Andrea Sneiderman trial-videos

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 1 (Opening Statements)

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 2 (Defense Opening)

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 3

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 4

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 5

Andrea Sneiderman Trial – Day 1 – Part 6 (with sound)

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33 Responses to Andrea Sneiderman trial-videos

  1. margaret says:

    Have you ever seen so many lawyers in a case and ihey are all so nice and friendly. That is the most cluttered , and disorganized court room I have seen. Then there is the Judge, welcoming the spectators , blessing the sneezer, and my favorite telling the lawyers to take all the time they need, joking and laughing with witnesses. If I didn,t want Andrea to be found guilty, it would almost be funny.

    I like this Judge but he is no Judge Perry… Thanks again Friend..

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Snoopy,
    I posted here during the Casey Anthony case and ever since I have stopped by many times to read your wonderful coverage of trials. I am happy to know that you are following the Andrea Sneiderman case. HLN has been covering the Josh Young trial, as much as I don’t like watching that channel because of all the commercials I was wondering what happened with Andrea Sneiderman.

  3. It doesn’t look like the state has a strong case against Andrea. I would like to see her go to jail on perjury charges and obstructing an investigation. Andrea seemed to be using Hemy to knock off her husband..I think she has another man waiting in the wings.

    That judge is a riot but I also heard he has a short fuse when it comes to people lying under oath in his court room.

  4. margaret1942 says:

    I sure hope this jury finds her guilty. I can’t stand to even hear her talk. Poor Hemy was her puppet.

  5. Guilty on 9 out of the 13 charges!!

  6. Sentencing tomorrow morning at 9 am…

  7. margaret says:

    My o my , things are looking up. Guilty ! I’ll bet thoe eyes and that head are snapping away in her cell. Wonder if Hemy knows? She still will not get what she deserves.. I have dubbed her the snapping turtle.. Now Judge do your job and hold her accountable for all the people she has destroyed…

  8. Margaret, I am hoping she gets a lengthy sentence. She has a boyfriend besides Hemy. He was not allowed in the courtroom during the trial because he was on the witness list but was not called. We do not hear much about him. His name escapes me but they did mention him on HLN. Andrea just used Hemy to kill Rusty.

  9. Sneiderman was found guilty of hindering the apprehension of a criminal, concealment of material fact, three counts of giving false statements and four counts of perjury. She was found not guilty of three counts perjury and one count of giving a false statemen

    Read more:

  10. Post verdict video….plus….

    Count 1: Hindering the apprehension of a criminal – Guilty
    Count 2: Concealment of material facts – Guilty
    Count 3: False Statement – Guilty
    Count 4: Perjury – Not Guilty
    Count 5: False Statement – Not Guilty
    Count 6: Perjury – Guilty
    Count 7: Perjury – Not Guilty
    Count 8: False Statement – Guilty
    Count 9: Perjury – Guilty
    Count 10: False Statement – Guilty
    Count 11: Perjury – Guilty
    Count 12: Perjury – Guilty
    Count 13: Perjury: Not Guilty

  11. margaret says:

    Well , I am disapointed in her sentence.. I was hoping the judge would give her more than that. Isn’t it amazing that all of a sudden she thinks of her children..I wonder how long she practiced her little crying,{not} jig in front of judge.. She deserves 5 years for thinking she was fooling anyone with the tears that were not there. She is a Despicable human being. Everything was Hemy’s fault. I hope someone in prison will knock that snapping face right off her.

    Thanks Snoops for all your work keeping all the posts up for us..

  12. Margaret~~if Andrea can control her temper, she will probably only serve a couple of years. Many legal pundits thought she may just get probation. I wonder if her lawyers will appeal the sentence. She was offered a plea deal of a year and turned it down before her trial. At least she will get a taste of prison life and wont get to spend her $2.5 million.

    I have many people who come in here to read but do not comment. You are a faithful friend, Margaret. Hugs…

  13. Sneiderman’s defense attorneys said she plans to appeal on multiple grounds.
    “We are confident and hopeful that Andrea will win,” defense attorney Doug Chalmers said. “We are also hopeful that in the very near future she will be reunited with her children and will be able to start rebuilding a life that was shattered because Hemy Neuman would not take no for an answer.”
    Another defense attorney, J. Tom Morgan, said he’d already been in touch with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles and said he hoped Sneiderman would be released soon


  14. Andrea Sneiderman plans to appeal sentence

    Andrea Sneiderman has hired Atlanta criminal defense attorney Brian Steel to work on an appeal of the five-year prison sentence she was handed Aug. 20.
    Sneiderman was found guilty Aug. 19 on nine felony counts, including perjury, in connection with the murder of her husband, former Beachwood resident Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman. Her attorneys say she could appear before a parole board in as little as two months.

    More here….

  15. margaret says:

    Did you see her turn her head toward jurors as she was being led out the side door ? If looks could kill I’ll bet her eyes were flashing daggers.. I don’t know who lies best Misty, casey, jodi or andrea..Their day will come , of this I am sure. God bless you Rusty.

  16. Andrea Sneiderman’s new attorney seeks new trial

    Andrea Sneiderman’s new attorney, high-profile defense attorney Brian Steel, filed a motion for a new trial Wednesday, one day after the former Dunwoody resident was sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of nine of 13 counts associated with the murder of her husband.
    According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the motion on behalf of Sneiderman was filed late Tuesday afternoon in Fulton County Superior Court by Steel, contending the verdict against her was “contrary to the evidence and without evidence to support it.”

    More here…

  17. Sneiderman transferred to prison in NE Georgia

    Arrendale is a women’s prison with room for 1,476 prisoners on the outskirts of Alto, a city of just over 1,000 residents straddling the lines of Banks, Habersham and Hall counties.

  18. joan Kamen says:

    I believe Andrea was railroaded.There was never any evidence to show
    a conspiracy. The DeKalb co. DA needed a conviction of some kind to save face.She was put underhouse arrest for year. Her sentence should have been time served.

  19. Joan~ ~thank you for your opinion. There are those who certainly do not agree with you and feel Andrea is getting a much lighter sentence than Rusty received. I believe it was death.

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