Andrea Sneiderman-Another Black Widow?


Andrea Sneiderman’s husband was gunned down by her boss outside a metro Atlanta child care center in 2010
Sneiderman has been charged with 16 counts, including murder, in connection with the shooting
Jury selection for Sneiderman’s trial begins July 29

You can read the indictment and get caught up at HLN who will be airing the trial. Link below ..


On the morning of November 10, 2010, Rusty Sneiderman smelled gas in his Atlanta home and went outside to check for a leak. When he found a suspicious person in his yard, he dialed 911.

“There’s a man who was sleeping in my backyard. He’s running. I think he has a gun in his back pocket and now he’s running away,” Sneiderman told a dispatcher.

He described the man as Hispanic, with a mustache, a hat and earmuffs. He had no idea that the man was Hemy Neuman.

Neuman would later tell police that he intended to kill Sneiderman that day — he had purchased a gun and a disguise beforehand — but he fled when he was spotted.

One hour before Rusty saw Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman allegedly made two calls to Neuman’s phone. Thirty minutes after he fled, prosecutors said they spoke again.

Prosecutors have alleged that Andrea Sneiderman gave Neuman information about Rusty’s schedule that day and information about a walking path near the house.

The two men’s lives seemed to be on different trajectories. Rusty, a 36-year-old father of two — Sophia and Ian — was in the middle of launching a new startup company called Star Voicemail. He was a successful entrepreneur who served on the boards of several charities.

Neuman, in October of 2010, was 47 years old and deeply in debt despite his $170,000 salary at GE. On October 3, he had moved out of the house he shared with his wife of 22 years, Ariela, and their three children.

According to court documents, Neuman spent the second half of October shopping for a gun. In addition to buying the weapon, Neuman attended a gun safety course and practiced shooting at a firing range prior to the November 10 incident.

One week later, Rusty Sneiderman was lying in the parking lot of Dunwoody Prep, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds and gasping for air.


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33 Responses to Andrea Sneiderman-Another Black Widow?

  1. OMG, meet Andrea…

    Andrea Sneiderman questioned by the Prosecution

  2. Tommy's Mom says:

    Okay call me superficial but what in the world would any man see in this woman? I don’t think she is even moderately attractive, and has a really nasty personality. She looks like an old Jodie and she thinks Sandra Bullock is too old to play her in a movie?

  3. sarah0234 says:

    Tommys Mom: You’re not superficial. IMO, if any woman (from plain Janes’ to sexy Monroe types) pays a man enough attention she can make his mind turn any way she wants it to.

    While listening to AS testify I get the “creepy” feeling she’s a manipulator. My, my what attitude she shows when she shakes that head side to side; like she’s tough.

    I feel horrible for the two children. If she is guilty of this; they will have lost two parents. I’m getting pretty fed up with these extreme narcissistic people. It’s all about them. What makes them happy. I bet she never stopped and thought about what she was doing to her children or Rusty’s parents.

    I’m sorry; I’m old fashioned. If you’re married (with kids to boot), you have no business at a bar drinking and dancing with the opposite sex.

  4. Scene setter: Sneiderman trial to begin Monday….

    Most serious charges against Sneiderman may be dropped….

    Andrea Sneiderman is still in a lot of trouble. But she might not be going to prison for the rest of her life.
    The DeKalb County district attorney may drop some of the most serious charges against Sneiderman, Channel 2 Action News reports.

    Prosecutors are considering dropping the three most serious charges against Sneiderman just days before her trial. They include felony murder, malice murder and aggravated assault.
    “So the charges would now be whittled down to perjury and false statements,” says News/Talk WSB legal analyst and UGA law professor Ron Carlson. “Now they are felonies. They could result in a sentence of up to 10 years. But that’s not life as she was facing previously.”

  5. sarah0234 says:

    OMG Snoops: Did you see where I posted the wrong video above? But the video is funny.

    I can not stand Geraldo.

    I’m sure he did this to get his name out there.

    He is the most narcissistic, chauvinistic person on TV.

    It’s not the body that’s bad. It’s his face; which could stop an eight day clock! And who wears rose colored glasses in the bathroom? What? Is he trying to hide the fact he’s stoned?

    Move this to the cafe if needed. And delete where I posted it incorrectly above. My bad.

  6. sarah0234 says:

    I need to get caught up on the Sneiderman case. I haven’t read or heard why the DA has changed their minds. Sad. IF she had something to do with his death then she should be held accountable. IF not, no harm no foul.

  7. Sarah~~I am going to leave the video of Geraldo up… we need a good laugh…lol

  8. Sherry says:

    Catching up on the case’s details. Alot to read and watch here. So far, I don’t see that she had anything to do with her husband’s murder but her attitude in the above court video seems to betray her. I do believe she had an affair with this man. The consideration of dropping the murder charges makes me believe the state hasn’t enough to convict her with.

    Sarah, pleeeze don’t make a mistake like that again! Sure, it was funny but seeing Geraldo do almost like Weiner …gaaah! 😮

  9. Sherry~~the boss, Hemy, said Andrea was not involved in the murder. He got LWOP due to mental illness. I think he masterminded his mental illness and it sure looks like Andrea did not want Rusty in her life. Andrea told her father-in-law that Rusty had been shot when she called him on her way to the daycare. How did she know this since no one told her what had happened at that time??

    Neuman claims an angel sent him on a mission to kill Rusty Sneiderman, who was shot execution style in 2010 outside his son’s day care center near Atlanta.
    Andrea Sneiderman faces other charges, including hindering the apprehension of a criminal; concealment of facts from police; making false statements; and perjury. Hodges said he believes prosecutors have a better chance of putting her away by focusing on these charges, and noted that prosecutors already withdrew questions related to the murder charge during jury questioning.

  10. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the link, Snoopy. This is a rather interesting case so the trial should be a good watch. Not like JA’s but a cleaner version. I’m still reading through the info-I’ve even made a folder for it all. :mrgreen:

  11. Murder charges against Andrea Sneiderman officially dropped Jury selection will go forward on Monday, July 29th…

  12. mainstreamfair says:

    Judge agrees to drop three most serious charges against Sneiderman

  13. mainstreamfair says:

    Jury selection begins tomorrow, July 29th..

  14. mainstreamfair says:

    Jury selection begins in Andrea Sneiderman trial

    @PortiaFOX5: None of the 283 potential jurors can be videotaped during any point of the screening process.

  15. Margaret says:

    I am dissapointed that the charges have been dropped on A.S. , I believe she filled Newman full of lies against Rusty until she had him believing that he had to rescue andrea from Rusty. I would not be surprised to learn that the insanity was staged in hopes of having his verdict overturned down the line. A.S. collected two million dollars from Rusty’s death. When Hemy runs out of appeals and he learns andrea has moved on with another man he will grow a backbone and talk. Andreas mean looking eyes could give jodi’s eyes a run for the money.

  16. mainstreamfair says:

    Margaret, I agree that Hemy staged the insanity. How could he hold down a high pressured job at GE and be nuts? Andrea is a conniving bitch. I hope she is found guilty of the 13 charges and ends up in jail. Some of the charges have a penalty of 10 years max.

    The judge would not agree with decreasing her bond or removing her ankle bracelet. Andrea is still on house arrest.

  17. debl115 says:

    Ugh, off house arrest, and ankle monitor removed. 😦

  18. debl115 says:

    Oh, and hello all you lovely ladies! Been taking a break from all of the JA crap, really needed to get back to my job and my home life. I think my family actually recognizes me 🙂

  19. Hi deb~~a break is good especially after Arias giving us all a sex education. I have a feeling Andrea will come out smelling like a rose. She managed to have her husband killed, came into 2 million dollars, 2 homes and another man waiting in the wings. We seem to be getting quite a collection of black widows.

  20. Moondog says:

    She’s attractive and sick in the head. Poor Rusty RIP

  21. This was the highlight of today’s trial….the remainder was mostly clips of interviews between Andrea and the lead detective…

    Andrea Sneiderman Trial. Day 4. Part 6

  22. margaret says:

    It made me so sad listening to Rusy’s Dad testify. You can tell it is very much on his mind every day.. Now the witch wants to keep their grandchildren from them. I have Andrea right on top of my list of lying, conniving, deviates that use other people and then destroy them when they are done with them. Andrea, Casey and jodi need to be dropped into Snoops historic black hole and left until they kill each other. Andrea sure brought havoc on that GE company in the short time she was an employee.. I hope Rusty’s dad can tie up the insurance money for the children since they dropped murder crarges, so she can’t get to that. I gathered from Mr. Sneidermans testimony that Andrea’s family is part of the problem.

    Moondog , Andrea attractive ? ? In the eye of the beholder I guess..

  23. Margaret~~Andrea is a typical black widow.

  24. sdelle says:

    Hopefully they can move forward with the malice/felony murder, aggravated assault, racketeering and insurance fraud charges again when the D.A. feels they can prove the case. The more serious charges can be brought again but I’m hoping she’ll be serving time on the lessor charges she is a most manipulative, immoral, person with absolutley no redeeming qualities whatsoever IMHO. I pray if they do make a movie that none of the funds find their way to her or any of her mis-be-gotten family. Further I hope that Sopia and Ian (Rusty’s childen) at a future date (sooner rather than later) will be reunited with the loving Sneidermans to be raised by them.

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