The Jury set Zimmerman free


Those who fought to have Zimmerman charged and brought before a jury of his peers still will not accept the verdict. There were no winners in this case. A teenager is dead and a man will have to go into hiding because there are those who want revenge. A nation is divided because of the color of one’s skin. Personally, after following this case for months, I wanted a verdict of ‘not guilty.’ Do I feel thrilled and plan to gloat? No, not in the least. I feel sad to think of the turmoil that lies ahead. Check out the following…

Undivided they stand.

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  1. Sherry says:

    It wasn’t the truth that set Zimmerman free. It was the evidence that was given and the letter of the law that found him not guilty. The truth, God only knows. IMO, Zimmerman stole Trayvon’s screams for help, the investigators did a lousy job of preserving evidence on Trayvon’s body and thus took from him his voice in court and Ms. Jeantel’s bad attitude and hostility overshadowed her testimony of hearing Trayvon plead with Zimmerman to get off of him.

  2. lala1966 says:

    It was not the truth that set him free. It was the lack of information. No one still knows except Zimmerman, who approached who. I hope that he doesn’t feel “free”. He shot and killed a young boy. The crazy laws in Florida and the lack of knowledge of what caused the confrontation is why he is free. But God knows the truth. I hope GZ has learned a lesson on letting the real police handle things.

  3. Why bother to have a justice system if people will not accept the verdict?

  4. Tommy'sMom says:

    I have no problem moving on or accepting the verdict but truth had/has nothing to do with it.
    He killed an unarmed child, three weeks past his 16th birthday. He is hated by many and says he fears for his life. He will probably never work again but will continue to live off anyone who will send money to support him in the manner to which he has become accustomed.He will never make a worthwhile contribution to society. He was a loser the night he got out of his truck to follow Trayvon and remains a loser today. He is not worth anyone’s concern or sympathy. Prayers maybe, as he will one day face the judge of us all and without true repentance be found wanting.
    JMHO of course

  5. I accept the jury’s decision as the truth and will live with it. If you can show me another alternative, please let me know. I have a choice…let a verdict I disagree with fester within me and remain bitter or accept it and go forward.

  6. Angela Corey did not let the case go before a Grand Jury…she handled the job all by herself…


    Angela et al..

  7. sarah0234 says:

    I accept the juries decision of “not guilty” but, that in no way implies to me that GZ is innocent. (I knew it was going to be not guilty; so I was prepared.)

    MOO: George had been working up to that fateful day for weeks if not months. (The perfect storm) Nope, not one more of those punks was going to get away. By God they put him in charge of HIS neighborhood and HE was going to make sure “another” one didn’t get away. Besides; he had some training under his belt. Now, if he could just get the chance to go and try it all out.

    No, Trayvon was not an angel; but I can show you many teenagers who are struggling through their teens. His parents were trying to get him back on track. I don’t think the boy should be killed for it. And, IMO, his school troubles, pot smoking or wanting to buy a gun had nothing to do with him being killed. He was unarmed. Minding his own business.

    I’m trying to find the video that makes me think that GZ spotted TM BEFORE he even left the house. IMO, I think he told his wife who he saw and that he was going to go “check it out”. That’s when he got his gun, mounted his truck and started his chase.

    I look at this killing as “legalized” vigilantism. This is a slippery slope. What would have happened if TM killed GZ at the same spot, during this encounter? Could he have gotten away with “stand your ground”?

    If you go by the “law” in this case; then the correct verdict was reached. (I have my opinions on the prosecution team which I don’t have the time to expound on). Make no mistake though; George Zimmerman is NOT innocent. And his big a-hole of a brother needs to shut his fat freaking mouth. He just loves to throw fuel on the flames. When he opens his mouth he exudes condescending remarks and shows no remorse for the loss of this boy. Instead; he and GZ, IMO are actually proud of what he did. And what really gets me is that when they’re asked if GZ would have done something different (looking back on it) and he says, NO??? How about; I wish I would have stayed with my vehicle. Or, I wish I would have said that I was with the neighborhood watch, OR I wish I would have driven to the back gate and waited for the police or, I wish I could have shot him in the shoulder, knee, arm…..etc.

    I can’t help it; but it makes it so much easier, for me, to accept this verdict knowing that he will be paranoid for the rest of his life.

    I still like you Snoops. No hard feelings.

  8. sarah0234 says:

    Angela Corey needs to be FIRED!

  9. I like you too, Sarah. Would you like a drink of ice water minus the ice? We are going thru another heat wave and my igloo is a puddle now. I welcome all opinions….we do have one thing in common re Angela.. oh and another…Z’s brother should shut the hell up.

  10. Sarah~~I predicted Z would get manslaughter or it would be a hung jury. I was shocked when the verdict came back not guilty. Based on the evidence the state provided and then O’Mara’s presentation, I would have voted not guilty. I was biased because I was privy to info that the jurors did not get to see.

    I don’t know for certainty what was in Z’s or T’s mind on that night. I can only speculate and am not going to do that. Florida has some weird gun laws so these tragedies are going to happen. I do not think this case should ever have gone to trial.

  11. sarah0234 says:

    I think it should have gone to trial; but it should not have been 2nd degree. They should have gone for voluntary manslaughter. I thought not guilty or manslaughter. The second would have appeased everyone, I think.

    Yes. Thank you. I’ll have a coke, no ice. Heat wave? Let me guess; 80 is a heat wave for igloo country right? It’s been nice down here. Rains all the time so it’s keeping the temps low (usually high 90’s). It’s been the nicest summer I’ve experienced in this hell hole in quite some time. Funny; we can’t wait to retire to get out of this god forsaken state (forced through job transfer) and most people want to retire here. Ewwwwwww.

    Speaking of Angela Corey. Did you see her last night after the verdict? I thought we were being blessed listening to a queen. I had to shake my head back and forth several times to clear my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. That woman has no scruples.

  12. Sarah~~Angela always sounds like she is making a campaign speech….the sugar just rolls past her bright red lips. She sounded the same way back when she announced Z would be arrested on 2nd Degree Murder.

    It gets up to 30-33 Celcius here and that is over 90F.

  13. Should Zimmerman have been charged at all and should he have faced such a stringent accusation as murder? What role did race play in deciding how to prosecute the case? Did Florida’s expansive laws allowing a “stand your ground” defense help or hinder the prosecution? What more could the state have done to win a case in which there was a dead African American teenager?,0,6064522.story

    George Zimmerman verdict sparks outrage at New York protests

    Read more:

    George Zimmerman Could Face Civil Suits, Death Threats, Federal Prosecution

  14. Frankie says:

    This is another murder case that makes me think that if you want to get away with killing someone all you have to do is go to Florida, do the deed, lie about it and you will probably get away with it. If I had a neighborhood watch that was armed it would scare me to death. I agree with Tommy’s Mom and Saraho234. Nothing went right from the botched investigation right through the court case luckily for GZ. MOO

  15. WTF truth are you looking at? So you wanted a not guilty verdict? is that because you don’t mind an idiot shooting a innocent kid in the heart? NONE OF THAT KILLER’S story is true,so that means ppl like you who think the justice system did it’s job correctly have actually missed the basic definition not only of the LAWS in florida, but also the basic misrepresentation of a defense of self defense!
    1. zim lied, so none of his statements should have been taken as facts by a jury. it’s basic jury 101 to realize a bullshit story and reject it. this jury instead disregarded the fact that a person claiming use of deadly force in self defense in florida MUST BE CREDIBLE! that’s the basics.
    2,the second point is no matter what you or zim says, he chased him w a gun and scared TM enough for TM to experience fear. that switches the stand your ground law to TM and removed GZ’s right to use deadly force w.o the use of EVERY OTHER use of force he obviously had available to him since he took 1.5 yrs of MMA training.

    i could go on, but unreasonable arrogance is just pathetic!

  16. Shannoninmiami ~~I suggest you simmer down. I am going to leave your comment in tact as I believe you have a right to voice your opinion as I do mine.

    From the evidence (not speculation) that was presented in this trial, it showed Z acted in self-defense. Six women jurors agreed with me.

    Judging by your comments directed at me, I can fully understand why there is so much conflict in your country.

  17. Frankie says:

    Well said Shannoninmiami. I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought that way. I was disappointed with the outcome of this case but it isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.

  18. Since none of us were present on the night of Feb 26th, how can we be so well informed as to know exactly what took place? The jurors were presented with evidence and told not to make their decision on raw emotions. If you want to lash out and blame someone…start with Angela Corey overcharging Zimmerman and her prosecution team who did a lousy job and did not prove it.

    I based my vote of not guilty from a legal standpoint.

  19. GasCanGeorge says:

    I love how the media made this into a racial case when it wasn’t. GZ has a black great grandfather which makes him part black. But geee, that was left out…I wonder why? Perhaps it wouldn’t benefit the civil rights so called activists?$$$$

    It was over for me awhile ago and I never kept up with this case until the last month. I thought perhaps there would be something from the prosecution that could possibly change my mind.
    First of all the prosecutors sucked. Therefore, my opinion remained the same.
    Second, common sense
    still told me that the person screaming was in fear of his life. And the person screaming was most likely the person with bloody head and face. NOT the one straddling GZ and punching his face in.
    After all, there was an eyewitness. That is evidence in my book. TM made a wrong choice by attacking a person armed. How many other attacks and senseless murders and especially the girl who was attacked and killed by 6 thugs for her tip money could’ve been prevented if one was armed………..I pray for the TM family however there was no civil rights violated here, self defense is self defense. ……..Shame all the way around…..

    And for our POTUS to spew his political agenda and using the MArtin family to do it is a disgrace. Do you actually think he cares about TM??

  20. GasCanGeorge~~thank God someone can see this the way I do. I had to quit commenting on this case as I was not allowed to voice my opinion without being accused of being a racist.

  21. I hope Z wins his law suit against NBC for editing the 911 audio. Ben Crump latched onto this case and was going to connect the dots…he found Trayvon’s 16 year old girlfriend and in no time made an audio and sold it to ABC…Rachel just happened to be 18 and NOT T’s girlfriend…Crump does not get his shiny suits at yard sales…

  22. sarah0234 says:

    Wow Snoops! I hope I haven’t made you feel like you’re a “racist” just because your opinion is different. I don’t and haven’t ever thought that. IMO, you’re just looking at the facts differently than I am. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I agree that there has been some outside influences surrounding this case. The Zimmermans’ hands are not clean either. Rumors were flying in the beginning how the NRA, Hannity, etc were supporting him. GZ, his family and friends jumped right of the box and gave their spiel on tv; possibly influencing potential jurors. Their media “blitz” reminded of CA and we know how her case turned out. To boot; he was able to set up a website to hawk for “defense funds”; which paid off their credit cards instead.

    Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have to pay the price for “6 thugs attacking and killing a girl for her tip money”. By that remark it says to me; let’s kill the young blacks to preempt what their probably going to do in the future? Now, that would be racist. (That’s what Captain Zimmerman did.)

    I agree; our POTUS should not have opined about this case. He should have issued a statement through the press secretary stating that it’s in the hands of the judicial system….blah blah; NOT that Trayvon would have looked like his son…..geez. We Americans don’t always elect the brightest bulbs for president. Excuse us.

    I hope they do find a civil right that was violated. This was not self defense, (IMO). Baby Zimmerman didn’t want to get his lilly white hands bruised, so he took a short cut and pulled that Kel Tech his was itching to use.

    It still bewilders me that George; supposedly the ADULT in the situation, did not at least identify himself as being with the neighborhood watch or he could have opened the conversation with, “are you lost”? Look at a picture of GZ from that night. IMO, he looks a little like a skin head. In the south, skin heads =’s KKK. And people don’t think that TM was in fear of HIS life?

  23. sarah0234 says:

    Oh Jodi’s baaaaaack. Snoops: New post for Jodi Arias’ hearing scheduled for tomorrow?

  24. Sarah~~you are very courteous and a great contributor at this blog and I appreciate it. I have no problems with you voicing your opinions whether they agree with mine or not. I want people to feel free to voice their opinions both pro and con. Shannoninmiami had an emotional outburst and directed insults towards me that were uncalled for. WTF is not in my vocabulary…

  25. Since many people will not accept the decision of the court, maybe you all should entertain the idea of vigilante justice. Since there are more firearms than people in the state of Florida, it should not be a problem. Do away with the courts and go back to the Wild West days.

  26. sarah0234 says:

    If we went back to the wild west Snoops there would be a lot of dead husbands in the state of Florida. (just kidding LOL)

    What you said about the wild west reminds of the movie “Tombstone” with Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp. In the movie they show a man (regarded as a “cowboy” in the movie) is relaxing and smoking opium (IMO) He then comes out into the street in town shooting randomly towards the sky and sometimes straight in front of him. (Dangerous situation) Wyatt said to leave it alone but the “county” man insisted it was a city matter and that the sheriff needed to go see about it. The cowboy recognized the sheriff. He was willingly handing his gun over to the sheriff when the gun went off, killing the sheriff.

    All hell broke loose. Wyatt ran out and grabbed the cowboy and began protecting him. Some of the towns people wanted to take the cowboy and hangem’ from the nearest tree while the cowboys posse wanted Wyatt to hand him over to them. Wyatt, while surrounded by everyone, declared that the cowboy would be put in jail and go before a judge. (That’s the law.)

    The judge. Because there were no eye witnesses the judge let the cowboy go. Wyatt couldn’t believe it; but he knew that was the law. (BTW; I love that movie. Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer were good in that movie.)

  27. GasCanGeorge says:

    And White America shouldn’t have to pay,or be held responsible for past mistakes, enough is enough. How about taking responsibility within their own communities and address the real issue here. ALL COMMUNITIES…..OR else more people will arm themselves and protect themselves…..regardless of the law.

    Mainstream, GZ I hope will go after Sharpton (actually the feds as Sharpton is linked to the fed gov)
    MSNBC, NAACP etc, etc…..I share your thoughts on that.

  28. GasCanGeorge says:

    Wow, I ought to get back to the crime blogs….This Jodi A case looks interesting. I have no clue what is going on there…….

  29. GasCanGeorge says:

    You definitely are very passionate about this case and that is okay, it’s understandable however why not take that passion and turn it around to try and make a change. Give back to your community in some way and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Possibly use the Obama phones that were given out for free, set it to call 911, and teach the youth how to dial it just incase they’re threatened like TM was……

  30. GasCanGeorge says:


    More like our Justice System is very corrupt. Charges should’ve never been brought against GZ, that is why the jury(against all the political pressure) was courageous enough to come to the right conclusion. The Casey Anthony Case, well that was just as corrupt. They should’ve arrested the ex-cop In my own opinion…That is why you never hear of Sharpton etc stirring the pot when a cop is charged, it’s like going against his employer…The Federal Gov….Just sayin

  31. GasCanGeorge says:

    The feds will probably investigate but it’ll be hard to charge GZ with a hate crime when it wasn’t a hate crime. It’ll be hard to prove. I’m sure to appease certain groups they’ll probably go thru with it…..

  32. GasCanGeorge~~I am not very familiar with all the political issues in your country and barely understand the SYG laws. One person on Dave’s blog felt I was a stupid French Canadian…lol I do not parlez-vous that well… I have to tread lightly about offering any advice to my neighbors to the south… I will say though, there is something wrong with the water in Florida.

    HLN is milking the race card for all it is worth tonight…the prosecution team were on earlier doing damage control…

  33. [edited for content-no bashing other contributors in a personal way]

    @mainstreetfair i don’t care if you delete my comment, if you feel insulted by it then i don’t blame you. but to simmer down i’d have to find that this kinda injustice excusable. i don’t. it’s not based on the law nor morally acceptable to me.

    i don’t have a black son and i’ve never been profiled or pulled over for no reason. everything i’ve done to get in trouble was well deserved based on my own actions. maybe i had the money to buy my way out, or maybe being a female was taken in consideration but that should not be the reason i don’t get shot up walking home from the 7/11. i should be able to walk home because this is a free country and no one has the right to misuse the laws to blow my head off at their whim.
    none of the jury members followed the law in this case. they and anyone who’s ok with this verdict should take a hard look at their complacency. because that seems to be part of the problems we have here in our justice system. personally i don’t intend to sit back and just accept the miscarriage of justice. there’s plenty of things i can do and so can anyone else who thinks there ought to be severe punishments for gunning down innocent kids who aren’t even permitted by law to carry guns to protect themselves against CAC stalking them at night.

    [I do not allow petitions posted in this blog]

  34. Shannon~~I cannot be insulted so put your time to good use on something else. Write to your legislature, get involved, expend your energy on the things you believe in. With all due respect, I wish you well.

  35. sarah0234 says:

    I was just watching Lou Dobbs and a guest cited that in her lifetime of 41 years there have been 261,000 black on black deaths. She stated during the 100 years of slavery there were only 3500 killings of blacks by whites. Wow!

    IMO, I think it’s people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that keeps a great divide between the races and among the blacks. There’s money and power in it for them. I’m old enough to remember the two from the Kennedy era (I was very young :).

    Even though I believe that GZ lumped TM in with the black youths who were committing crimes in his neighborhood I don’t know if I believe he is an all out KKK racist type person. If it had been Asians that had committed the crimes and an Asian went strolling through the rain with a hoodie; I believe GZ would have lumped the Asian in with the two prior Asian thieves and chased him down and killed him. GZ did look scary that night, IMO. Like I said before, he looked like a skin head which is very frightening for a black youth.

    I’m extremely upset that a juror has come forward and said that she and her husband are going to write a book about the experience. Shame on her. Should her verdict be suspect now?

  36. Frankie says:

    I think most justice systems are corrupt and there isn’t anything the little people can do about it. I can’t agree with those who think GZ should not have been charged but that’s okay we are all entitled to our own opinions. So I guess calling TM a f—ing coon is not racist? I don’t really believe this was actually a racist crime anymore than me thinking in a negative way about a particular race that I have had negative experiences with would be racist.
    I do have a BIG problem with a neighborhood watch person being on patrol with a gun when they should only be eyes and ears. Why didn’t GZ just shoot TM with his phone camera and perhaps introduce himself instead of stalking and scarring a teenager. I think GZ was obsessed with becoming a cop and that is not necessarily a good thing. I think he gets something out of being the big hero saving his complex from a teen armed with a can of ice tea, I also think GZ took way too much pleasure in recounting the many versions of what happened, but that is just my opinion. Also if you tell the truth you don’t have to lie about any of it and he did. I was not impressed with GZ begging for money for defense and then spending it to pay bills and hiding the money from the government. He is not a good guy. MOO

  37. sarah0234 says:

    One of the jurors in speaking out on Anderson Cooper (CNN channel) right now

  38. Sarah~~I do not think Z racially profiled Trayvon, if anything, he criminally profiled him. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can judge a person by the color of their skin. I used to get so tanned when I gardened out in the hot sun, a black man who played lead guitar in my hubby’s band used to tease me about looking more like his sister every day. My three girls intermingled with their black friends and never ever viewed them as being different. It hurts me to see what has happened in the US…I hope God is black! That will teach some of the racist assholes.

    As for Sharpton, Jackson and Crump…keeping racism front and center means big bucks. The media outlets are the same.

  39. sarah0234 says:

    You put it better than I did; that’s what I believe too; he criminally profiled him.

    I’m not happy with what I’m hearing this juror say on Anderson Cooper. This is the one writing the book and this is the one that has an attorney husband. This wreaks! IMO, she was pro defense going in. How did she get on the jury? And How she got everyone else swayed to thinking her way is beyond me.

    She said when they went in it was 3 not guilty, 2 manslaughter and 1- 2nd degree.
    IMO, manslaughter would have the fit bill.

    Listen to the interview. She felt sorry for GZ and when asked if she felt sorry for TM she said she felt sorry for both of them.

  40. To keep the peace, I changed the title of this post to….The Jury set Zimmerman free

  41. Frankie says:

    I knew it would have something to do with the jury’s interpretation of the instructions. Good title Snoopy. I’m not as involved emotionally like I was with the Casey A. trial. I said I would never get that involved in some strangers problems again.because they mean nothing to me. I just don’t like seeing anyone get away with murder.

  42. GasCanGeorge says:

    mainstream, the video on this man’s page sums it up. Arrow down his page to his video….

  43. i just gotta say this before i get some rest. after hearing the juror on AC360 i see the jury did not in fact follow the jury instructions and deliberate only on the evidence presented in court. she can expect a serious contempt charge at the very least! as for you, now if you still believe the jury made the correct decision you’re not only an imbecile you also got suckered too! lol

    oh and mainstreet, i can’t help but also point out your hypocrisy, pasted below. i didn’t read the other comments before like i should have or i wouldn’t have bothered to comment. i don’t get along well with bigots- even online. i seem to group them loosely based on their education and personal experiences, i like to give some leeway depending on exposure to other races.
    but i see you seem to be pretty comfortable around them since you agree so much with them.

    Comment by gassass idiot above:

    “… TM made a wrong choice by attacking a person armed. How many other attacks and senseless murders and especially the girl who was attacked and killed by 6 thugs for her tip money could’ve been prevented if one was armed………..I pray for the TM family however there was no civil rights violated here, self defense is self defense. ……..Shame all the way around…..”

    mainstreamfair says:
    July 15, 2013 at 11:50 am
    GasCanGeorge~~thank God someone can see this the way I do. I had to quit commenting on this case as I was not allowed to voice my opinion without being accused of being a racist.

    Wow, wow! so Trayvon attacked zim just like some other random BLACK kids who attacked some girl somewhere? why, bc a documented liar said so? or is it because you think ALL black boy are inherently dangerous heathens? Just the facts right? right!
    with all due respect, you and your buddy up there belong together, you’re both gross.

  44. GasCanGeorge says:

    I didn’t know it was just black youths who were responsible for the crime in that neighborhood…hmmm, learn something new everyday…..

    It’s troubling to hear a juror has accepted a book deal, so soon. But hey, I don’t know her/him so I cannot judge the decision to do so. Maybe he/she is strapped for money. Dunno

  45. GasCanGeorge says:

    What is more troubling is the media making sure we all know it and keep pushing for divide

  46. Shannon~~I think you should take your own advice and not bother associating with this bigot any more as it seems to upset you. You see, it takes two to make a fight…I am not falling for your enticement. You shall stand alone….now get some rest !

  47. GasCanGeorge, I watched Johnathan on another video…he had a cap and sunglasses on and was outside a mall…someone posted it on FB yesterday….this whole situation is so sad… Too bad some wouldn`t take their energy and head to Afghanistan…I don`t mean Johnathan but the ones he is talking about.

  48. lin says:

    The juror that was on Anderson Cooper said she voted not guilty on the very first vote….. I thought 2 of the woman were married to lawyers but one is married to one and the other has a son
    thats an attorney, anyone want to bet that they were the other 2 not guilty right of the bat? She also said she believes everythin GZ said…. So I guess it took the last 10 hrs of deliberation to convince the other 3…You have to watch the interview just to see how bias she was….I was shocked too, to hear how bad she felt for GZ…….Anderson had to ask her about TM… I think she said something like unfortunate…..

  49. State Attorney Angela Corey fires information technology director who raised concerns in Trayvon Martin case

  50. sarah0234 says:

    I’m learning this morning that juror B37 is not going to be writing a book after all. How sad. (said with great sarcasm)

    Thanks Snoops for changing the title. Much more neutral.

    Poor Shannon. He/she is really emotionally involved. But, Shannon; your point will get across without attacking anyone. We hear you. Keep in mind this case was tried in the great state of FLor-duh where there seems to be hidden agendas in the court system. Do we not remember the imbecile twelve from Pinellas? Jennifer Ford popped right out of that jury box and snatched up her Disney trip while plastering her face all over the media. Wonder what her life is like now?

    I’m very disappointed in the three jurors that were swayed to B37’s thinking. I wish they would have stuck to their convictions and at least had come back as a hung jury.

    While I care; I believe GZ will become entangled in more trouble in the future. I pray it won’t be another shooting. History repeats itself and GZ has a lot of history. IMO, GZ needs to get therapy. I think he has some “daddy” issues that needs to be worked through.

  51. State Attorney Angela Corey defends 2nd-degree murder charges

    Video and write-up

    Read more:

  52. Vicky says:

    I can accept that the jury rendered a not guilty verdict, which by the way does not mean Zimmerman is innocent. however, I don’t have to be happy with the verdict. Knowing what I know about the conversations that take place surrounding concealed carry I don’t believe for a second that GZ had not played over in his mind exactly what he would say and/or do if he ever confronted one of those assholes in his neighborhood. I continue to ask myself, what kind of idiot leaves the safety of his vehicle when observing and individual who they claim to appear to be on something and up to ne good. My conclusion is always the same. Someone willing to kill if they come face to face with their suspect. I would also add that as a layperson, if I was retelling the story of how and why I shot and killed an unarmed person, I would not refer to that individual as a suspect. But that is just me.
    I think this case was poorly prosecuted and they broke the KISS rule. IMO George Zimmerman was reckless that evening. I kind of look at it this way. If I go to a bar and get drunk, get into my car and drive, a kid walks out in front of my car and I hit him, I will still be charged with a crime. Even though the kid should have looked before stepping in front of my car.
    George Zimmerman exited the safety of his car with a fully loaded concealed weapon to follow a young man whom he had already followed with his car. He knew Trayvon noticed him following. Trayvon ran away. Rather than allow the police to take over from there, GZ continued his pursuit. People ask, why didn’t Trayvon go home? Well, I don’t imagine it occurred to him that George was going to chase him on foot. I cant imagine the level of teen hormones tht kicked in when Taryvon realized the creepy assed cracker was coming after him. George Zimmerman created the perfect storm. People seem to have expectations for a teen without a fully developed frontal lobe to react to the situation as a mature adult would, yet George Zimmerman is not held to the same standard. I guarantee you, if I didn’t think I could kick some kid’s butt without the use of a gun, I would never put myself into a situation where that might happen. George Zimmerman chose to do exactly that. Trayvon payed the ultimate price for reacting to GZ. GZ got a few booboos for the way he reacted to the situation and learned absolutely nothing from this tragedy, has no regrets and looks forward to getting his gun back.
    So, from where I sit, justice failed in this situation because GZ was smart enough to allow Trayvon Martin to inflict just enough injuries to pull off the self defense claim before he shot and killed him. And yes, I do believe there are people in this world who are evil to do exactly that.
    One more thenk before I end my rant.
    Indeed Sarah, there is a great deal of black on black crime. There is also a great deal of white on white crime. As far as the number of slaves killed, they were an investment to their owners. So, it stands to reason they would not kill them. The statistic that should really be looked at is the conviction rate differences between crimes committed by racial breakdown. When there is that level of disproportionality, there is a serious problem. When we have to enact laws and sanction for disproportionate contact, there is a serious problem. And when I have to admit that had Taryvon been white, we would have had a different investigation and outcome, we have a problem.

    sorry for such a long winded comment.

    By the way Snoops, I respect your perspective on this. Sometimes it’s easier to have more perspective when you are on the outside looking in at justice in America.

    It will be nice to converse about JA where we can all pretty much agree.

  53. sarah0234 says:

    Vicky: Well said.

    I totally agree that the statistics need to be looked at in regards to the “black” conviction rate. I shutter to think how many innocent people have been put to death in the past. I heard from the black community on t.v. about this stop and frisk procedure the police pull on them. Now, that needs to be investigated. I would be outraged if I was walking down the street and for no reason a cop stops me, asks me for I.D. and states he has “probable cause” and can frisk me? Is that why there is such a disparity in the numbers?

    Make no mistake; we live in a police state. People talk about how America is the land of the free. We are not free: The corporations own and run our country. The government is going to tell us how much soda we can drink and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to step on scales to see if we qualify to buy ice cream and snacks (you can’t weigh more than 120). Our senate and congress are not public servants any longer; they are lawyers and businessmen who feed off the American people to line their own pockets. Hell, they’ve already sold most of the west to China. Did you know that we have toll roads here in America that the Chinese own? Yep; that’s where your toll money goes. I digressed.

    I notice that if you have money you can just about buy your way out of the American judicial system. And I can’t help but wonder if having these trials made “public” makes a difference. Had GZ been treated like everyone else from the get go and the Sanford police processed the scene correctly, I think he would have been found guilty; of something!

    We can now add Trayvon Benjamen Martin to the list below:

    Nicole Brown Simpson
    Ron Goldman
    Caylee Anthony

    I know there are so many more….. but you get the gist.

  54. Vicky says:

    One more thing, I think the juror who decided not to write a book had long ago made up her mind that she would find GZ not guilty. Nobody will convince me that an attorney living in Sanford Florida had not discussed this case in depth with his wife. She was a stealth juror and was more than well versed in the laws surrounding self defense and stand your ground. I will guarantee she used her prior knowledge to explain to the other jurors that without Taryvon alive to tell his story, they were left with no other option than for render a not guilty verdict. GZ had the “injuries” to demonstrate that there was a physical altercation and an expert witness to claim his injuries could have been life threatening. He was smart enough not to seek medical treatment at the time of the incident, and the knots on his head were later said to be the result of his “head bashing”. I would love to have a close up look at his shaved noggin now. But my guess is that George will forever sport a full head of hair. I also find it fascinating that a man took a life threatening beating and not once did he attempt to use his legs or fists to ward off his attacker. They traveled thirty feet during this struggle and poor George couldn’t even manage one single act of self defense other than drawing his gun. and as he admitted never bother to explain his presence to a kid he followed in the dark. That is the reason I believe her intentionally took the beating in order to justify the use of deadly force. That jury used stand your ground standards to decide a self defense case. They are not the same standard. Someone had to lead them down that path and it certainly wasn’t the attorneys involved in the case. I say it was the attorney’s wife who was planning to write a book with her hubby. Are we to believe that was decided on Saturday night following the verdict? How would a publishing company even know she was on the jury? I call fowl and juror misconduct to the max in her case!!!

  55. Vicky says:

    AMEN Sarah!

  56. I do not feel I score points when someone agrees with me. I followed this case very closely and there came a time when I decided to refrain from voicing my opinions and just sit back and watch.

    Yes, I am an outsider looking in or ‘across the border’ shall we say. My daughter lives just outside of Chicago , my late brother became a US nationalized citizen, and I have many friends in the US so I do take an interest in what is going on.

    Some of the things that I learned about this Zimmerman case was not just about a white NHW shooting a black teenager, it manisfested into guns, politics and race. It sickened me to see what was taking place in “The Land of the Free”…free from what?

    I believe Zimmerman would have been charged with something, probably manslaughter, if Jackson, Crump and Sharpton had not been so rush headed. So the big guns were brought in led by who else, Angela Corey. Corey did not take this case before a Grand Jury. She over charged Zimmerman. Every time that woman opens her mouth she is giving a campaign speech.

    Vinnie Politan interviewed Corey and De La Rionda….Corey called Zimmerman a murderer…this was post verdict…Now you tell me if this lipstick laden woman has any faith in the laws of her state. The state withheld discovery from the defense…Corey fired the young man who brought this to the attention of the defense. Angela waited until after closing arguments of the trial to have a letter delivered to this young man informing him of his termination.

    In my books, George Zimmerman was nothing but a scapegoat for the big guns…Was he guilty of murdering Trayvon? I haven’t a clue. I am glad he was found not guilty to put some of these money hungry people in their place and that includes, Sharpton, Jackson and Crump.

    A nation will never ever begin to heal until they accept the laws enacted in that land. I do not see that happening to my neighbors to the south…not in my lifetime, anyway!!

  57. GasCanGeorge says:

    The stop AND frisk works well in NY, and crime actually dropped because of it. They do not target just one group, but i’m not for or against it. And I agree we’re becoming a police state. But it wont happen if we allow it. That’s why gun control is so important to this administration. The gov is more afraid of an uprising. That is why i’m furious over Obama sticking his nose in this case and using the Martin Family to try and push his agenda. IMOO

  58. GasCanGeorge says:

    Vicky, the media is EVIL…..I am sure she had hundreds of phone calls and offers the day after the verdict. If she had her mind made up it was probably due to the fact that the STate DID NOT Have the evidence to convict. Why is that so hard to understand.

  59. GasCanGeorge says:

    And of course, who knows if it’s true, geeee because the MEDIA said it was? I didn’t hear her say anything about a book when she was interviewed which only says to me the media is just
    stirring the pot even more……

  60. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I think you hit the nail on the head about this case. Peel back the layers people. It also makes me wonder if GZ was treated special and the scene not “processed” correctly because of GZ’s dad, mom or some relative that was a judge.

    This is Sanford Florida:

    Area: 22.6 sq miles (58.53 km²)
    Weather: 78°F (26°C), Wind SE at 0 mph (0 km/h), 89% Humidity
    Local time: Tuesday 7:54 PM
    Population: 53,926 (2011)
    Unemployment rate: 7.2% (Apr 2013)

    Small town wouldn’t you say?

    I am disheartened by the way everyone is reacting to the verdict. I thought it would have died down by now; but no; we have people with agendas beating the drums for their gain(s). Seems like no one is really thinking about what’s going on. HLN is NON stop with their opinions. Why? Will it make a difference? NO. Ratings.

    Angela Corey needs to shut her pig lips.

    And our POTUS? Wow; what a leader. Not.

    Gascan: The government will have to pry my guns from my dead hands! I do think the juror had a book deal in place. We’ll have to see if we can find statements from the publisher or the juror to make sure. It’s not just this case; I just don’t think jurors should profit from performing their civic duty.

    Snoops: Do you have red light cameras? We do. And we have just been blessed with the government using drones to spy on us.
    I LOVED how you put, “free from what?” But I think most Americans think we are free from communism. We’re not free from tyranny or fascism.

    Eric Holder? Really? That’s the way to calm the masses. I just have no words. As Vinnie Politan would ask; describe Holder in one word? Disappointed.

    Oooooo…….Mark O’Mara is on Nancy Grace (without Nancy Grace being there!!! HA HA HA)

  61. Sarah~~not sure what you mean about red light cameras?? Our RCMP wont tell us what they have. We have hookers, pimps, murderers, thieves, and people who let their dogs run free…lol

    My weapon of choice is a rolling pin or if necessary, a chain saw. brrrrrr

  62. sarah0234 says:

    Mark O’Mara gets my vote. Wow! C’mon everybody; he made his points with class and elegance. It was sad that she (sorry; I really like this lady doing the interview but I can’t remember her name. Darn old age!) but; she lumped Jose Baez in with MOM. Boo hiss.

    Thank you MOM. I liked the sandbox analogy. So true.

    This situation needs to get under control. While I disagree with the verdict I believe we don’t need to burn down the barn to get to the cow.

    If everyone REALLY feels the way they do; GET INVOLVED! Start volunteering; write your city council, congress, senate, president, etc. IT STARTS AT YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. But please stop the violent language and actions.

  63. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Just read your post: LOL!!

  64. I wrote this post back in August, 2012. I am what you would call a tad controversial. lol

    ~~just MARK my words~~

  65. Did someone mention that there would not be riots after the verdict? Guess again…is this how sensible people voice their concerns?

    Downtown Oakland cleans up after protests

  66. sarah0234 says:

    Enjoyed the “just mark my words” article and video.

    Here’s another story: What If?

  67. sarah0234 says:

    OMG! Are you guys watching Dr. Drew and watching Taffe? OMG! Guts is all I have to say.

  68. Vicky says:

    I have refrained from making a single negative comment about the defense in this case. The defense attorneys adopted a brilliant strategy. I think 2nd degree was a stretch under the laws as they apply in Florida, in this case. I also think the prosecution lost a case they could have won had they adopted a different strategy. We can agree to disagree regarding the evidence. I believe it was there.
    As for the media, I am not a huge fan and pay little attention to them. However, I did listen to the AC Cooper interview of the juror in question and read the statement issued by the publisher. IMO, There is no way a contract was negotiated and signed without prior contemplation. As in, that process began the day she was called for jury duty. And I do not believe that she had not discussed this case in depth with her husband over the past year and from the day she received her summons.
    To a huge extent, I understand the verdict based upon the way the case was presented, but I don’t have to like it.
    I do not like the rioting that has occurred and I do not approve of Angela Corey’s reaction to the verdict. IMO, she has overstepped the boundaries of professional conduct. She should be respecting the decision of the jury at this point.

  69. Stevie Wonder Won’t Perform In Florida Anymore After George Zimmerman Verdict!

    Stevie’s plan to steer clear of states with Stand Your Ground laws might prove challenging however. Just look at the long list of states that currently have some form of that law on their books:
    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania , Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

  70. Vicky says:

    I will also add that I respect the decision made by the jurors. And do not believe anyone should have ill will toward them. I am just somewhat suspect of the would be book deal. I don’t like the idea of agreeing to write a book before the case was tried and I believe that transpired. It wouldn’t matter to me which way the verdict went.

  71. sarah0234 says:

    Vicky: Are you my twin?

  72. Vicky says:

    LOL Sarah, I had the same thought when I read your comments.

  73. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Are you serious about the “red light cameras”?

    Here in the duh state we have cameras mounted on the stop lights, red lights, traffic lights (take your pick). The local government actually takes a picture of your license plate as you supposedly run a red light and issues an electronic traffic citation/ticket. There have been many tickets challenged and won by the “common” people. Thank God. Several of the accused was able to show that the “timers” between amber (yellow) and red was changed and shortened!

    What does RMCP stand for?

  74. Sarah….Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  75. Just don’t anyone go messing with us Canucks…

  76. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: The RCMP videos can’t be real………..I didn’t see one igloo!

  77. Our igloos all melted and we have to start making ice cubes to build more… We can’t spare any cubes for our drinks… My nephew was an RCMP and then ended up teaching…

  78. gramared says:

    Just saw this interesting article regarding how the other jurors felt about the juror B37 who did the interview with Anderson Cooper.

  79. Sarah~ ~Yes, I would love to see Corey get bounced out on her tush….thank you so much!!

  80. sarah0234 says:

    George and Cindy must be running low on funds (I guess so. After all, taking care of a murderer requires a lot of money). They knew there would be “gawkers” by having a ridiculous garage sale (which could’ve been quietly donated to Goodwill or something) of “Caylee’s” things. They miss the attention. I knew it wouldn’t take long until their vile names were back in the headlines.

  81. sarah0234 says:

    Ok. Who else thinks HLN needs to stop interviewing Rachel Jeantel?

    Leave her alone.

  82. Sarah~~I am so glad that Vinnie had Rachel on tonight. Now that I am hearing more from her, I find she is a beautiful young woman. What a change from the girl we heard testify. I am so glad she has an offer for financial help in furthering her education. I blame Ben Crump for coming out and saying Rachel was Trayvon’s 16 year old girlfriend. He did damage to that young lady. I wish Rachael only the very best and thank God it was Vinnie and not Nancy doing the interview. I hope they leave her alone now.

    Dr Drew’s show is starting to get under my skin…

    (Please note I referred to Rachael as a ‘girl’ on the stand and a ‘young woman’ on the show tonight.) hmmmm prosecution strategy?

  83. The following was posted on my FB page…

    Jean Casarez
    I know many of you have been wondering where I have been. In the middle of the prosecution’s closing argument I received information that my best friend, my husband, was being rushed to an emergency room and no one knew if he was going to make it. I immediately boarded a flight and have been by his side since. He is now stable and recovering…my prayers were answered. I will be back at work anchoring JVM on Friday and Nancy Grace all next week. Thank you for your kindness and concern…I am so grateful for all of you, Jean

  84. m5j4s3a2h1$ says:

    Hi Snoops and all. Snoops my opinion is pretty much agreeable with yours about verdict. I really did not watch all of it because it turned into a racial battle. Trayvon was forgotten, he was simply a means to an end.

    Above is video by Charles Barkley, he expressed my thoughts better than I could. God bless Travons parents, they have been so hurt, but they have been so strong and honorable in their love for Trayvon.

  85. Margaret~~did you change your name? lol I will go and take a peek at the video you posted…thank you kindly!

  86. margaret says:

    I don’t know what happened.. Everything should be the same.

  87. Newbie says:

    Snoop, all of the evening shows on HLN irritate me at this point. Dr. Drew ….sheesh.

  88. Hey Newb~~good to see you back in the fold.

  89. God forbid if the media mentions the folllowing as there ratings may go down.

    George Zimmerman Rescued A Family Of 4 From An Overturned Truck

  90. The View Tackles The Trayvon Martin Trial & Verdict;

    Even the women of The View. The ABC show’s co-hosts invited George Zimmerman’s attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West for an interview on Monday, helmed by none other than Barbara Walters, and didn’t hold back! – See more at:

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