, I haven’t turned that channel on for 2 weeks. I read that JVM has forgotten about Caylee Marie Anthony and worries about her BFF Jose and now says Casey is a lost soul? I think she sold her soul when she murdered her daughter and if you believe Caylee died by accident, which I don’t, then she sold her soul when she danced on her baby’s grave for 31 days before she was reported “missing”. Yes indeed, she has no soul.

    It’s all so frustrating to witness. I’m not hoping for violence or physical revenge. I am hoping for Karma to strike all of the people involved in the death (that would be Casey IMO), cover-up of the death (I’m not sure who’s guilty) and the circumvention of justice (all defense team members, her parents, her brother and god knows who else) which this child, Caylee Marie Anthony, deserved. Is there any wonder that so many stood up for this baby that even her family forsake.

    I’m betting that Team Casey, I mean Team Ca Ca, will be in a hurry to sell photos now that she has been ordered back to Orange County by August 26/11. Larry Flint perhaps? Unless they’re nude shots, why pay her now? In 2 weeks she will be photographed for free. I hope that Team Ca Ca rue the day they got involved with Ca Ca. I mean Ca Ca is kind of disgusting and it’s stinks, don’t you think?

  101. Terry Tsk~~your comment ended up in moderation because you must have changed your name or email. Just putting the space between Terry and Tsk will change it. I deleted your first comment as you requested. No comment is too long, btw.

    I used to watch Nancy faithfully, in the beginning. I never watch her or JVM but if the tv is on, I listen to them. If I want some news, I go to WESH, WFTV or the Orlando Sentinel. I am even leery of some of the news outlets as they have been known to give out wrong information. I place little faith in the legal pundits who guest on NG and JVL. Anyone who keeps having Leonard Padilla on their show has to be nuts. I do like Dr Drew, Vinny P and a couple more whose names escape me.

  102. nan11 says:

    Terry Tsk: Great comment. I agree with every little detail. Yep, Ca Ca stinks and it is definitely disgusting. πŸ˜€

    Did you happen to catch Simon Barrett’s ‘blog-talk-radio’ show? Man, that Cobra gives me a pain. Maybe he should look into starting a bikini business with Baez in Orlando–that way turnip trunkmom could be their model. They could slip her a few drinks every now and then; plus use her for whatever other purpose may present itself.

    It’s sickening how he excuses everything it did. I believe this all comes from his friendship with Mr. Grund, Sr. They just can’t admit that Jesse had the poor taste to fall in love with such an evil spawn. It has to be the fault of someone else.

    Even criticising Judge Strickland. Ooh, smoke was coming out of my ears for a while.

  103. Nan11~~last week on blog radio Dave couldn’t be on due to family obligations. The California lawyer was really coming down hard on Judge Strickland. I was pizzed. Today, he got more digs in. He best brush up on Florida laws before beating his gums. I don’t think he reads the chat so I may have wasted my time with some comments to him. He kept saying that JS had to amend the order within 60 days which is not true. Judge Perry spelled it out in his last ruling but I guess the CA lawyer didn’t bother to read it. Cobra thinks he is funny. He reminds me of a motor mouth with a knock in it. Dirty carburator and bad spark plugs…LOL

  104. Frankie says:

    Well said Terry Tsk, As much as they drive me crazy I still record NG & JVM. When they are being stupid I just fast forward. They make me so mad sometimes I start yelling at them. My husband says ” How can you stand watching that chit?” I watch it after he has gone to bed. You would think that those women didn’t have a microphone the way they yell. I think they think they are good actress’s but they are soooo phony. Dr. D & Vinny P are okay so far. I might get sick them too. Some of their guests are not very good and to be honest I don’t know how NG gets anyone to go on her show because she is so rude to them. She must pay them enough to make it worth their while.

  105. Here is a stipulation in the turnips probation…

    In addition, she has to pay $20 plus a 4% surcharge every month toward the supervision, not change her residence, employment, nor leave the county without getting consent, not have possession of a weapon without consent, and not have possession of marijuana or other controlled substances.

    I would like to know if the turnip will be allowed to possess duct tape without consent. Apparently the turnip’s weapon of choice was duct tape. I think the term ‘weapon’ should have been broadened to include any instrument or article that can contribute to a person’s death, with the use of force or restraint. The only weapon the turnip used in the check/fraud was a pen. LOL

  106. nan11 says:

    Snoop; Sure, they will allow her to have duct tape. Baez had at least one nice chilled beer waiting for her upon her exit from jail. I suspect she had a lot more than one that night and in the following nights. MOO

    I wonder how long it will be before she has another child?

    One thing worth noting, though–the sooner she gets nice and comfortable in her ‘new’ life, the sooner she will reoffend.

    I pray that it is not another child that she murders–but there aren’t very adult people her size.

    MOO, of course.

  107. Frankie says:

    Snoop, It didn’t say turnip couldn’t have chloroform did it? So she can use the same weapons again, chloroform then duct tape. It’s quick and quiet and doesn’t make a mess. Perfect choice.

    I hope she never has another child. She doesn’t deserve another child. She didn’t want the one she had. If she does she should be watched very closely.

  108. This little fella reminds me of Ca Ca writing a check from Amy’s account and then realizing she signed her own name instead of Amy’s at the bottom right…

  109. Terry Tsk says:

    I noticed that one of her favorites, Mickey Sherman who was a staunch supporter of Casey Anthony/Jose Baez disappeared from her show and googled him to find out he was incarcerated for some kind of fraud or tax evasion charges”.

    How come this doesn’t bother any body? Remember Nancy Grace’s side kick Mickey Sherman who was around for the first 2 years of the case? He looked and sounded like a used car salesman and incessently spouted off about Casey Anthony’s rights in a court of law. Caylee Anthony was a non-person in his opinion. The guy is currently serving time in jail. When he gets out, I bet he’ll be back on the Nancy Grace Show and JVM spouting off his shit and they”ll welcome him with open arms. Of course, the Nancy Grace show and the other phonies on HLN will never mention Mickey Sherman’s guilty as charged sentence. They’ll go back to introducing him as some kind of world class expert attorney. Why, oh why, would he not be ostracized for his criminal activity when he’s an attorney, an officer of the court, supposedly upholding the law? How sad to think he’ll be right back on HLN tomorrow.

  110. Terry Tsk says:

    I recognize that I’ve made this about Mickey Sherman and his convictions and incarceration. I still say he’ll be right back on HLN without a word being mentioned about his criminal history. Will he be still allowed to pratice law? You bet he will!

    Will Casey Anhony ever pay the price for killing her baby? Absolutely not!

  111. nan11 says:

    Terry Tsk: You are right about that–she will never pay the price for brutally murdering her 34 month old daughter. She may even go on to be richly rewarded with many monetary riches from society. 😦

    Rightly or wrongly–I blame the jury. The prosecution put on a good case, the defense was a farce. How, then, did this happen? If we remember the jury selection itself, we will remember that more than one of them had some sort of ‘criminal’ issues themselves. Perhaps these ‘like minded individuals’ felt a kinship with another member of their ilk. Or perhaps I am wrong.

    The thing about defense attorneys–they deal with that side of life on a regular basis and after a while it seems to take its toll on their souls. Their actions begin to mimic those of their clients. I don’t believe this is intentional–it’s just that we become what we associate ourselves with in life. That might be a “Murphy’s Law”–but they wouldn’t know or care about that law because they begin their careers with the chase of the almighty dollar. 😐

    For convenience, I’ll add a couple of links for Mickey Sherman and his current predicament:
    Mickey Sherman heading to prison
    Failed to pay almost $420,000 in taxes – Updated: Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 8:50 PM EST
    Michael “Mickey” Sherman, who has appeared frequently on national television shows as a legal analyst, had pleaded guilty in June to two misdemeanor counts of willful failure to pay income taxes.

    He admitted he could have paid the taxes, but spent the money on country club memberships and other lavish expenses.
    End of Quote

    Mickey Sherman begins prison sentence
    Updated 10:20 p.m., Tuesday, March 15, 2011
    Sherman, 64, was the guest of honor at a going-away party last month at which guests paid $20 to sip cocktails with Sherman in a Greenwich watering hole. At the party, Sherman said he had no bitterness about serving the prison sentence.
    End of Quote

    I’m sure Nancy Grace will welcome him back to her show. After having served his time, he will be wanting to “hold his head high”. (Where have we heard that before?) πŸ˜‰

    It’s become an epidemic amongst defense attorneys, really. We don’t have to look far to find many others in the same boat as Mr. Sherman.

    The sadest part of all is that beautiful, innocent children are made to suffer, are violated, and are murdered every single day. Our priorites need to be shifted, but I don’t know that the place to start is with the Sherman’s of the world. That would be a definite waste of time, I think.

  112. offthecuff says:

    I am awed at Judge Perry’s astuteness… how he handled the entire trial, especially judicially battling the many flamboyant motions from the defense.

    I’ve read elsewhere that JP did have the authority to overturn the jury’s verdict in this case. Is this true?

    I realize this would be a heavy issue for him to consider. At the time of the jury’s deliberation, I’m sure he never thought he would have to even consider the option of overturning their verdict. It’s all moot now, but I’m just curious…..It seems there would be serious repercussions if he did go against the jury, but the outrage for that particular decision may have been so much less than the drama which is taking place now.

  113. nan11 says:

    offthecuff: That’s interesting. I’ve heard it said that Judge Perry would have had the authority to convert the verdict of death by leathal injection to LWOP.

    However, I’m not so sure that he had the power to change the verdict of not guilty to guilty.

    If he had that authority, then I think he should have used it. The verdict was a travesty of justice and thay all know it.!!!

    My Opinion Only.

  114. nan11 says:

    Oh, Snoop. This is about Breeann. It so bad. Take a deep breath and steady yourself before you read it. πŸ˜₯

    Probable Cause Affidavit
    During the interview, Morgan stated that on Saturday, August 6th, 2011, he discovered a Mexican female, B.R., standing on the ladder at the pool in his backyard. (118 Ode Johnson Road, Senath, Missouri.) Morgan states that he went to the girl, grabbed her and carried her inside his house. Morgan then suffocated the girl using a white plastic trash bag, by holding it over her face and mouth. Morgan states he felt like it took an hour for the girl to die. Morgan then places the body in the same trash bag, drives to the floodway ditches on MO HWY 164, where he then disposes of the body by throwing her over the railing. Morgan also added that upon his return to his residence in Senath, where he dismantles the bicycle that the girl had ridden on earlier. Morgan later disposes of the bicycle in the same river system as the body.
    End of Quote

    Here is a link to the write-up.
    More details emerge about 3-year-old’s disapperance

    Prayers for Breeann and her family.

  115. Nan11~~ Why did he do this? He sounds like a maniac. He must hate Hispanics. It took her an hour to die. He must have tortured her in a fit of rage.

  116. nan11 says:

    Snoop: It seems like he left out the ‘why’ of it. I mean, what happened–did he just wake up with murder on his mind? Did he fly into a fit of rage because a little girl was climbing the ladder to his pool?

    Or did he leave out the part where he molested her? 😦 and 😑

    Oh, may he rot in the confines of a very small prison cell!

  117. nan11 says:

    Snoop: And let me add, if he did this in a fit of rage–how long did that fit last? He says it took her an hour to die!!!

    An hour of suffering. OMG

    He could have stopped at any time and maybe they could have saved her.

    Her parents must have been out searching and calling for her. He had to have heard them.

    I think he has more to confess.

  118. nan11 says:

    Snoop: This is the first time I’ve ever tried this–so it might not work. I’m hoping it will link you to a map showing how close the two houses are.

    Marker A is where Breeann lived, and Marker B is where he lived

    It is possible that she could have heard her parents calling for her.

    This is unbelievably horrifying.

  119. cali patti says:

    I like the name ca ca and if anyone is offended there is two ways to pronounce it. I prefer the below the belt sound.
    Lovely little pencil.

  120. margaret says:

    Love the pencil!!!!! Baez and Mason are still scooping out bottom of pot… They are talking to TMZ about ca ca probation. They are appealing and if she has to serve , they want it out of Florida. Maybe Florida Bar will get sick of them and sanction them’. I wish OS would keep pushing investigation into the 250,000.00. caca made her bed, let her lie now, probation is supposed to be served in county of offense. Make them deal with it in Orlando………………Little Breann story is so sad, that man is just lying thru his teeth. There is more to his story and he is using pool as an excuse…. Another sicko running around among our children.

  121. nan11 says:

    Margaret: Breeann’s story makes me think of Caylee. I think they had very similar last moments. 😦

    Apparently they found her bike in the waterway where the creep said he threw it. It makes it seem all the stranger that they haven’t found her remains yet.

    Maybe he is lying about where he placed her because he doesn’t want anyone to know what else he did to her [besides smothering her.]

  122. Nan11 and Margaret~~Where was Shawn’s wife and kids when he had Breeann in his house smothering her? There is something very strange about his confession. It does not take one hour to smother a small child. I think he was doing more than trying to smother her during that hour.
    I wonder how they finally caught him and what is with the firearms? He may have held LE at bay with a gun. If this case was in Florida, we would know more. I keep thinking of Breeann’s parents wanting their Princess to come home. I hope they can find the remains so they can have some closure. Without a body, they will wonder if Breeann is still alive and maybe the monster sold her. It is strange how Shawn admitted to killing her so soon. Maybe LE has a different way of interrogating suspects. Maybe they should teach LE in Florida how to get the truth out of murderers.

  123. I see Shawn Morgan lived at 118 Oak Johnson Rd and Breeann on 106 Oak Johnson. If this creep’s story is true, Breeann’s parents must have allowed her to leave her yard. This is why I do not believe his story. Why would Breeann end up on his pool ladder, down the road from her home? There must have been other children around or in the pool. A little 3 yr old out driving her bike, decides to drive down the road, go into this man back yard and climb up the pool ladder. It just doesn’t make sense.

  124. KarenC says:

    He’s providing himself with justification/rationalization. He’ll turn out likely just what we here have come to expect.

  125. It seems that Baez and Mason are drafting up a motion to send off to the appellate court in Daytona. Hornsby give his take on things…read more here….

    The latest on Ca Ca’s probation

  126. Karen~~yup, another pedofile’s lament.

  127. Sherry says:

    Ladies, it did not take an hour to smother Breeann-the murdering idiot said that it felt like it took an hour for her to die. I do wonder, too, where the wife and kids were..

    I stand corrected~J

  128. Sherry says:

    Why does it matter to Baez and Mason so darn much to keep Felon Anthony from serving her sentence? Geesh! She got off pretty easy on her punishment as it is!

  129. margaret says:

    What is the problem with Baez and Mason? caca is a criminal, she did the crime all by herself. Almost all criminals have to do probation, she is just like all the other people who think they are above the law. The loser 12 helped her with that impression. She should have to come to Orlando, take the gloves off. Treat her like everyone else. ……….Jean Kasarus on JVM just said in a San Fransisco paper is saying caca has signed a book deal for 6 figures, for a tell all about her life and the dysfunction of her family,,Lee and her father . Wonder who is paying her to lie some more. Going to see if I can find anything.

  130. Margaret~~I don’t think anyone would pay 6 figures for a book of fiction. If Ca Ca ever signs a book deal, it will not be made known to the public. Any monies she makes will be funneled through other channels so the IRS wont catch up with her.

    And speaking of the IRS, if Ca Ca does not make restitution to Uncle Sam, she may end up in the slammer. I hear it is hard to get blood out of a turnip.

  131. Vicky says:

    Regarding poor little Breeann, has it occurred to anyone that this could be a hate crime rather than sexually motivated? Just a thought. To tell investigators that he immediately murdered the child points to a lot of rage.

  132. Vicky says:

    I don’t know what the flood conditions are in that area of Missouri, but the corps of engineers are flooding the heck out of north western Missouri along the river. If such is the case there, they will have one heck of a time finding her.

  133. margaret says:

    Snoop and Nan11, you guys know how to do this. It is on Justice for Caylee site about book deal .Says lawyers settled for 6 figures afraid wouldn.’t get better deal.

  134. Sherry says:

    Here is the story on the book deal~

    Something’s fishy here-I think its a way for her to get out of taking on a job…what say you, ladies?

  135. margaret says:

    Thanks Sherry. If it is true , sounds like there is no money deals coming in. Know who publisher is? Can you imagine the crap she will tell on Lee and George?

  136. Ladies~~I am not buying this book deal. Caylee’s father is alive eh? Well if that is the case, he should file a wrongful death suit against the turnip. He can make a half a million bucks. Ca Ca would never dare to admit Caylee’s father is alive, even in a fictional book. One other thing, someone is silly enough to advance the turnip a million bucks and if she doesn’t meet the deadline ( with a transcript) she must return the money. Give me a break… maybe there is a crazy millionaire out there somewhere. Probably the dingbat who bought Ca Ca’s mask on eBay. I can picture it being that tall skinny guy who stood outside the courthouse holding the sign, “Casey is not guilty.” When interviewed, he said he would like to marry her. It’s a scarey world out there peoples. Just ask Joy Wray…she knows!

  137. Vicky~~as per Breeann. They have a missing child. They have retrieved a pink bicycle and training wheels. They have a confession. To my knowledge they do not know of a motive. The FBI will be doing a profile on this Shawn Morgan. Maybe Breeann’s parents can shed some light on a possible motive. Both of Breeann’s parents failed their polygraphs but that could be due to logical reasons. Eventually, we should learn more about this horrific case.

  138. nan11 says:

    Well, I haven’t clicked on the link to check it out because they might interpret it as “interest’; but I’m not convinced it’s a ‘real deal’. πŸ˜‰

    I read at WebSleuth’s that Adam Longo tweeted that Baez is denying it. So, I don’t know what to make of that.

    She would need a ‘ghost writer’ to write a book, wouldn’t she? Besides the fact that she couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it, she composes words as if she is 15/16 years old.

    She better go back to the taking her clothes off deal–that’s where her talent lies.


  139. Laurali says:

    Snoopy ~ I would love to see the IRS try to get blood from a turnip. LOL.

    So really I do not feel any better but I felt the need to comment. I am becoming bored with the turnip. She is so predictable. More lies to read in a book deal. Obviously she is still not equipped to get a real job and stop living off the back of her deceased daughter. She did it while Caylee lived and now in death. Pathetic excuse for a mother or human being.

    On to the murderer in Missouri really? You felt the need to kill a 3 year old? Why not try to pick on someone your own size? WTF is wrong with people? Sorry for the language but this is getting old. Everyday someone is killing a child. Hopefully the State will seek an eye for a eye and at least keep him from seeing his 3 children for the rest of his life. In his state of rage he has ruined a lot of lives. I just do not understand what a 3 year old can do to make you so angry you feel the need to kill. Climbed your pool ladder? Maybe we should go back to old fashion hangings. jmo

  140. Vicky says:

    Snoopy/Jon – it seems to me there would have been something in the information filed by the district attorney if the crime was sexually motivated. The statement that the child was on his pool ladder, so he removed her and placed a plastic bag over her head and waited for her to die is sadistic and tells me he had some type of bone to pick with people who have immigrated to the states from Mexico. I could be way off base here, but I wouldn’t be surprised to leads that he has some affiliatin with some extreme anti immigration movement. Whe I looked at his pic, he seemed very angry rather/resentful rather than remorseful. people like that are cowards and it wouldn’t think twice about taking out their resentment on ansmall child. I’m sure he somehow felt justified in hIs actions. I bet he assumed the family was illegal and would be afraid to file a missing persons report so soon after his disappearance. This is purely speculation on my part, but I think it is probably closer to the truth than his being a pedophile. Imhope they charge him with a hate crime. It will add to the chances that he will never seethe outside of a prison.

  141. Vicky says:

    Laura- the only reason I hope ca ca has a book deal is that the IRS will take every advanced dime she makes off the deal…or at least a healthy portion of it. I’m sure JB is quite put out that someone spilled the beans about the deal before he had a chance to spend/hide the $$$. πŸ™‚

  142. Vicky says:

    Sorry for the blingers. .. My iPad makes more typos than I do. Lol

  143. Vicky~~you could very well be on the right track. He held the garbage bag down over her face and smothered her. It was not an easy kill and there seemed to be hate involved. The white garbage bag was big enough to put Breeann’s remains in. Why did he make two trips to the floodway ditches? He could have taken the remains and the bicycle both and made one trip. Why would be throw the training wheels in two different locations in the fields? ( if we got the story right) This man must have been crazed.

  144. When Ca Ca filed the motion with the appelate court to overturn the verdict for the 4 misdemeanors for lying to LE, she also wanted JAC to finance it. Ca Ca has to remain poor if she wants to bleed more money out of Florida.

  145. I wouldn’t doubt that the IRS is doing more audits on the Baez Law Firm. Ca Ca is stupid enough to let her attorney be the recipient of the monies for any book deals. If that is the case, Ca Ca may go into hiding permanently. Who would ever know she dropped off the face of the earth except her lawyers? Heck, they could all enjoy a piece of the cake.

  146. Laurali says:

    Snoop there you go teasing me again. Caca fell off the face of the earth. IRS getting blood from turnip…. Oh to think about the ways to torture Caylee’s killer.

    Vicky a book deal kind of sounds like work, are we sure Casey is really willingly to do such a thing? πŸ™‚

    Good Night sweeties.

  147. Laura~~only the select few who know where Ca Ca is are the only ones who would know if she went missing. Right?

  148. nan11 says:

    Snoop: Regarding Breeann, I think you’ve got the facts straight (as we know them.) You make a good point about why the two trips–I wonder if it could have been that he panicked at the length of time it took her to die and temporarily forgot all about the bike.

    If this was a hate crime instead of a sex crime, the coward and the panic seem to fit, IYKWIM.

    Later when he realized his error, he made the second trip. For some reason, he must have thought it was a good idea to remove the two training wheels and throw them in a field he thought was already searched.

    I find it bizzare that he bagged her with the same garbage bag that he used to smother her. What? He didn’t want to waste two garbage bags. 😑

    One thing about the ‘ladder’ on the swimming pool–by law, don’t you have to have that gated somehow? Surely the neighbours would have been alarmed by his pool being so openly accessible. Any child could have wondered in his yard and drowned in that pool.

    Regarding Caylee: I do believe they are all eagerly anticipating their share of the cake. That’s the only reason I can find for them to be still kowtowing to her. I hope it all turns sour for them, big time.

  149. Terry Tsk says:

    I thought I read some where that the sale of the very realistic mask of that butt ugly woman turned out to be a farce. No money passed hands. It was a Ca Ca hater who bidded and then reneged with a few choice words about her. I’m surprised and find it somewhat incredulous that some reputable publishing company is willing to front her with any money for a “tell all” book. Who could believe a word that comes out of her mouth? Granted, she’s a master story teller and thinks quick on her feet as she makes up lie after lie to cover up for the first lie. Apparently her friends knew she was lying, but didn’t bother to call her on her lies. They just acepted that she is a prolific liar. It won’t work if the lies are spelled out on paper. Cindy and George would possibly fall for it. They did before. Only if she’s telling on Mommy and Daddy Dearest and big bro Lee, they may not like what they hear. Or, it’s all part of the master plan and they’re all going for it to increase the profit margin. As far as I’m concerned, the whole bunch of them are pariahs and they should just go away. It is kind of funny that Mason and Baez have to spend their valuable time defending the indigent biatch.

    What the hell with that bastard in Missouri? A 3 year old baby tried to climb into his pool so he took her into his house and smothered her? I call BS. I think he doesn’t want the baby’s body found so decomp will cover what kind of torture he put her through before he murdered her. And he is the father of 3. I hope they’re investigating for the possible molestation and abuse of his own children.

  150. margaret says:

    I was hoping it was true and between the IRS, Tim Miller and State of Florida could be there with open hands to wipe her out. I want to see Baez , Mason and caca go under. If she should write one it would have to be the sleazy kind. I can’t imagine who would pay her for that type unless it was Hustler………………IMO there is still something puzzling about that guy account. It took an hour for her to die and then he takes her away to get rid of body , everyone is out looking for this Baby , He then comes back and gets her bike, disassembles it and then throws it away. As close as he lived ,seems like someone should have seen something. People were running over the neighbor hood looking for her and according to him he took his sweet time. Where was his family.? I’m thinking he grabbed her and bike at end of road and took her elsewhere to kill her and there must have been something on his computer, A neighbor said his wife told her the police were taking his computer and things from the house. I just can’t believe her climbing the pool ladder brought this on. If that is all it took for that anger, someone should have known about it. I think it is time to go back to some vigilante justice for these kids. I would sign up.

  151. Nan11~~an inground swimming pool must have, at least, a four foot fence surrounding it with a latched gate. The height of an above ground pool acts as a barrier but the ladder cannot be left up to the pool. That is per Canadian Laws. I expect Florida’s are much the same.

  152. nan11 says:

    Margaret–That would be the only saving grace, wouldn’t it? There is not much chance that anyone would win their suits against the teflon murderer, but still I find myself hoping.

    Can you image her graphic description of the lies Baez told in his opening statement? Sickening. Just totally sickening. And her lies about Caylee’s father? Suddenly he is alive. Would she be dumb enough to say it was Lee–after the paternity test proved otherwise?

  153. Nan11~~Ca Ca would probably say that Lenny Padilla was Caylee’s father. LOL

  154. Sherry says:

    Could this book deal be a ruse by the DT playas to make it look like Felon Anthony is in demand? I see that Baez is denying any such deal. We must keep in mind that Team Anthony are very capable of playing games with the medias and getting their jollies from people’s reactions on the blogs and forums to whatever they have “leaked” out.

  155. margaret says:

    WOW me again ,everyone Google the Atlantic Wire , more about proposed book.and who. Read comments , we are really nice to her.

  156. Terry Tsk says:

    LOL about Lenny Padilla being Caylee’s dad. I’m picturing the tooth pick and the big black hat. Hmmmm, it makes me wonder if someone who’s full of self-importance is Caylee’s father. Someone who would have lots to lose if it got out. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it was Baez? Just kidding. I think CaCa doesn’t know who the daddy is and would have to ask Maury for his assistance in finding out the truth. Can you imagine paternity test after paternity test being done on these unsuspecting guys without ever getting an answer. Day time TV ratings would go up. You see, there are options open for trunk mom.

  157. Ca Ca will be in demand before too long. There are a few people and the IRS who will be ‘demanding’ she fork over some moola. I think the only legitimate offer she has had is from Hustler Magazine. Most of the men in Orlando already know what she looks like in her birthday suit or bra and panties.

  158. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Yes, I think you are exactly right. Notice who announced it on HLN–why it was Jean Casarez–Mason’s little ‘mouthpiece’.

  159. I think we all should write a book right here….each one of you can do a chapter. For example…

    It was a gray and overcast day on Hopespring. The weather matched my mood. I was pizzed off big time. My throat still hurt from the obsessive’s one choke hold….. well I would fix her wagon, yes, today my plan would go into action…..etc etc etc…

  160. margaret says:

    Sorry if you go to Atlanta Wire it is under business heading.

  161. nan11 says:

    Terry Tsk: Well, we never did find out the truth about how Baez arrived at her disposal so quickly.

    I agree with you though, the little ‘virgin’ was so busy bed-hoping that she had no idea who her child belonged to.


  162. It would be best written in the first person so you have to put yourself in an evil mode…primp your hair while typing and pout and snarl a bit… pretend you are the most important person in the universe…

  163. I am not about to click on that link and help promote Ca Ca….

  164. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The only ‘plan’ I could think of would be a way to find out the truth behind that not guilty verdict, so there could be a retrial and her sloppy azz would land back in prison where she would stay for the rest of her ‘natural’ life.

    That is where she belongs and that is where she should be. MOO

  165. Ca Ca had unprotected sex with Anthony Rusciano as per his interview with LE. She could have contaminated half the male population in Orlando.

  166. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I don’t click any more either. I read Judge Perry’s order, and I might have clicked on WFTV lately–but other than that, nope. I will not.

    My rear-end is still black and blue from kicking myself over looking at those lastest disgusting pictures of the turnip.

    I could barely stand to look at her during the trial–why I even thought I needed to see them is more than I will ever understand about myself.

    When I drop into WebSleuth’s, I content myself with just reading what the posters are saying.

  167. Nan11~~as far as the turnip going back to jail, just give it some time. Her admirers will soon tire of her if the big money does not start rolling in. Baez has a wife and family. Why would I not be shocked if I heard of him and his missus making a split? Money can be the root of all evil and this case has surely been a good indicator of that. I wonder how Cindy is making out with her new foundation….The Caylee Fund.

  168. Sherry says:

    J~, that link is just a news article/opinion piece that does not put the book deal or Felon Anthony in a good light. It is also an old article and it isn’t about this recent news of the book deal but its about Felon Anthony considering writing a book.

  169. Was it just a rumor that Lee and Mallory are planning a wedding in October? I wonder if Ca Ca will get an invite. I am sure the wedding will another William and Kate.

  170. Sherry~~thanks for letting me know. I am more interested in law suits against Ca Ca. Any movie or book deals are of no consequence.

  171. I have to think of something for a new post soon…. this one is well over 100 comments now…

    I should call it Mainstreaming and that would cover all the cases we try to follow….

  172. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I think that is true about Lee and Mallory getting married in October.

    I saw some comments about that. Apparently they are ‘registered’ for gifts at some pretty swanky places and have picked some very expensive things that they feel they are entitled to receive as gifts.

    Surely they wouldn’t be stupid enough to have her show up and steal their show–but you never know. πŸ˜†

  173. nan11 says:

    Snoop: I like that idea [about Mainstreaming] for a title. πŸ™‚

  174. Laurali says:

    Nan~ black and blue? You beat the chit out of yourself? πŸ™‚

    Snoopy~ you are right only her lawyers know where she is hiding. I suppose Mason and Baez (dumb and dumber) will stick around for a year or so trying to cash in on Caylee’s murderer but after that they will have to move on.

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