Outside Looking In~Jodi Arias

“We, the jury, find the defendant, Jodi Ann Arias……..????” Those words will resound in the courtroom and in many homes across countries all around the globe. Barring any unforseen mishaps and migraines, I am going to predict that 12 jurors will be chosen from the 10 men and 6 women to go foreward and start to deliberate on or before April 30th.

There will only be trial on three days this week, (if we are lucky) so I want to show you a video of where Jodi has spent most of the last five years and where she may be headed.

Prison: Estrella, Women’s Jail, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ.

The following video is Graphic!

Arizona. Women’s Prison (20 pics)

Meet the 3 women on Arizona’s death row-Video and Article

Death Row

Aggravating circumstance:
(6) murder committed in an especially heinous, cruel or
depraved manner.

In Arizona, the death penalty may only be imposed for first-degree premeditated or felony murder.

Trial Process
Although capital murder trials are similar to any other felony trial, there are some distinct differences. The trial of a capital case is divided into two separate proceedings. The first is the guilt phase of the trial, at which the prosecutor presents factual evidence as to the defendant’s guilt for the murder. The second phase is the sentencing proceeding, at which statutory aggravating circumstances is required to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If that requirement is met, the aggravating circumstances are weighed against any mitigation evidence proffered on the defendant’s behalf.

Sentencing Phase
Prior to August, 2002, sentencing was handled entirely by the trial judge without jury input. The prosecutor presented evidence regarding statutory aggravating circumstances and the defense presented evidence of mitigating circumstances. (The prosecutor could also present evidence of mitigation.) The trial court was also permitted to consider “victim impact” evidence. At the conclusion of the evidence, the trial judge issued a Special Verdict, detailing findings regarding aggravating and mitigating
circumstances, and setting forth the sentence to be imposed. With the enactment of Arizona’s new death penalty statute, the sentencing process now has two phases.
In the first phase, the prosecutor presents evidence relating to aggravating circumstances. If the jury that the State has not established at least one statutory aggravating circumstance, the defendant is no longer subject to the death penalty. The jury is dismissed and the trial judge decides the appropriate sentence. If the jury finds that there is at least one aggravating circumstance, the jury remains impaneled and considers any mitigating evidence presented by the defense or by the State, as
well as victim impact evidence. The jurors then decide whether to impose a death sentence, assessing whether the proffered mitigation is sufficiently substantial to warrant leniency.

In 1992, a constitutional amendment was passed by Arizona voters changing the method of execution from lethal gas to lethal injection. Prisoners sentenced before November 23, 1992, have the choice of lethal gas or lethal injection.

Capital Punishment in Arizona

Death of Marcia Powell

Marcia Powell was a 48-year-old inmate who died May 20, 2009 after exposure to 107-degree temperatures for four hours in an outside cage at Goodyear’s Perryville Prison. Prison policy limits such outside confinement to a maximum of two hours. An autopsy report showed that Powell had first- and second-degree burns and a core body temperature of 108 degrees. She suffered burn blisters all over her body. The county medical examiner found the cause of death to be due to complications from heat exposure. According to a 3,000 page report released by the ADC, she pleaded to be taken back inside, but was ignored. She was also not allowed to use the restroom, and as a result, died in her own excrement. Prison administrators fired, suspended or disciplined 16 corrections employees over Powell’s death. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office chose not to prosecute Arizona Department of Corrections staff in her death, claiming that there was “insufficient evidence to go forward with a prosecution against any of the named individuals”.


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  1. Jodi Arias will be convicted for the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Eiglarsh predicts to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

    As Jodi’s explosive trial moves towards its conclusion, Eiglarsh, who has studied the jurors’ questions in the Phoenix, Arizona, courtroom, says, “I believe that they will convict her of first degree murder and my prediction is they are going to [give her] life.

    “When you look at the facts themselves, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. I can’t imagine they will excuse that conduct.”

    More here…

    Jodi Arias Will Be Convicted, Legal Expert Predicts

  2. margaret says:

    Oh my my I don’t see jodi liking the people she will be living with ! jodi thinks she is smarter, prettier and better than them..I see trouble ahead for her..

  3. shyloh says:

    Oh my!!! That place looks scary. Seems the guards don’t care or they just over look what is going on. Talk about out of control. Maybe Jodi will fit right in. Who knows!

  4. Sarah says:

    I can only surmise that Arias is in a POD instead of an open dorm because she is considered high profile? I hope she never gets out out that POD before the trial is over. I hope she sits and thinks about how much bigger Travis’s closet is.

    What an awful place. McNaughty reminded me of JA’s manipulative ways; especially when McN started her wittle crying jag to the woman who doles out punishments. Reminded me of JA during her interviews with the detective and on the stand. I hate to say this; but the people I saw on the show seemed like the all needed mental help and Miss Manners classes.

    IMO, JA will get 1st degree. Her punishment will depend on the magic Juan and the families impact statements. The death penalty in this case is fitting. I believe she tortured Travis before he died. I base that on her account to the detective that Travis kept making the comment that he couldn’t feel his legs. While she had him down she probably was saying a few choice words to him and continued slashing and gashing. It was a brutal and horrific death.

    I know the pundits say the longer she is exposed to the jury the more likely they will form a “bond” with her and won’t give her the death penalty. I think that could work both ways. She may have been on the stand too long and thus making them “numb” to her.

    Shyloh………long time no see. Good to see ya again.

  5. Tommy'sMom says:

    JA stated she’d rather get the DP than LWOP. I think she will get LWOP and I really believe she will fit right in. She has a habit of making herelf into whatever the circumstants require.
    O/T has anyone heard from Dave?

  6. Sarah says:

    Tommy’s Mom: I asked about Dave in the cafe and Snoops responded. See Jonathan’s Cafe 5

  7. There are a few things that are happening re the Arias case… I will post the info here when I get the full story. ..by the sounds of things my prediction that the jurors may be deliberating by the end of the month may end up being the middle of May…

  8. I am getting bits of info from HLN…

    Defense wants the jury to have the option of “Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion” …papers just filed – Vinnie Politan

    The judge has to approve the 2 new motions by the defense guess we will have to see.

    The defense wants to put on a surebuttal…put an expert on to discredit Dr DeMarte

    You can read the comments here…


  9. Did y’all notice that Willmott is trying to mimic Martinez? Nurmi seems to get a kick out of it.

  10. Here is some great reading …..

    The final witness listed for the State’s rebuttal case is an investigator for the Mesa County Police who specializes in computer forensics, Detective Robert Brown. Detective Brown describes himself as a Computer Forensics Detective:

    Arias writes in her journal entry May 22, 2008 that there are several explicit photos on her stolen phone, and 2 recorded sex tapes. In 2010, Arias though her attorneys, deliver this phone into evidence with no chain of custody information in a then 2 year old case. Miraculously, this occurs just as Arias is moving from the “maybe not the ninja’s” defense. From the defense perspective it has some statements from Alexander on it that they feel support’s their defense. From the State’s perspective it proves that Arias was certainly very open to the sexual practices of the couple and never felt abused, nor was she put off by the comments by Alexander.

    More here……..


    Attorneys in the Jodi Arias murder trial will argue motions including one to allow the jury to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter. 9:30 a.m., Maricopa County Superior Court, Phoenix.


  12. Karen C. says:

    Whoa- That is one interesting article from Blink. I know I’ve often considered that there was a second camera involved, as she “always” had a camera. And many had expressed the theory that the sex and nude pics actually came from a previous roll in the hay…. so, what if she had plain ol’ ambushed him instead?

  13. Karen C. says:

    Oh, and “heat of passion” is a French defense. Won’t ever be allowed here, unless jails get REALLY crowded. It gets tried every so often, and fails- was tried in Amherst NY- a double murder, state police perp yet. Walked in on wife and dude. Only homicides in America’s “safest town”, like, in decades. Didn’t work then, won’t even be considered now…

  14. Wow. I go off the grid for a week and look what I come back to… a three-day week and all kinds of motions and links. That will keep me busy until tomorrow. Thanks again, Snoops, for keeping us informed!

  15. Sandy~~I am not sure which direction this trial is going to take… Take a peek at the following…

    PHOENIX – Accused murderer Jodi Arias’ defense team is busy with some last minute moves to save her life, including a request to allow jurors to consider lesser charges.
    Defense Attorney Kirk Nurmi filed a request on Sunday to add “Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel” or “Heat of Passion” charges to the jury instructions.
    The manslaughter charge typically carries a seven year sentence for defendants with no prior record such as Arias.
    But criminal defense expert Brent Kleinman says because of the numerous stab wounds victim Travis Alexander sustained when Arias killed him, seven years is unlikely.

    Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_phoenix_metro/central_phoenix/Jodi-Arias-trial-Defense-team-asking-judge-to-allow-lesser-charges#ixzz2RInTxanp

  16. BTW, Blink’s evaluation of the cameras and the sequence of events really has me wondering if we are getting all the truth there is to get in this situation… Blink is very good at bringing up those niggling questions and shining lights brightly on them.

  17. And…. I just read the request for another witness so it looks like this trial will continue onward and the jurors will have to write their wills because they could be there for awhile longer… ever a case where the trial went on so long that jurors died and had to have another hearing to get more of them? LOL

  18. Sandy~~yes, Blink is great and she has some good connections to investigate some of the evidence. Now we wonder if those sex pics were not taken on June 4th. I do not trust Jodi anymore than her defense attorneys especially Nurmi.

    Here is a bit more info at the last link I posted… My heart goes out to Travis’ family and also the jurors. When will this trial end? I am afraid we will have a Casey Anthony verdict and another murderer set free.

    DeMarte also says Arias has borderline personality disorder.
    It’s this diagnosis Arias’ defense team cites is new information and gives them the right to call another witness.
    Nurmi listed Dr. Robert Geffner as the defense team’s surrebuttal witness.
    Geffner is a psychologist with 28 years of experience.
    He is also the founder and president of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute in San Diego and often speaks out against domestic violence.
    Criminal defense expert Brent Kleinman says typically the prosecution has the last word, but in a death penalty case such as Arias’ the judge will likely allow the new witness to avoid appeals.

  19. The state file an objection motion to the surrebuttal motion..

  20. Redrelaxed says:

    G’morning Everyone,

    Great post Snoop! Some good information, especially BOC.

    My thoughts concur that Jodi herself told Flores in an interview that those photo’s were from another time, not June 4. Jodi was a brunette according to photo images taken and her own admission BEFORE she left Mesa. I’ve always believed that Jodi wasn’t an invited guest on June 4, and that Travis had no clue that Jodi was in his house taking those shower photo’s, until the last disturbing photo where she apparently is visible in his pupil. Travis was ambused. This information is helpful in understanding the emails, texts that Travis was so done with Jodi and moving on. “you are the worst thing that has ever happened to me” It would be enlightening to be able to read all the communications between these two after Jodi moved away from Mesa. One thing is for sure, Jodi did “something” that set Travis off on a “you are a sociopath” rant that wasn’t a typical response from what we’ve been able to see. Jodi was a WILLING booty call, nothing more, nothing less. She was desperate for Travis to love her the way he did in the beginning, and that wasn’t ever going to transpire.

    I think that is was Jodi’s memory card in Travis’s camera on June 4, the camera that Jodi was using while Travis was in the shower. There has indeed been some shoddy forensic’s done with respect to this aspect of the evidence. Very ambiguous.

    Another article written and posted by Dr. K ~

    Jodi Arias Trial: Does Jodi Arias Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

    There are some excellent observations in the comments section regarding the tests done by Dr. DeMarte and Dr. Samuels.

  21. gramared says:

    SS…Do you know when the trial begins today?

  22. Annie says:

    Oh my gosh, Snoop. I found you again. Annie (OH). Haven’t seen you since the verdict in the Anthony Case. I miss you. Now watching your blog. Will be back a million times a day.
    Love, Annie

    Well hello there, Annie!! I see you have the same gravater. Big hugs, my friend!~~SS

  23. Did you notice Jodi would not look at Deanna? Disassociation alright!!

  24. There are questions in the jury basket for Deanna Reid.

  25. margaret says:

    I will be so happy when this woman is carted off to prison..The poor brother ,,,has been so strong,, was in tears when Deanna talked about their Father.. Travs family deserves some peace and never have to look at jodi’s lying killing face again.. She is despicable.. God give Alexander family peace and strenght to get through this..

  26. Margaret~~after listening to Kirk Nurmi’s cross of Deanna, I hope he rots in hell. He is a sadistic pervert. #@$%^%$

  27. Sarah says:

    Amen, Margaret. And Snoops; that’s the way I think of Nurmi too. I think their trying to turn the male jurors on. Instead JA is getting turned on. I swear I thought I saw a cigarette in her mouth when he finished. Not to mention a little glow about her.

  28. margaret says:

    The site I’m watching on says everyone in Judges Chambers..Jodi called in last. Whats up? ? I’d like to check nurmi computer..

  29. Redrelaxed says:

    Thought Deanna Reid was very strong, honest and forthright today in light of what Nurmi put her through. Totally irrelevant and he enjoyed trying to humiliate DR! IMO. I need a shower…Nurmi is a disgusting pig.

  30. I don’t think Nurmi scored very high with the jurors on his cross. I need to go wash my mouth out with soap after the names I called him…

  31. Redrelaxed says:

    True Sarah, it was the only time the defendant paid attention today… when Nurmi was grilling DR about her sexual relationship with Travis. I wish she’d shut her pie hole, she’s had her jaw swinging open all day…beginning to detest the sight of her! …and Nurmi and Willmott are starting to take their toll on my sensibilities. I feel so bad for TA’s family…Deanna tried to shore up the memory of Travis’s father and the siblings all broke down…such respect for Deanna, and loathing for Nurmi. Ugh…

  32. margaret says:

    Does anyone think the chambers trip may have had something to do with Jodi’s ” the hat ” series.. Someone had it on State vs jodi arias facebook last night.. It was identical to Tanisha ..If Donovan did that for jodi, since she is killers helper, she should join jodi in prison. Did anyone else see it?/

  33. Sarah says:

    Red: I missed DA’s testimony and Travis’ family breaking down. They really are pillar of strength. This has to be so excruciating for them. I’d have to be heavily tranquilized.

  34. Sarah~~go to Part 2 and start watching at around 40:00 minutes….it shows Travis’ sister and brother around 42:00 min

  35. Did anyone notice that Jodi’s aunt, Sandy Arias’ twin sister has not been in court since Jodi said her aunt found the lost cell phone in the grandfather’s car?? I believe it was not found until 2010. Is it possible she may be called to testify??

  36. Sarah says:

    Snoops: That video was really upsetting. The three whole wonder sat there with a freakin’ smug look on her useless face while Travis’ brother and sister were getting very emotional. Hell, I even became emotional.

    Children love, want and need their parents no matter what “condition” they’re in. It sounds to me that after many years of struggling the mother and father were trying to get back on the right track.

    It pisses me off so bad that the defense would USE this for the murderers benefit. I hope she gets the death penalty and by the time it’s carried out they will have brought the electric chair back.

    I’d give anything to know what this jury is thinking. Please God, don’t let this be another Pinellas Twelve.

  37. Sarah says:

    Snoops: The absence of Sandy was brought up on some show I watched……I just can’t remember which one (I want to say Vinnie Politan). Very interesting. If she is called to testify I wonder who is going to call her to the stand.

    Sarah, I heard about Sandy’s twin being absent on HLN but don’t know what show either.~~SS

  38. margaret says:

    Has anyone heard about the head doctor nurmi wants to bring on to dispute DeMarte testimony..On Justice4Travis they are saying he is a colleague of LaV. Somone tell me this is just rumor. …

  39. Sarah says:

    Margaret: Yes. I saw the same post as you did on that site. However; I did not click on the link they provided to the original source. I hope it’s true. He sounds like he has problems in his past like Samuels. No worries. The Magic Juan is on the job.

  40. The defense wants to put on Dr Robert Geffner as a surebuttal witness to discredit Dr DeMarte… The judge has to okay it. The legal pundits believe the defense will be allowed to do it. Meet Dr Geffner.

  41. margaret says:

    Thanks Snoops, I feel better ,Juan can handle this guy too..I am still seething about nurmi and his crappy last statement to Deanna. ” I guess you had a different relationship with Travis huh “. Yes nurmi Deanna was not a liar and slut , like your client.. What was with the , ” not being judgemental ” questions.. I was so proud of the way Deanna answered his questions tough and with the attitude of don’t mess with me..Even though there was tears from Travis family ,I do think they got a little good feeling with the talk of the video of their Dad. I think nurmi chose his field because he is a sex pervert himself.

    If anyone wonders I know that names should be capitalized ,but I refuse to dignify certain names…

    jodi said in the plea deal that they tried to get from Juan, that she would destroy Travis and his family.. nurmi, willmott and jodi have been doing that from the beginning. The jury has to see that please God. ..God bless and lead Juan..

  42. Everyone’s hating on the defense, but Nurmi is just doing his job of distracting the jury, taking their minds off the facts/truth and upsetting them with rank words and ranker images…

    I’ll be willing to bet his closing will be something like this: “L & G of the jury, you may have found this trial a trial, with all the references to sexual acts and images and photos, but that doesn’t make my client guilty of first degree murder. This was a passionate relationship, the most intense of Mr. Alexander’s life, as his past girlfriends testified. It is no wonder he reacted in a way that made my client fearful for her life… etc., etc..”

    You may have an aversion to Mr. Nurmi and his associate, Ms. Willmot, but he will use that aversion to them and to his client to his advantage in closing, wait and see… and while you are thinking about what a ‘disgusting’ display it was and that possibly the jurors were equally disgusted, remember it only takes one to mess up the works and that’s all Nurmi needs.

  43. And, Margaret, Nurmi tried to withdraw from this case… not once, not twice, but THREE times. He had just started up his own business when he was tagged. Part of the expense of the State is that they had to pay him $225 an hour instead of the lower (not sure how much) fee of a Public Defender. I am not taking a position that Nurmi is any lower than any other lawyer because he has a horrible client to defend. He is doing his job; winning for him is about his business. Just sayin’

  44. Margaret~~everyone is disgusted with Nurmi. He is a rotten sleeze bag.

    The hearing is behind closed doors… the defense wants the surebuttal and also a couple of Juan’s rebuttal witnesses thrown out…The also want manslaughter put on the charges… if the jurors vote for manslaughter, Jodi could be out in just a few years.

  45. Sandy~~can you imagine anyone hiring Nurmi and paying him by the hour? It takes him 5 minutes to ask one question.

    Nurmi went way over the top in his line of questioning and I noticed Jodi was enjoying every minute of it. I hope Nurmi turned the jurors off big time with his disrespect of a witness.

  46. Redrelaxed says:


    I take issue that Nurmi is just doing his job. Could be my emotions are in the way, however I feel he went way over the top yesterday with Deanna Reid. He is one and appears quite comfortable with his sleazy, vulgar style.

    He was however successful in showing this jury what his client truly is and that Travis was capable of a healthy loving relationship for several years. In any case, I think Juan Martinez made it clear to the jury that Deanna wasn’t privy to TA and JA sexual escapades and that it had nothing to do with the manner in which Ms. Arias ambushed and butchered Travis.

    $225. an hour is more than he’s worth IMO.

  47. Redrelaxed says:

    Snoopy…I should have refreshed…I was writing and see that we both agree on OTT Nurmi…my soul alive, that man gives me the creeps. I did notice that Jodi only paid attention while Nurmi was asking DR those vile questions. There was a gleam in her eye…and she was frothing at the mouth.

  48. Redrelaxed and the rest: you are entitled to your opinions, as I am to mine. It does not mean I would hire him to defend me -hope never to require anyone to do that!- nor does it mean I “like” what he is doing. I am only pointing out that his job is to minimize the punishment for his client. It doesn’t mean that I support his antics to do that. Lawyers, every one I have ever known personally, have a most peculiar view of the world and their place in it.

    Sandy, no wonder there are so many lawyer jokes out there…lol If you are driving along and a snake and lawyer are crossing the road, you slow down and let the snake cross…SS

  49. gramared says:

    Remember JA’S comment when being interrogated, about seeing the photos of Travis – her MORBID CURIOSITY. She has plenty of that, along with her deviant thoughts and memories, to go around. She is getting her kicks reliving this horror, along with torturing Travis’ family.

    JA’s tears yesterday had NOTHING to do with Travis. They were for jodi and what jodi has lost, poor jodi, all the while thinking she has fooled the jury into thinking she has feelings. Ugh.

    Some feel it has been to JA’s advantage to be in front of the jury for so long because it’s more difficult to put someone to death when you feel you know them, to some degree. However, if the jurors are sane, intelligent individuals, all they need do is OBSERVE her on a daily basis to see how out of touch and totally lacking in remorse she is. It’s difficult for her to disguise her smirks, smiles, avoidance, attentiveness, and mannerisms that rear their ugly head at totally inappropriate times.

    SS…I agree with you. Who, in their right mind, would want to pay Nurmi $225/hr when he milks every dime by speaking sooooo slowly and asking and reasking and restating everything. Just his presense and mannerisms are a turnoff.

  50. margaret says:

    Love the joke snoops !!! While I am ranting, why do all the t.v. panelist keep saying that jodi LOVED Travis. He was no more than her path to the good life..She loved the dressing up and going to parties, conventions, and all the things connected to pre-paid legal.. She had poor Ryan all lined up and Gus was wrapped around her finger, she had no intention of giving all that up. She had a nice place to live and I do not believe she was loaning Travis money..She was getting all these free trips and thought she was the prettiest and smartest thing in Arizona..She loved Travis for what he could do for her and when he made it clear the party was over and she knew without his support it would be the end of her and pre-paid legal. She wasn’t as smart as she thought.

    Sandy Nurmi tried to leave but jodi insisted to court he stay.. Men do not leave jodi, jodi leaves men….

  51. Jodi did dye her hair brown….

  52. Expect Jodi to freak out at any moment!!

  53. Marilyn N says:

    Hello! Did it show that she dyed the hair that day? (or when?)

  54. Looks like Nurmi wants to take over Juan’s rebuttal…. he is doing everything to stall, delay and get in his jabs.. Judge Stephens best start taking control of her courtroom…even if this is a death penalty case..

  55. Marilyn~~it showed 3 pics she took on June 3rd with the Helio camera as she was driving…her hair was dark brown..guess she wanted to see if she was beautiful.. she looked like a witch and her eyes were so evil

  56. Short trial day tomorrow and then none until May 1st..Judge told jurors to be there at 9am…she said they have to stay until all witnesses have been heard……closing arguments next Thurs and Fri…if I am correct here…

  57. The jurors must be getting slap happy…another recess…lawyers in chambers…

  58. Marilyn N says:

    But wasn’t there 1 photo with the blonde hair?

  59. Marilyn~~the blond pic was the one in May and Martinez put it down purposely so the jurors could compare..

  60. Margaret, it is my understanding that Jodi had little to do with Nurmi’s staying or going… he was the only death-qualified Public Defender at the time he was originally selected, and although he left the PD department, and requested to be released from the ‘assignment’ there was no one to take his place. I do not think Willmot is DQ. If anyone has more details on this aspect of the representatives for the defendant, speak up, please!

  61. Jodi fought to keep Nurmi on the case….back when he was trying to get off

    Willmott is death qualified.. apparently she came on the scene later.. Once a public defender is assigned to a case, he/she must have a real good reason to make their exit.. generally it has to be something serious like a health issue..

    I will look later and see if I can find the info on Nurmi and his attempts to get off the case and how Jodi did protest…

  62. Court is in recess until tomorrow!!!

  63. #JodiArias MUST READ – BIOLOGY OF THE DEFENSE CASE Defense Counsel Information based on case minutes:

    First public defender at arraignment is James Hann. There is a minute entry about the public defender having a possible conflict. The State’s Attorney is Juan Martinez

    On 9/19/08 the public defender is Maria L Schaffer as primary.

    On 9/19/08 another public defender Judis R Andrews requested an extension of time to challenge the Grand Jury proceedings as they did not have a copy of the Grand Jury transcript.

    On 12/18/08 the primary public defender is Maria L Schaffer and the secondary public defender is Gregory T Parzych. Juan M Martinez is still the State’s Attorney.

    On 5/22/09 the defendant submitted a request for a change of council.
    Additional hearings and status meeting are held without further mention of the change of council.

    On 8/10/09 the Court received and reviewed a motion from both public defenders to withdraw from representing the defendant. The Court found sufficient cause to allow them to withdraw and noted that the trial was set for February 2, 2010 so there is adequate time for new counsel to be assigned without putting the trial date in jeopardy.

    On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington and Kirk Nurmi appear as counsel along with Maria Schaffer and Gregory Parzych at an evidentiary hearing. Of interest, this hearing was to determine if there is probable cause to add an Aggravating Factor that will make this a death penalty case. This is where the prosecution presents to the Court that the victim was shot first, then repeatedly stabbed, then stabbed in the heart and finally had throat slit. Detective Flores represents to the court that he spoke with the Medical Examiner Dr. Horne and that this is the sequence of events Dr. Horne gave him.
    On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington (secondary) and Kirk Nurmi (primary) are assigned as new defense counsel.

    On 11/3/09 new trial date of 8/16/2010 is set. This is per the request of defense counsel who previously stated they need more time to prepare.

    On 6/18/10 the trial date was reset to 8/2/2011.

    On 2/25/11 Kirk Nurmi announced to the Court that he is leaving the Public Defender’s Office.

    On 3/8/2011 a hearing is held regarding Kirk Nurmi withdrawing as defense consel. Very interesting minutes. Defendant strenuously objected to new counsel and possibility of pushing back trial date. The Court noted that “Once a case is set for trial, counsel may not withdraw except upon motion providing the name and address of another attorney, along with a statement from that attorney stating that he or she has been advised of the trial date and will be prepared for trial. Rule 6.3(c). No such motion or statement has been filed in this case. “ Mr. Nurmi was ordered to continue as the lead defense counsel at the standard public defender hourly rate paid to the primary defense counsel.

    On 3/9/2011 Mr. Nurmi submitted a formal motion to withdraw and as hearing on the motion was set for 3/21/2011.

    On 3/21/2011 Mr. Nurmi’s motion to withdraw as counsel is denied. At this hearing the State’s request to change the trial date due to a scheduling conflict with State Attorney Juan M Martinez was also denied.

    On 3/22/2011 another hearing is held with a second motion to withdraw by Mr. Nurmi. After the hearing on the previous day the Public Defender Office notified Mr. Nurmi that they were withdrawing the mitigation specialist, investigator, and paralegal because the Public Defender Office does not want Mr. Nurmi directing staff when he is no longer an employee. The Court ordered that Mr. Nurmi motion was denied and he was required to remain as the primary counsel and that the Public Defender Office must immediately reassign the personnel to the case.

    On 4/4/2011 Mr. Nurmi stated his objection to remaining on the case during a status hearing as he has left the Public Defender Office to go into private practice. The Court found that Mr. Nurmi has an ethical obligation to continue representing the defendant but would begin receiving a reasonable hourly rate of $225.00 as compensation to avoid any financial interests that would place Mr. Nurmi in conflict with his client.

    On 8/8/2011 defendant has a hearing on an oral motion she submitted to represent herself. At the end of the hearing this motion is granted but Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington are to remain as advisory counsel, with Victoria Washington as primary. The evidentiary hearing on the purported letters from Travis Alexander alleging he is a pedophile is held with Ms. Arias as defense counsel.

    On 8/9/2011 during a normal status conference both Victoria Washington and Kirk Nurmi address the Court as to the roles and responsibility of advisory counsel, and the primary counsel (which is now the defendant). The Court agrees and addresses this with Ms. Arias and asks her if she wishes to remain as her own counsel. She states she will continue as primary counsel.

    On 8/15/2011 the evidentiary hearing regarding the “pedophile” letters is completed. The Court orders that the letters are precluded and the defense withdraws them. At the end of this hearing Ms. Arias submits an oral request to withdraw as her own counsel and requests that Mr. Nurmi and Victoria Washington be reinstated as defense counsel. The Court orders Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington to represent the defendant in all further proceedings.

    On 9/9/2011 the trial date is reset to 2/21/2012 due to the primary defense witness needing to withdraw because of a health issue. A new witness will need to be retained and allowed time to prepare for the trial.

    On 12/22/2011 a hearing was held on a motion from the Public Defender Office to withdraw from this case due to a conflict of interest with Victoria Washington. Motion was allowed but the Public Defender Office will appoint a new second counsel, investigator, mitigation specialist, and paralegal. Victoria Washington is released as counsel.

    On 1/3/2012 a hearing was held on a motion to continue trial due to assignment of new counsel. New secondary counsel Jennifer L Willmott was assigned by the Public Defender Office. Defendant agreed and waived the applicable time limit. Trial date was changed to 10/17/2012.

    On 3/12/2012 a hearing was held on a defense motion to dismiss the Intent to Seek Death Penalty. Per the motion “At the status conference on January 3, 2012, the Court granted an oral motion by the defense to continue the trial due to the recent appointment of Ms. Willmott. Defendant Arias agreed to the continuance and the exclusion of time. The trial was reset to October 17, 2012. All time was excluded. See minute entry dated January 3, 2012. Defendant now asserts the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty should be dismissed because, to assure she had effective representation by counsel, Defendant Arias had to agree to the continuance of the trial to October 17, 2012.” The Court denied this motion as the need for competent and prepared counsel trumps her right to a speedy trial. During this hearing the defense also submitted a motion to preclude the State from referring to Travis Alexander as a “victim” during the trial. Specifically, Defendant Arias argues she would be prejudiced by permitting the State and its witnesses to refer to Mr. Alexander as the victim since it is contrary to her claim of self defense. As such, she would be prejudiced. The State responds that the term “victim” is routinely used in criminal cases and does not imply the defendant committed the crime with which she has been charged. Further, the State argues Mr. Alexander was murdered and thus he was a “victim” of a criminal offense as defined by Arizona law. The Court finds the defendant failed to establish she will be prejudiced if Mr. Alexander is referred to as the “victim” in front of the jury during the trial. The State’s evidence will show Mr. Alexander was the victim of a homicide. Apparently, the defendant will argue she acted in self defense and was thus justified in her actions. Regardless, referring to Mr. Alexander as the “victim” during the trial will not unfairly prejudice the defendant.

    On 10/30/12 defense submits another request to continue the trial date (there was a previous motion that was granted moving the trial date from 10/17/2012 to 11/19/2012) because they want their own review of a computer hard drive. State objects to the continuation.

    On 11/19/2012 motion is granted changing trial date to 12/10/2012.

    On 12/4/2012 defense submits another motion for continuation. Motion is denied.

    Jury selection begins on 12/10/2012. Final jury is selected and sworn in 12/20/12. Opening statements scheduled to being 1/2/2013.

  64. Old News…

    Jodi Arias Update: Judge Sets Murder Trial For Oct. 17
    During today’s case-management hearing, Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott, a death penalty-qualified defense attorney, to represent Arias. Willmott will have roughly 10 months to get up to speed on the case. Arias, a 32-year-old photographer from …
    Huffington Post


  65. Margaret~~I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ones who are pro Jodi are making these calls so the defense will gain sympathy… There are sickos out there on both sides…

  66. margaret says:

    That woman thought she had all the bases covered..She was planning for some time and she trapped herself with camera .I can’t believe she was dumb enough to change her hair… Thanks for explanation above.. Good nite my friend.. OOh how is your daughter faring?

    Daughter is doing fine…Jodi is writing a tell all book in jail..she was supposedly pregnant with Travis’ baby and lost it…the rest is too crazy to mention..nitey nite, friend.~~SS

  67. This goes to show how devious Jodi was and still is…She took over as her own counsel trying to get the forged letters into evidence…Taken from the info I posted upthread… Read the following…….

    On 8/8/2011 defendant has a hearing on an oral motion she submitted to represent herself. At the end of the hearing this motion is granted but Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington are to remain as advisory counsel, with Victoria Washington as primary. The evidentiary hearing on the purported letters from Travis Alexander alleging he is a pedophile is held with Ms. Arias as defense counsel.

    On 8/15/2011 the evidentiary hearing regarding the “pedophile” letters is completed. The Court orders that the letters are precluded and the defense withdraws them. At the end of this hearing Ms. Arias submits an oral request to withdraw as her own counsel and requests that Mr. Nurmi and Victoria Washington be reinstated as defense counsel. The Court orders Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington to represent the defendant in all further proceedings.

  68. debl115 says:

    Not only is she saying that she was prego with Travis’ baby, she is also saying that Travis was obsessed with the movie “Psycho”, and that he wanted to recreate the movie. Of course, all this is based on the dude from National Enquirer, so…what are we to believe? Doesn’t really matter, IMO, she is a psychotic, lying bitch, that will never give up.

    Yup, deb, straight from the rag mag..Jodi’s twitter buddy must be their source.~~SS

  69. margaret says:

    Juan brought the best last and that with the M.E. explaining how the gunshot had to be last..Cruel and heinous should be very clear to jury. I would love to know the Judge’s thoughts on jodi..I saw her watching Jodi grab jenny and start talking, no real sign of the tears she faked. I think it is so funny that her kharma has been following her from day one. As for her fantasy book , if she had ever been pregnant by Travis, don’t you know she would have brought that up in court..I hope this new head doctor can’t upset anything next Wed.

    I watched the videos last night from yesterday, and my heart broke for the grandmother.. I saw the cold, black hearted, slaughtering bitch, [ forgive me Snoops ] looking in her direction a lot but never with a smile or any sign of recognition.

    I sure hope the Alexander family lawyer is preparing to keep jodi from making a dime off this..She deserves nothing that attaches Travis name to it.

    Margaret~~no need for forgiveness, you described Jodi perfectly. The death penalty is too humane for her but it will give her 20 years plus on death row.~~SS

  70. Snoops/Mainstreamfair – I stand corrected about the assertion of JA not influencing Nurmi’s having to stay as defense counsel. (Poor besturd – he was probably hoping to wriggle free and not get tainted by this abominable creature.) Thank you for posting that extensive ‘back-story’ and after it is all over, I wonder if we will learn just why some of those folks backed away. I missed all the action today so will go back and watch the links posted for which I once again give thanks to you for doing! Huge smile and high five!

    My pleasure, Sandy! Did you notice Jodi did not want Travis referred to as the victim? I believe Jodi was calling the shots all the way through this case. She considered herself her own primary counsel and Nurmi and Willmott were just puppets. Let’s hope Travis’ family will see justice take place when that verdict is passed down.~~SS

  71. I feel no sympathy for these attorney’s. They could’ve stipulated in their contract to Jodi, if she lies to them or if she plays games they would quit. Ok maybe they couldn’t do that but I’m sure they could’ve told her the defense was absurd and would piss off the jury. They could’ve been more persuasive with the common sense. They could’ve been more honest and realistic in their approach but they weren’t because they knew this would mean lots of money and fame.

    Pippin~ I was shocked the judge allowed Nurmi to cross Deanna Reid in that manner. I did not consider that good lawyering. I would say it was perverted pleasure on his part. I guess we will have to endure pain and suffering when the defense puts on their sureubuttal next Wednesday. I expect Willmott to question the Dr.~~SS

  72. Notice how Jodi stared in direction of the Alexanders again? This was a pointed stare of contempt. She had no expression but you could see it in her eyes. She was NOT looking in the direction of mother/grandmother either. This during the time the jury was leaving.

  73. Karen C. says:

    Those new self portrait pics of Boyfriend-Killing Skank, those were taken to COMMEMORATE her soon-to-be new life, one without the constant ache of knowing that Travis didn’t love her. She is about to embark on her journey of true self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of her strength and endurance- in order to free herself of this man who, once again, has let her down and cannot commit. He just didn’t realize that she was the perfect woman for him, in all her wonderful Jodi-ness- after all, who else would ever fulfill all his fantasies, who had a lovelier face, who had the best booty around? He was a fool not to love her and now she’s gonna make him pay…

    She was at her most beautiful right then, her “blossom time”.

  74. mystical pippin says:

    berry berry clever Karen 🙂

  75. mystical pippin says:

    I wonder why Juan didn’t call Matt McCartney (did I get last name wrong?)

  76. Karen C. says:

    Well, Yeah, that would do it. Pretty thoughtless, really.

  77. Karen C. says:

    Mystical Pippin- No, name is right, like Paul. He was a very dicey person for either side- JM didn’t need him really, and I think it was more important for him to end the day and his case on the new pics from the Autopsy. If people weren’t shocked and horrified at what this psychobitch did before, they sure were after seeing those…. BTW, the new pics are out there but not for the squeamish.

  78. mystical pippin says:

    Thanks Karen – I wondered if it was because Matt had waffled and gone back to being loyal to Jodi. I’m guessing he wasn’t charged with anything for forging those letters from Travis, which I think is ashame because it was a despicable thing to do. I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to commit a crime for that piece of you know what. I don’t get this control she has over some people. I mean some of the men (like Matt) are pretty stupid but LaViolette and Samuels – educated people and cons in their own right I don’t understand how she got them to sway so far from their “expertise” into sounding commical. Plus the both of them did commit crimes when you get down to it. I’m not talking about the lies they told because you can’t prove that but they both crossed the boundaries of ethical behavior in their professions and along with the gifts and apologies their actions were unlawfull to say the least. Its almost as if Jodi has a “Rasputin” effect on the weak minded.

  79. mystical pippin says:

    btw Karen – I agree with you about the pics. It was the best way to end his presentation of the evidence. It hits very hard and definitely a reality check. This whole time during the trial Dr Drew has been saying at least once a week if not more – to take a look at those pictures and thats all you need. (he was talking about the autopsy photo’s). I can’t look. I’ve seen some that I came across by accident – random articles or blogs that I didn’t expect would have these kind of pictures and some just had one or two but very shocking. I would rather remember Travis the way he looked alive. I don’t like thinking about him that way. I don’t even like hearing about how deep the knife wounds were to his chest and his neck.

  80. Karen C. says:

    I’m pretty much inured to graphic images I’m afraid. It’s not that I’m not sensitive, I’m very much hyper-sensitive (dead possums or dogs on the road would set me off when I was younger), but as a teenager I had access to some of my Dad’s medical journals (“Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality” is very likely to delay onset of first sexual contact!), and I also worked for a few years at Mass. Gen. Hosp., after school in Boston. Even in a support staff capacity, you see very gruesome things and have to maintain composure.

    Prior to that, I also fought off a would-be rapist- he was captured and I entered that peculiar state known as “Witness for the Prosecution” (not Victim! You have to get killed for that….), and experienced the frustrations, ineptitude and unfairness of the criminal legal system, it’s Catch-22s and brutal ironies. And I had a simple case- and had not been greatly physically harmed. But it did give me a unique insight into “The System” and the building of a “defense” (I was gob-smacked and open-jawed at some of the things I saw defense attorneys try to pull, and not just in my own case, which wasn’t even that “bad”!)… Also I came away with a deep-seated desire to see justice done for real victims that supersedes any feelings I may have when viewing these images.

    I can look at these pics of Travis and feel what one does when looking at a “Pieta” or one of those German or Flemish crucifixion paintings from the Middle Ages- the pathos and shocking cruelty that was inflicted- right now, we wait for justice and I channel my thoughts to that. Now, I will feel very differently if this psychobitch gets anything less than LWOP (for me preferably DP)- and I’ll look at these same images later with FURY at what has happened to reason and common sense in this country- less than LWOP will signal a major disturbance in The Force itself, and the end of Western Civilization!

  81. margaret says:

    Karen, I agree with everything you said except I look at Travis and I feel the fury now. The laws are so skewed between the prosecutor and defense. They all go into court promising to tell the truth, but only the prosecution is held to that. I did a lot of reading during the ca Florida fiasco, and I discovered it is legal for defense to lie to save their client, they do not have to prove a thing , just insinuate… I understand why there are so many defense attornys..I sometimes listen to the guest defense attorneys on HLN and it just amazes me the scenarios they come up with in jodi’s favor,, just outright blatant lies..They need to be held to the same standards as prosecutors,,that is why Little Caylee will never get justice.

    I did some reading on the treatment for Dr. De M. diagnosis of jodi and the clinicians are warned about how to treat patients. ” If some sort of difficulty arises in therapy,the person might then begin characterizing the therapist as ” bad”.. Clinicians should always be aware of this ” All- or- nothing ” liability most often found in individuals with this disorder and be careful not to validate it.” It goes on to say clinicians are hesitant to work with these individuals because of the stress and demands put on them by patients.

    I agree to DP like she gave Travis, but if not then Lwop..She is a walking time bomb..I would like to know the truth about how she treated Darrell’s son..

  82. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret and Karen

    I think that some people, including a lot of attorneys, believe that the ends justify the means and they have no problem with blatant lies and “alternative” constructions of reality. Others, such as many of us on this blog, take truth very seriously and we just can’t go along with lies. We don’t think that anything justifies lies and we don’t respect people who lie. I could never be a defense lawyer. Maybe you all could not either.

    I have had a big problem from time to time adjusting to the fact that some people won’t tell the truth when a lie will do as well. I tend to get very angry about the outrageous lies Jodi told about the dead Travis. However, the only person whose behavior I can control is myself. It does not do any of us any good to wish that Jodi will get the death penalty or some fate as bad as what poor Travis got. We won’t be one whit better off if Jodi goes on to live the happiest life possible or if she experiences the worst that fate has to offer. If there are consequences for brutal murder or outrageous lies, Jodi will have to deal with whatever she has to deal with. It won’t affect us and we may never know what happens or how it affects her.

  83. margaret says:

    Amber I agree with what you say but when I look at her snarky face and listen to her lies I can’t help wanting the rest of her life to be as miserable as possible.. Way back when she tried to get a lower charge out of the State, she tried to bribe her way out.. She promised that Travis would be ruined and she has done nothing but trash him..

    God will deal with her in his own way..I believe in my heart that if she gets free of this that she will do it again. I hope I am wrong but I think Mimi Hall would be in danger if she goes free, because she blames Mimi for Travis not wanting to see her again..IMO..

  84. Amber from Maryland says:


    I agree with you. I think Jodi bought her new gun (the one that the police found) for some purpose and it wasn’t a wall decoration. Hopefully, Jodi will not go free and have an opportunity to kill again.

    God will deal with everything. That is good because we wouldn’t have the slightest deal how to deal with anyone as mentally messed up as Jodi. I hope that God’s plan includes keeping Jodi where she will do no further harm. She certainly trashed Travis but that may well come back to haunt her. We may see in the next few weeks.

  85. mystical pippin says:

    Karen – WOW! thats some experience you have. I’d say a lot in a few ways. Working at the hospital too. I have some personal experience in the DV department the first was when I was 17, in Florida no less….. But the legal system worked well for me. Perhaps the reasons was its a very small town – still is in fact the last hold-out in the Miami area. My situation involved a gun. Not a real gun a blank gun. But it was perceived as a real gun – it was dark, I was being chased, a friend came to my aid – only to be flashed this gun by my ex-boyfriend, at night and not knowing anything, he turned and ran. and the ex chased him back home but the grandfather had called the police and told them there was a gun. So 5 cop cars show up in a matter of 3 minutes. the ex was already gone but surrendered himself next day.

    At the hearing all the cops who were at the scene that night were there in uniform ready to testify. There must’ve been at least 8-9 they took up 1 and a half rows. These guys didn’t forget how pissed off they were that night. They were so concerned about me. I had cuts and bruises all over me, a swollen cheek and a gash in my side – at the end I’m running away from one neighbors house kitty corner across the street because no one answered the door – then the ex catches up to me pushes me – I flew down onto this grassy, dirt and rocky parking area in front of the home and it had rained a day before. Arms and hands splayed out in the mud. Thats when my neighbor caught up so my ex turned on him gave chase – then I got up and ran back across the street to another neighbors house they were already opening their door as I ran up. Pat was on the phone calling 911 when all the cops showed up. They were amazingly kind and caring.

    The judge was incredible. My ex tried to say I was the violent one and hit him that night and on a regular basis. The row of cops started snickering and one objected. The judge calmed them down and told my ex in no uncertain terms he thought he was liar. Sentenced to Two (maybe 3) years in jail SUSPENDED plus probation. But with a stern warning. If he ever came near me again, if he harassed me in any way – I only had to make a phone call and he would serve that time. No exceptions, no required proof on my part – just a phone call.

  86. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Pippin
    I am happy to hear that you got justice in your domestic violence situation. I was beginning to think that Florida never produced any justice.

    I hope that there is some justice to console Travis Alexander’s family in Arizona.

  87. Karen C. says:

    Mystical Pippin- One thing I’ve gotta hand to Law Enforcement- a very good job has been done in sensitizing cops in general to DV issues from the way they used to be handled, from when it was a big joke and never taken seriously, anywhere, unless it was the cop’s own sister. A friend of mine had a similar experience to yours, no weapons though, other than the dining room window glass he threw her out of- the cops who responded gave her every encouragement and extra support. Again, a small town situation- but they would do drivebys after that and tail him at times, so he was on notice if he didn’t leave her be. Bigger cities don’t have the luxury…

  88. mystical pippin says:

    Thanks Amber. I have the same hope as you also.

    Karen I think you’re right about the small town thing. It was a very long time ago like 1971 or 72. I think it was amazing how everyone was on my side though and not even knowing at the time how difficult it had been for women to prosecute and/or get protection. However, because it was so small I think the population back then was about 15,000 or so. It borders on an even smaller suburb called Virgina Gardens and it also borders on one side of Miami International Airport. So consider how close it is to that its amazing that it hasn’t grown that much today.

    My mom and I were also friends with one of the police supervisors there – he lived right behind us and when I was a kid I used to play with his adopted daughter. I remember this one time when I was playing in his backyard, his german shepard got too excited and sort of bit me. The bite barely broke the skin it didn’t even bleed but Mike (the dad) felt so bad. He went to my mom and apologized again and again. He would come over sometimes and check up on us (my dad was away alot being in the navy) Mom would bring him casseroles….. he got divorced from his wife & they moved away so my mom always felt he needed home cooked meals. But then about 2 years before this happened Mike transferred and moved away too. so I don’t think it made any difference being his friend.

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