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  1. Andrea Sneiderman wants insurance money returned

    Rusty Sneiderman’s relatives are asking a judge to freeze the assets until their wrongful death case against Andrea Sneiderman and convicted killer Hemy Neuman is resolved.

    more here…


  2. Sherry says:

    From the above news link: However, Lora DiMaggio suggested her brother is the real victim, saying the case is full of “holes” and she believes her brother was acting to protect Hannah, who she says may have been in over her head.

    “The only evidence that has come forward at this point is the face the two bodies were found on his property. That’s a lot of missing information. I have yet to see any solid evidence”, she said.

    “To me, it doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense,” she said, adding that DiMaggio thought of Hannah “as a daughter” and may have wanted to show her the scenic Idaho wilderness.

    ~Me: Yeah, he wanted to show Hannah the Idaho scenery but first! he had to kill her mother and brother! I’m guessing Ms. DiMaggio was her brother’s enabler all of his life. She will never see the truth that her brother tortured and murdered a mother and her child in his own home which he scheduled to burn down, all because she deemed Hannah as trouble for wearing thick make-up. If I were the police, I’d keep an eye on this kook of a sister…yowser!

  3. Sherry~~I understand blood is thicker than water and it seems this Lori DiMaggio just wants to get her mug on the tv. Many people are outraged at her appearing to defend her murderous brother.

    BTW, I hear rumors that George and Shellie Zimmerman’s marriage may be a bit rocky. Did you hear anything about that? It is about time Shellie quit playing Mommie to Z and made a life for herself with a man who isn’t a whimp.

  4. George Zimmerman defense: We’ll ask but we expect state to pay just a fraction of his $200k to $300k in legal costs

    O’Mara conceded, however, that the state agency responsible for those costs, the Judicial Administrative Commission, is expected to dispute many of the bills he intends to submit and likely would end up paying $50,000 or less.

    O’Mara called that unfair and suggested that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey should have to pay the total cost, plus Zimmerman’s lawyers’ bills — estimated at between $1 million and $2 million — because she filed charges against an innocent man.

    Zimmerman is the 29-year-old Neighborhood Watch volunteer who was acquitted last month of murdering Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old from Miami Gardens, Feb. 26, 2012.

    Corey never had enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with murder or manslaughter, yet she put him on trial, lost and “then wandered back to Jacksonville,” O’Mara said.

    more here….


  5. George Zimmerman’s wife tells perjury trial future of couple’s frightened ‘gypsies’ existence

    (I think Shellie wants out of the marriage-this is quite an interesting article)


  6. A clip from GMA with Shellie Zimmerman…it shows her brief appearance in court…sans a supporting hubby…scroll down the page for video..


  7. Tommy's Mom says:

    I’m sick of the whole Zimmerman mess. If Zimmerman had stayed in his truck and waited for police instead of going after Trayvon Martin with a loaded weapon Trayvon Martin would still be alive. No rational person would believe otherwise. JMHO of course.

    The mother-in-law of a friend pasted away recently and they asked that I take in her cat baby. So I now have a beautiful,green eyed kitty who absolutely hates my Tommy and never misses a chance to show it. Tommy however is not giving up his place on my lap. Just what my little bathroom needed, another litter box,and of course Annie has to be feed in different room,my office,of course Tommy eats from her dish and she from his. Of well life does go on.

  8. Tommy’s Mom~~after listening to Shellie on GMA, it certainly has changed my attitude towards Z. I hope Shellie leaves the wimp and gets on with her life.

    It sounds like you have your hands full with the new kitty. I hope Tommy and Annie will eventually get along. How old is Tommy?

  9. Tommy's Mom says:

    Jodi Arias Attorneys Want Jury Sequestered For Second Sentencing Phase Of Murder Trial
    Arias’ lawyers claim the same intense publicity will no doubt come with a second penalty phase and will hinder her ability to get a fair trial.

    “This integrity is in the most danger of being compromised when the process is contaminated by outside influences,” the attorneys wrote. “Given what took place in the last trial and the propensity for history to repeat itself, it is certainly beyond legitimate dispute that the threat to the integrity of the retrial is severe.”

    Prosecutors have not yet filed a response.

    Why are they calling this a retrial? Is’n it just to determine her sentence? She been found guilty,it’s not a trail,is it?

  10. Tommy's Mom says:

    Tommy is either 12 or 14 I became his Mom in 2006 and was told he was 5 or maybe 7 no one seemed to know.
    I’ve been told.Annie is somewhere around the same age.
    She’s been here several weeks so I’m not sure they will ever be buds,but who knows they may just surprise me.
    Tommy is a beautiful blue-eyed mostly Siamese,his mother was indiscreet He doesn’t purr except when I pick him up so he can get a drink from the bathroom sink.
    Annie has beautiful green eyes,long hair,she looks like she might have a little Mane Coon in her,she has the fluffy tail, snow show feet,tufted ears and she’s long haired, but she very small and delicate. She purrs every time she comes near me.

  11. Arizona has some strange laws. In Florida, the verdict in the penalty phase just has to be the majority while in Arizona it has to be unanimous. In Arizona they have two tries at the penalty phase with two different juries. Jodi’s conviction of guilty of pre med murder still sticks. The new jury has to weigh all the evidence presented in the first trial and therefore the ‘penalty phase’ ends up being a mini trial. It will cost another million dollars to go forth with this trial to decide on life or death for Jodi.

    They should not call this a retrial and specify it is retrying the penalty phase. I don’t think I could handle listening to Jodi testify again.

  12. Your cats sound adorable. I love hearing a cat purr. Now here is a smart kitty…

  13. margaret says:

    Hello everyone, hope you have all enjoyed holiday week-end.. I have almost finished JVM book. I learned a few new things but not much.. It is basically a recap of everything from when jodi and Travis met and followed throught to present. I have more respect for her parents after reading book. Her Dad used to take the battery cable off her car at night to keep her from sneaking out. The day she left home, her mother was cooking breakfast and jodi told her mother she was going to school, piced up her cat, without her mother seeing her and she was gone.

    In thebook I learned that all of the lawyers and the judge all graduated from same law school. In Arizona ,Martinez at 5 foot 4 inches is feared by defense attorneys.. LOL. He is the only lawyer that works alone. He prefers to be in total charge of his case. He is one smart man. He can can argue with the best of them on any subject.,

    I still have not found anything about the duct tape in front of washer. Is it possible that she used that to secure the camera to her body someway? I wonder also if Bobby’s death was investigated as well as it should have been.. According to this book she followed and stalked him until the day he died.

  14. Margaret~~thank you so much for the recap. I didn’t know Bobby was dead. Did it say how he died? Didn’t Jodi say that Bobby was going to commit suicide or attempted suicide? Juan has a lot of knowledge packed in his small frame. He is the best prosecutor that I have ever watched.

  15. Sneiderman seeks bond

    The DeKalb County Superior Court Judge, Gregory A. Adams, who sentenced Andrea Sneiderman to five years in prison after she was found guilty of nine of 13 charges, has granted her motion for a bond hearing and set the date for November 6.
    Defense attorney Brian Steel, hired by Andrea Sneiderman to work on her appeal, has also filed a motion for a new trial, contending that the verdict against her was “contrary to the evidence and without evidence to support it.”

    more here…


  16. (now this is a strange one)

    School principal to be released for ‘further investigation’ of murder


  17. margaret says:

    I am glad about the Michael Dunn trial.. He needs to be punished big time.

  18. Marilyn N says:

    I am watching the Grant Hayes trial. It is quite good.
    The defendant is a total scumbag, sitting there with a
    smirk on his face after chopping up his ex-wife’s body
    and trying to put the blame on his new wife .
    It’s on Youtube.

    Thanks, Marilyn…I must watch some of it…

  19. Sarah~~ good for Shellie!! Thanks for the info …it comes as no surprise….Now Z can find someone else to tell him what a cutesy he is and cater to his every whim…maybe Mark Osterman…

  20. margaret says:

    Huffington post is reporting that Martinez has another one under his blt. He had Chrisman admitting that he, Chrissman was the agressor. Now let Juan rest up a few days and lets get done with jodi.

  21. sarah0234 says:

    IMO, Z is on a downward spiral. (I hope). He needs to hit rock bottom and have a come to Jesus meeting with himself. He has never, publicly, shown remorse for his actions. Right or wrong, a life was taken.

    Z’s air of entitlement needs to be shot down. He’s been free for how long and already pulled over for speeding twice? Does he think just because his name is Z that he is above the law now? Just like Casey; I hope I live long enough to see these two implode.

  22. sarah0234 says:

    It keeps getting better!

    George Zimmerman’s Wife, Shellie Zimmerman Says He Is ‘Selfish’


  23. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret:? What’s this info about Bobby’s death? I thought he was still alive? How did he die? When?

  24. margaret says:

    Snoops ,I did not forget your question about Bobby.. I glanced back through the book but haven’t found yet where JVM mentioned it. She had some remark about him and she ended the sentence ended with ,Bobby’s name and then murder { suicide ? }. I will read again until I find it. I googled his name and foun stories tha said he had been murdered in 2008, 2009, and 2010.. Is he a cat or what? lol I kept looking and found a video of a blonde saying he is in Hawaii and she had lived with him two years, claims he is a mean man and she is in hiding in Oahua from him. Believe it? I checked another site and he has been in Hawaii working in a group of people who work as extras in movies and tv programs . One of the shows mentioned was Survival..They had a couple pictures of him in character but I couldn’t say for sure. Anyway Bobby seems to be alive and well and living a fun life with some of Hollywood folks. I couldn’t help but smile, jodi would have loved that life, she could have been a star..Ain’ t life crazy somtimes.

    Back to being serious. Baby Elaina {waiting for confirmation} has been found in computer box in shed behind home where she died. Rest in Peace precious Baby, I am so sorry big people never gave you a chance to live.

  25. margaret says:

    Sarah0234, sorry I posted above before I read your post..I am sorry if I misled anyone . It came about by reading JVM book.

  26. Margaret~~my friend, you did not mislead us…JVM left us dangling about Bobby. Hugs…

  27. sarah0234 says:

    Hey Marge! (If I’m allowed to refer to you as Marge instead of Margaret…….I have an Aunt that I cannot stand named “Margaret”….but I do like and respect the names Marge, Maggie, Meg or even Peggy.

    You didn’t “mislead” anyone. You spoke as you were researching “JVM”s book…….which I think is despicable on HER part for writing the book in the first place.

    I value your every post! While I was “out and about” I could only read and not post. I TRULY valued everyones’ posts and updates.

    You have me intrigued about the duct tape on Travis’ washing machine or dryer……can’t remember which one……..but why was there duct tape there (which ever machine) to begin with?

    Bottom line; Jodi Ann Arias is a KILLER, MURDERER and a VIAL human being.

    Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, killing someone IS justified. I am not a bible thumping “you sin” “you pay” type of person. There are circumstances, IMO, that killing another human is warranted.

    Again, Margaret: I digressed……..(as usual)!

    Thanks again to you and Snoops!

  28. Sarah~~hiya! I have been watching the Grant Hayes trial…Marilyn was kind enough to mention she was following it..now I am addicted. There is some great detective work involved with this case. I do get a chuckle now and then when the judge says “um”…when someone raises an objection… The trial is taking place in North Carolina…

    Arrest warrant: Missing Kinston mother killed in Wake County
    Published: July 25, 2011

    Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/07/25/1368102/arrest-warrant-missing-kinston.html#storylink=cpy


  29. margaret says:

    Sarah, You can call me Marge. I have six brothers and thats what they all call me..Iknow what you mean about names, my oldest brother married and divorced two women , named Margaret Ann, same as mine. They were the devil walking, I told my mother I would change my name if he did it again. He never did marry again.

    Snoops and I have been wondering about duct tape since this all began. In the crime scene photos, you can see it on floor, with a police marker by it, in front of washer. It has never been brought up in trial. I tried to think maybe it had been around the floor cleaner,as he had been cleaning the floors, but jodi would have walked on it when she put clothes in dryer and washer.It is a mystery to me..

  30. Margaret~~apparently law enforcement could not connect the duct tape to the Arias case. They take many things into evidence and examine them only to find out they are of no importance. The duct tape will remain a mystery.

  31. Baby Elaina: Remains in Box May Be Missing Ohio Toddler


  32. lin says:

    Hi snoop, read last night that Casey Anthony is a new aunt. Lee and his wife had a baby boy aug.22…….They named the baby Parker……. How fitting is that? Maybe now every year when they sing happy birthday to him, they will be forced to remember poor Caylee.(she was also born in august). Who says there is no Karma?

  33. Lin~~thanks for sharing that info. Now will Mallory let Cindy take control of little Parker?? Yes, I believe there is Karma. I wonder where Lee and Mallory are living….far away from Cindy and Casey I hope.

  34. margaret says:


    A little light reading . Interesting about the letters and you have to read what Martinez told Matt. I do love that man. Can that subject be brought up in next phase?

  35. margaret says:

    What are the chances that there will come a day that we never see another photo of caca and jodi.think I would be very mad to have the birth of my baby announced in connection with her sadistic story.

    I too have started watching the Grant trial..I think it is so interesting how the different courts are run..The lawyers sit at desks to examine witnesses, I kept waiting for all rise for jurors, not happening here and there is no audience. The Judge is so laid back it is comical and he questions witnesses too if he needs to clarify something.

  36. Margaret~~Jodi took over the case herself and tried to get those letters admitted. They were not originals but electronic copies of forged letters. I honestly think Matt had a hand in forging the letters. Why in God’s name would Travis admit to being a pedophile in a letter? The National Enquirer refused to publish those letter when Sandy Arias took them to the NE…I can’t under why Matt would be so damn stupid.. I wonder what Jodi was holding over his head. I have felt all along that towards the end, Jodi was blackmailing Travis with the phone sex tape and who knows what else. She is the scum of the earth.

  37. Margaret~~did you notice the judge in the Hayes case gets the witnesses to swear by placing their left hand on the BIBLE!! I am pleased to see that. The witnesses are allowed to be in the audience before they testify too.

  38. Trials we don’t hear much about??? One witness due to testify was shot execution style…two ohers were shot but survived…

    Okafor home invasion trial to begin Monday in Orange County


  39. sarah0234 says:

    Whoa: You guys have been busy. The Okafor case: I’m totally confused. But, I’ll read more about it later. From what I’m gathering so far is that the original charges were for home invasion but Oki decided to go and kill the witness(es) before that trial and now we have another trial for murder? And I’m totally confused about who’s who. Why was Okafor out while the trial was pending?

    Marge: Thank you so much for that little laugh. I read what JM allegedly said to Matt. Too funny. Run Forest run! Matt doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box.

    Seems to me like the trial is going forward (JA’s) and that the Alexander’s still want death.

  40. sarah0234 says:



  41. sarah0234 says:

    You guys have to read some of the comments left under the latest Zimmerman story. Lots of them are funny, some sick and some correct. Enjoy.

    IF, the article is true, I wonder how much time he could get he was found guilty?

  42. sarah0234 says:

    Hey Snoops; sorry for the caps; but you just can’t imagine my glee when I heard this news. I know it may not lead anywhere, a.k.a. an arrest; but I’m greatful the world keeps seeing him skirt the law. He’s a big fat spoiled baby with an attitude. Casey is his twin. I’m waiting for her downfall too.

    Delete my above posts if you think it my offend anyone. Thanks.

  43. [audio src="http://www.clickorlando.com/blob/view/-/21852750/data/1/-/eryp8vz/-/911-call-audio.wav" /]

  44. sarah0234 says:

    Way to go Teflon George!

  45. Marilyn N says:

    I have to report that by the looks of the Bob Bashara preliminary hearing,
    if there is a trial going forward, it should be a good one. I’ve been catching it
    from Wild About Trial, but see that TheTawniDilly has them on YouTube.

  46. margaret says:

    Uh Oh, Georgie Boy has lost his lawyer ! Mark O’Mara says he will no longer be representing George. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips now. That is my daughters way of describing certain people. George better put on his big boy pants and start looking for a job..Mark is not going to be there to save him and I don’t think too many people will be donating to this defense fund. It is not saying much for the girlfriend to go with him to his father-in-laws house. The money smell has gone to Georges head and with Mark gone, it is going to get a little stinky.

    Marrilyn , I am looking forward to the Bashara trial too. Maybe by that time they will get the Dunn trial back on line. Martinez has given his closing argument in the Chrisman trial, so am hoping they get back to jodi.

    Thank you Dear Snoops for keeping this site #1. A+

  47. Margaret~~George and Shellie were both living at her father’s house….Shellie moved out and George was still living there as of yesterday. Shellie got a lot of her things on Saturday as it was all arranged for her to do so. Shellie went back yesterday unexpectedly to get some things she had forgotten. George and his gal friend showed up. George was just returning to the home he rented from his FIL. Shellie and George were on the outs even before Trayvon was killed…George has been fooling around on Shellie for some time and they were both going to counsellors.

    I predicted Mark would make his exit….Mark is a smart man!!

  48. margaret says:

    You are right Snoops,. I just wish they would remove his gun privileges, he is a disaster waiting to happen. Maybe without the gun he wouldn-t be such a bully.

  49. Marilyn N says:

    Margaret – I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of woman would opt to
    be George Z’s girlfriend. Urgggggggggggg!!!!!!!!- He has given me the creeps since day one.
    It will be a gleeful day when he gets locked up for something – Hopefully not at anybody’s expense with the bullets he seems to be in love with.

  50. Marilyn N says:

    RE: The Grant Hayes trial – I am very curious what the defense plans when it is their turn.

  51. Marilyn~~I wonder if Grant will take the stand…he is as guilty as sin. His wife, Amanda has an evil look too.

  52. sarah0234 says:

    I am sooooooo sick of this! When will it ever end? It crushes my soul every time I read these articles! God: I beg you: Take me instead of the innocent!


  53. Sarah~~the mother and boyfriend are in jail blaming each other. When the news came on tv that the remains were identified I had to look away…I could not bring myself to look at ANOTHER precious child. This will end up like the Haleigh Cummings case. God help the little children born to these immature scum bags.

  54. margaret says:

    I too have been wondering if grant will take the witness stand. He acts like he is having a good time rocking and laughing. His defense team doesn’t seem to be interested at all in the prosecution witnesses. I guess they are going to lay it all on wife.

    I can’t wait for bob bashara to get his too. He must have had lessons on crying from jodi. He tried to put on the fake tears,it didn’t work.

  55. Marilyn N says:

    Margaret, Grant Haye’s rocking is quite annoying and cocky. Did you notice his
    fingernails are pointed? Wonder if he’ll get to play his guitar in prison?
    I don’t think his team proved anything so the closing statement better be good
    if they think they have a defense.

    I love that feisty prosecutor in the Bashara case!

  56. Once the Hayes trial is in deliberations…I will try and play catch up on the Bashara trial… I know nothing about the case so any input will be appreciated…Could someone bring me up to date?? TIA

  57. Here we again…in the meantime, the jail will babysit Jodi…

    Jodi Arias trial update: Judge postpones hearing to October

    Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_phoenix_metro/central_phoenix/jodi-arias-trial-update-judge-postpones-hearing-to-october#ixzz2enmIUFAu

  58. Marilyn N says:

    Snoops – Here is a pretty good overview of the Bashara case. You can find lots more by googling
    his name and there are other tidbits on YouTube.

  59. Grant Hayes…jurors begin deliberations Monday (16th) at 9:30am….

  60. margaret says:


    Wonder what will happen with this.. She will find a way out.. Who is going to say she will tell the truth?

  61. Marilyn N says:

    I’m sure Casey is working on a really good tale to tell!

  62. margaret says:

    Snoops, I too love that lady prosecuter in the Bob Bashara trial.. She is spunky and can hold her own against the defense . The defense team is comical and snarky. It ought to be interesting and full of fireworks.

    I am worried about Chrisman jury. They haven’t reached a verdict yet.

    Has anyone else been ruined on other lawyers after Juan? All the others seem so disorganized and wait until they get to court and then try to decide what to do. Lots of wasted time. They need to take a page from Juan’s book and come prepared.. He spoiled me

    Can’t wait for Grant verdict. He was havin too much fun and I want to see him laugh at verdict . I sure hope the jury gets it right.

  63. Re Casey…this may be the stickler..A judge must first decide if the case will be discharged or if it will go forward. Morgan said he believes it will because Anthony committed a calculated act against his client.

  64. Marilyn N says:

    I wonder how long it will take the jury to decide on smiley boy Grant’s verdict???

  65. I expect a verdict in less than two hours. He should be found guilty of murder on the first vote.

  66. Marilyn N says:

    Wow – you called it Snoops!
    Is he still smiling now?

    The Amanda Hayes trial scheduled for January should
    be good but similar except I guess she will blame it all on Grant!

  67. Unanimous GUILTY-murder in first degree…sentence -natural life imposed.

  68. Marilyn N says:

    Can’t wait for the video as I missed it live!

  69. margaret says:

    Thank God for that jury.. This idiot thought he was invincible, just blame it on the wifey. I wish these useless people would realize what all of this has done so much damage to the children and all the other people who knew and loved the victim..Punishment should be carried out immediately..

    So much sadness happening today in Colorado, Washington D.C. and the poor young man that survived a car accident and then shot 10 times by police.. So sad, I pray for the families tonight..

  70. Margaret~~I have been monitoring HLN all day…my God, what is happening to our world… Here is the link re Washington Navy Yard Shooting…

  71. margaret says:

    I have just watched video of verdict.. I love this judge ! He got right to the point , no tip toeing around, the rest of your life, no parole. Love it.

  72. Grant Hayes would be headed to prison in about two hours after sentencing…just a matter of a bit of paper work. Amanda Hayes (wifey) will receive the same verdict and punishment. There is no reason for her to take a plea since Grant has been found guilty. It is too bad the death penalty in North Carolina is in limbo.

  73. Marilyn N says:

    OMG there are so many trials these days. Today I started watching the Martin Pietz trial
    being shown by Wild About Trial. Another kill the wife and throw her body in some bushes
    and claim she went missing. It it very interesting so far.

  74. margaret says:

    I was checking out TawniDilly on you tube last night and she is posting some videos of Jason Young trial [old] and lo and behold there was Judge Stephens and the prosecutors from the Grant trial. Same court room. It was wild seeing the same team again.

  75. margaret says:


    A few good videos of our man Juan going toe to toe with Wilmott during side-bars.

  76. George Zimmerman’s Attorney, Mark O’Mara, Quits

    George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, quit one day after Zimmerman was briefly taken into custody following a domestic incident with his estranged wife.

    But O’Mara seemed to reach the end of his rope with his arrogant client. When asked if he had any advice for Zimmerman, O’Mara answered, “Pay me.”


  77. margaret says:

    Omg I was repeating myself above.. Time for a break LOL.

  78. margaret says:

    Has anyone watched any of the hiccup girls trial.

  79. Margaret~~I didn’t notice where you were repeating yourself. I am hearing snippets on HLN about the hiccup girl…

    Did you happen to see O’Mara, NeJame , Diana Tennis and Dr G dancing like the stars for a charity in Florida? Let me know…They are really good.

  80. margaret says:

    That was wonderful Snoops.. All of them did a great job. Mark NeJame looked like a natural. Thank you for posting.

  81. Things are getting a bit nasty folks…

    Sneiderman in battle over Rusty’s insurance money

    So after two hours in court, the judge ultimately signed two motions. First, unfreezing the money and then re-freezing it for another 90 days.

    She urged both sides to use the time to settle so that most of the money could go to the two Sneiderman children and not to attorneys.

    Read it all here…..


  82. A jury has found Jennifer Mee, who is better known as Hiccup Girl, guilty of first degree felony murder in the shooting death of Shannon Griffin.

    Read more: http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_pinellas/jennifer-mee-trial-verdict#ixzz2fZfVoCSO

  83. Tommy's Mom says:

    GM all!
    I’ve just watched the part of that Hayes trial where he’s bopping to the video song he wrote about killing the mother of two of his children. I think that young guy on his defense team are right up there with the Anthony team, disgusting as he seems to be really enjoying the video.

  84. Tommy’s Mom~~Grant Hayes has no conscience. I noticed his lawyer, the youngest one, seemed to be joking and laughing when he conversed with Hayes. I wonder if he was a public defender. Amanda Hayes’ , the wife, trial is due in Jan/2014…I hope she gets the same verdict and sentence…of course she will try and prove` Grant masterminded the whole thing.

  85. Marilyn N says:

    Hi All!
    Interesting interview on Crime Time this week – Episode #62 http://thelip.tv

  86. Thank God…Marissa Alexander gets new trial.. this will show Angela Corey she cannot always rule the roost.


  87. margaret says:


    This is more on the Dr. MacNeill case .. video included.. It should be a good trial. He was a real phony.

  88. margaret says:


    Someone is not wanting this to be broadcast.. I really would love to see him suffer.. His wife was a beautiful woman..

  89. margaret says:

    I miss our fearsome leader.. Snoopy are you o.k.?

  90. Margaret~~your fearsome leader is still watching that dang Abaroa trial every chance I get. I hope to start a post on MacNeill. I have been hearing bits and pieces about the case on HLN.

    Glad to see you Pippin…hope you recover completely from your illness. We need a good trial to watch and discuss…especially with winter on the way…

    Psst…I play Candy Crush on Facebook while listening to the trial…both bad addictions..

  91. Lookey here ladies….woot woot…

  92. margaret says:

    Oh how sweet, makes you want to just reach out and give him a great big hug and a thank you. You know I just can’t see him letting jodi off hook for anything. He is fighting for Travis and the Alexanders with all he has. Thank God he is Travis attorney. The last meeting must not have gone in jodi’s favor, her aunt has a tweet that they need to set up fund for jodi’s appeals..

    Just heard HLN say they would be covering the MacNeill trial..

  93. Casey reminds me of an incurable disease that will not go away….

    Casey Anthony: Kronk, Gonzalez claims are ‘baseless’


  94. margaret says:

    Can you believe this ? Wonder if they discussed and got permission from poor victims before they before they murdered them. Assinine lawyers keeping their money flowing .. Shameless..


  95. margaret says:

    I am sick to death of these killers being protected by the justice system.. You said it Snoops, they will find a way around it to protect caca.. How is she living, who’s supporting her? Enough is enough. I’ll bet those lawyers wouldn’t help a poor person that has a legitimate case. I just don’t get the appeal that caca and jodi have on the law to just turn it upside down. It is hard for this old lady to realize just how sorry our justice system has become

  96. margaret says:

    Remember Baby Kate. Finally charging dad.. I think we all knew she was dead.

  97. Margaret~~Thank God they are finally charging Sean Phillips. . I wonder how long it will be before he goes to trial. I read they are going to appoint him a public defender.

  98. Margaret~~I see they are bringing Baby Lisa Irwin back into focus…I do not believe the child is missing. I think she met the same fate as Baby Kate…

    Renewed Focus on Baby Lisa Missing Child Case


  99. Here is one post I wrote when Sean Phillips was on trial for kidnapping Baby Kate…there are links you can follow to get recent updates on his charge of murder….


  100. (this was posted on youtube in July/2012)

  101. margaret says:

    Another sleaze ball hitting streets again!!! Steven Powell, Nov. 4.

  102. Margaret~~Steven has to wear a GPS ankle monitor for ONLY 30 days once he is released…big deal eh?
    One of his daughters who he brainwashed is waiting to welcome him back home…sick, sick, sick…

  103. Newbie says:

    Hello…..hello..hello ~~ good to see you all. I’ve been off line (is that what they call it?) for about four months now. First my car gave way and shortly thereafter, my computer did the same. But I’m back finally…..at least I think I am…lol.

  104. Newbie~~what a nice surprise….yipeee…………..now stick around and do not run off and worry me ya hear!!

  105. Newbie says:

    Gotcha ! I have really missed “The Blog”…..referring to you and all those here.
    I don’t know about others but I sure am not fond of Windows 8. I also am not fond of my keyboard. Too many changes ! Those with Windows 8, do you like it after awhile??

  106. Newb~~I hate change. I still miss my Windows 98. There is so much on this ‘7’ and I haven’t a clue what it is. This old dog is not interested in any new tricks. The internet has enabled me to meet some great people and I am grateful for that…there are a few ‘baboons’ I would like to forget but dealing with them was a learning experience. The following song is just for you….

  107. Newbie says:

    Snoops, what gorgeous roses ! Thank you. Of course the song is one of the greats which makes it even better. Wow ! You’re the best.

  108. Good grief…criminals are getting smart and the Sunshine Law in Florida needs to be revamped… Read this…


  109. margaret says:

    I have just read at Radar that Scott Peterson’s mother has died from cancer. The story said she had not been able to visit Scott while he has been in prison.. Poor woman she stood by him all the way.

    Snoops, what have I done now?? I am having to sign in every time again.

  110. Margaret, I think WordPress changed things around…I have to sign in too… I feel bad for Scott’s mother..how sad..

  111. sarah0234 says:

    This IS THE ROSE: Makes me cry EVERY time. (Even though we All dislike change; there are some changes that progress us forward for the better; but don’t forget backwards: don’t fix what’s not broken…..tee hee.)

  112. margaret says:


    Calling all Snoopy’s Sleuthers ! ! ! This story happened about 60 miles from where I live and it has been a puzzle to me. I would like to know how you all see it. My grand daughter went to school with him. She said from what she saw that he was a nice, friendly kid and that she had not heard anything bad about him from other students. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that a young boy would go head first in a rolled and secured mat to get a shoe. His poor parents are suffering.

    Sara0234, You should see me, I am crying over THE ROSE and shaking my fist at macneill.. LOL I love that song and Bette Midler.

  113. My daughter posted this on Facebook….lol

  114. Margaret~~I don’t know what to make of Kendrick Johnson….could it have been accidental or foul play? Do you know if there is an ongoing investigation about his death? I learned about his death on HLN.

  115. Bobbie says:

    This pug dog is too funny! The little
    pup must feel ashamed. Poor huzzie dog!

  116. Bobbie~~I think the Pug is wearing a 36 C….lol

  117. margaret says:

    Snoops, kendrick johnon’s parents are begging for answers.. There are several you tube videos about evidence and how he was found. Some are gruesome. No one will admit to why his body was stuffed with newspapers after autopsy instead of his organs being put back in his body. I agree with parents, something just does not feel right.

    I love this dog Tell your daughter my whole family have had a big laugh.

  118. Margaret~~ his body being stuffed with newspapers is strange. I first thought is…was this a ritual killing?? I notice Ben Crump, lawyer for the Martins has gotten involved with this case.

  119. margaret says:

    A detective was on CNN tonight with Anderson Cooper and they showed a clip of him walking into gym but they cut it as soon as he walked in. There are different stories about whether he was in there alone. Anderson Cooper tape is up on CNN.

  120. 70-Year-Old Diana Reaves Charged With Paying Undercover Cop To Kill Daughter In Law-Florida


    11-Year-Old Boy Convicted Of Conspiracy To Commit Murder In Washington


  121. margaret says:

    A little progress on the Kendrick Johnson case. The attorney generals office is opening up the case and has ordered the film from all cameras in school at that time. They showed a small clip tonight of him inthe hallway and as he goes into gym , three boys who were hanging in hallway followed him in. Maybe his poor family can get answers.

  122. I watched Kendrick’s family on HLN tonight…it was so sad. I hope they get some answers soon.

  123. sarah0234 says:

    This is so sad. Another doctor kills his wife then overdoses. Read the story. Reason? Didn’t want to pay child support and alimony.


  124. Sarah~~thanks for the update. I heard they had discovered the wife’s remains.. My God, I did not know he decapitated her and cut off the ends of her fingers. I have to watch the video again as I am baffled as to family members carrying out the doctor’s body when police arrived to arrest him. Wouldn’t the family have called 911? Maybe I am mistaken…

  125. Sarah~~I was not mistaken…what did the sister and her boyfriend plan to do with the doctor’s body? I guess they did not know the house was under surveillance. This makes me a little suspicious.

    More details here…


  126. sarah0234 says:

    I don’t understand it either Snoops. This is one sick, twisted world we’re living in. I say he worshiped his money more than life. Root of all evil; money.

    I do think it’s very odd/strange that two people were carrying his body from the house. Can’t wait to hear their explanation.

  127. (Be sure and watch the video to the end…it is horrendous…)

    Cops Sodomize Man for Traffic Stop, Then it Gets Even More Terrifying


  128. margaret says:


    well well maybe the tide is turning on caca. Finally something not going her way. Wake up Karma, time to play.

  129. Margaret~~I think our ‘friend’ may go to the civil court and cover the Zenaida trial… I hope we don’t have to wait years for the case to go to trial…Kronk certainly deserves some compensation for what the defense put him through…

  130. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret: Thank you for that update! And I just love this part of the article………..

    (See Margarets’ Nov. 5, 2013 posting for reference)….

    “May also ordered Anthony’s lawyers, David Schrader and Debra Ferwerda, to compensate Gonzalez’s lawyer Scott Shuker $500 for failing to consult him before filing a motion to block a deposition of Anthony”.

    I just pray I’m still alive when this comes full circle just like in O.J’s case.

  131. sarah0234 says:

    Wow Snoops: That second article about the body being removed from the house has my head spinning even more. I am so leery about them moving the damn body. Did they do the same with the wifes’ body? Have they been watching too many crime shows and reading crime novels to know how to “set the scene(s)”? They knew this couple wasn’t in agreement about the divorce.

    I’m like you; something is just not quite right in this case. I think it was smart on law enforcements part to play it like; oh we just want to finalize…blah blah blah……to entice them to go ahead and talk. We’ll see. Time will tell. (Might be nothing……but my “I dunno” radar is going off).

    Hey Snoops: On a personal note: I hope all is well with you and your family. God bless you for keeping your blog going.

    I’m looking forward to visiting more often…….just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you and to ALL of the CONTRIBUTORS who keep us updated. Snoops and “Contributors”; you’re so appreciated…….and thanks for the laughs!

  132. Sarah~~we think alike…I had a big chuckle when I read Casey has to fork over the $500.

    When I read about the sister and the brother in law/boyfriend removing the body, a red flag went up! I hope LE will do a thorough investigation…eg: tampering with evidence, obstructing an investigation etc. I wonder if the doc was convinced into changing his will???

    I enjoy managing this blog and it is I who should be THANKING YOU AND ALL WHO CONTRIBUTE OR JUST READ HERE. BTW, my stats don’t look too shabby in the total of people who visit this blog.

  133. Jodi Arias must be as mad as a hornet…she is stuck with Nurmi. This was just an act of desperation on Jodi’s part to delay the inevitable…

  134. margaret says:

    Check out Judge and blonde lawyer on Tawnidilly you tube , Rodrigues trial !!

  135. sarah0234 says:

    I see Jodi’s attempt to “attack” Nurmi as her usual MO against men.

    Crying,…..”he’s not paying attention to me….whah whah whah……boo hoo.

    Numri better be glad she’s behind bars AND I would watch my back in court if I were him. (Pens sting when they enter the body.)

    You can look up Jodi’s sister, Angela Grayson (might be Greyson) on Facebook. I’ve never seen so many selfies. And of course everyone tells her how beautiful she is. She looks a lot like her sister.

    I thought we had come further in society and taught our daughters that beauty isn’t everything. I have a gorgeous daughter but she is extremely intelligent. When she was younger people would say she’s so pretty and I would respond, Thank you, but she’s also very smart. I’m so glad I did because she doesn’t take the thousand selfies. She is into to her work and the community around her while working on her masters degree. Now, that’s a woman.

    That’s where I lose it with Fox news. First it was the cleavage bursting from their clothes and now they have the women all wear tight dresses to show off their boobs, butts and buffed legs. I want to see the guys come in wearing tight t-shirts and shorts and give their opinions and read the news.

    The only female that dresses sensible is Greta.

    Ok, jumping off the soap box.

  136. sarah0234 says:

    Our favorite Sheriff in action again. Wonder if JA is on of the 10.


  137. sarah0234 says:

    Have you all read this story? Amazing! What a great family! This sorry SOB won’t be hurting anyone else thanks to them. Thank goodness the state has a law in place and no one will be charged (so far).


  138. Sarah~~i watched a bit of the story on HLN but could not get the gist of what went down. Thank God she was saved. When is LE going to take battered women seriously? This SOB should have been charged with intent to kill ages ago. He held a knife to her neck.

  139. margaret says:


    Some people never learn if you want something , you have to get off your butt and work for it. The money tree must have been picked cleaned. Maybe caca’s benefactor can get them an apartment next to caca. Karma is alive and well.

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