Joshua Young trial

For those of you following the Joshua Young trial, here are some videos of Day 4 of the trial. Josh’s father takes the stand. I warn you his testimony is graphic. He is the scum of the earth. He admitted to killing his step son and now Josh Young is on trial for conspiring with his father. Some think the father took the rap for Young.

Warning-Explicit Language

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7 Responses to Joshua Young trial

  1. Sherry says:

    I was watching some of his testimony today and just couldn’t handle it after awhile. He’s so pompous! Full of himself! I feel for JY having a father like him who didn’t give a dang if he threw his own kid under the bus. That’s one reason why I lean toward JY not being the murderer since his sperm donor didn’t want to take responsibility but was going to let JY pay as a juvenile, so he thought!, and it would all be over and they could probably share good laughs later after son’s release from Juvenile Detention…how low can you go? JY’s only parent thinks so little of his own son yet his son thinks he is a man worthy of his love.

  2. Sherry says:

    Oh, and I’ve heard that JY is just like his father…a scum and low budget…nasty…

  3. Sherry~~we had bad electrical storms most of the day so I am just watching the videos tonight. These people make the Cummings look like saints. I have heard different stories about young Josh so I am not sure what the outcome of this trial will be. I find the judge really laid back and he doesn’t run a no nonsense courtroom.

  4. margaret says:

    OMG ! I can’t believe the women in this trial.. That guy sleeping around with all of them , and what idiot judge gave that man custody of that child.. Scum of the earth is a compliment to that guy. His is the face a mother could not love ..Trey’s dad and stepmother seem to be the only ones to care about him. .

    Thanks and love for posting videos, I will watch them tonight.

  5. debl115 says:

    wow, they already have a verdict. that was fast

  6. debl115 says:

    Murder, not guilty, tampering with evidence, not guilty. Huh, sure not what I was expecting.


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