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  1. Remember Joshua Young who was found not guilty in killing his step brother? He is back in court facing new charges. This guy is a danger, not only to the public but himself. He should NOT be allowed out on bond. Video and write up at following link…

  2. Andrea Sneiderman is up for parole in June. Once she is released, she can collect Rusty’s life insurance and after paying off her attorneys, she can have one hell of a life while her moon struck lover rots away in prison.

  3. The latest on Kyron Horman…updated April 21, 2014.

  4. Marilyn N says:

    Of course, Dunn’s new trial will probably be delayed……..

  5. Marilyn N says:

    RE: Joshua Young – no surprise.
    I am guessing he thinks he can get out of this one as well being
    he is “experienced”.

  6. Marilyn, thank you. It seems to take forever to get some action in the courtroom….things are so quiet. I don’t know why Marissa DeVault’s trial was not televised…I expect the jurors wont arrive at a unanimous decision for death or life in prison so another penalty phase on hold… she can keep Arias company in jail.

  7. Marilyn N says:

    Arias and DeVault can start the C r A z i e S Club!

  8. Another trial put on hold…Dr Martin MacNeill’s trial, charged with sexual assault against his daughter is on hold because …he is once again manipulating the system…just like he did when he was in the military faking mental illness to get released with a handsome pension.

    Martin MacNeill Murder Trial: Accused Doctor Seeks New Trial

    The following web page is devoted to all the recaps of MacNeill..

  9. Jodi Arias’ Lawyer Says Hepatitis C Lawsuit Against Arpaio, Nancy Grace Is Bogus

    TMZ reported on Saturday that Arias, who was convicted last year for murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, filed a lawsuit – without her attorney – claiming she was given a Tuberculosis shot with an infected needle that gave her Hepatitis C.

    The lawsuit’s shocking claims do not end there. It claims one of Arias’ silicone breast implants leaked and she was refused treatment. The leak, the suit says, triggered a fungal growth and rash.

    more here….

  10. margaret says:

    Hello Snoops and all other Snoopsters, I am back sure did miss you guys.. I had to impose a No Computer on myself for a while.. I have decided that I let cases about children get to me too much . I watched a part of the Teghan Skiba trial and it really got to me. What that guy Jonathon Richardson, did to that child for ten days is just animalistic. I let myself go back to you tube long enough to find he was sentenced to death. Now I want the mother charged for leaving her with the monster. I thought Caylee and Haleigh were bad but this poor 4 year old child suffered. Rest in peace now Baby.

    Now I’m off to catch up

  11. Margaret~~it is so good to see you….I was missing you and began to worry to the point I checked your Facebook page…I could not watch the trial of that monster and I agree that the mother should be charged with child endangerment. She had to have known that Richardson was not fit to take care of her child. Why women think they need these unemployed, shiftless assholes in their lives is beyond me.

    Here is another case of a boyfriend left to babysit (thanks to a dear friend who posted this on my FB page) I don’t think he was the biological father of the boy but I could be wrong.

    Father accused of killing 1-year-old boy so he could continue playing video games

    Then we have more female teachers becoming sexual predators…since the following was posted, a third minor boy has come forward saying he also had sex with this teacher…

  12. Jury continues to deliberate in the penalty phase of Marissa DeVault today…

  13. Marilyn N says:

    The Julie Schenecker Trial jury selection is now streaming.
    Lots of info on this case on Court Chatter. Read all the emails.

  14. Marilyn, thanks…do you have a link that you can post in here…TIA

    Maybe this is the right one??

  15. Ninth Circuit Court live video

    First appearance scheduling:
    First appearances are conducted daily. The morning session begins about 8 a.m., and the afternoon session starts about 1:30 p.m.

    About first appearances:
    Each day, recently-arrested inmates appear before a judge for the first time at the Orange County Booking and Release Center. The purpose of these hearings is for a judge to decide whether probable cause exists for each arrest and to determine whether the defendant is entitled to be released until trial. During these hearings, prosecutors, defense attorneys and — sometimes — the defendants themselves address the charges in each case, and the reasons for or against granting bond. Some cases involving minor offenses will end in pleas during these initial hearings. First appearances typically begin about 8 a.m., and may continue with an afternoon session, which usually starts about 1:30 p.m.,0,7642846.htmlstory

  16. Marilyn N says:

    Schenecker trial is also streaming on:

  17. Thanks, Marilyn…I watched a bit of the jury selection…

    Deliberations to resume Tuesday in hammer killing case

    Jurors were scheduled to continue deliberations Monday at the trial of 36-year-old Marissa Devault, but a court spokesman says those plans were called off and the jury will instead meet again Tuesday.–256990631.html

    Martin MacNeill competency hearing delayed another week

  18. margaret says:

    I read somewhere that Amanda Hayes is going to court again ,this time for what was done to the womans body that they killed. I’ll bet Grant is laughing about that. I read also that Jason Young, the guy that beat his pregnant wife to death and left their daughter there with the body, has been granted a new trial. This will be his third. Disgusting.. I was dissapointed in Marissa Devault verdict. I just hope the judge makes it LWOP. Joshua Young is nothing but a smarta**. He thinks he is invincible. He is a disaster waiting to happen. He was gung ho to take a poligraph on Dr. Phil show, but wouldn’t do it when the time came. I can’t believe Dunn is getting a new trial..

    Juan starts his new trial on May 12. Anyone know if it will be televised?

  19. Thanks, Margaret, for the heads up on some pending trials…you are a good sleuth!!

    Texas grand jury indicts Amanda Hayes on body-dumping charge

    Video and write up here…


  20. Raleigh Convicted Murderer Jason Young Granted Third Trial

  21. I cannot find out if this trial will be televised. I wonder what is wrong with Martinez’ health??

    Martinez is supposed to begin trial May 12 for Bryan Hulsey, 40, who is charged with the 2007 murder of Glendale Police officer Anthony Holly. The Hulsey trial has been repeatedly postponed.

    After 7 years, family demands justice for fallen Glendale officer

  22. margaret says:

    If anyone is looking for The Trial Divas, they are still on wordpress under the name The Trial Diaries.. The jury selection videos are there for Julie Schenecker. I am not buying her mental excuse yet..

  23. margaret says:

    Couldn’t make link copy to this article Snoops ,so try this.

    The title of article is Countdown is on for Bryan Wayne Hulsey trial. I think they will be livestreaming too. Hope this works..

  24. margaret says:

    Hey, WordPress fixed the link for me. Thanks wordpress.

    Don’t thank WordPress…Snoop got it working! lol

  25. MacNeill found competent to stand trial for forcible sex abuse

    At a hearing Monday afternoon here in Fourth District Court, Judge Sam McVey set a July 2 trial date after two evaluations found Dr. MacNeill mentally able to assist with his defense. Questions about his mental state were raised after he attempted suicide inside the Utah County Jail last year.

  26. margaret says:

    Thank you Snoops. Mc Neill is another Jodi and we need to send them both to the chair and be done with them. I wonder if Jodi will get up and cry and apoligize like Marissa did , thinking it will work for her. Marissa sugar daddy made me sick to my stomach. He deserves whatever he gets for hanging with her. I am so pizzed over the retrial for Jason Young. It is almost like the victims are blamed for their own murder.

    It seemed to me that Martinez was taking it easy on his left leg a little bit, couple of times he kind of stumbled . This started about the time of ALV. I really thought he was wrecking his throat with the defence physcholics, he would get so hoarse. I hope it was nothing too serious and he has had some nice relaxing quiet time..He left many footsteps in that courtroom.

  27. debl115 says:

    Oh, ladies, this is one trial that I will certainly follow. It’s a lengthy article, but SO interesting. Pretty sure she is as much of a liar as Jodi Arias. But, damn, trial doesn’t start until September…

  28. deb115~~~Wow!!! Thank you so much…

  29. debl115 says:

    Been kinda out of the loop, started following the Schenecker trial this week, another whack job. She went off on her doctor today in court, telling him that he told her that she could have 2 drinks a day, along with her oxys. I have a feeling that this doctor might end up on charges; he was basically feeding her a cocktail of meds to keep her medicated. Such a sad case.

  30. debl115 says:

    Sorry everybody, I just today got back in the loop, I should have posted the above to Snoop’s Scheneker post…hadn’t even seen that.

  31. No problem, deb…I copied and pasted it on the Scheneker post.

  32. margaret says:

    Found this , still no word on televised Sneak peek of Juan ready to go. Starts June 2.

  33. The following is sick…Jane Velez Mitchell aired it on her show tonight…

    Six Brothers Charged With Allegedly Sexually Abusing Sister

    Video and write up here…


    Jury selection in Glendale officer-killing trial set to begin

    (It doesn’t look like the trial will be televised)

  35. margaret says:

    Wouldn’t this be wonderful for Tim to finally know what happened to his daughter. Tim Miller of Equasearch,, I meant to say..

  36. Margaret~~you are quite the sleuth…wow! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Tim could have a bit of closure? I often wonder how Tim’s wife is making out..she was diagnosed with bone cancer a couple of years ago.

  37. Marissa Alexander is back in court

    Marissa Alexander, the woman who may face 60 years in prison for firing a single ‘warning shot’ that injured no one, was back in court this morning requesting a new Stand Your Ground immunity hearing. Judge James Daniel said he would not issue a ruling today, the Florida Times Union reported.

    Alexander was denied immunity from prosecution in her first such hearing. Today, her attorney argued that there is new evidence of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, Rico Gray, before she fired a shot in the direction of Gray and his two children.

    Read more here…

  38. What the hell is going on with DCF?? This is just one of the many cases that I have heard of in the past five` years…

  39. An Orlando police report on conditions a home and the conditions of the children who lived there have raised questions about why it took the Florida Department of Children and Families so long to remove the children from the squalor.

    Video and write up here….

  40. Jodi Arias Trial News Update: Arias Appears in Court, Defense Argues to Ban Cameras in Second Penalty Phase

    According to, Arias wore a black and white striped prison uniform to the hearing, which was closed to the public and media. During the hearing, her defense team requested a ban on video cameras in the courtroom in upcoming penalty phase in September. The judge has yet to make a ruling on the request.

    Read it all here….

  41. Is anyone following the Seth Mazzaglia trial? I have been watching some of it in the archives at Wild About Trial…talk about wierd…

    Seth’s girlfriend is describing things much worse than Jodi Arias!!

  42. Karen C. says:

    I still can’t get over her smug expression on her mug shot….

  43. margaret says:

    Marissa Devault sentenced to Life Without Parole ! Good work jurors ! !!

    You are so right about the Mazzaglia trial. You can’t help but wonder what goes on in a persons brain to allow such things.

    Marissa down, you are next Jodi girl.

  44. margaret says:

    Just listened to TrialDiaries Spreecast radio show from june 3, and she said hulsey trial would be livestreamed , I guess time will tell..

  45. margaret says:

    Bryan Hulsey trial on Wild about trial, lousy sound.

  46. See highlights of the video footage at the Anthony’s yard sale above and the full, unedited version below.

    “I ended up finding items of Caylee’s that seemed to be mixed up with other things. I also found pants and purses of Casey’s.

    And even though Christina says George and Cindy were nice, she tells Radar they weren’t necessarily nice to each other, arguing at the yard sale.

    “It was very uncomfortable dealing with them,” she says.

    “They would get into little arguments throughout the time I was there. Cindy definitely controls everything in that family, for sure!”

  47. Video and Article….

    Missing teen found stabbed, sex offender arrested after 40 mile chase

  48. Karen C. says:

    In case Y’All missed this one- like father, like son…

    Kinda late in the day, frankly…

  49. Doctor Guilty Of Killing Wife Faces Sex-Abuse Case

    MacNeill sat silent and motionless in court Monday, wearing a red- and white-striped prison jumpsuit. He only spoke at the end of the hearing, when he mentioned to Spencer to ask the judge to give him permission to shave and shower for the trial, set for July 2.

    Read it all here….

  50. Remember Laura Jessome who was murdered, put in a hockey bag and thrown in the Mira River?

    Look at this…

    Glace Bay man charged in two murders victim of group stabbing inside Dartmouth jail

  51. NEWS: Defense rests in Mazzaglia murder trial

    Accused murderer Seth Mazzaglia’s defense team rested its case at about noon Tuesday in Strafford County Superior Court, setting up closing arguments Wednesday in the high-profile trial that has seen nearly 19 full days of testimony since opening statements May 28.

  52. MacNeill seeks new trial after murder conviction

    In a Provo courtroom Monday, Pullan said he needed 60 days to decide whether to grant MacNeill’s new trial, which would throw out the murder conviction or sentence him for killing his wife, Michele.

    MacNeil’s sex abuse trial is due to start Wednesday, July 2nd.

  53. Martin MacNeill’s Sex Abuse Trial….Read what happened during the trial yesterday…court resumes today…

    Alleged sex abuse victim: Martin MacNeill thought she was his dead wife

  54. margaret says:

    My oh my , ja must be getting nervous again and is grasping at straws to delay her re trial.. Judge Stephens finally put her foot down and said No More Delays, at last. Wonder whose bright idea that was??

    The Amanda Knox is heating back up… The whole story has changed and the finger pointing is going both directions.. Unreal.

    The stories are on The Trial Diaries wordpress blog..

  55. Margaret~~First off. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    It is high time Judge Stephens got her act in gear!!

  56. margaret says:

    Thank You so much for the wishes. Your singing card is adorable, I love it . my granddaughter has been running around singing it to me. Made me old heart feel good. Thank you so much.

  57. Margaret~~you deserve a singing Birthday card. You have been a true faithful friend to me and also to Dave. xoxo

  58. Loretta Saunders murder case: Saunders uncle lunges at 2 accused in court
    Victoria Henneberry, 28, and Blake Leggette, 26, of Halifax are charged with first-degree murder in the death of the 26-year-old earlier this year.
    Members of the Saunders family grabbed Saunders s uncle, Herman MacLean, before he could reach the accused.
    The ruckus prompted authorities to hustle the two accused into a secure corridor while sheriffs from all over the building rushed into the courtroom.
    After the incident, members of the Saunders family pleaded with MacLean to calm down.
    We re here for Loretta, said one family member as others broke down, sobbing.
    The family was then escorted out of the courtroom to the waiting room.
    Once the area was cleared, Leggette and Henneberry were taken back to cells.
    Early Tuesday, Judge Anne Derrick excluded everyone from the court for a voir dire, including the Saunders family and media. Only Legette, Henneberry, the lawyers and sheriffs were allowed to stay.
    A voir dire is a trial within a trial during which lawyers discuss points of law and the admissibility of evidence.
    A decision about whether the information discussed will be allowed as evidence is to be made Wednesday.
    Senior Crown attorney Christine Driscoll said outside court she expects to call 15 police and civilian witnesses to testify.

  59. Tommy's Mom says:

    Hey Snoop have you seen this!

    Arias to represent herself at death penalty trial.

    PHOENIX (AP) — A judge ruled Monday that Jodi Arias can represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her murder trial, where jurors will decide whether she is put to death for killing her ex-boyfriend.
    Arias, 34, was convicted of first-degree murder last year in the 2008 killing of Travis Alexander, but jurors couldn’t reach a decision on sentencing. Under Arizona law, Arias’ murder conviction stands, and prosecutors have the option of putting on a second penalty phase with a new jury in an effort to secure a death sentence.
    Arias, who has long clashed with her defense lawyers and tried to fire them previously — asked Judge Sherry Stephens to let her serve as her own lawyer during the second penalty phase, and Stephens granted the request.
    Arias will now have the task of arguing a death penalty case just four weeks from now despite having no legal experience and no college degree or high school diploma. Arias got her GED in jail.
    Her defense lawyers will remain as advisory counsel as she argues the case. Defense lawyers and the prosecution refused to comment on the latest developments.
    Arias’ feud with her attorneys intensified after she gave a series of media interviews following her conviction in May 2013. Her lawyers have tried to withdraw from the case, but the judge has rebuffed their requests.
    The case captured headlines worldwide and became a cable television staple with its tales of sex, lies and a brutal killing.
    Arias admitted killing Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home but claimed it was self-defense. He was stabbed nearly 30 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the forehead. Prosecutors argued it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage when Alexander wanted to end their affair.
    A new trial to determine the sentence is scheduled to begin Sept. 8. If the second panel fails to end in a unanimous decision, the death penalty would be removed from consideration. The judge would then sentence Arias to spend her life behind bars or to be eligible for release after 25 years.

  60. Tommy’s Mom~~Judge Stephen’s is an imbecile to allow Arias to represent herself. Jodi tried once before and didn’t have a clue how to write a motion. You can rest assured that the penalty phase trial with be a long drawn out affair with Jodi at the helm. I am glad the trial will not be televised.

    Thanks for letting us know. Things have been slow but I expect September will get busy.

    Here is a link to the story…

  61. Deb~~this makes my blood boil…God knows how many more innocent people are sitting on death row or have already been executed. Now will these two be compensated for all hat time served? Yes, thank God for DNA and Barry Scheck’s Innocence Project…

  62. (Since JVM aired this story tonight a body has been recovered)

    BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. – UPDATE: Bullhead City Police released Wednesday afternoon that an FBI forensic team found a body near Chaparral and Newberry Drive in Bullhead City. They have not confirmed it is the body of missing Bella.

    Bullhead City Police, the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children searched on Tuesday and Wednesday for an 8-year-old girl reported missing early Tuesday morning.
    Authorities say that 8-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella was last seen wearing a green tank top and dark colored shorts. Isabella is described as 4’8″ tall, weighing 80-90 lbs, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

    More here……

  63. Another child loses their life to a perverted family friend…..Bella referred to this freak as ‘uncle’…how many times have we hear that lately?

    Isabella Grogan-Cannella: ‘Family Friend’ Arrested in Missing Arizona Girl Case

  64. I posted this in Jonathon’s Café but thought I should post it here too

    I’m watching the live feed of the Oscar Pistorius Verdict here

    Pistorius Verdict

    They’re just coming back from a break.

  65. It almost sounds like she believes the defendant……I’ll be so p.o. if he’s set free.

  66. ok now she’s picking apart the defense case and the defendants testimony. She says the defendant was a poor witness. she says he was not truthful at times. (that’s an understatement) she’s saying some of his answers didn’t make sense.

  67. During the break they said this was the beginning stages of the verdict it could go into tomorrow…. I can’t stick around as its about 3am here right now and I’ve got to work tomorrow afternoon.
    Hopefully you’ll see this post – (oh there they go again another break) and click on the link to watch it. Its really interesting Snoopy. I think you will like listening to all the legal jargon. The judge is explaining everything that happened in the trial and then gives her opinion. She’s reading this from an extremely thick note book. She’s being very precise but this is going to be long for us and tiring for her because the pages she’s reading from look to be about 500 – 800 pages thick!

    Still on break.
    Now they’re saying this could be finished today because the judge is farther along then anticipated.

  68. Thanks, Pippin. I didn’t follow the trial…too long and drawn out…I am interested in the verdict tho…

  69. Ya I didn’t follow trial either but I checked in a few times to read what was going on. I’m very disappointed in the verdict naturally….

  70. So I’m confused about when Jodi’s sentencing hearing will begin?

  71. Also wanted to add that both judges in Pistorius case AND Jodi’s are spineless. Pistorius judge was supposedly an advocate for women – really? She sure has an odd way of showing that considering his past violent behavior. She didn’t even punish him for firing his weapon in the restaurant which there was an option to do so. She didn’t believe ANY of the witnesses either in the restaurant OR the apartment complex. Freaking Amazing…..

    And Jodi’s judge – I’ve lost all respect for.

  72. Jodi’s penalty phase trial began on Mon, Sept 29th…they are picking a jury.

  73. Deb…thank you so much. I hope they nail him good this time.

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