~~Let Justice Prevail for Travis~~


Will Juan Martinez be able to prove beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that Jodi Ann Arias planned the murder of Travis Victor Alexander? I am putting all my faith in the prosecutor in that he will prove to a jury of 12 that Travis’ murder was premeditated. I expect the deliberations will not take very long and once a foreman is picked and they cast their first vote, that vote will be guilty by all twelve jurors.

Let’s just take a look at some of the evidence, proven and circumstantial.

1-Sex tape- Travis was unaware he was being recorded. If you listen to the tape, Jodi was directing the discussion. In fact, she never shut up. She asked him leading questions knowing full well that he was in a vulnerable state and would go along with anything she brought up. Phone sex is based on fantasy and the goal is to arouse your partner. Travis’ did not realize what Jodi was doing and what he thought was role playing was Jodi’s way of getting him to say things that never existed. She saved this sex tape as part of her plan.

2-The 25 caliber gun- LE testified it had all appearances of a staged robbery of Jodi’s g/father’s gun. How convenient!

3-Rental car- renting a car approx 90 miles from Yreka and did not want a red car.

4-The gas cans-Juan proved the third gas can purchased at Walmart was not returned. He also proved via gas purchases Jodi fabricated her story about wanting to save money on fuel.

5-Hair color-Jodi had a dye job in Salinas changing her hair color from blond to brunette. Juan supplied the pics to prove it.

6-License Plate-IMO, Jodi turned her back license plate upside down and took the front one off before entering the state of Utah so she WOULD be stopped by the police in Utah.

7-Ryan Burns-just an alibi for her road trip. She had to visit him and do some grinding to try and prove this was her sole reason for the trip.

8-Cancun- this was included in the 1001 places to see before you die and Jodi was not invited. I rate this one as the reason Jodi slaughtered Travis.

9-Stalking-I believe the jury heard enough bits of evidence to show Jodi had stalking tendencies. Testimony of Mimi Hall, Lisa Andrews, Dr DeMarte.

10-Lack of remorse- 48 hr tape, Mug Shot, Inside Edition, Jodi’s testimony

11-No purchases of gas in the state of Arizona

12-Turned cell phone off

Jodi Arias has all the traits of a psychopathic stalker. She is also a narcissist and takes sadistal pleasure in eliminating anyone who stands in her way. I am surprised she did not go after Mimi Hall but who knows, the 9mm may have been meant for Ms Hall.

When Jodi attended Travis’ Memorial Service, who was the first person she approached to speak with? You got it right, it was Ms Hall. I would love to know the words exchanged between them but I expect Jodi did most of the talking, “Oh Mimi, I am soooooo sorry you did not get to go to Cancun. You must have really been looking forward to the trip with Travis.” I will bet the farm it went something just like that.

Jodi had the audacity to send Travis’ grieving g/mother twenty white irises. Only a sadist would write a 7-8 page letter to Travis’ family on July 28th, the day Travis would have turned thirty.

Jodi did not love Travis. Narcissists are incapable of love except for themselves. They think they are superior to every other human being. Jodi wanted to be her own counsel so what does that tell you? Jodi to Travis on the sex tape-“You made me feel just like a goddess.”

Jodi couldn’t even get along with her mother and father and if all the truth were known put them through sheer hell.

Jodi spied on Bobby, her first boyfriend, by going back to the library and gaining access to his mail account. She invaded Travis’ privacy in a multiple of ways. Jodi had to know Travis’ every move because in her obsession she took ownership of him, body and soul. Even after she murdered Travis, she continued to take over his memories. Travis ended up being her trophy and to this day, she is satisified of her accomplishment.

Sadly the jurors are not privy to everything we are. I think they will probably agree that Jodi is a slut, whore, three hole wonder and evil to the core.

Frankly, I want the worst for Jodi. I am hoping she will end up sitting on death row for many years. I don’t want her to have access to any mirrors.
She took the life of a beautiful human being. He was not without fault but then again, are any of us?


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  1. margaret says:

    Snoops , you are so right on all fronts.. Can you send it to Juan as a check listt for him to check.I was hoping he would show photos from Cayleedaily but they aren’t timestamped. I wish the jury could see those. Juan will do whats best and he is fighting hard for Travis. So is Detective Flores, I’ii bet he will be happy to get back to work. I left a link in Cafe ,sweet story about Travis house..

    Margaret, I am putting my faith in Juan that he will connect all the dots in his closing arguments and display all the gruesome photos of Travis’ butchered body. He will use the inadvertent pic of the ceiling and then the one showing Jodi pant leg and foot which happened 62 seconds later where Travis’ throat was slit. This will debunk Jodi’s story. I don’t think the jurors will fall for Jodi’s fog. Jodi intended Travis to suffer while she hissed at him while plunging the knife.

    I checked out the link you left of Travis’ house… I am glad a family has turned it into a home. I hope the public will respect their privacy. Thanks for posting that link.~~ SS

  2. weezie says:

    Thank you for all your hard work on this case It’s a very volatile subject that is discussed around many family rooms, kitchens, locker rooms, restaurants, bars, you name it, the massacre is openly talked about with vim and vigor. The only stumbling block I see is the crime scene timeline. However, if the jurors use their notes and calculate how many things add up to intentional mischief, long before arriving at the scene, it will lead them to the ultimate conclusion. It didn’t really matter when the shot was fired, or the slashing took place. Because it all took place, and there is not any other attacker doing the crime. This heat of passion, or preplanned murder is foolproof, as long as the jurors systematically go through the timeline leading up to Jodi’s arrival. The strange part is that the window of opportunity was on her side. How did she know that no one would return to Travis’s house until 6:30?, That his roommate would leave around 3:30? Jodi worked fast and made sure she left little evidence, which debunks the FOG theory. I’m sure the jurors will see through that part of her testimony. This is where the true test of 12 citizens will take courage and a lot of might to do the right thing. God bless them for what they are about to do. I surely would not want that job.

    Great comments, Weezie. With an IQ of Einstein, she planned the perfect revenge murder of the man she could not possess. She was not smart enough to differentiate between lust and love. No one rejects a narcissists and Travis had to be eliminated. One little drawback, a camera and Detective Flores along with forensics outsmarted her with her Einstein IQ.. If (I like the word ‘when’ better) the verdict comes back as Premeditated Murder One, Jodi will scream ineffective counsel because in her psychotic mind, she can never be wrong.~~SS


    BLOG RADIO-55:47 minutes- April 27th


  4. mystical pippin says:

    Snoopy and Weezie. From your mouths to god’s ear. I know we’re not supposed to have the “eye for an eye” attitude but that’s not what this is. Its not about revenge in my mind. Its about punishment thats needed. Its about righting a terrible wrong. Its about keeping the world safe and its about teaching a lesson. We shouldn’t have to teach a lesson like this but Jodi needs to learn once and for all she can’t have her way this time. No matter how much she threatens, cries, plays victim, etc. she’s not going to get her way. Jodi WANTS to live. She had no intention of ever asking for the DP like she claimed.

    Jodi’s crime is so heinous, but she furthered the crime by attempting to trash Travis’s good name and kill him again in front of the whole world. (Jodi is the most depraved individual of our time) and although she failed miserably she shoved all this private intimate stuff about him and herself down our throats. She forced us all into hearing intimate and unecessary details which had nothing to do with her crime, but everything to do with getting some extra attention paid to herself.

    She forced us into watching her painfully bad acting performance during her 3 weeks on the stand. She has wasted more people’s time and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the state with her in and out of courtroom antics. Her narcissistic mentality lends itself to a contemptful disrespect for the court, the law, the justice system and the law of every religion and non religion out there. Thou shall not kill. These attempts she made to mock that law with her weak and perposterous lies, her haughty smug attitude of justified killing simply because she was REJECTED…. AS IF there was some kind of legitimacy to it and her incredibly STUPID belief that she is intelligent are all reasons why nothing less than GUILTY OF FIRST DEGREE AND DP will satisfy me.

    I want Jodi to be stuck in a cell with no one to talk to. And no mirrors too like you said Snoopy and definitely NO MAKEUP! I want Jodi to get only a half hour of sun a day. I want her to live in a cell that’s half the size of Travis’s closet so she will think of it every day. On Death Row, she will not be allowed visitors like other inmates. She will see no one and talk to no one as part of her regular routine. This will drive her batty and she may hang herself which would be lovely if she did it soon because it would save millions of dollars not having to care for her, pay for her appeals and the actual execution. On death row she can’t call press conferences or ask for special attention. She will hopefully not be able to communicate with the outside world and will fade quickly from our memories. Jodi is a complete waste of space and oxygen.

    Pippin~~well said! The cruelest punishment for a narcissists is to take away their mirror, makeup and their audience. The courtroom has been Jodi’s stage for the past 53 days but soon the curtain will fall. I expect there will be encores of her show, one is an automatic appeal if she gets the DP. I want the words, “No jury will ever convict me, mark my words,” slapped off her slutty face. ~~SS

  5. On Wednesday I am sure Jennifer Willmott will be taking the helm when Dr Geffner takes the stand. As per usual, it will take over an hour to just hear his credentials. Here is a bit of info re the good doctor…

    This morning, abcnews.com reported Judge Sherry Stephens has ruled in favor of allowing testimony from a third defense expert witness, Dr. Robert Geffner from San Diego, California. With the tight time frame set forth by Judge Stephens I’d expect this expert’s testimony to be very limited in scope. But this can be considered a small victory for the defense, as requests for surrebuttal witnesses are rarely granted – I don’t have the details around the Judge’s decision to allow in this testimony, nor do I know when, how or why Dr. Geffner became involved in this case. However, he is said to be an associate of Alyce LaViolette. Do I need to say any more? Will this expert’s opinion ultimately make a difference at this point in the trial? Has Judge Stephens gone overboard in an effort to avoid appellate issues down the line?


  6. margaret says:

    Thank You ,Snoopy,Weezie and Pippin for making me feel better. Every now and then my conscience wants to tell me that I should not be wishing death on another person. In my heart I believe Pedeophiles and people like jodi.should not walk freely in this world..I believe that if she walked she would torment Travis family and everyone who was against her in this trial,, especially Mimi. Wild about trial has added more pictures but there is a couple I have never seen before. The pictures are from the medical examiner and there is one that should be enlarged and hung wherever jodi is for the rest of her sorry life. This picture is of Travis full frontal face, and I think if the jury sees it there would be a verdict of guilty within an hour.. ..DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU HAVE WEAK STOMACH——-GRUSOME.. More than any I have seen..

    I want her to eat all of her snarky words she used to argue and laugh at Juan during her questioning.. I hope that if she is writing a book , the Alexander family can stop it from being published because I am sure she has thought up a few more nasty things she can dirty Travis name even more..

  7. Dr DeMarte spent 12 hours with Jodi Arias during her evaluation plus she did some testing. Dr Samuels and Alyce La Violette spent 40 and 44 hours with Jodi, respectfully. They were all paid the standard rate of $250 per hour.

    Who seemed to be in it for the money, honey?

  8. margaret says:


    If this true, she is more dispicable than I thought. She will torment that family any way she can..

  9. Margaret~~I deleted your other link. She will not get any free advertising on my blog. She is not an artist because all she does is make copies off pictures she finds in a magazine. I wonder if Charles Manson sits in his prison cell sketching. They are both cut from the same cloth.

    I heard she was drawing pics that resemble Travis’ siblings. She is a sadist and I do believe that if she ever was set free, there would be many she would go after. She probably blames a lot of people for convincing Travis to get rid of her….Chris and Sky Hughes would be on her list.

  10. mystical pippin says:

    Yeah I noticed that too – well after someone pointed it out with comparison pictures of Travis older sis. I also knew the judge would grant the surebuttal witness too. While I don’t think she’s done a very good job at controling the defense attorney’s or Jodi’s antics in the courtroom (she should’ve really admonished Jodi for her continuous glaring at Travis’s family – that was so out of line) I think she’s been right every time about letting witnesses in (except for that kook who thought he saw Jodi in Travis’s eyeball – that was just ridiculous and silly) She cannot give the defense ANY extra reasons in their planned appeals.

    Jodi was definitely a serial killer in the making if she hadn’t been such a coward and also I think the narcissism kept her from killing more (because she actually thought she had covered her tracks – pffft! stupid, stupid, stupid) but knowing what I know now I’m surprised she didn’t go on a killing spree immediately after she killed Travis. then again… MiMi was already in Cancun and she knew that so that could be another reason why she didn’t go after her then. And the gun she bought, at first I thought it was a red herring she wanted it found so they would see it had NOT been fired, but now I think the same thing most of you do which was she was planning on killing more people. Like maybe the people who were accusing her of Travis’s murder. She knew who they were through Ryan because he was the one who told her a lot of people were saying she did it.

    Margaret – If Jodi gets LWOP I will be very very disappointed. It will not deter her from putting herself in the news again and again. She will have far too much freedom in general population. She’s not going to get her book published either – look at CA – no one would touch it with a 10-foot pole…..yes her lawyer did but she’s not getting much from that – plus it didn’t even make the bestseller list like Jeff Ashton’s did or at least the last time I checked it hadn’t. Jodi is now the most hated woman in America. Besides the son of sam law will prevent her publishing it after her conviction. (I hope)

  11. mystical pippin says:

    Although I just thought of this. If she does publish it the Alexanders can slap a wrongful death suit and get ALL the proceeds – that would be nice.

  12. Pippin~ ~ Mimi Hall didn’t get to go to Cancun. She was due to go with Travis. She tried to call him and when he did not return her calls…she alerted T’s friends…she was with the others when his body was discovered.

  13. I am committed to the belief that Travis’ death was pre-meditated, but I also believe it was more than just being ‘dumped.’ I am not going to go into a lengthy presentation because I stated this theory once before, but the level of rage, fury and strength required for the acts perpetrated on innocent Travis comes from someone who wanted to make certain, no doubt whatsoever, that Travis would never survive to tell what he knew about Jodi. And she smirks because she thinks no one will ever know what that was… but slime is hard to contain.

    I would love to know what you think too.~~SS

  14. mystical pippin says:

    Snoopy I thought she was in CanCun because she was meeting him there. When you say she was with others do you mean she was at his home when they discovered his body? Gosh I hope not.

    Pippin, I could be wrong but I think she was~~SS

  15. mystical pippin says:

    Sandy – You have me intrigued. I wish I knew where it was that you stated this theory before.

  16. Karen C. says:

    Sandy- I absolutely agree with you, premeditated maybe some time prior to the “phone sex” tape (if that isn’t a woman playing a man, I don’t know nuffin’ about peeps and their ploys)- I’m not certain at all that she was waiting for him to offer her Cancun- I think she was entirely devoted to a goal of a dead Travis at the end of whatever, dead and tortured. This was a very Big Act for her, like summitting a mountain. She may have her own version of “Things to DO Before You Die”- with killing ex-boyfriend to expunge him from your heart being near the top. Your idea about something he knew about her- maybe, but as we know it would have to be huge, ‘cuz she’s pretty shameless….

    I think she was aware of roommates’ schedules and that would have required extra hacking or phone-calling to places of employment, etc. She could have “stopped by” an office or whatever and sweet-talked info from ’bout any male person around. I don’t think the State has even offered us everything they’ve got- time limitations- and that they have a whole ‘nuther set of Big Bad Facts to divulge later during penalty. Clearly, JM is devoted to securing DP with this one- there must be a particular reason for that, and we may not be privy to that yet. Working pretty much by himself of late has helped JM control all the evidence, and I really sense that there’s more and more and more…

    ….’Cuz she AIN’T Einstein!

  17. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- as for your original post above- few criminal cases have given us as much evidence of premeditated intention than this one. It’s like Jenga- remove a few of these and you still have something there, and there’s so many….

  18. Pippin~~Mimi was there when Travis was found… Michelle passed the phone to Mimi towards the end of the 911 call…

    Marie “Mimi” Hall, a friend in Arizona, called 911 after finding his body.


  19. It was on here, probably a month ago, and I didn’t go into details – cannot because I don’t have them – but I did expound a little bit on why I have the theory. Do you recall testimony of a friend of TA who said he was really frightened of her? It’s based on that, and on the sad headshot photo. And my intuition. I’ve said over and over, as have others, that knives are personal… she wanted him to know it was her doing him in. And I even think she was purposeful in how and where she stabbed him – not killing him right away. He was the lamb, un-suspecting her motive when she showed up and she had a plan – but she’s just not that smart or clever. (If any of TA’s friends or relatives are reading this, I do not write it to cause more pain, but to validate that the DP is the right choice here.)

  20. margaret says:

    Very interesting posts above.. I wish all of you could write Juan’s closing argument. I know that he will cover all points and some hopefully that we may not know. How anyone can come to the conclusion that this was not pre-meditated is beyond me..Snoops has 12 signs of her planning for awhile to carry this out. In my opinion she started planning the day he sent her the text saying, ” she was the worst thing that ever happened to him. ” I thought they would have the bar owner , that loaned her money. because she told him that she had to go to see if Travis was dating other women.

    I still have one nagging question, maybe you all can help me with. It is my belief that jodi knows how to manipulate everything on a camera..Travis friends said he was afraid of jodi, he was seeing his pastor and confessing to his life with jodi. and his room mate said he had talked to Travis before he left for work with Travis saying he had not had much sleep. The room mate did not see a strange car parked in Trais driveway..My question is Would Travis ,after saying he was afraid and confessing to his pastor, just open the door and let her in his house and then go back to having sex after his confession and just throwing all that out the window? In her interrogation with Flores he asked her about a window screen that had been taken out and left on ground. I have not heard anymore about that. jodi said when she got in the house Travis was on computer with his back to her and the dog did not bark..She says they went to sleep but the room mate had talked to Travis. Can anyone clear this up for me.? I just can’t believe Travis was willing to throw it all away for one more fling with her.

    Last night I listened to Tricia Griffiths blog talk radio show and next Sunday she is having Chris Hughes, Travis friend, as her guest..if anyone is interested..

  21. Margaret~~I heard the same things that you did and I wonder if they were just rumors. If someone had talked to Travis before he went to work, you would think Martinez would have had them testify or it would have been in Det Flores’ report. I do not think those pics of nude Travis and Jodi were taken on June 4th. I think Jodi messed with the times on them and transferred them to Travis’ camera somehow.

    [edit: I retract my last two sentences…I just spoke with someone knowledgeable about cameras and time stamps.

  22. jayelle sea says:

    If Jodi was really suffering from PTSD, why didn’t the psychologist recommend her for Psychiatric treatments and medication, instead he gets her a self help book?? Pleeeease, what a bunch of crappola. It just shows their defense is bogus. Bullshit baffles brains seems to work for her. I agree she’s a narcissistic psycho killer with no remorse, and she seems to able to control those around her with manipulation. One thing for sure, she is totally impressed with herself, thrilled I’d say, does that sound like self defense??

  23. jayelle sea says:

    I believe Jodi showed up with a one last fantasy to act out, the rape and robbery. I surmise she played it out in bedroom with rope and then was holding him up with a weapon when she took the pics in shower, and when he turned around she gave him one hard thrust in the heart, thinking that should do it. But when it didn’t kill him she had to keep stabbing, the gun was an after thought, she brought it and had planned to use it but decided stabbing was more her MO. I can here her saying “is this evil enough for you”, while killing him. Mocking his own words a week earlier. That’s what my intuition tells me, something along that scenario.

    Jodi had no intentions of Travis’ murder being a ‘soft kill’..she intended to torture him…very typical of a psychopathic narcissist~~SS

  24. margaret says:

    Tanisha , Travis sister has written a note to every one on Facebook Justice4Travis.. They are appreciative.of everyone.

  25. Margaret~~Look at this….

    Jodi Arias is not known for her honesty, and now the controversial “original artwork” that she has been selling has been revealed to be blatant copies from print advertisements!

    One picture that popped up for sale was a woman in a hat that Jodi titled the “The Hat Series” and bore a striking resemblance to Travis Alexander’s sister, Tanisha Sorensen, who has been in court every day watching the murder trial and hoping for justice for her brother.

    More here……

    Jodi Arias ‘Original Art’ Dubbed Fake! She Copies Print Ads For Profit!

  26. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Can you believe that we will have the last day of testimony tomorrow???

    I think Juan has done a marvelous job so far. I hope that he will be able to provide justice for Travis. I don’t count on it since I could not believe that Caylee Anthony would be denied justice and she was.

    I think that Alyce LaViolette was so biased and unfair that I am not sure how I will tolerate the testimony on Wednesday of one of her colleagues if it is anywhere near as absurd as what Alyce had to say. I will try to remember that “adversity is good for the soul.” However, the judge has mercifully limited the amount of time that we can be tortured by another biased defense psychological expert. The juror’s questions will be interesting. I think they liked Juan’s expert better than Jodi’s.

    I still do not believe in the death penalty but I think Jodi needs to spend the rest of her life behind bars, partially as a just punishment for a brutal murder and partially to protect her future potential victims. I think that almost every day HLN features a potential victim on one show or another. If Jodi had only had a month more of freedom before her arrest I think HLN would have been denied a few guest appearances.

  27. Karen C. says:

    I never bought the notion that those “portraits” were of Tanisha- she has a very compelling look to her and that includes her strong, square jaw. They are as superficial as Boyfriend-Killing Skank. They’ll be able to show that 90%+ of them are copies, and poor ones at that. The one of the adult hands with the baby toes is an image I swear I can recall from an old ad campaign in “Parents” mag, or one of the others. That, at least, is a half-way competent copy- but still a COPY! As fake as all the rest of her….

  28. Winding down and hoping for Justice for Travis and intending that Juan is healthy, well, alert and able to convey all the facts to a jury that is attentive and willing to mete out the justice needed, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is!

  29. The state has filed a motion to put on a neuro psychologist after the defense puts on their expert, Dr Geffner, during their surebuttal. This may go on forever although Judge Stephens has set a dead line. The defense expert Dr G…wants to show that the gun shot wound would not have incapacitated Travis disputing Dr Hall, the medical examiners finding. Geffner is also there to back Laviolette and Samuels and discredit Dr DeMarte’s conclusion.

  30. margaret says:

    Snoops , good morning..Have you seen the video on facebook State vs.Jodi Arias entitled “Here I Am ” .It is a heartbreaking video. It has some wonderful photos of your Juan and Det. Flores with Travis transposed. Also of his family in court. I didn’t know if you would want it linked or not but it is a lovely video.

  31. gramared says:

    Wasn’t the ME just testifying more hypothetically that IF the gunshot had occurred first then Travis would NOT have been able to harm JA because he would have been quickly incapacitated. Martinez has always indicated that the gunshot did NOT occur first but was just countering the DT saying that it did. JM was just showing the jury that JA’s claim that Travis could have attacked her if she shot him first was completely ridiculous. She shot Travis as her final act of jealous revenge.

    I agree with all of you that everything JA did was premeditated, right down to the sex because she knew it would disarm any feelings he may have had that she would do something to hurt him. I don’t think Travis would have been standing in the shower with his arms up and his back to the entrance of the shower unless he was posing for JA. It was too odd a stance for someone just showering and unaware that anyone else was there. Just the way she decribed convincing Travis to do the poses shows premeditation in my book.

    I think they did spend time together and that she had to do what she did to get Travis into a vulnerable position in the shower. He was wet, naked and would have had difficulty running without slipping on the tile had he tried to chase her. She, on the other hand, was dressed and ready to split after she unleashed her carnage. She always had the option of running out the door and leaving. There was no gun in that closet, and she never went to the closet (nothing disturbed). She had the gun and knife in her possession, ready to use when the time was right. JA no doubt played out the scenario in her demented mind for weeks, and nothing would have stopped her. How she knew Travis would be alone in the house is a puzzle, but she no doubt knew everyone’s schedule.

    I posted a while back that JM just needs to leave the jury with the autopsy photos on the big screen for the jury to see. Nothing justifies that brutality to a reasonable, intelligent person. Keep bringing the case back to the core. Travis isn’t on trial; Jodi is. Remind the jurors that anything Jodi said about Travis to try and bolster her case CANNOT be substantiated. All they have heard are the liar repeating more lies. Then, let us hold our collective breath and hope that the jurors won’t hesitate to bring in a verdict that finds Jodi Arias guilty of premeditated, first degree murder, nothing less.

  32. margaret says:

    O.K. guys , Iam angry! My husband has just informed me that I have to go with him tomorrow and that means I won’t be able to watch. I am going to count on you guys to post what happens.. Drat ! !

    HLN has just announced that Martinez has asked for another witness to rebut the DR. that is on for tommorrow. This could go on and on.

    Snoops ,I think it is so funny the ” artist ” has been exposed..Wonder what her art teacher thinks of his great student now. That Einstien IQ is slipping down , down, down. Wonder how many ” limited editions ” she will sell now. It is a picture of an hourglass..Her hourglass is running out of time..I would say that is a fitting image for her to go out in…LOL..Whatever will Donovan do now?

    I understand Donovan tweeted that eBay took Jodi’s pics off their site. I hope Jodi is charged with copyright infringement.~~SS

  33. debl115 says:

    I saw this on the Justice for Travis Facebook…does any of this sound familiar??? So many similarities, it is frightening.


  34. gramared says:

    Many of you may have seen this, but it’s interesting, if you haven’t. I suspect this trial could drive anyone to drink!! Stupid, nevertheless.


    LOL..we may all end up being pulled over if this trial doesn’t end soon..I used to dream I went dancing in my Maiden Form Bra…now I dream of Nurmi inviting me for lunch..Lord have mercy!~~SS

  35. Sandy Banks~ ~I was thinking of you when Dr Drew was on HLN this evening. He had Sky Hughes on. Unfortunately I was on the phone and missed the first part of what Sky said. What I did catch was that Sky said she thought Travis knew about some deep dark secret of Jodi’s. Travis apparently made a comment in an email or text msg to Jodi that he would tell the world about her….it was immediately after that Sky said that Jodi planned his murder. Interesting eh??

  36. gramared says:

    Snoopy….You obviously need this trial to end so you can go back to dancing in your Maiden Form Bra! We need our lives back!!

  37. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- I’m thinking perhaps a termination, or she claimed one, after trying the ultimate last resort of a pregnancy (she could well have lied about that, hoping he’d marry her- Oooops, had a miscarriage, Honey, but at least we have each other now…) I mean, that is the hands-down ultimate piece of manipulation a female can do to a male, so that fits. I don’t see any condoms or wrappers on that bed, do you? What are the odds she either went off the pill or was never on it, trying to entangle him? What else would send him into the complete rant he texted to her? LaV kept talking about “escalation”- Nah, from what I’ve seen of these messages and emails, it all rapidly erupted at the very end- the last few weeks as a matter of fact.

    I knew a girl once a lot like Jodi- complete narcissist- she was a temporary roommate and we both had a cat each. Those two loved each other, played and slept together all day. She wanted me to keep mine locked up- didn’t want hers to “love anybody but me!” These were CATS! She told me she’d had several abortions- would be on the pill, would meet a likely dude, go off pill, get knocked up, dude would dodge (duh!), whah-whah, and she’d abort. She finally got one to marry her, and when he found out more about her, he had a paternity test done- not his doings! And he’d married her! Yuh, I can definitely see JA pulling something like this to keep Travis.

  38. So Snoops – on the recording which one was MiMi? Was she the first one or the last one? I’ve listened to that recording so many times but I’ve never actually realized there were at least 3 people – I knew there was 2 but didn’t realize someone else different was on at the end of the recording. Just curious this makes me so sad to know that she was there too and had to see Travis like that.

    Sandy I find your theory interesting and I’m of the same belief that Jodi planned this starting at least 3-4 weeks before but possibly before that – maybe not seriously. e.g., she may have ran the scenario through her mind because – then this took hold the more angry she became, the more she realized she was losing her control over Travis. We should all realize by now every word she says, every single thing she does is calculated. She sucks at it but nevertheless every move she makes is calculated. The phone call and I think Snoopy has said this before was planned and she specifically led Travis into that conversation.

    I’ve said this from the beginning, she gave Travis for lack of a better word a “script” of things she liked to hear at the beginning of their sexcapades. One was the love of her pigtails, the 12 yr old girl orgasaming, the red riding hood fantasy, another one I believe was her idea was having sex on the hood of the car out in public. In court she’s said it was all Travis’s ideas and she went along with it to please him. Of course the phone call does show she loved it all. But in her diary she writes about how excited she is because they have fulfilled 90% of their fantansies and she brings up the hood of the car out in public sex hasn’t happened yet but she wants it to….. ALSO – Abe the other guy from PPL that she dated said on his first date with her, they started making out in a parking lot he said she was very aggressive and didn’t mind that they had their hands all over each other in a parking lot during daylight. They didn’t have sex but he said there was a lot of groping and skin showing……

    And now…..yesterday on Dr. Drew Skye Hughes reveals that she and her husband think it was something else. They think Travis found something out – either something she did with him or before him and he was going to tell the world. They went through all the emails again they’ve thought about it for 5 years but they don’t know or rather they couldn’t figure out what it was because they couldn’t find it in any of the emails or texts…..hmm…..maybe Jodi deleted that one way before the murder…..probably in an email.

    Sky also revealed the reason WHY Travis wouldn’t leave Jodi completely. FINALLY, it makes sense. Sky said she came down hard on Travis (we also know at one point she came down very hard on Jodi – it was the day that Jodi ONCE AGAIN showed up uninvited and demanded that Skye tell her why she didn’t like her – Skye yelled at her gave her a litany of reasons then told her to get out of her house & never come back – it STILL took Jodi almost 20 minutes to leave) anyway she told Travis to get rid of Jodi. He said he couldn’t because she would kill herself. Skye said No she’s not! He said you don’t know that and if she does I would never be able to live with the guilt.
    So now I know it was because Jodi had guilt tripped him into putting up with all of her B.S. This was why he allowed her to break in, slash his tires, etc…etc… all the other embarassing stuff because she convinced him if he let her go she would committ suicide and being the caring guy that he was – he was trying to still help her even after all the antics. So what does he get for all his patience and caring? Murdered

  39. gramared says:

    Snoopy….Will you be doing Yakkers today for the Arias trial?

  40. gramared~~no yakker thread today…just comment here… I see Deanna Reid is sitting with Travis’ family…

  41. sarah0234 says:

    My favorite part of this Dr.’s testimony was the spilled water and the big honkin’ burp. He exudes the same class and style of Arias. Bet the jury is sleeping or counting the tiles on the ceiling.

  42. sarah0234 says:

    I’ve listened to Dr. Greffners’ testimony. He has not changed my mind about JA having BPD. I think Dr. DeMarte was more thorough, knowledgable and conveyed her findings more clearly. I don’t care how many books he has authored or edited or how many national organizations he heads or belongs to. He did not interview JA, her friends or family. He did not read the umpteen number of text messages between JA and Travis. His work is incomplete as far as I’m concerned.

    Wilmott needs to wrap this up fast. I really believe the jury is getting angry and frustrated. I hope they take it out on JA.

    Can’t wait for Martinezs’ cross. Keep it short JM.

  43. Karen C. says:

    Ah, “Working hypothesis”. So, you come up with one of those first, undoubtedly suggested to you by the DT, then test for that. Sounds pretty foolproof to me!

  44. Karen C. says:

    Over at Donchais’ blog, “Calls For Justice”- they’ve been looking up some of this guy’s credentials and history, not nearly as strong as it would appear from JW’s sing-songy questioning. But, really, why is this guy even talking forensics here at all? Completely not his expertise- they couldn’t get their own ME to go on record! (Talking heads on cable don’t count.)

    And, he really did burp, didn’t he? I managed to miss it….

  45. sarah0234 says:

    The Juan is loose……….hold on tight!

  46. mystical pippin says:

    I believe this jury has already made up their mind and this guy is soooo boring. They most likely will treat this over-kill with resentment towards Jodi. This defense team has got to be the WORST DT I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

  47. sarah0234 says:

    Pippin: Don’t you just know that JA is wishing that Juan was her attorney?

    Karen: Yes, he really did belch/burp. He’s had lunch. I’m waiting for another one. Gross.

    Has everyone noticed JA has been practicing writing with her RIGHT had today? That’s how she’s entertaining herself.

  48. mystical pippin says:

    Do you believe that hogwash about him not knowing what LaV testified to? You’d have to be living in a cave to have not heard about it. He claims they live about 2 hrs apart like thats supposed to be a reason why he doesn’t know…..are you freaking kidding me?

  49. mystical pippin says:

    ya I thought she was doodling because you can actually see the paper she’s writing on. I know she’s not taking notes thats for sure.

  50. sarah0234 says:

    I think Arias knows that her days are number. IMO, she’s sitting there trying to come off as child like to the jurors. It turns my stomach. Every time she looks up, trying to put the “doe” eyes on, I want to smack her. She had no mercy on Travis and I hope this jury has none for her. I wish there was a sentence of life in solitary confinement. That would be worse than death for this narcissistic animal.

    Now she’s coloring or drawing with her left. And what’s so freakin’ funny to her?

  51. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I noticed the Aunt is back and I also noticed grandma is there too. The last time grandma was there she was wearing a blue ribbon. I thought those were for Travis?

    Arias’ family is probably coming now because the trial is getting into the closing arguments.

    Of course, The Juan is doing a fantastic job crossing.

  52. mystical pippin says:

    Sarah – the ribbons are supposedly purple but they do look like the ones the Alexanders are wearing. Jodi’s family’s ribbons represent domestic violence victims if you can believe that…..

  53. gramared says:

    When Willmott asks to approach, you can hear the irritation in Judge Stephens voice when she says, “yes.” It is getting OLD, Jennifer!

  54. sarah0234 says:

    Wilmott looks stunned as Martinez asks the witness about autopsy pictures. Of course she objects. Over ruled!

  55. sarah0234 says:

    Okay everyone. What colors do you think Arias will wear on Friday for the last closing argument before the jury gets the case? Pastels? Black? Red? White? Do you think it will be a new shirt, blouse or a suit?

    She will be wearing her birthday suit…all shaven and Brazilian waxed…her hair dyed back to blond and worn in the upsweep…rhinestone in her navel…toosie pops sticking out of her rear..mouth full of pop rocks…and she will be lugging KY jelly…gun and butcher knife…SS

  56. Now we will see how long Willmott takes to try and do damage control….Juan’s bulldozer ran over the big feeling jerk…. I didn’t bother to watch Willmott going over Geffner’s credentials when he took the stand… I’ll bet Alyce LaViolette was watching her buddy….

  57. sarah0234 says:

    Gramared: About the Judge being irritated with Wilmott…….Yes….you know JS gets tired of it.

    Willmott has a case of the “approachies”. Martinez is so cute the way he drags himself over to the Judges desk like a little boy caught fighting in the school yard going to the principals office. You can just feel him saying to himself, “Why me. Not again. Enough already.”

  58. Geffner has burped, spilled his water and coughed.. I expect him to let a big fart and shit himself yet…

  59. sarah0234 says:

    Ok Snoops! You win on what the killer will be wearing her final day! LOL. What an imagination you have. That would be hilarious if she did. The pop rocks out her arse! It’d be even funnier if someone wet her chair and they started crackling all over her and Wilmott. Think Nurmi would help with the clean up?

  60. mystical pippin says:

    who wants to bet Jodi will get another migraine when Juan starts his cross?

  61. mystical pippin says:

    Ok I’m still on Juan crossing Geffner and Jodi is smirking and looking over at the Alexanders AGAIN……

  62. sarah0234 says:

    Arias is laughing her a$$ off about something. I’m glad this is going late because they’ll probably wake her skanky butt up at 3AM for court tomorrow. I hope she can’t sleep tonight.

    This testimony is really getting old. Both sides need to wrap it up; like yesterday.

  63. mystical pippin says:

    why does Jenny look mad everytime the judge over rules her objections? The judge has given her and Nurmi a thousand times more lea-way (is that really a word? lol) than any other attorneys in probably any of her other cases.

    Karen I agree – both sides but Juan should get to rebutt what they’ve presented. He’s a hellofa lot quicker and at least his questions are interesting.

  64. mystical pippin says:

    ok 6:40pm Calif time and Juan just finished cross. I had to run out to the parking garage for about a half hour due to several car alarms went off now I’ve missed the good stuff.

  65. mystical pippin says:

    My take with what I saw was…..this guy is NOT qualified to testify and also he spent NO TIME with Jodi. But thats moot because HE’S NOT QUALIFIED!

  66. In yet another surprise move, the prosecutor has announced his intention to call another rebuttal witness on Wednesday. The jury is expected to hear from forensic psychologist Dr. Jill Hayes from Louisiana. Martinez intends to use Hayes to rebut Geffner’s testimony.


  67. sarah0234 says:

    Pippin: It’s 9:48 where I am. At this rate I’ll be up past midnight.

    Wilmott always looks anxious when Martinez is asking questions. She looks like she’s sitting on a rocket ready to take off to the judges desk for her “approach”. (Notice her sway back while she’s sitting in the chair. You can see the “may we approach” coming…)

    I’m tired of this Dr.s giggles and awe-shucks attitude when he lies or misinforms the jury.

    Pundits on TV are saying that Martinez is blowing it with this witness and that he is the one causing the witness to stay on the stand so long. I disagree. Wilmott took forever this morning. JM would have taken less time if the witness would have just answered his questions without argument.

  68. sarah0234 says:

    Dr. Horn reminds me of Rob Lowe

  69. mystical pippin says:

    Snoops – heard about the artwork. Thats very funny isn’t it? Did I not say her artwork was very formulaic? She must’ve sent away for one of those mail order art classes. All they do is send you back some pictures to COPY – using the techniques they demonstrate. (one of those techniques is using vertical lines which is exactly what Jodi’s looked like to me)When I saw that one of Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor I knew those were fr om photo’s. I think I said something about commercialized art style too? Which is to say mass produced art. I knew it! I’m just patting myself on my back right now because I’m so glad she’s busted for that.

    Anyone heard of Thomas Kinkade? He was a local painter here – started out really unique using oils and glitter to paint cottages on the ocean….. in fact he painted things around here in Northern Calif. such as a scene of a Monterey street with a “clint eastwood” walking down the street. (This was during the time Eastwood was Mayor there) He began teaching these methods to his students so that they could basically paint his pictures for him. Weird – any way, the quality immediately went down even though his popularity rose higher. He was a very religious family man had been for years. All of sudden he started taking drugs – he died about a year or 2 ago of an overdose. But my point was as soon as he started mass producing his artwork – not even painting his own “originals” is the minute his work went downhill.

  70. mystical pippin says:

    OMG Sarah I was thinking the exact same thing. He looks just like him.

  71. mystical pippin says:

    yeah I disagree with pundits Juan took one quarter of the time Willmott took

  72. sarah0234 says:

    He could eat crackers in my bed anytime 🙂

  73. sarah0234 says:

    Woot Woot Savannah Georgia!!

  74. I bet Snoopy thinks the same thing about Juan (eating crackers I mean 🙂 )

  75. Why do I feel that the defense and one of those jurors keep in touch????

  76. sarah0234 says:

    I don’t know Snoops. Why do you feel that way?

  77. The juror who asked Dr Horn the question about the membrane… strange that it ended up a typographical error on his report?? Did the juror have access to the report??

  78. BTW, I think Dr Horn is gorgeous… if he ever did an autopsy on me, oh God I would come alive.

  79. sarah0234 says:

    I caught that too; but I didn’t make much of it because I believed Dr. Horn’s explanation. The jurors are paying close attention; more than I thought anyway.

    Don’t get jittery Snoops. Arias is still a cold blooded murderer and I believe the jurors will come back with murder one. Especially after Juan performs his magic closing.

  80. redrelaxed says:

    Who’s Dr. Hall? Have I missed something, or do you mean Dr. Horn? I’m confused…been in and out all day trying to stay caught up. Help.

  81. sarah0234 says:

    My bad. I thought his name was Dr. Horn. It’s Hall? ….geez louise……..get that woman a hearing aid!

  82. Who cares what his name is? Look at his sexy eyes…

  83. Dr. Kevin Horn, of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner office, I am love struck…

  84. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: sexy eyes? ……….eyes, nose, lips and strong jaw line!

    So, it is Horn. Whew………hold that hearing aid.

  85. sarah0234 says:

    Oh Snoops; you lucky girl. Sorry to hear about your late hubby. I hope seeing Horn puts a smile on your face and brings good memories for you.

    I’m so excited about tomorrow. The beginning of the end. Finally!

    We deserve a party for lasting this many months on this freakin testimony.

    It’s late here………gotta run. I know, I know. You’re all saying: go already!

    Snoops; New Yakkers post for tomorrow?

  86. Sarah~~I am going to keep using this thread… I posted a pic of late hubby in previous comment but will delete it later…

  87. Marilyn N says:

    RE: juror question on brain membrane not being damaged.
    Where did they hear that fact from the report in the first place?

  88. ok now I’m confused about the doctors. When Sarah said Rob Lowe I thought she was talking about the autopsy doctor from the state. He’s the one that looks like Rob Lowe right?

  89. Marilyn N says:

    Yes, Dr. Horn is Rob Lowe – Right Sarah???

  90. margaret says:


    A good article from an attorney who tells it like it is. He agrees with all of us. I missed today so I am off to catch up..Snoops is jodi going to wear that outfit for verdict day or last day of final arguments? I don’t want to miss that . LOL

  91. Margaret~~I hope that former prosecutor is right on the money. I am posting an excerpt from your link. I have heard this mentioned in many comments I have read while sleuthing around the net. In fact, I have said on more than one occasion that Judge Stephens has to take control of her courtroom.

    Plenty of trial judges have conducted death penalty cases in an efficient manner without losing control of the trial. Judge Stephens has demonstrated that she is in over her head and does not have the temperament nor the intellectual capability to run an efficient trial, most especially a death penalty trial.

  92. mystical pippin says:

    Margaret and Snoopy I wholeheartedly agree. I think she is way in over her head. I still think she had to give the Defense a surebuttal opportunity because at this point she’s granted them everything else. They woud’ve jumped ALL OVER THIS as a grounds for appeal. However, if she had held the reigns from the beginning this trial would’ve been over 2 months ago.

    The very fact that she kept RE-hearing the same ridiculous UN-founded reasons for a mistrial. If this was Judge Perry he would’ve said NO every time Nurmi tried to hold a new hearing. He would’ve held JW in line as well, he probably would’ve told her she needed to keep the credential questioning to one hour instead 3-4. Today was the first time she was shorter – (I think it was about 1-2) Judge Perry probably would’ve also talked to her about going over the same questions again and again. In fact if any other Judge who had experience with death trials – I believe – would’ve had in chamber meetings with both sides as well at each bottleneck in the road to fix it. He/she would might’ve even talked with the “expert” witnesses in chambers or consistently reminded them in the courtroom each time during crosses and re-directs to keep their answers to yes or no as much as possible.

    There was absolutely no legitimate reason to let LaV go on the way she did. I don’t believe she even had a right to be as combative as she was. I’ve never seen a witness be allowed to be so disrespectful to the court in not only refusing to answer questions yes or no but to say things to the DA like he needed a timeout. Why wasn’t she held in comtempt of court for that? Why did the judge allow her to to be so combative with Martinez? For her to say they were not yes or no answers for every single answer was beyond absurd. Her demeanor drastically changed every time the DT asked her questions. She answered yes and no to many questions from JW.

    Now in the case of the Pinelas jury – apparantly some of them didn’t understand the scientific evidence but thats not the fault of the expert or the state. That jury just flat out didn’t care that they didn’t get it. They didn’t even discuss it in deliberations other than agree that since they didn’t understand it they were just going to blow it off. They had the option to ask for clarification during deliberation they chose NOT to. Its different in this case. We can tell, first that this jury is a lot more intelligent, 2nd they are asking valid questions (except when they’re being sarcastic) but we know they care about getting all the information and they care about understanding it.

    Last night on DD, Janine Driver was on the panel and she didn’t really want to give her opinion about the judge. But Mark Eiglarsh (now there’s a guy who can park his shoes under my bed anytime :-)) he chided Janine and goaded her into giving it. And she said she thinks the Judge’s “tells” are such that she favors Jodi or at least seems to feel sorry for her. Interesting…. I think she’s got a point when you look at all the things this judge has allowed for the defendant.

  93. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I didn’t get to see the picture of your late hubby. Could you repost today?

    Marilyn and Pippin: Yes, the dreamy autopsy Dr. looks like Rob Lowe to me. He even has a nice voice to top everything off.

    Marilyn: You asked about where the jury got their info about the membrane. Dr. Greffner, who has never performed an autopsy, expounded on the subject about the dura matter being punctured or pierced. A juror evidently took note of it and asked the REAL Dr., (the medical examiner) about it. That’s when the ME noticed that the dura matter (spelling?) was not noted in his report. If he types his own notes; I can understand why this was overlooked. That’s why, IMO there should always be a second person to type your notes. To catch errors.

    If anyone here has ever done dictation for a doctors office then you know that many offices have templates and the Dr. will request a template to be used. The person who did ours was really good about asking the Dr. if he meant to include a template if he did not request it. More or less; catch the Dr.s error.

    Pippin: I like Mike Eiglarsh because of the way he explains the law (for both sides). He said that he receives hate email if he says anything negative about the prosecution. It’s a shame that we live in a society that you can no longer express an opposing opinion without being threatened.

    One more thing. Did any of you catch the error Wilmott made when she regurgitated the killers I.Q. as 112 instead of 119? Don’t you know Arias was having a fit. And I couldn’t help but wonder if Arias was miffed at the Dr.’s testimony when she stated Arias read at a twelfth grade level. I’m sure the genius thought it would be much higher; cause she’s read so many books that she thought her level had to be off the charts!

  94. Jodi Arias trial: Friend of Alexander’s criticized his treatment of Arias

    A rambling e-mail exchange between Travis Alexander and one of his closest friends paints a picture of Alexander as a womanizer using Jodi Arias to satisfy the physical desires his official girlfriend would not.

    The e-mails were submitted by the Arias defense but never made public because the judge ruled they were “hearsay.”

    They were referred to indirectly during the testimony of the trial’s most controversial witness, domestic-violence expert Alyce LaViolette. LaViolette was building a theory that Alexander was abusive to Arias. But LaViolette was not allowed to display the e-mails or even read from them.

    More here….


  95. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: I read the article you posted. IMO, it confirms for me just how manipulative Arias is and was. I’m sure the Hugheses could kick themselves in the rear for falling for it.

    Arias still doesn’t realize the damage she has left in her wake. If she were ever to be set free; she would cause even more mayhem where ever she would go. I would even go so far as to say, she would kill again.

    Now, how ’bout that picture?

  96. sarah0234 says:

    Snoops: Yep….he kind of does. I see it in his mouth, nose and eyes.

    I’m sure you miss him. Thanks for sharing.

  97. margaret says:

    Snoops, you had avery good looking husband and he looks so kind, but could be fun.. I know you must miss him a lot.

    Sarah, I caught miss perfect, Willmott’s blooper, as I watched the videos last night..Jodi probably corrected her.Jodi did a lot of looking in the Alexanders direction,, do you thoink she was checking out Deanna.. O.K. its that time ,God be with Alexanders and Matinez..

    Does anyone know who the guy is sitting on second row one down from aunt.. He has been in court everyday. Jodi is looking pale watch out.

  98. gramared says:

    There you have it, the judge is allowing the charge of Manslaughter to be considered. Ridiculous!!!!

  99. sarah0234 says:

    I knew the monster would wear a pastel color. You know who did too.
    The killer looks like she washed her hair. It looks like she has a dab of makeup on, but it my be my computer and/or TV.

    Go Juan! Tear her apart!

  100. sarah0234 says:

    I’m ready to take physical action against Wilmott. Very unprofessional to sit there and shake her empty head!

  101. margaret says:

    Willmott is rolling eyes and shaking head ..LOL YOU GO JUAN!

  102. margaret says:

    If that were my life or death being discussed, I think I would at least try to make that jury believe I was interested…Just saying.

  103. margaret says:

    Can you believe that lying , pile of crap was almost laughing at Martinez ? I wish Willmott had to spend 24-7 with her and nurmi in the other cell >
    I say we let Travis family have all the darts in Az. and let them use liar for a target

    Martinez was great and he will bring it home after defense. I think he purposely waited for the worst out of sympathy for family..He doesn’t want to have them so upset this soon.

  104. The Juan is demonstrating why he is The One… very good closing… nothing to distract from the premise that “It’s not my fault I got caught…etc.” and that she did not know how to say “no” over and over again. Very powerful. Wish I could listen all afternoon, but have things to do… thanks again Snoops for posting the videos for us!

  105. mystical pippin says:

    Oh she’s paying attention all right Margaret. She is seething right now. she’s trying to hide her anger by pretending not to be all that interested
    Jodi: “La de da da dum acting dumb I’ll just do my doodling thing.”

    Opff!….. just saw her shake her head and make a face. Juans talking about her showing up uninvited at christmas and sleeping under the christmas tree LOL too funny. She didn’t like that.
    And Wilmott wtf is wrong with her and the faces she’s making at Juan? she’s a child leading a child (to death row) with her unprofessional teenage like mentality. And for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxI’m sick of looking at that bald spot – It gives me the willies – has she not ever looked at herself on tv? If it was me, I would’ve done something about it years ago because looks are really important in this field. As a whole jury’s tend to trust attorneys more that look good. I’m not saying balding women give me the willies but we’re always looking at her head for christopher’s sake – its real a scene stealer ya know? and my eyes keep going back to it. Sorry Snoops for the language I tried to disguise it but I may end up in moderation.

  106. mystical pippin says:

    God I love how Juan keeps mimicking Jodi “Its not my fault”. He’s telling a story, he’s weaving in the evidence, he’s reminding us how scared Travis was of Jodi in the end. AND he brought up the things Travis said about how evil he thought Jodi was. He even said there was something that she had done that Travis thought was so awful just like Skye Hughes said there was something he found out that she did and he was going to tell everyone.

    I also liked the thing about the camera and the pictures she was supposed to show him.. I didn’t know about that.

  107. margaret says:

    As bad as I want to hear defense lie on closing ,with nurmi, it will be slow motion on and on and on. They don’t know when to shut up.

    Pippin ,she is probably writing out her hit list, after all, ” no jury will convict her “.

  108. sarah0234 says:

    Pippin: Are you talking about the CD’s? I didn’t put that puzzle together until Juan pointed it out. Another link to her premeditating the murder.

    Margaret: I dread Nurmi’s closing with a golden passion. I can’t help but wonder if the jury is thinking the same. I would rather have my nails cut to the quick than listen to him.

  109. sarah0234 says:

    okay! it’s time to start. where is everybody?

  110. sarah0234 says:

    Arias is so busy already writing up her appeal. She doesn’t have time for these pesky closing arguments.

  111. gramared says:

    Jodi is sickening with her fake crying and then sneakily peeking at every gruesome photo, thinking that no one is watching. She simply can’t resist looking at her horrific “work.”

  112. LaToilette has been flushed – for the past, for the present and forevermore… and very much deserved for playing games (lying, too) with The Juan on the stand.

  113. redrelaxed says:

    Thought that JM did an superb job of walking the jury through the blood evidence with the crime scene photo’s. He touched on so many visuals that made logical sense. Travis standing at the sink while she stabbed him those 9 times in the back…the photo of Travis’s bloody hand print on the edge of the sink that was left by the defense wounds.

    Powerful closing examination.

    Yeah, Jodi’s tedious fake tears are getting on my nerves too. She was completely ignoring JM until she was prompted by the glaring bald spot to “get with it” and pretend to produce some morsel of remorse for the jury. She’s really lousy at it.

  114. sarah0234 says:

    The man in the gray suit with a purple shirt/blue or purplish tie with dark hair sitting behind Travis’ sisters Travis’ brother? The males in that family are so cute. Stay strong Alexanders’.

  115. Marilyn N says:

    Sarah: Katie Coolady says they are cousins behind Samantha.

  116. mystical pippin says:

    Sarah did you ever see Travis’s friend – I think his first name is Jason or Shane… god my memory is really getting worse with names. I never forget a face but names….. Anyway He’s made multiple appearances on Dr Drew. He’s absolutely gorgeous. If I was 20 years younger I’d rob his cradle 🙂 and he’s such a nice guy. He said some really beautiful things about Travis. He also tried to warn Travis the first time he saw Jodi with him. He knew who she was because she had been coming to those PPL events but he never said anything more than hello before that because he didn’t like her. He said he knew right away that she was the type that was looking for a “meal ticket” and she was very obvious about it. He said she dressed very provacative – one night wearing only a robe with nothing on underneath.

  117. mystical pippin says:

    doh! Sarah I forgot to say yes I meant the CD’s. I didn’t know anything about them until today.

    btw a big Hello to Sandy Redrelaxed and Gramared. Its nice to see you all here today. I’m kind of surprised there’s so few of us but I get it – we all have lives.

    In fact I’ve been thinking I’m probably not gonna watch as much of the Z trial – I need a break. I’ll keep up with the HLN lineup – I think its too soon for me to get right back into another trial right now. (I’ll probably eat my words because I do care alot about Trayvon) This case has really taken its toll on me emotionally between the anger I felt for Jodi, Samuals and MOST of all LaV & DT – cause Jodi at least has an excuse – she’s mentally ill – (although I’m not so sure that LaV is playing with a full deck) to the overwhelming sadness that would suddenly hit me thinking about Travis’s suffering before and during his murder. I’ve burst into tears more than a dozen times over this.

    I mean Travis never had a moments peace because of Jodi. If she wasn’t slashing his tires, or crawling thru his doggy door, living out her “Goldilocks” fantasy by sleeping in his bed when he was out…. or endlessly calling, crying & texting, hiding behind his christmas tree, her constant histrionics and threats of suicide if he left her…. in fact poor Travis never got a moments peace from the time he met Jodi until the night she brutally killed him.

    So DT is now asking for “manslaughter” to be considered by jury? and Jodi killed him in the heat of passion due to an argument AND her being provoked by the victim…. huh? So now they’re throwing the DV defense out? Because her attorneys SHOULD know she can’t claim both. manslaughter cannot be self defense – its killing out of anger and losing control – thats completely DIFFERENT from self defense……like I said. Its the Spaghetti Defense or How to Cook Your Own Goose. Where’d I put that recipe? I think I’m going to try and cash in on Jodi too….lol

  118. mystical pippin says:

    Hey Snoops I was typing a response to your post about the emails from T’s friends early this morning. I had forgotten that I set my laptop to turn off at that time because I’m always falling asleep with it on…… Anyhoo – the message popped up that my pc would turn off in a minute (which in reality means 15 seconds) I didn’t have time to save it and now I’m getting ready to leave work. so I’m gonna post on that later.

    But before I go I wanted to comment on your posts about – A. The lovely Dr. Horn and B. Your comment about how did the juror know.

    The juror who asked Dr Horn the question about the membrane… strange that it ended up a typographical error on his report?? Did the juror have access to the report??

    I heard the question and I thought he asked first if the bullit penetrated the dura and if so would there be a perforated membrane? Thats when the lovely doctor looked at his report and realized there was a typo. So maybe the juror who asked that question is in medical school or has medical training? Whats funny (well not really funny more like annoying ashell) but JW tried to make a HUGE deal about it in her cross. But dr. lovely held his ground very intelligently like DeMarte and made her look the fool once again……
    oFF I go to the store then home. I want to talk to you about those emails.

  119. margaret says:

    Pippin, I so agree with you about a break.. When Martinez was talking today about Travis trying to go down the hallway to get away from her, and then showed the blood marks on wall where he went down and knew he was going to die, I lost it. With all of the pictures we have seen and stories from his friends, he seem like such a wonderful person and thoroughly loved life..It is a good thing Snoopy runs a clean blog because the things I have called jodi and willmott today would shut this blog down. A few times today willmott sure missed being abto to yell ” approach ” and I hope she looks at videos tonight at how stupid she looked rolling her eyes and shaking her head. If I could have gotten to Az. today and gotten in court I would have given jodi something to really cry about. It would be worth going to jail for. Rubbing her nose to keep it red so she could pretend to cry,
    I was so glad to see Deanna and Chris Hughes supporting the family today. While I was crying , the camera showed Chris and tears were streaming down his face. I wonder if there has ever been any contact between jodi family and Alexanders. Jodi’s mom was crying at one point,,do you think it was for jodi or Travis?

  120. I suspect Willnot will have a few tears of her own tonight as she comes to terms with how the case has been flushed down the drain with LaToillette…there isn’t much they can say to make Jodi sh*t stick to the courthouse walls, but perhaps Nurmi will try boring everyone to death first. Could that be pre-meditated?

  121. redrelaxed says:

    Morning Yakkers!

    I see the defendant has abandoned her doodling and is alert and wearing her looooong victim face this morning… and do my ears decieve me?? Nurmi is actually speaking with some expediency THANK heavens!

  122. gramared says:

    Hi Red….I noticed how “alert” JA is this morning. Wonder what the jury thinks of her blowing off JM’s closing by not even acknowledging him, showing disdain, and now with her extreme attentiveness to Nurmi (ugh). JA is as transparent as tissue paper.

    Unfortunately, the DT gets the last word. Sad. I want the last thing the jury to see is the autopsy photos. Let’s just hope the jury is smarter than the 12 nitwits that determined CA’s fate.

    JM’s description of Travis’ last moments was so poignant and right on.

  123. redrelaxed says:

    Morning Gramared!

    I was wondering the same exact thing, re: jury thoughts…a total 360 from her antics yesterday. Maybe the judge took away her golf pencils? I notice the hair pulled back off her face today so the jury can get a real good look at the DV victim in all of her fake angles.

    Oh no…Nurmi is losing momentum…he’s got one speed…reverse.

  124. Actually the Prosecution, Our Juan, will have the last word… Nurmi is doing the best he can to un-flush the toilet, but if I’m cringing at the bad words being regurgitated, I’ll be some others are as well.

  125. gramared says:

    I stand corrected. Heard on HLN that the Prosecution gets the last word – however – the Defense can ask the judge for the last word, and she could grant it!! Pray that doesn’t happen.

  126. Nurmi did not score on the gas cans nor the telephone turned off….hair color-bull shit…he put up another pic where the shading showed darker hair….. Nurmi may possibly create reasonable doubt with one or two things but there is too much that indicates premed… I hope the jurors will look a Jodi and recall her, “no jury will ever convict me”….she does appear to look very confident… I also thought Juan DOES get the last word.. Keep in mind, Jodi did not intend this to be a ‘soft kill’…she wanted Travis to suffer…

  127. Gramared, don’t you mean as transparent as saran wrap?

  128. gramared says:

    Sandy…I haven’t heard of that one before, but it works for me. I’m probably showing my age by using tissue paper since I come from the days when there twern’t no Saran Wrap!

  129. redrelaxed says:

    Snoops when I looked at those photo’s of Jodi’s “blonde” hair it looks like she was brunette all over her head save two blonde strips down the front of her face. I d/k…it was definitely brown when she killed Travis.

    I have faith in Mr. Martinez! During his final closing (it’s my understanding that he gets the last bite of the apple…but who knows with this judge) he’ll totally squash any doubts this jury has. I’m still bathing in the glow of his brilliance yesterday!

  130. gramared says:

    Hi Pippin….I always enjoy your comments but don’t always have time to watch the proceedings and read the blog. It will be sooooo nice when we can eliminate the distraction of JA. I’m with you – lock her up ALONE forever, without mirrors or human contact, and she’ll go bonkers quickly. Take away her audience. She has been ejoying every last minute of this trial – the Jodi Dog and Pony Show. Sorry, pups and ponies.

  131. gramared says:

    Nurmi is making me want to barf going on and on about Travis assaulting Jodi when all we have is her LYING WORD for it and NOTHING else. Pleeeaase jurors – remember that she LIES about EVERYTHING. Now she has Nurmi lying for her.

  132. redrelaxed says:

    No evidence to support that Jodi wasn’t a victim of DV? No evidence she was either. Man, don’t know about the rest of you are filtering today, but this defense looks very weak in comparison with the prosecution.

  133. Nurmi is in his his glory now with the sex talk…

  134. I think Willmott is sick today…she does not look well…

  135. Gramared, part of that reference is because that wrap has been used in some kinky activities and meant as a joke… anyhow… I think there is a measure of truth in the story of Travis attacking her… he might, after being stabbed numerous times, come after her and she did shoot him but he was nearly dead on his feet and then just to make sure she slit his throat. If I was on the jury, I would still say, even IF she was defending herself, she didn’t need to sever his throat, or cover up what happened. I just don’t see how the jury can buy this version of events… hope they don’t.

  136. gramared says:

    Sandy….Ok – that clears up things and makes more sense in this case!

    What the jury needs to remember from their instruction is what a “reasonable person” would do or believe. Also, remember the fact that Jodi was armed, and Travis was NOT. He was injured and dying and in a very vulnerable position to start. All Jodi’s lies about him lunging at her and body slamming her are hogwash. She would not have be able to get away from him that easily, and a body slam would render her stunned for a moment or at least somewhat injured, especially if she were slammed hard tile by someone weighing much more than she did. NOTHING she says makes sense. Juan’s description of what happened makes perfect sense, especially her stabbing Travis in the back as he stood over the sink bleeding and coughing up blood.

  137. mystical pippin says:

    Oh Margaret I lost it again about 10 minutes after the jury was excused. I thought I was done until I read your post about seeing Chris Hughes tears. 😦 You know I think Mark Eiglarsh said it very eloquently when he last spoke to Jason – Travis’s friend on dr. Drew. He said that (I’m paraphrasing) he normally remains unemotional in cases he tries and provides commentary on (he’s a regular, paid, professional commentator on DD even before this case) but in the months during this trial he had come to know Travis. He said Travis’s true character had contsistently shined through all the accusations by Jodi. He said he had come to LOVE and respect Travis in death and wished that he had known him when he was alive. It just speaks volumes to not only Travis’s character but Mark’s as well.

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