Where is Samantha Dodson?


Oregon Police Say Missing Teen, Transient May Be Looking For Places to Camp

Samantha is only 13 years old…video and more info here….

Missing Oregon City girl’s family: ‘You can’t be out there in that cold’

FBI joins search for 13-year-old runaway, 40-year-old man

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4 Responses to Where is Samantha Dodson?

  1. Samantha’s sister speaks for the parents at the following presser…

    Press Conference

  2. Video and more info here……..

    Maybe the following should have been a red flag….”Very friendly?”

    At that afternoon news conference, her older sister Sarah Dodson spoke for the family. Sarah said McCune was very friendly to Samantha, but the family never expected the two would run away together.

    “It’s a huge breach of trust for my family,” Sarah Dodson said. “They’re shocked he would do this.


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