A Healthy and Happy 2014


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  1. Darling says:

    Snoops I wish you and everyone a Happy New Year. May the Lord bless you all with health, strength and happiness throughout 2014.

  2. Thank you, Darling! I know this Christmas and New Year is a sad one for you so may God give you strength, now and in the future. Tender hugs, dear friend.

  3. Vicky says:

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Vicky!!! Big hugs…keep warm!

  5. Newbie says:

    I’d like to wish everyone a great 2014 year !!!!!!!

  6. Hey there Newbie!! You have a Wonderful New Year too…we need to raise a little he** in 2014 and liven things up. We just went into a deep freeze after heavy rain…daughter said it is some cold in Illinois.

  7. debl115 says:

    Happy, Happy 2014 to all of you! Best wishes 🙂 And if you need any help with the he** raising, just let me know!

  8. Newbie says:

    Oh boy, 2014 !!! 2013 seemed to fly by. It is said the older a person gets the faster time flies. I would certainly agree.
    We best start a little chit early on so we can get it done….lol.

  9. Tommy's Mom says:

    Happy New Year to all!

    I’m very sad to report that on Sunday the 22nd I had to have a friend come and take my precious Tommy to and emergency clinic to be put to sleep. He had been sick for several days and there was no other choice. I knew I couldn’t do it so I said my goodbye here. I still have Annie who I acquired back in August. We are fighting a flea infestation and she goes to get a bath tomorrow.
    Vet well put a flea collar on her that’s she says will last for several months,works like a charm and best of all is all natural. The lady who brought Annie too me didn’t mention she had been on Advantage flea meds. I miss my beautiful,blue-eyed boy,mouthy boy.

  10. debl115~~Happy New Year!! I just may take you up on that offer for raising a bit of cane…lol

  11. Tommy’s Mom~~I am so sorry for your loss. Do not be surprised if you feel Tommy’s presence and even hear him for days to come. Sadly, we tend to outlive our pets unless we have a parrot. I hope you get rid of the flea problem…I heard they only go on an animal or even humans to eat and then hide out and breed in carpets and furniture. I hope you and Annie will have a good 2014. Hugs!!

  12. margaret says:

    I AM BACK ! ! ! On the 19th of Dec. I got on Amazon to get my son two old movies you can’t buy off shelf anymore. I did my order and tried to get off, My expiration date on my old card on Amazon had expired and I never thought to correct it. Well I put in the new expiration date and the order was finished. All of a sudden , my computer went crazy. I would connect to internet and bam I would get shut down . It was wild how someone else had control of my computer. Any way allfixed now and I was told that someone was trying to hack Amazon and Got upset that I didn’t give the whole card number

    I missed wishing all of you a Merry Chrestmas and for the best New Year ever ! ! ! Now lets all go and stomp some Bad People . Sign me up for the h**ll club.

  13. Newbie says:

    Welcome back Margaret. That being without the computer is for the birds. My old computer went out on me, I bought and new one and after xxxx I ended up with a replacement !!!! Did you know it for sure it was the computer right at first or were you wondering what the devil you were doing wrong?? Man, hacking Amazon. Between attempted hacking to Amazon and Target customers problems because of Target setup being hacked…..they’re going after the “big fsh.”

  14. Newbie says:

    Well, I can see my computer is working fine tonight but my thoughts are scrambled….lol.

  15. Margaret~~ I was ready to put a missing person’s bulletin out on you. I had a virus take over my puter a month ago….I got a notice to upgrade my flash player…I clicked on it and all hell broke loose…with Dave’s help and a program called Malwarebytes, I was able to get rid of it.

    Newb~~I love your scrambled eggs…mine are fried…lol

  16. Newbie says:

    Good to hear yours are not boiled or poached ! So, Snoops, that was a quick jump from scrambled brain and thoughts to fried eggs instead of scrambled. You do move fast…lol.

  17. Newbie~~my brain is fried…I am rusting out….need some action…How about going to Florida and knocking someone off? hint* hint* You can walk free in that state.

  18. Newbie says:

    I’m more than willing to go ! Should I even ask whose first on the list….lol. Can we take Martinez with us just in case? Whoops, wait a minute, he can’t go….you wouldn’t behave.

  19. Newbie~~I can honestly say that there is not a prosecutor out there in the universe who can outsmart Martinez. I loved it when he went after Alyce LaViolette and caught her in the lie about being a defense witness for a man. That little man never missed a beat.

  20. Newbie says:

    I’d love to see Martinez vs. Cory. It wouldn’t have to be in a Courtroom. I’d just like to see him pick her apart on decisions and statements she has made …..she”s no more than a political hack.imo

  21. Newbie says:

    And, how many others in Florida would I like to see Martinez handle !!!!

  22. margaret says:

    Newbie, you are right, at first I thought I had done something wrong. At first these messages were popping up all over screen about some weird name virus concerning data. Later it started flashing little signs that I was trying to gain merchandise illegally. It even told me I could go to jail . Thats when I knew where it was coming from, because I did not need to enter my bank card number only my new expiration date. I have a tablet so I checked my e-mail on it and had one from Amazon thanking me for the updating and my order. They informed me of delivery date. That let me know it was not Amazon accusing me of theft. I just shut down my computer for a few days so I guess they gave up on me. When I could get back to it and managed to run my virus check, my computer was clean. It was unreal, but the movies showed up right on time.

    Looking at that little twinkle in Martinez eyes, I just bet he would love to get involved with us in a little fun. I was bored the other day and decided to watch Nurmi questioning jodi, I only watched the first day and could not take Nurmi. Poor Juan was bored and disgusted out of his skull while the Numi and jodi show was on. I hear Cobra is running around Fl. now with a broken ankle so he could go along for security purposes.

    I sure have missed all of you .. Hope everyone is safe ,warm and happy ! ! !

  23. Newbie says:

    So you could go to jail….lol….now why do I find that to be a funny thought !! It’s nice you received your notification from Amazon.
    I think I am suffering from “cabin fever”. Our temps started really warming up today but the big warmups start tomorrow and continue thru next week. YES!
    It is some coincidence but I almost pulled up Martinez questioning of Jodi. I was feeling sluggish and figured watching it would get me going (when I get angry I want to clean cabinets). Well my cabinets aren’t clean as I decided my blood pressure would go too high if that is what I watched…lol.
    Wonder where everyone else is???

  24. Hello Newbie and Margaret~~that cabin fever must be contagious.. We are in for heavy rain and above average temps for the next week…’bout time after the cold and snow… I have been playing Scrabble on FB with a fellow I went to school with.. I joined a FB group where all my former school mates have been posting…

    Here is something to cheer you up…

    Ha ha ha Angela Corey didn’t get her own way… that woman makes me sick…

    Marissa Alexander remains on house arrest, won’t go back to prison


  25. Time for a chuckle…give those lungs a work out…

  26. margaret says:

    I want that monkey !!! Love it

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