Amanda Hayes-Trial Jan 21st.


Amanda Perry Hayes, 41, and her husband, Grant Ruffin Hayes, were both charged with first-degree murder in the July 2011 death of Laura Jean Ackerson, then 27, who was Grant Hayes’ ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two sons. Amanda Hayes also faces a charge of accessory after the fact of murder. Grant Hayes was found guilty in September, 2013.

Her trial is scheduled to begin with jury selection Jan. 21, and her lawyers told a judge Friday that they are considering calling Grant Hayes as a witness.

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93 Responses to Amanda Hayes-Trial Jan 21st.

  1. Vicky says:

    I certainly hope Grant Hayes is prevented from testifying. I can’t see either side wanting him as a witness or a judge allowing the testimony of a convicted felon with a pending appeal, but stranger things have happened. He pointed his finger at Amanda during his trial and is now claiming she killed Laura Akerson in self defense! She claims to have been in fear of him when she assisted with the disposal. Which story will she stick with? This man and the defendant Amanda are without conscience. He will refuse to answer half the questions if allowed to testify. Then again, perhaps if he is allowed to testify, the jury will see just how full of crap both are.

    I wonder how the children are doing.

  2. Vicky~~it will be interesting to see if the defense puts Amanda on the stand. That can be risky if you have a good prosecutor. It seems apparent Grant made that video for his own gain. No one was holding a gun to his head when he was caught on surveillance purchasing the containers and saw to dismember and stash Laura’s remains. All convicts like to think that they have committed the perfect murder. IMO, both Grant and Amanda are equally to blame. Some of these defense lawyers will throw everything against a wall in hopes one little reasonable doubt will stick. I found it sickening when I listened to Grant use his children as an excuse to cover up an accidental death… He would like to have an appellate court believe it was accidental so he blames the victim for initiating the altercation….shhhhsh

  3. Jury selection began today in the Amanda Hayes trial who is charged with First Degree Murder. Jury selection is expected to last all week.

    You may read more here and watch a short video….

  4. Amanda Hayes spoke to the judge about the case before jury selection began. He asked Amanda if she had discussed her attorneys’ strategy of blaming the murder completely on Grant.

    Judge Donald Stephens: “Do you feel like that’s in your best interest?”

    Amanda Hayes: “Yes, sir.”

    Stephens: “Okay. Do you authorize them to advise the jury of that fact?”

    Hayes: “I entrust my attorney to do whatever he feels is right.”

    More here…

  5. Alternate jurors still needed in Amanda Hayes murder trial

    Raleigh, N.C. — Wake County prosecutors and defense attorneys had seated 12 jurors by Thursday afternoon in the first-degree murder trial of Amanda Hayes and still must choose three alternate jurors.

    Opening statements could begin as early as Monday.

    More here…

  6. margaret says:

    Can you believe this ? They are friends,, OMG..

    Margaret~~I am not familiar with this case. Maybe some of the others will check it out…thanks!~~SS

  7. Amanda Hayes trial expected to begin Monday will provide live video of the trial daily once it begins.

  8. margaret says:

    Thanks for the heads up Snoops. Hopefully I can watch it. I think they are both equally guilty.

    The link above is for another woman going on trial in Maricopa county for beating to death her husband with a hammer. They are asking for death penalty for her too. The thing that got my attention was the fact that the article said that this woman and jodi are in same jail and are friends.. I guess jodi can teach her how to cry through her nose. Maricopa county is expecting that to be next big trial for them. Wonder if Martinez will handle that one.? Whatever could two women expecting to be sitting on death row have to talk about??

  9. Margaret~~you have peaked my interest so will have to check out that case.

    I am desperately looking for a good live stream link for the Amanda Hayes trial…I could use your help sweetie.

  10. Remember Amber Kirwan of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia? The jurors will get their instructions on Monday and then deliberate.

    Closing arguments presented at Amber Kirwan murder trial

    Read more:

  11. Marilyn N says:

    Looking so forward to Amanda’s trial!
    I would guess the prosecution will present many of
    the same witnesses as in Grant’s trial?

  12. Marilyn~~those same witnesses best not alter what they previously testified to or they will be charged with perjury. They expect the trial to last a month. If Grant Hayes is summoned by subpoena to testify, it is almost a given that he will take the Fifth since he has a pending appeal for his own conviction.

  13. Marilyn N says:

    I have to say the defense opening was pretty convincing, and I do believe
    Grant spent all her money, and we know he is a liar……..

  14. Marilyn~~thank goodness the judge stressed that Opening Statements are not evidence after Amanda’s lawyer sat down after his opening. That defense attorney almost had me convinced and then my mind went back to Baez. I score one for the defense in the first witnesses’ testimony too. I wonder what the penalty is in N.C. for being an accessory after the fact. I notice the state added that charge after the initial First Degree Murder charge…hmmm

    I felt the state had a good opening and repeated Amanda’s “I hurt her. I hurt her bad!” This may be an interesting trial. The state has the burden of proof and must implicate Amanda in the actual murder.

    As far as Amanda not knowing Laura’s dismembered body was in that U-Haul is BS. Amanda had to have noticed the strong smell of bleach in their apartment after the murder…I am hoping the state will bring up that issue.

  15. What is the sentence for accessory after the fact murder in North Carolina?
    25 years.

  16. A short video of how some legal pundits are weighing in on this case….pssst…I see HLN is discussing this case now and it is about time…their ratings sure need a boost…you will note that Grant Hayes had to bring up the race issue in the following…

  17. FYI~~You can get the videos of the Amanda Hayes trial at the following link…(in this way it will save me from posting them individually…my stats show we have many readers coming to this blog now)

  18. It depends on the weather if there will be a trial tomorrow!!

    Today, I think the diary entries helped the state but I noticed Amanda scored a few points during other testimony especially Laura’s own words written in the child custody assessment, Laura painted Grant as being a sociopath, narcissist, drug dealer, manipulator who had threatened her life.

  19. Marilyn N says:

    I am eager to hear the rest of Amanda’s daughter’s testimony tomorrow. ( Boo hoo snow day today!) It will be interesting to see where this trial goes because so far I sort of believe Grant
    could have forced Amanda into the coverup. He is a piece of work! Toss him into a cell with Jodi for a month!!
    I went back and watched Amanda’s sister, Karen Barry, on the stand from Grant’s trial and tried
    to imagine if a relative showed up in my driveway with a U-Haul full of suspicious contents!!!!

  20. Marilyn~~I feel Amanda’s defense lawyer made a huge faux pas when he said in his Opening statement that Amanda did not know Laura was dismembered and in that U -Haul. If Grant asked Amanda to lie to her sister about murdering Laura, he would be demanding enough to make her help him in the dismemberment and the clean up of their apartment after. How could Amanda not know? I think Grant sawed up Laura’s body in their bathroom…LE found two bleach stains on the floor…you would think Amanda would have` questioned Grant about them. I hope the jurors will want to know the answers.

  21. margaret says:

    Hi All !!! Have been trying to catch up, Thank you Snoops ! I can’t make myself believe that Amanda was so afraid of Grant that she just went with the flo. She had ample opportunities away from him that she could have called law enforcement.. They were broke and decided that they would not get stuck with child support, so Laura had to go. Laura didn’t go for the offer of alump sum and let Grant keep children , so goodbye Laura. Amanda let Grant involve her family in hiding body , that was some nerve. Amanda and Laura are beautiful women, but so stupid where that man was concerned, and now 3 little children have had their lives so messed up..

    Beth Karas has an article on Wild About Trial about the new upcoming Arizona trial. It sounds as though it might even be wilder than Jodi. If possible..

    I could not help but think of Juan Martinez last night as I watched the videos. Can you imagine him sitting at a table , asking questions and being so calm and polite??

    Snoops is there anyway we could watch anything about Ambers trial?

  22. debl115 says:

    Came upon this on Wild About Trial website, it gives a really good synopsis of the case. Just clicked on her website for the first time, although I’ve followed her tweets for a long time. I had NO idea she is who she is. After the tweets from the JA trial, where she is always talking about everybody’s attire that day, salmon tie, salmon skirt, etc, I honestly thought she was a gay dude!!!

  23. debl115 says:

    I’m so happy to have another crazy self-defense psycho biotch trial to follow while we wait for the other one to start back up! I’ve missed all of you super sleuths!

  24. Margaret~~Amber’s trial took place here in Nova Scotia. We do not allow cameras in the courtroom. Amber’s murderer was found guilty and got 25 years before he is eligible for parole. I posted the info on the ” 2013 in review” thread.

  25. debl115~~Just when I thought I’d heard them all….along comes DeVault…what a mixed up affair…”will you paralyze me?”…huh? How whacko is that?

    Marissa looks some young for 37…this should be quite the trial to watch. I just hope she does not take the stand and describe her sex and offline.

  26. Marilyn N says:

    Snoops~I agree that Amanda knew what was going on, but think that possibly Grant overpowered
    her into going along with it. Maybe she was threatened in a horrible way. I missed the
    statement in defense opening that she didn’t know the body parts were in the cooler and yes, that
    is not believable.
    I am not saying I think Amanda should get out of this mess free and clear, but I don’t think
    she was in on it in a 50/50 way. However, the trial has barely started, so I better hold my opinion
    until we have heard all the evidence. 😊

  27. debl115 says:

    Agree, Snoops, I had enough of the sex life, yada yada, from the JA trial to last me a lifetime. She does look young, but so did JA when the trial started. She has aged decades since then. JMO, but I think Amanda went along with (and was involved in) the whole thing, although I do think that Grant was a controlling SOB. I just feel so bad for all of the kids involved.

  28. Marilyn~~here is the Prosecution’s Opening statement…I have a lot of videos posted upthread…

    Amanda Hayes Trial. Prosecution Opening Statement. Day 1. Part 1

    I hope to hear your opinions throughout the trial…you can voice your true feelings in this blog without any backlash…xo

  29. Marilyn N says:

    Thanks Snoops! I did see the openings but guess I missed a detail here and there.
    Better go back and watch again!! Looking forward to tomorrow……… ~m~

  30. Wild About Trial did not post the videos of today’s trial so I did a quickie in here…

    When court began today, it was very obvious that Judge Stephens was not a happy camper and rightfully so. He seemed to be aiming his displeasure towards the defense table.

  31. margaret says:

    I noticed the Judge yesterday and he was not happy with defense. He shut them up fast when they tried to blame it on the court notification system. I like him and want to take him some allergy medicine.. I wish they would raise the volume of speakers at lawyers tables. I felt so sad for Amanda’s daughter having to relive this again. At least she was self reliant, unlike the three little ones, and able to create a new life for herself.

    Does anyone know if HLN is going to be doing anymore court shows? I really don’t like their line-up anymore..

  32. Marilyn N says:

    That old defense guy is too old for this trial. He is trying to confuse the detective and blame them for
    an inadequate investigation, like they were a team of idiots stumbling around blindly. He is only making himself
    sound foolish, in my mind, and I’m unclear what he was trying to show about the underwear??
    Also, I cannot believe they are going to try to show Amanda didn’t know what was in those coolers.
    They better rethink their defense quickly. I think she would have a bit of a chance going for the
    “Grant made me do it” defense.

  33. This is one hard trial to watch. I have to keep my volume turned way up to hear the defense lawyer. Poor Judge Stephens…. between his constant sniffs and breathing too close to his microphone (sounds like someone snoring)….his ums….

    A mysterious knife turned up in the Durango after the defense has access to that vehicle???

    I am glad I am not paying for that defense lawyer…could he be any more slower? He is really hung up on a special phone number for voice mail..what a stubborn old cuss…

  34. Marilyn N says:

    I took a look back at Grant’s defense and have to say, his may have been worse
    than Amanda’s!!
    Amanda’s old geezer seems to be making stuff up right and left!
    I hope we get to see a viewing of the boat loaded with the coolers!!!

  35. Has anyone heard any mention of Laura Ackerson’s family?

    [Edit] I googled and found this…

    According to WTVD, Laura’s family said she was estranged from them due to Hayes’ controlling ways.

    “It was hard to contact her without her getting in fear of her life… And we should have taken the threats more seriously. Grant Hayes and his wife are monsters,” said Laura’s brother Jason Ackerson.

    More here…

  36. margaret says:

    Are Amanda’s lawyers court appointed ? Why do I always get spooked by the eyes ? LOL Everytime Amanda walks into court room , her eyes look like she is still doing the part for Stepford Wives. They are wide open and no expression. Grant acted like he was having a great time during his trial..

  37. Margaret~~Amanda’s eyes look evil in her mugshot. Yes, she is an actress so can hide her true emotions. Grant is an A typical lunatic who believes aliens will spring him out of prison. How Laura and Amanda ever got mixed up with the likes of him is beyond me. I am not sure if Grant and/or Amanda were declared indigent and have public defenders.

    I am still trying to find out if Marissa DeVault’s trial will be live streamed…

  38. margaret says:

    Good write up on Trial Divas on devaught. haven’t finished reading yet.

  39. Margaret~~I read the entire article on DeVault…. we have another loony tune…sounds like she is a clone of Arias..

  40. margaret says:

    I can’t find anything about it being televised, hopefully someone will. Hln must be finished with trials.. I read somewhere that 3 defense lawyers from Maricopa County has been in hospital with flu.

  41. Marilyn N says:

    Grant is in his own little world. He thinks he can (could) live his life with people throwing money his way. He even got in good with the girl at Monkey Joes for a free ride there as well!!
    Maybe if somebody would have flipped his annoying rocking chair all the way back to the floor it would
    have knocked some sense into his head! Uggggggh!

  42. Marilyn N says:

    Sounds like old geezer defense attorney is up to more “trickery” in his questioning!

  43. Marilyn~~I wonder how much that old geezer is getting paid…he drags things out and ends up not saying a relevant thing.

  44. I hope the jurors were taking notes today….Amanda signed her name “Amanda Smith” from New York, N.Y, when they stayed at the hotel on the trip to Texas. Why would she want to disguise her identity IF she didn’t know Laura’s remains were in the U-Haul??

  45. Marilyn N says:

    And what about the mysterious knife found in the Durango.
    The defense brought it up in the first place, and now they are worried the
    prosecution is going to suggest it was the defense who planted it! ha!
    I think the judge pretty much suggested it isn’t relevant – sometimes things are missed, etc.
    He continues to pick apart the botched investigation like that is going to somehow get his client off!!

  46. Marilyn N says:

    Amanda should try to come up with a plea deal because I think she’s going down!
    Today the geezer ask the detective if he was aware that Amanda’s Border’s Book card was among the items
    taken during their search? W T ***** !!!!

  47. Marilyn~~the defense lawyer is trying to confuse the` the jurors. If he is throwing out pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, there is no way they will interlock.

    The state is methodically implicating Amanda, not only in the accessory after the fact but in the actual murder. The evidence shown today….yellow rubber gloves…a couple pair of blue plastic gloves…2 face masks…This was a team effort and I hope the jury brings back a verdict of guilty. I listened to the DEFENSE’s opening statement again tonight…this is where the old defense attorney made some fatal mistakes…There is no way in hell that Amanda did not know a murder and cover up took place in her home.

  48. Marilyn N says:

    The jury will have no choice but to come back with a guilty verdict.
    It’s to the point where I look forward to hearing what bizarre question will come out
    of the old guy’s mouth next!
    I still say Amanda might have had a glimmer of a chance if her defense was
    that Grant forced her to go along with the scheme.

  49. Marilyn N says:

    Sounds like he should know what he is doing………

  50. Marilyn~~Gaskins is driving me bonkers. He almost put Karen Berry to sleep. Berry tried her best to sugar coat and white wash her previous testimony to help Amanda. I am sure her attorney warned her not to perjure herself so she stuck with, “I can’t recall” and “I don’t remember.” I also wonder if Karen’s bad back was staged to create sympathy.

    Judge Stephens is having a medical procedure tomorrow morning…I wonder if it is related to his constant sniffles.

  51. Marilyn N says:

    That would be nice (to fix the sniffles!)
    You know what drives me up the wall is the crinkling of the paper
    bags right into the microphone! Shatters my nerves big time!!

  52. Marilyn N says:

    Sorry Snoops, the sniff did not get remedied this morning!!
    Did you see all those jugs of acid Amanda was tossing out?
    And it was all on camera!!! LOL

  53. Prosecution rests in the Raleigh murder trial of Amanda Hayes in death of Laura Ackerson

  54. Marilyn N says:

    Don’t cha think Amanda needs to take the stand? (along with Dunn!)

  55. I am trying to watch 2 trials at the same time…Amanda is on the stand…she starts her answers before the questions are asked so her testimony is well rehearsed…She is an actress and her soft gentle voice is so fake… I am also trying to watch the closings in the Dunn trial so have to play catch up at nite watching videos of what I have` missed.

  56. Jurors sent home around noon due to bad weather moving in…

  57. State rested….closing arguments and jury instructions on Monday!!

  58. margaret says:

    Snoops, I run back over the videos of Amanda testifying and I am still convinced that she is as guilty as Grant. IMO. She is not a stupid Stepford wife. She was not afraid of Grant either. She knew exactly what was going on and had opportunity after opportunity to report Grant to police before Laura body got so brutally treated.. She helped Grant cover up all the way. She was willing to involve her poor innocent family to protect herself and Grant. She is the one who knew about the river in front of sisters home. The thing that bothers me is why her sister went along with disposing of the body? The sister could have called the police and still kept Amanda and children safe if Grant were the only guilty one. I say she is as guilty as Grant..

    My husband says he can’t understand why I like to watch these trials. I told him that I was learning things ,like I really never loved him , because I would have kicked him to the street before I let him spend $ , that I had inherited. LOL Can people be so smart that they are downright stupid???

  59. Marilyn N says:

    Amanda opened the door to her bank account the day she sent Grant a plane ticket to New York.
    It’s not looking too good for her!

  60. I cannot see Amanda being found not guilty…thank God it is NC and not Florida!

  61. margaret says:

    I know this is out of order but this case is getting laughable, think someone might be getting worried. Can’t believe Nurmi and Willmott are trying to bribe Judge Stephens or they will quit AGAIN. Pathetic.

  62. margaret says:

    Sad but true Snoops.. Fl. would probably let Grant off.. Fl. has to do something about the stand your ground law. Too many loop holes in it.

  63. Marilyn N says:

    So how quick will this verdict be? Today???

  64. I think it will be quick….I really liked Judge Stephens…he has a bad cold…

  65. I think the state put on a good case and the jury instructions were not complicated….

  66. Marilyn N says:

    Yes – I was wondering if you were enjoying his nose blowing – LOL!

  67. Marilyn N says:

    Verdict probably tomorrow.

  68. Marilyn N says:

    While awaiting Amanda Hayes verdict, it looks like there will be a Bashara hearing this afternoon
    2:00 Detroit time, and a trial just beginning for a Brandon Daniel on Wild about Trial. (:

  69. I expected a quick verdict to come back in Amanda’s trial. The longer they deliberate, the more favorable it is looking for her. JMO

  70. Thanks for the info, Marilyn!! xo

  71. Marilyn N says:

    As usual, the Bashara hearing was weird.
    All the attorneys in that group look like they should be on The Sopranos!

  72. margaret says:

    While we wait, found some Tawnidilly videos on you tube of the Marissa Devault trial. another jodi.

  73. Thanks, Margaret! I have been hanging close to Facebook and chatting with out of province relatives getting updates on my sister who is in CCU…things are not improving after her heart attack just over 2 weeks ago…I comment a bit on Dave’s FB page…

  74. Marilyn N says:

    Michael Dunn juror talking on Nightline tonite (now).

  75. Marilyn N says:

    Now there just HAS to be a verdict today – soon!!!

  76. I noticed Amanda and her female attorney looked very optimistic today…smiling. They are back deliberating after a break.

  77. Marilyn N says:

    Too bad they can’t just show the jurors the video of Shay on the stand!
    They are being very thorough.

  78. Guilty-Second Degree Murder

  79. Vicky says:

    I can’t say this was unexpected. Sadly, the lives of three children and their families will be forever impacted over issues that should never have ended in another person’s death.

  80. I heard Laura’s father was going to try and get custody of Grant the 4th and Gentle.. Grant signed the 3 children over to his mother when he was charged.

  81. Marilyn N says:

    I liked what the judge had to say to Amanda, that if she would have stepped up,
    Laura might still be alive today.

  82. margaret says:

    I like this Judge, say what it is and get to the point. He was totally right, Amanda could have stopped this. She deserves what she got.

    Snoops I hope and pray that today was a better day for your sister. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.. Hugs for you my friend.

  83. 13 plus years, minus time served, plus good behavior credit and she could be out in 7-8 years… not so much of a cost for Laura’s life. Sad for all.

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