Loretta Saunders Missing, Halifax, N.S.


The boyfriend of a missing Halifax woman told CBC News he is suspicious about the last text message he received from his girlfriend’s cellphone before she mysteriously disappeared.

Yalcin Surkultay, 25, said he knew something was wrong a week ago when he got a text from Loretta Saunders, 26, a Saint Mary’s University student, asking him what her mother’s maiden name was.

He said he received the strange text message Feb. 14 from his girlfriend, who was last seen on Feb. 13. It read: “I’m so stressed that I can’t like even remember my own mother’s maiden name.”

Surkultay said Saunders was writing her thesis, focusing on missing and murdered aboriginal women, and often worked into the early morning hours.

“She was just so passionate about this topic and this whole school thing. She was so happy from the feedback she got from her professors — that was really, really important to her. She always wanted to go to law school. She was the most hardworking person I had ever seen, it was mind blowing,” he said.

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Loretta Saunders case: Halifax police get warrants to arrest couple

More..Info Pert to This Case HERE


Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling toll-free 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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37 Responses to Loretta Saunders Missing, Halifax, N.S.

  1. I can’t understand this…how can they be freed if there are other outstanding warrants against them…in Alberta for Blake and Halifax for her??

    On Thursday, officers with Halifax Regional Police obtained a warrant for the arrest of the accused. Carroccia says police now have six days to retrieve the pair and escort them back to Halifax. If officers fail to retrieve Henneberry and Leggette, they will be freed.

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    Pair arrested in connection to missing Halifax woman remanded into custody

  2. The former roommate of a missing Halifax woman is wanted by Alberta RCMP on two outstanding warrants.

    Blake Leggette, 25, is wanted on warrants for possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana. He had been scheduled to appear before a Drumheller, Alta., court on April 16, 2013, but failed to appear.

    More here…


  3. Henneberry and Leggette….

  4. One thing about the RCMP, they play things close to the vest. I expect they have already subpoenaed Loretta’s bank and cell phone records. Let’s hope the two did not turn Loretta’s phone off as they can trace the location of the cell by the cell phone pings as they hit different towers.

    I did notice Henneberry activated her FB mobile device on Feb 15th. It looks like a new page just set up since Feb 13th. If you are a FB user, search his name and you will find hers. Victoria N Blake Leggette…

  5. Blake Legette, a suspect in the disappearance of Loretta Saunders, has been brought back to Halifax and is being questioned by police.

    Legette is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

    Read more here…

    Loretta Saunders disappearance suspect back in Halifax

  6. margaret says:

    I just don’t get this kill, kill, kill mentality. Does no one value life anymore? I was in tears, still am when I logged on because I had been listening to a new trial on Tawnidilly you tube. I don’t know if I can listen to anymore. It is the Jonathan Richardson case. He tortured and abused a little 4 year old girl for 10 days after her mother left her with a boyfriend while she was away at national guard training. Oh how he tortured that baby. That s o.b would be dinner for the crows if it were my child.. Where is dad, grandparents, somebody to look out for this child. I could only listen to part of the prosecutors opening.

    I hope they find this young woman alive, but it is looking doubtful. How many people have killed and are now in prison, you would think by now , people would realize they too will be caught and it won’t be worth what they lost.

    God please watch over and love all the little kids tonight ,..Now I think I can go back and read links.

  7. Margaret~~there are some trials I cannot bear to watch. I can still vision Caylee Anthony’s beautiful brown eyes.

    Hope of finding Loretta Saunders alive has diminished…I wonder if our RCMP can break the &^%$ who stole her car and credit card. Will her family ever find out where her body is?? Blake is due to appear in court tomorrow and Henneberry should be back here by Thursday. I wonder if those two even worked around here. I can’t find out what connections they had to Halifax, if any.

  8. Blake Legette, a suspect in the disappearance of Loretta Saunders, will remain in jail until at least Friday, when he has a bail hearing.

    Leggette, 25, was brought to a Halifax courthouse on Tuesday morning, but didn’t make an appearance in court.

    More here….

    Loretta Saunders disappearance suspect sets bail hearing

  9. margaret says:

    I came in this morning and wrote you this long angry post ,because I was still pod about the video I had watched on tawnidilly. My answer to crime is ,if you murder or torture anyone just because you can, you need to be taken to the edge of a wooded area and be used for target practice by the victims family. My message went out in wild blue yonder when I posted it, just as well..

    If you want to read this childs story, just google WDTV.. A video of beautiful child is shown but I did not know if you would want a link,,

    Things are not looking good for Loretta. I read somewhere that she was also pregnant.. I think the two perverts who did this to her for a few dollars should be # 2 and #3 for my new law. OK off to read your new links.

  10. Margaret~~if I plan on writing a long comment, I do it in Notepad and then copy and paste. I have had a good many comments up and go poof. I watched the Opening statements in the Jonathan Richardson trial….his defense lawyer is going for insanity. I don’t know how those lawyers can sleep at night. Jonathan is a psychopathic sadist…. I am working on another post…JVM had it on tonight so I am doing some research…

  11. Breaking News…..

    Loretta’s body found at Salisbury, New Brunswick…just off the Trans Canada Highway…

    I hope those two bastards rot in hell…


  12. The two murderers will not rot in prison. They will probably only get 10 years each. I expect the two will accuse each other of murdering Loretta. I wish the Inuk people could allot the punishment to the two of them vigilante style. I am so angry right now and my heart is breaking for her family and boyfriend…not forgetting her unborn baby.

  13. debl115 says:

    Snoops, in the article that you posted, they spoke about the disappearance and/or deaths of three indigenous women in Nova Scotia, had you heard about those, or whether the cases were solved?

  14. deb~~I haven’t heard tell of any other women missing lately…I know there were one or two a few years ago. Sometimes the women turn up and we never know about it…when a body is found, it makes the news.

  15. I must give credit to our RCMP….they do not cater to the media ( we may find that frustrating) but slowly and methodically they get the job done.

    Here is the CTV Atlantic news…you can both segments …


  16. A blue tarp blocks the area where Loretta Saunders was found on a highway near Salisbury, N.B., on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

    Read more: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/police-say-body-of-loretta-saunders-has-been-found-1.1705278#ixzz2uUSzpefy

  17. margaret says:

    What a shame, I was trying to hold on to some hope.. Another honest hard working good person taken from this world, while two no good, not fit to clean this girls shoes, get to spend a few years of their sorry selves behind bars and then go their merry way. It seems the bad guys are winning this war. Another family torn apart, never to be the same again. God bless them.

    Are they sure it was Loretta sending those texts or could it have been those two trying to get into her bank account?

  18. Margaret~~you will find out it was those two sending the text for the mother’s maiden name so they could access her bank account. I expect they murdered Loretta in Halifax and put her body in the trunk of her own car. They dumped her body on their way to Ontario. Salisbury is about 2-3 hrs from Halifax. This happened practically in my back yard so to speak.


  19. Estee says:

    So sad…I hope those two or more involved in this tragedy get what’s due them…Friend indeed,,,More like fiends did the deed…

  20. Hi Estee~~so nice to see you! I hope God gives her family and boyfriend the strength to get through this….they are too distraught to appear on camera. I wish our Canadian law was not so lenient on murderers. I hope the two are not let out on bond.

  21. margaret says:


    I love these people ! ! If only all children had these guys….

  22. Victoria Henneberry looks real proud showing off her handcuffs.

    “The body was not found by a bystander, she wasn’t found by someone driving in the area,” he said. “The information that is before us helped us narrow down the area.”

    Police say Leggette, Henneberry and Saunders knew each other, but wouldn’t expand on the relationship.

    (I expect Leggette and Henneberry were drug pushers….Loretta did have a problem with drugs but was undergoing treatment at the meth clinic and trying to put her life back on track~ss)

    Read more here..


  23. margaret says:

    What a beautiful young woman.. Snoops is that her body just rolled off the side of road ? Angry is not the word for my feelings right now.

  24. Margaret~~the body in under the blue tarp. They just threw her on the median between the two highways.

    I learned that Loretta was murdered in her apartment…the one she let those two sublet…she was murdered on Feb 13th…the same day she went to the apartment to ask for rent money.

    Both Leggette and Henneberry are charged with first degree murder.


  25. New details have emerged about the murder of Loretta Saunders, the missing Halifax university student whose body was discovered along a New Brunswick highway last week.

    The Chronicle Herald has learned that Saunders’ body was in a hockey bag.

    And sources in the justice system say investigators have a security video of two people carrying a hockey bag out of an apartment building on Cowie Hill Road in Halifax, where police allege Saunders was killed Feb. 13.

    Read more details here…

    Saunders’ body was carried from apartment building in a hockey bag

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