Death Wish-Jodi Arias

I believe in all likelihood Jodi Arias will receive the death penalty. Will she be put to death is another story. In the state of Arizona, the average time a person sits on death row before their execution is twelve years. During that length of time many changes can take place, one being the death penalty may be abolished.

When Jodi Arias prearranged an interview with FOX 10’s Troy Hayden she was of the mindset that the jurors would render a not guilty verdict. Why did she go through with the interview after the unanimous decision of premeditated Murder One? To answer that, you have to look deep inside the thoughts of a psychopath. Jodi had to go on camera in a last ditch attempt to save face by faulting everyone but herself. If you have watched the video clips of her interview with Hayden, you will understand and see how Jodi still had to be in control.
Here is another clip of the interview that you may not have had a chance to see.

Arias told FOX 10 she has no mitigating factors

Jodi wants the death penalty or so she says but this is more manipulation. She hints at being suicidal so ends up in a different jail in a psyche ward and put on suicide watch. Jodi knew full well that this would delay the proceedings in the penalty phase. She cannot bear the thoughts of walking into that courtroom and facing Travis’ family and friends. Jodi will try every tactic in the following days/weeks to feign mental incompetency. “Mark my words on that one.”

From a very young age, who knows maybe it was at the time she was conceived, Jodi was incapable of having loving feelings for anyone but herself. A narcissist was born; a self-worshiping egotist who set out to show the world how grandiose she was. She admitted to not being able to get along with her parents yet added the empty words, “I still love them dearly.” Live in boyfriend, Bobby assaulted her, cheated on her yet she still bought him groceries and clothes. Matt McCarthy cheated on Jodi but they are still friends. Darryl Brewer did not want marriage or children but Jodi remained friends with him. What a benevolent caring person Jodi portrayed herself to be in her testimony. Martyrdom shining through here? All of her threats of suicide is a good indicator of such.

Then along comes Travis….

We have to take Jodi’s word on how their relationship really came about as to who approached whom. I will tell you one thing and I firmly believe this, Jodi did not love Travis, ever. She loved being with Travis and loved the limelight. She loved what Travis could provide. I am not sure she even enjoyed their sexual escapades. Jodi’s tools of her trade were her looks and her body and she found a perfect Mormon specimen, a virile man to apply them to.

I am not going into all the gory details of how Jodi seduced Travis. We’ve heard enough of them to last us a lifetime. We do know that a psychopathic stalker will not tolerate rejection. Even after Jodi slaughtered Travis, she trashed him on the witness stand, during her interview with Fox 10 and I predict, if she is ever strapped down to a guerney, her last words will be, “Travis was a hypocrite and a pedophile. He abused me and I had to defend myself.” Hurting others is like heroin to an addict when it comes to people like Jodi. She has no place in society since she can never be rehabilitated. God have mercy on her soul!!!


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  1. jayelle sea says:

    She loves the lime light alright, she should have been in acting! I think whatever she gets, she will be sitting by herself for a long time and the more she plays crazy the more freedoms will be taken away from her. She needs to be alone, cut off from the people she manipulates and left to her own demise. This is the worst punishment for her, no company. Really, anything she says now only makes it worst. Hurting the family with those remarks she made to the interviewer minutes after getting the PM verdict is unforgivable.

    Travis was Jodi’s trophy. First to place on a pedestal and then trash/slaughter him for not doing her bidding.~~SS

  2. Tommy'sMom says:

    She will never take responsibility for anything it’s always someone’s fault never hers. I don’t believe anything she says about anything. I also think her “team” despises her and they don’t believe her either. If Nurmi did tell her she has no mitigating factures I’m surprised she said so. I thought she testified that both her parents hit her.
    This was one of your very best posts Snoop.

    Thank you, Tommy’s Mom. That means a lot to me. Since old arthur has taken control of my hands and wrists, some days I have to opt for copy and paste but today I was able to type in fits and starts.~ ~SS

  3. Tommy'sMom says:

    jayelle I thought I read or heard somewhere that she had that interview sit-up months ago. If she was convicted of 1st degree it would be right after and if it was anything else it would be when she found out what the sentence was. She couldn’t even let Travis’s family have a moment of relief she had to go on national TV and throw more mud on him and them.

  4. [these comment have been transferred here from last thread-that will teach me for forgetting to put a link in to this new post]

    margaret says:
    May 11, 2013 at 8:07 pm (Edit)
    Ha ha ,I love you people….Snoops you have been busy , I see.. Great post, you wrapped up this loooonnngg trial in a very good article..Iwatched the video that you put a link to, interesting what her lawyers told her to do Since she has no mitigating factors.., Think she will listen…

    We all love you too, Margaret! ~~ SS

    redrelaxed says:
    May 11, 2013 at 8:44 pm (Edit)
    Motion denied. Boy that didn’t take long!
    Guess this is what was going on behind closed doors in chamber…

    Click to access m5764131.pdf

    Wow, Red, you always seem to find some great info. So the defense wanted the DP off the table in the penalty phase and after Jodi wanted it as per her interview. There seems to be a lack of communication between Jodi and her counsel. Thanks for posting the link.~~SS

  5. Amber from Maryland says:

    What mitigating factors could Jodi possibly have???

    I don’t see any and I am opposed to the death penalty.

  6. margaret says:

    Geraldo has jodis story , he blew it with me about casey, but I am going to see what he has to say abou jodi…

  7. Amber~~Nurmi and Willmott are up against a brick wall. I think they both want this case over and done with. You cannot put a person to death if they are not competent. Jodi is not criminally insane in the legal definition of insane. Since the state proved that Travis’ death was being premeditated for a period of a little over a week, the defense cannot come up with temporary insanity or ‘in a fit of passion.’

    Nurmi may introduce the videos of Jodi in the interrogation room. The ones with her doing aerobics, singing and laughing. They just may sway a jury to be lenient. The girl is definitely mental. Jodi’s mother, g/mother and sisters may beg for Jodi’s life to be spared during their impact statements.

    Keep in mind that Jodi may ask the jury to vote for the death penalty in hopes of getting life. Jodi will want the last word but Judge Stephens will have it.

    I do not believe in the death penalty under normal circumstances. Jodi confessed to the murder. The death penalty in this case may just be a deterrent to those who set out to take another’s life. JMO

  8. redrelaxed says:

    Happy to be helpful Snoops.

    Amber, in the link I posted on the last thread… Jodi in that interview admits herself she has no mitigating circumstances…in fact she tells Hayden that she and her lawyers have joked that her mother should have beat her harder.

    There will be more of those segments coming according to Fox re~Hayden/Arias interview. I’m just disgusted that the Sheriff’s office would approve of this interview in light of the fact that she was a convicted felon at the time. Granted it was a short 20 minutes, but convicted non the less.

  9. margaret says:

    Our favorite to dislike doctor’s opinion……….

    Good night everyone !!

    I was so busy looking at Dr Ablow’s ears that I forgot what he said. Remember when he tried to insert himself in the Anthony case? pffft on him~~SS

  10. redrelaxed says:

    Snoops another thing…I was reading on facebook, and I believe it was Jod’s sister who had posted last Wednesday a comment that Jodi wasn’t in the “good graces”, as her defense team was trying to quit the case. I doubt very much that Stephens would allow that at this juncture, but it’s likely true based on the huge screaming match that ensued after the verdict and Jodi was blaming Nurmi and Willmott for the outcome. (Run on sentence or what!?)

    She alludes to that in her interview with Hayden as well, saying that although her DT worked hard, she wasn’t happy. She basically blamed her lawyers for trashing Travis’s reputation as a viable defense and said that the State wouldn’t play ball and forced her hand.

    SHE was the one who took photo’s of the spidey undies, and misreprented the T-shirt and then they vanished… IF they ever existed. AND she entrapped Travis with that sex tape unbeknownst to him. She knew exactly what she was doing long before June 4. I wonder if this recorded sex tape is what had Travis so upset.

    Juan Martinez had her pegged from the beginning. He has studied this and HER for five years and knew that this trial was going to be a smut fest, yet he forged on with the truth and proved her to be the cold hearted murderer she is. Bravo sir.

    THIS girl…grrrr…

  11. Red~~I think Martinez more or less put it across to the jurors that Travis did not send Jodi chocolates and the undies. In text msges on the date she said she rec’d the pkg from Travis, there was no mention of her receiving them. Being a pathological liar, Jodi had to add that the chocolates were all melted and she had to put them in the frig/freezer…. lol I think Jodi tried to blackmail Travis with that sex tape and it didn’t work. Why in hell did Travis have sex with Jodi on June 4th? Is there any chance those pics of the sexy nudes are not authentic and were taken at another time? Jodi could have had those pics on her laptop and used Travis’ new camera and took the pics of the laptop ones. That would account for the time stamps.

  12. Lin says:

    Hi snoopy, I think you are on to something here about , I have seen my own son take a pic of a picture I had of his son and put it on his phone…… I think Jodi wants the DP so she will be given special benefits and privilegedes that the lifers dont get, She will get an automatic appeal.
    Knowing Jodi as we do, she is probable working on her 4th version of the make-believe attack……She makes me sick. I watched her new video and she is still thrashing Travis, she is just evil….Now I was wondering, does she go back to the jail she was in or does she now go to a prison.

    Lin, Jodi goes back to the jail she was in once she is off suicide watch. When her sentence is officially handed down by the judge, Jodi could be off to prison in a matter of a couple hours. BTW, welcome to my humble blog.~~SS

  13. debl115 says:

    I totally agree, Snoop, I don’t, and never did think, that the nude pics occurred on the day of the murder. Jodi knew how to work/manipulate a camera. I don’t think Travis was even aware that she was in his home until he was in the shower. And even then, I still think that the only time he was aware that she was there was the one pic of him looking directly into the camera, and that didn’t look like a “hey, take a sweet pic of me pose”, it was more a “WTF are YOU doing here” pose.

  14. debl115~~It did look like Travis was posing for those shower pics. Maybe Jodi was holding a gun on him. Remember Jodi’s laptop was broken when it was confiscated by the police. I believe, IIRC, the laptop was in pieces. That could account for the nude pics not being found on it…hmmm

  15. redrelaxed says:

    Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day Snoop & Everyone!

    I don’t believe that Travis had sex with Jodi on June 4 either. Those nude photo’s on his camera that were time stamped were from the previous rendevous as discussed between them on the sex tape. The photo’s of Travis nude on the bed depict red manparts as in stained from pop rocks.
    None of the roommates saw her there on June 4, he never mentioned her being there to any of them. He was stressed out though, because he didn’t sleep well or much June 3. Those photo’s of Travis in the shower have always bothered me, and didn’t jive with her story like so many other discrepancies. He was freshly shaven in the photo’s but she testified that he wasn’t and went so far as to report his beard was scratching her.

    I will believe that Jodi made up the sex story to coincide with the photo’s that were deleted but discovered on Travis’s memory card in the washing machine after the murder. There is a decrepancy on what memory card Detective Flores testified about. Two separate cards are involved here. BOC has a very interesting theory on this very issue over at her sandbox. Her hair she changed as often as her spidey underwear. Not a stretch that is was solid brown or brown with blond streaks down the front during the time in question.

    The shower door has been a bone of contention for me. It was closed during the photo shoot, and it was still closed at the time of the photo of Travis looking stunned directly into the camera. He could have been blinded by the flash in the two photo’s taken and then ambushed through an open shower door with a knife. There were no flash photo’s of the shower scenes other than the last two.

    Back on topic…Jodi has been caught up in her lies, some Juan Maritnez could prove without a doubt, and others he couldn’t. Dr. Horn will testify to the cruelty of what Travis suffered June 4 and the Alexander family will have their day in court with victim impact statements that will lead to either LWP or Death. I’m 99% against the DP as many innocents have been put to death within the system, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jodi Arias brutally murdered this young man whose only crime was moving on without her. This wasn’t self defense. There was no DV. She deserves death.

    All IMO

  16. margaret says:

    A very interesting take on Jodi interview..from a real doctor…

    Jodi Arias Interview analysis

    Thanks, Margaret! I don’t mind fixing the links since you are a good sleuth.~~SS

  17. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret

    Thanks. That was very interesting. It looks as if no one will give Jodi a truthfulness award today.

    Any word about what is going on with her in the prison psych ward?

  18. I notice HLN really down played this…

    1 arrested after tweet of courthouse bomb threat

  19. Sarah says:

    Red: Kudos to your last paragraph above.

    ABC or HLN, can’t remember which; (I think HLN) have aired “pivotal” moments of the trial (from each correspondent). IMO, the pivotal moment for me was when Arias was playing the abused victim and stated that she tried to commit suicide (again). She said she even went so far as to “knick” her wrists; but it burned or stung, so she stopped. Martinez pounced on her with the statement; “Can you imagine how much it must of hurt Mr. Alexander when you stuck that knife right into his chest”?

    Arias Boo Boo vs. Knife In Chest

    Margaret: Thanks for the link. I wish he would have been allowed to elaborate more! Drats.

  20. Wow thanks for the really great info and ideas! I haven’t seen the latest *tv* interview yet so thanks for posting that too.

    I remember a friend of Travis’ say that he introduced them at some function and I find NO reason to disbelieve him AT ALL! lolo And I find a ton of them to not believe her. Like the fantastical tale she gave at trial. That she was just soooo breathtakingly desirable he was immediately and uncontrollably drawn to her. So Travis, with purpose, like a dog to a bone beelines it toward her, but as she humbly steps aside, allowing him to pass, she was caught off guard when he extended his hand to her majesty! Yeah right! I think I had those fantasies when I was 17 too!

    and about the hair. she had to have dyed it back to brown in stages.. at least a few weeks apart.. I could tell for sure if we could’ve seen a good shot of her hair on the day of the murder. but there’s no way to go from bleached platinum blond to really brown with out several weeks. it’s too damaging. her hair would be greenish, visibly damaged and fried unless she did it slowly.
    So I think she had been in the process of changing it to brown for at least a 2 weeks prior to the road trip. and I think she finished it off that day she spent 3 hours at the *nail* place. that’s about as long it takes for a color and style.

    Oh wow, what about her trying to get the court to order the sentencing stage video taped, so HER rights aren’t in jeopardy by any emotional outbursts from the victims in front of the jury! wow, I wish I could smack her upside her head! I don’t know how Travis’ family control themselves!

    Shannon, you are very welcome. Now I wonder if Jodi will show up in court on Wednesday or pull another fast one.~~SS

  21. margaret says:

    Finally some plain truths about jodi from Dr. Dale Archer..

    Dr Archer hit the nail on the head…”spoiled brat”..thanks again, Margaret~~SS

  22. Sarah says:

    Margaret: Wow. Great article.

    IMO, the doc was also explaining Casey Anthony. Sad part is; Casey is still being coddled by her parents. Sadly; it will bite them in the arse; again.

    Ms. Arias? I hope she gets the DP. So calculating, cold and cruel. Disorder; smorder. She knew all along what she was doing. No mental “defect” there.

    I am NOT a DP person per se. As I have written before; not unless I am 100% sure and the act was so heinous that I approve the DP. Arias has earned the DP.

  23. Sarah says:

    Here’s another oldie but Goldie: Martinez corners the killer!

    Day 25-Part 3 Nurmi Speaks Up and The Judge Puts Him Down

  24. jayelle sea says:

    The whole sex tape was entrapment, yes and I believe the beginning of her plan of revenge. She told him she has it at some point, and he said “that’s entrapment.” That why she made a comment to Travis, about “seeing a lawyer”, a month or so before the murder. Other words were spoken, which is what he replied in a text, to “leave him alone”, “your a sociopath and a liar”, “my friends would spit in your face”, he probably did confront her in anger when he found out that she had him on tape. Even in the interview after the verdict, instead of saying , I’m so sorry any of this happened, She keeps saying “he was a hypocrite”, OH, is that the NEW reason she killed him, because he’s a hypocrite, pleeeeease. Wow, doesn’t she just curdle your tummy. I believe she broke in uninvited probably through the dog door, started some sex game, saying about this being the last time for them to be together. She started a robbery scenario, with a weapon, maybe rope, He does have like rope burns, or nail scratches in the shower across his back. He’s posed in the shower, stand this way, thumbs overlapped. She pulled out the gun, probably telling him don’t worry its not loaded. She also had used two weapons to throw the cops off. She manipulated the whole scene after the murder “in a fog” according to this miserable liar!! After all she’s as bright as Einstein, right??

  25. Tommy'sMom says:

    Being of a certain age is the only excuse I have for missing this: Dr. Jill Hayes(it’s on Youtube) witness for the state.
    Amazing testimony she really did a great job of debunking the “team’s” last witness. I don’t know how I missed this the first time around. I can’t figure out where the “team” found their experts,but most of them did more for the state.
    BTW I keep hearing about how smart and beautiful JA is,JMHO but she is neither. IQ somewhere between 112-119 averge at best. Reading skills place her at 12th grade.

  26. Jodi Arias is being moved back to the jail from the psyche ward…

  27. jayelle sea says:

    If she was ever really pretty, its gone. Besides true beauty comes from within and, well, need I say more?? She has that glazed over look of someone that has no feelings, beady darting black holes for eyes, windows of the soul, and a very hard jaw, extra flesh around mouth from always pouting and lying, nothing pretty about this girl. Even now, the pictures from before with Travis, I just see her as manipulating and the black eyes twinkling from getting what she wants. The one with her hand on Travis’s throat at the waterfalls is spooky, In fact she made many references of motion at her throat in trial, even in his last final rebuttal statement of Juans she did a slice across the neck, wow ……..

  28. Sarah says:

    Jodi Arias Full Interview Post Verdict- (little details you may not have heard before) I still haven’t heard remorse. She is still happy with herself that she carried this out, IMO.

    Complete Post Verdict Interview

  29. Sarah says:

    The video is 31 min 23 sec. She still rakes him over the coals. Unbelievable.

  30. Amber from Maryland says:

    I have been opposed to the death penalty for many years. I think it is uncivilized. However, I heard a few words on Nancy Grace this evening about things Jodi Arias said during her post sentencing interview about Travis. I am beginning to change my mind about the death penalty. I would certainly consider it justifiable homicide if one of Travis’s friends or family members were to execute Jodi. Jodi’s evil ways are beyond belief. Could Jodi be sued for slander??? I don’t particularly like the Nancy Grace show because I think Nancy is too rude and unfair to her guests. However, I have complete faith in her ability to correctly repeat things Jodi said. I am appalled!!!

  31. Sarah says:

    Amber: If you watch the video I posted @ 7:53pm you’ll hear the entire interview (unedited-more or less). I was shocked that more “poo-poo” was flowing from her mouth. She chalks off kicking her mother as “oh well, I was a teenager” and her mother kicked her first? Don’t you see; it’s not her fault. She will never stop.

    Margaret- thanks for the link. That’s exactly where she deserves to sit and ponder until Wednesday ( instead of a cushy psych ward bed).

    That would be the icing on the cake if the Alexander’s could sue her for slander and win.

  32. Tommy'sMom says:

    She’s moved to a cell by herself only 1hr out. Her twitterr account went up last night,according to Fox,and she asking for money for her commissary account. Are you kidding me?

    Being isolated will kill Jodi quicker than a lethal injection. She craves the limelight and attention and she will not get it now. Travis’ family is filing a wrongful death suit so any money Jodi makes with her art work or writing stories will go to them. It will be interesting to see how things go tomorrow in the penalty phase.~ ~SS

  33. gramared says:

    Are all inmates allowed Twitter Accounts – RIDICULOUS! Where’s Serriff Joe when you need him???

    Donovan Bering does the tweeting for Jodi…Jodi has no access to a computer and was telling Donovan to write in the tweets via telephone. I am not sure how often Jodi can use the phone now that she is in a tight security cell.~~ SS

  34. Secret meeting going on in Judge’s chambers…Juan is there along with Det Flores and a few others… I believe meeting has just wrapped up…

    Beth Karas
    about an hour ago via mobile
    Apparently there’s a closed hearing happening or about to. I saw Steven and Samantha Alexander enter the courthouse. Shortly after, the defense’s mitigation specialist arrived carrying clothes on a hanger. I’m now outside the courtroom. It’s locked. Flores just arrived. #jodiarias

    Beth Karas
    5 minutes ago via mobile
    Martinez, Flores, Samantha and Steven Alexander, and County Attorney’s victims’ advocate just left the 5th floor. #jodiarias

  35. gramared says:

    Thanks, Snoopy… Let’s hope, now that she is a convicted felon, she will have minimal opportunity to use the phone or contact the outside world in any way. As so many have said, she is just pure evil. To hear how Travis’ friends described her actions at his Memorial is really disgusting. She was there to watch the suffering and gain total enjoyment from it. She was relishing in the autrocity, knowing she was responsible for every bit of it. Sick, sick, sick.

  36. gramared says:

    What I don’t understand, Snoopy, is why JA would be allowed to communicate through another party at all. It seems that should be limited, period, for any criminal. I suppose you could communicate with someone on the outside via telephone and put a hit on a person. I know the conversations are taped, but why are they allowed such freedom when they relinquished their freedom once they were convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail/prison? It’s simply using another method to get what she wants. Something is wrong with the system because punishment should be punishment, and she should be cut off from the outside world, IMO.

  37. gramared~~I am trying to find out what that closed meeting was about. Is Jodi trying to waive her right to the penalty phase rather than face Travis’ family in the courtroom???

  38. Tommy'sMom says:

    I thought I saw on Fox she gets to use the phone once a week.

  39. gramared says:

    Jodi certainly doesn’t want to face Travis’ family on THEIR terms. She only likes it when she has control. It would be no big surprise if she were trying to waive the penalty phase because we all know Jodi doesn’t handle consequences well!

    Thanks, Tommy’sMom. Instead of once a week, it should be once in a blue moon. Must admit, though, that just SEEING those cells where maximum security prisioners are housed gives me claustrophobia. Bet Ms. Einstein never thought she’d end up in one of those.

  40. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops! That was a great tribute. Wiping tears away. It killed me when it got to the part showing Travis’ arm around Juan Martinez. Det Flores and JM are so cute. I’m so glad they were the ones able to stand up for Travis.

    I can’t wait to hear from Travis’ brothers and sisters when this is all said and done. I’m hoping the focus will be off the murderer and back on Travis and his family. No more exposure for JA.

  41. debl115 says:

    Well, isn’t THIS interesting!! From The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial:

    Moments ago, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office received an order from the Superior Court of Arizona and Honorable Judge Sherry Stephens that from today, prohibits Sheriff’s Office officials from approaching defendant Jodi Arias for the purposes of media interview requests.

    We will not attempt to contact Arias for purposes of media interviews until that order is lifted by the court.

    Once the court lifts the order, and if inmate Arias agrees to do interviews, all interested media parties will be notified immediately by Sheriff’s PIO via email. Interviews will be conducted thereafter in the order already received.

    Lisa Allen
    MCSO Media Relations Unit

  42. Newbie says:

    Wonderful video. God love Juan Martinez and Det. Flores. Such good work and sincere dedication !!
    I do wish they could stop Jodi from tweeting. Seems to me she should not have the ability to have any contact with the public at this point.

  43. Amber from Maryland says:

    Sarah, thank you for posting the video of the interview.

    Considering what she has already done, I don’t know what Jodi Arias could do now which should shock us any more.

    I am appalled that she is still making vile untrue slander about Travis but at least no one believes her. I am not shocked that she continues to lie, I might be shocked if she suddenly told the truth about something.

    What on earth could Juan Martinez have possibly said in court that anyone would think is a lie or worse that her lies? I can’t see considering the wealth of evidence he had, why he would want to dilute the truth with a lie of any kind. Why did she make that crack???

  44. sarah0234 says:

    I’m watching N. Grace. Jodi Interview on KTVK back when she was first arrested is being shown.

    If you keep watching her, suddenly a vampire appears. I need to check my meds. I think I’m seeing things. But, check out her canines. sharp.

    Amber: She made that crack about Juan Martinez because that’s the only way she can “hurt” him right now, verbally. He would probably be wounded physically if she were free.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to see if she takes the stand this time. She doesn’t know when to shut up. And when she does open her trap she puts both feet in. Heck, arms, shoulders…..etc.

  45. sarah0234 says:

    She slipped during this interview. Question: When was the last time you saw Travis?

    Answer: Early June, around the same time. Say what? Or, was she admitting that because she had already told the detectives about the intruders she witnessed?

  46. I wonder how many times the court reporters had to type the word ‘um’ when Jodi was on the stand. I think the ‘um’ is when her conscience is starting to short circuit when she lies.

    I am in love with both Martinez and Flores…. what a team eh?

  47. Amber from Maryland says:

    I think we are all in love with both Martinez and Flores.

    Sarah, Jodi is certainly evil enough to be a vampire,

  48. Newbie says:

    Sarah, I also noticed the “vampire” teeth. I would think she would have had work on them prior to her boob job !

  49. sarah0234 says:

    Good Morning All: Today is the big day.

    Snoops: New Yakkers for today?

    You know, it hit me last night. Why are we all looking for her to show remorse when there’s not any? She is very happy that she has erased Travis Alexander from her world and ours. I’ve come to accept that she is just plain mean and evil and feels nothing.

    That’s why I think she’ll do just fine on death row. Death row would be justice in the fact she too will slowly face her own demise. Wee bit of torture for her. It would make my day. I think the Alexanders’ days would be made too.

    My gosh; what that family has been through in losing the people they love. Their mom. Then their dad. Then Travis. Then their grandmother. They seem to strongly support each other; thank goodness.

    Today is Alexander day in my book. Prayers for JM, Det Flores and the family.

  50. jayelle sea says:

    Spooky girls BIG day today, lets see how this fiasco unwinds. Jodi gets center stage again, just where the control freak wants to be, conducting her orchestra of lie’s. She;s really in her element when she see’s people arguing her lie’s for her. Vampire is an excellent analogy, I noticed the fangs appear also, plus her eyes are extremely strange, always darting and scanning while she starts every sentence, “Umm” Very annoying dishonest attention seeking traits, and a violent murderer to boot. This girl needs to sit by herself for many, many long years on Death Row awaiting her execution!!

  51. sarah0234 says:

    I dunno Jayelle: Today should be primarily about Travis.

    This will be Arias’ worst day yet. (I hope) (That’s why I’m looking forward to it.)

  52. gramared says:

    Just losing a loved one is bad enough, but having to relive the death over and over, in horrific detail, is more than any family should have to bear. All of this brought to them by the heartless, remorseless, sadistic JA.

  53. Tommy'sMom says:

    What an amazing tribute to Travis. Snoop girl you done good.
    I very much doubt JA can or will say anything that would surprise me. JA is a sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. She cannot feel any love for anyone except herself.
    Casey Anthony,OJ,Scott Peterson,Drew Peterson,many others.

  54. jayelle sea says:

    Yes Sarah, the victim sure gets lost in all this. It should be Travis’s day. Juan will do a great job as usual in getting to evidence presented and proceeding smoothly. It will be the worst day for the family, as far as having to relive all the horror again especially. But I just can’t help think the the killer enjoys all the misery she’s inflicted on others, while she gets to play act again for an audience. I can’t wait for the day when her names not mentioned and only Travis memories and inspiration lives in our hearts.

  55. jayelle sea says:

    I know its off subject a bit, but it shows long standing cruel behavior. When she told Constable Flores that she once kicked the family dog so hard that it never came back. I find this not only telling of her cruelty, but what dog doesn’t come back. Maybe she kicked this dog to death. Dogs are so loyal, that even when abused unfortunately they would still try and come back, makes me think she killed it. That’s why she started to cry and say “I pray for it’s soul”. What she meant to say is she was praying for her soul!! You got to read between the lines with this killer…

  56. Hello, ladies….let’s hope there are no delays… the jurors are in the courthouse…

  57. Attorneys are in the courtroom…

  58. Karen C. says:

    If there even WAS a dog… it made for a nice, dramatic story of when she was a thoughtless young girl that allowed her to express remorse, sorta. It also somewhat minimized any involvement in Travis’ death- look how she felt about a dog! So, how could she do a thing like that to Travis?! Even when she’s copping to something, it’s just more self-serving BS.

  59. Newbie says:

    A thought popped into my mind last night while thinking how evil Jodi is. She actually messed up or missed a trick. A pregnancy. She could have fixed it to where she had contact with Travis forever, gotten into his pocket for child support, and forced a link between he and she that would continue thru their children, grand children. It all brings me some satisfaction that she isn’t as clever as she thinks.

  60. gramared says:

    Is Jodi crying – trying to get sympathy from the jury? Her tears are for HER, not Travis. Disgusting.

  61. Here we go….Jodi is going to try one last ditch effort…she passed a note to Willmott… she may take the stand and ask for the DP and waive her right to the penalty phase…???

  62. gramared says:

    Snoopy… If she is requesting that the penalty phase be waived and she asks for death, and it is granted after she is evaluated and determined to be competent, will the family still be allowed to make victim impact statements at her sentencing?

  63. Newbie says:

    Well, one can see where the bold b__tch who tried smearing everone after receiving her verdict has gone. What an act she has today !

  64. I was wrong.. they must have warned Travis’ family about the gruesome pics…the short recess….

  65. gramared says:

    Anyone notice there don’t seem to be any tears shed by those supporting Jodi – all callous.

  66. jayelle sea says:

    Yes great job Juan, really bringing it home, and calmly…

  67. gramared says:

    Jodi was in her “poor me, crying mode” until the jury left the courtroom. I do believe reality is beginning to hit her in the face.

  68. gramared says:

    The Alexander family has to love Juan’s passion for justice for Travis. He did a great job.

    If the slaughtering of Travis fails to quality as a cruel and heinous crime, then nothing does.

  69. jayelle sea says:

    That’s for sure, yea you couldn’t be more cruel, accept perhaps the words she spoke while she did this to him, while he was anguishly pleading stop..

  70. I wasn’t able to watch this morning, but am on Wildabouttrial now waiting to see what happens next.

  71. sarah0234 says:


  72. debl115 says:



    Jodi stood stoic as the verdict was read. She is one step closer to the death penalty. The mitigation phase will occur tomorrow.

    Jodi deserves the death penalty yet an overwhelming sadness came over me today and it still lingers. We have to keep in mind that Jodi’s family is suffering tremendously.

  74. jayelle sea says:

    Yea I know what you mean, there’s no winners. Its a sad state of affairs when people get so unhinged and act with such blatant disregard for others well being and state of mind. What ever happened to a “kinder and gentler” attitude. No one’s happy really, may god have mercy on her soul is all I can say. Do something nice for some one to help correct all the negativity. Peace

  75. Will Jodi Arias take the stand tomorrow and beg for mercy? Will she tell Travis’ family that she is sorry? I doubt that she will ever say she is sorry but she will probably take the stand for one last grand finale.

  76. jayelle sea says:

    I don’t think she will stand up in front of them, she looked stone cold today. but then again, you never know, she might have one final episode for us on the stand. Hate the way she stares down the jury people, what a nerve! It will be a good day when she’s by herself in a cell for 23 hours a day, I’m sure she’ll be writing volumn’s of her lie’s, or as she know them, fantasies. The murderers cold glare cast a horrendous feeling among the decent people of the courtroom and out into the masses.

  77. Jayelle~~I have as much sympathy for Jodi as I would have for satan. I feel so bad for Sandy Arias who Jodi treated like chit.

    The last couple of evenings, I watched Martinez when he did his cross of Jodi. It is so different watching it knowing she was found guilty. Jodi taunted and sauced Juan and Nurmi sat back in his chair and smirked and laughed. Nurmi was enjoying every minute of it. When he didn’t have his finger up his nose, he was rubbing it across his lips. How disgusting!!

  78. debl115 says:

    What Jodi will have to look forward to, should the Jury impose the DP:

    Death Row could be Arias’ next stop if jurors decide she’s eligible for the death penalty for murdering Travis.

    If sentenced to death, Arias will be housed with other female inmates at the Lumley Unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Perryville, Arizona.

    Female inmates on Death Row are housed in single cells that are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and a mattress, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections.

    Death Row inmates are not allowed to have contact with other inmates. The only out-of-cell time they are allowed is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. Inmates are also allowed two ten minute phone calls per week.

    All meals are delivered by a correction officer at the inmate’s cell front. Inmates are allowed to have hygiene items, two appliances, two books and writing materials, which can be purchased from the inmate commissary

    According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, since 1937, the average Arizona Death Row inmate has spent an average of 12 years on Death Row before their execution.

    When an inmate nears their execution date, there are strict procedures officials follow, all of which are outlined in the Arizona Department of Corrections “Execution Procedures” manual.

    Below is a brief outline of those procedures, starting with 35 days prior to the execution date:

    35 days prior to the execution, the inmate’s height and weight is documented before they are transferred to a single person cell on Death Row at the Lumley Unit.

    Inmates are placed under 24-hour continuous observation until they are transferred to Housing Unit 9 at the Central Unit in Florence where all executions are performed.

    At least 20 days prior to the execution, a director informs the inmate and other parties of the time of execution. At that time, the inmate will be informed that their body cannot be used for organ donation.

    14 days prior to the execution, arrangements are finalized with the medical examiner’s office for disposition of the inmate’s body. The inmate will also be asked to fill out their last meal request.

    24 hours prior to the day of execution, the inmate will receive their last meal by 7 p.m. All contact visits and phone calls must be finished by 9 p.m.

    12 hours prior to the execution, the inmate is transferred to the Central Unit in Florence. Upon arrival, the inmate may be offered a mild sedative.

    While at the Central Unit, the inmate remains on continuous watch. They are issued one pair each of pants, boxer shorts, socks, and shirt on the morning of the execution.

    Not later than 5 hours prior to execution, the inmate is offered a light meal.

    4 hours prior to the execution, the inmate is offered a mild sedative.

    When transferred to the death chamber, a warden will ask the inmate if they wish to make a last statement that is reasonable in length and does not contain vulgar language or intentionally offensive statements directed at het witnesses.

    The director will then administer the lethal chemical. After the inmate is pronounced dead, the medical examiner takes photos of the body with and without restraints before the inmate is placed in a body bag.

    Click below to view the Arizona Department of Corrections “Execution Procedures” manual.

    Click to access 0710.pdf


  79. deb115~ ~I believe the DP inmate can have a small television. There is a tiny window in the cell and they can see the sky. Jodi may not be sentenced to the DP…we will not know until the final sentence is passed down!!

  80. snowynyte says:

    deb, thanks for that information. i saw that in a man’s cell (someone on death row, i think, Arizona) there was a small fan, so i am thinking no air conditioning… in that heat. oh, well…!

    at this time whatever sentencing she receives I am okay with, as long as she is kept away from people. i know she draws pleasure from manipulating people and that’s how she started with Travis. RIP, Travis!

    i just finished reading “In Cold Blood.” it gives you an insight that all the killers kill for different “reasons” of their own making/justifying. it’s scary because the likes of JA do not feel any sense of remorse and definitely will kill again.

    Snoopy and everyone, thanks again for all these pages and pages of information that kept me sane all these months. Snoopy, thank you for running this interesting and priceless blog.

    good nyte, all 🙂

  81. I cannot quite figure Jodi’s plan by her staged ‘weeping’ during the aggravation stage as it was really a little too late… was she thinking the jury would suddenly decide she was remorseful when after 56 days she had shown little to none? I think we are in for a surprise when Jodi speaks tomorrow… I have no idea what ‘game’ she’s got up, but she’s going to take full advantage of her stage… should be interesting. Would not surprise me, as I suggested once before, that she might do something really outrageous as a swan song effort… but believe me, the Court will NOT let her end her life… it will be on their terms.

  82. sarah0234 says:

    I feel a migraine coming on………….we’ll see. (It’s part of her control over the Alexanders’. She knows they have been waiting years for this moment. It would be so Jodi for her to pull a migraine stunt and postpone court once again. It’s Thursday. She knows migraine today, no court until Monday. We’ll see.)

  83. Jodi’s lawyers filed a motion on Tuesday to get off her case….motion was denied!!

  84. I believe it was because Jodi had the interview with Fox ..

  85. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Why would the lawyers make that move this late in the game? Was it from the argument they supposedly had with JA after the verdict? Not to mention she posted on twitter that the person she thought she could trust she couldn’t. (I thought she was alluding to Nurmi.)

    Just in case anyone needs to know: court starts today at 10:30am AZ time. (I couldn’t find the info for the longest.)

    On the State vs Jodi facebook site: It states that the defense will open as to why JA’s life should be spared. Should be short.

  86. Beth Karas
    44 minutes ago via mobile
    The defense attorneys moved to withdraw from the case after the guilty verdict. The judge denied it. We do not know the basis for the defense motion. #jodiarias

  87. Judge Stephens denied the defense’s motion to have victim impact statements videotaped. We expect two of them, live, later today. #jodiarias

  88. Tommy'sMom says:

    Maybe it’s just me but JA looks to have had words with Willmont and Willmont turned her back on her right before the seal came up. She didn’t pat her for comfort like she did the day of the guilty verdict.

  89. Tommy’sMom~~I noticed that too. Jodi has turned everyone against her by trying to run the show by herself. Samantha and Steven Alexander are supposed to speak today. The cannot ask that Jodi receive the death penalty but finally they will be allowed to speak to her. I wonder if Jodi will take the stand but I do not expect her to say she is sorry to anyone. Lord knows what will take place in that courtroom today. I think Jodi’s mother will beg for Jodi’s life to be spared.

  90. gramared says:

    Anyone with half a brain, including JA’s attorneys, know she is evil. I feel they have done the best they could do with what they had, and JA will have a difficult time if she tries to prove
    ineffective counsel.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in the homes of Willmott and Nurmi, just can’t imagine having to deal with JA on a daily basis, pretending to support her. They’re probably secretly happy with the verdict.

  91. margaret says:

    Good morning everyone ! I had to miss yesterday, so I had to play catch up last night..After Martinez finished there was no other choice.. I so enjoyed juror #8 last night on Dr. Drew, the jurors were feeling just like us about her.. I wonder if she knows that the Alexanders are about to turn the tables on her and take any money she might make..They will have the last word with her. I bet she is wondering how all those men on jury could turn against her, she thought she had the men on her side.

    Snoops, I too looked at a couple of the tapes of Martinez cross exam of her last night and God bless him.. It took a great attorney, not to throw up his hands and slap her face..That snarky face looking at jury and grinning as if to say ” I am too smart for him “..She was beyond rude and disrespectable to him..I too think about her mother and feel for her,but when I see her and her sister laughing at the way jodi is treating Martinez, my sympathy seems to wan some..Who knows ,after all the trouble and heartache she has given them, they might want her to be in prison , but not death row.. They would then at least know where she is and that she was safe from harming others..I wonder if the mother has made any contact with the Alexanders

    I read somewhere last night that two of jodi’s friends and the guy that went on trips with jodi and Travis, Reynolds?? ,anyway he notified Nurmi that he did not mind jodi getting DP, so he was taken off list, to speak up for jodi..

    I have come to the conclusion that jodi should be in guiness record book.. She is the only person who cries tears through her nose.. That is the only thing she wipes when her pretend tears come,, never the eyes..LOL………O.K. I am ready for today, Bring it on.

  92. sarah0234 says:

    According to Chris Williams @ AZ central tweet:


    Chris Williams@chriswnews

    #JodiArias juror 13 actually wearing pants, dress shoes & a shirt that buttons. Just arrived @ ct w/o shorts/flip flops. #TravisAlex


  93. sarah0234 says:

    Who thinks she’s looking pitiful on purpose? More manipulation? Or, do you think it’s finally hit her just how serious her situation is?

  94. sarah0234 says:

    I think the jury is being sent out so JA can take the stand?

    Juan still gets me engaged. I hope he is still having the same effect on the jury.

  95. Newbie says:

    Awwww chit. The b__ch is going to cry…..

  96. sarah0234 says:

    Newbie: She’s crying for herself.

    I’ve used a half box of tissue.

  97. Newbie says:

    Oh margaret…guiness book of records” as Jodi’s only one to cry tears thru her nose. I needed my spirit lifted and that sure did it. Thank you.

  98. I have never watched a victim impact statement before and I wept – knowing how much this family has lost due to the rage of this wicked, wicked young woman. It was small comfort to see that JA was weeping real tears for the first time that I can recall, perhaps realizing what she has done, if she can finally take the responsibility that is hers and hers alone. Such a sad time.

  99. I can’t control my tears….that was so heart breaking …omg….

  100. margaret says:

    God bless that family, Stephen made me cry but Samantha just broke my heart. You can feel her pain and I can’t stop crying for them. Jodi not only killed Travis but helped to kill the grandmother..They have suffered so much and then this lying piece of septic tank garbage comes along.. I say Death , if anyone ever deserved it, she does,..

  101. Newbie says:

    I am angry. Jodi will have the guts to open her vile trap. She will try manipulating to get what she wants. She will never stand and say I did it, I am sorry and deserve whatever you decide is my fate ! grrrrrrr….

  102. gramared says:

    We get so caught up in this trial and, even though we know the family is being tortured, we have no idea to what extent. Steven’s and Samantha’s statements brought everything into sharp focus, and their pain was palatable and excruciating and left no room for doubt as to what they have endured because of JA’s evil actions. The jury will have much to consider that is true, honest and real, unlike anything they will hear from JA and the DT.

  103. Newbie says:

    What I would have given to see Samantha keep walking and just knocked Jodi from the defense table…..wham ! Wilmont would not have lifted a finger I bet. New trial or just new jury for this phase would have been worth it as far as I am concerned.

  104. jayelle sea says:

    That was extremely impactful and heartbreaking, their grief is gut wrenching, It takes time to heal, but Travis is never coming back. He sounds amazing, We all wish we had a friend and brother like Travis. May his memory always inspire the best in people and let us close the door on evil forever!!

  105. margaret says:

    I have a feeling that if jodi tries to put Travis down , that she will seal the lock on the DP door.. Wilmott is not so friendly with jodi today and the mitigator didn’t run up to sit with her while lawyers are away..

  106. Newbie says:

    You know most criminals have been in terrible abuse situations…..situations that make Jodi’s life seem a life of a princess. They didn’t have a million dollar trial and have more character than to blame everyone else for their crime(s). It galls me. At this moment I want life for Jodi and for her to pull her chit in the regular prison. They would physically break her and I would be one happy camper. Give her some of the pain and fear Travis felt before he died.
    I best give this up for the day….I am so angry and ugly.

  107. jayelle sea says:

    I’,not sure who said it but I think it was one of Travis’s past girlfriends who said if we hate her, then she won because we will always be tied by our hate to her. So to render her powerless don’t hate, just do something good and lets move on. Hate destroys all and then evil wins.

  108. jayelle sea says:

    She actually said something way more profound then what I wrote, but I can’t find the quote right now, that was the gist of it. Jodi’s speach will be dead, her emotions are only reflections of what she can mimic and she will fall flat on affect … meaningless babble of a psychopath… with lots of emphasis on psycho!

  109. jayelle sea says:

    People’s lives have been destroyed. Did you hear the sister and brother, they suffer from PTSD and depression, they are the true victims of Jodi Arias. Travis was the victim in so many ways, and he trusted her even to the end. Or maybe she had him in a stick up that last day, playing one last sick fantasy to get Travis entangled into. Like they say,”when first we practice to deceive, oh what tangled webs we weave”. She can rot in prison until execution day!

  110. sarah0234 says:

    Jayelle: Are you possibly thinking of the friend who has “physic” powers; with dark hair?

  111. mystical pippin says:

    There were no tears from Jodi. She sat there and tried to force them. The best she could do was make her nose red. The phony grief stricken look on her face is making me want to vomit. Another razzie for Jodi’s BAD ACTING…..

  112. sarah0234 says:

    Jayelle: Her name is Julie Christopher. Here is a video so you can see who I am talking about.

    Julie Christopher on HLN NG

  113. sarah0234 says:

    Pippin: My mother and I were amused because JA is crying like this is news to her. She had no idea the impact of her killing Travis would have on his siblings until today? During her interview she said she didn’t like looking at them because they remind her of the abuser she was subjected to. Now she feels their pain? Right.

    What made her wear the “bangs” today?

  114. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Are you okay?

  115. gramared says:

    I think she’s trying to look like a little girl today, innocent, please save me, I’m crying, can’t you see. I have feelings for Travis’ family – blah, blah, blah, baloney!

  116. Sarah~~I am waiting for court to resume…. so slow…

  117. Jodi’s friend is in chambers with defense…

  118. Jodi is in chambers too

  119. Well I predict Jodi has a migraine

  120. gramared says:

    Samantha looked exceptionally beautiful today.

  121. jayelle sea says:

    Yes, Sarah I believe that Julie is the friend that said a extremely profound and calming statement right after the verdict about how hatred kills us inside. Lets what she show, or is it headache time!

  122. Beth Karas
    about a minute ago via mobile
    The bailiff just announced it will be another 30 minutes before court resumes. #jodiarias

  123. Jodi must be getting her hair done….”blond”

  124. Juan went in chambers with Travis’ sibs and court reporter

  125. They need to get something on the record…no idea what…

  126. sarah0234 says:

    Thanks for all the info Snoops. Glad you’re ok.

    What could they all possibly be discussing now?

    Whatever. I can wait. She’s just making the jury angrier. Works for me.

  127. Jodi’s friend does not want her face being seen in court

  128. redrelaxed says:

    Wonder if they’re getting it on the record that JA wanted to take over this phase of the trial herself. Nurmi has basically thrown in the towel and made reference that the defendent would tell the jury in her own words why they ought to spare her life. All I can say is…THIS girl.
    Only one friend comes forward to defend THIS girl…and it will a video as she doesn’t want to show her face.

  129. Darryl Brewer will show his face

  130. Everyone but family members have been asked to leave courtroom

  131. Beth Karas
    5 minutes ago via mobile
    The bailiff just cleared us from the courtroom. Apparently another closed hearing is about to take place. Family on both sides remain in court. #jodiarias

  132. They will recess for the day before they even get started….dammit

  133. sarah0234 says:

    Well, we all knew this had to be special for Arias. I don’t think she’s ever done anything in her life by the rules.

    I hope the jurors are fuming.

  134. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: You don’t think the judge will hold court later than 4:30?

  135. sarah0234 says:

    AZ reporting they’re going back in courtroom but will be adjourned for the day.

  136. sarah0234 says:

    Wilmott looks like she’s been through it.

    This is ridiculous! Then they should’ve opened court for tomorrow!

  137. redrelaxed says:

    Anpther migraine? Probably couldn’t face the jury or the family after seeing how REAL people suffer due to her actions. This is heartbreaking.

  138. sarah0234 says:

    Here is a link that shows Arias’ evil stare toward the Alexanders. Notice the camera is behind them. Caption by AP.

    Arias Stare Down Picture

  139. Newbie says:

    Everyone but Jodi wants this over with. I agree that they should have arranged for Court to convene tomorrow.

  140. Newbie~~I am so mad right now that I am scared to put my thoughts on paper. Did you see how defiant Jodi looked when the judge announced court was adjourned for the day?

  141. sarah0234 says:

    HLN just reminded me of a thought I had while listening to Steven’s impact statement.

    I thought it was brilliant when he said, “I don’t want to see his murderer anymore”……. To me he was saying ‘give her death’.

    What do you think?

  142. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops! Defiant? She looked so freakin happy that she was cutting the Alexanders’ from their day in the sun, AGAIN! I’m so tired of this vile, venomous, evil, scamp tramp from calling the freakin shots. I hope the jury is just as angry.

    I wish HLN would only talk about the Alexanders’ the next three days and show videos and pictures remembering Travis. I wish they wouldn’t even mention her name. She would flip.

  143. I cannot believe the judge is allowing the jurors to be treated this way . I wish everyone would stop showing pics of Jodi and Travis together…all the news outlets etc

  144. gramared says:

    Here’s the clip where the judge dismisses the jury until Monday. If I were on that jury, I would simply want to work until it was complete – no more delays!!! I’m with you folks, what’s wrong with Friday? Dragging this on simply costs the Alexanders more and more $$$, stress, anxiety and misery. The murderess, howerver, loves it being dragged out. What else does she have to do?? This is her life now, and she wants all the attention to remain on her.

    I thought JA looked spaced out, and she must have been cold. She whipped off the jacket as the jury came into the courtroom. She was zombie-like during the first part of the clip.

  145. margaret says:

    Did anyone see actual tears ? I never saw a kleenex in her hand until the end of statements.. Why is the defense taking so long.? This needs to end for the Alexanders, so they can try to get back to a life.

  146. sarah0234 says:

    The zombie look you’re referring to Gramared is because something didn’t go Arias’ way in chambers and she was pouting.

    I think it’s deplorable that she gets THREE whole days to conjure up more BS! to cover her arse.

  147. sarah0234 says:

    Model prisoner? I don’t think so. (You can scroll down to the HLN video version).

    Model Prisoner JA?

  148. Here is Steven looking towards the evil bitch….

  149. sarah0234 says:

    OMG Snoops! I didn’t see that before.

    Thank you.

    Steven tore me apart. Look how skinny he is. I’m crying while writing this. He just touches something in me about Travis and the mutilation Travis suffered.

    I guess it reminds me of my relationship with my older sister. I just couldn’t imagine. I want to crawl through the screen and just hug Steven. I want Arias and her family to REALLY understand what they have done.

    I don’t know the answer(s); but this family needs the justice THEY seek. Not what I want; but what they think would be justice for them.

  150. sarah0234 says:

    Hooray! HLN is focusing on the Alexander family and Travis instead of the killer.

  151. Sarah~~I started crying as soon as Steven started to talk. It made me despise Jodi more. She was crying for herself today. She begrudged Travis loving his family and them loving him…her tears today were really out of sheer jealousy. Jodi is a typical A stalker. Stalkers are psychopaths.

    I didn’t want Casey to get the DP because I am against it and have been for years. I WANT Jodi Arias to be put to death. I condemn her for instilling such bitterness in me.

  152. sarah0234 says:

    Whoa Snoops:

    Your condemnation is very understandable. And warranted.

    Your words, “She was crying for herself today. She begrudged Travis loving his family and them loving him…her tears today were really out of sheer jealousy.”

    Those words are sooooooo true. Well spoken my friend. (I hope I can take that leap of you being a friend).

    Arias is subhuman. The very sad and tragic part; she probably took pleasure today in the fact that she caused such pain and suffering in ALL of the Alexanders’.

    She wanted to be a part of the Alexander family and have Travis’ children. To be the mother of HIS children. To reap the riches of TRAVIS’ toils. (Not her own). {didn’t pan out}

    Snoops: I think you hit on something when you said, ” I WANT Jodi Arias to be put to death. I condemn her for instilling such bitterness in me”. That is “out of the mouths of babes”. Same here. Thank you.

    Let us pray the jury is feeling and thinking the same.

  153. redrelaxed says:

    Snoopy, I have to say, your sentiments “I condemn her for instilling such bitterness in me” is probably the most profound statement I’ve heard you make in all the years we’ve blogged together. I think you speak volumes for many of us who have been following this story from day one.

    Arias is one sick indvidual and can invoke such disgust in me with her heartless calculating. I will be so glad when this trial is over and she is condemned to death. I can’t honestly see what other choice this jury has, with the way the law is written and the absence of mitigating circumstances. There was nothing. Nothing. She diliberately took Travis Alexander’s life without even a second thought. The thing that scares me about her, is that she is so totally devoid of any emotional response to her actions. It’s like she’s living outside her body watching… detatched from the reality of everything around her.

    Thank you for all you do dear lady.

  154. Karen C. says:

    Checked over at the comments on Donchais’ blog, “Calls For Justice”. Little tidbit about the HS friend who was going to say she really isn’t all that bad, the one so reluctant to show her face on stand. Problem is, she evidently was already interviewed on camera for Dateline, so….

    I don’t think that’s the source of the delay though, there being things called subpoenas and all. So, there’s something else- hmmm… Fridays are a working day at the courthouse, including the judges, to take care of smaller hearings, etc. Has to do with budget constraints, certain personnel cost more than others. A very long weekend for her miserable attorneys. I’m feeling sorry for Nurmi by this point, she is such a nightmare.

  155. Tommy'sMom says:

    I watched the statements and was amazed at the strength of both Steven and Samantha. Even through their pain they could give of a true picture of Travis. I hope they are in counseling to help them deal.

    On another note,I find it interesting that JA’s art work is copied from magazines. She copies pictures just like she copies behavior,trying to be someone people will believe.

  156. Newbie says:

    And where does it go from here? The thoughts of the possibilities after Jodi has had three days thinking- time make my stomach turn. I have been wondering if she would feel any sorrow if her sister died or would it just be a time where she could use it to gain people’s sympathy.
    I’ve finally past the anger “stage” and am just totally disgusted with the evil walking around in a body.

  157. margaret says:

    Tommy’s mom ,when I hear someone talk about her artwork and her being an artist, my blood pressure rises.. We all learned to trace before we entered school and I call her a fraud..

    I listened to the Levi Page radio show and they were discussing that all the note taking jodis mom is doing ,goes straight to Dr. Phil..I wonder how much he paid them for the story, hope the Alexanders can get it..I have seen jodi pass those composition books to the mitigator and she probably gives them to jodi’s mom.

    I am enjoying the idea that she is all by her lonesome until Sunday, because she has used all her visiting time until then. She gets an hour each day for shower and phone calls, no t.v., no radio and 2 guards checking her every 15 minutes. The only thing I worry about is that she will try to manipulate the male guards and one sucker might fall for it.

    I have just sent a message to HLN to please stop playing the clip of her singing O Holy Night..

    Snoops , I am in total agreement with you..With the tears and the sadness I felt for Steven and Samantha there was also this burning rage inside me. It is still with me today and I just feel so drained today.. Please take care of yourself, my friend..

  158. I am fine and thank all you lovely ladies for your concern. Yesterday, after listening to Samantha and Steven, it hit home how many people the monster hurt. I had a lot of rage and felt like doing to Jodi what she did to Travis. I am sure many of us felt the same way.

    When the camera pans on Jodi, the news outlets are spending time wondering if she is crying. Who the hell cares? I want Jodi to get death so she will have to sit in a cramped cell in isolation for 12 years thinking about what put her there.. The lethal injection is an easy way out. Actually, I think she will go over the edge without her fans.

    I also wish someone would smash the face off Donovan Bering…I wonder what happened to Bryan Carr.
    I am shocked Matt McCartney will not be called to speak on behalf of Jodi…they settled for Darryl Brewer, twenty years Jodi’s senior…the old fool does not realize that Jodi was just using him…she never did pay back all the money she owed him when she left him high and dry for greener pastures…how stupid can some of these jerks be?

  159. jayelle sea says:

    This psychopath steals words, ideals, pictures, and your right, all her “art” is just copied, who cares is right!! I’m so sorry for all the decent people that this vixen has damaged. I’m very sorry that the amazing Alexander family has had to go through such devastating loss and to be subject to the pain of a trial. I wish also that Steven not have to be in the room as the killer anymore, lets wrap up this fiasco. End this nightmare soon and lets forget about that evil witch. Never original or authentic, just a sickening person all round. Stealing people’s peace of mind is a horrible crime in itself.

  160. Jodi Arias trial: Inside the grim 7-foot-by-11-foot cell where convicted boyfriend killer Jodi Arias awaits her fate

    Read more:×11-cell-convicted-boyfriend-killer-jodi-arias-awaits-fate-article-1.1346936#ixzz2TZrvM84y

  161. Kirk Nurmi visited Jodi at the jail today. He spent about an hour with her. The defense also filed a motion asking to ban Juan from putting on any more witnesses.

  162. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Can the court do that? Ban Juan from putting on any more witnesses? I’ve never heard of that before. What is she/they afraid of?

  163. Sarah~~I think Nurmi is filing motions to cause more delays… he is receiving a paycheck now…when this case is over, he may be slinging hamburgers at McDonalds…

  164. I could find some sympathy for Nurmi if I had not caught him smirking when Jodi was taunting Martinez. It was on more than one occasion too. It used to bother me when Ashton laughed at José Baez, very unprofessional.

  165. debl115 says:

    Article from HLN today about Jodi’s artwork. The article itself wasn’t all that interesting, but one of the comments posted by a reader, totally cracked me up 🙂

    Marcus McLin · Top Commenter · Justice, Illinois
    Jodi: Look at my drawings. They’re so pretty, don’t you think?

    Jury: Yeah, they’re okay. Do you feel remorse for killing Travis?

    Jodi: This one I drew is a princess. Isn’t she pretty?

    Jury: Uh, yeah. So about that interview you gave after the verdict. You called Travis a hypocrite. Were you implying that he got what he deserved?

    Jodi: This one I drew in the dark after lights-out. Not too shabby, right?

    Jury: I’ve…seen better, but what I’m concerned about is do you finally take responsibiity for what you did?

    Jodi: This one’s another princess. I drew a flower for her. She like butterflies. Do you like butterflies?

    Jury: Are you going to answer any of our questions?

    Jodi: And this one I drew is a queen with super powers. Can you zoom in a bit? Notice the craftsmenship and fine detail on her dress. It’s a magical dress. I drew that.

    Jury:…You’re Honor, I think we’re ready to make our verdict…

  166. 4windsfl says:

    I found this on the Twitter page for the JA Trial… think you will all find this very interesting:

    “The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial [on the subject of whether Donavan Bering is violating her parole by sitting in the gallery, sending tweets, etc.]
    From a member of this page:

    Okay everyone, I just got off the phone with the Superior Court Probation Service Center 245 N Centennial Way Mesa, AZ 85201 and with Karen. Asked if probation there in AZ was the same as it was here in TX, “yes” she told me and then looked up the Court docs for Donavan M Bering DOB 10/24/1962, who is found to be a convicted felon, paying back restitution in the amount of $190.734.59 payable at $100 a month, was sitting everyday in court for the AZ vs Jodi Arias trial and that is against her probation rules. Karen said “yes it is”. Said to me Donavan is in the notes of her probation officer who knows this, and Donavan was NOT in court yesterday, as I thought due to enraging her probation officer to do that. Donavan also asked her probation officer for a “travel voucher”, and she was denied that request to travel. I have her probation officer’s name and cell phone, and I will keep her updated to the ways of which Donavan, is not keeping herself within the rules and confines of her probation. BTW…..Donvavan is now going to go before the court for the Arias trial watching in the gallery, and the phone calls to a convicted felon aka Jodi Arias to get what she wants to tweet for Jodi a convicted felon Donavan cannot be in contact with that violates her 5 yr probation.
    Hope what I have done makes you all happy, it did me.

    [I didn’t post your name but please make yourself known in the comments, if you wish. And thank you. Thank you from all of us.]”

    Looks like Donavan may find her parole violated and end up back in …. oh, jail… and parole violators have to serve every minute of their sentence. No more tweets, peeps!

  167. Ooops, posted from my WordPress link… it’s really Sandy Banks, TangoinSA, who posted that info above about Donavan…

    Sandy, thank you from the bottom of my humble heart. You made my night! I cannot stand Donavan. She must be paying off the debt for torching the dentist office building. ~~SS

  168. margaret says:

    CBS 48 Hours has a show tonight ” untangling the lies”. I just heard about itand as I found it, the show went off. Some of you may be able to watch it at a later time zone. Jodi must have been making Donovan’s restitution.. House of cards is tumbling down… LOL

  169. Newbie says:

    Pleasant reading about Donovan….lol.

  170. Newbie says:
    I’m hoping the above link works. It is to be the May 17 episode of 48 hours regarding Jodi Arias. Now I’ll try it and report back to you.

  171. Newbie says:

    Yep, it takes you to Unraveling the Lies of Jodi Arias, a 43.25 minutes. I sure don’t understand their programming tonight as it also showed two other subjects on their 48 Hours but I guess that is a “whatever.”

  172. Donavan Bering was in court on Thursday, May 16th..She is wearing a lime green top and sitting beside Sandy Arias… go to 4:09 minutes in the following….


  173. debl115 says:

    I saw that post on the Justice for Travis website, and many posted links that showed that she/he was in court on Thursday. You just never know what to believe, but I found it hard to believe that someone in the probation office would actually share that kind of info with just anybody.

  174. Yes, I saw that she was after all. But I wonder if the party reporting was either a Prob Officer from another state or somehow connected to law enforcement… no names were given in the report. Maybe it is only wishful thinking… sigh.

  175. sarah0234 says:

    Newbie: Thanks for the link to 48 Hours. While I was there I also found two short clips that I had never seen before. It amazes me how she looks these people right in the eyes and lies with such ease. Gotta see the second one. I like to hear a guys point of view.

    JA On Threats Recvd in Calif Jail

    Extra: Meeting Jodi Arias

  176. margaret says:

    Thank you Newbie for posting link, I should have looked harder last night, but I was just too tired and went to bed.. At times I just can’t take any more of jodi.. That pompus attitude where she says she won’t be the first person wrongly convicted just makes my hands itch. I want to knock that lying smirk off her lying face..I pray that the jury is still in their unamous mode and this thing can finally end for the Alexanders..I wish she had to face the family when she gives her statement It would be like Travis staring back at her..

    Just think ,she has had no one to lie to, except Nurmi, since Thursday..Don’t you know she is missing the limelight.. The guards need to be on lookout for the three stooges, Samuels,, LaViolette and Searcy, they might try to bust her out of there..LOL.

    Every one have a great weekend. Thanks for listening to me..

  177. There is no way a probation officer would comment on a blog or share info via the telephone with anyone not connected to law enforcement. Someone looked up info on Donavan and thought they would put a scare into her by posting that. Donavan was charged with arson…and I expect she is still on probation..

  178. FYI~~

    I am following another case…this one out of Orlando..I have amassed a fair bit of info. Diana Tennis is representing Caryn who is claiming self-defense…trial starts Monday, May 20th…

    Caryn Kelley charged-Was it Murder or Suicide?

  179. Newbie says:

    margaret, after all the “finds” you have made and posted, I was tickled to find the program and that I could copy and paste….lol. I made the mistake of starting to watch it and ended up watching the whole thing ……I obviously had no self-discipline last night.
    Snoops, 48 hours sure seems proud/happy to have all of the footage they were able to get early on, don’t they. I’m amazed Jodi was that stupid to think she could fool the world and then “along came Juan,” …how does that song go “slow walking Juan, slow talking”…..naaah….first came Det. Flores.
    Another self-defense case out of Florida. I don’t think I have the energy for that. I don’t agree with their law/laws and how loosey goosey they enforce them in the Courts there. Now watch, I’ll be right here complaining about the case…lol.

  180. Newbie ~~Instead of the Swan Song…it will be the Juan Song…
    Juan Song

    I just took one little glance as he did his courtroom dance
    My heart didn’t stand a chance
    I fell in love.
    He said, “Did I ask you that?”; and my heart went pitter pat
    My memory went to bat
    I was in love
    I would never be the same, his posture was to blame
    How I loved that little frame
    Oh God, this was love
    He can make my brain scramble as I sit here and ramble
    But I will take the gamble
    I am in love.


    My courtin’ days were gone
    Then along came Juan
    Oh Baby, Oh Baby
    Gettin’ it on
    With Juan

    Copyrighted by…Snoopysleuth

  181. Newbie says:

    roflmao… nut. Great Only you.

  182. Karen C. says:

    I was checking comments over at Calls For Justice- correct me if this has been posted somewheres here and I’ve overlooked it, but it is worth watching if not:

    Nurmi must have been asking Jodi if there’s ANYBODY else she can think of to vouch for her stellar character- no way her Mom can take the stand for the twit. Those forged letters! So far, JM has been very tactful with her family. If her Mom gets on that stand he’ll demolish her, and I think he just might hold perjury over her (unlike what happened with Baby-Killing Skank’s Mom).

    Great song there, but it does bring Phil Spector to mind, and THAT’S pretty scary!

  183. Karen C. says:

    Never mind- Sarah above, got a link; but I just really love that compact Twit’s fooling with here, so utterly her. Really, I’ve been sayin’ it forever- she is Norma Desmond in the flesh, ready for her closeup!

    Now, compare all this fresh blossom-time thing she’s got going on back then, to the gaunt wreck she’s become in the Court… the bloom is off the rose.

  184. sarah0234 says:

    Karen: That’s such a good clip that it bears reposting. I was floored when she said that she and Travis use to discuss where she should keep her rear view mirror positioned: Towards her; of course!

    I’m just glad the “male” interviewer didn’t fall for her soft spoken voice and evil dancing eyes.

    I still say Casey and Jodi were separated at birth.

    Looking forward to tomorrow (if she doesn’t have a migraine). Can’t wait to see what reason(s) this murderer will give to Travis’ family as to why she should not get death.

  185. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I’m awaiting the accompanying music to your latest creation!! We’ll all harmonize, and it will give us something to sing and pass the time when we’re tollerating all the court delays. You do keep us entertained. Good job!

    Jodi better tread lightly when she testifies for herself. No one has much tolerance for her any longer, let alone the jury after hearing the gut-renching statements from Steven and Samantha. She will probably talk herself right into the death penalty. I don’t think anyone expects her to say she’s sorry because she ISN’T. Those interviews she gave are sickening and just show the depth of her evil mind.

    Does anyone know what the delay was all about on Thursday? I haven’t heard anything explaining it.

  186. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: I don’t know what the delay was caused from; but I did notice that when they re-entered the court room that Arias had her pout on.

    IMO, something didn’t go Arias’ way. I wonder if during cross examination of Arias’ friend Juan pulled another rabbit out of Arias’ hat (arse).

    She looked the same way the day they played the entire sex tape. I dunno. But, she didn’t look too happy when they came back into court.

  187. Tommy'sMom says:

    I very much doubt JA will say she’s sorry. How can she, she was in a fog,after fighting for her life. No she’ll find more ways to torture Travi’s family and friends.

  188. margaret says:

    Standing ovation for our leader , this talented lady is now a songwriter ! I love it Snoops ..You should send your Juan a copy..I bet he would love it..

    Do I have this right ? Nurmi says jodi ‘s art is a mitigating factor.How on earth is her tracing a few pictures going to benefit anything or anyone ? I wonder why her brother and sister aren’t going to give statement..They were on her list. I just hope she doesn’t say anything bad about Travis, because poor Steven looks like he is ready to explode..It is going to be interesting to hear what else she can lie about..

    Can Martinez come back with a final wrap up after she finishes? Any predictions on how long the jury will be out on this last phase? I have never watched a DP case before so pardon my dumbness..

  189. margaret says:

    Everyone is praising Martinez,,,This is interesting article.

  190. Margaret~~Juan may be small in stature but he is mighty as a sword. He is my idol!! He also knew the case inside and out and it was easy to see that he did a lot of homework. He was well organized as he presented the state’s case. Beneath Martinez’ tough bulldog exterior is a big tender heart. Det Flores’ also needs commendation. I was watching Flores’ face when Steven gave his impact statement. He displayed such compassion.

  191. margaret says:

    Snoops ,a while back I was looking for different sites and I came across one where Flores was listed as an administrator for Travis. There was a song ,that was written and sung by Det’ Flores daughter. The title of song was “I Will Fly “.. Now I can’t find it. There were times when I thought Flores was tearing up. He tolld jodi he was the voice for Travis and he was true to his word. He did a fantastic job.

  192. Margaret…. here is the song….

  193. margaret says:

    Lots and lots of reading but very informative..

  194. debl115 says:

    Thanks so much Margaret, and Snoops for posting the song. I know that this must mean so much to Travis’ family, as well as Juan’s and the Flores family. They have all invested so many hours in this case, and I love all of them. I just pray that justice is served for all of their families, and that Jodi faces the ultimate penalty. Nothing less than the DP is justice, in my mind. I would love to see her spend 23 hours out of every day, having to live with what she has done, with nobody to talk to, nobody to manipulate, nobody to lie to, except herself. RIP, Travis, and RIH, Jodi. You deserve only the worst.

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