Oscar Pistorius Trial


Oscar Pistorius Trial Video Archive

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17 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Trial

  1. shyloh says:

    What a strange setup for a trial. Poor Oscar sits all along. Today he covered his ears and cried. Geesh!

  2. shyloh~~My Lady, thank God all the trials we watch do not originate in South Africa…that defense lawyer was badgering that woman who seemed to be on the witness stand for eons. I don’t believe there is a jury so the judge and those other two sitting on each side of her must deliberate… I am totally confused.

  3. Marilyn N says:

    Defense lawyer was determined to get that neighbor lady to say
    the screams were how he wanted them to be. Yikes! At least our system wouldn’t have
    allowed him
    to go over and over and over for what, 3 hours on the same question? Would they?

  4. margaret says:

    Didn’t take Hemy long to realize his so called angel just set him up big time..I don’t think he deserves a new trial but Andrea Sneiderman sure does. She should get the same sentence that Hemy got. He is a smart man but he just dumbed down to try to get off ,. Put them both in same cell for rest of their lives. They deserve each other.

    Mcneil has been a manipulater all his life and is still in schock that he was caught. He is just trying to use that same old crap, he has used before. I sure hope his daughters hold his feet to fire. All he needs is to see gypsy, a razor and some hair dye. Why don.t they go ahead and sentence him ? He is probably blaming his poor dead wife for his problems.

  5. Marilyn N says:

    MacNeill’s entire life is a sham so why would he stop now.
    He is only moving on in another chapter.
    While he certainly is not right in the head, it is not
    the kind of “off” to stop his legal proceedings!

  6. Thanks, Marilyn….I really like Loni Coombs.

  7. Judge will make decision within next 9 days…Video shows Hemy…

    Hemy Neuman asks for new trial-Video

  8. Feel free to post any topics in this thread… we have many things making the news at this time..

  9. This will be a case of….did the Mom decide to kill her kids out of rage towards her alleged abusive husband or is she mental? The two older children should be able to tell the authorities what took place in their household prior to this incident.

    The two oldest children and bystanders/rescuers give info in this arrest affidavit…

    Click to access Read-Ebony-Wilkerson-s-arrest-affidavit.pdf

  10. Ebony Wilkerson’s bond was set for more than $1 million dollars Saturday.
    In court Wilkerson tried to dispute the bond.
    “That is too much. That doesn’t make sense,” she told the judge.
    As she was taken back to jail she was heard saying, “It doesn’t make sense,” over and over again.

    Video and more here…

    Bond set for mother who drove van full of kids into ocean



  11. shyloh says:

    “You need to have some type of sympathy knowing the family is going through something,” he said.

    Really? Why didn’t they try to get help for her sooner? I feel so sorry for those children.

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