O’Mara~~the Voice of Reason

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  1. Sherry says:

    George a gentle and kind person before the trial??? He had to take anger management classes and his ex-girlfriend had to file a restraining order on him. I think the real man is being revealed. Angry men cannot keep the “gentle and kind” mask on for very long. That 911 call that he made against his new girlfriend was staged-he had to make that call in case he was charged and had to go to trial. He knows how to play the game now.

  2. This is a matter of She said…He said…somewhere in all of this is the TRUTH and it is my goal to try my best to find it…To achieve that fairly, I cannot take sides…

    George Zimmerman girlfriend: I did not set him up

    George Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, has refused to appear on camera until she gets a paid national interview, WKMG-Channel 6 reported Wednesday night.


    In its Tuesday report, WKMG shared text messages between the station and Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason. The women had been talking to Sandoval for three weeks about an interview.


  3. I wish I knew the answers to the following….

    Z tries to choke Scheibe approx a week ago….she does not call 911.
    Scheibe tells Z to seek professional help….Z throws all of Scheibe’s belongings out of the house she rents….she does not call 911. (not sure when this supposedly happened)

    Scheibe thought Z overdosed on sleeping pills. She could not arouse him but instead of calling 911, she just sat and watched him breathe.

    Scheibe uploaded a lot of sexy pics to her FB page…Mom and daughter cleavage for the takers…the first place people go to when a story breaks…

    In the WKMG story, Mason said Scheibe’s 10 yr old daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman that was an image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman. Scheibe still stayed with Z…

  4. Zimmerman has been ordered to reappear before the court, and Judge Jessica Recksiedler, on January 7.

  5. sarah0234 says:

    Z reminds me of Jodi by the way he uses a low soft voice. What does that do? Draws you in closer. I think Z is angry about something that has happened in his past. I don’t know if his parents played mental games with him or if he saw something and was traumatized. IMO, he’s had these issues before 2005.

    This family has cloaked themselves in being noble people and a “family” of faith, etc. My caution flag goes up when they do so.

    Again, Z uses that calm low soft voice to make people believe that he is this sweet innocent gentle soul. I don’t believe it. He’s angry as hell (I think daddy issues) and he’s been lashing out for quite some time.

    I know these woman don’t have pristine backgrounds; nor did Trayvon; I don’t know about the cop he had a skirmish with; but how can it always be everyone elses fault and not Z?

    I also pause because Z has had criminology classes in the past. He knows how the system works. How bizarre to call 911 to get “your” story out there. The cops were knocking on his door to get his story. And when the operator asks him about weapons he doesn’t just say, yes I do; I have blah blah blah. He goes into detail how they both have guns and that she “may” have seen his when he was packing. Innocent act, right?

    I don’t believe a word coming from Z’s lips. I know I’m jaded. But he’s creepy to me. And these women who would get involved with him need their heads examined. Everyone just needs to stay far away from him.

    Why isn’t he living with his parents and pulling his life back together? Or with his brother or sister? At least CA had the brains to stay low. Does he actually enjoy being the topic of the day?

    Nope. I think George has some sort of personality disorder. He needs to get his boo-tah in therapy, fast. He seems to be begging for it.

  6. Sarah~ ~you are very astute and I agree with you 150%….Zimmerman needs long term professional help. Not only does he need anger management, he is also paranoid and has admitted to having ADHD.
    His low soft voice is actually scary…like a cougar ready to pounce.

    Did you notice Z’s reaction when his not guilty was passed down? There was none….no expression of relief…later a small handshake with his attorneys and almost a faked smile. Z sat in that courtroom in a zombie state. I do not know if he was heavily medicated or not.

    I understand Z’s mother was very very strict on him as a child….I believe his g/mother helped bring him up. I do not like or dislike Z…I just observe him and his situation…. What I do know is…this man should never be allowed to possess firearms and the ‘girlfriend’ and her Mama are playing with fire. I do respect Shellie and my heart goes out to her. JMO

  7. One other thing, Mark O’Mara said the best advice he could give Z, after the trial, was to leave Florida. Z did not take that advice…

  8. This gal is worth watching…the video is 1.13.15 mins in length but you may find it informative and entertaining…

    The George Zimmerman Saga Continues – Awakened Warrior 6

  9. sarah0234 says:

    I’m watching the video you posted above Snoops; but I gotta tell ya’……….I want to water that plant behind this lady so bad and I’m only 5 minutes into it. Do I have ADHD or what?

  10. sarah0234 says:

    Spoiler Alert: Do not Read if you haven’t seen the video Awakened Warrior 6


    She’s into the relationships segment. One comment. Isn’t that the same MO as CA and JA? Never alone. Always had the next person lined up? Interesting.

  11. Sarah~~I have not watched the video Awakened Warrior 6 but I did watch this gals entire video… I have to tell ya, I like her style. She reminds me of Moi…snarky, outspoken and a little bit nuts…

  12. sarah0234 says:

    Ok. Finished the video. Bottom line. She said what I said. Go figure.

    And yes……..she reminds of ……You! Love it! Moxie baby! Pure moxie! Never change Snoops!

    The entire country is probably yelling at Z to go get help. It’s so obvious.

    I disagree with her assessment about the night of the killing. I strongly believe that Z used his low feminine voice to draw Trayvon closer; which put Z in Tray’s “space”; and then Z probably came off as “authoritative” in which Trayvon probably scoffed at (which Z didn’t take too kindly to). Words were exchanged: then Trayvon defended “his” territory and when Z was losing he pulled his “big daddy” out to take care of the situation.

    As far as Shellie goes……..I also disagree with the guru’s assessment of her. I commend Shellie for not whining about the punishment that was doled out to her for her perjury charges. However; she could IMO.

    I have a strong suspicion that there was some pillow talk going on about how to handle the info about the money. Shellie is not a victim. She agreed to the terms and now must pay the interest. The reason I have empathy is because I could see myself helping my husband (lying) if needed to keep him out of jail. Don’t KNOW for sure if that’s what I would do because I have never been faced with such a situation. I can only imagine. And you’re darn right. If it came down to my husband versus the world; hands down I would defend my husband.

    And yet the helium slowly oozes from the balloon. Shellie thought her husband would stand by her. She found out very quickly that the sun revolves around the planet George. Same with me. If I stood by my husband and then he betrayed me? I don’t know if I could be as gracious as she has been; so far. Let’s face it; she could really be hanging a lot of dirty Z laundry and hasn’t. Who knows; maybe she’s waiting to write a book and make money.

    It’s like CA and JA. The writing has been on the walls (for years!) that he needs help. When will that wall falling on George be heavy enough that he finally finds the help he so desperately needs?

    The root of all evil = money.

    Snoops: Thanks for the video. Like so many others; I will stay tuned to the ever turning world of George.

    p.s. sorry for the long post

  13. Scheibe told 911 dispatcher that Z had been with her since August!!

    Scheibe said her relationship to Zimmerman started to decay soon after they started dating. The two rekindled an old relationship shortly after Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, filed for divorce in September. By October, Scheibe says she feared Zimmerman and demanded that he seek professional help for his “depression.”


  14. Al Sharpton is pretty excited in this clip…it seems that Z is hated so much that some prefer to believe everything Scheibe has said….she sure didn’t like to call 911….well not until she had enough of a story to get a paid interview…I do not agree with everything the the FBI profiler is saying…

  15. sarah0234 says:

    I haven’t watched the videos yet, Snoops.

    I just want to say before I watch them that when I first learned about Samantha and her mentor (mother) going to the press weeks before the altercation happened…..their credibility is out the window for me.

    Something happened on that “fateful” day; but did she purposely antagonize/provoke him to get the result(s) that happened? It kind of; sort of, doesn’t excuse his behavior; but still……what would you do? Pregnancy? Did he just throw that in? Or did she actually tell him that just to get him riled? Hmmmmm…..

    The Love Guru thinks Z will do jail time. I disagree.

    Once again he will “skirt” the law. (If what I’m thinking is true; he doesn’t deserve jail time.)

    May this finally be his calling to seek therapy, stay away from women for awhile and stay out of sight.

    Hey Planet George: Take a lesson from our most hated baby killer; Casey Anthony and lay low. (Gawd; who knew she would be a role model for somebody someday)?

  16. Z would be in jail right now if it were not for Angela Corey. She set the stakes too high and had she gone for manslaughter, I truly believe the jurors would have voted ‘guilty. Alan Dershowitz was right on the money about that lipstick laden lass.

    The case the prosecution put on was laughable right down to the unprepared note carrying medical examiner. The med examiner is suing for 15 million for his wrongful dismissal at his employ.

    Apparently they did not learn anything from Casey’s trial…which in my opinion was not a death penalty case and look what happened.

    No wonder getting justice in the state of Florida is so warped…

  17. Newbie says:

    Florida”. !!!!!! Political, political place it is. I am still of the opinion that A. Corey purposely picked one of the worst prosecuters and appeasement was to come to both “sides”, i.e., the Martin crowd and the Zimmerman crowd. I use the word “crowd” as a better word still hasn’t come to my mind this morning.
    You know I backed off this case early on due to it raising my blood pressure easily. I find it still does, Wonder if and how this case may have changed if Shellie and George would have been truthful about their being separated or having had a nasty dispute the night T. Martin died. Just more lies from the O’Mara client. Wonder who will pimp themselves out next?

  18. Newbie says:

    Oops Snoops. My original thought was to say I think Corey purposely set the bar too high then assigned mediocre attorneys/staff to prosecute. Satisfy those wanting/needing George Z. be tried and yet satisfy those who backed George Z and gun rights etc.

  19. Newbie~~you could very well be right. It seems that Corey operates in the ‘campaign’ mode and it is votes votes votes. I am going to be honest here. …I cannot stand that woman and the tactics she uses. She rules with an iron fist and not logic… examples..putting a woman behind bars for twenty years for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband and trying a 12 yr old boy as an adult..firing the young man who testified for the defense re the state withholding pert evidence from the defense
    As a state attorney, Angela knows she has immunity and cannot be prosecuted for the decisions she makes from her office. She does not have immunity when she is before the tv cameras giving an interview. She called Z a murderer …after the verdict…It goes to show she has no respect for a jury’s decision in a court of law.


  20. I realize that I am forever playing the devil’s advocate but I haven’t sold my soul to him yet. I am too busy analyzing everything to death.

    Let’s take Shellie Zimmerman for instance. Why is she doing interviews now? Shellie is a scorned woman!! She found out that her hubby was having a little ‘hanky panky’ on the side…When exactly? Not sure… On the 911 call she made during the altercation when she went to retrieve her things at the house she had been sharing with Z, you can hear her say just prior to the call terminating…”Oh my God, there’s a woman” maybe not in those exact words. That woman was none other than a blond bombshell in a long black gown namely, Samantha Scheibe.

    Now on the night of Feb 26/2012…did Shellie and Z have a tiff or a nasty dispute. It depends who you talk to…a scorned woman or the one who rushed to Z’s side on that fateful night, stood by him and even perjured herself by lying about their finances. Did you all notice all the billing and cooing Shellie did in those jailhouse calls? If I had used those terms of endearment on my hubby, I would have landed out in the yard on my tush. Shellie spoke to Z as if he were a two year old toddler…”You are such a cutey”…oh barf… Maybe this is why Z had a roving eye…someone less motherly maybe..After all, Z was feeling pretty macho, protecting the neighborhood with that C&C and his pitt bull.

    It is my opinion that Shellie and Z’s problems started to manifest when Z did not show up in court when Shellie went to plea her perjury case. IMO, he was one selfish SOB…

    to be continued… I am a chit lips today…

  21. Now back at the farm…. Scheibe’s rent is overdo…”Oh what shall I do, Mama?”

    Mama, Hope Mason, has an idea. “Samantha, I watched the Casey Anthony case and look what she did. She knocked off her kid and look at all the money Cindy and George made from their interviews. I understand Casey has a rich benefactor pursuing her. ”

    “Really, Mama?”

    “Yes, dear, but this will take some planning. psssssssst psssssst pssssssst”

    “Mama, please don’t ask me to make a play for that oversized toad.”

    “If push comes to shove, tell him you are preg…”

    “You mean I have to be intimate with him?”

    “Close your eyes and pretend it is Brad Pitt.”

    “First let’s upload some sexy pics to our Facebook…put on a bikini, climb a tree, I will don my bikini too so let’s get busy shall we.”

    (Mother and daughter have both closed down their FB pages)

    Folks, the rest is history….we will see how this one plays out…

  22. sarah0234 says:

    Jane Weintraub??????????????????????????????????????????

    This woman has caused the paint on my old Ford to peel randomly.

    Need I say more?

    He is sunk. Fried. Done.


  23. Sarah~~Weintraub must have offered her services pro bono… I cannot stand to listen to that women. She is hysterical and because of her, I have tuned out of Nancy Grace… If I am correct, didnt she defend Casey on Nancy’s show

  24. mysticalpippin says:

    OMG there’s lots of stuff here. I had no idea you had this special thread – thanks for letting me know Snoops. I’m fine – tired a lot cause I got another part time job so now I’m working 2 jobs outside the home (plus the one I work at home….). Hope you’re doing well.

    Can’t wait to catch up and comment on these GZ antics…

  25. margaret says:

    I am so happy that we seem to have sensible , like minded people on this blog. I was hesitant about saying what I think of team Zimmerman and Weintraub.. Now it will really get down and dirty. You are right Snoops , she is doing this pro bono I have noticed that she hasn’t been on HLN in a while now..So lets just sit back and watch the fireworks.

    By the way, just read on Trial Diva’s that media lawyers were after Judge Stephens to bring back the cameras,..Guess what it is under advisement, how long and how many more times is this trial being delayed because of being ” under advisement >…

  26. Margaret~~Judge Stephens has to toughen up a bit. She seems afraid to not cater to the defense. If Stephens has to end up making the decision on Jodi’s penalty…don’t be surprised if it is parole after 20 years. I hope the jurors are all female this time…unnanamous for the death penalty!!

  27. margaret says:


    Check this out ..Lol Keep digging your hole hodi.. I hope Judge Stephens is listening.

  28. sarah0234 says:

    Marge: Thank you for that video. I needed the laugh.

    Snoops: I don’t know. I think Stephens would give Jodi life w/o parole. I don’t think she believes anything coming out of JA’s mouth and she knows how horrendous the slaughter was. However, I want the jury to decide so we don’t have to find out what Stephens decision would be.

  29. Newbie says:

    Gosh, didn’t Mizzzzzzz Jodi do the mafia trick on Travis? Off subject kind of, I love thinking of her as Ms. It pleases me she will be in jail and not have the family life (including children) she thought she wanted. She would never remain true blue anyway.
    Zimmerman and his wife/girlfriend……they all want on the gravy train for sure. I thought it strange the way he told whomever to call his wife and tell her he had shot someone. This happened soon after he killed Trayvon. Was that his response to their arguing…….hmmmmm……now, seriously, I still think George’s meeting and then making Osterman his best friend actually changed many lives. As I understand it, George and Shelly did not really know about guns until Osterman.

    Snoops, if and when I disappear again, it is my computer “setup”…….lol.

  30. Newbie~~I wonder where Mark Osterman is these days… he created the monster so he best step in and deprogram him… I hope you get your puter problems straightened out… I hope this old clunker of mine keeps working..It is Windows 7..

  31. Newbie and Snoops I agree 150% about Angela Corey. She’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. Haven’t liked her since I’ve heard of her last year. She should’ve charged GZ with Manslaughter or 2nd Degree or Negligent Homicide which would’ve been more appropriate IMO. She’s a politician before she is anything else.
    The woman that’s in jail for shooting that gun to scare off her crazy husband should’ve never been charged period. AC knew that the charged carried a mandatory sentence – I don’t think the judge had a choice. The husband had already beat the crap out of her and had threatened her multiple times. AC charged over charged her just like she did GZ. And she based it on the fact that the women claimed to be scared but went back to the house the next day to get some clothes – so AC claimed she wasn’t afraid. But she went back to the house with someone because she knew he wouldn’t do anything if someone was with her.

  32. Tommy's Mom says:


    Excellent post thanks

    The root of all evil = money.
    1Ti 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  33. Tommy's Mom says:

    JMHO but I’m sick until death of Frank Taaffe. Now he’s on FB looking for donations for GZ’s fund.

  34. Tommy’s Mom~~I absolutely agree that money is the root of all evil. It certainly cannot buy you love, good health or pay the camel’s way through the eye of that needle.

    While little children go to bed hungry at night, donations are being sent to people who want to buy guns and ammunition. Martha Stewart once said that a person is weighed on the money they have made. Well, I can only afford to put two eggs in my cakes and they are delicious. I get my money honestly…can Martha say that?

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