Zimmerman-Trial Talk

Opening statements will be presented in the state of Florida vs George Zimmerman on Monday, June 24, 2013. If you plan on following the trial, feel free to comment here. I welcome both the pros and cons!

You may find info on the case HERE

WFTV-Live Stream of Trial

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  1. sarah0234 says:

    Wow! I was just reading an article about the opening statements this morning. Pick my bottom lip up off the floor.

    Did Zimmermans’ lawyer really tell that inane knock knock joke? Poor Zimmerman.

    I’ll try and get caught up. Just tuned in to HLN and saw Zimmerman almost asleep. He’s definitly drugged or severely bored with his own trial.

    What say you?

  2. Sherry says:

    Playing catch-up with what all has been said in court and I noticed something that Kathi Belich said. It was shown in court that GZ’s NEN call was 30 seconds after TM hung up the phone with his girlfriend. This looks to me like GZ was following TM before placing the NEN call because TM told his girlfriend someone was following him. If I didn’t get this assessment wrong I sure hope the jury catches it.

    Another thing: Yes, GZ was told he didn’t need to follow TM but that was AFTER he had already got out of his vehicle. To say that this death would never have happened had GZ stayed in his vehicle as the dispatcher told him to is not good for the state to say if the jury catches on that they have been led to believe what is not true.

  3. Tommy'sMom says:

    I think he was following Trayvon in his truck making the 911 call.

  4. sarah0234 says:

    I believe GZ was following TM from a distance before he called NEN. GZ probably started feeling empowered with NEN on the phone. By gawd, another one wasn’t gonna get away and GZ saw to that. By this time NEN knows who the hero to be was and would surely spread the word.

    I can’t help but notice the difference in GZ’s weight and that of Jodi Arias’ and CA. Are women instructed to lose the pounds and the men are advised to gain them to look like Santa Clause?

    And somebody give GZ some No-Doz. I’m ready to put him in some pj’s and tuck him in.

    This case is serious and GZ needs to appear like he is at least slightly interested. Can he aide in his defense doped up this much? (I’m speculating that he’s on something, BTW) He just appears to be sedated.

  5. sarah0234 says:

    The following is interesting. You need to read it from page two and then page one. Zimmerman had his own “personal” calls. One was a disturbance call because GZ didn’t pay a guy for serving at an event. Another, he was having a dispute with an ex-roommate.


  6. sarah0234 says:

    Man; I pop in to get the latest and there’s zilch from you guys. Not an interesting trial?

    Guess I’ll wait to hear the latest on the news.

    Did GZ stay more awake today?

  7. Sherry says:

    It was a nailbiting testimony from Selene Cantrememberherlastname. She made mention of what direction she heard the noise of TM and GZ from and it had never come up before by investigators or in a depo. MOM got busy trying to discredit her testimony because it could have done some damage to GZ’s story. HLN is running her testimony now.but Fascinating.

  8. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks Sherry! I like the way you tell it much better than the news.

    LOL @ Cantrememberherlastname. Gotta remember that one.

    Who seems to be taking on what role as far as the defense attorneys go? Each time I’ve grazed past any testimony the bald headed guy seems to be asking the questions.

    Funny how I could find time to watch the Arias trail most of the time but can’t find it for GZ’s. I’m just getting bits and pieces here and there.

  9. I am following the trial but am looking at it from a legal perspective and the strategy used by the state and defense. It is obvious Judge Nelson is very biased. Me thinks that O’Mara is giving De La Rionda a run for his money. Don West seems to have recovered from a pathetic Opening Statement…

  10. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Why do you think the judge is “very” biased?
    Now I wish I was watching more.

    So I take it Don West is the bald guy? I hope he did recover. That wasn’t a good moment for him or his client. Tell me GZ is paying more attention.

    Even though I feel the way I do about his guilt or innocence; I believe in a fair and just trial. I want his lawyers to work their arses off like theirs are on the line.

  11. Sarah ~~Why is the judge biased? I will withhold my opinion except to say she is one of the ugliest judges I have seen on the bench. Maybe it is a power struggle with her.

    Don West is the gray hair man on the defense team. Bernie De La Rionda is the bald guy for the state.

    Zimmerman looks like he is on heavy drugs. He sits there like a zombie.

  12. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks Snoops:

    Makes me go hmmmmmmm as to why you’re withholding your opinion about the judge. For the life of me I don’t know why you’re being so shy with your opinion(s). It’s ok to see things from your perspective. It’s ok for us all to disagree; just to agree to disagree. I don’t think I would ever be able to change anybody’s view(s). I truly am interested to see it from other angles.

    Not to mention; like you said; the legal aspect of this case.

    I did notice that the judge has “coiffed her hair” just a little and possibly more makeup compared to hearings held in the prior year. I really don’t care about her “appearance” as long as she is qualified, fair and runs a tight ship.

    I can see GZ being on some kind of anxiety medication but they seem to have him too sedated. Could this be a reason for appeal if he’s found guilty; of anything?

    I find the prior NEN calls interesting because GZ seemed to always “spot” the black or African Americans to the dispatcher. He never noticed a white guy meandering about the complex?

    You guys would laugh at me if you lived in our neighborhood. Well, me and my husband.
    My husband gets up real early for work. He takes the dogs out for their morning ritual when he gets up. Lo and behold he spotted two men going through the neighbors trash cans one morning and scared them off.

    I’m guilty too. I was leaving to go to the store and spotted a woman going through the trash and I stopped and asked what she was doing. She said that she lived in a nearby subdivision and was just collecting cans. I told her that she could do that in her neighborhood but not ours. Sorry, I didn’t believe her.

    The icing on the cake was when again I was leaving and spotted a car that was going unusually slow down our street. I actually stopped (now keep in mind this idiot could have had a gun) and made him roll down his window so I could ask him who he was and what was he doing in our neighborhood. He threw his arms up and said, “I’m so and so and I’m with the property management company and I’m just surveying for infractions”. I actually said, “alright then” and went my merry way as if I was a cop giving him permission to proceed.

    I must admit; the power felt good.

  13. Sherry says:

    Here is OMara being interviewed by Anderson Cooper-good clip!

  14. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks Sherry for that clip.

    I appreciated seeing the judge in action. That was just day two and tempers are flaring. I could only imagine them getting worse.

  15. Witness gets combative with defense attorneys in Zimmerman trial

    plus all of the videos of today’s trial are here……….We finally get to see Trayvon’s so-called girlfriend on the stand….


  16. Sherry says:

    Here is Natalie Jackson’s interview on CNN talking about Ms. Jeantel’s inconsistancies:

  17. Sherry~ ~I am beginning to wonder if Rachel Jeantel was putting on an ‘immature dumb act” today. hmmmm She is 19 and going into grade 12 this fall. Rachel told lies and those lies were found out by the defense… what a good way to cover up her lying by acting like she did on the stand. She was so hostile and combative…what was with the Cracker Ass N******s? I am not allowed to say that word without being charged with defamation. I would never use it regardless. I am not a racist…let’s just say that I am fed up with some double standards… btw, I cannot stand to listen to the high pitched voice of N Jackson.

    Did Crump sell the recording of Rachel to ABC? He supposedly wanted to get the story out to the public because Zimmerman had not been charged…

    Fulton and Martin got quite a settlement from the HOA….I wonder what percentage Crump got….hmmm

  18. VeryconcernedMOM says:

    I am sure they would give up EVERY DIME to have their precious son back! GZ murdered Trayvon in cold blood! From all the evidence I have seen and all the lies told my GZ not to mention the way he acts speaks volumnes to his guilt! I pray the jurors get it right this time in Florida and not let a murderer go free again. Rachel is obviously mentally challenged and and immature for her age. She has been through a lot and it breaks my heart the way people make fun of her. People really can be cruel

  19. Vicky says:

    Ok, I’m going out on a limb here and hopefully won’t offend anyone. Although I wish someone had done a better job of preparing Rachael regarding court decorum, I found her testimony to be a fascinating example of the cultural, economic, educational and social divide that exists in our country. By in large, I found her to be quite credible despite what might appear to many to be inconsistencies in her accounts of what transpired that night.
    Whether we like it or not, her fear of voluntarily coming forward is not uncommon for many people. Most certainly those from more disadvantaged backgrounds. Even theadults were reluctant witnesses. I would also venture that as the child of a Hatian immigrant, she has been socialized to distrust people unfamiliar to her, And most certainly those from a different social class than hers.
    Indeed, middle class America experienced difficulty in understanding Rachael, but I can assure you that her peers understood every word she said, and exactly where she was coming from.
    She was confrontational with West, but I might be as well if I was being questioned by the man who was defending the man who killed my friend. I’m sure she felt that she somehow let Trayvon down that night when she learned he had died and her response is quite typical of someone who has experienced some level of trauma.
    She was honest regarding the language used by she and Trayvon. We also need to keep in mind that many young black kids use the “N” word. It is not offensive to them in the context in which they use it, and is part of a culture that we as middle class white people have not earned the right to belong to.
    Bottom line, I don’t think there is a how to book on the way one should handle the situation this young woman has found herself in. We all want her to tell the truth, but want to direct her on how to do it. This is Rachael’s reality and her story to tell. She is sharing it in th only way she knows how to do so.

  20. Sherry says:

    I sure wasn’t impressed with Ms. Jeantel overall but I sure hope the jury keeps in mind that she gave the evidence that GZ confronted TM. Even the most basic of common sense tells one to be respectful in the court of law. I was starting to think that she didn’t want justice for Trayvon as much as she didn’t want to be involved in the case. It reminded me of the case we had here in my hometown where there was all kinds of fuss made for a young man’s justice but when it came down to the wire the star witness was uncooperative to the point of contempt of court! Anyway, I was embarrassed for Ms. Jeantel.

  21. Vicky says:

    I was watching her testify this morning. I found it very telling that she is unable to read or write in cursive writing. Based upon that, I would assume her reading comprehension is not above elementary school level. I think her “attitude” is indicative of a young lady who uses a rough exterior to compensate for her fear of being exposed as functionally illiterate. She is 19 years old and is just entering her senior year. To me, this is a clear indication of a person with a learning disability or some form of delay. They very fact that she has not dropped out of school demonstrates character to me.

  22. Trayvon Martin’s friend may be called back after 2-day testimony

    (All videos of today’s trial is at this link too..)


  23. Sherry says:

    I agree, VeryconcernedMOM, about how Rachel is being treated by observers and opinionators. She was disrespectful on day one and I find no excuse for that, but to make fun of her speech and slowness is horrible. Her mannerisms remind me of someone I know and love who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Its painful for her to be in front of people, if this is truly the case with her. And being a bit slow to understand simple questions, symptomatic of Aspies, doesn’t help her to be confident of herself.

    That said, her lying didn’t help the state. If she can lie about non-essentials of the case can what she says the truth about be believed? I’m really hoping so. She made some crucial points to show that GZ pursued TM.

    On another nother, one of the Martin family attorneys made a good point on HLN’s After Dark, last night. If it was raining and the supposed blood on TM’s unprotected hands washed off, why didn’t GZ’s blood on his head wash offf, too?

  24. Sherry says:

    Here is an interview on CNN with O’Mara and Daryl Parks concerning Rachel’s testimony yesterday

    Snoopy, I know videos slow things down so if you know of a way I can link to them apart from the video showing I would appreciate it!

  25. No problem, Sherry…I am not getting many comments so it’s okay if they show…thank you for posting them..

  26. Neighbor: Martin was on top of Zimmerman throwing down punches

    (videos of today’s trial here too…)


  27. Sherry says:

    I picture Trayvon throwing punches to get loose of GZ’s grip on him. I wonder if it shows on the hoodie a wrinkled spot where GZ held on to it to keep him from getting away. I still think he had his gun out and that made Trayvon fight all the more to get loose.

  28. Vicky says:

    Sherry, I agree with your above statement. I do not believe for one minute that Trayvon punched GZ without provocation. Something sparked his fight or flight response, and I honestly believe it was the sight of “the” gun.
    One thing is consistent with both Racheal and GZ’s accounts, Trayvon asked George why he was following him. I do not see that as an aggressive move. George could have calmed Trayvon’s fears right then and there. He did not do that. Something happened immediately following that exchange that moved Trayvon to tale action. IMO, George attempted to detain Trayvon until the police arrived, and Trayvon was having not part of it.
    One other thing Rachael said that I found extremely credible. That was if Trayvon had been preparing to fight George, he would have told her he needed to let her go and would call her back. I think that would be what the majority of people would do.

  29. Sherry says:

    That’s my same thought, Vicky. And, wow, I didn’t catch that part which Rachel said and she’s right, if there was going to be a fight, Trayvon would not have time to be talking as he was going to be busy throwing some punches. He’d want to take off the phone and lay it somewhere safe. She may be slow but she knows what is a logical thing to do. The fact that the call was abruptly cut off seems to me like GZ grabbed Trayvon and in the process the head phone fell to the ground. I’m not surprised if in the grabbing of Trayvon that the young man landed on top of GZ as a result.

    GZ admits to following Trayvon to the dispatcher. Rachel says she heard Trayvon ask why GZ was following him (which I believe began some time before GZ called NEN and may be the reason why Trayvon called Rachel-he was scared!). That GZ was at the clubhouse and then he gets out of his vehicle after driving a short distance proves that he was in pursuit and I can’t see how the SYG defense could work. GZ got out of his vehicle before being asked to keep an eye on where the suspect was going. That’s probably why MOM wants to keep the jury focused on the confrontation and nothing before then-he knows it would show his strategy to be weak by showing that GZ was following Trayvon and, in a sense, provoking the confrontation. GZ gave all the others he stopped in the complex an introduction as to who he was but Trayvon was denied the same courtesy. I believe GZ thought he had his boy. Had he let Trayvon live, the young man could have sued him for illegally withholding him.

  30. shyloh says:

    ” I will withhold my opinion except to say she is “one of the ugliest judges” I have seen on the bench. Maybe it is a power struggle with her.”

    OOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD! That was so funny I totally laughed till I cried. “STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT” <———Copyright by shyloh, HAHAHA
    I can't read anymore right now. SNOOPY I love you!!!

    Thank God, I have someone who loves me, Shyloh, thank you. I mean she is ugly in demeanor not her looks. She reminds me of a snapping turtle. lol~~SS

  31. lin says:

    I agree with most of you that GZ was following TM and approached him. Don’t forget that TM was still a BOY…. He had no idea who GZ was. I too believe GZ did show his gun and TM fought to get away…… If GZ was on the bottom during the fight, isn;t it possible that the gun is was hit him in the nose after the shot? It doesnt seem that he much room between them or enough time to hold the gun with both hands………now that (blow back) might have broke his nose and left a mark….. But lets not forget we are dealing with FLORIDA…….so I don’t think they checked. I think Zimmermans other wounds are almost laughable I get worse playing with my dogs….. any wound that comes from the head always bleed alot even the small ones like GZ……….

  32. Sherry says:

    I thought this video was interesting:

    UNDER the button! I believe it shows that GZ had his gun right on Trayvon’s chest. I was looking at evidence photos that shows the bullethole in Trayvon’s sweatshirt and the bullethole in his hoodie-there’s a few inches difference, it appears. I hope to find a good picture of the hoodie to see if there’s a circle of pressed wrinkles in it on the left side.

    lin, if there’s anything laughable in this case what you observed is it-those wounds on GZ. And, yeah, that broken nose may very well have come about due to the backlash of his gun to his face after it was fired. Just blame it on the dead kid, he won’t say anything. I love it when a commentor is a keen observer and a new aspect to a case is revealed! High five and a butt bump to you, lin! :mrgreen:!

  33. If Trayvon was on top and had the tin of tea in his pocket, it would have weighted his clothing down and away from his chest. Think gravity.

  34. Sherry says:

    Oh, I thought it was out of his hoodie pocket…dang! Yer good, Snoops!

  35. Sherry~~they had to remove the tin of tea from Trayvon’s pocket to administer CPR….

  36. Sherry says:

    OK, Snoopy, I’m sticking to the idea that GZ had a hold of Trayvon’s hoodie because of the video above where the officer says he found the bullethole under the button. That button was up toward the left shoulder so that would mean that the hoodie was being tugged toward the right. If it was just the can of tea pulling down the hoodie then the bullethole would be more straight up as opposed to being toward the left. If Trayvon was on top of GZ at the time he was shot I picture him trying to get loose and leaning toward his left for his getaway. GZ’s gun in his right hand and Trayvon’s hoodie in his left hand.

    I just had another “opinion” shot down, too. I did not know that getting out of the vehicle and pursuing Trayvon does not make GZ’s SYG defense void. I thought it did, after all, why claim SYG if you are putting yourself in the position of being cornered? I must remind myself that the state must prove their charges by making GZ the aggressor but the defense does not have to prove SYG by making Trayvon the aggressor. The defense is, so far, in the lead, if this were likened to a race, and the state is giving it to them with their bad judgement calls.

  37. Sherry~~I just hope that the jurors will get it right. I had Trayvon hitting Z with a bag that contained the tea and all the time the tea was in T’s pocket. It goes to show how far fetched I was so I gave up trying to figure it all out. So now I am just sitting back watching it all play out. lol

  38. Sherry says:

    Oh, Snoopy, your comment kept me up last night until I finally got up to leave my comment. 😉 I kept thinking, I need to sit back and just observe. I don’t know if I can but I’m going to try. I do enjoy watching HLN’s After Dark where both sides get scrutinized and a mock jury gives their estimation of the day’s testimonies. Its not as cut and dried as I once thought! I appreciate Dave’s input as well as yours. You are both very fair.

  39. Sherry~~the reason I get fed up with this case is when race, politics and guns come to the forefront. Can’t anything be cut and cry? A neighborhood watch pursued and shot a young teen.. notice I did not say black teen?

  40. Sherry says:

    I’m with you, Snoops. It does get tiring. And, sadly, those very concerns cause biased opinions. GZ is guilty because he is a white cop wannabe, Trayvon asked for it because he’s a black thug wannabe, conservatives are on GZ’s side and liberals are on TM’s side and any lies exposed are excused and any evidence showing the truth goes in one ear and out the other or there is a blind eye to it. Too much emotionalism, and I admit I’m guilty of it for Trayvon’s sake.

  41. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –
    Jacksonville Medical Examiner Valerie Rao has been the subject of recurring complaints from her co-workers dating back to 2009. According to letters sent to the the city, “Rao has been seen touching cadavers with her bare hands, washing her feet in the autopsy sink, and performing unnecessary autopsies on inmates to create a revenue stream.

    More here…..


    Her testimony today….

  42. Prosecutors want to use George Zimmerman school records


    (Videos of today’s trial are also at this link)

  43. Sherry says:

    I found this link interesting-The 2012 Florida Statutes-the justifiable use of force (esp. 776.032 and 776.041):


  44. Frankie says:

    This is the first time that I have ever said that I appreciate Nancy Grace. She is the only one that stands up to Frank K. He talks like he was at the scene but he is only repeating what GZ has told him. He talks over everyone and gets annoyed when it is done to him. I don’t know why he is on these shows. I do enjoy watching him get annoyed and angry though.

  45. sarah0234 says:

    Ooooooo…..just caught the end of the show “The View” (which I can’t stand BTW) and Dan Abrams (he’s a legal correspondent for ABC news) was on and said that he doesn’t think GZ will be convicted of anything OR he may get something far less than 2nd or manslaughter. I hope he’s wrong. Only in America.

    I also think that if GZ walks he will be the male version of Casey Anthony; the most hated male in America.

  46. Sherry says:

    Sarah, I fear he will walk, too. I’m surprised that the defense is even continuing. They are ahead in the game yet they are pressing on concerning those screams to prove self-defense. I hope the jury keeps in mind that Trayvon had a self-defense right, too, even if were to have been the aggressor. Clearly, GZ has admitted to following the kid and Ms. Jeantel has testified that Trayvon asked why GZ was fiollowing him. GZ says he “had no problem” when Trayvon supposedly asked him so this would have been the time to say who he was. GZ is, imo, a fraud. The only reason he said it was him screaming was because he knew there were witnesses and he had to make those his screams. He’s as calculatingly sly as Casey Anthony was.

  47. sarah0234 says:

    Well said Sherry. I agree.

    Does anyone have a list of who is sitting on the jury? I know we won’t be provided names; I was curious about ages and employment. I also heard that there were NO blacks on the jury? That’s a shame. I heard this info during an interview that MOM gave and stated that he wished there was a black on the jury so that if GZ is found not guilty that it would be seen as a “true” verdict. And, I’m pretty sure it’s an all female jury.

  48. lin says:

    Maybe one of the jurors is spanish….. I also heard, I think it was on FOX the two of the women are married to attorneys…..thats not good…. I don’t think GZ should walk away scott free but I have to say I don’t think the state did a good enough job…….makes me wonder what the hell they been doing for a yr and a half…..

  49. margaret says:

    Hi Snoops and everyone.. I have been so busy busy and have been slipping in and out to read the posts.. This case still puzzles me..It seems to be more about hoodies and black and white issues. IMO zimmerman made the first mistake by having the gun and not staying in his vehicle. Why didn’t he identify himself as Trayvon walked around his truck? Trayvon being a teenager may have decided to teach that old man GZ a lesson and it all went downhill from there.I just don’t know ..

    I am learning a lot from the posts, so thanks everyone.. I think I may try to watch the Andrea Sniederman trial. She played Hemy Neuman like a fiddle until Hemy shot and killed her husband..Finally she has been charged too. Trial starts on July 29.

    Dave is looking right at home back in court room.

  50. gramared says:

    This is interesting if they consider Manslaughter instead of 2nd Degree Murder. Sounds more like it may have a better fit, but fit it does.


  51. Hi everyone!! I have been watching the Zimmerman trial on WFTV live stream and sometimes I comment to Dave on Facebook… I still read all the comments here….hugs to all..

  52. sarah0234 says:

    I’m watching the closing argument(s). I’m enjoying watching Marinade Dave.

  53. sarah0234 says:

    I think the prosecutor finally woke up. So far I think he’s doing a good job.

  54. I find it hard to watch this trial. Zimmerman cannot get a fair trial with such a biased judge.

  55. Tommy'sMom says:

    I am sick unto death with this trial. I haven’t watched all of it, mainly because I cannot stand to listen to West, especially when he moans about not enough time to do this or that, and fights with the judge constantly. The defense had plenty of time to get ready for trial, if they had done their job and stopped the public appearances, and begging for money. The judge must follow the law whether the defense likes her rulings or not. There was absolutely no proof that no one other than Trayvon Martin could access his phone, and no evidence the state withheld information that could help the defense.
    I do expect Zimmerman to walk. I also believe he profiled this child and went after him. He was armed and had every intention of getting to Trayvon before the police got there so he could play the hero cop. I don’t believe he expected to kill Trayvon, and I don’t believe for one minute he feared for his life. He could have identified himself when he confronted Trayvon and he didn’t. Had he done that a child 3 weeks past his 16th birthday would still be alive.

  56. Frankie says:

    I totally agree with Tommy’s Mom except for him walking. I haven’t been able to watch all of the proceedings so can someone tell me why this trial only has 6 jurors and not 12? Thanks..

  57. Sherry says:

    I agree, Tommy’s Mom. Even if Trayvon did confront GZ (which I don’t believe) and asked him if he had a problem GZ should have said who he was and why he was watching Trayvon instead of being snarky by saying, I don’t have a problem. I hope GZ’s lies and Ms. Jeantel’s testimony to hearing Trayvon say, Get off of me, which occurred before GZ’s “screams”, convicts him. That means Trayvon was standing his ground and was murdered for it.

  58. Duval County State Attorney Angela Corey has fired the whistleblower IT director who outed alleged discovery violations. #Zimmermanon9


  59. Thanks, Sherry! I am so sick and tired of listening to race and politics…Where does the justice system come into play? This is why I want a no guilty or a hung jury. The state hid evidence and Angela Corey is out for herself.

  60. Maybe Zimmerman is guilty of breaking some NWatch rules but Trayvon was no angel. I got to hear his text msges and making plans to purchase and or sell a gun, pics of jewellery spread out on a bed. If Z is convicted, this is grounds for irreversible error. An appeal will be filed immediately after conviction.

  61. Sherry says:

    I understand what you mean, Snoopy. I do not like the race and politics brought into this case. All for those with sel-serving agendas and not as much for Trayvon’s parents nor for their son’s justice. The investigation was not complete when this case became racial/political with our POTUS chiming in, too. That does no good for justice ever. Its been interesting for me to comment on my conservative forums on this case being one of very few conservatives who believe this was murder and not SYG. They think I’m all into the race baiting that started this trial. One even thanked me for the laughs. Angela Corey disgusts me because, as you said, she is out for herself. Now she is playing dirty politics with the life of GZ and the death of TM. Trayvon’s parents have shown alot of class through all of this despite it taking the race/politics route which they have abhorred since the beginning. And it seems that some have forgotten that GZ stood up for a black homeless man against a racist SPD (at that time).

    A hung jury?- very possible! If GZ does get convicted he will have good reason for appeal thanks to Ms. Corey. If her agenda was met she won’t really care if GZ appeals, though.

  62. Sherry says:

    Just found this YT of The View that sarah mentioned in her July 8 post where Dan Abrams gives his legal perspective-very interesting!

  63. Sherry says:

    Well, if that information about Trayvon were admissable then there’s a problem for sure. But, it had nothing to do with the night of his murder since GZ had no prior knowledge of it. And, who knows what the state would have dug up on GZ! I have heard that he treated his mother awfully one time locking her out of her own home and also beat on his ex-girlfriend. Rumors, yes, but what if they were true? Tit for tat could go on and on in trials.

  64. Tommy's Mom says:

    SS why do you believe what was said about Trayvon’s phone. You know it could have been hacked. I have friends who have had their email hacked and their FB accounts hacked. Don’t you think if there were something to be found the defense would have found it?

  65. Tommy’s Mom~~watch this and judge for yourself. The state hid evidence and did not pass it over to the defense…the state employee who brought it to the attention of O’Mara got fired by Angela Corey on Friday…
    July 9th hearing-bias at it’s best


    Duval County State Attorney Angela Corey has fired the whistleblower IT director who outed alleged discovery violations. #Zimmermanon9


  66. I follow this case very closely and do not base my opinions on emotions…. I also state facts and provide links.

  67. State Attorney Angela Corey fires information techonology director who raised concerns in Trayvon Martin case | jacksonville.com

    State Attorney Angela Corey fired her office’s information technology director Friday after he testified last month about being concerned prosecutors did not turn over information to George Zimmerman’s defense team in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.On the same day attorneys finished their closing arguments in that nationally watched trial, a state attorney investigator went to Ben Kruidbos’ home about 7:30 a.m. to hand-deliver a letter stating Kruidbos “can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.” …

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