Jodi Arias-hearing August 26th

A hearing is set for Aug. 26. Judge Stephens previously indicated she wanted to set a new trial date for the penalty phase for September. Just seating a new jury could take weeks, given the trial’s publicity. That process would be followed by retreading over testimony and evidence.
If the second panel failed to reach a unanimous decision, the death penalty would automatically be removed from consideration, and the judge would sentence Arias to spend her entire life behind bars or be eligible for release after 25 years.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has said the state is still preparing to seek the death penalty, but would consider resolving the case without another trial after consultation with the victim’s family and defense lawyers, among other things.

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34 Responses to Jodi Arias-hearing August 26th

  1. margaret says:

    I love this !! Great work Snoops.. I wish she could have more pictures in jail, I would put that one on a post card and mail it to her, but according to her book club site she has reached her limit on photos, When is she ever going to be treated like a prisoner and not a celebrity?

    Our girl JVM has not been wasting her time outside that courthouse every day. I think I am going to order her book, since proceeds go to Alexanders , and I want to read more on how she stalked pooor Bobby.

  2. Yes, JVM’s book hit the shelves today. If you read it, let me know what you think.

  3. margaret says:

    A refresher on jodi. Some of the stuff we didn’t hear about in trial. The book is very interesting and makes me wonder why some of it wasn’t brought out in trial. She should have stayed with brewer. he lied big time about jodi. The blond hair, boob implants, even jodi’s car was like his ex-wife. When he refuused to get married and have a child , like his ex-wife, jodi was done and started the search that found poor Travis.

  4. Margaret~~no man wants to marry the village nymph and be mother to their children. Darryl Brewer should consider himself lucky that he was not on the receiving end of a knife.

    Jodi is not going to be happy if cameras are not allowed in the courtroom if Judge Stephens grants the following motion….read on…

    Arias’ attorneys file motion to limit media coverage

    A motion filed Thursday asked the judge to “preclude or limit live coverage of the sentencing phase retrial.”

    More here…

  5. margaret says:

    What is their problem? Has she not aired all her dirty laundry? He must be afraid Juan will tell the rest.. I can’t believe judge Stephens will allow them to pull cameras at this point. I hope they can’t get the jurors twitter accounts either. Why should they give up that for Jodi Arias?

    Vinnie has a program on this afternoon about the Confessions of an ex-Morman. I want to watch.

  6. margaret says:

    N/urmi and Wilmott are grasping at straws, they want the jurors websites shut down, no telephones and they want voir dire handled in a totally different way. Miss Arias, cannot possibly get a fair trial if the judge doesn’t do what they want. Do they remember who the deviant, crazy killer is? I’ll bet Juan is having a good laugh tonight… Vinnie said tonight ,” we will be there Monday at 11/30 with cameras”, my money is on Vinny.

  7. Margaret~~Jodi is still calling all the shots. Nurmi and Willmott want off the case and the judge wont release them. Nurmi may end up butchering Jodi yet…maybe Willmott will defend him at his trial…lol

  8. Can her defense team quit now?

    If Arias’ attorneys want to end their representation of the convicted murderer, they will have to get Stephens’ permission.

    HLN legal experts say it is unlikely that the defense team will be released from the case at this stage because Stephens has already denied defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott’s requests to leave the case multiple times.

    If, for some reason, Stephens lets Nurmi and Willmott off the case, it could delay the trial. New attorneys would need time to prepare for the retrial of the penalty phase.

    If new attorneys aren’t given adequate time to prepare for the case, it could leave open the possibility of an Arias appeal of ineffective counsel, but only in regard to her sentence.

    Stephens could let Arias’ attorneys off the hook, but she might not if she wants to avoid another delay.

    Read it all here….(a lot of good info at this site)

  9. Juan and Nurmi are in the courtroom…

  10. Jodi is in courtroom in shackles and hair in bun…judge set another hearing for Sept 16th… no live stream yet..

  11. HLN is trying to get tape of today’s very short hearing…Martinez has another big case coming up…a cop who shot a young man…

  12. Judge Stephens would not allow live coverage today….

  13. sarah0234 says:

    So, what happened today? Just another hearing date set for Sept 16th? I thought the judge was aiming for a trial date of Sept 10th? This is getting so ridiculous. I can only hope that the sheriff has Ms. Thang out in the “tent city” jail area where temps reach over a hundred.

    Poor Alexander family. Jodi is probably enjoying every second of this; she enjoys putting the Alexanders through agony.

    BTW: I’M BACK! And ya’ll thought you could get rid of me that easy? I’ve checked in a couple of times; but no time for posting any thoughts. Thanks everyone for the updates. Thanks Snoops for all the links.

  14. margaret says:

    Well she walked out smiling like she had just won the Nobel Peace prize.I want to see that almost 40 years old, ugly face get whats owed her for Travis, and soon. Alice needs to stop her whining too.

    Snoops , the Chrisman trial is going on now, Tawndilly on you tube has them listed. I have watched some of it with Juan , but if we thought Nurmi was slow, this defense guy has him beat. I don’t have the patience to watch him..The sound is bad on first tapes but it improves.

  15. Hi Sarah, good to see you.

    Margaret~~Nurmi and Willmott filed new motions a few days ago knowing dang well the state would not have time to view them. Delays delays delays to keep Jodi in jail instead of prison….we will be lucky to see this go to the penalty phase trial next year…Jodi is still calling the shots and manipulating the system.

    LaViolette gets no sympathy from me although I do not agree with the death threats against her.

  16. margaret says:

    I have to wonder how many actual threats to harm LaV she really got. I read some comments on Amazon about the book , but they were mostly about her ideas on domestic violence. I think she was so flattered that the defense wanted her for jodi’s savior that she was was willing to do and say whatever they wanted her to. In my mind she has a bit of jodi’s attitude, my way or no way..She underestimated Juan and tried her darndest to get the better of him.. She never thought about Juan doing his homework and being prepared for her. Some of her tears may be that she knows how bad she was.. I would like to know how her colleques have reacted to her after her testimony.

  17. Margaret~~thank you…very interesting…

  18. margaret says:

    HLN is saying the jodi hearing will be behind closed doors. I hope the Alexanders get to express their wishes..

  19. margaret says:

    Another meeting Nov. 1.. Will it ever happen or are they going to let her keep calling shots.. I thought Nurmi wanted out years ago. Evidently not so..

  20. margaret says:

    The economy must be catching up to jodi. She is tweeting that she plans to file bankruptcy as soon as she has enough money.. Think caca is her new advisor? She is so full of herself, it is disgusting. They are going to keep dragging this along until it can be postponed until next year.. She says her parents and aunt and uncle are filing bankruptcy too. Must be some backdoor deals in the works. Ya think! ! I hope the alexanders have every loophole covered. Would bankruptcy protect her from Alexanders?

  21. Margaret~~the Alexanders are planning to file a wrongful death suit against Jodi. This would be in civil court. I doubt if she would be assigned a public defender for the civil charges but who knows. Jodi wants to make money off her shoddy art work and t-shirts. Under the Son of Sam law she can do that. She cannot make money off Travis’ death. Jodi is hoping some starry eyed old fool will send her money for a bankruptcy lawyer. I am still waiting to see how Casey makes out in the Zenaida suit…I would like to see Jodi shipped off to death row to shut her up…I am not holding my breath tho. I am not sure if Jodi becoming bankrupt can impede the Alexanders from getting any money…the laws in some states are weird.

  22. FYI~~~could this be true??

    Yup, looks like it is true…watch and read here..

    Arias said in a 12-page handwritten narrative that her lead attorney, Kirk Nurmi, had not seen her since May 23, the day the jury reached an impasse on whether to sentence her to life or death. She claimed that she attempted to fire him in June as well, but Judge Sherry Stephens did not grant her request.

    Arias writes that Nurmi has an “utter poverty of people skills,” and “has little to no tolerance for my emotional and psychological shortcomings.” She offered, as an example, her emotional reaction when the defense played in open court a lurid recording of a phone call between Arias and Alexander; Arias said she wanted the tape to be played in a closed courtroom only to the jury and not to the general public.

  23. From Beth Kara….4 hrs ago…

    I just spoke to the spokesperson for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office. He confirmed that there was no settlement today in Jodi Arias’s closed conference before retired Judge James Keppel. The next court date is Nov. 1 at 1:30 pm in Phoenix (4:30 pm ET) before Judge Sherry Stephens. She will hear oral argument on a number of outstanding motions in anticipation of a retrial of the sentencing phase.

  24. margaret1942 says:

    Nurmi wants out and what better way to stall for time.. Another ploy.. This should be a gret big NO NO at this point.. Then again they are defense attorneys , nuff said.

  25. margaret1942 says:

    Who does that girl think she is? No ego problems there. I have just finished reading jodi letter and she must be getting really nervous by now. The letter is all about poor jodi, I, me,my. I think it is downright funny as hard as she fought to keep Nurmi when all he wanted was to go, and now her last shot at delaying trial is hanging Nurmi. Love it.

  26. Here is Jodi’s entire letter re firing Nurmi….I couldn’t handle reading it all…she is trying her entire case in the letter….desperation??

  27. margaret says:

    I love these articles about Juan Martinez ! If already been posted, just disregard. All younger lawyers want to be like Juan..

  28. margaret says:

    An interesting link to get our minds off martin and dypst.

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