Angie, Zimmer Down!!


Is Zimmerman a loony toon or quite smart? You see he is in the process of settling his divorce with Shellie. Shellie gets half of everything, including George’s debts.

[Zimmerman’s divorce case has also been developing, as a judge has put aside a default in favor of his ex-wife, Shellie. Essentially, whatever property that must be divided between the two could be split down the middle. That doesn’t excuse the mounting legal debt Zimmerman still faces.]

Read the following article and let me know what you think. George wants to wave` a white flag at Angie and the state…Angie says…uh uh…I want the battle to go on..

George Zimmerman seeks to withdraw court battle with Angela Corey over court fees: report

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10 Responses to Angie, Zimmer Down!!

  1. shyloh says:

    Ya know I don’t even know what to say about this gun totting, copy-write stealing idiot. I don’t understand how he can get by with this so called painting either. It just doesn’t seem right to take a photo that someone else took. Sort of slandering her name. I don’t agree with what Corey did during the trial. I do believe they all blew it. And blew it big time. And they did it on purpose. Just my opinion of course.

  2. Shyloh~~this whole case is becoming laughable. I thought they were going after Z for copyright infringement but zilch so far. Z is not playing with a full deck and Angie is a scrapper. Z seems to be playing the martyr and Angie is an “Iron Lady”…huh,,,rumor says she wants Marissa Alexander to get 60 yrs now. It seems nothing runs smooth in Florida and cases never get closed…Look at Casey Anthony…still civil suits pending and a retrial for her and Dunn..I could go on and on…

  3. Angie’s request was denied in the following request she made to have a jailhouse informant’s sentence reduced…there is a typo in the following article…*Cross pleaded guilty…not Chin as stated…

  4. Marilyn N says:

    What a mess this Bradley guy is! Stealing crappy motel furnishings started the ball rolling?

  5. Marilyn N says:

    This Bradley trial moving S L O W E R than an Arizona trial!!!

  6. Marilyn…so many bench conferences too. i get hyper watching this trial. Thank goodness it is moving along fast considering all the bench conferences. I overheard that one of the jurors was having a medical problem just before it recessed for the day.

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