Yakkers-Day 37

Yak away!

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  1. FYI~~ Jodi told La Violette that Travis was masturbating to the young boys while on the internet. Martinez mentioned that to Jodi in his cross……apparently he learned it while deposing La Violette. I wonder how the defense will get around that one. Maybe Ms La Violette will have selective amnesia?

  2. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    Have you read that our favorite child killer may be pregnant?

    Someone mentioned it in the Coffee Café. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing about her.~~SS

  3. calipatti says:

    La Violette will be a well prepared witness that is well educated in he field. I hope this will be interesting between her And Juan Martinez.
    We know Jodi has lied to everyone else, so it will be interesting to see how she handles Jodi’s lies. Will she acknowledge the lies?
    This might be a tough witness for the prosecution to question in the same way he has been.

    You went into moderation because you decided to put your name as all one word instead of Cali Patti.~~SS

  4. Karen C. says:

    Yuh, I mentioned that a bit ago- maybe anyone who caught it has developed Selective Amnesia because the thought of that b$tch having another one to kill is so horrifying.

  5. Snoops do you still need this?
    Arizona’s 14 Death Penalty Aggravating Factors

    Thanks, Pippin. I don’t recall seeing that. ~~SS

  6. Karen C. says:

    Most of the pundits are citing #6, but I think #3 can be thrown in there too…

  7. As far as Jodi being physically abused, we only have Jodi’s word for it. Travis made no commitments to Jodi or asked her to marry him. They did not have children together. Travis lashed out at Jodi verbally after she slashed his tires, broke into his email and face book accounts, wrote hateful letters to Travis’ girlfriend and stalked Travis. Jodi offering up her body to Travis did not give her the right to take ownership of him.

  8. calipatti says:

    It’s ok… In having trouble with WordPress. Trying to drop Cali & they say no.
    Looking forward to how Jodi “conned” this witness. Jodi doesn’t or didn’t display body language of a abused woman, to me. So how did Jodi manipulate this professional woman or did she?

  9. gramared says:

    It sounds like Jodi tailored her testimony to match this expert witness’s description of abuse. Makes you sick. Plus, this is more a description of Jodi when it comes to the jealousy aspect.

    Too bad the prosecution couldn’t or didn’t call Jodi’s parents to testify as to her personality as a child/teenager.

    Let’s just hope there isn’t someone on that jury who is buying what this witness is selling.

  10. Redrelaxed says:

    Juan Martinez is going to have a hay day on cross with this testimony regarding a person threatening suicide as a means of abuse…it was Jodi who threatened suicide in most of her relationships.

  11. You gotta to admit, La Violette is well versed and knows her stuff. I noticed Jodi’s face when Alyce mentioned the stalking. In this case, Jodi was the abuser and it sounds more like LaViolette is describing Jodi’s abuse of Travis. Will the jurors see this?

    Some women who CAN leave an abusive relationship stay in it to be looked upon as the martyr as they relish in sympathy. These are isolated cases but it can happen.

  12. calipatti says:

    Gramared, Yes that’s what I heard. LaViolette seems to be describing Jodi even as a stalker. La Violette seems honest and to not be doing this for money. I guess time will tell.

    How are seemingly intelligent, educated and caring people so taken by Jodi? One bad case can ruin them, ex. – Samuels.

  13. calipatti says:

    Oops Snoopy I didn’t see your comment.
    I agree.

    Maybe La Violette was taken in by a sob story that had no merit whatsoever. But then again, maybe Alyce was just playing along and will give her impartial expertise in this whole scenario for a jury to decide.~~ SS

  14. calipatti says:

    Snoop, I hope LaViolette hasn’t been taken in. I am curious if she knows about Jodi’s stalking Travis, moving to Mesa after they broke up, etc..
    These experts seem to be working with limited information. I don’t get it.

  15. ledheadmelli says:

    So, the defense is paying $300/hr for this testimony. How much do you suppose JM is paying her, seeing as she appears to be HIS witness?
    How can you be smart enough to pass the bar exams and be DP-qualified, and then so stupid as to think Ms LaViolette’s testimony helps more than hurts?

    La Violette is a defense witness, not the state’s~~SS

  16. weezie10 says:

    Hi Snoopy. Notice how engaged Jodi is, with this witness. What on earth is the Defense trying to do, give abuse lessons to the whole world!!! Most of this does not apply to this trial or Defense of Jodi. I just hope that Martinez and the jurors questions don’t prolong this into April… Couples who don’t have children??? Geez this is going over the top. Maybe they like to stay on the stand longer because that means more moolah.

  17. Karen C. – I thought both 6 and13 were Jodi.

  18. ledheadmelli says:

    They dated 5 months. They broke up. She moved closer to him. He “freaked” when he found out how close. Then she moved two states away. He ALLOWED her to leave. They dated others. He told her to get lost and stay that way. She refused. He planned a life with a different partner. She drove 1000 miles to kill him for it.

    WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY are we hearing about a subject (Why Women Stay) we are all familiar with by now that has no bearing whatsoever on this case? Show me evidence that Travis constantly apologized and begged her to return to his life or get off the stand! Show me the steps he took to keep her under his ‘evil power’!

    And now we’re on “Blaming the Victim”! Keep talking, lady – you’re not just opening a door, you’re opening up an airplane hangar!

  19. La Violette is saying exactly what the defense wants to hear. She is definitely bolstering Jodi’s self-defense case…watch and see where she goes…..RETALIATION…

  20. Yeah Snoops I saw that part of the interrogation too. You know whats amazing is that Jodi tried my recipe for the Spaghetti Defense that day too. She threw everything at the smart police detective whose name slips me (as most names do these days for me – can you say SENILE?)

    She tried the little girl voice – “How can that be my handprint officer?
    “Because you were there Jodi. Yes you were”
    She tried flirting – “Is that a new gun? what kind of gun is it? I just bought one myself”
    “Yeah we probably found it already.”
    She tried religion – “Im all for the 10th commandment Thou shalt not kill”
    he left that one alone I think…..
    bottom line nothing stuck to the wall so she stood on her head…….LOL

  21. I am beginning to wonder when Willmott is going to open the door about Alyce talking with Jodi….Martinez needs that door to be unlocked..

  22. gramared says:

    Martinez is letting La Violette ramble because he knows she is describing Jodi more than Travis. He’s waiting to pounce. This is just so upsetting because the ONLY one who has ever accused Travis of abuse (when he’s dead at her hands and can’t speak) is JODI!! Why does ANYONE believe her!!!!

    Ledheadmelli…You’re right on. Travis wanted to be rid of Jodi once he figured out what she was all about. He was young and taken with the free sex, but he eventually could see that she was NOT marriage material and wanted out.

    calipatti….Let’s just pray that none of the jurors will be taken in by this testimony and that they see she is describing Jodi and NOT Travis.

  23. ledheadmelli says:

    I don’t see this bolstering Jodi…but then I heard this long lecture 25 years ago and I’m only barely listening. What do you mean by retaliation? Usually I can see where they are headed, but not today.

    I am listening intently to La Violette. She is meticulously and slowly leading up to Jodi finally retaliating by murdering Travis, in self-defense, of course. Alyce is choosing her words carefully to explain what Jodi has already testified to and make Jodi believable. La Violette has studied Jodi’s case. It is easy to tell that and she is testifying in support of Jodi.~~SS

  24. Redrelaxed says:

    What I see going on during this entire defense and Jodi’s carefully orchestrated testimony is that is completely fabricated to coincide with both of these so called experts.

    I totally agree with you leadheadmelli, that La Violette’s testimony is more helpful to the prosecution rather than the defense.

    My gawd…this poor jury…

  25. ledheadmelli says:

    Thanks for the reply, SS! Kind of a “Burning Bed” defense, then? But wouldn’t retaliation point to pre-meditation as well? That is a long and expensive trip for a restaurant worker to make for revenge. I hope this backfires all over kingdom come!
    I need 600mg of Advil right now. Maybe we should have a pool to see when the jury goes into full revolt. I’ll take next Wed at 2:45pm for $200, Alex.

    We all seem to agree here that Travis’ murder was premeditated. It was a revenge killing and Jodi retaliated when she gave Travis the ultimatum, “take me to Cancun, or else”….well we know he obviously turned her down and she ended up doing the “or else”..La Violette will lean towards Fawcett’s Burning Bed.~~SS

  26. calipatti says:

    Yes Snoopy, LaViolette is speaking very carefully. She is bolstering Jodi’s story. JM did interview her prior and he did go at her in his style according to HLN. They read the document.
    I don’t know any longer that this is a slam dunk conviction. Looking like a softer conviction. The trial has went on to long with to much stuff being allowed in.
    I do hope will JM focus on facts in evidence already as much as he does the lies.

    When Martinez gets to cross La Violette, he will treat her with a great deal of respect. I don’t know how HLN could tell what Juan’s tone was from reading a document. When Martinez does his cross, he can only focus on the things Willmott has discussed with her otherwise Jennifer will be screaming…”beyond the scope” and “no foundation” as she struts up to the judge.~~SS

  27. Jodi was feeling faint in court today…that was the reason for the 10 minute delay. The Sheriff got permission from the jail so gave her a protein bar…

  28. Just heard that Martinez will turn La Violette into a state’s witness….

  29. calipatti says:

    Snoop, sorry I can’t recall the reporters name. She has long brown hair and is in court everyday. She said she read the interview and on the point of abuse, it read like he went at her on that point. I don’t know anything else.
    I believe with you that LaViolette could be turned into a prosecution witness. She seems to honest to lie, just misinformed. I hope! I believe Jodi is evil and would commit murder again, just be smarter about it.

    Jean Casarez seems to lean towards the defense anyway.~~SS

  30. ledheadmelli says:

    calipatti – if her hair is kind of auburn and her eyes are small and bright, you are probably talking about reporter Jean Cesares. (or xxxxxx, if you’re a Nancy Grace fan.)
    I tape HLN while I watch the live stream because I really appreciate hearing what she and Beth Karas have to say. I’ll see if I can find what you’re referring to.
    Nite all!

  31. snowynyte says:

    Hello Snoopy and all the Yackers:

    I am telling you my attention level is not what it used to. I couldn’t stay tuned to Ms. LaViolette so I gave up. From what I was able to hear, she does sound creditable, although because she is a defense witness I have my guard up. I am hoping to see Mr. Martinez cross her tomorrow, even if just to come on to say, “ma’am, isn’t it true that…” only once. The other day I heard Beth Carras say he has it all in his head, that he never has papers to shuffle, etc. She is in court almost everyday and sees him in action (so lucky). How amazing is he?!!!

    With that note, I will say good nyte! 🙂

  32. snowynyte says:

    PS: this is what I was looking at tonight:

    In this photo, Travis is sitting down in the shower. Where you see the circle on the bottom right, peep are saying it’s the muzzle of the gun. I don’t know, my eyesight must be in the same condition as my attention level.

    BTW, I do not believe that any photo shoot was happening in that shower. I think JA was threatening Travis to pose with the knife (with the gun in her pant pocket). By this point she had already stabbed him, that’s what got him on the shower floor and I think I am seeing his blood under him. Just IMO

  33. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Guys- catching up after work- just caught on Dr. Drew a statement that b-l-e-w me away- that Ms. LaViolette DID NOT actually interview the Knife-Wielding Maniac? Say, What???!!! Anyone know anything about that? I thought Maniac had told her that she caught Travis jacking off to kiddie pics on the ‘puter (which is obviously a problem for Nurmi et al)- was this a statement that Jodi had written? Was this reference on Drew incorrect? I mean, I can see an aeronautics engineer testifying to technical details under oath if there’s a plane crash, and not interviewing anyone for those purposes, but- jeesh, wouldn’t she have had to talk to the Maniac under these circumstances?

  34. Karen C. says:

    Snoopy- your comment above- I agree totally! This is a person of integrity; she wouldn’t be the first expert witness to surprise “her side”, especially if she feels she has not had access to all information, but felt that she was being massaged into a position! I also sense fairness, to a high degree.

  35. Karen C ~ ~IIRC, Martinez on cross asked Jodi, “didn’t you tell Alyce La Violette that Travis was on the computer blab blab blab”….there was a quick objection by the defense and then a sidebar and that was the end of it. Martinez did not re ask the question.

    The objection may have been due to a lack of foundation since La Violette had not taken the stand at that time and until the defense called her, there was no way the state would know for certainty she would be a witness. That is just a guess on my part. lol

  36. Karen C~~Martinez would have deposed La Violette since she is an expert witness??

  37. Snowynyte~~all I see in that pic is the drain and not blood but the following sure looks like a gun. The shower door was open during that pic taking of Travis so is it a hinge of some sort? I couldn’t bring myself to say shot of him…

  38. calipatti says:

    Ledheadmelli, thank you. It was Jean Casarez who reported about JM desposing or questioning LaViolette on what she would be testifying to.

  39. Karen C. says:

    Yes, he spoke to her for about an hour and a half. He’s also worked with and against her in other cases, so I hear.

  40. La Violette-“If there are two stories, the truth is somewhere in the middle.” She has stressed that she needs to interview both parties to evaluate the situation. That will be kind of hard to do when one of them has been murdered by the one left standing.

  41. Vicky says:

    Good Morning Snowynyte & Snoopy, I looked at a different photo that hasn’t been cropped. and I think it is a snapshot of the picture on a monitor when Martinez placed it on the overhead projector. If I recall correctly, he showed it to Jodi and was trying to make the point about Travis’ position in the shower at that moment, to demonstrate that he couldn’t suddenly lunge out at her. I can guarantee you that it isn’t the muzzle of a 25 mm. The nose if a gun is flat. I think the object in the photo is the pen Martinez used and it was captured on the screen. I have seen other pics where you can see his thumb/finger in the shot.
    If it was a gun the forensic photo examiner would have spotted that in June of 2008 and we wouldn’t be experiencing a marathon trial. 🙂

  42. Sarah says:

    Snoops: The picture posted above @ 1:22AM reminds me of the “pointer” used during testimony. Here is another picture where you can see the pointer more clearly.


  43. Sarah says:

    wow Vicky; great minds think alike. I didn’t see your post before I posted the picture of the pointer. I agree with you. Not a gun.

  44. Sarah says:

    Vicky: You’re correct. It is Marteniz’s pen up side down. If you go to this video @24:16 you can see him using the pen the other way; nib pointing toward picture.

    Martinez Using Pen Pointer

  45. Karen C. says:

    A lot of people thought it might be the gun- it’s shiny and more-or-less where one might expect it to be. I wonder what the point of that pic was- not Calvin Klein in any way! And she has actually documented how it was that Travis was in such a vulnerable position- just prior to attack. Very hard to build a case for her scenario with this in the way…

  46. Vicky says:

    Sarah, thanks for linking that clip, I can’t link photos or videos from my IPad. I just remembered Martinez discussing that photo with Jodi.

    One thing I focused on while looking at the shower pics – The shower door was closed in the photos taken of him showering (most definitely in the final one of Travis with the “defeated” look on his face). You can see the water drops on the glass. She wasn’t using the flash, which is why the photos are so dark. Then the door is suddenly open when that inadvertent photo was taken of him sitting. It also occurs to me that if he voluntarily sat down in the shower, he would have chosen to sit in the opposite direction so the shower wouldn’t spray him in the face.

    I have maintained all along that he wasn’t posing for those pictures, at least not of his own free will. It seems more likely to me that Travis and Jodi had a “come to Jesus” talk following their sexcapades and that he told her that was their final time together and that he had confessed his sins to the Bishop. She probably got all stalky on him, and he told her it was best for her to leave. She went upstairs to get her stuff, but left the gun, knife and camera on the closet shelf.

    I think he walked her to the door and then went into his office to check his emails, etc. She snuck back in the house and hid in his closet. Just like she had done in the past. She knew him well enough to know he would shower and dress once she was gone and before his phone conference. There is no way after telling Jodi it was over that he would have gotten naked in front of her for a fairwell photo shoot. As soon as he got in the shower, she put her plan into action. When I look at those pictures, I see a man who was replaying a stressful event in his mind. Even in the one where he appears to be flexing his muscles. With a shower that size, there is no way they were previewing and deleting photos as they were taken. The water would have all over the floor and camera when he leaned out to look. I don’t think he knew she was there until she made her move to kill him.

  47. I think you gals are absolutely right, it does look like the end of Martinez’ pen.

    Vicky, did you have an opportunity to listen to La Violette? I have to give her credit, she is well versed and a good speaker. I was actually shocked as I had listened to a couple of her talks and was not impressed.

  48. Karen C. says:

    Know how JM can handle this? She has made such a point of being fair to both sides, and he can work that. Simply get her on the subject of the (rare, but still) male victim of a female abuser- how is that alike, how is that different, till the jury sees the light. Just keep her on that, point by point. He can definitely use a lot of those texts for that purpose, and I have a feeling LaViolette won’t resist going there.

    I also think that in time (today, tomorrow?) that Willmott will get her on the topic of patriarchal systems as incubators of gender-abusive attitudes (that was slightly alluded to, Monday)- and that will certainly be interesting in this context.

  49. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, yes I did. She obviously knows a great deal about domestic violence. And she seems to be a very caring and well spoken witness. Too bad she is testifying for the defense. However, much of her testimony has been anecdotal and not really relevant to this particular situation. She has not indicated, yet, that she has counseled a battered woman who ultimately killed her intimate partner or what Jodi told her. She does not seem to have been personally involved in any formal research regarding women who kill their abusers, rather she relies on the research of others. I think she left a somewhat false impression regarding children of addicts. Indeed, many if not most batterers come from dysfunctional homes, but she failed to mention that not all survivors of dysfunctional homes become batterers. Actually, active use of drugs and/ or alcohol is a stronger indicator that someone might become violent/aggressive in an abusive relationship. I also found it rather amusing that she did not mention that having a stable influence, like a grandparent or church family can become a protective factor for children living in or who have lived in a high risk situation. I felt really sorry for Travis’ family when she was testifying about the correlation between batterers and children of chemical dependance. She is relying on a risk based model while educating the jury, but so far she is leaving out the protective factors that build resilience in children living in high risk situations.
    So far, from what I’ve heard her say, it is just as likely that Jodi was the abuser. I just about fell out when she said a partner can go crazy following a break up. 🙂 I think when all is said and done JM has a great chance of turning her into a witness for the prosecution. Especially given the fact that she seems to want to be viewed as credible, and I doubt she is willing to compromise the cause she has spent decades championing.

  50. gramared says:

    Snoopy… You posted yesterday …
    Just heard that Martinez will turn La Violette into a state’s witness….

    Do you think that’s still the case? Where did you hear it? She’s seems like a sincere person, probably just pulled into Jodi’s web. Let’s hope Martinez can pull her out and that Jodi gets her “just desserts.”

    I heard it from one of the legal pundits on HLN. Matrinez is very adept at doing that. Look at the info he got out of Darryl Brewer. I think La Violette and Martinez have respect for each other, having worked on the same side on a few cases.~~SS

  51. Vicky~~it sure seemed that La Violette was describing Jodi more so than Travis being the abuser. She also mentioned ‘stalkers’… It appears that Jodi needed anger management when she was living at home. I think Jodi was used to getting her own way and had hissey fits. She was physically abusive against her mother.

    I did notice Alyce putting a lot of plugs in for some of her colleagues books plus her own. She gets $300 per hour for testifying… lol

  52. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I would not be surprised to learn that she donates a large portion of her earnings to battered women’s programs.
    I agree with you that Jodi was pruned to temper tantrums. She abused a dog, she kicked her mother, she drove two hours to confront a rival, she slashed tires, she cornered a woman in a restroom, and she stabbed, slashed and shot Travis. I also listened to the part of the interrogation video where Jodi states she had a “nervous breakdown” during an altercation with Darryl. I wonder how she behaved during that incident.
    We can add to LaViolette’s testimony, based on Jodi’s claim, that Jodi was a victim of child abuse. Yet another indicator of risk for becoming an abuser.

  53. Vicky says:

    And, oh yes, threats of suicide and leaving home when expected to conform to normal parental expectations.

  54. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Thanks for the additional info.

    Vicky…Did you hear Jodi describe her nervous breakdown (and I use the term loosely) later. She was crying and hyperventilating. Not exactly a breakdown!

  55. Vicky says:

    Gramared, I did hear her description. It was hilarious. It is obvious that Ms. Arias feels quite put upon when she doesn’t get her way, if she likens her reaction to a nervous breakdown. she is quite a piece of work. LOL

  56. margaret says:

    Vicky—Snooops, just read your version of what could have happened and it makes sense. Sneaking back in and hiding waiting to pounce. Some of Travis friends said she had done that in past..Poor Travis , how terrified he must have been. It had to be a quiet, sneak attack, I believe Travis could have done a better job of defending himself..

    Just saw Martinez on HLN being asked for his autograph.. You go Juan ! ! !

  57. ledheadmelli says:

    Your scenarios mirror mine pretty closely – it just makes the most sense when the evidence is considered. We only know that Travis was aware of her presence from 1:30pm on that day, she very easily could have been in hiding until the roommate left for work. A little desired photo shoot to appease him when he discovered her, and then who knows what went on. But if she had him at weapon-point, I don’t think it was until he was in the shower, because he likely would have attempted to overpower her earlier.
    His eyes in that last shot are haunting – I think he knew then it was over. I remember the tape he made describing the robbery, and he said how he put every ounce of despair in his retinas to signal the screaming woman to shut up. I’m aware of how easy it is to see something when it has been suggested to you, but that photo has always bothered me immensely.
    I have to go babysit 3 toddlers, so I’ll be watching Doc McStuffins today and watching tapes tonight. Y’all have fun today!

  58. margaret says:

    Have any of you seen the autopsy pictures of Travis on Caylee Daily.? I just went there to check out their live feed and OMG, those pictures .. God forgive me if I am wrong in my feelings, but someone that can do that to another human , should have been done away with a long time ago. If I ever had any doubts as to her punishment,, no more,, she should be put on death row, for a very short time and get her off the face of this earth..She doesn’t deserve to breathe another day. Dr. Samuels should go with her for lying tto her advantage..

    God Bless Travis Family…

  59. Vicky says:

    No court today I wonder what happened.

  60. Vicky says:

    Perhaps Ms. “lies a lot” Arias is not feeling well. Someone, no doubt, has fallen ill. I can’t think of another reason that court would be postponed until tomorrow. Sorry for making fun of Jody, Snoops, but I couldn’t help myself.

  61. gramared says:

    This is the latest from AZ Central:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    Have 3 sources saying #JodiArias is I’ll & that’s reason for cancellation. No one will comment on #Arias in official capacity yet

  62. gramared says:

    More info from AZ Central a little earlier than the one I just posted.
    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    Juan Martinez is in the victims” room with the Alexander family. The defense attorneys just came out of chambers.

  63. Vicky says:

    JK reported that she heard Willmot say that she wanted someone to make sure Jodi took her medication following the hearing this morning.

  64. HLN cannot find out why the trial was cancelled for today…rumors are circulating but nothing has been substantiated… The judge came out of chambers and said the court was cancelled..

  65. weezie10 says:

    Snoopy or anyone here I have a couple of questions. Why didn’t anyone go looking for Travis after June 4th. He was expecting an important business call that evening, for which he never was able to return. Wouldn’t that have raised a red flag? He was leaving for Cancun the next day, with his girlfriend, so wouldn’t she be wondering where Travis was? He was paying for her ticket I thought. Also why wouldn’t the room mates have smelled the decomposition of Travis’s body? It only takes 8 hours before the death smell starts. I just don’t understand the 4 days of noone going into his house or girlfriend not getting worried?

  66. Margaret~~I did not see a few of these pics of Travis’ autopsy… They did not put them up for us to see on the monitor… Do not click on this link if you are the faint of heart…they are terrible…


  67. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for the warning, Snoopy, regarding the graphic content of that link. I am truly sorry for apologizing too much. I will try to stop. I will be leaving a comment at your lovely Cafe’ shortly to explain and ask you a question that might solve the issue.
    I was SO curious about the media hearing that was held that I did a search for it. The only place I could find the pdf file was at the place you wisely advised us not to go. Please remove this if you do not want it here. I will understand completely. Hopefully later, it will be available elsewhere. Disclaimer: I do not go to this website and have nothing to do with it.


  68. margaret says:

    That is why I didn’t post link to pictures, they are heartbreaking… I sure hope this expert is not going to drag Travis parents through the sewer too, like they have Travis.. That would only add more grief to Travis family. They have been through enough..The sisters leaving crying after talking to Martinez brought that thought to mind..

    You know Snoops , nothing has ever been said about the duct tape, is there a scenario where she could have used that to secure the camera to her body some way that enabled her to keep taking pictures.. The duct tape was in front of washer and camera was inside washer..

    I do hope jodi is not going to fake an illness now to gain sympathy.

  69. gramared says:

    These were posted fairly recently from AZ Central – AZ time.

    1:49 Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    @uf_rulz We know Arias suffers from migraines, which are debilitating. Guilty or not, it’s not a fair trial if you are unable to function.
    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    Word is that trial was cancelled today because Jodi Arias is sick (and has been for days), but none of the principals will confirm.

  70. weezie10 says:

    I was reading about Jodi’s upbringing and I believe her father was physically and sexually abusive to Jodi, while her Mother went along with marshall punishment. I believe she only knew physical abuse to resolve conflict so her doing this heinous crime on Travis, was years of pent up anger and frustration, that exploded on the one man she thought would become her Saviour. I’m sure she was looking for Travis to rip that gun out of her hand and punish her for firing a gun at him. She probably counted toughness as love, but It didn’t go as planned for Jodi. She just couldn’t stop herself from the violence and then all the cover ups and lying, creating an alibi by going to a boyfriend’s house and snuggling, She thought she had it covered. You could see when confronted by the Detective in that small room, she was denying any thing connected with Travis’s death. She thought if she denied it long enough, turning her flirtacious whiles on the Detective, it would find her way to freedom, but alas she was wrong again. WRONG WRONG WRONG. and Travis is DEAD DEAD DEAD. I have only one wish. Jurors consider this: Reasonable Doubt = Not Guilty. Beyond Reasonable Doubt = Guilty. Is there anything reasonable about this pre planned trip of 1,000 miles, the bullet at the crime scene matching the same type of missing gun belonging to Jodi’s grandparents, where Jody was living, No returned gas cans to friend or Walmart, plates on car rental upside down, Jodi’s handprint and dna at crime scene where she tried to clean up and cover her tracks, her odd behaviour of calling Travis after she left, to add to the alibi, and of course every lie possible to take the focus of the murder away from her. But who else did it. She confessed after 3 years and decided on an abuse excuse campaign. As you all agree, the stalking nature of this girl to Travis and his gal friends should lead ANY REASONABLE juror to do the RIGHT THING. We can pray can’t we. The longer this trial goes on, the more people are going to change the tide of popular opinion and decide that Jodi is a battered girlfriend. I sure hope my prediction is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  71. weezie10 says:

    Suzanne; I actually went to that website and made a comment. Believe it or not I can’t get back in, no matter where I try. Somehow they have a way of blocking the ip address. It was a completely mild comment, no swearing or anything of that nature. I was just pointing out that there is a little thing called freedom of speech and the way they worded their warning was what I was referring to. SO OUT I WAS SLAMMED OUT FOR GOOD, All it shows me is their intolerance to another point of view. too bad they remain so sheltered in thought.

  72. Vicky says:

    Weenie, in answer to your questions about June 4th. Chris Hughes was supposed to be a part of that conference call. He and his wife left for Mexico (a week before the conference) the following day. So I assume that is the reason there was no follow up with Travis. Travis wasn’t supposed to leave until the 11th. They did try to make contact with him while in Mexico, but assumed he was busy preparing for the trip. When Me Me couldn’t get hold of him by the day they were supposed to leave, she finally called friends to investigate. The reasons the roommates failed to smell anything – Apparently they weren’t there very much that week. Also, it seems that there was no strong odor coming from Travis’ room until they opened the door. Perhaps because his body was in the shower at the farthest point from the bedroom door.

    Vick, only you could turn our Weezie into a frankfurter…hahahahaha Don’t you dare ask me to correct it either!! ~~SS

  73. Newbie says:

    The last couple of days I’ve been around people who did not know much of the Arias trial. When I asked one of the persons if they were following the trial, she asked “Who is that?” to which I replied, “the case where the girl stabbed her ex-boyfriend 27 times, slit his throat and shot him…..she is claiming self-defense.” I loved the reaction of “WHAT, how can she claim self defense? Stabbed 27 times and shot him? Did you say she also slit his throat? Oh no, that can’t be self-defense.” The second person I asked who didn’t know much about the case reacted the same.
    I wonder what medications Jodi is taking and what medication Willmont was referring to when saying “make sure she takes her medication.”
    Vicky, I love most of your type-ooos and your last one is too good to not recognize it. God love you, you just called Weezie Weenie….lol.

  74. Newbie says:

    Looks like I was too slow in getting Vickys typo up ! Snoops, you’re on the ball.

  75. The latest on HLN is that Jodi had health issues today….this came from a family friend… she had a migraine…

  76. My honey has a fan club so now I have to share him…..ahhhhhh


    You will love the following video…


  77. Vicky says:

    Well darn! I need to turn off my auto correct. I do bad enough on my own. It might help if I would just proof read. I used to have a typo angel and I have someone who does that for me at work. LOL Thank goodness I happen to know Weezie has a sense of humor. So, I don’t feel real bad. If I was going to call anyone a Weenie, it would be Newbie or Snoopy. 🙂

    Vick, God love ya! You don’t know how bad I needed a good laugh. It’s been that kind of a day all around.~~SS

  78. calipatti says:

    Vicky, I have auto correct also and usually my comment reads as if I’m drinking. Often Snoop just gets rid of them which I appreciate.
    On extra TV show, the two crime writers of Criminal Minds (one of my fav’s shows) were asked about Jodi’s case. They have watched 100’s if videos of people in police interview rooms and saw much worse. They said usually the guilty act like Jodi did.
    Also asked about the verdict … said after stab wound 20 it’s no longer self- defense. They thought she is done! Their words.

  79. Vicky says:

    I just turned on HLN, I think tonight’s question was ridiculous and completely irrelevant to this case. How disrespectful to Travis and his family to pose such a question on national TV. His conduct might have deviated from the norm of the LDS Church, but it is not for those outside of his church to make that judgement call. It is by his church he should have been judged and dealt with regarding the issue of sexual deviance. This trial is not about a moral judgment, it is about a legal judgement. At least the majority of the HLN jury didn’t add insult to injury.

    I agree!! Why do so many believe Jodi’s lies? They repeat things Jodi has said as if they are truths. I hope HLN get a rash of complaints.~~SS

  80. Karen C. says:

    I know for a fact that some years ago in Mass. self-defense could only be claimed for 3 stab wounds or less, and they had better be in the front! And forget about that slit throat. I understand that many states have similar ideas of what constitutes a reasonable act of true Self-Defense. And that’s what’s going to get her- she’s supposed to stop acting against him in any way once she has rendered him incapable of hurting her- obviously this went far, far longer than that standard would allow. I am still AMAZED this has made it to trial- a normal person would just throw themselves at the mercy of the Court, hoping for LWOP. She just want to do 10-20 or waltz right out….

  81. Vicky~~is there any actual proof that Travis had intercourse with Jodi, anal or otherwise? I wonder if Jodi staged those nude photos on June 4th. Travis looked like he was asleep in one of them and half asleep when he was holding his two fingers up. If Jodi said she couldn’t figure out the timer on the camera, I take it that she could. She made sure the KY jelly was in plain view. I know dang well she staged the phone sex tape and led him into talking about fantasies. I wonder if his only sin was masturbating and sending her a pic of his manhood. Sometimes I wonder if that was really Travis’ penis…Jodi had access to Travis’ mail accounts and she was planning her revenge long before he changed the passwords.

  82. Karen C~~I heard it mentioned that it took 3 stab wounds…20 would be overkill and definitely not self-defense.

  83. Court is only a half day tomorrow…don’t be surprised if Jodi tries to slit her wrists again and ends up in the jail infirmary so it is cancelled until April 2nd…The trial was postponed seven times so I expect lots of drama from here on in… When La Violette was describing the stalker, it had to hit home with Jodi…

  84. calipatti says:

    Hi all, the crime writers really were cool men, in looks and attitude. When the one writer said that about after stab wound 20, I think he was being sarcastic. They had talked about over kill. As writers that follow real crime, they always have to make the criminal smarter. They said most criminals are dumb.
    I found these two men to be interesting.

  85. snowynyte says:

    Hi Snoopy and Yakkers (spelled Yakkers correctly this time lol)

    Thanks so much for all the information. I can only visit before the bed time so what I hear during the day is already old news by the time I get here (how convenient for me :-)). I so appreciate the clearing up of that metal thing in the shower photo. When I first came across it I was thinking why didn’t the police pick it up. Also I looked at the autopsy photos– how horrendous, there is no words to describe those photos. I feel terrible for him and his family. That monstrosity!! If h**l exists, she belongs there. I don’t think she has it in her to feel an iota of remorse by the way she lies and fabricating to put it all on Travis. Really praying Mr. Martinez will find justice for him.

    I watched that video of Mr.Juan with a smile. I had wondered if he is feisty off court but I see he is a pleasant person. He looks happy, I am so glad he is getting a lot of attention from admirers because he deserves it, I say.

    Thanks again (sending out hugs). G’nyte, all!

    I am glad Martinez is getting some much deserved recognition. Of course, there are those who are already complaining about him signing autographs. Hugs & nite nite to you too.~~SS

  86. Vicky says:

    Snoops, if I didn’t think you would put me in time out for a month, I would explain to you why I believe Jody and Travis probably engaged in multiple forms of sexual activities. However, I have no doubt that Travis is not the first member of the LDS to go against the teachings of the church and does not deserve to be raked over the coals for it. As for the bedroom photos that day, I have no idea which one took them and/or under what circumstances. I do find it odd that Travis had no other porn shots of Jodi or anyone else on his computer files. And that none of the photos of Travis taken that day seemed to reflect someone who was enjoying a planned photo session. Jodi was in that house for nine hours before those pictures were taken. Who knows if she set up the camera to snap a few porn shots of herself while Travis was sleeping. My question would be why? Then again, I question why Jodi did a lot of things that day and throughout their relationship.

  87. Vicky~~Jodi needed evidence to go with her script of lies…thus, text msges, phone sex tape and photos… hell, she even had Matt McCartney forge letters…when they were not allowed into evidence, Sandy Arias took them to the National Enquirer….

    Why would I give you a time out? I can telecommunicate and already know what you would like to say…lol

    If you want to know if your hubby is cheating on you, draw him a nice warm bath and offer to wash his back. Peek over his shoulder while you are scrubbing…if you see anything floating…slap him up the side of the head and divorce him asap…ahem!

  88. Vicky says:

    Cali, I wish I had seen that show! I love Criminal Minds too. IMO, Jodi could inspire quite a few crime show writers.
    Snoopy, I agree with you and was thinking the same things while listening to La Violette testify. If Jodi truly is borderline, we should begin to see signs of stress and duress. I wonder what meds she is taking and how long she has been taking them. I also wonder if the jurors caught on to the fact that Samuels indicated Jodi had taken medication, since she denied to them taking any. I have noticed she has lost a few pounds since the trial began. The good sheriff needs to make sure she is fed properly. I would hate to see her conviction overturned because she was too hungry to assist with her defense.

  89. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I will say this. When it comes to the photos recovered of Jodi that day, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂

  90. margaret says:

    Jodi looks to me like she knows this lady is not helping her and Samuels has been blown out of the water. Since this doctor can’t trash Travis ,and I am so glad Martinez nipped that, jodi knows she is not as smart as she thought. If this trial lasts much longer she is going to have a hard time going back to sweet little ole me , that wouldn’t hurt a spider. She is looking old and not pretty at all. IMO. Maybe some of the pain and sorrow Travis family has had to endure will ease somewhat.

    Some people are complaining about her getting up so early, she loves the night hours, thats when she would take her road trips..

  91. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy and Vicky
    I certainly agree wih you all that HLN was ridiculous in their jury question earlier this evening. It is an insult to Travis and to his family. So much depends on Jodi’s worthless word. Even if we accepted most of what she had to say about his sex life to be true (and I don’t accept anything Jodi says about anything as true) there was no evidence that she was anything other than a willing participant. In my younger days, they used to say that, “Men won’t buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.” Jodi may not have received the rewards she wanted for her enthusiastic gifting but Travis did not deserve to have her try to kill his reputaion after she brutally killed his body. I hope lots of people protest HLN’s misguided insult to Travis’s memory.

    I think we are all in love with Juan Martinez and charter members of his fan club!

  92. weezie10 says:

    Sticky, no hard feelings. Never been called weenie but I figure that’s a compliment considering my weight issues. Thanks for correcting the timeline on Travis’s Cancun travel itinerary. Snoopy, I have posted a complaint to HLN AFTER DARK. How can that show be anything but a filler. It’s really a hockie programme. Notice how there is always one hold out? I think that could be a problem with the real jury. Fame comes at a serious cost, and it wouldn’t be unusual to have one person seeking it. Hey, Snoopy I almost made a typo with your name but the letter P was stuck. lol

    Weenie, Sticky and Poopy…lol Newbie is getting off Scott free~ ~ SS

  93. Vicky says:

    Snoopy, I found the following website last evening after reading an article. It provides the public with an opportunity to participate in a research project for establishing societal standards for what makes a crime depraved. The project has already Involved the legal and scientific community. The overall research will be used to develop a standardized scale for rating the depravity of crimes, etc.
    I thought you and others might be interested in participating in the survey. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete, but really makes one think.


  94. Newbie says:

    Weezie, what a come-back….lol. Snoopy, for some reason I think I eventually won’t be getting off scott free !
    I’m headed out for another grandparents day so am leaving the serious business with you ladies. Should I even say behave?

  95. Marilyn N says:

    Good Morning!
    WHat time is court “supposed” to begin today??

  96. 9:30am MST I think HLN said in 30 minutes …

  97. Vicky says:

    According to HLN, poor Jodi had a migraine yesterday. I say it was induced by her expert witness’ testimony.

  98. gramared says:

    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #JodiArias REMINDER: #Arias case scheduled to begin at 9:30am local today and wrap up at 12:30

  99. Marilyn N says:


  100. gramared says:

    More FYI from AZ Central
    Chris Williams@chriswnews
    #JodiArias judge wrapped AM docket. Meeting with both sides @ bench. No #Arias yet

  101. gramared says:

    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    Just learned that presiding criminal judge in Maricopa Cty denied Nurmi’s motion yesterday to completely seal Arias defense billing records.
    Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    Judge’s ruling says that media can be given dollar amounts, hours billed and the defense billing rates for the Arias trial

  102. Vicky says:

    It seems the defense team forgot to tell Jodi it is red day. 🙂
    Ok, I am having an issue here. First of all, Jodi was 28 years old when she met Travis. How in the heck is he to know that a woman who breaks up with her long term live-in one week after meeting him, and travels to the Hughes’ house to hook up, is a shrinking violet incapable of saying no? Also, I thought that Jodi testified that Travis bought her a dress for the banquets in Vegas, but La says he borrowed the dress for her.
    They are speaking about boundaries. From where I sit, Jodi has no concept of appropriate boundaries. Her issue with boundaries did not begin with Travis and have not ended with his death. I am also really getting tired of all these professionals taking Jodi’s stories as fact based upon a one sided story. I might also add that in certain social circles, there are differences in what are considered appropriate boundaries. La Violette needs to check herself when it comes to imposing her perception of appropriate boundaries when it comes to sex between two consenting adults.

  103. Sarah says:

    Has court ended for the day or is it just lunch time?

  104. Sarah~~Court is in recess until April 2nd… The judge had to go and speak with all the jurors individually to ask if any of them noticed Martinez signing any autographs or getting his pic taken outside of the court building.. Nurmi is at it again trying for a mistrial…

    Here is a video…..from today….


  105. Vicky says:

    Nurmi is just jealous because nobody asked him for his autograph or have their picture taken with him. LOL
    Would that actually be grounds for a mistrial? I would think jurors would be long gone before the attorneys leave the building. I also thought the use a separate entrance.

  106. Vicky says:

    Interesting, Jean Casuarus testified that she has observed a juror hanging around the front entrance to the courthouse on several occasions. That doesn’t sound good. One would think jurors would be encouraged to stay as far away from the crowds as possible. Big surprise, Nurmi mischaracterized her interview on HLN last night.

  107. Newbie says:

    Vicky, it was Arias who testified she borrowed the dress. She used the dress thing to get in that she was actually on the opposite side of where she was normally…..becoming an attendee instead of a server at the dinner.
    When I tuned in today they had just announced no more Court today as the Judge was meeting with the jury and asking them questions about them seeing JM outside of the Court signing this, that and the other. I was shocked !!! I appreciate the Judge decision making on whether to sustain or over rule an objection but otherwise….eh. It is bad enough that Travis has been on trial and now JM’s actions out side of the court room is being questioned. For God’s sake. Here we are with an admitted murderer and circus for a trial. How can 27-29 stabs, slit throat and gun shot in the head be self defense? It is driving me crazy ! The murderess is a liar to boot for heaven’s sake.

  108. Vicky says:

    My question is, How does the judge ask the jurors if they saw JM signing autographs and having his photo taken with fans, without letting them know that he was signing autographs and having his photo taken with fans?
    I guess she can simply ask if they have seen JM outside of court and if so, under what circumstances. Otherwise, if they didn’t know before, they will now. SMH
    The defense team are such goofballs. I would think Nurmi would be spending his time focusing on defending his client and not listening to what HLN is saying about JM or the trial. What the public and media thinks is irrelevant. He needs to be more worried aboit what the jury is thinking. I wonder if he billed the State of Arizona for watching HLN to gain insight and plan strategy.

  109. Redrelaxed says:

    Just a little something to keep us busy until next Tuesday…

  110. Newbie says:

    Redrelaxed, while I just started reading the article you provided, I had to return to here to say I think this may be the best and am looking forward to reading it in total. Most I just scan because I have no patience for reading as I feel I am over-exposed to the Arias chit and really don’t care what her problems are. I would be the juror who tells the Judge I have already decided and need not sit thru anymore testimony…lol. Guilty, first degree murder and death penalty. Anyway, as Vicky says….I digress (is that the way it is spelled?).

    I am putting the article to the side for right now and look forward to reading it when I have quiet time tonight. Now, if any one else reads it and comments prior to tonight, I will be anxious to see what their thoughts are. Good Lord, I am more interested in experts’ thoughts and opinions than and how they compare to each other than I am the trial. I suppose I would be counting the hairs on my arm if I was sitting in Court. Well, unless JM is in action and I don’t want to leave out the current defense witness. She did hold my attention some the first day.

  111. FYI~~I have activated the reply option so we will see how this works out. You may have to do a bit more scrolling so you wont miss any new comments. Let me know what you think of keeping this option…thanks…

  112. Hey Newb~~I have some reading up to do too and like you, I generally do it late in the evening.

  113. Redrelaxed says:

    Newbie…(Good morning all)

    I feel the same way…about how the qualified experts compare JA as I am fed up with the DT and their disgusting antics to save JA from the lethal needle. I didn’t watch Alyce La Violette’s testimony yesterday, and am looking forward to JM’s cross. It’s so apparent when you look back at Jodi’s lengthy testimony that she has rehearsed every utterance to appear a battered abused woman. It was the only lie left in her crazy trunk. (Although we have witnessed her fabricating and embellishing as she goes along when she gets scrambled by JM.)

    Garnering sympathy and “trying” to humanize her to the jury are about the only options left to Nurmi and Willmott. I would never make an effective defense attorney.

    I believe that antisocial personality disorder is the most accurate label that describes JA so far and believe that Jodi was after TA’s lifesyle and had no regard for HIS life whatsoever when he was finished with her and she understood her manipulations were not going to work any longer. The fact that she moved on to Burns immediately following her brutal killing of Travis speaks volumes to me. In her twisted mind, this Utah trip laid foundation to somewhat of an alibi but more importantly she displayed to us layman how bizzare her actions were and gave us an accurate indepth peek at her souless psyche.

    I don’t know if Juan Martinez has his own experts during rebuttal, but if he does I hope they can shed some light on the true nature of this beast. (anyone know if he does? TYIA)

    Y’all have a terrific Easter weekend, and blessing to you and your families. {{{Hugs}}}
    Prayers going out to the TA’s family to stay strong throughout the remainder of this trial.

    All IMO

  114. Redrelaxed says:

    Thank you Snoops! What a faaaaaaabulous idea! Have a blessed Easter my friend.

  115. Newbie says:

    Funny, read the last comment and thought “hmmm…..this should be a good idea and then went directly to the bottom of the page without clicking on reply….daaahhh…..habit?

    Just wanted to mention there was a Judge on whatever program who was going over things that had happened in his Court room. I think it was a Judge Alex? Anyway, he actually had a juror tell him he had heard enough and had made a decision mid-way in the trial….lol ! That is exactly how I feel. Didn’t want to claim that statement as my own although I wish I could.

  116. Thanks, Red. Gorgeous day here in the east. HLN is replaying all the testimony of Jodi… yuk

  117. mystical pippin says:


  118. mystical pippin says:

    You knowVicky when I heard them talking about JM’s popularity last night on NG and Jean said she had seen one juror hanging around outside above the area where the pictures of Juan were being taken, and she hoped he didn’t see anything, I immediately said to myself DON’T GIVE NURMI ANYTHING to complain about – they know he watches the show or has someone watch it and reports back to him. Sure enough the very next day – he’s whining again.

    Did you all know that Willmott and Nurmi need police escorts to to their cars? Yep too many death threats – go figure!

  119. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Red

    That was a great article! I hope that you provide pointers to the others in the series.
    Hiow does Casey’s lying compare to Jodi’s lying in your opinion with respect to diagnosis? I think both are outstandigly accomplished in the field of lying.but is Casey as lacking in conscience as Jodi?

  120. Red~ ~I just finished reading the article. It was very informative, well written and easy to understand. Thanks so much!

  121. Vicky says:

    Part 2 of Dr. Kendal’s Blog

  122. gramared says:

    Thanks Red. It’s always nice to hear someone sane describe her and not someone who is under her spell! Good read.

  123. gramared says:

    Thanks Vicky. Another good article, and I look forward to the final one. Jodi is a piece of work, that’s for sure.

  124. mystical pippin says:

    Me too Redrelaxed. Completely created by defense team and Jodi. Thoroughly and consistantly rehearsed for the last 3-4 years by Jodi. there’s no other explanation for her being able to have…well explanations for every lie she’s told plus to be able to give such snarky comebacks to Juan Martinez. She’s so prepared that a lot of people think she’s a good actress but thats where I disagree. I think its because she’s such a BAD actress it proves that every line she says is memorized.

  125. Vicky~ ~thanks for posting the link. I just finished reading and it is excellent. I was wondering if the following may describe me…Wit and charm are characteristics of an individual with antisocial personality disorder. Both the wit and charm are used to manipulate others. Manipulating others is also characteristic of the antisocial. Ouch!!

  126. mystical pippin says:

    I have a hard time believing that Jodi had planned an alternate ending. In fact I think she knew she couldn’t talk Travis into taking her this time and she went there with the intent of killing him no matter what he said to her. I found out that Jodi had been inviting herself on most of the trips that Travis went on.

    Another friend of Travis interviewed on Dr Drew. Clancy Talbot, she’s nice looking worked at the same company and she was close to Travis. She said one night at an event for their company, Jodi followed her in the girls bathroom (she didn’t know Jodi had followed her). The night before Clancy had gotten a little tipsy at the dinner and Travis PLUS another guy helped her off of this platform (because she had made an announcement she was a little light headed and needed some help). There were also other females around her too.

    Ok next night – when Jodi walked into the bathroom Clancy said she looked weird, she was shaking (like a Chihuaua ha ha) so she asked Jodi how she was – Jodi said she was upset. She wanted Clancy to know that she and Travis were a couple and she didn’t like Clancy hanging on to him. She said it over/over then She told Clancy she had no problem with her and that it was Travis she was upset with. Clancy tried to reassure her that she thought of Travis as a little brother. But Jodi kept getting more upset. Clancy said she had to go but then Jodi went & stood in front of the door – kept on talking. Clancy said the hair went up on the back of her neck and while she trying to think of a way to get out of there – her friend walked in and said whats taking you so long and then whats going on here?
    At that point Clancy left with her friend. (cont)

  127. mystical pippin says:

    (Cont from above)
    Clancy is one of the people that saw Jodi right after she killed Travis. She was at a meeting with the group that Ryan Burns was in when Jodi showed. She has said that Jodi was ALWAYS inviting herself to events or meetings that were specifically for people that had qualified for them because they had made it through these certain steps so this was part of their reward or just the next step. These events or trips that were paid for by the company were the ones that Jodi would just show up at. (no wonder Jodi never had any money she wasn’t supposed to be there so she had to pay her own way.)

    So Jodi shows up and then goes out to dinner with the group. There was an event happening in Utah the next day. (this is what the meeting was about) Clancy said she sat across from Jodi at dinner and Jodi announced that she couldn’t go and that she had leave right then because she needed to drive back to Calif. Clancy thought it was weird because Jodi was always wanting to go to these events and showing up at them but for her to blow it off by saying she had to get home was really strange – even for Jodi. At the time Clancy just gave it a quick thought because Jodi was always strange so she quckly forgot about it. Then 5 days later when she got the call about Travis she said she KNEW IMMEDIATELY that it was Jodi. She called the police in Az and left a message for Dt. Flores to call her back. When she talked to him and accused Jodi he asked her if she had any proof. She said no but it was a strong gut feeling and she was 150% sure Jodi had done it.

    What would Jodi have done to Clancy that night when she confronted her in the bathroom if Clancy’s friend had not come looking for her? Its clear to me that she planned that too from the previous night seeing Travis help her down from the platform.

    Planned in the sense that she was watching Clancy and took the first opportunity she had to corner her when she knew Clancy was alone. Are the hairs raising on your neck right now? mine are – same as the first time I heard that story.

  128. Redrelaxed says:

    Hi Amber from Maryland,

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the article. Vicky kindly posted part 2 of 3, the 3rd installment will be posted today FYI.

    IMO, I agree with you. They are both astonishing liars and lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. There are some crucial differences though.

    Casey, the beloved social butterfly had LOTS of assistance from Mom and Pops. Through years of enabling her to steal, lie that eventually lead to her getting away with murder of our precious little child Caylee. George rolled under that bus for his darling Casey. I believe that Casey is the classic narcissistic ~ http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/narcissistic-personality-disorder/DS00652

    Jodi is a loner, an oddball who gives people the creeps. She lies with enthusiam and without remorse. That 48 Hour interview she gave will be the smoking gun in this trial IMO. Jodi’s parents, thankfully, are gently supportive but haven’t injected themselves one way or another in her defense or guilt. Haven’t observed many folks who aren’t paid to drink the Arias koolaid coming forward or testifying with glowing reports of her character.
    I believe that Jodi is an Antisocial Personality.

    All IMO

  129. gramared says:

    Red… You’ve probably seen this, but the Mayo website provides lots of info. Here’s their antisocial personality disorder definition.Thanks for the NPD definition – interesting.


  130. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Red and Gramared

    I hadn’t though of it that way since I have no qualifications in psychology, but I think you are right.

    Time has proven, especially since George may be paying Casey’s rent now, after she clobbered him with lies in court, that George and Cindy were consummate enablers. Definitely, I have not seen Jodi’s parents appear on television to say that their daughter could’nt, wouldn’t, didn’t do any such thing.

    I am looking forward to the third article. I hope none of the jurors take the new expert’s testimony that Jodi was a battered woman.

  131. Redrelaxed says:

    Hello Ladies!

    I’m taking a little break, as I too am moving back in with my mother as she broke her hip and I don’t think she’ll be mobile again…been painting all afternoon. My mother is being released from hospital on Tuesday. Fun eh? One thing about moving, you find out who your true friends are! Lol…

    I have to qualify that I do not have any qualifications either, and the stuff I share is strictly IMO as an armchair detective and observer. Human behaviour never ceases to amaze me, and the last two trials with CA and JA have been real eye openers. Sadly some people are capable of anything.

    Just checked and Part 3 isn’t posted yet, here’s the link as one of you will likely get to it before I do…I’m very impressed with these articles as they provide us with an unbiased opinion on JA. Wish this would have been around when we were supporting little Caylee Marie.


    Gotta run…hope these tylenol kick in cuz I have to steam clean carpets…

    Sure am enjoying all the comments from your followers Snoops…what a great group!

  132. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Red

    Thanks for the pointer to part 3. Those articles were excellent. I think the articles were much more accurate and appropriate than anything the two defense experts said. Hopefully, the prosecition will hire more accuratre experts.

  133. gramared says:

    If you haven’t seen it, Part 3 is here. Enjoy!

    Thanks so much, gramared!!~~ SS

  134. snowynyte says:

    Hello Snoopy and Yakkers:

    Again I am indebted to you for all the information you provided on these pages. Red, I meant to say thanks for welcoming me (I think I missed the right time to say so :-)). Hope meds help you in your endeavors!

    I saw on Youtube that someone posted wonderful videos (I think in two parts) that tracked JA’s movements and talked about the possible areas that she disposed the gun. Even though the videos were really well put together, I disagree with him about JA tossing the gun. I think she has that gun in Yreka somewhere. She is crafty and she knows of good hiding spots on cars. The 9mm gun she had hidden in her rental car at the time when she was arrested wasn’t discovered by the police, it was found by the car renter company. One supporting detail she kept the gun is that the 25mm ammo was found at her parents’ house. Since the gun was at the grandparents’ house when it was “stolen” shouldn’t it be found at the grandparents’ house? JA grew up in Yreka and knows the place like the back of her hands, what better place to hide the gun than somewhere she has an access?

    As I read comments regarding this trial, a lot of people seem to be believing her lies, like this case with her throwing away the gun in the desert. Why believe anything she says? Also JA keeps saying Travis “guilting” her into stopping by. I think it’s more like she “guilting” him with something like she wanted her naked pictures and he is the only one who can help her, and it would be the last time, etc.

    …Wow, I try to keep quiet but I sure do have a tendency to yack… lol
    Happy Easter to you all! G’nyte!

    Hon, you keep having that tendency to yack.. that is what keeps Snoopy smilin’.. A Very Happy Easter to you too!~~SS

  135. gramared says:

    I’m not sure if any of you have seen these or are interested, but the info below is taken from the Arizona Statutes which define self-defense as well as use of deadly physical force.

    I’m fairly certain the jury will receive these definitions, along with a number of other instructions from the judge both verbally and in written form, before they begin deliberating.
    The reason I say this is that I was foreman on a jury in AZ a number of years back. The defendant was arrested for murder and claimed self-defense. The crime was committed some nine years earlier, and the jury was never told why the defendant was finally arrested.
    It wasn’t a death-penalty case, but it would mean serious jail time for the defendant, if he were convicted.
    The strange part was the jurors. The women were quite involved, and the men, not so much. A number of the men didn’t even sit at the table, just stood back against the wall?? We had been deliberating for a while, and it was a Friday afternoon. The jury was leaning toward a not guilty verdict, and a number were anxious to finish and not have to return. I kept reading and rereading the definition of self-defense to the jurors because it was extremely important that we interpret it correctly when making our decision. The problem was the way the crime was committed and why the victim ended up dead.
    I decided that we would think about it over the weekend and come back on Monday to deliberate further. The women, once again, obviously spent a great deal of time over the weekend giving a great deal of thought to the case. They came prepared on Monday with copious notes and were ready for some serious deliberation. The men seemed to have little interest but did return! (Should we be concerned about the number of men on Jodi’s jury??)

    The bottom line was, however, that there was a gun on the table, and the defendant got the gun and shot the victim, claiming the victim was going to shoot him. However, once the defendant got the gun in his possession, the threat ceased because the other man was unarmed. What was he defending. He could have just as easily shot the victim in the leg to stop him from coming toward him or run out of the room and fled the scene. The victim had no way of harming him once the defendant had the gun. His claim of self defense to kill the victim fell flat. We took another vote, and the defendant was found guilty.

    Here are the statutes. The “key” phrase is “reasonable person.”

    13-404. Justification; self-defense
    A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.
    B. The threat or use of physical force against another is not justified:
    1. In response to verbal provocation alone; or
    2. To resist an arrest that the person knows or should know is being made by a peace officer or by a person acting in a peace officer’s presence and at his direction, whether the arrest is lawful or unlawful, unless the physical force used by the peace officer exceeds that allowed by law; or
    3. If the person provoked the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force, unless:
    (a) The person withdraws from the encounter or clearly communicates to the other his intent to do so reasonably believing he cannot safely withdraw from the encounter; and
    (b) The other nevertheless continues or attempts to use unlawful physical force against the person.

    13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force
    A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:
    1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and
    2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.
    B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this14. “Deadly physical force” means force that is used with the purpose of causing death or serious physical injury or in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of creating a substantial risk of causing death or serious physical injury.

    Here are a couple more “definitions.”
    14. “Deadly physical force” means force that is used with the purpose of causing death or serious physical injury or in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of creating a substantial risk of causing death or serious physical injury.
    15. “Deadly weapon” means anything designed for lethal use, including a firearm.

    I’ll be anxious to hear thoughts from the Yakkers! Sorry this was so long.

  136. Gramared~~I just swiped your last comment and added it to my new post.. thank you!!

    New Post

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