***CHRISTmas Wishes***


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  1. shyloh says:

    HO HO HO!!! I think I’ll be around this Christmas. I just got out of the hospital Monday with double pneumonia. That was so bad. I am still in pain but doing very well.. Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays!!!!!

  2. Shyloh~~I am sorry to hear you have been ill, double pneumonia can be nasty. Pamper yourself okay! I hope you and yours have a Wonderful Christmas and in your case, a Healthy one. xo

  3. margaret says:

    Snoops our minds are running in sync today, To get my mind off all I have to do by Christmas Day, I started thinking about if I had one wish, what would it be.? I wish above all else that God would not let another child be beaten , raped , killed or in any way harmed. Children are born helpless and deserves to be kept healthy and happy and knowing that they will be safe. This is my prayer for 2014..

    Now back to planning Christmas Day. I have my family under the illusion that I am superwoman and can do all things , not anymore. I am thinking this year that it is time to pass the baton for next year . I have cooked every Christmas and Thanksgiving since 1962. I just don’t have the energy for it anymore. Am I being bad? Last year I was diagmosed with Copd after a bout with pneumonia and then smoke inhalation later from a kitchen fire my husband caused, another bout of pneumonia and then the diagnosis. The main problem is not in breathing but with the energy level. Anyone have any tips for me.?

    Grumbled enough. Onward and upward. Left you my christmas list on facebook Snoops

  4. Dear Margaret~~I hope your 2014 prayer is answered. It is so difficult following some of the cases involving the children. I try not dwell on the suffering they endure before God relieves them of their misery but that is not always possible. The “Baby Elaina” case was heart wrenching…to think that monster of a boyfriend and the mother threw the precious child against the wall…so they could have sex.

    I could give you a list of laws a mile that I would like to see enacted. On top of the list would be..castrate first time sexual predators..hire more CPS workers and educate them…issue free birth control…etc etc

  5. margaret says:

    You are so right and the excuse of money just makes me madder. I was in a ” discussion ” with a die hard football fan the other day about the contract for a certain player, about how many million dollars he would receive. My question was ,how much money did the team owners put back into the school systems and other childrens programs? OMG the expression on the persons face was disgusting. He proceeded to tell me that owners HAVE to pay that much to get best players and that they HAVE to spend money on fancy stadiums and equipment . After a lenghty discussion as to sports and money, I asked him , what about the next generation of players that do not have decent schools or anyone fighting for their same rights, as todays football player. Well needless to say he walked away thinking I was just too dumb to understand big money and sports. Wonder how many children would be great in sports but will never get the chance because there isn’t enough money for good schools and teachers.. Oh !!! to be young enough to get out there with my opinions. Hah probably get thrown in jail…

    Lots of good reading on Trial Divas if you haven’t read it. I love the way they describe how Juan is dressed .. Chrisman pleaded guilty, at last hearing so no new trial for him. Maybe that will free Juan up to get on with Jodi,, I Hope.

  6. margaret says:

    I forgot , Thank you so much for the music. I listen while I crochet at night.. Are you in the freezing snow now, if so bundle up my friend and stay well.

  7. Margaret~~I quit watching baseball when all the teams went on strike for more money. It is not a sport anymore but a business.

    I am glad you are enjoying the music…maybe I will dub you the Happy Hooker…lol

  8. margaret says:

    Yesterday on HLN , they were choosing favorite news article and Vinnie picked the Canadian Elvis one as his favorite. They showed a clip of him, he did not look like Elvis, but he sounded just like him.. If he was lip syncing he did a great job.. It was on HLN.COM , hot clicks.

    Happy Hooker huh, thats me.. LOL

  9. When I used to crochet, that is the label I was tagged with… lol

  10. margaret says:

    While I was happy hooking and listening to your Elvis Christmas music the other night, I could not stop my mind from thinking about Ed Sullivan.. I know , I’m old.. I was thinking about how he would only let Elvis be shown from the waist up.. All those old fogies that tried to have him banned because of his ” devil hips “.. The more I thought about it , the more hilarious it became. Wouldn’t you love to see those faces if they ever saw Miley Cyrus, Kanye West ,Madonna and all the others that are up there nearly naked and doing moves Elvis never thought of..I wish I could see their reaction. Old Ed would have collapsed on stage if Miley ever walked out. Poor Elvis , if only his mother had lived to keep him from going crazy and messing up his life with drugs. He was my first crush in my 14 year old life. O.k thats my trip down memory lane.

  11. Margaret~~I remember my mother telling me to quit gyrating like Elvis when I sang his songs…I was around 14 or 15 ….I have been a widow since 1988…if my hubby ever came back to life and got a glimpse of what is on the tv etc… They never even advertised depends back then for goodness sake…now they have viagra and that other silliness I can’t even spell…c i a l i s.


  12. Aww how pretty Snoopy – Thanks same to you.

  13. Hey Margaret – I remember Ed Sullivan and I’m not an old fogey! 🙂 In fact I remember a song about Ed Sullivan from Bye Bye Birdie – the movie loosely based on Elvis’s draft induction. I was never much of a fan of Elvis when I was a kid (major Beatles fan though) But when he died I became fascinated with his life and read several books about him – one by Priscilla. Very strange man. Even when he was a kid he was “different”.

  14. Margaret My Dad has been living with COPD for over 20 years. He has a certain way of doing things. He had his closets and cabinets organized so that everything is reachable without much effort. Same thing in the kitchen. He has a rolling table cart that he uses anytime he wants to move or carry things (mostly food) from room to room. He has duplicate items of things he uses frequently in several rooms in the house. e.g. he keeps towels in almost every room of the house so he doesn’t have to get up and walk far to get one. also garbage cans in every room so he doesn’t have to travel to throw something out.

    Doctors say you should do all the difficult stuff in the morning when you have more energy. Be sure to sit as often as possible when you’re cooking and preparing food – even if it means sitting in front of the stove on a stool while you stir something. Practice good posture and do a regular regime of relaxation breathing exercises.

  15. Poor Elvis…he shook his balls and now we have Miley riding a ball and licking a sledge hammer…

  16. The uppers and downers took their toll …this is a song from his final concert…

  17. Ha ha Snoop that’s funny about Miley.

    Not funny about Elvis though….sad he was taking 90 pills a day when he died.

  18. margaret says:

    OH my Goodness. That video is hilarious.. My side is hurting from laughing. . One thing was for sure. he loved his mother. Too bad he didn’t remember how she raised him.. I could never stand Priscilla after she had an affair with her trainer and divorced him. I don’t like to hear her act as though they are still married. Elvis I Meant not male version of Miley LOL..

    Thanks for tips mysticalpippin.. My energy level just always stops me from doing a lot of the things I want to do. Until about two years ago I was used to doing something from daylight til 10 or 11 before I stopped, but not any more. The Dr. put me on oxygen at night and some portables during day if I need them. I only use at night so far. I’m just trusting that God will take care of me

    Snoops I hope you are having a blast with your daughters….

  19. Margaret~~my Chicago kid flew back home on Sunday. It was a miracle her plane took off in the bad weather we had. She had an early Christmas visit due to her job…we had fun and lots of good food.

  20. I just posted the following on Dave’s FB page…I may be a goner….

    (Sing to the tune of Grandma got run over by a reindeer.)

    Davey got attacked by a big ole gater
    Walking home from Fusion late last eve
    You may think there’s no such thing as gaters
    But for me and Sandy, we believe.

    That ole gater was some very hungry
    As he snuck along the bladed grass
    He took a look at Davey’s torso
    Just as Davey had to pass some gas.

    The smelly missile hit the gater
    And he lost his appetite
    Davey had a concealed weapon
    And he knew how to use it with great might

    I’m am not a renowned composer
    But believe in having fun
    So if I ever come to Florida
    I’ll bring my arse and not a friggin’ gun.

  21. I deleted my beautiful song off Davey’s FB… shhhhh I didn’t even get an acknowledgement after all my sweat and tears from laughing so hard….

  22. Bobbie says:

    He doesn’t recognize good talent and a wonderful sense of humor!

  23. Bobbie, even Santa’s belly shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly and he says HO HO HO ….not NO NO NO…but sadly, keeping true to the fairy tale…we must have a grinch…ha ha ha

  24. Vicky says:


  25. Back atcha Vicky and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to boot! 🙂

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