Julie Schenecker Trial



Jury selection began Monday in the murder trial of Julie Schenecker
The Florida mother is charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the 2011 shooting deaths of her children
Her attorneys are planning an insanity defense.

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56 Responses to Julie Schenecker Trial

  1. A jury has been seated and the trial begins on Monday morning, May 5th.

  2. shyloh says:

    This trial is going to be very interesting. I am not sure what to think. I do believe it was premeditated. What a shame. Insanity, I don’t think so. Just my opinion.

  3. Estee says:

    I’ve been watching/listening all day…Last PO on stand read from Julie’s journal…I cant believe she planned it all out…wrote all about it even from getting the gun and having to wait to pick it up to having a Saturday Massacre and who she was gonna shoot first etc…Then wrote about it after it happened …how she did it and instructions for her husband as to what to do with the bodies…How she debated about shooting herself but knew she couldn’t shoot herself twice so wanted to OD. ..If there were the death penalty on the table she surely would get it…Her writing seems coherent so I don’t know how she could be found insane…She carried out her plan except for not killing herself

  4. Shyloh~~I was able to watch some of the trial but missed the Opening statements. I will post the links in here once they are up on Youtube.

    It definitely was planned and premeditated but Julie appeared to be deranged or was she out to revenge her husband. She looks like someone who would have a violent temper. It was okay to shoot her children but ended up being too scared to shoot herself …”it would be too messy if she couldn’t kill herself with a single shot.” Why in hell do these people snuff out their children if they want to commit suicide if not as an act of revenge??

  5. margaret says:

    My OH MY, I have just one question? Why on earth would this Dad go away and leave those two children in her care.? I agree Shyloh, she planned this all the way. The deputy said she was not shaking at the house when they arrived so she had her plan in action when the camera was turned on at the jail. I need a lot of convincing before I believe that she was insane. No way.

    Why or what are all these defendants writing while trial is going on???

  6. Estee~~mental, yes! Insane, no…at least not the legal definition of ‘insanity.’

  7. Margaret~~Schenecker is sitting writing as if she was working in an office somewhere. She seems so disassociated with what is going on…Is this an act to try and prove she is insane?

  8. Estee says:

    Here it is, day two of the trial…Man on stand is opening packets of pill bottles found, prescriptions for Julie…I have lost track of the number of prescriptions, but there were 3 or more packets with at least 3 or more scripts in each…Most were scripts for psychological diagnosed problems…Surely she wasn’t taking all of those pills at the same time…No wonder she was mental…Wonder if all scripts were from same doc? You’ve got to hear it to believe it…

  9. margaret says:

    Julie has just put on headphones, can she hear whats going on at sidebar?

  10. Margaret~~shows that she is not that insane!! Yes, she can listen to the sidebar discussion.

    Parker’s testimony is damning to her…I can imagine he will be torn apart during cross but think he can hold his own. Julie wanted Parker to arrive home and find the` children dead instead of the police finding them all.

  11. “I guess I stopped your heart huh?”

    Those were the words Julie said to Parker in Feb/11 when he spoke to her after the murders of his children. What a vindictive woman! She claimed she loved him…..my God!

  12. margaret says:

    Does anyone think she was possibly be jealous of her children and the attention they received from their dad? She is no more insane than I am.

  13. Margaret~~I am still in the process of trying to figure Julie out. She had her children when she was in her 30 ‘s and wanted 5 or 6…Parker got a vasectomy after she had 2…did he suspect anything then ..re her mental stability?

  14. Marilyn N says:

    All along I have had the feeling that somehow Julie didn’t get the help needed
    in order to take the proper meds to keep her normal, so she was then “medicating” herself with
    whatever pills and alcohol. How does an adult get the proper care if they have to turn themselves in.
    Didn’t any of these specialists she was seeing, see her pain?
    In the various emails, her doctors couldn’t tell her husband anything Julie said ti then, so he at least shared some information he had.
    Children/teens can be a handful for the most normal of parents, so I can’t imagine being unstable.
    With all that said, I do believe she knew what she was doing and it was obviously preplanned
    with her purchasing the gun 3 days prior. I just think if she had been given the proper care
    this would have been avoided. So legally for Julie, we’ll see how this trial plays out.

  15. Marilyn~~the jury will have their work cut out for them on this one. If she is found not guilty, she can be treated and released. This woman is not only a danger to herself but to others. I notice she displays a violent temper in the courtroom.

  16. margaret says:

    After watching all the medicines yesterday, it doesn’t seem she was taking her meds in the prescribed way because most of them except for the lithium and oxycontin. How could that doctor prescribe all those drugs that said ” may cause drowsiness “. She would have been a zombie especially after adding alcohol to the mix. Her husband had told the doctor she was not improving and not taking meds the way she was supposed to. In a letter to her family he told them that he had been dealing with her for twenty years in this condition .
    I would like to know what happened in Louisiana when they were there as a family. The defense stopped that questioning with a sidebar.. Julie listened to the sidebar and then had discussion with her lawyer.. Can her husband hold the Dr. accountable for not doing more to help her, seems like he was just pushing pills..?

  17. Margaret~~How could the same doctor be treating her if she was living all over the country and was not in Miami all that time??

  18. margaret says:

    Did you read the e-mailsbetween her husband and doctor. She would not sign paperwork for doctor to talk with husband. Her actions were probably reason for vasectomy. I think she can perform with the best of them. She is not off in la la land, because the second a sidebar is called she grabs the headphones. You would think that all of the doctors that treated her she should have gotten better
    She strikes me as a person that believes she knows more than others. She never admitted to being drunk when she had accident..

  19. Margaret~~No, I never read those emails…wish I had them…I only knew a bit about this case when I put the post up so am learning as I go. Julie sure pizzed off the judge today…I thought her defense lawyer (who looks like Jeff Ashton..side to) was going to get up and walk out…it looked like he was arguing with her to try and make her understand the judge’s question. Thus far, I think she is faking insanity and has a violent temper.

  20. Prosecution rests its case in Schenecker murder trial

    Parker Schenecker hugs his mother Nancy after listening to a taped interview between his former wife Julie Schenecker and Tampa police detectives after the murders of their two children.


    Schenecker emails show woman who had lost control


  21. margaret says:

    I am so sorry Snoops, I snould have left a link for e-mails..They explain a lot about her and it sounds as though all of her family, except her brother, wants to put the blame on her husband. In those e-mails there is talk of cancer. Have you heard that mentioned at trial?

    Thanks for posting videos..

  22. margaret says:

    Just read e-mails again.. It must have been Julies brothers wife ,who had cancer.

  23. margaret says:

    A little gossip….I am watcing schenecker on Wild About Trial and the chat is saying that Juan’s trial starting Monday will be televised. yaaaay.

  24. That’s great, Margaret!!!!

  25. debl115 says:
    May 10, 2014 at 2:22 am (Edit)
    Been kinda out of the loop, started following the Schenecker trial this week, another whack job. She went off on her doctor today in court, telling him that he told her that she could have 2 drinks a day, along with her oxys. I have a feeling that this doctor might end up on charges; he was basically feeding her a cocktail of meds to keep her medicated. Such a sad case. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC0QqQIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tampabay.com%2Fnews%2Fcourts%2Fcriminal%2Fdefense-to-begin-its-case-in-julie-schenecker-murder-trial%2F2179024&ei=RLVtU9OeJ9XboASWx4K4DA&usg=AFQjCNFxus8Bu9sVUlvtP3r4FUZ8mAEgzg

  26. margaret says:

    There are several more doctors to be questioned yet, I think. It should be interesting.I feel as you do about the doctor drugging her. I believe that when she found out her husband had sent the e-mail to her family, she realized he was going to divorce her.. I think she then started her plan to kill the children. She said in her journal that she couldn’t live alone, so she made sure Parker would be alone too. Her first remark to him when he returned about stomping his heart flat, was in my mind a vindictive remark. No sadness or being sorry for what she had done.I would like to know what meds she is taking in jail.. Her eyes are now wide open and not looking like she is half asleep. IMO

  27. The defense rested their case……The state plans to put on rebuttal witnesses!!

  28. margaret says:

    One question? I have never had any experience with mental doctors, but after listening for last couple of days, how in the world would you know if you are being treated properly? Are they like defense lawyers, who do not have to keep it honest? Listening to these doctors, you would think they were talking to different people. The last one yesterday almost hit my last nerve with his deep breathing and his squirming in his chair. None of the defense docs wanted to talk about the alcohol use or the hard drugs and their effect on her.. I still think she is mental but not insane to the point that she did not know what she was doing. She was definitly not insane when she put together her divorce settlement. I still believe that Parker did those kids a bad injustice leaving the children alone with her. He text the doctor about her not being totally honest with doctor, he should not have believed her when she said ” I got this ” to him. I am sure that haunts him every day.

    I have this feeling that Parker was somewhat of a military mindset in the running of the household. julie said several times in her journal that she had done her duties. I don.t believe I’ve ever heard anyone call housework ” duties”. Anyone else get that feeling.?

  29. margaret says:


    O.K. my resident lawyer. does this mean there will be a camera during trial.. Sounds as though they will be bringing him into court wearing his jail clothes.. Am I reading that right? Thanks Lady.

  30. Margaret~~from what I can understand, there will be video cameras allowed at the proceedings but it still has to be ruled on if cameras will be allowed at the trial. I’m not a lawyer ….Pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122, the filming of today’s proceeding is
    allowed. The Court will revisit this issue relevant to presence of a camera during the trial.

    BTW, Jodi Arias’ new jury selection is Sept 8th…the media are still fighting to have cameras at that trial.

  31. GUILTY OF FIRST DEGREE MURDER ON BOTH COUNTS Sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole!

  32. Mother tried to manipulate dead daughter’s face into a smile after ‘shooting her and her brother’ as doctors claim she was sane and planned ‘murder’


  33. margaret says:

    Wow, that was fast.. I can’t help but have sympathy somewhat for her with that illness,but I just feel she did not really try to follow meds and treatments. I think she used her illness as a crutch and was a spoiled vindictive person. Poor Calyx and Beau had to pay the price for her.They have their justice, but at what cost?? So sad.

  34. Margaret~~I agree with you. There are no winners in this case. I think Julie was a closet alcoholic for many years and it contributed to her depression which in turn got out of control. She also had a violent temper. So damn sad…alcoholism is a sickness.

  35. Tommy's Mom says:

    I’m sorry I disagree with you about alcoholism being a sickness,it is a choice,like drug addiction. I’m tired of people not taking responsibility for their behavior.

  36. Good to see you, Tommy’s Mom! I respect your opinion…yes, people do have a choice when they pick up that drink instead of seeking treatment. I believe Julie refused to take Antibuse (sp) for her drinking.

  37. margaret says:

    Tommy’s Mom, I almost got fired from a hospital once because of the same thing you just said to the head nurse.We had this wealthy couple in town who about once a month would get drunk and start trying to kill each other. Every time the neighbors would call police, police would call lawyer, lawyer would call doctor, doctor woul d call hospital and have them admitted,in same room with divider curtains pull between them until they were sober again, .. The doctor would discharge the local drunks after a day to sleep it off. The thing that made me mad about it was that some idiot let them adopt a young girl, and when they were brought to hospital their their bookkeeper would bring that child to visit them. IMO I thought they should go to jail like all the other drunks. I felt so bad for that little girl.

    Sorry Snoops, but that story still makes me mad to this day.. I wonder how the relationship will be between Parker and Julies family..

  38. margaret says:

    Sorry again Snoops, but I have discovered the most wonderful thing. If I use Google Chrome to get here, I don’t have to sign in each time I want to post something.. Made my day..

  39. No need to apologize…ever! I love Google Chrome…it is my main browser.

  40. There is a lot of controversy as to alcoholism being an illness…it seems obsessive drinking can be a choice or an addiction…here is some info I dug up…

    Alcoholism is a chronic and often progressive disease that includes problems controlling your drinking, being preoccupied with alcohol, continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems, having to drink more to get the same effect (physical dependence), or having withdrawal symptoms when you rapidly decrease or stop drinking. If you have alcoholism, you can’t consistently predict how much you’ll drink, how long you’ll drink, or what consequences will occur from your drinking.

    It’s possible to have a problem with alcohol, even when it has not progressed to the point of alcoholism. Problem drinking means you drink too much at times, causing repeated problems in your life, although you’re not completely dependent on alcohol.

    More here…


    Alcoholism As a Disease


    Alcoholism: Is it a disease, or bad choices?


  41. Lots of info re Julie Schenecker at the following site…


  42. After two weeks of lengthy testimony, it took the jury less than two hours to convict the 53-year-old former military linguist and longtime Army officer’s wife of first-degree murder in the January 2011 killings. She was sentenced soon after to two life terms.

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