Is ~Terry Freeman~a serial rapist?


New Court Documents Detail Alleged Rapes

Freeman, 32, has been locked up without bond since Dec. 31. The Deltona Fire Department has placed him on administrative leave, a standard practice for first responders and law enforcement involved in a criminal case.

Mark O’Mara representing accused serial-rapist Deltona firefighter

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7 Responses to Is ~Terry Freeman~a serial rapist?

  1. shyloh says:

    Hey, hey honey bunny!!! Mark must think he did a great job defending a child killer by getting Zimmerman off. Well, he didn’t, the prosecution gave up a very easy job in my opinion. That trial was a joke. Then some nut hired Bias thinking he did a great job when the jurors let a killer walk.

    Some say Freeman is good looking but looking at his photo his mother must of dropped him on his head or never turned him on either side as a baby. FLAT HEAD. He isn’t my type I guess LOL.

    I am not sure about this case, I haven’t read much just watched the video and such. Hope there is more to come.

    Love, hugs and be healthy.

  2. shyloh says:

    Interesting, Freeman said””I think it began as consensual sex, and then in some of the cases, because they had to answer to someone when they got home, they said they were raped,” he said.”

    Notice the ‘in some of the cases” UGH!

  3. Marilyn N says:

    Agree, Shyloh! Weird shaped head.

  4. Marilyn N says:

    Where are all the trials?????

  5. I think Brandon Bradley’s is not on until tomorrow.

  6. Marilyn N says:

    okay – thanks!!

  7. Marilyn N says:

    Just found an Orlando news article saying Bradley trial back on Wednesday morning,
    if that is correct. (:

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