Can Stan make it stand? Uh uh says white beard

Judge Strickland- Bond Hearing

Ms Anthony and the truth are strangers.

Judge Strickland on Nancy Grace

Mason wanted to see the illegal tape made by Joe Jordan but Strickland denied it along with another defense motion around that time. Cheney went up to the bench and spoke with Judge Strickland, he told the judge he wanted to file a recusal motion and wanted to meet privately with Judge Strickland to discuss it. This, IMO, was a form of blackmail on Mason’s part. Of course, the judge refused to have a private meeting. This was the beginning of the hate that Cheney Mason had for Judge Strickland.

I wont go in to all the details of Judge Strickland’s recusal. I think we have heard enough about that to last a lifetime. It was quite evident though that Mr Mason, Esquire, was looking to get a judge on the bench that he could manipulate. He got his feathers dampened a bit when Judge Perry stepped up to the bench when Strickland stepped down. Judge Strickland was not forced off the bench. He chose to step down on his own volition. Had the judge stayed on the case, you can rest assured that Mason would have made his life a living hell. Every future motion that Judge Strickland had to rule on would have been scrutinized to the hilt.

Cheney Mason is used to getting his own way. Having a big ego will make a person that way. He also has a hard time to control his temper. Yesterday, he gave the finger to the news media again. It happened when he was going to the court to file the emergency motion re the amended probation order.

Now we have an emergency hearing taking place on Friday morning at 9 am. I can almost predict the outcome of that hearing but it should be interesting to hear how Judge Perry arrives at his decision.

Now the rumors are spreading that Judge Strickland was way out of bounds by filing the amended order re the probation. He is being called a media whore and there is talk ( on tv this evening) that the judge’s ethics should be investigated. Hmmmm

Mr Cheney Mason nor José Baez won Casey an acquittal. Pinellas county’s worst did that!

What are your thoughts?

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41 Responses to Can Stan make it stand? Uh uh says white beard

  1. nan11 says:

    Well, I sure as heck agree that it was the pathetic jury from Pinellas County that gave the turnip tramp her freedom–not that bunch of defense dolts.

    I do salute Judge Strickland for stirring the pot and giving them some grief, even though I doubt if anything will come of it.

    In a way I do hope she is hounded and watched and forced to live every day of the rest of her life under a microscope. Why should we all just go away and let her fade anonymously into society? It seems the least we could do for beautiful Caylee Marie.

    It’s a ‘catch 22’ though, becuase with the attention will probably come blood money. :sad;

    So, I don’t know. I’m just not a happy camper over this. I can’t make the sour taste go away, no matter how hard I try.

    As far as Cheney Mason goes, it sounds to me like some form of dementia is taking over. It couldn’t happen to a more derserving person. MOO

    Anyway thanks for the new post, J.

  2. Sherry says:

    IMO, Baez and Mason are projecting their own immoral ethics onto HHJS! They think it will keep the scrutiny off of them and onto Judge Stan.

    It is disheartening to see that HHJP has not pursued the contempt charges against Baez. I statrted wondering about HHJP when he decided that a jury would be found outside of Orange County. HHJS wanted to try to seat a local jury before ruling on whether they needed to go outside the county. I wish HHJP would have had the same mind. Anyway, I have no hope in HHJP making Casey do the probation. I would like to say, “I’m surprised that HHJP ruled against the probation for Casey”, but I know that’s what will happen. Its a legal mess…

  3. Sherry, so much has been just swept under the rug and hoping no one will remember it. Judge Perry had no problem holding the woman in contempt when she yelled out at the jury selection. Then he fined and gave jail time to the young fellow who gave the finger to Ashton. The judge also gave another man 6 months in jail for passing out pamphlets outside the court yet he is too afraid to follow up on Baez’s contempt. I guess he thinks that people will say he is coming across as a sore loser. No problem for Laura Buchanan and Mort Smith if they want to falsify a TES document. Heck, Jeremy Lyons can tamper with TES witnesses. Cindy can perjure herself on the stand and obstruct justice by giving the wrong hairbrush to LE. Baez can launder money and then yell his client needs to be declared indigent. Will the JAC hire a lawyer to investigate the Baez Law Firm? I doubt it. You don’t need to be sequestered if you are a witness, just ask Cindy, George and Lee. If you want to get away with murder, I suggest you do it in Florida.

  4. Oh, and since I am on a rant. Casey was sentenced to her 412 days served for the check fraud. Casey was sentenced to time served for the 4 misdemeanors of lying to LE, tallied up in her time served were those 412 days once again. She served probation for 365 days of that time served. I would call that Triple Jeopardy. Casey’s time served for the 4 misdemeanors was supposed to be calculated from the day she pled guilty to the check/’fraud. Now who is going to correct that mistake? Are they scared of being red faced because they already miscalculated it once? I am surprised the alligators stay in Florida.

  5. Sherry says:

    Its really sad, J~, a travesty. It goes so much beyond the verdict for me-its everything you cited, too. The way I have felt about our jury system since the verdict hasn’t been one of respect as it should be. Its not just Casey Anthony’s trial but also Ryan Widmer’s trial where he was found guilty despite there being a reasonable doubt-no evidence at all that he murdered his wife by drowning her in the bathtub-just speculation and scenario guesswork. I’m afraid to follow anymore cases! I can almost bet that Drew Peterson will walk…

  6. Sherry says:

    Hah, J~! The alligators are perfectly at home there! Especially the Anthony alligators!

    I heard that sentences for different crimes can be served either consecutively or concurrently. It seems that this is a case of the sentences being served one ontop of the other, or, concurrently. IMO, she should have been sent to prison, general population, to pay for her lying to LE crimes. What’s a few more dollars spent? The Florida taxpayers deserve a helluvalot more than what they are getting from the powers that be in the judicial system.

  7. Sherry, it looks like Drew Peterson has a good chance of walking. The judge will not allow certain hearsay to be admitted. I understand the prosecution plans on going to the supreme court to see if they can get it in, if not, another murderer of possibly two women, will walk away.

  8. nan11 says:

    Look at this, Snoop. It’s old news now, but I just came across it a few moments ago.

    That girl that was supposedly run off the road because she looked like the turnip–says it never happend that way at all.

    Another bunch of made up bull crap. I think Mason even quoted the incident in his lastest motion.

    If those so called lawyers had wooden noses, they would be a mile long. MOO

    Casey Anthony Look-Alike Says Attack Story is Bogus
    7/15/2011 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
    We then spoke with Sammay, who told us the story was made up: “They played it out to make it seem like it happened to me because I look like Casey Anthony.”
    End of Quote

  9. Nan11, this case has gotten so ridiculous, I think we are fools to try and follow it anymore. I also see that Casey’s civil lawyer is trying to get Tim Miller’s suit dismissed.

  10. Frankie says:

    I am totally disgusted with what is going on with the turnip. Are all those law people in Florida taking the short bus to work? (sorry if I am insulting the mentally challenged) Probation while in jail is totally ridiculous and does not serve its intended purpose. I would just love to smack Baez in the face when is is on TV boo hooing about poor little turnip and how unfair the world is being her. Just makes you want to cry doesn’t it? NOT! He should be happy that the vegetable (turnip) isn’t spending the rest of her life behind bars where she belongs. Why would she need protection back in Orlando? Do they protect all murderers that have to report for probation? They all need to give themselves a shake. I don’t think I like Judge Perry anymore. Maybe somebody got to somebody and that’s why the turnip is as free as a bird. Why else would there not be any perjury charges etc. after the trial.

  11. nan11 says:

    Snoop: They just keep rubbing our faces in it, though, don’t they? I mean it’s the defense team themselves that is keeping this ugly, ugly girl out there–I’m sure of it.

    Inspite of the resentment that they know exists, they want us to see her. Remember before this case went to trial–the stations were barely covering it. Even after a major hearing, we had to find coverage of it on the internet because it was days before any station bothered to give an update.

    Now if she buys a coffee, we’re suppose to watch her drink it. This girl is a buck-toothed, murdering tramp; with a body built for the pleasure of men–nothing more.

    Why don’t the stations drop it? When we wanted coverage of it, it wasn’t there. Why now? Will they continue with this charade until someone really does hurt the biotch? Then what–they can say we told you so?

    It’s just galling–they think we should make her rich because we were stupid enough to care about justice for a brutally murdered 34 month old baby. How can we make this stop?

    Everyday people give their lives for the freedom that we all enjoy and this piece of trash that deserves to be thrown out of a plane and left to rot in a foreign land gets to enjoy that same freedom; and they want to rub our faces in it. This is really going too far.

    Where it’s going to end, I just don’t know.

    My Opinion Only, of course.

  12. This is about Warren Jeffs. The jury hears the tape of the rape of a 12 yr old girl… We can’t listen to the tape but the commentary is disgusting.

  13. kas says:

    I guess it never occurs to Baez or Mason that when they walk around flipping the bird at people or going on the Today Show and claiming the State of Florida is trying to make you serve Probation for something you were found Not Guilty of (how does that not get a “huh??” from the Interviewer?), they are just fueling the hatred of their client?

    Or it does occur to them. Baez is desperately trying to keep her in the news. He’s essentially her Pimp at this point. So fitting……

  14. nan11 says:

    That case is so sick, Snoop. A 50-year-old man have intercourse with a tiny girl, barely 12-years-old. And doing it in the name of God. How disgusted that must make the one true God.

    At least this jury had the sense to shed a few tears and appear stunned after hearing the recording.

    This sect has friends in high places, so we should beware of what the verdict may be. I read the book by the 14-year-old girl that was forced to marry her 19-year-old cousin, and the Supreme Court overturned that conviction. 😉

    Shame! Shame! Shame! on what the justice system has become. 😦

  15. The jury is out deliberating at Warren Jeffs’ trial. The jurors have asked to hear the tape and want the transcript of it. I hope that man does not get off. They predicted the jury would not deliberate very long. Maybe one of his followers is on the jury.

  16. margaret says:

    Baez and Mason must have needed a little cash for Killers upkeep so they sold a few pictures. Seems like they are scooping out of the bottom of the sleaze bucket. Is Tmz the best they can do? Very funny. I believe Judge Perry will really set her free tomorrow. She is still in charge..SICK Disgusting. Snoops I am ready for some of Cobras wild predictions to happen.

  17. They have a verdict in for Warren Jeffs… I am watching CNN Prime…. it’s not read yet

  18. Guilty on both counts… Jury will deliberate the punishment phase… they are taking a short break first…

    Guilty of sexual assault and aggrevated sexual assault on two girls, ages, 12 and 14.

  19. State, Amy Huizenga Not Pushing For Casey Probation

    State Attorney Lawson Lamar’s spokesman told WESH 2 News Lamar’s office also will not argue for probation at Friday’s hearing because he feels it would be double jeopardy against Anthony.

    “She’s already served what the state required her to do. She’s already done,” said spokesman Randy Means.
    Hornsby said that makes Judge Belvin Perry’s decision easier.
    “Judge Perry’s job is pretty simple. If no one else thinks it should be enforced, then why should I do that?” said Hornsby.

  20. Sherry says:

    Does it matter what I think about the turnip serving her probation?

  21. nan11 says:

    Well, I’m glad they found him guilty, Snoop.

    This is a rhetoric question: If he is allowed to rule the sect from prison what good will it do? They are water-boarding tiny babies & forcing 14 year old girls to marry, They force away their teenage sons with nothing and no way to support themselves.

    This is all being done under the direction of their prophet–Warren Jeffs.

    What we have seen is only the very tip of the iceberg.

    Let’s hope this convictions stands. His last one didn’t. 😦

  22. Sherry, sure it matters, my friend. I would love to see her on probation, break it and then land back in jail.

  23. nan11 says:

    Nope, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, Sherry. They just want us all to keep watching so the networks get big ratings and she gets rich. MOO

  24. Nan11, from what Beth Karas is saying, I guess the state will tell some horror stories of what went on at Jeffs’ compound during the penalty phase. They have got to get those women and kids out of the compound and deprogram them somehow. The women act like they are stunned.

  25. nan11 says:

    Snoop: The worst of it is–most of the women don’t want to leave (or change). They deeply believe that they are God’s ‘chosen people’. Of course, I understand that due to ‘freedom of religion’ laws, thay cannot be prosecuted for their beliefs (and rightly so).

    However, no religion should protect any of them from the horrible crimes that most of them take part in on a daily bases. MOO

    There is another group of the same sect in BC. They send the young ones there for punishment quite often. Imagine what goes on!

    Nothing will ever be done with them–it’s cheaper and easier for governments to look the other way.

  26. Now here is a different topic. The doctors find a uterus in an Indian man.

  27. Patti O says:

    I really don’t think Casey will ever make enough money to live a work-free life unless she is a good investor. Much of the public is sick of her so why should we pay for her book or movie? I know I won’t. Maybe she can make some money in Hustler. I don’t follow NG or JVM but would love to hear they’ve moved on to the latest new story and Casey is just a memory. How long can Jose and Cheney go on hiding her? Isn’t it going to get old and expensive for them to continue to do so? And if someone creamed the turnip who cares? BTW, I don’t know who created her new euphemism but I love it.

  28. Hi Patti O~~José and Cheney aren’t keeping Casey around out of the goodness of their hearts. They see big dollar signs in the future. They are trying to soften her image by saying she is getting mental therapy. I think the whole three of them should get their heads examined. Maybe some of the people in Pinellas County will buy her book or watch her interview. When I look at Casey, I see Caylee with duct tape covering her nose and mouth.

    I expect the hearing re the probation tomorrow morning wont take too long. Judge Perry will grant the defense’s motion and Cheney Mason will smirk.

  29. Hilde says:

    Judge Perry needs to make Judge Strickland’s Order for Probation stand. Strickland’s Order was very clear, any Person with a Brain could understand what he was saying and what he meant.
    If there was a clerical Mistake made, it wasn’t Strickland’s doing.
    Probation needs to stand.
    It is unacceptable for the Defense to say, Casey already served Probation while in Jail! It’s BS!
    How stupid do those People think the Public is?
    How much more is Casey Anthony getting away with? Why does the Law not apply to the Anthony’s but does apply to the Rest of us?
    Enough is enough!
    Make no Mistake most of the People watching this Joke of a Case know what is going on and what some Players in this Case gotten away with.
    We, as the People have not forgotten the real Victim in this Case, Caylee Marie Anthony, who was murdered by her own Mother, who was found not guilty by a Jury who was not able to comprehend what their Duties were,
    Shame on them, they let a Killer loose.
    How in the World You supposed to respect that!
    It wasn’t our System that didn’t work it was the Jurors didn’t pay Attention in this serious Murder Case.
    I wonder how they sleep at Night.
    I hope Judge Perry will make the right Decision today but then again I wouldn’t count on it.
    She might get away with this One too and Baez and Mason just going to brag about it again how they got yet again Casey Anthony of the Hook. I guess that is something to be proud of. Shame on All of them! JMO

  30. Hilde~~Judge Perry can’t even figure this one out. He has to go back to the books to see if he can find a solution. It is expected that he will make his ruling on Monday or Tuesday. Serving probation in court seems so lame but some of the laws are strange. I do have to commend Lisabeth Fryer for her performance in court today. I think this young lady has great potential. I hope she strikes it out on her own and gets away from Baez and Mason.

    There is a possibility that Judge Perry will make Casey serve that year’s probation but it will not be in Orange County. They will work something out because they have to take into consideration Casey’s safety. We have to live with the outcome of the jury, who I fault for not doing a proper job in deliberating this case. Another murderer walks free due to flaws in the justice system.

  31. Woman writes angry letter to judge in Casey Anthony civil case

    Dear Judge Munyon:

    I have a very important question that needs answering. Why did Judge Rodriguez step down from a hearing on the Casey Anthony/Gonzalez hearing? Casey and her defense team got away with murder and now the two of you are helping her get away with civil lawsuits brought against her. At the age of 77 I consider myself very intelligent and observant, so don’t try to get explanations that won’t fly.

    Since the trial began and ended I have written to all parties criticizing their incompetence. Why are all of you protecting a child killer? As I have said even if she did not kill Caylee, she should have come forward day one instead of letting that baby rot in the swamp. That conduct deserves life in prison. Her parents perjuring themselves deserve life in prison. Better yet they should suffer the same way Caylee suffered. In the swamp.

    I sure hope you are not a parent. If you are I hope your family is ashamed of you.

    Here is my take on the hearing. Rodriguez was assigned to the hearing. Baez needed time to file a notice of appeal on behalf of Casey’s upcoming deposition. She needs time to learn her lies. She is very good. I lived with a compulsive liar for 13 years and believe me, very little gets by me when it’s not the truth. The judge had a 20 minute sidebar and lo and behold steps down. Sticking it to Caylee again, Baez had enough time to file before another judge was appointed. How convenient was that.

    Rest with the angels little Caylee. Someday all Florida judges will have to answer to God who I hope will show no mercy.


    Dolores McGuire


  32. kas says:

    Mainstreamfair: It also seems like they could somewhat stagger/vary the dates she had to show up to the Probation Office as well. That way, any nutbags and/or Press would be hard pressed to know when she was going to show.

  33. kas~~ one reason I would like to see her have to serve that year’s probation is that she would have to abstain from alcohol and find gainful employment. I doubt if she would go out and purchase a gun as duct tape is her weapon of choice. If she violates the probation rules then she can go back in the slammer where she belonged in the first place. Jail was a picnic compared to what it would of been like in a prison. She has got away with too much and I would like to see her pay for what she did, even if it is probation. I think Judge Perry will do his utmost to enforce Judge Strickland’s original verbal order.

  34. nan11 says:

    Jonathon: If she gets anything I bet it will just be that “administrative parole”. Suposedly, there are no conditions or anything with that–she just has to call in once in a while.

    What about the parole officer that went to the turnip’s cell for the parole visits? Why wouldn’t he/she have questioned that?

    This whole thing is just repugnant. It’s a total disgrace.

    Watch the way Mason responds to Kathi Belich on this video. Something should be done with the lot of them!!!

    No Decision In Casey Anthony Probation Motion
    Attorneys were in court today to argue that she’s done serving probation. (08/05/11)

  35. kas says:

    I think Perry will come through. That’s why he wanted some “Study Time”.

    You know the worst thing for her would be the job, although I can totally see some patsy like Simms finding her some nothing to do in her office. I doubt any friends would offer up there places of business for Sticky Fingers.

  36. Nan11~~if Casey gets administrative probation with no conditions, they may as well forget the whole thing as it would be a waste.

    Cheney Mason should go for temper management. I have a feeling that the old guy is not too popular in his own household since Casey got off. I know his wife’s friends did not want to associate with her any more. This would sure dampen white beard’s pride.

  37. kas~~I lost all respect for Dorothy Sims when they were celebrating after the verdict came down. As far as I am concerned, they were all dancing on Caylee’s grave while Mason was flipping the bird. Many lawyers said the conduct of the defense team was very inappropriate. They whooped it up because a murderer of an innocent child walked free.

  38. Sherry says:

    Passing this along~

    “DO NOT Click on any Pics by TMZ or Splash of Casey Anthony!! She has been verified by NBC that she is getting paid for each click on those pics
    Go to splashes fb page & there web site & tell them how u feel!!!!!”

    I’m not sure if this is the post you want this comment on or if you even want this posted, J~, so do as you wish with it. 😉

    Sherry, you have my support on this one~J

  39. nan11 says:

    Sherry: Thanks so much for ‘passing that along’!

    Kas: I heard Baez had the turnip answering phones in his office while it was out on parole. Now that she can file as well, he should be able to find some use for her–besides the obvious, of course.

  40. cali patti says:

    When I learned each click on photos paid her I was ticked off. I left a message at TMZ that I felt betrayed by them for unwittingly having me pay her. I felt TMZ acted in an underhanded manner. For TMZ to pay for staged photos was one act, having me pay her was entirely a seperate and underhanded act.
    A week later I still feel the same way and am just as ticked off at TMZ.

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