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  1. 8 men and 4 women are deliberating…

  2. Sherry says:

    Praying for the right verdict! It makes me shake my head when I hear a defense lawyer say his client isn’t on trial for lying. Hmmm. Do they think that the jury will put the lies of their clients to the side as they deliberate? People lie for a reason-mainly for self preservation.

    Any ideas on how long the jury will take to come to a verdict?

    Sherry, I am praying the jurors arrive at the right verdict…only He and Jodi knows what really happened and I trust Him more~~SS

  3. Jurors are gone home…will resume Monday…9am until 4:30pm

  4. Tommy'sMom says:

    I think there will be a verdict late Monday or Tuesday for sure.
    JMHO of course.

    Tommy’sMom~~if the jury comes back fairly quickly, it should be a good sign. Well, except it wasn’t in the Anthony case. I have been thinking the first vote may come back unnanimouse for guilty on pre med.~~SS

  5. Newbie says:

    I can’t imagine the stress Travis’ family must be feeling. They have waited so long for this to come to trial, waited and sat through a long and terrible trial and now…..more waiting. It is going to be a long weekend.

    Well, hello there. I got teary eyed yesterday when Juan was doing his close and the camera panned on Travis’ family and friends.~~SS

  6. debl115 says:

    Isn’t it 8 men and 4 women, Snoop? Or are you including the alternates? I am SO pissed at the way Nurmi posed his closing statements, and I am just sick for Travis’ family, having to listen to all of that bullshit. But, I think that Juan did an amazing job, and am crossing all fingers and toes that this jury really GETS it. If this turns into another CA debacle, I swear, I will never get involved in another trial. Juan really drove it home on his closing rebuttal. I absolutely love that man. I too, think that it will be a quick verdict. With all of the evidence, I’m a bit surprised that the verdict didn’t come down tonight. But then again, that would be a rush to judgement, just like in the CA case. This is going to be the longest weekend EVER. Justice for Travis.

  7. Deb~~you are right…I corrected my error…that will teach me to play poker at Slingo, listen to HLN and type info here…lol

  8. debl115 says:

    No prob, Snoop, that just shows that we have a life beyond the JA trial! I sometimes have to step back and say, “oh hell, I’ve totally forgotten about my family for the last 4 months, maybe I should see if they still recognize me” 🙂

  9. Watch the following…the crest shows but the pic comes back…notice Nurmi is busy with his phone..probably looking at dirty pics…he is not paying any attention to Jodi… then a man appears up by the judge…he has been in court a lot…judge Stephens gave him a big smile??

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 56 – After Court (No Sound)

  10. gramared says:

    Snoopy….Do you think the man may be Judge Stephens hubby? He was wearing a wedding ring – about the same age. He was probably as curious as all of us to hear closing arguments and to watch his bride in action – inaction??? It does make you realize, however, that they are just real people with real lives and that dealing with a mess like this must be a drag in so many ways. At the end of their day, it’s just time to go home from work.

  11. gramared~~I noticed after court the other day Judge Stephen’s looked down in the direction of the gallery and gave a big broad ‘knowing’ smile… I couldn’t see who was the recipient of it tho… Stephens is a nice looking woman…

  12. gramared says:

    That man just seemed like a hubby waiting for his wife to finish work so they could go home. Nice to know she’s normal.

    I’ll really be anxious to hear what Judge Stephens has to say about Jodi when, (let’s hope not “if”) she sentences her.

  13. HLN is pulling an ‘all nighter’ about the Jodi Arias trial….

  14. mystical pippin says:

    Sherry, Tommy’s Mom, Newbie, agree with all of you.
    Newbie you’re so right on about the stress. Some of the commentators said yesterday and today that it was palpable in the courtroom these past 2 days. And now Travis’s family as well as all of his friends and all those who want justice are going to be on pins and needles until that verdict comes in.

    Tommy’s Mom Right now, I am thinking too that they will decide by the end of the day on Tuesday. I could be wrong but I believe they cut the deliberation time in half by being able to ask questions during the time when they were A. Fresh in their minds. B. Got the answers that would at least give some clarification to then C.Make notes to themselves of their impressions based on those answers. (boy would I love to see their notes of their impressions of LaViolette – the biggest and most devasting mistake by the DT).

    Sherry I’m going to disagree with you on one little thing. Its true people normally lie for the purpose of deflecting their responsibility for doing something awful. Even people who are not defendents will lie to avoid responsibility for something bad or mean they said or did. Nice normalpeople will lie to avoid a confrontation or to not hurt someones feelings….e.g. “white” lie: “No that dress doesn’t make you look fat”!

    But Jodi doesn’t think the same way normal people do. She doesn’t even think like “abby-normal” people. (from Young Frankenstein)
    Dr.F “What was the name on this brain?”
    Igor “Abby-something.”
    Dr.F ” Abby what?”
    Igor ” umm…oh… Abbynormal!” 🙂

    Jodi lies for sport. She lies for the thrill of what she thinks is getting away with it. She lies even when she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t believe – even now, when its been proven multiple times in court, that she sucks at it or that most people recognize her lies. It has only occured to her a few times during the trial – you could see it on her face when the jury’s questions were being read to Janine DeMarte. Within the first few minutes, she realized they had bought DeMarte’s logic and agreed with it. I can’t recall them exactly but one was something like: “Do you think Jodi believes her own lies”? When this was read out loud, Jodi immediately looked upset, she took her right hand and placed it on her cheek as if she was trying to feel the heat rising in her cheeks and calm down, her nose turned red and she cried a little bit for about a minute.

    The few times that Jodi really did become upset during the trial was only when she felt trapped into a corner like the way Juan had her on cross, or when she knew wasn’t in control of her environment – another trait of narcissism is they always think they’re in control because after all they’re so far above everyone in intelligence. And lastly, when these kinds of momentary realizations occur, she knows in that moment that she has failed to manipulate, she has failed to get away with the lie – hence the tears and those tears are real.

    But then old habits kick in and she forces those realizations from her mind because it doesn’t fit in her fantasy world. Jodi’s been doing this for years. Its become more of a habit to force these harsh realities from her mind because its easier to live the fantasy then to accept the truth about herself.

    But….normally, I agree with everything you say! 🙂

  15. mystical pippin says:

    Hey Snoops
    THANKS! You’re FANTASTIC, HARD WORKING, GIVING and I appreciate you devoting so much time to give us this venue to… well… VENT.
    Sending you some pics this weekend. Don’t know yet if they’ll be up to parr but best I could do with the short time. (I admit I thought the trial would be over mid-May so I didn’t put as big a priority on them as I should’ve)

    Thanks, Pippin. Will check for pics in the mail..~~SS

  16. Yes… again I thank you for all the work that you have put into providing a space for thoughts, ideas, theories, rants and praises – but the biggest praise is, IMHO, for you.

    Thanks, Sandy. It is all of you who make a blog successful so thank you too!~~SS

  17. So I am not crazy… here is a comment that will verify what I was alluding to in an earlier posting about “some deep secret” that Jodi had to kill TA to make sure that secret was never revealed… Go up above this posting and read the (long) one before to follow the whole thread of it. Spooky beyond words.

    Sandy, I did a c&p and it is posted below..I believe it is the one you are referring to. Thanks for the heads up.~~SS

  18. sarah0234 says:

    Sandy: I must be slow. I can’t find what you’re referring to on that blog. I’ve tried. I get a lot of pop ups though….lol.

    I think JA’s secret is that she is an evil and vile person in sheeps clothing.

    Snoops: You ruined it for me. Every time I see Wilmott now all I see is her as a man laying in the bed next to JA. Gross.

    When Juan was making his final close, did you see Willmott trying to pull her hair out. She looked terrible without her glasses. I think this trial has taken its toll on her.~~SS

  19. Karen C. says:

    Yeah, that’s Donchais’ blog, who used to post at Trials & Tribulations. She is really good at Court note-taking, and funny as heck. I did read through both those comments- a lot of interesting and valid points made, not so sure about the overall premise. I do think there was an element of the Blood Atonement thing in the back of her mind though. She could have slit his abdomen open, once he was in the shower, having done the throat quite competently- you’d think she’d been a professional butcher, how straight and without hesitation that cut was. Perhaps she’d had enough of the God-awful mess by then and felt the need to hurry things along… if she had not left the print (with both hers’ and Travis’ bloods) and if she had succeeded in destroying the camera and its images, Flores may have been spinning his wheels hunting down phantom blood-thirsty Fundamentalist LDS whackadoos…

    Karen, Donchais runs a great blog. You nailed it with your whackadoos lol~~SS

  20. I am going to attempt to do a c&p here from the Donchais blog. It i s no secret that I have been maintaining that Jodi Arias is a psychopath and have felt that her killing of Travis appeared to be ritualistic.
    Here goes…
    05/03/2013 at 9:03 pm

    It seems these psychopaths do not show themselves as persons that one would or should be wary of. The self-effacing persona makes them appear shy and non-threatening. Like the psychopath Ted Bundy, these other psychopaths do not first strike their prey in a brutal, rage-filled manner. They are methodical. They are not the type that become enraged at a bar after one too many, and immediately lash out. They do not instantly pick a fight if someone makes them feel anger. They are like snakes, waiting for the perfect time to strike. They wait for the right time, when they know the prey is cornered, when only the psychopath can WIN. They are able to hold their anger in (without any one able to see it [in their dead, soulless eyes] or feel the psychopath’s stillness of the turmoil beneath the surface). Only when the deep emotion is released [on the person preyed upon] can the demonstration of their rage be exhibited and actually seen [for the first time, even though that rage born out of vindictiveness has been there much, much longer].

    If a baseball bat or object that can disable is used [as an instrument of pain or aggression], it is used only if the psychopath already knows the victim is incapacitated [tied up, bound, etc. or unaware] and can not win, can not come out the better. Ted Bundy would invade the residence of a person he had chosen to rape, sodomize, and kill. But, [it has been documented that] his home invasion would not occur until he knew the victim was asleep and would be unaware of his strike (and unable to fend off the killing blow). Only if he was assured the person could not win [once the brutal attack had started] would he occupy the premises and strike. As a skillful psychopath in the throes of a need to reinforce his superiority, he would make sure there was no way that his [well-thought out choice of] victim would be able to come out the winner. So, Ted Bundy would first bludgeon his victim to unconsciousness or death, even if the victim was so elderly and weak (it was plain there would have been no strength to fight an attacker) lived alone and in an area where no one would hear the assault or have any way of knowing of the assault. It was only after decommissioning his prey that he would [perform his ritualistic acts, to] rape and sodomize the person chosen to be his victim. Sometimes, he kept the body around to dress the corpse and make the appearances presentable for whatever he had in mind, to socialize with his chosen target, or to commit acts of necrophilia [with his chosen one].

    He was pleased with the commission of these acts because those he chose no longer had confusion when being around him. They would not be troubled with a fight against him — and they could accept the solution. Although putting others in a more suitable place, his belief would be that those he chose to overcome would know it was not any of them who had bested him. He was the one in control — all-powerful, always the winner. His superiority placed him in the winner’s circle, where [at all times and for all time] there was no alternative then to see that it was he who would come out on top. No one could beat him in his ways. No one could ever be successful in going up against him (once he made up his mind that he was going to have the one he chose). The way he could make sure of this [constant of a winning ability] was to always incapacitate the victim before striking (with the method he was most familiar with that belonged to him and him alone).

    In understanding the ways of a psychopath, a conclusion can be drawn that Jodi Arias would not have used a gun in the ritual (that involved punishment for and by the victim’s faith). While a gun has been used by psychopaths, like Charles Rathbun when anally sodomizing his victim in California and Ted Bundy when also anally sodomizing his victim, a gun does not seem to be a weapon of choice for the kill. A gun is used to penetrate for a sexual act or to make the victim more compliant (wherein the psychopath could make the victim do things against the person’s will for fear the gun will be used otherwise). The gun was merely there to hold the victim at bay until ready to become a part of the sordid ritual of Jodi Arias [in a similar fashion to the style of used by other psychopaths]. (Whether she used the gun to perform sexual acts on the body of Mr. Alexander, either dead, alive, or both, has not been made a part of this case.) It would have been helpful if more information were released about the use or nonuse of the gun on the body of Mr. Alexander. Without that information (on a way the gun was used on the body), all things must be considered. So, it is possible that Jodi Arias did have a plan to use the gun in the ritualistic slaying of Mr. Alexander. However, it does not appear that the gun shot to the right temple would have been a part of her ritual.

    The shooting is believed to have been either unintentional [with the gun going off while she held it] or to prevent him [in his deceased state] from continuing to gurgle in the throes of death. While, at the start, the gun would have been necessary to frighten her victim in such a way that he would not have fought [even if he would have been bound at the ankles or weakened from an assault], it does not seem that the gun was a weapon of choice to be used in her little ritual. It is clear that the killing was premeditated, if one takes into consideration these outdated formal rites when examining the wounds of the body. They match-up, and the fact that a close Associate of Jodi Arias (Bryan Carr) spoke of certain penalties point to the killing to have been performed in a ritualistic fashion, albeit by Jodi Arias NOT a gang of Mormons, as the Associate has tried to portray.

    The fact that Mr. Alexander was a [Temple] garment-wearing Mormon was undisputed. His faith meant more to him than even his life. Because his faith meant the world to him, Jodi Arias must have assumed that it was his faith that prevented him from marrying her. Because of the conclusion she might have drawn (about there being absolutely no opportunity for a marriage between them), she might have wanted to punish both Mr. Alexander as well as his faith. Still and all, there has to be more to it than that, since Mr. Alexander found something out about her that made him ill. He had been very close to her. So, whatever it was that he found out was shared with her when he told her she could no longer be in his life in any way, shape, or form. Whatever he discovered, it seemed he would definitely let the information be known so that no one else would suffer from whatever the evil was that was known. However, he did not realize that Jodi Arias would do anything she could to stay in her Mormon community. She had found a place of sanctuary, and she must have thought that if she silenced Mr. Alexander she could continue in her little happy hunting ground.

    Her devious mind came to a conclusion that she would rather kill Mr. Alexander than let him destroy her life. Whether she had help or not would depend on exactly what it was that Mr. Alexander had discovered about her that woke him up to her evil ways and what he deemed in her nature to be a “sociopath”. That description would not have come naturally to him. There is something about her that has not yet come out that he had discovered. The time was coming when he had to reveal it. So, she turned the tables on him. And, she decided that it was Mr. Alexander who had to be ousted and punished. She had to really study his faith to read about the tokens and accompanying penalties for revealing the tokens. Her knowledge would have consisted of being familiar with the penalties a patron would acknowledge could have been suffered if one were to reveal the First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, the Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, or the First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood [or Sign of the Nail].

    The steps she was going to take for her punishment of him had been planned long in advance. This would explain the knife plunge to the heart [to cut the breast open], stab to the gut area [so that the body be cut asunder], and slicing of the throat [when suffering one’s life to be taken]. She knew of the penalties meted out as punishment for divulging information against the OATH taken. There was a penalty for revealing the first Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, wherein, if the secret was revealed, the consequence would be that their throats would be “cut from ear to ear”. There was a penalty for revealing the second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, wherein, if the secret was revealed, the consequence would be to “have our breasts cut open and our hearts and vitals torn”. There was a penalty for revealing the First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood, wherein, if the secret was revealed, the consequence was that “bodies be cut asunder in the midst of all and the bowels gush out”. She might have thrown in the wounds to Mr. Alexander’s back for some slight she imagined, like some name-calling. He might have called her a back stabber when he found out that she was a sociopath. This could have been interpreted by Jodi Arias in a manner that lead her to incorporate the back stabbing in an already ritualistic slaying

    The wounds delivered by a sharp instrument and the location on the body of all of the wounds show that the killing could have been based on matter she might have read on the Internet. In addition, the number of wounds [combined with a finding that the killing was ritualistic] seem to show that this sharp bladed instrument, alone, was her weapon of choice. A focus on the gun seems to be a desire of the criminal lawyers, in order that the truth of the matter would be shunted aside [and all steered onto another path]. Since the method she chose to use is so unbelievable, the criminal lawyers could be assured that the people (if not acting in a cohesive fashion) would be unable to put together the way her mind operated. The criminal lawyers would want the people to hold a continuing misunderstanding about the use of the gun. Spinning one’s wheels about a matter that will never have an answer is the confusing arena in which the criminal lawyers have steered the case.

    If this matter, in regards to the gun, could be dropped and everybody agree to disagree on the matter and really delve into those other areas that can produce logical answers with the evidence presented, the tragic death of Travis Alexander could be better understood. Furthermore, if the death of Travis Alexander can bring about a better understanding of this matter of the way that innocent people have been used and abused by the deviant without viable recourse for those victimized (which furthers knowledge about a way to seek protection from psychopaths and the monsters that walk amongst us), something can be born from this tragedy. Jodi Arias was and continues to be recognized as enveloped in an overindulgent protective status that has discarded the person she victimized, since killing her victim seems to have removed the Rights he had. The criminal justice system has denigrated the Rights of all people by treating the dead with such callousness, knowing the ploy used, which is that the innocent, dead victims of crimes have been put on Trial by the defense maneuvers of criminal lawyers. Not only is this a travesty of justice and an affront to those victimized, but this gives the criminal more incentive to kill the victim. If anything comes out of this case, it should be that the criminal justice system should be cleaned up — so that no one suffers in the way the family members of Travis Alexander have had to be burdened. In this way, his death will not be in vain. There is no way to alter what has been done, but there are invaluable lessons that have been learned to make this world a better place, if the information learned could just be put into place.

  21. Jodi Arias: Juan Martinez wins raves

    When closing arguments are delivered, high-profile cases become even more like theater. The reviews are in in the 4-month-old Jodi Arias trial.

    To use show-biz slang, prosecutor Juan Martinez killed it. That’s not to say he won the case. We do have to wait for the jury verdict in the first-degree murder trial.

    Yet court watchers were impressed. “Prosecutor Martinez tore the courthouse down today,” Nancy Grace raved Thursday on her HLN show. “People were passing around Kleenex, boxes of Kleenex out there listening to him.”

    Beth Karas seconded the good review, telling Grace: “The jurors have sat up straight all day, very attentively and stoically watching Juan Martinez. He made eye contact with them. He wasn’t looking down at his notes or reading his notes. He knows his case inside and out.”

    more here….,0,

  22. jayelle sea says:

    So. so glad this trial is over, like a cancer, Jodi Arias leaves me feeling ill and weak. She’s seems absolutely thrilled with herself, everyday talking about her favorite subject, HERSELF!. She finds herself all consuming. The nerve of her to put pictures of Travis and her on Facebook after killing him. He told her not to post pics of them. What a Psycho, lingering around outside his place spying on him. She’s a real creepy, and her looks sure have gone also, she looks horrible, crazy eyes, reminds me of a reptile, darting about. She’s deserves a special place making Travis out to be a pedifile, real sick, she needs a psychiatrist, in the worst way…

  23. mystical pippin says:

    Hello Jayelle

    I think this trial took its toll on everyone. Yes Jodi is a sick person and she has a number of mental health problems which if you were to examine each one seperately by themselves they present intrigue into her psyche. But the fact that Jodi has so many of the classic personality disorders such as borderline pd, (BPD) psychopathology (PPD), antisocial pd, (ASPD), possibly Bi-Polar (We heard that from her mom but I’m not convinced she is bi-polar) and I’m sure there are several more I don’t know about. But Jodi’s biggest issue is her Narcissistic pd (NPD).

    I don’t know if there are “degrees” of strengths in these kinds of mental health problems but if there is then Jodi’s got the highest degree of Narcissism I’ve ever seen. I’ve known a few in my life and have experienced the wrath from one. I’ve read about other criminals with NPD, e.g. Ted Kaczinski, Andrew Cunanan, Ted Bundy, etc. But I’ve never heard of one that displays every single trait as highly as Jodi does. Just looked it up. Apparantly there are degrees of Narcissism. I couldn’t find how its measured but one of things I read said that Cunanan had a high amount – I think Jodi has him beat.

    Anyway my point is – that all of the things you described about Jodi in your post are attributed to her multiple mental health problems. And she’s got em. If she gets the DP I’m not sure that she will be treated but if she gets Life Without Parole – she will get treatment. I am still sticking with DP. I want Jodi to sit in a cell that’s HALF the size or Travis’s closet like she whined about on the stand. I want her to be confined to a lonely existance. I didn’t know until Friday that she will still be allowed visitors as often as those in GP which is disappointing but I will gladly take that disappointment if they sentence her to death. Its not because I want her to die. They’re not going to kill her anyway. She’s got at least 30 years of appeals. I want her to be alone, without mirrors and makeup. That might just drive her to suicide (one can only hope.) She cannot manipulate any other inmates or guards on death row and she won’t be able to call press conferences. Her family or whoever visits her will still be subjected to her manipulations but thats on them. If whoever visits Jodi doesn’t fully understand that about her by now they never will.

  24. margaret says:

    Well you guys , it seems we aren’t the only ones that have fallen in love with Martinez.. He needs a vacation..

  25. Margaret~~Well I put my bid in for Martinez’ heart long before the other women…so he’s mine…but I will share.

  26. The jurors are going to have some difficult things to ponder, one being which came first, the stab to the chest or the gun shot. Logic tells me it was the gunshot due to the spitting up of blood at the sink. Then I stop and think about Jodi not wanting this to be a soft kill. Her aim was to make Travis suffer and I see it as a revenge/hate murder. If Travis had died instantly, Jodi would not have been satisfied. Her plan was to bring Travis to a high point with sex and later praise his masculine body during the photo op before taking him out as painfully as possible.

    Another haunting question-did Jodi give Travis an ultimatum while snapping the photos…”Take me to Cancun or else?” It had to be driving Jodi crazy just thinking of Travis going to Mexico with his toned body. BTW, Cancun was one of the 1001 places to see before you die. Judging by the way Jodi premeditated the murder, I think she knew back in May /08 that Travis would never change his mind about taking her.

    I knew dang well Nurmi would bring a lot of sex into his closing arguments. I don’t know who enjoyed talking about it as much, Jodi or Nurmi. I think they were both very compatible in that area.

    I still have a difficult time thinking Jodi will be put to death. A lethal injection is a hell of a lot more humane than what Travis endured before his murder putting up with that psycho and the torture before he breathed his last. If anyone deserves the DP, she certainly does.

  27. sarah0234 says:


    7. From the time an inmate is sentenced to death to the time the inmate is executed, what is the
    average length of time that an Arizona inmate remains on Death Row?

    Since 1937, the average Arizona Death Row inmate has spent 12 years on death row.

  28. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I agree with you about the lethal injection being too humane for Ms. Arias. However, I would take comfort in knowing that she’s having to live like an animal for years before the much needed death deed.

    She’ll have to think about her demise everyday. (Bet she’ll blame Mimi and Travis). I only hope that she’ll go nuts-o bongo days before she is strapped down from thinking about her own narcissistic brain activity being snuffed out. Dang; she’ll probably enjoy the being strapped down part.

  29. Sarah~~once the jurors reach a verdict, do they go to the penalty phase right away or is it days or more later?

  30. Here is a pic of Deanna Reid and Travis in happier times…

  31. Reading various sites over this weekend, while there are polls showing upwards of 90% for 1st Degree, the problem is that none of the jurors are voting. And according to Blink on Crime there is a very good possibility the jury will get hung up on some of the details and we could be looking at a re-trial. That would be a better choice than finding her not guilty, however. Blink suggests that at least some of the jurors, by their questions, have indicated they have their doubts about the forensics… there is nothing about this that indicates a slam-dunk. The waiting is going to drive us all batty.

  32. sarah0234 says:

    OM Gosh! What a sweet picture.

    I just read about the verdict, penalty etc……let me go see if I can find it again. It depends on the verdict as to the timing of the sentencing/penalty…….if I’m remembering correctly. Give me a few minutes.

    Neighbors. He he.

  33. RE: the question of whether they move into the penalty phase immediately, it is my understanding that it can take up to 30-60 days because of the research required; statements from various folks about her character, etc. She will not be leaving the jail if she gets a judgment of any kind other than not guilty.

  34. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I thought you posted this before:

    Life or death: What’s next after Jodi Arias verdict?

  35. Sandy~~I think it is going to boil down to what came first, the knife to the chest or the gun shot. The jurors may get hung up on that one. Det Flores said Dr Horn told him it was the gun shot. Det Flores also said on 48 hours, the scene looked like it was a crime of passion or something like that. Once Jodi was going for this self-defense, me things that some of the state’s reports were reworded. A gunshot to the frontal lobe is not always incapacitating. The stab wounds to Travis’ back are damning. Maybe we are expecting a miracle in hoping 12 jurors will vote for premed murder. I am keeping my guard up and hoping for the best.

    I am convinced that Jodi was stalking Travis and is a sadistic psychopath but unfortunately I would only be one juror.

  36. Sarah~~thank you. It is a possibility I may have been busy and posted the link but did not read it…nothing new for me. Here is the info from your link.. it is not copyright so guess it’s okay..

    First-degree murder:

    If the jurors unanimously decide Arias is guilty of first-degree murder for Alexander’s death, the case would then move to the aggravation phase.

    That is the prosecution’s chance to present additional evidence that the death was caused in a cruel manner. Arizona law defines it as when the victim suffers physical pain or mental anguish and the defendant knew or should have known that the victim would suffer.

    The jury would then deliberate for a second time to determine if the aggravating factor of cruelty is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    If the jury does not find her guilty of cruelty, the case ends and the judge sets a sentencing date within 30 to 60 days. At the sentencing, the judge decides whether to sentence Arias to natural life in prison or life with parole eligibility after 25 years.

    But if the jury decides cruelty is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the case moves to the sentencing phase.

    This is the defense’s opportunity to ask the jury for leniency and present evidence to support why Arias should be spared the death penalty. Witnesses may include Arias’ friends and family. Arias could also make a statement to the jury.

    The jury then deliberates for a third time to determine whether Arias should be sentenced to life or death. Their decision must be unanimous. In the case of a deadlock, a mistrial would be granted and a new jury would be chosen for this phase only.

    If the jury votes for the death penalty, Arias would be sentenced immediately and she is likely to be sent to death row within hours. If the jury opts for a life sentence, the judge will set a sentencing date within 30 to 60 days and, at that time, will sentence Arias to natural life or life with eligibility for parole after 25 years.

    Second-degree murder

    If the jury rejects first-degree murder, but finds her guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder, the judge will sentence Arias to no less than 10 years and no more than 22 years in prison.

    Arias will get credit for the four and a half years she has been incarcerated awaiting trial.

  37. The state certainly has one aggravating factor in the manner Travis was murdered. They only need to prove one…

  38. Amber from Maryland says:

    I think what Jodi did is beyond words. However, I do not believe in the death penalty under any circumstances. I also do not believe that any of Travis’s friends and family will be safe if Jodi is ever released. I think she needs life in prison without possibility of parole. I think she is mentally ill and we do not have the ability to cure anyone with her degree of mental derangement. I think that Maricopa County is said to provide exceptionally unpleasant treatment for prisoners. I can’t condone that, but I won’t fight it either. People reap what they sow.

    I think our much loved Juan Martinez will get as much justice as possible for the Alexander family.

  39. sarah0234 says:

    Amber: I’m sort of like you in regards to the DP. I reserve the DP for special-special cases. IMO, This is one of them. The only reason for me is the fact that she admits that she’s the one who did this. Plus we have the forensic evidence to back up her admission. She would thrive in general population, imo. She had no mercy on Travis. I think she purposely tortured him before he died.

    Two other DP’s I condone is for the two animals who killed Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit in Conn. (BTW, he remarried. I’m happy for them.)

  40. They had big fights before and he always ended up back with her.

    March 30, 2008
    Travis: Do not call me. And do not text me anything. The next text I want if this Michele K that is friends with Elena that suddenly knows everything about my life. ? thing ever. Until you have that information. Its 15 minutes it would take to get the info. But you won’t take 15 minutes. Why because it is an Fing lie. So either text me you that you are ready to tell the truth or give me your imaginary friend with the worst BS story you have ever told or leave me alone. Its a lie like no other. It is freaking foolish. There is no way out of it, you have screwed up your story so bad you can’t mend it. You are caught. When you will realize that. I do not know. You have till tomorrow. To have me this person information before I tell all of the hughes’ leslie udy, the freemans, your parents and anyone else that matters about all the crazy things you have done. So either fess up or feel the wrath. No matter how bad the truth is I promise you the punishment will be better than the lie. This is worse than your magical email that a mysterious man you’ve never seen before wrote you. You insult me by thinking ill believe such crap. Nothing else from you til the truth. I already know your lying so why continue. After tomorrow, it’s gonna get real bad for you. Time to spit it out.

    May 10, 2008
    Jodi says: Hey there some one has my google password because he’s helping me w/some things on my google blog. Unfortunately, he happens to be an ex boyfriend?
    Travis says: You and your Steve cover up make me freaking sick. You are liar to the core of who you are it seems.
    Jodi says: I was just trying to move my business to a more private venue. You brought it up. The fact that I’m a single girl talking to some guy is not sick. Being completely honest about him w/you was a mistake. I spared you only a few details because everytime I begin to divulge anything like that you stop me and tell me you don’t want to hear about that stuff. SO I was vague on purpose for that reason exactly. But nothin I said about him was untrue.
    Travis says: Why don’t you have him come and **** you in the woods, I can only imagine you are so worried about me reading. You are paranoid because you have no respect for people privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you have should through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times. You have a lot of freaking nerve. We are not all like you in that aspect.

    After this last one, that same day, they had the phone sex that was recorded.

    Fighting and making up with sex was there m.o. While I think after 5/26 he wasn’t going to go out of his way to see her, he wasn’t going to California, I see nothing implausible of him agreeing to let her stop by that day. He may have even intended not to have sex with her during her stay, but they slept together that morning, and it wouldn’t have been difficult for her to make a move on him and for him to reciprocate.

  41. margaret says:

    I was up almost all night last night listening to nurmis closing argument, I had my granchildren and relatives from Alabama, so I missed all day Friday. I listened to nurmi try to convince the jury that what the Posecutor said about her cover-up plan did not make sense. He would then give another reason for what she did that was totally off the wall. His worst to me when he said she could have just slit his stomach open instead of his neck. That doesn’t make sense.. Jodi finally paid attention to Martinez for a change.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow and see her expression then.I think the jury will make their decision by late tomorrow……………..Good Nite All,

  42. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Sarah

    While I don’t believe in the death penalty, I do agree with you that if it were applied to anyone, Jodi and the two Connecticut animals would be the most deserving.

    I liked Margaret’s link to a Fox News story about one of Travis’s friends. When the anchor asked Travis’s friend whether he thought Jodi should get the death penalty, the friend replied that what Jodi should be worried about is not what will happen in this life.

    In some cases, I would be very upset if the death penalty were applied because I think it is uncivilized and probably immoral. In Jodi’s case, I would not lose a lot of sleep wondering about the immorality or uncivilized nature of the death penalty.

    I am concerned, however, about how Travis’s family will adjust to life after the trial and living with the repeated reality of the perjurous and slanderous trial testimony and the autopsy photos. They have been through a soul-jarring experience.

  43. Tommy'sMom says:

    I’m not against the DP except it is a very expensive process. I hope JA gets LWOP as she said she would prefer the DP as she didn’t want to send her life in prison. On the other hand if she does get death she won’t be in GP which would just kill her as she couldn’t be the center of attention. In GP she would be a sensation,but when someone else comes along that takes that stage away from her it wouldn’t surprise me if there was another death.

  44. jayelle sea says:

    They look so happy, I wish he’d married her, she’s would have been a fabulous mother.

  45. jayelle sea says:

    The sex phone call she taped of Travis a month before or so was entrapment, this was the first step in her deceivious plan. She knew she had him seduced easily, so she played out “HER” fantasies. He didn’t know he was taped, seriously. She said to him something like this I surmise, “pretend your this horny man, a peeping tom or something, and I’m like a twelve year old having her first orgasm, what would you do”, and he played along because she’s into it moaning and all, falling right into her trap. she tapes this. She might have told him she had him on tape later for leverage in a fight, which is what I think Travis was referring to when he said, ” my friends would spit in your face if they knew what you were like”, “she was trying to blackmail him into loving her, so desperate for his attention on her. She starts every sentence, “Um”, so she can think about how she will answer, always cunning, never straightforward. When he didn’t want to do the Cancun thing, she said well i guess you die then. She used two weapons because she heard somewhere that the cops then think it’s most likely there’s two criminals.

    Excellent comments and my thoughts exactly, Jayselle. That sex phone tape was staged.~~SS

  46. margaret says:

    I Listened to Tricia Griffins radio show. She had Chris Hughes for 3 hours . She just let him talk about jodi and Travis. Poor man he broke down a couple of times, but the stories he told would give you chills. He also told a story about someonee he called ” Michael “,se aunt had died and left him a sizable amount of money . He had heard about how tough it was for the Alexanders, so he called Chris Hughes to see how he could go about giving the money to the Alexanders to help them, By then I was crying too.. It is recorded if anyone wants to go to Websleuths And click on link. It is the one for May5…I think all of you would love hearing Chris talk about Travis life..

  47. Off Topic…Judge Perry has broken his silence about Casey Anthony. He will be a guest on Nancy Grace tomorrow night.

  48. sarah0234 says:

    It really bothers me how some of the pundits keep referring to a “dead Travis” in the picture where Arias is dragging him and his feet are towards the bathroom. Who said Travis was dead in that picture? Couldn’t that have been when she dragged him to the end of the hallway and slit his throat? The blood on his shoulder was probably coming from the wounds on his hands, head and chest? And she might have kicked the camera because she wasn’t looking in front of herself as she was dragging him?

    Bottom line; I just don’t believe he was dead in that picture. She was torturing him as much as she could before the final two deadly deeds. She enjoyed every second.

  49. jayelle sea says:

    That’s so true, we never heard that possible theory, we don’t know if that’s the end or did it go on for even longer, what a brutal murder, PM is the only verdict.

  50. gramared says:

    I don’t know if this will make any of you Casey Anthony trial watchers feel better or worse, but it’s interesting – Judge Perry finally interviewed.

  51. gramared~ ~I’ll bet that Judge Perry wishes he had never gone to Pinellas county and picked the jurors. Thanks for posting that link.

  52. gramared says:

    Your welcome, Snoopy. I agree with you. I’ll bet he was sick when he read the verdict. I also thought it was very interesting how he described CA’s “split” personality – one for the jury and the “real” one. The outcome for Caylee was a travesty of justice.

  53. sarah0234 says:

    Are you all watching Dr. Drew? Mark Eiglarsh just sat through a real fog rolling in. Lo and behold; he was able to remember everything. I haven’t laughed that hard at the t.v. in long time. priceless.

    I watched it too. I love Mark’s sense of humor.~~SS

  54. Margaret~~Jodi is quite the chatty bitch at that. I know she fought tooth and nail to keep Nurmi. BTW, I hope we have a GOOD verdict tomorrow.

  55. margaret says:

    I am in total agreement with this article..

    Judge Perry looks like he has lost a lot of weight..He is still the cutest judge..He was just as shocked as all of us with verdict. Praying for the right decision from jurors tomorrow.

  56. mystical pippin says:

    Whoa those pictures are huge. Sorry I didn’t you were going to put them up. I’m gonna send you some smaller ones.

  57. mystical pippin says:

    I absolutely adore Mark E. He missed his calling I think. He should’ve been a comedian.
    I have laughed so hard at some of his comments on DD. Did you all know he’s been a regular commentator on the show before this case? He is one of the very few defense attorneys who has the guts to be honest in his opinions. From the beginning he has said this was first degree murder.

  58. debl115 says:

    An open letter from Jodi’s mother, pleading to the judge back then, Sally Duncan. I wonder how she feels now, now that she’s heard all of the evidence?

  59. debl115 says:

    And a hand written letter from Jodi to Judge Sally Duncan, requesting that Nurmi remain her attorney. Courtesy to Justice for Travis FB page. forgot to mention that in my last post 😦

  60. mystical pippin says:


    I haven’t had time until now so I want to comment about the C&P you did from Donchais blog. I have some issues with it. But first I wanted to say that I do agree it could’ve been some kind of ritualistic killing but only the kind that can come from Jodi’s mind. We all know that Jodi is a combination of personality disorders and she thinks like a 12 year old. So a definite “ritualistic” theory could never be pinned down due to the way Jodi processes things in her mind unless she suddenly decides to tell the truth and thats not going to happen. She is unlike any other criminal who has killed this way. I disagree with the majority of what Donchais said in this particular post.

    And I have big issues with its originality.

    Donchais: It seems these psychopaths do not show themselves as persons that one would or should be wary of. The self-effacing persona makes them appear shy and non-threatening.

    I don’t believe this. I think psychopathy is deffinitely noticeable yes they are anti-social but that in itself is highly noticeable and it would make me wary – just my opinion.

    I am also bothered by a lot of things she says in that they appear to be copied from essays or books from professional psychologists/psychiatrists

    They are not the type that become enraged at a bar after one too many, and immediately lash out. They do not instantly pick a fight if someone makes them feel anger.

    This is almost a direct quote from a book by ME Rich and GT Harris called “Psychopathy, Schizophrenia, Alcohol Abuse and Violent Recidivism”. Plus many other things she said sounded very familiar. The writing style changed frequently throughout her “conjecture” too. I just have a real hard time believing this was something she thought of on her own. IMO its very pieced together from multiple statements made by pro’s and she interjected some of her personal thoughts.

  61. I listened to Tricia’s True Crime Radio and her interview with Chris Hughes, one of Travis Alexander’s best friends, tonight. If you will take the three hours to listen to his story, and his revelations about how he and his wife, Skye, came face-to-face with The Most Evil Thing they have ever faced, you will come away from the program convinced that any verdict other than DP is a travesty. And you will come to know the human side of Travis and how he wrestled with the Devil. Although he lost his life, he did not lose his soul, the one thing the Devil was trying to acquire, and Travis’s essential energy will live on as a shining example of that never-ending fight against Darkness. I light a virtual candle in Travis’ memory and send blessings to his family tonight, feeling that a verdict is about to be delivered. (Snoops: here is the link to the program: )

  62. Mystical Pippin – That C&P was FROM Donchais’ blog, but was NOT written by Donchais… do not confuse a poster on her site with her… go and look at the original posting, please.

  63. One last thing…then I’ll go away again… I agree with the theory that JA was plotting to do away with Travis before May 26… but I’d go so far as to say it might have been after the March 30 e-mails, because I’ve been asserting that he KNEW something, something she didn’t want anyone else to know and in that e-mail he threatens to tell… she had to silence him. And the slashing of the throat is a clear message – no voice. Silenced.

  64. mystical pippin says:

    Thanks Sandy, I didn’t know that. I thought Snoopy had copied her blog to here. That makes sense because everything I’ve read in the past from her was great and I thought it was bizarre how the writing style kept changing. So I will check it out.

    Also can’t wait to listen to that radio interview. I am of the opinion that Skye and Chris are right. I heard them talk a little about the emails that were going back and forth between them and Jodi and Travis. Jodi did a despicable thing twisting their words. The attorneys and LaViolette also did a disgusting thing by twisting their words in their emails to Jodi. All that business the lawyers claimed about The Hughes was pure B.S. They made them out to be talking trash about Travis and thats not what happened. It was a plot to get rid of Jodi but it wasn’t how they were betrayed by DT. And Skye NEVER EVER liked Jodi – they redacted some of the emails so it looked like Sky wanted Travis to marry her at first.

  65. mystical pippin says:

    Oh well I was wrong about Sky and Chris not liking Jodi – in the beginning they did but. However it didn’t take long before they starting seeing her manipulations. It didn’t take long before they saw her weird behavior. That whole scene with the all men convention….very telling.

  66. mystical pippin says:

    Sandy – gotta thank you again for websleuths radio show link. listened to the whole thing and gotta tell you I was riveted the whole time. I finally got answers to quite a few questions I’ve had for some time now. I had read some of those emails on news sites but just knew that theywere not the complete picture. And I knew the DT was lying because they lied about everything else .

  67. margaret says:

    I am hoping and praying for the right verdict today. DP ..I listened to Levi page last night with Cheryl Mc Cullam and they were predicting today.. I really don’t care if it is today, tomorrow, or next week as long as it is the right verdict.

  68. I wonder about the “admonition,” and how many of the jurors really have held to it… not that they would ever admit otherwise, but I would have a very hard time being a juror not going to a library out of town to do my own research.

  69. Jurors are deliberating…

    Sandy, I hope the jurors are sneaking in here and reading this blog… I am watching Jane Velez Mitchell and all the action outside courthouse…

  70. margaret says:

    just saw Wilmott walking in court house. Is she pregnant?? Sure looks like it. Someone on Kpho twitter just said Juan Martinez just entered , smiling from ear to ear…Thats our Juan..

  71. Margaret~~I want that verdict today….in the next couple of hours…. There are two young men on the jury who concern me…one is around 23 yrs old…

  72. I posted this COLOR ALERT for the verdict watch on Donchais’ blog… COLORS to be posted for verdict watch: GREEN – we have one, BLUE- we’re getting close, YELLOW – Still thinking, ORANGE – There’s a holdout, RED – we’re hung.
    Just a thought…

  73. margaret says:

    Visiting the past while waiting for verdict.. This is the first trial I was hooked on.. I keep up with this young man today through facebook and it is wonderful to know he has a happy life now.. He had a wonderful lawyer that , like Snoopy, I fell in love with

    I can’t believe this ! I have Hln on tv, computer on kpho and my phone set to be alerted to verdict. Am I hooked or what ?

  74. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I’m concerned about ANY men on that jury because of my past experience. Hopefully, if the women are smart, and not like the dips in the Anthony case, they will be strong enough to hold their ground and convince any male holdouts to vote guilty. I know, I’m just “assuming” that the male jurors might be a problem in this case, but a 23-year old male is young (some of my clothes are older than that!) because it’s my understanding that the research shows that the male briain isn’t considered to be fully developed until age 25. Maybe this kid is mature for his age!!

    I suspect we’re all battle-scarred from the verdict in the CA trial, all the more reason to be nervous about this one. I can’t imagine how Travis’ family must be feeling.

  75. gramared~~Yes, the tension mounts… No jurors have left the jury room yet for lunch. #jodiarias

  76. Two jurors escorted out by marshall…????? Maybe they left for lunch??

  77. Sarah says:

    The suspense is k i l l i n g me.

    Decide already!

    Thanks Snoops. I needed that.

  78. margaret says:

    Need a chuckle ? Off topic but hilarious.. casey filed in court today sueing Zenaida for fraudulently impersonating Zanny the Nanny…Isn’t there a limit to the things you can sue for ? Why don’t they send her out of the country and hopefully disappear forever.

    Justice for Travis today please..

  79. Over 13 hours deliberating….it looks like someone is holding out…for second degree or manslaughter…

  80. Jury gone home for the day……..

  81. Sarah says:

    OK. Deanna is on Dr. Drew. She just made me cry while she was talking about Travis’ will and what he entrusted to her.

    I swear, the more I learn about what a good human being he was the madder I’m going to be if this jury is another Pinellas Twelve.

  82. Sarah~~I watched it too. I would rather see a hung jury than manslaughter. I wonder if someone on Jodi’s side made contact with one of those jurors???

  83. gramared says:

    Jodi is probably hoping for a hung jury so we can have Episode 2 of the Jodi Arias Reality Show, and she can be the start once again. If it is a hung jury, I hope Judge Stephens sends them back to deliberate longer and come to a unanimous decision. Who is their right mind would want to go through this again!! I’ll bet the cost of this mess is closing in on $2M, not to mention the TIME, ENERGY AND GRIEF that would be involved in a retrial.

    I only get snippets of HLN, what they post online, but they were decribing how the jurors are being taken out in small groups, two, three, five at a time, possibly to have lunch or smoke or ??? Let’s pray the jury hasn’t devided into factions. It was mentioned that a couple of the jurors seemed to have a defiant attitude. Just observations, and folks could be completely off the mark. Let’s hope.

  84. Jodi Arias’ Charges: What The Accused Killer Faces

    PHOENIX — A jury of eight men and four women is deliberating Jodi Arias’ fate. Jurors have several options as they consider four months of testimony and evidence in the case:

    _ FIRST-DEGREE MURDER: If jurors believe that Travis Alexander’s June 2008 killing at his suburban Phoenix home was a premeditated act, they can convict Arias of first-degree murder. This charge carries a possible death sentence or life in prison. Jurors also can consider a more complicated first-degree murder count that says she committed an act of burglary in the course of killing him.

    The arguments: Prosecutors say Arias began plotting a murder several days in advance and made a road trip to Alexander’s house intending to kill him. They say she stole a gun from her grandparents’ home, removed her license plate to avoid detection and turned off her cellphone while she was in Arizona so law enforcement couldn’t track her. The defense said the killing was self-defense and noted there’s no direct proof she ever brought a gun to Alexander’s home.

    If the jury convicts her of first-degree murder, the trial will continue as the same panel decides whether Arias should get the death penalty.

    _ SECOND-DEGREE MURDER: If jurors think Arias didn’t premeditate the killing but still intentionally caused the death of Alexander, they can find her guilty of second-degree murder. The sentencing range for this charge is 10 to 22 years in prison. The 32-year-old Arias already has spent nearly five years in jail.

    The arguments: A conviction on this count would be a victory for the defense, since it would spare Arias’ life and get her out of prison before she’s 50 years old in a worst-case scenario. Prosecutors say there’s no doubt she committed second-degree murder, but they are pushing for first-degree.

    If the jury finds Arias is guilty of either first-degree murder or second-degree murder, but has reasonable doubt as to which one it is, they are directed to convict her of second-degree murder.

    _ MANSLAUGHTER: If jurors think Arias didn’t plan the killing in advance, but instead believe the attack occurred upon a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion after “adequate” provocation from Alexander, they can convict Arias of manslaughter. A conviction on this charge carries a sentence of seven to 21 years in prison.

    _ ACQUITTAL: If the jury believes Arias killed Alexander in self-defense, it could find her not guilty of all charges, in which case Arias would be released.

  85. Sarah says:

    Here’s my hang up with the first degree with felony: IF we believe Arias’s version that she used Travis’ gun; then yes it’s a felony. But, we can all conclude that she brought the gun with her. So, is it still felony murder? They can still agree to premeditated first degree without the felony?

    Out of all the choices given it has to be first degree, premeditated, IMO.

    Snoops: I don’t want anything but 1st degree. No hung jury please! This is clear as the noses on the jurors faces. There is no need for a hung jury. Are people just out of it these days?

    I just hope no juror has been seduced by Arias’s X rated porno side show. That’s exactly what that was. She and Nurmi knew exactly what they were doing. The prosecution revealed that Arias was the one with more experience and lured Travis in with her sexual exploits. I bet Travis never had backdoor sex before he met her.

    Let’s stay positive today. Pray for Travis and his family.

  86. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if you all have seen this……’s pretty good.

    Martinez Murder One Trap

  87. margaret says:

    Today will be the day please God ! When you think about it 13 1/2 hours is not a lot of time for a four month trial. I just think we have a very thorough jury and they are dotting every I and crossing every T

    I console myself with the image of jodi in a basement small cell in her prison garb and nothing more. No pencil. paper NADA, I hope Travis is haunting her every minute there…

  88. Sarah says:

    Geez: Where is everybody?

    Had another thought I wanted to ask or share.

    Do you think the jurors are going to make Arias wait 18 days? to show her what it’s like?

    HLN cracks me up. They’ve been singing Martinez’s praises until now. Now they’re beginning to back track because it’s almost been three days. Which is it HLN? I think Martinez did an awesome job. If the jury doesn’t get it, then they are just another Pinellas Twelve. (Confirmed by Judge Perry….lol)

  89. Sarah says:

    Margaret: Thank goodness. Glad to know someone else is out there from the Snoopy team waiting and watching.

    I’ve been imagining the same thing. I hope she is bored stiff. (bad choice of words). That’s what I don’t understand about these rumors of her tweeting from her cell. I thought she was only allowed contact with her lawyers during deliberations? How would that tweeter person get the info from the Arias camp?

  90. Sarah and Margaret~~I am checking in here between some overdo chores… I have HLN on… We NEED a verdict today….I think that young male juror may be holding out!!

  91. margaret says:

    I hope she has visions of Travis laughing and shouting , This is your life til you die.

    Remember those composition books she was forever writing in , on last day as trial was ending I saw her slipping one to the woman sitting with jodi and wilmott , it looked like they were trying to make sure judge did not see. She probably had her orders written out for her Gofers..Also I believe Donovan could be as mean as a snake too, so some of the postings could be Donovans or her mother maybe…

    I enjoyed Deanna so much last night and it was good seeing photos of Travis being happy with her.

  92. mystical pippin says:

    Have faith ladies. I think the jury is just being thorough. They asked hundreds of questions during the trial, they have all the documented evidence and transcripts in the deliberation room.
    I’m still feeling confident it will be first degree.
    I hate all these pundits causing doubt now. Its ticking me off.

    I do have some questions though. I heard on HLN that even if half say its felony murder and the oher say its first degree – it will still be first degree. I know Sarah explained it but I still don’t understand what the difference is between felony murder and 1st degree murder.

    Gramared The one who was saying that was Jean Casaras (sp?) and for the past month or so it seems to me that she has gone over to the defense side. I think it happened right around the time she testified. And since then she has been wrong several times in her predictions or opinions. Katie Wick and Stephanie – Drew’s jurors have said they have seen the jurors coming out and talking friendly with each other. As soon as they hit the public they become stoic. I wouldn’t read too much into what Jean says.

    I hate to say this but like Snoopy – I would rather see a hung jury then anything less than 1st degree.

    Sarah you should listen to the radio blog with Chris Hughes. He talks about his friendship with Travis and first meeting Jodi and the emails his wife sent her to try and get rid of her. These are the emails that LaViolette used to say that Travi’s own friends thought he was a bad person. Chris clears up the b.s. behind that. Its riveting. I cried at then end of it. So do a lot of other people. this is the link originally posted by Sand Banks: )

  93. mystical pippin says:

    Snoops forgot to ask you. What did you mean by the defense getting to the jurors? Do you mean juror tampering? I wouldn’t put it past them but how? How would they be able to do that?

  94. Pippin~~I do not trust Donovan….$$$$ talks and the promise of big bucks in the future….Donovan may have followed one of them home…lol

  95. Sarah says:

    OK. HLN has officially pissed me off! “An Unlikely Family”…..!!! A family tree based on the participants in the case? Jurors as the nosey neighbors? Come on Snoops; you have to admit that’s over the top. The circus is definitely in town.

  96. mystical pippin says:

    Just an FYI. Chris talked about something interesting which I didn’t hear at trial (I haven’t watched a lot of the trial though, I’ve mostly kept up through the shows). Both Samuels and LaViolette had written in their notes that Jodi told them she when she walked in on Travis’s supposed masterbation – she claimed that he was sitting at computer and looking at pictures of naked boys. Apparantly at court they both claimed that their notes were incorrect…. yeah just like their notes were wrong when it came to Jodi shooting Travis in the closet too huh? You know what makes me sick is these two “experts” were such disgusting liars. No wonder they had no problems “believing” Jodi. They are both just as much of a liar as she is.
    I really do hope both of their careers are ruined because of this. Somebody wrote an article about LaV’s unfair treatment by the FB crowd who encouraged people to give her books on Amazon bad reviews. Or to sign the petition to have her taken off the speaking engagements she was booked in the future for. I don’t think it was unfair at all when you consider how she butchered Travis’s character and how much she lied on the witness stand. I guess raising her right hand and swearing didn’t mean squat to her. It makes me sick to think of her these days. I think out of all the characters on the DT – I can’t stand Alyce LaViolette. She is pond scum IMO.

  97. Sarah says:

    Pippin: Thanks for the link. I also saw Chris Hughes on Dr. Drew and he made tear up.

    I hate the fact that Travis had so many good friends; yet so many days went by before someone took action. I would love to know how Jodi was acting the entire time. Her mom said ‘”normal” and as a matter of fact her mom said they were getting along better than they had in years.

    I’m kind of doing like the rest of you: popping in and out between errands and chores. I went all the way to one store to return something and forgot the darn receipt. I would have bet money I left it in the bag. Came home. It’s on the counter. I hate that because of the darn gas prices.

    Snoops: C’mon now. Igloos are a breeze to clean……….;)

  98. Sarah~~my igloo is melting… where can I get a few blocks of ice? Your hubby’s water?

  99. Sarah says:

    Hey, down here we live in open straw huts so we can enjoy the tropical breeze….but it’s a bitch to keep clean.

  100. Sarah says:

    Pippin: I think LaV HAD to retire after that performance. Her credibility is gone, nada, zilch.

  101. gramared says:

    Hi Pipp… Thanks for clearing that up about the jurors. I agree that folks should listen to the radio blog. I’m doing it as I write this, and it makes you wonder why Chris or Sky couldn’t have been called by the Prosecution. He sheds so much light on the situation, first hand.

    If this is a hung jury, there is no justice. If only the jury would pay attention to the jury instructions that define “self defense.” Once JA had the gun or knife, and Travis was unarmed, her need to defend herself with deadly forse ceases. She always had the option of running out of the house.

    BTW, who would go balistic in the first place if someone dropped their camera. By the way, I can’t remember specifically, but someone on this blog tested to see if a camera would bounce, as Jodi described it, and it didn’t bounce, no matter what she did.

  102. gramared says:

    I do know how to spell force! I need to proof read!

  103. margaret says:

    This is wild I was checking to see if LaV book was still on Amazon.. It is, price dropping but the reviews are still scathing to her.. Some are from her own profession and they seem to give the most angry ones..ITS HERE VERDICT ANNOUNCE 1/30 YEAAAAH

  104. margaret says:

    I will be nuts by 4:30 eastern time…Someone talk to me !!! I am feeling like a bowl of jello…

  105. I am nervous……OMG

  106. Vicky says:

    Hi Margaret, take a deep breath x 3, and you will relax..
    I just got home and heard the news. Now let’s pray the jury has rendered a just verdict.

  107. Vicky says:

    Hey Snoopy! Let’s hope they need to go back and determine cruelty.

  108. gramared says:

    If (and I’m holding my breath that it will be WHEN) the jury comes back with a verdict of gulty of Premeditated First Degree Murder, I want to see the Lying Murderess wig out, flip out, and then collapse under the weight of truth.

  109. margaret says:

    Thanks Vicky., I’m trying… my son gave me this phone last week so I had it on alert, Hln was on and i was checking computer, it all went off at the same time Lol Bet jodi doesn’t have smirk today..

    Are you alright Snoops?

  110. No, I am not alright….I am a nervous wreck….

  111. Sarah says:

    Snoops: Put a few ice cubes in a glass (just remove them from the walls in your igloo) and pour one tablespoon of sugar, 1 mint leaf and 2 jiggers of bourbon. You’ll be alright.

    I’m having a beer to calm my nerves! (good excuse, right?)

  112. mystical pippin says:

    Ok ladies Its about an hour and a half away. Wouldn’t you know I have to go somewhere this afternoon. Now, I’m trying to figure out if I can go and be back in time or wait until its announced. Sheez just my luck.

    Snoopslol I would’ve never thought of that – Donovan following a juror home….

    Who wants to bet Jodi comes in dressed all in white like a bride? ha ha she probably thinks this is her wedding day considering what she tweeted over the weekend. She complained that the commisary didn’t come in and it was like waking up on christmas morning and thinking Santa missed her home….. so while the everyone was thinking about the upcoming deliberations she’s thinking its christmas without Santa…. god is there no end to her arrogance.

    Vicky good to see you here. I have been wondering if you would be around when the verdict came in. I’m also thinking about Red – haven’t seen her lately hope her mom is doing better.
    It looks like Deb, Karen and Sherry are missing here today to. Also Amber and Sandy – where are they?

  113. mystical pippin says:

    One hour and counting…… Valium anyone? 🙂

  114. All my live feeds are closing down… what is going on – overload?

  115. gramared says:

    I’ve been listening to AZCentral and have had it freeze a number of times and need to refresh over and over. You’re right, Sandy, everyone is on OVERLOAD!!

  116. Karen C. says:

    Oh, I’m here-taking a needed break from my sister’s ICU room to drink coffee, warm up (she likes it cold in there- talk about igloos!), and keeping myself and my high energy level from overwhelming her if the verdict is anything less than Murder One!

  117. margaret says:

    OMG , Vicky , I’m using your advice deep breathe x 3 and relax, I suddenly had a flasback to my childbirthing years,,, Now I know I’m loosing it …. LOL

    Pippin I need the whole bottle !

  118. Newbie says:

    Just turned the TV on. Nine minutes and a verdict !!!!! Dear Lord, praying for murder in the first degree !!

  119. Newbie says:

    Two minutes away. I am so glad I didn’t know before this that a verdict was reached……the last nine minutes has really taken at least an hour to pass. When did they announce a verdict had been reached??

  120. Sarah says:

    Karen: I like your sister already. I LOVE the cold. (I know Snoops; I’m living in wrong region) Good for your sister. Prayers sent her way and to you and all of your family.

    Glad you could be here!

    Strap in. It’s about to begin. (Has anything in this trial EVER started on time?)

  121. Sarah says:

    Newbie: About 11:15 this morning AZ time

  122. mystical pippin says:

    Almost everyone is here. Karen I’m sorry I didn’t know your sister was in hospital. Praying for her and for all of us right now. Whatever the verdict I pray we can handle it.

    Newbie glad you’re here. It was announced about 3 1/2 hours ago. They said it was reached and would be announced at 4:30 eastern time.

  123. Newbie says:

    Thanks Sarah. Man, that is a lot of waiting time for the family and friends of Travis. I can’t imagine !!

  124. Sarah says:

    Are you all seeing the people in Phoenix that have turned out for the verdict? Wow! I think this crowd is bigger than you know whose.

    And I believe they are mostly supporting Travis.

    I’m so happy for the Alexanders’ that Travis’ name has been spread around the world.

  125. Newbie says:

    Thank you also mystical. I do hope the jury goes with first degree ! Jodi has been so confident on her ability to sham out of this. Ugh ! Come on Lady justice !!!!

  126. Sarah says:

    Just a little trivia: I thought the crowd would be sweating in the sun, but actually it’s nice.

    It’s about 77 degrees, low humidity at 24%.

    It will get to 82 and then drop to 68. Winds are west at 6 mph.

  127. mystical pippin says:

    We are all holding each others hands – virtually! I think its going to be good news!

  128. Newbie says:

    I wonder if Jodi has a migraine and is trying to get out of hearing the verdict today…..insert synde nasty laugh on my part !!!!

  129. debl115 says:

    This wait is killing me. I’m at work and the “powers that be” have made it so that we can’t watch streaming video any more (jerks!!). Trying to watch it on my cell, and it keeps refreshing, and refreshing, I have no idea how far behind I am. also watching tweets, but i really just want to be at HOME right now….grrrrrrr.

  130. Newbie says:

    OOOOOO…..NG on HLN just hit her thought of Jodi and a migraine… I’m so nervous I think I am giggling at anything. Oh, Courtroom !!!!

  131. mystical pippin says:

    well shes in and seated…..

  132. mystical pippin says:

    here comes the jury. I hope Sandy got her live feed back. here we go folks….

  133. mystical pippin says:

    Judge reading it.

  134. mystical pippin says:


  135. debl115 says:


  136. Sarah says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!

  137. Newbie says:

    Oh, pxss….Jodi is going to cry. Get out !!!

    Wow. They more than got it right girls !!

  138. mystical pippin says:

    Wow they are going right into the sentencing hearing tomorrow!!!

  139. Sarah says:

    Anybody else crying tears of joy? I’m a mess!

  140. mystical pippin says:

    The jurors are HEROES!!!!

  141. Guilty-Murder One

    I am bawling…thank you, God!!

  142. debl115 says:

    Tears streaming here, too, Sarah!!! Group Hug for all of us!!! and finally, Justice for Travis!!!

  143. mystical pippin says:

    5 – Jurors found premeditated
    7 – Jurors found premeditated AND felony

  144. Sarah says:

    Pippin: So does that mean she was found guilty of 1st deg w/felony?

  145. Sarah says:

    Sorry: I wrote that like a dr.s office. 1st degree with felony? Or just 1st degree? Or does it matter?

  146. Sarah says:

    Now; those pundits who were bad mouthing Martinez: shove it!

  147. mystical pippin says:

    Snoops – I was starting to worry if we were going to have to call a neighbor to go over and resuscitate you! JUAN IS A HERO!

    Did you see Jodi did a quick intake of breath? I wonder why she didn’t have to stand and FACE her peers. I saw JW pat her on the arm…..

  148. mystical pippin says:

    Sarah I don’t know what it means – I thought you did! lol The only thing I heard about this felony thing was if some of the jurors found felony murder and some found pre-meditated that it would still result in 1st degree. Its even better than we thought – because of ALL of them found it was premeditated (some found it was both)

    Deb – glad you made it here

  149. Juan, our Juan, is The Juan! Thank you on behalf of all of us who hoped, prayed and intended for justice for this young man. May you be further blessed.

  150. gramared says:

    JUSTICE PREVAILED!! A bit surprised that the judge is getting right into the penalty phase tomorrow, but she probably wants the jurors to get this completed so that they can go home permanently. Bet old Ms. Narcissist can’t believe she didn’t manage to pull the wool over the juror’s eyes.

    Reality is finally hitting ole Ms. Liar right between the eyes.

  151. redrelaxed says:

    Marking her words…Guess she was dead wrong about a jury never finding her guilty! Tears of joy for justice! Love the pic of Juan with the hangmans noose! Thanks for all your hard work through yet another emotional roller coaster Snoops!!!

  152. debl115 says:

    From the HLN blog: Five of the jurors voted for first-degree premeditated murder, and seven of them voted for both first-degree premeditated murder and felony murder. It was a uniamious verdict, all 12 jurors found Arias premeditated Alexander’s murder.

  153. mystical pippin says:

    YES! The Alexander attorney just announced they will be filing a wrongful death suit against Jodi. But if she’s indigent how will this be productive for them?

  154. margaret says:

    ” No jury will covict me “” Yeah Right jodi, and that littlie short prosecutor showed them how… Thank you God !

  155. mystical pippin says:

    Red You Made It! Yay!

  156. Jodi can still make money from her art work… she cannot make money off the crime… Travis’ siblings are filing the wrongful death civil suit to get any money she does make…

  157. mystical pippin says:

    I haven’t cried yet. I don’t know why. I’ve been crying off/on for the last 2 weeks because after all this time and all the things I’ve learned about Travis I’ve come to realize that this world is a lesser place without Travis.
    1 Story Chris Hughes told was Travis picked up this homeless man walking down the road on his way home. He let the guy shower and gave him clothes then brought him down to a close-by restaurant and while he was eating Travis talked the manager into giving him a job. He changed that mans life. Chris said Travis hoped to be on the cover of TIME one day. I hope they do it after this.

  158. Vicky says:

    The jurors were allowed to choose between felony murder or premeditated murder or both. Seven out of twelve agreed that she was guilty no matter how you look at it! I’m sure the felony murder aspect was somewhat confusing and was probably what took so long.
    Jodi looked too darn smug when she walked in. I’m so glad they “smacked” that look right off her face. Can you believe that psycho actually gasped when the verdict was guilty. Wonder if shell be tweeting tonight.

  159. debl115 says:

    Snoop, I want to thank you for all of your hard work on this beautiful blog, and I also want to thank all of the contributors. I have spent every day/night with all of you over the last 4 months, and am SO thankful that this case ended the way it did 🙂

  160. Vicky says:

    Gramared, tomorrow’s hearing isn’t the penalty phase. The jury is now asked to determine if the murder was extremely cruel. If so, then they will move into the penalty phase. If not, the DP is off the table and Judge Stevens will determine the length of time Jodi spends in prison.

  161. margaret says:

    Excuse my spelling in last post, I have a good excuse ! All of the jurors sounded strong on their yes answer… Lisa and Deanna were sitting with family… Kpho cbs5 Az. is rerunning the hearing from different camera angles showing all families reactions. Just refresh between each.

  162. mystical pippin says:

    lol Vicky – it wouldn’t surprise me if she does.
    I’ve been replaying the verdict. Jodi was shocked. She did turn and look at her mother. She looked in the face of each juror as they said yes. Her chin was quivering she was forcing to hold her tears back. I don’t think she wanted to give the Alexanders the satisfaction.

  163. Vicky says:

    The followin describes how things will move forward. From an earlier post.

    With the enactment of Arizona’s new death penalty statute, the sentencing process now has two phases.
    In the first phase, the prosecutor presents evidence relating to aggravating circumstances. If the jury that the State has not established at least one statutory aggravating circumstance, the defendant is no longer subject to the death penalty. The jury is dismissed and the trial judge decides the appropriate sentence. If the jury finds that there is at least one aggravating circumstance, the jury remains impaneled and considers any mitigating evidence presented by the defense or by the State, as well as victim impact evidence. The jurors then decide whether to impose a death sentence, assessing whether the proffered mitigation is sufficiently substantial to warrant leniency.

  164. mystical pippin says:

    Right tomorrow starts the cruelty phase then it will be sentencing if they determine there were aggravating circumstances.

  165. Vicky says:

    MP, she has now been found guilty. I would imagine her status at the jail has changed and she won’t be allowed nearly as much latitude when it comes to phone calls and visitors.
    If anyone here tweets, I hope you will let us know if Jodi reacts to the verdict. If she does, I hope JM let’s the jury know.

  166. mystical pippin says:

    I think as Jodi goes back to her cell tonight – the reality will set in. When she looked at those jurors she was shocked that each and every one of them voted 1st degree murder. She will most likely need drugs tonight to get to sleep because she is back up at 5am again and will be required to be in court. She might pull one of her migraines though…..

  167. mystical pippin says:

    Vicky – can you describe the differences between premeditated and felony. Isn’t premeditated worse than felony?

  168. Newbie says:

    Tears of relief and joy. As most of you know, there were times I just had to back off this case. I think I was so unhappy with what I perceived as a Judicial system that was not working anymore. Juan Martinez and Det. Flores…..there are still good guys out there !!! Thank you Lord.

  169. The state definitely has an aggravating factor. The murder was beyond heinous and cruel…it was slaughter…The state only needs one factor…. now we will see if the defense can come up with some mitigating factors….

  170. margaret says:

    I was reading somewhere that someone had e-mailed Sherriff Joe complaining about jodi texting and selling stuff .. Someone e-mailed her back on behalf of Joe. She was told that he could do nothing until she was convicted and then she would be his and would have very different rules. Is she his now or do they have to wait for penalty.

  171. No more tweets from JA, I’ll bet.

  172. I wonder if she will be in orange or red jumps tomorrow…

  173. margaret says:

    Thanks for video Snoops.. One more thing and then this old lady is going to rest awhile…LOL Did you all hear Beth say jodi had not left building and there was a loud exibition going on in hallway with her lawyers.. They may see the rage that poor Travis went through.. I hope she shows out until they put her in straight jacket for tomorrow. Ilove you all for putting up with me today but I’m going to take a nap.. Snoops take care ..

  174. Sarah says:

    Just heard on FOX news: Jodi Arias interview w/Greta tonight at 10! (From jail/ after verdict and before mitigation)

  175. Jodi is back at the jail and her family are going to visit her… I wonder where Donovan is???

    I am mentally exhausted …God heard my prayers….justice for Travis, his family and loved ones…

  176. Sarah, is that for real??

  177. Sarah says:

    Margaret: I’m with ya. Think I’ll take a little nap before the 10PM interview w/Greta.

    I echo Margarets’ sentiments: I appreciate everyone today (heck, the last four months). I tend to ramble when I get nervous. I know; you’re saying to yourselves; no way: we couldn’t tell……..tee hee

  178. Sarah says:

    Yes, Snoops…..just heard it live on FOX about 5 minutes ago!

  179. Sarah says:

    Shephard Smith announced it. I’m still watching to see if he announces it again. I’ll confirm.

  180. Sarah says:

    Wednesday on ‘On the Record’

    • Jodi Arias gives her first post-conviction interview in a cable exclusive!
    • The Benghazi Congressional Hearing: Fallout and analysis of whistle-blower testimony. Special guest:House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa
    • 10-Year Ohio Kidnapping: We’ll have the lates

  181. gramared says:

    Vicky…Thanks for the reminder. In my mind, the aggrevating factor is a foregone conclusion. Let’s just skip to the chase and the penalty phase. Oh well. Life as Jodi knows it is over and out, no matter what happens from here. I am really anxious to hear what Judge Sephens will have to say at sentencing. We’ll finally get to hear her feelings.

  182. Sarah says:

    Snoops: Do you think it’s true. The Greta interview? I copy and pasted what was on her web site at 8:20

  183. Let’s all give Mystical Pippin a big thank you for making the pics of Juan and Jodi and mailing them to me. Thank you, Pippin and hugs, my friend!

  184. Sarah says:

    Thank you Mystical Pippin for those wonderful pictures of the Magic Juan! They’re just so true to life aren’t they?

  185. Sarah~~Jodi probably pre arranged the interview with Greta thinking she would be found not guilty.

  186. mystical pippin says:

    Dig this. It has been witnessed that Jodi had a very heated conversation with her lawyers – don’t know if it was in the courtroom or another room outside of the courtroom. Another reporter said she was angry and saying how could you let this happen? Don’t know if thats true there’s no confirmation YET but it sounds just like her doesn’t it? BLAME it on your attorneys Jodi. Of course it had nothing to do with you. Like Juan said “Its not my fault”.

    If she gets an interview out there tonight it will have to be a phone interview and she will still be in the county jail. Beth said most likely Jodi will go back to her pod tonight and they will make arrangements tomorrow for her transfer.

  187. Sarah says:

    Goodnight all. Thanks again everyone for everything. This is the best blog site for information and opinions. I appreciate all of you…….ok, including Snoops. (just a wee joke. she knows I like her the most)

    Seriously, Snoops: A huge THANK YOU for all you have done. I don’t know how you do it all.
    Tipping my hat to ya’!

  188. Sarah~~living in an igloo, I have to keep busy moving around to stay warm. It was +27C here today…80.6F now that is cool…lol

    You be quite welcome…

  189. mystical pippin says:

    Thanks ya’ll I know they’re kinda funky. I’m not really a Photoshop person. I can play around with it but I’m not that good. Man that nose was hard to do! I’m more of an Illustrator artist. I love to draw and paint. So Illustrator is my favorite program. I’m working a creating a blog that discusses Color Marketing. Its all about the psychological effects of color and how to apply it to your business.

    So Jodi is on “Suicide Protocol” I wonder if that means she can’t do the interview? There was a discussion about how many times Jodi said she was going to commit suicide. Nancy Grace’s producer said in her journals that go back as far as high school she’s been saying she wanted to do it. I read somewhere that its extremely rare for a person with NPD to actually commit suicide.
    And considering Jodi’s high degree of Narcissism I seriously doubt she will at this phase anyway. I think it would be easier to believe she would be more capable of that once she’s in solitary on death row.

  190. gramared says:

    Threatening suicide is just another tool in Jodi’s arsenal to get people to pay attention to HER. She’ll do whatever. That’s why the best punishment for her is total isolation with no visitors and no mirrors!! I think Pippin has mentioned this as well. If I were Jodi and had to live with only myself, I’d want to commit sewerpipes too!

  191. margaret says:

    Get a look at this , It is the jurors fault !! I would think she would keep her mouth shut awhile…

  192. Vicky says:

    MP, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.
    First, I just heard Jodi’s twitter account has been shut down.
    As for the difference between felony murder and premeditated murder.
    Felony murder occurs when a death occurs during the commission of a felony. In this case, it was burglary. Another example, child abuse is a felony in most if not all states. If death occurs as a result of child abuse, then it is felony murder.
    The jury was able to consider two aspects of 1st degree murder. It didn’t matter which of the two types they believed, as long as all 12 agreed that either or both types were proven. JM argued two possibilities for both premeditated murder and felony murder. As for the felony murder, which doesn’t have to be premeditated, according to Arizona law, even though JA was invited into the home to begin with, the moment she began her assault (a felony since she used a deadly weapon) on Travis, she was no longer welcome to remain and was then guilty of burglary (also a felony). His death occurred as the result of a felony, therefore it was 1st degree murder.

    I hope that makes sense.

  193. Vicky says:

    One more thing, I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in the DP aspect that we lose track of what first degree murder is. Different state’s define it differently, for the most part, unless the murder is premeditated or meets the other criteria established by state or federal laws, people are not normally charged with murder in the first degree. The defense team in this case made every effort to cloud the issue with their claims of self defense and/or heat of passion. Logically speaking, there was no way to get around the premeditation aspect of this case given the number of separate wounds inflicted on Travis. Had Jodi only stabbed him in the chest a single time, resulting in his death, and then left, she might not have been charged with murder1.

  194. mystical pippin says:

    YES! Thanks Vicky – I understand now. So that’s why it didn’t matter whether different jurors found it premeditated or felony murder it would still come back first degree because in Az they can define both as first degree. Whats interesting is that all of them thought it was premeditated and some thought it was both.

  195. mystical pippin says:

    Yeah while you guys were all napping I’m sitting in front of tv with no one to talk to….wha wha do I sound like anyone we all know? 🙂

    So once again Jodi proves to the world she’s an arrogant, moron who has no idea what a buffoon she makes herself out to be in public. She thinks because she’s soft spoken she’s going to come off intelligent and under control when its so obvious she’s an immature self centered brat.

    The only words of truth she said in her desperate interview immediately after her attorneys left was She didn’t expect to get a first degree murder verdict. Ha ha and I bet her attorneys didn’t think she would run right over to a reporter and open her stupid mouth the minute they left. Because now JM can use that interview in the sentencing phase.


    It has been confirmed that she was yelling at her lawyers right after the verdict was read.
    blaming them…..
    On camera she said it was Juan’s fault that the jury voted the way they did because he was shady and withheld evidence. uh huh…..
    She said that the public dislikes her because of the bad way the media portrayed her.
    She also said the public enjoys taking people down…..
    Its not her fault……

  196. jayelle sea says:

    It’s not her fault, look at the way the laws written. I want to see her sit in prison and think about it all for a LONG time. The death penalty is to easy, no wonder she\s begging for it. Ultimate freedom, Indeed! NO, the real penalty for her would be is sitting forever with her own vicious self. She slashed and trashed a beautiful and vibrant and trusting person. This is a classic overkill, she was enraged and that\s why it\s so brutal. Don’t mess with her…. life with no parole is what I want to see!

  197. jayelle sea says:

    Life with no chance of parole would be the ULTIMATE PENALTY, after all the one person you can’t get away from is yourself.. Whoa girl. Long time to think about it all, would do it!!

  198. jayelle sea says:

    oops, sorry about the double Jodi Arias is a typical narcissus, she’s not very original either. It appears she’s gets all her make belief stories from thin air around her. She can’t even think of her own original story. Classic once again, since they have no inner self, they can only mirror what around. It always struck me that that story Travis was telling when she was laying on his lap, she didn’t know she was recorded that night. But the story she gave 48 hours was almost a duplicate and then also, where did she shot him? Right where he pointed his finger as a gun to his own temple. She’s the creepiest. She brought two weapons for the pure fact that it would look like there were two murderous intruders.

  199. mystical pippin says:

    It turns out that interview was 45 mlnutes long . I wonder why no one came and escorted her out? I don’t mean the news media heck they would never do that they want her to talk! But she’s supposed to be in a holding cell when she isn”t in court or without her attourneys. It was like she just walked over to the news settup and plopped down for a chat. And who does that? You just got convicted of first degree murder and the first thing you think of is run to the news cameras?? Only Jodi!

  200. jayelle sea says:

    Apparently is was all set up before, behind everyone’s back, in a typical narcissus control freak manner, now delayed, this is going on on forever. The endless saga of a psychopath.. sucking everyone in on the drama.

  201. mystical pippin says:

    I knew she would pull something. This is ridiculous they should just go ahead without her. She made her choice the day she brutally murdered Travis. Jodi has been in control of this courtroom since day one. Jodi is punnishing everyone for the verdict yesterday. Why in the hell did they let her talk to the media? That interview yesterday was a setup – she knew she was going to throw out her little suicide threat and then use it today for another delay. This is absurd. Now it won’t start until next Wednesday.

  202. jayelle sea says:

    “Malignant narcissism has been described in criminal profiling as “an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder combined with narcissistic elements that is manifested in a person who is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience and behavioral regulation, and with characteristic demonstrations of joyful cruelty and sadism”, wrote Richard Kocsi from defined be wikipedia, sounds about right. Wow, joyful cruelty, just look at those photo’s she took herself on the way to kill Travis, she did look happy with herself on the way to plat cat and mouse and kill. I think Travis was “held up” the whole time, he had sex play, because he thought she’s got to be play acting. By the way, where’s the pic’s she took that day on her own camera, probably stashed on a disc somewhere, for future. I think she thought she was getting off, she came in smiling for verdict. .

  203. mystical pippin says:

    Oh yes, she thought she was getting off right up to when the verdict was read. When the court clerk read “GUILTY” she gasped. her nose turned red and her chin began to quiver, along with the tears. These are real don’t get me wrong. But the only reason she cried was because she didn’t get what she wanted, she didn’t get what she thinks she deserved. She looked into every single face as each juror was polled with eyes that were pleading for them to change their answer. I could tell what she’s thinking as she looked at a few of them. Sometimes it was pleading for them to change and sometimes it was noooo you can’t possibly think that?

    Jodi has thought throughout this trial that she was connecting with a few of the male jurors. She didn’t even get it when some of the questions they asked her during her time on witness stand were sarcastic. When she was asked if she knew the definition of “skank” she had no idea that it wasn’t really a question – it was a comment.

    When she ran to the camera’s after that she even said she was surprised. She thought she understood the law because she said she thought there might be a verdict of “Felony Murder” “because of the way the law was written” which tells us there is nothing she understood about it. For the last 5 years Jodi has been studying the laws in Az. she’s been studying psychology and how to use it to her benefit. But Jodi’s big mistake with anything she studies is she draws her own conclusions from the things she reads. She doesn’t have any training in either field so she’s got nothing to rely on but her own mind and thats her disaster when it comes to understanding the correct meaning and the truth of the matter.

  204. jayelle sea says:

    Your right Mystical, there’s no true affect to her words, its all just make belief. She sure is a strange and dangerous nut, you notice she claims she’s never mad, give me a break, she’s seething undernieth. There’s rarely any depth to her words or feelings, very flat and rehearsed. I think Jodi is only an empty box where she injects what she perceives a person would do, Hence always saying, “well I wouldn’t want to be perceived as?”, Its the ultimate acting con job, on herself!!. It reminds me of the lyrics, “having feelings, feelings of an almost human nature, this will not do”. quote band pick floyd from “Another Brick in the Wal”l

  205. mystical pippin says:

    Love that song by Pink Flyoyd and those words definitely apply to what you’re saying. And you’re so right about her being an empty box that projects what she perceives a person would do because that’s part of her disorder. She has no original thought or substance underneath. She only does and says what she thinks someone would do or say.

    Dr Drew pointed out that when Jodi was living with the guy who eventually divorced his wife (can’t remember his name). They bought a house together – which at that point you would think she would’ve felt secure with him but instead she goes and buys a car exactly like the car his ex-wife owned. Its impossible for Jodi to think of doing or saying something thats original because she doesn’t know how. She’s so used to lying and stealing ideas from other people she’s incapable of doing anything original. Look at her so called artwork (which I said from the begining there was something very commercial about it plus the technique used was straight out of one of those learn art by mail order looked) She traced the art from perfume ads then called her own art. I really hope she gets charged with copyright infringement from one of those ad companies.

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