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For those who may be interested in Florida vs George Zimmerman, I will do my best to post updates and any related information here. Earlier I was following this case but due to taking an unbiased middle of the road stance, I could not find a blog where I was welcomed.

From the get go, this case was not just about a neighborhood watchman shooting an unarmed 17 year old male youth, it became a mixture of race, gun control, politics and the Stand Your Ground laws. It became a black or white issue and few blogs, if any, wanted to look at both sides without repercussions. As a result, I quit voicing my opinions on the case however, I plan to follow the case from a legal perspective and watch closely the strategy of the two sides.

You are welcome to comment on this thread or just read. I ask you to refrain from dicussing race and/or political issues. These two controversial topics can escalate into disagreements which I hope to avoid.

Zimmerman’s trial is scheduled to begin June 10th with jury selection.

Zimmerman will not be having a pre trial immunity hearing.

Zimmerman, as per Mark O’Mara has gained 110 pounds in body weight.

The Attorneys along with Judge Nelson met in chambers and an agreement was reached that the jurors will be sequestered.

Following are a couple of videos from today….

George Zimmerman April 30 2013 Post-Hearing Press Conferences

George Zimmerman Hearing-Today

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24 Responses to ~~Florida vs George Zimmerman~~

  1. A Florida judge questioned George Zimmerman today on his decision to waive a hearing under the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which means that he is likely heading for a trial this summer in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

    The pre-trial Stand Your Ground hearing would have given the judge the discretion to free Zimmerman, eliminating the need for a trial. But the validity of a Stand Your Ground defense would be determined solely by a judge. Zimmerman’s defense team has decided to put their case before an entire jury.

    “We’d much rather have the jury address the issue of criminal liability or lack thereof,” Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara said.

    George Zimmerman’s Decision Leads to Summer Trial

  2. On Tuesday, O’Mara said he might file a motion, requesting “stand your ground” immunity, after the state puts on its last piece of evidence at Zimmerman’s trial.

    The judge also ruled:

    •That Zimmerman would get a copy of a $1 million-plus settlement Trayvon’s parents received in a wrongful-death claim against Zimmerman’s homeowners association. The public will have to make do with an edited version.

    •And that she will decide after the trial whether prosecutors should have to cough up several thousand dollars that defense attorneys say they’re due because of time they wasted trying to track down information the state did not disclose.

    Read more here at….


  3. Sherry says:

    I hope that the prosecutors will stay above board on sharing discovery. I always wonder at why either side tries to pull stunts with discovery. I understand waiting until the last minute to hand it over but to make the other side whine in court that they have been denied the discovery…hmmm…

    I was curious as to why the SYG hearing was changed to let a jury decide on it (I thought that it had been dropped as a consideration since GZ left his vehicle to search for TM-but he is saying it was to find an address!). O’Mara is going to present it after the defense is done presenting their side. That’s a wise move because it may come out the defense proved SYG wasn’t applicable in this case. Which, IMO, it isn’t since GZ got out of his vehicle and didn’t introduce himself when TM asked him what the problem was.

    I watched a YouTube documentary last night that had Serino’s interview of GZ. In it, He made a remark to GZ that GZ said he had no idea about yet he turned around and used that very suggestion in the re-enactment . The suggestions by Serino was did TM say, “Homey” to him. I thought Serrino was doing pretty good at trying to trip GZ up. He smelled a rat…

  4. I intend to honor the ‘no race’ and ‘no political’ aspects in discussion of this case; I am sure the media will try to suck lots of people in.

  5. Sherry~~I was listening to Mark NeJame on HLN and he said it was a good move on O’Mara’s part to not have a pre trial immunity hearing. If he did, Zimmerman would have to take the stand and expose the defense’s strategy. I don’t think Mark expected Judge Nelson would have ruled in favor of giving Zimmerman immunity so I agree it was a good move to not go forward with the pre trial hearing.

  6. Sandy~~NBC duped the public when they edited the 911 audio tape. I was duped along with the rest. Once I heard the unredacted version of the 911 call, it made me realize which route this case was taking as far as the media was concerned. You would say I was royally pizzed…

  7. Sherry says:

    Good! Trayvon’s past was not known by Zimmerman at the time of the fatal shooting. To want to bring that in for character assasination of the victim smacks of having to belittle him in order to be lifted up as one of good character! Its playing dirty and I know its legal but it still stinks! grrr….

    Oh, protestors stay home!

  8. Sherry~~I am hoping things will run smooth and a jury will make the decision as to Zimmerman’s fate. Sadly, I expect there will be repercussions when a verdict is handed down.

  9. Experts At Odds Over Whether Screams For Help Came From Martin or Zimmerman


  10. George Zimmerman’s wife files trial witnesses list that includes sister-in-law, brother-in-law


  11. Buzz builds over jury notices for George Zimmerman trial


  12. Sherry says:

    Wow, people are actually excited about serving on this jury? Personally, I think everybody but a few could come to a decision fairly in this case. Once the evidence is given with its back and forth by the two teams I believe there may be a change of mind by some who are adament about what they believe the verdict should be. Remember, MOM is going to let the jury decide about the SYG Law being relevent to this case, for or against George Zimmerman. Jury selection should be interesting to watch if its aired to the public.

    (note to self: do not read comment lines in news articles on this case unless I could use a headache excuse)

  13. Sherry~~I like your ‘note to self’….I wonder how long it will take to panel a jury?? Judge Nelson feels confident that she can panel an unbiased jury. I believe they only need six jurors and a couple alternates?

  14. Sherry says:

    LOL! At my age I really don’t need those excuses anymore (nor want them 😀 )

    Not sure how long it will take for jury selection. I imagine both teams have people monitoring all the social sites and are doing their best to find reasons to disqualify people like the man that’s ready to give George a life sentence evidence unheard. I like Judge Nelson and I believe she will be as attentive as possible in the selection process. I can imagine some will use the social media to get out of serving, too.

  15. George Zimmerman lawyers release data from Trayvon Martin’s cellphone


    Texts, photos from Trayvon Martin’s phone released by George Zimmerman’s defense

    Video with Richard Hornsby and Bob kealing…interesting


    Facebook Updates…


  16. George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Reveals New Evidence To Fox: Trayvon’s Pictures Of Gun And Weed


  17. Evidence Photos: Trayvon Martin cellphone pics released (Warning: Some graphic images)
    Trayvon Martin cellphone


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    Marijuana and Aggression

  19. Mark O’Mara’s Website re Zimmerman Case


  20. For any legal scholars or those interested in the laws pert to the Zimmerman case, Richard Hornsby has some great info here….


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