Jodi Arias: Trial Date Rescheduled By Judge

Jodi Arias trial judge Sherry Stephens has rescheduled the status update hearing for the case, moving the court date two days earlier than previously planned.
Earlier this week, the Maricopa County Superior Court announced through its Twitter account that the date for the Status Conference and Motion to Continue Trial for Arias’ case was now set for July 16. The Court failed to elaborate further or explain what motivated judge Stephens’ decision to change the date of Arias’ hearing.

The judge set the retrial date for a new penalty phase, something that could take several months as attorneys put on a mini-trial of sorts to get a fresh jury up to speed on the case. Jury selection alone could take weeks.
Arias was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8 in the June 2008 death of boyfriend Travis Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home

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34 Responses to Jodi Arias: Trial Date Rescheduled By Judge

  1. Justice, in this case, is grinding exceeding small…. IMHO they should just shut the door, wipe their hands and move on.

  2. jayelle sea says:

    Just when I almost forgot her, just a bad memory, wow, hopefully this will run smooth and swift for the family whom don’t need to be reminded of the misery she’s inflicted over and over again. To bad a deal could not have been cut to keep this atrocious monster away from the public eye she so desperately needs to manipulate. She has stolen so much from so many, especially Travis and his family, that she have another second just seems heart-rendering

  3. Ladies, do you think Jodi will take the stand and tell us the 101th way?? ..she already told us the other hundred ways…

    Juan Martinez wants to put Jodi on death row…I say, “give her life and throw away the key.”

  4. sarah0234 says:

    Lord, I hope not Snoops. I received the worst sex educational advice from her! LOL!!

    Me too, I just wish she would go away. Spare the family having to go through anymore BS. But, it’s their decision.

  5. Tommy'sMom says:

    Challenging a landmark 2002 US Supreme Court ruling, Arias’ attorneys argue that it is too difficult for jurors to determine if a crime is “especially cruel.” They want the previous finding thrown out. Prosecutors disagree, saying the argument lacks merit.
    Hello have they looked at the crime scene photos?
    Is it just me or is this about the dumbest thing the “team” has done to date?

  6. Tommy’sMom~~it is not just you. This is a dumb move on the part of Jodi’s defense. Dear God, this crime was more than heinous.

  7. Judge Stephens is never on time…

  8. Motion hearing set for August…..things could get under way in late Sept…but don’t hold your breath. Ted Rowlings reporting on HLN

  9. Arias says ‘sorry taxpayers’ over retrial

    PHOENIX – Jodi Arias took to Twitter Tuesday, apologizing to taxpayers over her continuing court costs.

    More here….

  10. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks Snoops: It gave me great pleasure this morning seeing Ms. Arias in shackles and stripes. But the kicker is the three armed guards. My questions is: will the guards be in the court room during the next phase of the trial? Wouldn’t that be considered bias? And will she be allowed to wear “street” clothes?

    She’s not sorry about the taxpayers paying squat. It’s just another Jodi manipulation.

  11. Jodi Arias Twitter Messages Pensive and Defiant as She Waits for September Retrial; Who Are The Haters?

    Jodi Arias posted two Twitter message after she left court. “The State rejected my 3rd request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers.” And “a few of my dedicated haters came all the way 2 court 2day just 2 glare at me. I’m flattered. Thought it was I who had nothing better 2 do.” Jodi Arias didn’t identify anyone in particular, but she has gathered a strong following that would like to see her die.

  12. gramared says:

    Just curious – are those THREE armed guards for OUR protection or for JODI’s?? It’s over the top and totally a waste of the taxpayer’s $$$ if it’s to protect us from her doing something. One guard would be sufficient. If, on the other hand, they expect someone or some group to storm the courtroom, that is also a bit far fetched. It looks like a total waste of manpower and money.

  13. Jodi must feel real special with 3 male escorts. Such a waste of tax dollars. I guess Arizona goes all out. .

  14. sarah0234 says:

    This is just one example of why armed guards are needed in the courtroom. They are there to protect the family of the victim as well as the defendant. I have no idea what Jodi is capable of since she’s been locked up and I wouldn’t want to find out.

  15. margaret says:

    I heard bits and pieces of a discussion about the defense needs time to find someone that can speak for jodi and that her mother would not do it. Anyone heard anything about that. Surely her mother could say something good about her.

  16. sarah0234 says:

    Margaret: My questions is: If the mother takes the stand can Martinez question her? If he does it won’t be pretty. I think he can bring out the fact that Jodi has hit and yelled at her before. Would that open the door for him to play the tapes where the mother says there’s something wrong with Jodi? That Jodi grew the pot on the roof in one of her tupperware containers, etc.

    IMO, Jodis’ mom would just expose what a spoiled, ungrateful little brat she is.

  17. Good grief…read this…apparently Jodi won the heart of this jerk…

    Jodi Arias trial coverage incites David Lee Simpson to threaten television anchors

    Read more:

  18. margaret says:

    I say let him in cell with her for ever how long he can survive her. . I wonder if that is the one that was offering her a home with him when she was found INNOCENT. She can fool the old men just like the young. Sick sick

  19. Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell ID’d as victims of online threats over Arias trial coverage–Jodi-Arias-Stalking-Arrest

  20. The state of Arizona should not spend one more cent on this bitch. Give her life and the gals in prison will see she gets the death sentence.

    Arias deal could have her avoiding death penalty

  21. Margaret says:

    Good morning all,. Snoops I know you listen to Tricia’s true crime radio show, did you listen last night ? Wendy Murphy was her guest , and she discussed the possible reason for the defense not calling jodi’s mother or others to speak on her behalf and testify for her. She says that is a defense tactic to have her sentence overthrown down the line on appeal . She gives her colorful thoughts on the different standards between the prosecution and defence. Since casey a. I totally agree with her.

  22. mainstreamfair says:

    Margaret, I haven’t been listening to Tricia lately. I think that the state and defense will try to settle things with Jodi instead of spending big bucks on a penalty phase. I know Nurmi and Willmott want to see the back of Jodi. Jodi probably wants to go to trial again hoping she will win over some male jurors so I doubt if she will ever agree to a plea deal.

  23. margaret says:

    HI Everyone, Our man Juan is in another trial being streamed on AZFamily .com. All I have seen is the back of his head.. Busy ,busy man. Can’t wait for him to get back on jodi case..

  24. We just may see Juan again….

    Jodi Arias Trial Update 2013: Sentencing Phase Slated For Late September; Prosecutors Say May Be Open To Plea, Despite Arias Tweets Saying Otherwise

  25. m5j4s3a2h1$ says:

    Maybe there is still hope . Wonder how she likes these news. Travis will get his justice !

  26. Margaret~~Jodi is still working evil from her cell….

    So, Jodi Arias has a book club…

  27. There is a hearing on Aug 26th to decide on a date to try the penalty phase.

  28. margaret says:

    I do hope this trial goes forward in Sept. , why do they need more time ? They have all the evidence so lets get on with it. I want this girl shut up . I don’t know who is handling her book club site , but he is using a computer repair business as his background. .Wonder who it really is?

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