Michael Dunn-Trial Sept 23rd


Right on the heels of the George Zimmerman trial, another controversial and tragic self-defense case is making its way to court. This time, the scene is Jacksonville, Florida, and the story involves Jordan Davis, an African-American teen the same age as Trayvon Martin.
Davis, 17, was shot to death by Michael Dunn in November 2012.
Dunn told police that he asked Davis and three other teens, who were parked next to him at a gas station, to turn down their music. Dunn says he heard threats from the teens and saw a gun in their car. He says he feared for his own safety, and that’s why he grabbed his gun and fired into the vehicle.

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16 Responses to Michael Dunn-Trial Sept 23rd

  1. Sherry says:

    I hope to keep up with this case so my thanks to you, Snoopy for posting this. This man surely was a loose cannon! Did he not attempt to make it home (or did he make it home?) claiming he had to get home to his pets? Some people need to learn to be more tolerant of others’ bad behaviors. I could half understand his anger had this been his neighbor who blasted his music night after night keeping him from a peaceful night’s sleep, but he was going to be leaving as soon as his wife came back to the car. He had to have had one too many that night.

  2. Here is a peek at Dunn’s attorney….

  3. I wish they would stop comparing this to the Zimmerman case. Michael Dunn was in a bad mood after attending the wedding. His ex-wife was there and the wedding was Dunn’s son’s who I may add Michael had no communication with for five years. Dunn took his anger out on the black youths.

    Here is a bit more info…Dunn wants trial delayed and not take place next Monday…


  4. shyloh says:

    Man oh man, this crap just never ends does it? Copy cats. I am getting so sick of people going around killing others cause they are mad at someone else. What the hell-O is wrong with people these days? I know that question has been asked over and over. Stoooooopid jurors let dumb ass people go (George, Z) because they are so ignorant I believe (STOOOOPID is the right word actually) and just don’t pay attention. I believe for a fact most of the folks in Florida own guns and that is why they are letting killers go. My Opinion only!!
    PS: I know how to spell stoooopid by the way hahahahahah!!!!

    Love ya Snoopy. I have a cute “Snoopy” Tattoo on my lower back. He’s so adorable!

  5. Hey Shyloh!! You have “Snoopy” on your lower back…woot woot…

    Regardless of how you spell stupid, it holds the same meaning. Michael was asking for trouble when he asked the black youths to turn the music down. He was only going to be parked outside the store for a matter of minutes while his girlfriend went in and purchased some wine and chips. I doubt if the trial will take very long and for the life of me, I cannot seeing him getting off. Isn’t Michael the same guy who flew his plane in a no fly zone? He thinks he is privileged character. I believe Angela Corey is handling this case…you can rest assured that the lipstick laden lass aint about to lose this case too. She is still licking her wound after losing the Z case.

  6. I have Snoopy earings from 1978 🙂

  7. Sherry
    He did make it home. after watching the news of it on TV the next morning in his hotel room. I’d stake my own life on this: He knew the moment he shot his gun into that car that at the very least he hurt someone. The car immediately drove away erratically, somewhat slowly and went across the street into a big vacant parking lot and stopped. His girlfriend came out of the store and asked him what happened – everybody in the store heard the gunshots too. He knew that he was out of line from the beginning with those kids, he was p.o, in a bad mood and wanted to start some trouble and didn’t care who with. Like Snoopy said he thinks he’s above the law. He told his girlfriend some B.S. story just to get out of there, he made it sound like nothing happened – when they got back to the hotel he ordered a freakin pizza to be delivered to their room and had all night to think up a story if he got caught. I bet he thought he got away with it until he saw the news. My guess is he had to change what he told his girlfriend the night before or added to it once he saw the news.

    He convinced the girlfriend to lie and say they needed to get home to take care of the dog, so that they could then go to the police – more bull. He just wanted time to come up with a better story and convince his girlfriend to go along with it.

  8. Dunn never realized one of the people there got his license number and wrote it down. I wonder if his trial will be live streamed.

  9. Dunn wants to delay the inevitable…

    Florida’s next shocking case on hold until 2014


  10. margaret says:

    Dang, dang and dang. I guess they have to give him time to adopt his girlfriend. or hide his money somewhere, like the last drunk bigwig in Fl. did.. Get with it justice system and put these people where they belong…

  11. shyloh says:

    mysticalpippin>>> AWEEEE! How cute!

  12. shyloh says:

    Who needs cops anymore when people can take the law into their own hands! The next thing that will happen is for them to shoot and kill all around them so then we have no more trials??? No witnesses. Just thinking out loud. UGH!!!

  13. margaret says:

    If all this keeps up we are going to need a calender page to keep up with all the new dates.. Or aybe a hanging tree would be better.. LOL.

    I am so sick of these men that think if they have a problem with their wife , just kill her. I am looking at CroakerQueen’s videos in my spare time. It is another pregnant { 8 weeks } woman and a dominant man.. The trial is Raven Aboroa.. They already had one child, that is now left without it’s mother

    Right now I want them to get back on jodi. I do hope Judge Stevens does not postpone it until next year. She needs to know her fate before new year begins..

    Good to see you back Pippin hope you are feeling great again…

  14. mysticalpippin says:

    Dang, dang, dang is right Margaret. I came over here from the newest email because I was wondering why Snoops was talking about a different trial. I’m so disappointed now we have to wait until next year? I can’t believe this. AND we’re still waiting on the judges decision about the Arias retrial too? I’m betting that’s not going to start up until Feb/Mar 2014. The worse part about that is the Alexander family will have to put their lives on hold once again because of the skank. It will cost them money and who knows if they’ll even have the same support with friends and family nearby as they did in the first trial because they had to get back to their lives as well. My only hope is that during this off time – Jodi – liar liar pants on fire is stillin solitary confinement and will remain there until the new trial begins.

    And yes I’m much better now Margaret – thanks for asking. I’m not the same as I was but I’m much better.

  15. margaret says:

    Pippin, I was wondering where everyone was.. I don’t know why these trials have to be postponed so much. Frustrating.. There is another trial of a real sleaze bag coming up in Oct. 15, I think, that I am getting interested in Dr. Martin MacNeill.. HLN is beginning to talk about it now, don’t know if it will be televised yet. There are a couple of links in “Open Thread ” about the case if you would like more input on it.

    I thik it is rather assinine that the defense for jodi is wanting to monitor jury twitter accounts but is o.k. for jodi to keep hers. I can’t believe Juan will give jodi any slack.

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