Jill Hansen surfing in hot water now!!

Here is a case to keep an eye on.

Professional surfer Jill Hansen charged with attempted murder


Surfer Model Jill Hansen, Charged With Attempted Murder, Has Restraining Order Against Her From Her Own Father


Documents reveal more into charges against surfer Jill Hansen (Video at following link)

Police say she tried repeatedly to run over 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin in a Waikiki parking garage.

In court documents released Monday, a maintenance man, Christopher Khoury, describes hearing an impact and then seeing Conklin partially wedged under a parked car. He said Hansen tried to reverse and hit Conklin again. Khoury then shattered her rear window with a crowbar.


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12 Responses to Jill Hansen surfing in hot water now!!

  1. Apparently, Hansen posted on her FB that she was looking for a hit man to kill her father. ( I have not confirmed this..) I checked out her FB last evening but today there is no access.

    Hansen is also facing an unrelated assault case and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, according to Hawaii News Now. The same article said there is an active restraining order filed by her father.

    Read more here…


  2. I think Jill is going to outdo Jodi for being a dangerous kook……this is a great article..

    Jill Hansen: The Hawaiian Road Menace


  3. Local surfer indicted for attempted murder, says she was framed

    KHON2 also learned that Hansen tried to leave while being processed at Oahu Community Correctional Center Monday.

    According to the Dept. of Public Safety, Hansen tried to slip behind someone who was walking through the door.

    “Thanks to the quick actions of our staff, they immediately grabbed her and stopped her from getting any further. She never got outside the intake area,” said Toni Schwartz, the department’s public information officer.

    Schwartz said Hansen will not face attempted escape charges, because “staff was quick to react and able to immediately stop her.”


  4. Here is a video of Jill…is it self-promoting? I find it a bit strange but you can be the judge…

  5. Hansen was described as an “attention wh*re” by The Dirty founder Nik Richie after the pro surfer threatened to kill herself on Facebook in 2011. A Dirty story claims Hansen deleted social media messages, but that she originally posted a photo of a pill bottle and said goodbye. She was apparently devastated because she wasn’t a celebrity surfer.


    Attempted murder suspect makes unusual request before judge


  6. margaret says:

    I give up , each time I say , well I’ve heard it all, the next day here comes another one. Since I obviously can’t call her what I really want to, I’ll just say I hope she can spend her life with jodi..

    I have been trying to read the “manifesto ” of the Malibu killer, I have ade 3 different attempts at it and have not been able to get through it yet. It actually makes me sick to my stomach.In my mind the mom dad stepmom are all guilty of neglect…They had to have seen what was going on with him. I happen to think he was a really cute kid.. He must not be telling his full story, I have read nothing about him making an attempt to meet girls or ask them for a date.

  7. Margaret~~I am about to read Elliot Rodger’s mainfesto….Here is a link to it…Will let you know what I think of it….if I can get thru it….


  8. shyloh says:

    WOW!! This surfer girl is something else. Yes, a life with Jody is what she needs. When the fighting begins. Who will win haha!!!

  9. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Y’all! Long time, no type to. Yuh, this is another narcissistic wackadoo, who is pretty flippin’ incompetent, good thing for everyone else around her. This should be a good one, and we will have to watch for her in the future. She’s going to object strenuously to any medication. Who knows, she might go pro per….

    Another good one is the Cam Brown re-re-re-trial, out in Cal- he’s going pro per- he wants everything in his cell- 30 cases of it- he’ll likely try to eat it all by trial date, one sheet at a time. Trial & Tribulations is covering it- they have an extensive archive, as this mess has been going on for years and years. Like Arias, guilt was established, I think twice, but no agreement on degree and if DP or not. It is easily the most surreal murder case I can think of, in terms of stuff which has happened, trial-wise. This is the luggage-handler surfer druggie who didn’t want to pay child support and took his toddler daughter out for a “walk” on Inspiration Point- and Whoops! off she went over the cliffs. Imagine that…. you hear him giggle on the 911 call down on the nude beach below (didn’t have his own phone- imagine that!) Worth delving into, especially the Bro-In-Law’s defense website, it it’s still up…. a doozey.

  10. It seems that Jill Hansen wants things her way…..

    Hansen was supposed to appear in court June 16 on the prosecutor’s request to deny her bail but she refused to be transported to court from Oahu Community Correctional Center.

    Bail revoked for surfer charged with attempted murder


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