When all is said and Dunn on Feb 3rd, 2013

On Feb 3rd, 2014 Michael Dunn goes on trial for Second Degree Murder.

When Dunn, a 47-year-old white man, sprayed bullets into a Dodge Durango filled with four black boys, killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music, was he defending himself from a shotgun he said he saw (but which was never found)?

Was he racially profiling the boys as “thugs,” a term he later used for Davis in jailhouse letters? Is “thug” defined by behavior or skin color?

Read more here ….

Frank Denton: Prying open the legal system in the Dunn case

Here is the post I put up in Sept/13…check it out if you wish to refresh your memory of this case…You will note as per the title of the post, the defense asked for a delay in the trial and it is scheduled for Feb 3rd/14…barring any more delays.

Michael Dunn-Trial Sept 23rd

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  1. Marilyn~~thanks for posting that link…I just finished reading it…Look at this excerpt from the article…Attorney Cory Strolla said he was spending too much of his time dealing with efforts from the media to get more information on the trial, and didn’t have time to properly prepare.

    I was of the understanding that the media would file motions and the judge makes the decision on what discovery will be released to the public not the defendant’s attorney. You can rest assured that when Angela Corey is involved she will throw her weight around and call all the shots. She would like to change the Sunshine Law to suit herself in getting a conviction. She still must be red- faced after the fiasco of the Zimmerman trial.

    IMO, Dunn’s attorney has a battle on his hands to win this case. From what I have learned thus far, Dunn is done for and the defense is trying to delay the inevitable.

  2. Media organizations ask for release of jailhouse calls made by Michael Dunn in Jordan Davis case

    (Notice how Angela has to have things her way??)

    Judge Russell Healey ruled last week that about 180 hours of phone calls Dunn has made from prison were public records. But State Attorney Angela Corey has said she will not release the calls until her staff spends about 180 hours redacting them and media organizations pay $6,000 for the staff time.

    That is expected to take nine to 10 weeks, according to Corey. Dunn’s trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 3. No further hearings in the case have been scheduled before jury selection begins.

    Read more here……


  3. Marilyn N says:

    I guess I don’t understand why the media thinks they entitled to the phone records
    when the trial hasn’t even started yet?

  4. Marilyn~~once the state passes discovery over to the defense and they review it then the media can go after it. This is the Sunshine Law… The state generally has a deadline to pass over all the discovery to the defense prior to the start of the trial.

  5. This is strange….Tuesday, Judge Russell Healey told attorneys for The Florida Times-Union, First Coast News and WJXT TV-4 that he doesn’t believe he should rule on the release of the phone calls as the presiding judge. He said he is likely to tell the media they have to file a separate lawsuit with a civil judge. Civil court???

    Phone calls of Michael Dunn unlikely to be released before trial begins in death of Jordan Davis

    Read it all here…


  6. Angie is not happy unless she is creating an uproar…

    Dunn public record fight gets expensive

    Florida law allows lawyers to recoup fees if an agency unlawfully withheld public records. In today’s filling, lawyers asserted that the motives behind State Attorney Angela Corey’s “foot-dragging” were made clear in recent public comments in which she reportedly said, “the public doesn’t need to know anything about a case before it goes to trial.”

    Read more here….


  7. Marilyn N says:

    I just don’t think the media should be creating possibilities for screwing up the trial.

  8. Marilyn N says:

    Hoping Dunn’s trial begins next week! Ahhhh, the good old days when we have overlapping

  9. margaret says:


    I think Mr. Dunn is going to have a very hard battle, thanks to his own bigoted , racist mouth. Lots of stuff up on First Coast News. I think they may be going to have trial , live.

  10. Marilyn N says:

    I read thru several of Michael Dunn’s jailhouse letters and they are very telling as to where his
    head is. He has no remorse except for getting caught, and continues calling everyone (blacks)
    thugs, etc. And while he is now completely broke and indigent, his 5 year plan is to have a house on the water
    with a seaplane parked out front!
    You can find the letters on First Coast News website. I couldn’t figure out how to post it here.

  11. I could not access First Coast News without pop-ups attacking me…here is a recap of the letters from another site…

    “It’s spooky how racist everyone is up here and how biased toward blacks the courts are. This jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs,” he notes. He goes on to say “This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior,”

    More here…


  12. Do we have a judge who is catering to Angela Corey? Biased perhaps ?

    Appellate Court Orders Emergency Hearing in “Loud Music” Murder Trial


  13. Michael Dunn’s jail letter are included in these doc files…

  14. Marilyn N says:

    if anyone is interested:
    WJCT’s Rhema Thompson is live-tweeting today’s proceedings in the Michael Dunn trial—you can follow her on Twitter @RhemaThompson.

  15. Marilyn N says:

    Noon Tomorrow (Thursday)!!
    Jury selected for Jacksonville fatal shooting

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A jury and four alternates have been chosen to hear the first-degree murder trial of a man accused of shooting a 17-year-old boy during an argument over loud music at a Jacksonville gas station.

    The panel seated Wednesday is made up of 11 women and five men. Jurors will not be told who the alternates are until just before they begin deliberations at the end of the trial.

    Authorities say 47-year-old Michael Dunn fatally shot Jordan Davis of Marietta, Ga., outside a convenience store in Jacksonville in November 2012. Dunn has claimed he felt threatened and thought Davis had a gun.

    Opening statements are scheduled for noon Thursday.

    In a related matter, a magistrate judge said the State Attorney’s Office was asking for reasonable fees when prosecutors said it would cost more than $6,000 to redact Dunn’s jailhouse calls before they are released to the public. An attorney for news organizations argued the fees were unreasonable.

    The magistrate, John Sampson, ordered prosecutors to turn over by Friday a list of all phone calls Dunn has made from jail, estimated to be about close to 800, including the dates, times, and phone numbers he called.

    Journalists then can then begin requesting individual calls, he said.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/05/3915274/jury-selected-for-jacksonville.html#storylink=cp

  16. Thanks, Marilyn….you are being a GREAT help in here..xo

  17. The panel seated Wednesday is made up of six white females, three black females, four white males, one Hispanic male, and two women who appeared to be of Asian descent. Jurors will not be told who the alternates are until just before they begin deliberations at the end of the trial.

  18. Dunn trial…faux pas made by state in Day 1 of trial…

    1. Two state witnesses say they wrote Dunn’s licence plate number down on the brown paper bag..so which one was telling the truth.

    2. State did not video tape the interviews of the young men who was in the vehicle with Jordan Davis. Oversight or sloppy work?

    John Guy was great during his Opening statement.
    Angela Corey is soooooooo sweet.
    Cory Strolla is feisty.

  19. Marilyn N says:

    Sounds like the defense is banking on that sloppy police work to get their killer off and hence,
    the suspicious gun he was threatened with was never found………..

  20. Vicky says:

    Had Dunn not fled the scene, had he called 911, had he returned like the kids did, then perhaps the police would have searched for the alleged gun. Why would they look for something they didn’t know was supposed to exist? Not only that, wouldn’t common sense tell us that if the kids did have a gun, wouldn’t they shoot back? Dun’s story is a bunch of bull!

  21. Vicky~~Cory Strolla is trying to use sloppy police work as a defense….

  22. Vicky says:

    I know Snoops, but it’s hard to claim sloppy police work, when there was no reason to think the kids had a gun. Dunn had all night to craft his story, the kids and other witnesses were questioned within hours. The witnesses in the adjacent parking lot did not see the teens throw out a gun or anything else.

  23. Vicky says:

    The Durango returned to the scene in less time than it took the cop across the street to arrive at the gas station with his DUI suspect in tow. 🙂

  24. Marilyn N says:

    Why do I have a feeling that Dunn is going to walk?
    His defense attorney is really getting on my nerves!!

  25. Marilyn~~I can’t see Dunn walking but I have to admit that his defense attorney is feisty and does his homework. I love watching him… There are 16 jurors…they choose the alternates after all the evidence and closing..there are 3 black women on the jury…if any are picked to deliberate with the chosen 12…..Dunn will be found guilty. Dunn even mentioned that in one of his jailhouse letters.

  26. Marilyn N says:

    I know defense attorney is only doing his job. I just get annoyed when they blame everybody
    else – shoddy police work, and then his girlfriend’s idea to stop at the store for wine, then her idea
    to order pizza, then her idea to get home fast, then her idea to close the garage door, etc etc etc……
    I wonder if the poor kid gets reimbursed from Dunn to get his red car fixed after being all shot up?

  27. Marilyn~~
    Michael’s girlfriend is a mess…I can well imagine she was terrified to tell falsehoods on the stand to cover for Michael. I wonder if the state will put anyone on who had witnessed Michael’s temper in the past….

    I read an article by Mark O’Mara…he thinks Cory Strolla is turning the jury off with his aggressive cross exams…he seems to use bully tactics…

  28. Marilyn N says:

    Well he sure raises my blood pressure!!!
    (plus his voice reminds me of a person I don’t care for so that is all the worse – LOL)

  29. Marilyn N says:

    Additionally……….Does it seem odd that Dunn’s girlfriend had never met his son prior to the wedding, after being with him for almost 4 years?

  30. Marilyn~~Dunn did not have communication with his son for almost 5 years prior to the wedding!!

  31. Marilyn N says:

    And then they barely stayed at the wedding because of the dog!!

  32. Newbie says:

    I haven’t read a whole lot about this case so far. Did the boys say why they left and then returned to the lot?

  33. Newbie says:

    Well that was rather rude of me….sorry. Hello All !!! I’m just rush’n in and out for right now. Wish I could stay and catchup. Later …..

  34. Marilyn N says:

    I’m not impressed with Dunn’s flying community.
    I think pros. should put Dunn’s ex-wife and son on the stand!!

  35. Marilyn N says:

    Where is this defense going??

  36. Marilyn~~they are going to have to put Dunn on the stand….so far they do not have a prayer…

  37. Newbie says:

    Hey Snops…….. Now that is a typo I’m going to leave in “snops”. Is that the same spelling as the drink?
    Anyway, Snops, what did tthe three boys say about why they left the parking lot immediately after the shooting. They left and returned. I would assume they were trying to get away but why would they return as soon as they did? Is it so simple I’m not seeing it? Help anyone?

  38. Vicky says:

    NewbieThA cording their testimony they returned to try and get help for their friend. I honestly don’t think they knew what to do. Perhaps the 911 operator instructed them to return and wait for emergency personnell.

  39. Newbie~~they also said the lighting was better back at the station and more people around who may help. I do not believe they had any communication with 911 before going back…

    They left the gas station to avoid the bullets…the defense wants to prove they left to stash a weapon…no weapon was every recovered that the boys may have had. Love, Snops

  40. Vicky says:

    There has been a long time lapse since opposing counsel met to discuss jury instruction. I wonder if something else is going on.

  41. Vicky~~can you explain further what you mean…TIA

  42. Vicky says:

    When the jurors left, court continued. They discussed the expert witness the defense wanted to call. AC didn’t feel he is qualified. The judge will rule in the morning after she finishes deposing him. Then they were sent back for half an hour to discuss details of jury instructions.. Which will likely differ if Dunn testifies. If he doesn’t, they likely won’t get a self defense instruction. Well the clock is still showing on video feed in the courtroo, but no return at this point.

  43. Vicky says:

    Here is a link to the video feed. I doubt it would still be active if no one is returning.

  44. Vicky says:

    Of course, I could be full of crap..:)

  45. Vicky says:

    I just checked, the clock is still ticking. LOL

  46. Vicky says:

    And, based upon reflection in the clock, lights are still on in the courtroom. Now, I will stop with the multiple comments.

  47. Marilyn N says:

    Maybe the camera guy forgot to shut it down! LOL

  48. Marilyn N says:

    Dunn’s ex-wife seemed very nice so the problem in their marriage HAD to have been HIM…….

  49. Vicky says:

    I was thinking the same thing about the camera. LOL
    I found it interesting that the defense didn’t call wife number 2.
    I wonder if Dunn will testify. I googled the name of the man the defense wants to call. He is a minister/marriage counselor. I will be very surprised if AC agrees to his testimony without a fight. I expect fireworks over that one in the morning. I like the way this case played itself out. Not using Dunn’s interviews has painted the defense into a corner.

  50. Marilyn N says:

    I am trying to imagine how, if Dunn takes the stand, he can talk his way out of this.
    I don’t think anything he has to say will change the picture, unless he gets someone’s
    sympathy. The way his defense attorney tried to place the blame on everybody else but
    his defendant rubbed me the wrong way big time.
    When Strolla asked the one witness if he saw anyone doing CPR on the body
    on the ground, I thought he was going to say the death was caused by nobody performing
    CPR on him fast enough!!

  51. Marilyn N says:

    Boy, that Michael Dunn is a mess – bad back, poor hearing, messed up finger!!
    Any thoughts so far???????

  52. Marilyn N says:

    And tunnel vision!!

  53. Newbie says:

    Wow! I have HLN on while reading the blog. Dunn is testifying and just demonstrated how he actually retrieved the gun and shot the child. He also is stating how scared he was while thinking “they” weren’t going to kill him that day…..something similar. It reminded me of the statement “make my day”.
    Oh dear, Dunn continued why he kept shooting…..to keep their heads down so they weren’t shooting wildly….(.seems he was the one shooting wildly.) His testimony continues…………(.good Lord, tell me he didn’t say that)….lol

  54. Newbie says:

    Marilyn, I now get the “tunnel vision”…..lol.

  55. Marilyn N says:

    Amanda is on the stand now too!!!

  56. Newbie says:

    So they were so scared they kept looking out the hotel window and most cars were “red xxx” according to themselves.
    Good Lord, why didn’t they call the police if they were that afraid of being found

  57. Newbie says:

    I was trying to figure out who Amanda was for a minute…..lol. !!!

  58. Marilyn N says:

    Good thing these trials are recorded!

  59. Marilyn N says:

    Dunn’s voice is beginning to annoy me……..

  60. Newbie says:

    I’ve got to keep my hands away from the keys here or there is going to be a lot of one-liners on stuff you already know.

  61. Newbie says:

    Hi Marilyn !! I wonder if his voice is different when he isn’t lying. There I go again, assuming. Marilyn do you believe annoy of his testimony?

  62. Newbie says:

    ## anoy…not annoy

  63. Newbie says:

    ### any

  64. Marilyn N says:

    Oh good, he’s getting feisty now.

  65. Marilyn N says:

    Newbie, I believe the music was loud……

  66. Marilyn N says:

    I don’t recall the detectives were combative in his interrogation…..

  67. Newbie says:

    lol…….good one.
    I wonder if he is having FITS on the stand (he testified his girlfriend was having fits of crying and fits of_____, can’t remember last part of comment but Dunn inferred she had fits instead of feelings……,this lady had fits…..what an $ss.

  68. I am watching….will comment later…don’t want to miss anything…

  69. Marilyn N says:

    I’m thinking he’s not helping his case…..

  70. Newbie says:

    I’m thinking I gotta go to a doctor appointment…..tempting to cancel it…..lol.

  71. Marilyn N says:

    Gee – the Dunn family can afford to fly planes every week for their hobby, but feel free
    to make donations to their son’s legal fees on his website!!

  72. Recently I was sitting in a COSTCO parking lot talking on my phone… I was not driving, not parking, not moving the car. Some guy comes up to my window and starts yelling at me to put down the phone. “Turn it off!” he was yelling at me. )WtF?( I wasn’t doing anything to him, about him, and my window wasn’t down.

    The point in mentioning this is that more and more people (men, it seems) believe they have the Right to tell others how to live and I think this is the crux of this case… the idiot Dunn believed in his inebriated state that he had the authority to tell those ‘thugs’ what to do… it was really None of His Damn Business if they had their radio on loudly. All Dunn had to do was leave and go to another place to buy his wine.

    Also, I want to note that his girlfriend demonstrated behavior of an abused woman… and it was incredibly brave of her to tell the truth on the stand, I think.

    So, I am casting a vote for GUILTY, lack of remorse in any aspect, and his after-event actions of not being a responsible gun owner, calling the police after discharging his pistol. (BTW, I would never have hung around if I thought I’d seen a gun pointed at me…I’d be zooming out backwards!)

  73. Newbie says:

    I see it your way Sandy but think you were way to kind in your words regarding Dunn and his actions…..lol.

  74. Marilyn N says:

    In my opinion, Michael Dunn has no remorse and if he hadn’t got caught, he
    would be off living his life guilt free. And like George Zimmerman, he would
    do it again.

  75. I watched the state closing arguments and they have broken for lunch…Strolla is next up and I expect Angela Corey will do the last closing…. We may see a hung jury on this one!!

  76. Newbie says:

    Snops, that just can’t happen ! No hung jury but more than likely you’re right. After all it is Florida laws etc.

  77. Vicky says:

    I only had time to listen to Guy. All I can say is wow! It was awesome.

  78. Newbie says:

    Under the Stand Your Ground……would the boys have been protected by that portion of the law if they had gone after Defendant Dunn? The three remaining boys had to be scared and thinking their lives were in danger so why wouldn’t they be able to defend themselves from Dunn? Just how would that play out.

  79. Marilyn N says:

    OK how long is it going to take???

  80. Vicky says:

    Hopefully, just long enough for them to read the verdict forms and render a guilty verdict on all 5 counts. LOL
    Actually, I tink we will have a verdict tomorrow. It really isn’t a complicated case..either they believe Dunn or they don’t..I don’t think there will be a hung jury. I don’t think they will have any problem with counts 2 thru 5. GUILTY. As for count 1, I hope for first degree, but look for guilty on one of the lesser included.

  81. Vicky says:

    Oh good grief!

  82. Vicky~~those idiots plan on standing their ground….it will never end…

  83. Jury deliberation started just after 5 p.m. and wrapped up just after 8 p.m. The jury is composed of four white men, two black women, four white women, one Asian female and one Hispanic man.

  84. Marilyn N says:

    I have a hunch we’re in for a bit of a wait for this verdict.
    Weather day in Amanda Hayes trial?
    Going into withdrawals – help!
    Do we have another trial coming up SOON????

  85. Marilyn~~Marissa DeVault’s trial is on now…it is gross…she killed her hubby with a hammer…I am not watching it yet..she is another Jodi Arias


  86. Marilyn N says:

    Thank you! DeVault’s trial isn’t being shown – only the first day was.
    And after the nice, efficient trials we’ve been watching it would be hard to trudge thru
    another Arizona trial with their maybe 2 hours of trial per day!! Can you imagine if
    Nurmi was defending Dunn? He would still be on opening statements!!

  87. Newbie says:

    I shudder at the thought of Nurmi defending Dunn !!!!
    I didn’t read much or watch this trial as I was still suffering from Arias burnout. Had I known it was going to go as fast as it did I would have followed it from the beginning.
    I just watched Dunn’s attorney question him and if Dunn hasn’t spent more time with guns and a good amount of practicing getting that gun out, I’ll seal my lips forever. He just about let it slip a couple of times. And, before thinking of sealing my lips, I’ve got to find out about the gun. Fifteen in the mag or capability of fifteen rounds?? I don’t think you get that type of fire power automatically but don’t want to say much since all I know it is not a revolver and the clip used that night –15 rounds…..hmmmmm….where’s Vicky?

    Without knowing all the facts, I venture to give my uneducated opinion. IMO Dunn realized he just had used the “You talkin’ to me” phrase of Clint Eastwood but that he was not in a dream; that he had just shot ten shots at a car with “thugs” in it (bam, bam, bam bam…not pop pop) and needed to get somewhere else as MAYBE no one knows it was him or got his license. He didn’t even tell his “love” for crying out loud.
    I will stop there. Still in my uneducated opinion, Mr Dunn was more interested in stating they had plans in the area and it was or did cost him quite a bit and he was hiding from the bad guys and he didn’t want to call the police until some of the alcohol was out of his system ……oops did I say that?

  88. Marilyn N says:

    If he hadn’t got caught, he would be happy to be on with his life as usual.
    Being that the jurors are asking for and pouring over evidence, at least they are not
    going with a cut and dried stand your ground/self-defense.
    Hoping the jurors found Dunn to be as arrogant and cocky as I do.
    Do you all think Rhonda is waiting for him with open arms??

  89. Newbie says:

    If I were her, I would be long gone from him. To be honest, with his attitude I wouldn’t have looked at him twice in my life time (thank God I didn’t get any bosses like him). If she stays you know he’ll “brow beat” her due to the testimony she gave. She’s been with him for four or five years???? UGH!
    Marilyn, I get the feeling that you might be waiting for him but not with open arms……lol.

  90. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, with a club!!!

  91. Newbie says:

    I’m listening to HLN and the parties just went over the dowels being allowed along with the dummy. Ooops, commercial now but anyway, Corey was putting her two cents in and evidently missed the point they were discussing. Embarrassing ??

  92. Newbie says:

    A club with spikes in it??? …lol…..,

  93. Newbie says:

    Can we get that dummy with the sticks? That is a question from the jury. Chit, I thought they were asking for Dunn after you got hold of him Marilyn..lol.

  94. Marilyn N says:

    Do we think they are trying to figure out if victim was outside the car when shot?

  95. margaret says:


    Just a little news to take our minds off jury for a while. Jodi hasn’t joined in yet.. LOL Read on facebook Juan has been having medical problems. God Bless Him. Can’t believe trial postponed again.

    I thought Dunns jury would be faster than this..

  96. Newbie says:

    I thought a decision would have been made by now too, Margaret, yet am very glad the jury is really thinking and looking at the whole case and the evidence.
    I wonder if Dunn got his gun out as soon as his girlfriend left the vehicle? I have a problem with when a gun is actually in the hands of a defendant…..especially George Z and I sure wonder about Dunn at this point. When a defendant starts explaining how and when he pulled his pistol (macho man) along with talking about his knowledge of guns my alert button turns red.

  97. Marilyn N says:

    If you just caught the ex-neighbor of M.Dunn on HLN, I have to say I believe him.
    I see him as a privileged, spoiled, get his way boy.
    And I think all Rhonda’s tears and nervous, shaking hands on the stand were because she’s
    scared to death of Dunn. So if you’re reading this – “Run Rhonda Run”!!!!!

  98. Newbie says:

    In my fantasy world…….when Dunn threatens Rhonda or goes to hit her she needs to have her Stand Your Ground pistol in hand and yell “You’re not going to kill me, you son of a xitch.” Just let her take a page from his “Clint Eastwood make my day” mentality.

    I think …pardon me….it is my opinion that just like GZ, Dunn totin’ a has spent more time talking and dreaming about using it than anything else except finding fault with others.

  99. Wow…that video is potent!!

  100. Marilyn N says:

    Sheesh!! I just reread one of Dunn’s letters from prison to his son/daughter dated Jan.30,2013 –
    He writes how he is going to be “not guilty”, of course, and then he will proceed to sue the state of Florida and live on those proceeds! OMG Jurors, pleeze get this one right!!

  101. Newbie says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet as I just found out a tad ago that Dunn had a silencer and numb chucks. Pa–lease…..the mancho crazy seem to really like that Florida law. Seems they think if they get that carry permit they have a reason to feed their images of themselves.

    I feel I should apologize to those who live in Florida who are responsible citizens. i do apologize.

  102. Newbie says:

    I read some of the letters but not that one. I’ve got to go watch the video and read the letter.
    First I need to ask if the bullets in Dunn’s gun were black talon? Anybody?

  103. Newbie says:

    Good Heavens, I just read the Dec 5. 2012 letter to Rhonda. He sure laid out what he needed her to say.. I can’t read any more of his writings tonight. IMO ….what a jerk double jerk etc etc.

  104. Vicky says:

    Thanks for posting that video. I can’t say that anything they said shocks me and I believe every word of it. I was offended by his demeanor on the witness stand and could tell he had no problem with lying. Not that it wasn’t obvious during his police interview. As for Rhonda, I can’t quite figure her out. I do think she was/is afraid of him, but was glad she was unwilling to lie for him. What I found the most odd was the difference in her demeanor when the police interviewed her and when she testified. I pray the jury gets this right and makes certain he never sees the outside of a prison.

    Newbie – I think 12-15 rounds is fairly typical for the magazine on that size weapon. Those kids are just fortunate he didn’t have time to get off more shots or there might have been even more casualties in that SUV. It is actually fortunate that he was using hollow points at that short distance. Otherwise. the kid in the front would have probably been shot as well, as the bullets wouldn’t have broken up on impact as readily. His BS story of not realizing the car was moving when he fired the second volley was yet another lie.

  105. Vicky says:

    Newbie – It is so obvious he was trying to get Rhonda to “remember” he made mention of that gun to her. It does my heart good to think that Dunn will likely spend what is left of his no God fearing life behind bars, because at least there he will have to worry about the here and now with individuals who know who he is and what he did. At some point I hope he hears the words “Are you talking to me? 🙂

  106. Newbie says:

    Vicky, so well put “Are you talking to me? lol I wonder who he thinks he is .

  107. Newbie says:

    I’m glad to see my own comment. I wrote two separate comments and couldn’t get them to go through.

  108. Newbie says:

    I appreciate the info on the type of ammo and the clip. It all just galls me that another child is gone becaluse someone wanted to fulllfil their “dream or fantasy” . What a disturbed, sick human being that Dunn is. I don’t wonder too much about Rhonda. It’s one of those situations where you lie down with dogs you get fleas.

  109. Sorry gals, I know zilch about guns and I get scared to even look at a pic of one.

    IMO, Rhonda is absolutely terrified of Michael Dunn. Her childlike motions, especially with her hands when she rolled her kleenex into a ball and played with it when crossed by the defense, displayed an abused woman. She cast a quick glance at Dunn and gave him a weak smile and placed her hand over her heart. I am afraid for her if Dunn walks and in Florida, anything is possible.

  110. Vicky says:

    I wonder what the jury will think (regardless of the verdict) when they find out he had a silencer in his car.

  111. After watching the video and reading some jail letters, Dunn is a white supremacist!!

  112. Newbie says:

    Snoops, I haven’t seen her testimony as yet. I confess to not following this case just because I don’t mind myself very well. I get aggravated and my blood pressure will rise. Then I come here and don’t seem to have any facts, just blow off steam mainly once I do get involved….lol.

  113. Newbie says:

    I saw some of Dunns old neighbor on Jane V or Nancy. Can’t remember which but there was enough of the neighbors statements to backup that Dunn is more than an _ss. He’ll fall in with the supremists (?) and fit quite well.
    I do hope and pray the jury convicts him.

  114. Vicky says:

    Ya think? LOL
    I knew that from the get go. Leaving the scene of the incident and the initial interview made it clear to me that he placed no value on the life of his victim.
    I think Rhonda is also afraid of Dunn’s parents.

  115. Vicky says:

    It’s one thing to be a dumb racist. It is quite another to be an arrogant racist. He won’t win any popularity contests behind bars. His lack of social skills will piss off more than the AA population. My money is on him begging the warden for protective custody. IOM, He is a woos.

  116. Newbie says:

    lol…..that cools my heels ! Well put….the arrogant racist woos….On that note, I will say good night all.

  117. Marilyn N says:

    I found this about Dunn’s company.
    End of 2nd paragraph there is the word again,
    “very ARROGANT”…

  118. Marilyn N says:

    Didn’t Dunn say on the stand that he didn’t use the word “thug”?
    In the letters he writes that he is in “Thugville”!
    Why didn’t they use those letters !!!!!
    Nervously awaiting the verdict……………. (happy ❤️’s day!)

  119. Newbie says:

    Well, you all can throw rocks at me for this one. I think Rhonda is what we term a chameleon more than an abused partner or maybe she is both. I watched her police interview and then watched her court testimony and while I believe part of her statements, she did add a few things here and there just as Michele David Dunn prompted her to in letters. I’m not saying she didn’t have herself in a dither during her court testimony and that it was all lies. I just believe she can alter herself into what needs to be just as a chameleon can adapt in color and actions to what it needs at the time.
    I do feel sorry for her and the situation Dunn has created but…..good Lord, she even had the Judge helping her prior o the jury coming in. He wanted to help her due to his understanding that she was extremely emotional. I also think Dunn and she spent more time talking about this than has been admitted. No, they may have not had discussions on their way to the Sheridan but I think it was probably because Rhonda was furious as she had every right to be. And to just add a little tidbit, we all know Dunn just got real talkative and passionate over guns and politics….nothing else.

    I usually do not say I told you so but when everyone was talking about what a fine fella G Anthony was, I took issue with it and said early on he was a cad and that Cindy was a rip. I got rocks thrown at me then and kind of expect them on this one too……anybody?

  120. Great comments everyone….I have been watching Hayes trial among other things… wind is howling and hope my power stays on…

  121. Marilyn N says:

    Possible verdict coming soon!!!!!!!

  122. Newbie says:

    Headline news is discussing what happened with the jury question or what it indicated. Thanks Marilyn !!
    Now I am a giddy-nervous. I can’t imagine what Jordon’s parents are feeling or what Rhonda is going through right now.
    Snoops, come up for air. !!!!!!

  123. Marilyn N says:

    I am totally N E R V O U S ! !!!!!!!!

  124. Newbie says:

    I don’t know if what is on HLN is a rerun of what the judge said or if it is him talking to those in the court at this time but if the decision and such is not tonight they will be in court tomorrow and possibly Sunday ! I like this Judge.

  125. Newbie says:

    I think I am going to have to wipe the front of kitchen cabinets or whatever to pass the time right now. If I try to do something that requires any real thinking I won’t stay focused and end up with a mess…..lol.
    Marilyn, any ideas…lol.

  126. Marilyn N says:

    I’m sewing!!
    Need to go down and put some dinner together with my laptop on the counter!!

  127. Newbie says:

    Sewing and cooking….watch your fingers when they give that verdict ! I’m off to wipe down cabinets and then make some of the old fashioned cocoa fudge for this weekend. Of course I’ll have to test it some.

  128. margaret says:

    Wow ! That video is chilling. I got that same impression about Dunn’s mother from a couple of letters she wrote to him in jail. My opinion of the girlfriend just didn’t fit at first, she just does not seem like his type, but I now realize that she is the only type that he can control. Her remark on the stand about stopping to get wine, ” I gave him a kiss and got $20 “, told me her position with him
    Uh Oh don’t like that last question..

    I just can’t understand a mind set that someone always feels it necessary to always have a gun with you all the time, like grabbing your purse . I just don’t get it.

  129. Up for air…..hung jury!!

  130. Newbie says:

    The other trial you were watching or this one Snoops.

    Margaret, there you are !!!! I was wondering if you were paying close attention to this case or the other murder case…can’t remember this moment what her name is. Yep, I think Rhonda was having a half way decent life, or so she thought but I bet she can be hell on wheels when she’s mad.
    You know all my boys, sons and son in laws, have guns….pistols, shot guns and rifles. None of them have a c/c permit. Their theory is just don’t go where you think you might need a gun. They hunt and they go to the range to shoot the pistols. It is a man thing for them. Me, I call it their common ground as is basketball or football or cars.
    It is those, including women, who want to be “Clint Eastwood make my day” characters who are hot shot macho men that think that gun makes them better. You know what we say about them here is they have as much in between their legs as they do in their pea brains and think the gun makes up for it. Snoopy, I won’t be offended if you need to remove that comment….not that t

  131. Newbie~~God gave man a penis and a brain but not enough blood to use both at the same time!!

    I call…hung jury in Dunn case…I believe two women want first degree…others want manslaughter..

  132. Newbie says:

    That’s a new one for me !!
    Don’t they have second degree murder also which they could find?
    Off Topic—-By the way, I just about lost that last comment….problem is me against this computer. Did you know that Windows Eight doesn’t come with WordPerfect. You have to buy it and if I remember right you pay a fee each year to have it.

  133. I hope my Windows 7 keeps working good….I hate change. If I had my way, I would settle for a Windows 98…I loved that puter…

    They do have second degree…. I would have gone for manslaughter…that can carry a penalty of 25 years when a gun is used…

  134. Newbie says:

    Yep, manslaughter with the use of a gun in Florida has pretty chunk of time.
    HLN says jury has another question. Doesn’t know what the question is yet.

  135. Newbie says:

    Jury is leaving and returning tomorrow. Question was if that was okay..

  136. Marilyn N says:

    I wonder how Mr Dunn is sleeping tonight in Thugville??

  137. Newbie says:

    Good one. Maybe the Thugs will play him some nighty night music through their pipeline.

  138. Marilyn N says:

    With extra base!!

  139. Marilyn N says:

    That would be “Bass”!!

  140. Newbie says:

    I was with you on base…lol. Maybe Dunn can get some of that jail alcohol to sip on and tell himself it is a rum and coke. I’m sure he has been so pleasant to others in jail that they would share with him…..if they could get their hands on him.

  141. Newbie says:

    Lordie, I don’t think I’ve felt this mean spirited about any other defendant and I really had extreme negative feelings on cases before this one. I wouldn’t have been able to be a jurist as Dunn aggravates me even before he opens his mouth.

  142. Marilyn N says:

    some of the jailhouse phone calls are up.
    Google for them.
    For some reason I couldn’t get my copy and paste to work.

  143. margaret says:

    I am here Newbie, chewing my nails again..I’ll bet ole Dunny boy is worried tonight..If he does go to prison, Please God, he will have to be kept in protective custody or someone will kill him..

  144. Newbie says:

    I was listening to one of the jailhouse phone conversations. Not really a whole lot of info on what I was listening to except, and that is a big EXCEpt, Dunn and his dad were talking about the attorneys and the need to make sure xxxx were hired as the Florida attorneys. The jest of that conversation was the attorneys they wanted in Florida knew the “right people” and the system. It was not stated as I just typed it.

  145. Newbie says:

    Anyway, do you all know what Dunn’s dad does or did. Sounded as if he ran in pretty good circles you might say and has pretty good connections. I found it interesting that these people have no problem in trying to get around some of the rules and laws to get what they want. The conversation I was listening to Dunn’s dad was talking about how he could visit along with his wife as he had a Utah drivers license and if youwere from out of town there were modified rules. His wife has a Florida license and he a Utah license which got them around some hump in the visitation rules. I am getting a little tired and don’t believe I am explaining that too well.

  146. Newbie says:

    Pardon my having to put these comments up the way I am doing. I have a computer that does not suite me at all. I breathe on a key and come up with something brand new or my comment won’t go through etc etc. I can’t even find where I can just type out a comment and copy and paste it…..grrrr.
    Anyway, there was something about his plane being sold and he didn’t want the f’ state to take his car. I think they were talking about him showing as indigent. And there was something else but I can’t remember what it was…..lol. I think the phone calls are going to give a really personal look at the families character. Now, should I say imo.

  147. Newbie says:

    It’s been a good day with you all. As much as I would like to stay with you guys I’ve got to try getting a few things done for tomorrow when I have company. Darn. I hope I get to see the verdict tomorrow….company or not.

  148. Newbie says:

    Maragret, chewig your nails we can handle but if you start wringing your hands I am going to put my head in the sand. You can’t get too distraught until after the verdict !!!!!l
    Night ladies.

  149. Marilyn N says:

    Best part of the phone calls was hearing little Charlie finally respond!!

  150. Vicky says:

    I am feeling sick to my stomach. It appears yet another family may fall prey to a lying racist with a gun. SMDH
    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be the parent of a black male in America.

  151. Vicky says:

    I am holding out hope for a hung jury on count one and guilty on other counts. 🙂

  152. Marilyn N says:

    I would be happy if Dunn at least has to go away for 5 years. (That would be plenty of time
    for him to plan his lawsuit against the state of Florida for his retirement although I’m sure he’s
    already done that!!)

  153. Marilyn N says:

    Also, Rhonda sounds like the type of gal that’s not going anywhere.

  154. margaret says:

    I hate when jurors deliberate on weekends. All the news stations just forget about it. Hln is showing ” cook your ass off”, the title is a turnoff to me. Come on HLN…. I am getting nervous with all these juror questions. I keep remembering the Pinellas County jurors and their claim that the case wasn’t proven.. OK I am going to believe that justice will be done. Does anyone know if Dunns girlfriend is from U.S.? Wow CNN has Joey Jackson on now discussing case.

  155. Newbie says:

    I just tuned in to CNN because becaouse of them supposedly talking about the case. Shit, shit and shit. The judge is there and what is he saying about allan or alan ……

  156. Newbie says:

    Are they saying they just can’t agree on one count or all counts???

  157. Newbie says:

    Okay, they have a verdict on four counts??? Oh oh, Mark is going to explain.

    How tall is Dunn???

  158. margaret says:

    I agree with you Newbie on everything. Wish they would tell what the verdict is on the four. It is getting active outside the courthouse in Jacksonville.

  159. Marilyn N says:

    Dunn is 6’4″.
    I just want him put away for a little while.
    He needs to suffer just for awhile!!!

  160. margaret says:

    I would have thought count 1 was a no brainer.. He is guilty IMO

  161. Newbie says:

    I’m so mad I am ready to cry. You suppose I should calm down until the actual verdict is in……maybe it won’t be as bad as we think. I wish.

  162. Newbie says:

    I think I can handle another trial as long as they have another trial. GZ’s name just came across in the scrolling. Ugh….I’ll walk to Florida to protest if Dunn walks or ends up with just a few years. Does the wii game have a “walk to Floriday” cartridge??

  163. Newbie says:

    Now I am confused once again. One is murder in the first degree. They could say no on that one and on number 2 which is second degree murder and then find manslaughter?????

  164. Newbie says:

    daaaah…..it would be a decision on the first count meaning was it murder and if so First, second or manslaughter. Right?

  165. margaret says:

    If they have him GUILTY on all the other charges, that is enough to keep him in prison for a long time .. I almost wish they would go ahead and go not guilty, but then it would not be justice for a young man.. It bothers me that if verdict on all other charges is with held { sentencing } until a new trial is held, that he will be released on bond and it will go the way of Goodmans trial..

  166. margaret says:

    I like this anchor man on CNN. He has just said what I am thinking..

  167. Newbie says:

    I was trying to catch his name. He said it one time but…..
    I want this hot shot in jail for as long as possible. I really want Florida to do something about their stand your ground law and turn enforcement of the c/c/ law to it’s own agency with serious thought aand setup of how to screen aplicants for the permit.

  168. margaret says:

    Newbie I rounded up Snoops . I need her input. No nails left.

  169. Newbie says:

    lol…….don’t you be doing any no toe nails. Yes, Snoops… great idea that was !
    I love the anchorman. Let’s vote to have him take Jane Valez slot just because……..

  170. margaret says:

    Well, I am in total disbelief of this world, I read an article about the trial and demonstrators on News 4 in Jacksonville and I went to th comment section of story.. I am in total shock at 9 out 10 of the comments.. It is as though Dunn did the right thing .. I daresay none of them knows that young man, but they condone what happened. I did not believe pepple could feel the way they do. They are making Dunn a hero.. Lord help us all..

  171. Newbie says:

    Margaret, there are groups that support extremeists. Hopefully you ran into one of those sites. I found that out yesterday and was absolutely astonished at the hate. I say that wilth tongue and c.eek thinking as I sure spewed hate yesterday

  172. Newbie says:

    Now, this judge I really like !!

  173. margaret says:

    I bet we have a verdict soon now. I bet Dunn was thinking he would go home tonight to his rum and cokes.. Did you hear his girlfriend on phone call saying she couldn’t eat but she was drinking plenty of wine to keep up her calories. Bulls**t. Wake up woman and do some good for this world. Thanks for letting me rant and listening, Newbie..

  174. Newbie says:

    It worked for me Margaret. I was agreeing with you all the way. I don’t think we got sooooo bad that Marilyn left us……you-who, Marilyn……..Vicky? And gosh, where are some of those who hung out here what three four years. Makes a person think they might have computer b. o.

  175. Marilyn N says:

    I’m here! Just waiting and hoping!
    Isn’t it past dinner time for those jurors?

  176. Newbie says:

    Jury has reached verdict on all counts. Waiting now for them to get in court room.

  177. Marilyn N says:

    I think I need a valium!!!!

  178. Newbie says:

    Me too !

  179. Marilyn N says:

    Y E S !!!!!!!

  180. Marilyn N says:

    Now what are you thinking Mr SmartyPants!!

  181. Newbie says:

    M Dunn is/was on camera for a bit. Wonder if he is thinking about the last shots he fired.

  182. Marilyn N says:

    I think he will ALWAYS think is is the victim.

  183. margaret says:

    Whoop Whoop , four guiltys. way to go jurors. Hang on Jordan, justice will come.

  184. Newbie says:

    Well, he intended to live off the State, and now that is exactly what he will be doing.

  185. Newbie says:

    Whew. I wonder if Florida will work on improving the Standl your Ground law.

  186. I think Jordan Davis got justice… I got to watch the verdict…If first degree was not on the table there would be no mistrial…Dunn faces up to 60 years if penalties run concurrently.

    I have a close relative in CCU and prognosis is not too good… and have been tied up in the real world…

  187. margaret says:

    Guess his girlfriend is out buying up the white wine, 75 years is a long time to live on wine. Don’t you know the jury is worn out. Will we ever know who the holdouts were.

    Angela Corey is on hotseat again..

  188. If Angela had not been greedy and overcharged once again, this trial would have been over 2 days ago…she is still licking her wounds over the Z trial outcome…

  189. Newbie says:

    You know Snoops, I have a lot of thoughts about Ms. Angela which I won’t waste time going through. I’ll just say imo she is the “political party hack” when it comes to certain legal situations. I will repeat, in my opinion.
    You know I’ve brought up the Stand Your Ground quite a bit although it was not really one of the laws which was included in the charges. I think there are many who agree though that it brought quite a bit of thought to the case. IMO, it gave a quiet quality which had to be considered. Did Dunn have the right to just shoot Jordan out of his own fears. Did Dunn actually fear for his life. Now my mind goes straight to why didn’t Dunn just stop what he had started. (there proof Jordon had a gun or no proof Dunn’s life was in danger). To me the Stand Your Ground law gives the idea that you can shoot someone instead of trying to resolve a situation. If it was another law which said you must prove you were in danger and had no alternative to save yourself but by killing the advancing party…….that would be one thing but there is really no such law mo. Basically stand your ground means you don’t have to try to get away from the situation no matter what.

  190. Marilyn N says:

    Okay – so what’s next on the agenda?
    I’m ready for old Bob Bashara!!

  191. Newbie says:

    I will add, while I disagree with the GZ verdict, at least and O’Mara presented a decent case on why GZ shot TM although the case was not a stand your ground case. O’Mara was smart in the defense of Z man.

  192. Newbie says:

    What is Bashara about? Drawing a blank here.

  193. Marilyn N says:

    Have to agree with you, Newbie.
    I think Strolla is as arrogant as his dumb, or sorry – Dunn client, and it came thru
    loud and clear with their blame it on everyone else defense!

  194. Marilyn N says:

    Newbie – Google and YouTube for Bob Bashara.
    It is a juicy one and he is a real piece of work.
    He is in Michigan

  195. Marilyn N says:

    The trial had been scheduled to start in early March, but I haven’t seen any updates
    after that strange hearing last month where the attorneys and the judge were
    arguing, and the judge kept butting in. Sure hope she won’t be the judge for the actual trial!!

  196. Newbie says:

    I think I’ll have to tack a pass on that one. . I think there is going to be too much information for me. I’m old and don’t need to be educated on that life style. …..lol.

  197. Newbie says:

    I think I should have included I don’t want to be educated or exposed to the lifestyle. hmmmmm….. I am just prejudice on that lifestyle …..ugh.

  198. Newbie says:

    Well, my anger no longer protects me from the pain. I’m probably not going to be reading or making comments for awhile.

  199. Newbie~~Bob Bashara is gross…one judge had to admonish him for sticking his tongue in and out at female witnesses…

  200. margaret says:

    Hope today brought you good news about your relative.. My thoughts and prayers are withyou Snoops.

    Wonder how Dunnie boy slept last night and I wonder if he has realized that he hasn’t seen real Thugs until he goes to his new home in prison..

    Does anyone know why we can’t see the Marissa Devault trial. I have looked everywhere for it. You almost have to google her name to find out what is going on. I haven’t found it written anywhere that cameras are not allowed. Opening statements are on you tube with two deputies on stand , but that is all.

    I just came away from AZcentral.com, I think, and someone has this big long long article about how corrupt the prosecuting system is in Arizona. By the time I got about half way through article I had decided that he must be Wilmott and Nurmi’s buddy, because he let loose on everything Martinez has done since 2000. I think somebody is so jealous. I guess Nurmi and Willmot think they can smear Juan, because they can’t win any other way. This man needs to get a life and leave Juan alone.

  201. debl115 says:

    WTF is wrong with Florida? I really, really hope that the jurors in the Dunn trial will speak to the media at some point, and explain why they could not come up with a verdict on count one. I just don’t get it. Oops, should have posted this on the Dunn trial, my bad! Will do, now. SO many trials to follow right now, I love it 🙂

  202. debl115 says:

    And I obviously should have deleted my last two sentences that I already posted on the Amanda Hayes page. Been a long day, twin grandsons have gotten the best of me.

  203. Marilyn N says:

    This is “HILARIOUS”!!

  204. margaret says:

    Marilyn, Thank you for my laugh for today, that was so funny.

  205. Vicky says:

    Marilyn- thanks for sharing that video. I needed a good laugh. Still smiling. 🙂

  206. debl115 says:

    Thanks, Marilyn! I shared this on Facebook, I hope that’s okay. Such a sad, sad, outcome.

  207. Marilyn N says:

    You’re all so welcome!
    It really shows how ridiculous it was.
    Yes – share!!

  208. [Alan Dershowitz breaks it down well on CNN today, prosecutors more obsessed with politics than justice are a danger to us all and they also prevent justice from being done.

    The real tragedy here is that not only are racial and societal tensions being needlessly flamed, but there is now a potential for Jordan to truly to end up with No Justice.]

    [Dershowitz said that, had Corey charged Dunn with “the appropriate charge” of 2nd degree murder, they would have convened a smaller jury which would have been less likely to hang on the most significant charge. He added that, by alleging that the killing of Davis was premeditated without the requisite supporting evidence, “you lose your credibility” in front of a jury.]


  209. debl115 says:

    Here is the rest of the interview with Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams

  210. debl115 says:

    Snoops, that sound like the Casey Anthony trial, when so many people said she was over charged. Makes ya wonder, eh?

  211. Sure does debl…I said from day one that the death penalty should not have been on the table in the Anthony case…then Zimmerman was overcharged. Dunn did not premeditate killing Davis. I know some say that you can premeditate in the blink of an eye but to a juror that is hogwash.

    Angie better get some legal counsel before she messes up a retrial…her motto has been…”I’ll handle this job all by myself.” Dunn is 47 and is gonna serve at the very least, sixty years…my motto…”a half a loaf is better than none.”

  212. debl115 says:

    And he will absolutely spend the rest of his life in prison, so I say, let it go. Kinda feel the same way about Jodi, with the re-sentencing retrial. As much as I want justice for the Alexander family, I have a bad feeling that this next set of jurors will not sentence her to death. And if that happens, hopefully, Judge Stephens will give her life in prison w/o the possibility of parole. Even tho, I have wanted her to get the death penalty all along, because this absolutely was premeditated.

  213. NEWBIE – I posted a message for you in Jonathon’s Café.

  214. Pippin~~Newbie said she was taking a break …read her last comment upthread…

  215. Apparently it is not all Dunn yet… First of all, this never needed to be a trial, and certainly not a nationally televised one. There is a certain amount of celebrity-seeking that appears to be going on in prosecution or defense circles, and this isn’t good for the taxpayers, because I am pretty sure all the advertising being created isn’t going into the coffers of the state bringing the charges.
    Secondly, it was clearly not SYG, so why wasn’t the defense smart enough to see that their client would get a better deal with a plea?
    Finally, Corey was caught by Dershowitz in her comment “a little matter that could reverse things…” or however she said it, showing a chink in the prosecution armor.
    We have a case going out here in Port Orchard, WA, where a man is being tried for the third time for a double murder because the appellate court reversed the decision…and now the witnesses are being called into question for their veracity… which is more important, getting someone behind bars on a lesser charge for awhile and leaving the murder charge until there is enough evidence to insure a conviction?
    Grandstanding is a dangerous place to stand unless the structure is well-built.

  216. BTW, Mainstream, I hope the situation with the individual on CCU is improving, and again, I want to thank you for having a forum for us to express our own opinions on these cases. I respect all the points of view, and I am grateful to all of you for giving us a way to hear and consider your perspective by avoiding any personal attacks. I couldn’t watch this with the ‘devotion’ I had for Caylee’s case or for other recent victims, but I did try to keep up.
    My condolences to anyone who comes on this site as a consequence of losing someone in a violent situation. I’ve been there and it’s hard to get through the months and months of legal details and not get the justice you feel your loved one deserved. But it’s the best system we have at present.

  217. Hi Sandy!! My sister in CCU-still little change.

    I have been fortunate to have adults come in this blog who are respectful to one another. I do not have a lot of different people commenting but the quality of a few outweighs a quantity who spend most of their time bashing. Thank you for feeling at home here.

    As to Angela Corey…she does not strike me as a person who would seek legal advice on how to handle a retrial as she seems to think she is the authority Here are a couple short clips of her…


    I know Dunn will appeal those 4 convictions but for the life of me, I cannot see an appellate court overturning them. The judge was very cautious in keeping everything above board.

    I feel Jordan’s parents will be satisfied that Dunn will spend the rest of his life in jail and not want to go through the hassle of a retrial.

  218. debl115 says:

    Prayers for your sister, Snoops.

  219. This judge reminds me of Nancy G….

  220. Bob Bashara’s trial is like a three ring circus…He fired two of his attorneys…trial will not take place until the fall….looks like the judge had the hots for old Bob…

  221. Snoopy thanks for the Newbie info and gosh this is the first time I’m hearing about your sis. I’m so sorry- I don’t know the details but I hope she will be ok. I’ll keep you both in my prayers.

  222. Hi Sandy Banks. What’s the name of the person who is going to trial for a 3rd time? It sounds interesting. This must have something to do with an appeals court yes? and a reversal of a guilty verdict? right?

    When the Amanda Knox retrial was happening all the online articles were full of people talking about Double Jeopardy. This one guy kept saying it happens here in the U.S. but it was very rare. I told him no it doesn’t – EVER. He insisted then presented this case to me.
    Tibbs v Florida
    I had to keep telling him he was wrong because the appeals court did not reverse an acquittal they reversed a guilty verdict. long story – interesting case – interesting man – accomplished a lot in his life. He was never retried because the appellate court changed their minds after a certiorari was granted and they looked at all the evidence.

  223. Marilyn…thanks for the heads up…this link works.

    News4jax.com jailhouse visit from Dunn’s son.


  224. Marilyn N says:

    They are saying May 5th but my guess is the his new defense will need additional time.

  225. Marilyn~~these dang trials seem to drag on forever. Angela Corey retrying the murder one is a waste of tax payers money. Dunn is 47 and will no doubt be sentenced to 60 years. Angie may end up with egg on her face` again…it all depends on who makes up the jury. Corey may have a prayer if she would only go for second degree…she is one stubborn woman.

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