Colorado theatre massacre

Gunman kills 12 in Colorado movie theatre

Colorado theatre massacre

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43 Responses to Colorado theatre massacre

  1. Sherry says:

    So sad. 😦

  2. Sherry~~my Illinois daughter called me and said, “mom put on the news right away.” I have been watching the news all morning. My God, this is terrible. Everyday, there is another gun happy deranged person shooting up innocent people. It is heart breaking to think that a person cannot go to a mall or movie theatre without the threat of being killed. Damn guns…. they are so easy to get. Why didn’t this sick young man put a bullet in his own head instead of taking so many down with him? They are starting to identify many of the victims. I am beginning to hate turning on the news. This world is definitely in for a good cleansing.

  3. Karen C. says:

    Well, Snoopy, this guy probably thought he was just the one to do the “cleansing”.
    You know it’s a big story when NPR devotes a whole half-hour to it on their regular Morning Edition. I literally sprang out of bed at 6am… damn guns is right. I can’t believe that one young woman had already been involved in the Toronto shooting!!! My God!

  4. Karen C~~here is the story of the girl who was also near the Eaton Ctr in Toronto and just missed being shot…

    Aspiring sports reporter feared dead in Colorado shooting

  5. Sherry says:

    Yeah, these are the kinds of guns (assault) that should not be in citizens hands. But I also believe that had someone in that theater had a cc weapon he/she might have put a bead into this idiot and stopped alot of the massacre. These victims were mostly teens and children! I heard that the gunman shot at a baby point blank! I hate seeing that smiling picture of the murderous gunman. I can’t get anything done-I’m glued to the news.

  6. Here is the deranged bastard…

  7. (CNN) — Tori Lynn Everhart was awakened at 2 a.m. by a knock at the door to her apartment on the second floor of 1690 Paris Street in Aurora. She opened the door to find a policeman. “He said, ‘You need to change,’ — I was in my pajamas — ‘and get out. There’s a situation.’

    “I asked, ‘Well, can I get back in sometime, because I’m supposed to be moving today.’

    “He said, ‘We’re not sure about that. That’s not important. The situation is important.'”

    It was not until later that the 27-year-old pharmacist learned that the situation involved James Holmes, the suspect in Friday’s shooting at an Aurora movie theater in which 12 people were killed.

    Holmes told police that he had set up a booby trap inside his apartment, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters.

    Read more here….

    Surprise from former and current tenants in shooting suspect’s building

  8. FYI~~this was well planned out in advance. Holmes threw a canister of tear gas into the crowed theatre before he opened fire. He just shot randomly into the crowd striking a three month old baby in the back.
    Police arrested the man shortly after the shooting ended in a rear parking lot of the theater, Frank Fania, a police spokesman, told CNN.

    “He did not resist. He did not put up a fight,” Fania said. Police seized a rifle and a handgun from the suspect, and another gun was found in the theater, he said. It was unclear where law enforcement found a second handgun.

    Authorities recovered four guns — a rifle similar to an AR-15, a shotgun and two Glock handguns, a senior official with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms familiar with the investigation told CNN. It was unclear how many of the weapons were fired, the official said.

  9. This link includes audio of responders to the scene…

    Colorado shootings suspect: Who is James Holmes?

  10. I just heard that Holmes owned all the guns legally!!

  11. Holmes left loud techno music set to a timer. I think his plan was that if anyone complained about the music and the door was opened, it would have set off the booby traps set to go off in his apartment.

    ABC and NBC are reporting that James Holmes’ firearms were legally purchased at the Bass Pro and Gander Mountain Guns shops over the last few months.

    My colleague Matt Williams spoke to an outlet of Gander Mountain Guns in Aurora, but was told by a staff member that they were “not allowed to comment”. Likewise attempts to speak to a representative at Bass Pro have so far been unsuccessful.

    Batman shooting: gunman’s apartment ‘booby-trapped’ – video

  12. Newbie says:

    Sherry, I sooo agree with your wishing someone had had a cc weapon and used it. I am not for a “gun ban” but believe the laws need to be changed and it be damn hard to get guns especially those wanting a gun for cc.
    You know before the background check laws came into being, anyone could basically just fill out a form and no one checked to see if what was on the form was true. Amazing.

    God be with those in Aurora.

  13. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, Right now I am seething with anger over the fact that that SOB was able to legally obtain an arsenal of weapons. I am so sick and tired of the right to bare arms bullshit in this country. It is one thing to own a single gun to protect onesself, but there needs to be some level of control!!! Just how many weapons does one person need. that is why we have the military and the police..

  14. I am watching Piers Morgan and they are discussing gun control. Apparently it is not ‘political’ correct to talk about gun control with the election coming up. Votes are more important than human lives. How was this idiot able to purchase all these assault weapons and so much ammunition? No wonder so many Americans are making a mass exodus and moving to Canada.

  15. Vicky says:

    Funny thing is, how the heck do they know it is political suicide to discuss gun control. None og them has ever had the nerve to go there. Surely the full majority of voters are not NRA supporters!
    There is absolutely no reason, Second Ammendment or not, that there can’t be a mechanism in place to track the number of bullets and weapons purchased and owned by individuals.. We are not living in a war zone, although the far right would have us think so.. The same NRA people who are supporting GZ are responsible for these types of tragedies. I wonder if they will set up a defense fund for this idiot as well.
    Yes, I know. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. But does it need to be so damn easy? 2nd Ammendment rights activists are just plain stuck on stupid. An assault rifle does not fire itself. It does not load itself with 100 rounds. Nobody should be able to obtain enough ammunition to slaughter hundreds of people in a few minutes time! I guarantee you the framers of the U.S. Constitution never had this in mind and I am sick and tired of lobbyists and NRA assholes claiming differently. I am also sick of our elected officials catering to them and being intimidated by them. I am at the point where I am going to begin viewing the inaction of Congress as a sighn of approval for mass murder. I have had it, and I am going to become very vocal with my destain for the NRA and the far right.

  16. Vicky says:

    Please excuse my blingers. They are quite pissed right now.

  17. Vicky says:

    His tactical gear was purchased online from Missouri.

  18. Sherry says:

    Au contraire, Vicky! Ms.Clinton is at the UN ready to sign a gun ban that the U.S. would be under-which is a sore spot for many Americans on both sides of the gun issue because it puts the UN law/treaty as sovereign over the US’ constitutional right to bear arms. Plus, the Fast and Furious fiasco isn’t a political point getter for Obama. DOJ documents supposedly show that the F&F was to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. Its really a touchy subject on both sides….{tiptoe}…

    You better {tiptoe} lol~SS

  19. In 2011, Ottawa approved 34,185 visas for U.S. residents — a figure that falls just short of the all-time record of 35,060 approved visas in 2010. By comparison, fewer than 20,000 Canadians moved to the U.S. over the past two years — the lowest number in nearly a decade.

  20. Vicky says:

    Sherry, I do not advocate for a gun ban. I am of the opinion that as a country we have allowed the right to bare arms to spiral out of control. Please, explain to my why anyone needs a small arsenal and why anyone needs military style weapons? Why is there no mechanism in place to alert authorities when a single gun owner is in possession of enough weapons to take out a theatre full of innocent people? What is the answer, if not improved control a access? I’m sorry, but I for one am more than willing to increase funding for additional LE if neighborhoods aren’t safe. I am willing to pay more taxes to accomplish that. I am no longer willing to buy into the argument that just because my neighbor or some thug down the street is heavily armed, I should be as well. I do not believe that is the intent of the 2nd amendment and there are many Constitutional scholars who agree. I plead guilty. I am not a Prepper and I don’t view the right to bare arms as our most treasured rights.
    Hey, according to many, Trayvon Martin was a lethal weapon without the benefit of a gun. So, perhaps we needs to increase the availability of self defense classes (no use of guns).. Perhaps we need to address the level of violence that seems to be plaguing our society. Nobody will ever convince me that more guns and unfettered access to them is the answer. I don’t care what political party advances improved gun control. I will support it. And no I am not a liberal, neither am I a conservative. I am a human being who values the right of every citizen to be able to attend a movie or school or a political rally or walk down the street without fearing that some wack job is going to bring them harm. I don’t know exactly what the answer is, but from where I sit, the present policies and existing laws aren’t working.

  21. Vicky says:

    Btw – his possession of full gear body armor would have made someone with a cc completely ineffective. Additionally, unless the carrier of said weapon was an expert marksman and in control of his/ her emotions, given the level of chaos in that theatre once people realized what was happening, there is a distinct possibility that additional patrons could have been shot by an individual(s) intending to help. If several people drew weapons, whose to say in that moment who was friend and who was foe?
    I think a better answer in this day and age is armed, uniformed security guards hired to patrol any venue where large numbers of people congregate. Perhaps people should be willing to volunteer their time as a public service. surely there are men and women out there who would be willing to pool their free time and expertise to make their communities safer. Kind of like the Guardian Angels, so to speak.

  22. I would ban all guns with the exception of in the home or a business, on a firing range or when hunting for game. Those, of legal age, who want a license to own a gun should go through a thorough safety test and mental evaluation including a background check. All firearms should be registered and only those licensed could register a firearm. All firearms stored at home or at a business should be under lock and key so minors do not have access to them. I read where a little boy shot his finger off ( in Florida) when he got a hold of daddy’s gun…this happened in the past couple of days.

  23. Guns are so easy to come by….The following two happened recently and there are more out there..

    According to investigators, two black male suspects, who were armed with guns, forced their way into the apartment and demanded cash. Deputies said the suspects shot the residents, a man and a woman, during the home invasion.

    The woman was shot in both legs, while the male victim was grazed by a bullet, officials said. Both victims were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center and are expected to recover.

    The suspects fled the scene and are still on the run. Investigators have not released any further details regarding the incident.

    Deputies: Two injured in home invasion, shooting

    According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the masked men kicked in the door to the house as the family slept. The men threatened Brennan’s wife, and they shot Brennan when he tried to defend her, authorities said.

    “My dad went down just to save my mom,” said Brennan’s son, Ian, who was also home at the time of the invasion.

    Son of man killed in home invasion says dad died ‘to save my mom’

  24. cali patti says:

    The loss of life and its potential is what bothers me. We’ve not a clue as to what those murdered people would have done in their lifetimes. The two service men might have been the ones that saved their fellow commrades in a battle, the numerous young people who had yet to select their life plans, the possibilities go on and on.
    The killer himself is reported to be in the top of the top brains in the country. What a waste his possible contributions might had been. His brain really had the potential to cure or unlocked so many problems. A waste!
    I have always hated the loss of potential when events like this happen. The victims family’s are forever changed, yet they will find a way to carry on or they won’t. Will all know that.

    I get mad about the waste of what might have been in everyone of the victims.
    We will never know what we as a people have lost with deaths of those people.

  25. Cali~~so many beautiful lives were lost to this deranged individual. From all accounts, he aced as a student. Sadly, he did not take the time to enjoy what life had to offer outside of the classroom or workplace. There was no mention of him having any romantic relationships, social friends or engaging in any sports. He was busy masterminding how to destroy as many people as he could in a short time. He claimed to be the ‘joker’…if you look closely at the picture of him, it is exaclty who he reminds me of. Cali, as much as we would like to, we cannot change some of the mentally deranged sadistical people who make up this world. I must check and see if Colorado has the death penalty…brb


    Yes, Colorado has the DP

  26. This is heart breaking. A precious little girl only six years old.

    Veronica Moser-Sullivan

    Described as a “vibrant little girl,” Veronica, 6, had just learned to swim and was “excited about life,” her great-aunt said. The girl’s mother was critically injured at the movie theater, with wounds to the neck and abdomen, said Annie Dalton. “All she is asking about is her daughter.” “Her whole life has changed in a flash, for what? She still doesn’t know her daughter is gone. Now our priority is to make sure that she survives this,” Dalton said of Ashley Moser, 25. Ashley Moser has just gotten into a licensed practical nurse program, Dalton told reporters. “Obviously, with this injury she not going to be able to start school like she planned. It’s a dramatic change in everything.” Veronica was an only child.

    Remembering the Colorado shooting victims

  27. cali patti says:

    Yes, I agree with all that has been written.
    I was a angry woman for many years. my anger came from pain but I allowed the anger grow past what was equal the pain. The growing anger took a power into itself. I went from being a hugger to a place where I not only did not hug but would not allow anyone to hug me. If I tried to hug back or allow myself to be hugged I was uncomfortable and ill at ease. I hated to be touched. It wasn’t until I became so aware of my anger that I gave some thought to slowing its growth down. The problem with that idea was two fold. First the anger felt VERY GOOD. The anger gave me control, strength and power. I really liked how the anger felt inside me.
    My anger was their constantly but similar as a back burner. I did not show it in every day life.
    Yet when the anger came out it was amazing and powerful. I could do in an hour of that anger that would nomally take me an entire day.
    Secondly, I tried. OOPS, the anger had become a power to itself. I could not slow it down. I tried. I felt the anger had grown so strong that it was beyond me.
    Well something did happen to me that knocked that anger out of me. I no longer feel its strngth ( I do miss that) BUT i DON’T MISS FEELINGANGER AT ALL.

  28. cali patti says:

    What I had wanted to say was, when I was in that anger my focus was extreme. What I could “do” in a short amount time was amazing to myself. I never wanted to hurt anyone physically but I did want to get even in any other different way. So I understand when anger takes over a person. If that person becomes totally unhinged then they may not be able to stop themselves. I am not saying this as an excuse just saying what happened to me.
    My trigger was men that put down or could control women ot tried to control women. An attitude some men have. I actually saw red once. It was like a haze or cloud.
    I did not walk around like an angry woman. Only two close friends saw the difference in me and spoke to me about it. They saw me withdrawing from them in a “warm” way. I still went places and did things, but I wasnt connecting any longer.
    When my anger broke I cried for almost 24 hours straight. I bawled from an primal place inside.
    I no longer feel that anger. It is actually difficult for me to get mad and I never stay mad.
    Hopes this helps explain how I see this killers actions. He was angry at life and people.

  29. Cali~~First off, I am definitely not an expert in anger management or qualified in other areas of anyone’s mental well being. As just a layperson, in reading your comments, it seems that someone or someones caused you much hurt. You mentioned that you did not want to hug anyone and was very uncomfortable if someone hugged you. It seems you built up a wall around yourself and had your guard up so no one else could hurt you. Your anger was just a defense mechanism you used so people would not want to get close to you. In other words, to avoid being hurt, you kept everyone at arms length. This is quite understandable. I think there are many people out there who have been in the same boat as you found yourself in. If the anger issues begin to interfere with your every day life, then it is best to have a talk to a professional who deals with anger management. They are the ones who are trained to get at the root of the problem that is causing the anger. I am sure there are support groups too who can help. There is no shame in seeking professional help, none whatsoever. You seem to have resolved your own issues so that is good.

    I am not sure what made James Holmes angry enough to want to take out his revenge on so many innocent people. I think he had more deep seated mental issues for him to do what he did. We have no idea what his childhood or his home life was like. When it comes to how one’s brain functions, there are no easy answers. Even the best psychologists and psychiatrists cannot come up with why people do what they do. Are some people predestined to become deranged monsters from the time of conceptiton? Will we ever know?

  30. cali patti says:

    Snoop, thanks your good. What I was trying to say was, that internal emotions can have power and control over us. Even when I became aware what was happening to me I could no longer control, stop or change my feelings. I do not believe I was “unhinged” like the shooter Holmes nor were my feelings of anger as powerful as his, however I had no control of them at times.
    My anger had its own life force.
    Someday maybe Holme’s anger will fade and with it will come a self realization of what he has caused. I do not feel sorry for him just the waste of his life.
    I am also not saying his anger caused the shooting. I do not know. To me it seems like a very angry action, a very angry man.

  31. James Holmes made his first court appearing. His hair was dyed bright orange and he was drugged out of his tree. At times he dozed off and had a time time keeping his eyes open. If you ever watched a drunk trying to stay awake, that was Holmes. The state was given another week to come up with all the different charges. Holmes never spoke during the hearing. Holmes did not even appear as if he was cognizant as to what was taking place in the courtroom. Was this all a fake or was he heavily medicated?

  32. Holmes….video and write up here….

    Second video(after the first one plays) shows all the explosives inside his apartment and how he had it rigged up.

  33. Sherry says:

    Article and photos of the gunman and the memorial crosses. Pray for Ashley, she’s been told about her daughter’s death.

  34. Sherry~ ~Ashley went into labor and they expect she will deliver some time tonight. I just heard that on JVM. Ashley’s husband got shot in the eye and he is still in critical condition. My God, they certainly need our prayers.

  35. Sherry says:

    I read that the gunman had 100mg of Vicodin in his system.

    FTA: After the massacre Holmes calmly told detectives he had taken 100mg of the prescription painkiller Vicodin, and identified himself as “The Joker”.

  36. Sherry ~~most of the victims were in the same age range. Such beautiful lives gone but never to be forgotten and so much heart ache left in the aftermath but we cannot question HIM why.

  37. Is James Holmes’ defense is going for an insanity plea??

    Defense: Shooting suspect was seeing psychiatrist

  38. Karen C. says:

    Only defense card he’s got to play with, so….

  39. Sherry~~there must have been two women who were shot in CO pregnant. I think I got confused and thought the one who lost her daughter to the shooter went into labor and delivered a baby boy. I just found the following.

    Woman seriously injured in CO shooting miscarries

  40. Sherry says:

    I was just on my way to leave a link showing that she miscarried. So sad. 😥
    (yeah, that was a bit confusing)

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