The Hired Gun Misfired!!



Post Testimony Samuels’ Dilemma

If Dr Richard Samuels is an expert in PTSD, then so am I. I dub myself Dr Snoopy Sleuth.

The following information is on Dr Samuels’ web site.

Richard M. Samuels, Ph.D., FACCS, ABPP is a practicing Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over thirty years of experience. With an extensive background in evaluation, analysis, report writing and testimony, Dr. Samuels specializes in Sexually Violent Perpetrator evaluations, Psychosexual Risk Assessments, Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Matters for Defendants and Emotional Trauma from Medical Malpractice for Defendants and Plaintiffs.

Working closely with public defenders and private attorneys, he will determine the facts of the case and any special circumstances and mitigating factors involving the trial process. An extensive evaluation of the respondent, in depth case analysis and research contributes to a succinct report which often will result in a more favorable outcome for your client. His clear and strong testimony in support of the report can help to educate juries and judges.

When you need a verified expert in the field of Sexually Violent Perpetrator commitment hearings, Psychosexual Risk Assessments for sentencing, Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Matters for Defendants and Emotional Trauama from Medical Malpractice for Defendants and Plaintiffs, Dr. Richard Samuels has the experience, education and prestige to help you support your vital arguments.


(the man even misspelled Trauma!!)

This is a great article by by Jack Singer, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Giving All Professional Psychologists a Bad Name!

Psychologically Speaking w/Dr. Jack: Jodi Arias Dr Sells Out

Listen to Dr Jack Here on Blog Radio…9.28 minutes

Thanks goes to Redrelaxed for posting the following link.

Some Damning Juror’s Questions asked to Dr Samuels and his responses

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62 Responses to The Hired Gun Misfired!!

  1. katfish says:

    Great links! Thanks! IMO… Dr.Samuels is a schmuck and Jodi is a cold blooded killer! Really glad to see professional’s in his field speaking out:)

    I am wondering if Samuels will gain sympathy from a couple jurors since he is so darn disorganized. All of his answers to the juror’s questions played right into Jodi’s hand and supported her memory loss etc. IMO, it was a con job.~ ~SS

  2. Sherry says:

    Well, since I’m a fellow yakker of this case, and I am not worthy of the honor!, I think I should say something here. It looks like the defense screwed up in hiring Dr. Samuels unless his ability to deceive a jury supercedes his unprofessional practices. I would be a bit miffed if I were the defense because this Dr. didn’t give those tests since they may very well have helped in the defense of the case. Ah, but the focus was on him being a hired gun. I watched him a bit last night as the trial day was coming to a close and he surely wasn’t convincing to me. A hired gun, indeed!

    Thou doth be worthy of being an honorable yakker sayeth I~~ SS

  3. Karen C. says:

    Hi, Sherry!
    Oh, this poor fellow has made the whole profession just look so bad, and I actually think on his best days he’s likely a very concerned and caring therapist. But he started out with an erroneous premise based on her lies, and she just continued with a new set of lies- he foolishly chose to buy it rather than deal with the fact she would continue on in her usual manner. He was looking for a REASON for this to happen- and the situation here is more like The Boomtown Rats song- “I don’t Like Mondays”- “Look for a reason, there IS no reason…”

    Like most professionals he clearly thinks he can discern the truth from most of his patients (or clients, or subordinates) in time- no one with all those higher degrees imagines they can be taken in by a little feckless chit, batting her eyes at them. Talk about debasing!

  4. snowynyte says:

    Hello Snoopy & everyone!
    I am one of zillion readers of this blog just now coming out of my hiding =)
    Appreciate your interesting comments so much! Also your boundless information!
    Please excuse me, i have to see if this comment will post, seeing that the previous ones just disappeared.. lol

    Welcome, snowynyte! I keep a close watch on what ends up in spam and did not see any of your previous comments. I do however get bombarded with spam so may have overlooked it. You are free to comment now so make yourself right at home.~~SS

  5. What? A new thread already? has it been a week my goodness. Snoops I’m sending you a new interested reader. I lied and told them they could get all kinds of good info here and that we have fun……lol
    But seriously I hope he/she joins I think its a female – hard to tell from user names you know? But very interested in this case and only heard about it a month or so ago so is dying for more info.

    This is where we can have the fun…*wink~~SS

    Jonathon’s Coffee Café-5

  6. debl115 says:

    The OJ Simpson case was the first trial that I seriously followed, so this kinda hits close to home. An amazing message from Kim Goldman to the Alexander family. I cried reading this 😦

    I watched Kim last night on tv. I hope the verdict ends up guilty of Murder in the First Degree in this case.~~SS

  7. snowynyte says:

    Thanks Snoopy for your welcome, you sure do make me feel special.
    Ms. Pippin, I wish I could say I do but I do not know you, although I read a lot of what you wrote and know you as very informative and entertaining.
    …….omg, now that I am in, I am sorta speechless lol
    I will try to be useful, I promise Snoopy =)

    Newbie has the day off so here ya go.~~SS

  8. Jodi claimed Travis was her possession while he was alive and still maintains ownership of him even in death… She is taking sadistical pleasure in killing his reputation. Jodi knows this is torturing Travis’ family. This is very typical of an obsessed stalker. If Jodi does not get the lethal injection, she will continue to trash Travis from prison. Mark MY words!

    Jodi Arias ‘Killing’ Ex-Boyfriend Again with Lies, Friend Says

  9. Redrelaxed says:

    Dick, the compassionate expert would have us believe that this soft spoken gentle pacifist suffers from low self esteem among his other educated, prestigious and experienced diagnoses.

    This is the woman who will travel miles out of her way to confront any man or woman who dares to cast a shadow on her toes. Not to mention a 1000 or so to commit the most henious crime I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the display of meek mildness we witnessed while under cross by Juan Martinez.

    For the record, I don’t believe that Travis knew Jodi was on her way to Mesa on June 4. I think that he had written her off. Jodi had been replaced on the Cancun ticket by Mimi Hall. More evidence of premeditation. Jodi wasn’t upset or jealous, right? She said so under oath, and we all know that Jodi is finally telling he gospel truth.

    Richard Samuels you have been had buddy. Begged, borrowed and stolen. I may be giving you the benefit of the doubt, but don’t be surprised if your hourly rate drops drastically the next time you’re asked to evaluate whether it’s pepsi or coke.

    Great topic Snoop, and thanks for the flowers…they’re loverly!

  10. Redrelaxed says:

    Snoop, that was an excellent article you posted by Dr. Jack. He sure spelled out in no uncertain terms the concerns that most of us had with Richard Samuel, and let’s hope the jury concurs.
    And…how nice to see a new contributor!
    Hello Snowynyte!

  11. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Snoopy

    I enjoyed the pointers that you posted to Dr. Jack. Quite frankly, I feel sorry for Dr. Samuels. I don’t think that he reached any conclusions about Jodi that I would give any weight to if I were on the jury. I know he was paid well to render conclusions to support the defense but mostly I think he was supporting a dream of being Sir Galahad rendering aid to a beautiful young lady in distress. I do not think he saw the vituperous nature behind the pretty face and consumate acting/lying.

  12. margaret says:

    I miss a couple days and a whole new page. Another great post to get it rolling..Yeeeaaayyyy Snoopy. I read and listened to the link to the doctor . I wish Martinez had that article and would ask PTSD if he knew what” Bibliotheraphy” means..By the way Snoops ,perfect name.. Jodi used her 12 year old girl voice and just led that PTSD right down her primrose path. He is a pathetic, old man out to make a dollar at all costs. I couldn’t help but think about the way Mason has been taking care of ” the other pretty girl killer” and wonder if PTSD has any future thoughts of maybe changing that name for “Sugar Daddy ” if she were to go free. UUUuuGH can’t you just picture it.?

    I tried to watch videos of trial that I missed but I got dizzy watching PTSD swing his chair from looking at Judge and back to face jury with that slurpy smile, while answering jury questions.. I’m not going to say what I called Willmott.. I only watched Martinez on cross..Thanks to all of you for your post and filling in so I did not have to suffer through videos.. Thank you Snoopy for throwing in a few smiles with your antedotes.

  13. margaret says:

    Hope this link works..The only movie I want to see is her on Death Row…

    Geraldo is always controversial just to keep his show in the limelight. I avoid him like the plague. ~~ SS

  14. margaret says:

    Sorry yackers didn’t work right but go to the link , type in jodi arias in their search box, scroll down to story about lifetime movie.. Sounds spooky , but they have her pegged. Says they are reserving ending to include verdict if possible.. Ends with that creepy little smile she has.

    Another video on site is big mouth Geraldo predicting she will only serve 5 years and Bill O’rielly argueing that there is no justice anymore..Interesting

  15. Who does this describe? (there are many typos in this article)

    The Obsessive Love Wheel:
    Attraction Phase >> instant attraction to a person; immediate urge to hang around that person regardeless of logic and compatibility; becoming hooked; starting to create fantasies; start of the obsession and skyrocketing of attemts to stay in contact with the object of interest.
    Anxious Phase >> the obsessed person will consider that the victim has “committed” to the mutual relationship no matter common sense, through the smallest of evidence the victim hasn’t rejected any of the obsessed attempts to have contact: therefore, any exchange of words, or written communications can be considered by the obsessed one a “proof of existing relationship”. This lead to the overwhelming of contacts, which can become obsession of a considered “infidelity” by the victim if the unaware victim just tries to slow down the number of contacts for a while; the need to be the centre of the other’s life manifest through repeated accesses; the controlling behaviour often tries to suggest pitiful feeling in the victim so that the victim will feel more committed to the obsessed one.
    Obsessive Phase >> all the attempts to be in contact start to emerge as obsessive; the onset of the tunnel vision comes, namely the obsessed one cannot stop talking or relate to the object of his/her interest; neurotic, compulsive behaviours arise; there is a constant monitoring of any activity that may relate to the victim, and teh surroundings; extreme contro antics arise, including those where the obsessed one question the victim’s real love interests and the committment to relationship patterns.
    Destructive Phase >> once the obsessed one has shown the previouses behaviours, very likely the victim will cut any contact, causing reactions in rage from the obsessed lover (ORP Cycle, Obsessive Relational Progression, n.d.r.); anger, rage and a desire to seek revenge against the victim will be on display, usually after a phase where the obsessive lover will DENY any responsibility in the previouses untakeable behaviors; promise to change in case the victim will tale the obsessive lover “back”; escaping patterns to “medicate” the emotional pain; very likely, a research for a new obsession.


  16. Did you know that Jodi told Travis when they first met that she was being stalked by some strange man. She told him she was in fear for her life. I heard this on HLN and it came from one of Travis’ close friends. I cannot verify if it is true.

    If Jodi did tell Travis that lie, it would be to her advantage as she was about to stalk Travis and her story would make him unsuspecting. Jodi also gained sympathy from Travis with this story. Stalkers are very sly and cunning.

    Travis was becoming suspicious that Jodi was taking over his life and smothering him. When he tried to put distance between them, I truly believe this is when Jodi began to blackmail him. She threatened to expose him to the Mormon church and then the word would get out to his Prepaid Legal colleagues.

    As far as Samuels saying Jodi had low self esteem and was not assertive, that is a crock of chit. I wonder if in his 35 years, Samuels even had to deal with a psycho stalker. Samuels’ career is ruined… I hope he doesn’t harm himself this weekend rather than face Martinez again on Monday. I am sure he knows what is being said about him on the media.

  17. gramared says:

    When court ended on Friday and Samuels was granted a temporary reprieve from Martinez, I’ll bet he headed straight for the scotch – or whatever. He may even be AWOL by Monday! If he’s truly smart, he’ll ask to be a witness for the prosecution!

  18. gramared says:

    Snoopy…Once again you’ve provided some wonderful tidbits for this case. Wow, talk about describing Jodi – the nail on the head.

  19. gramared~ ~we had a stalker right here on WordPress while the Anthony case was in full swing. I ended up being one of her victims while her ‘main victim’ was a fellow blogger. She tried to destroy me to get to him. Many here will know exactly who I am referring to. Jodi Arias fits the bill of a full fledged stalker.

  20. gramared says:

    Snoopy…I learned of you through Dave’s blog, have been reading his for ages through the CA royal mess. So, I’m happy I found your spot from following him. You’re both high on the “neat” scale for providing wonderful info regarding each case. Let’s hope the outcome of this one is nothing like the last!

    Jodi is in an evil class by herself.

  21. margaret says:

    Another angry expert thoughts on Samuels..Anyone know who Martinez has ,if any, to examine on PTSD and amnesia??

  22. Amber from Maryland says:

    Hi Margaret

    That was a very interesting news article and video.

  23. snowynyte says:

    Snoopy and Company:

    This Youtube account was created on May 29, 2008 by jodiannarias and this video (one and only upload) added on June 12, 2008. I read the gun burglary was on May 28, 2008, so this was going to be yet another attempt to cover up her murder. People commented that they could hear her laughter. From how the recording span around, she was sitting right in the front.

    Youtube Video of Travis

    BTW, RIP Travis!

  24. debl115 says:

    this is a very interesting, albeit, long, article about the entire case. Warning — graphic pics included in the article, but a good read.

  25. snowynyte says:

    Here is an article about Travis’ murder in the local newspaper printed on June 13, 2008. One can garner what kind of person Travis was and how he was loved by many.

    For this girl vent on revenge that is groundless to have taken his life, she needs to go as well.

    Thank you so much! I had not read that piece before.~~SS

  26. snowynyte says:

    debl115, thanks for that link to the article. I seriously believe that when the 5:29pm photo (of Travis looking right at the camera) was taken he was sitting on the pool of blood, IMO.

    Anyhoo, good nyte, all!

  27. Jodi Arias Trial Update: ‘Expert Witness’ PTSD Diagnosis Full of Holes

    To Paul Mountjoy, an author on psychology, and a member of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, the entire PTSD and amnesia diagnosis angle – which the defense’s case largely now rests on – is suspect.
    “Most every modern American Psychological Association (APA) reported study suggests the greater the emotion associated with a new memory, the greater the ability to recall such a memory,” explains Mountjoy in an article for The Washington Times. “Every study this author viewed on PTSD and the amnesia Samuels claims has Arias in its throes, dissociative amnesia, or the loss of memory, perception or awareness, is a temporary disorder.”

    Mountjoy says those psychological explanations sound all too convenient, especially considering the nature of Arias’ horrific crime: “The most significant aspect of PTSD is the inability to forget a traumatic experience. Regardless of Samuel’s psycho-nonsense, the issues of PTSD and amnesia are written from the standpoint of victim of trauma-not perpetrator.”

    While Samuels has presented himself as a consummate authority on PTSD, Mountjoy reveals that the psychologist’s background is actually primarily in sex therapy.

    Read more here…

  28. Vicky says:

    Sorry, The link I provided above does not work, so I am providing a link to the website instead.

  29. snowynyte says:

    Hello Vicky,
    Thanks for the link to article. I knew that wretch was anything but low in self-esteem. I have the correct link :!/entry/does-jodi-arias-have-low-selfesteem,6823/3

    Looking forward to tomorrow– these days mundane Mondays are not so mundane anymore lol

  30. debl115 says:

    Welcome, snowynyte! My Mondays have become one of my favorite days of the week!

  31. Snoops
    So many good links in this thread I don’t where to begin and who all to thank – so a general big fat thanks to ALL of you who have contributed – there is a wealth of information links here today!!!
    starting with:
    Jack Singer PHD puts Samuels in his place – beautifuly:
    As the defense unfolds in the Arias case, there are many absurdities, and one of the most egregious is Dr Samuels himself, drawing ridiculous conclusions, based on 12 visits with Ms. Arias over four years, ….. administering only two, marginal psychological tests. This hardly fits the professional standard in forensic psychology…..”

    I couldn’t agree more. and I agree with you that Samuels has ruined whats left of his career. he has no one to blame but himself. He’s so slimey all I have to do is see him on a 10 second promo of the trial on HLN to instantly feel the need to shower. Never in my life have I seen such despicable bold faced lies from a medical professional – to say he’s a doctor….. its such a fluke – he MUST HAVE gotten his license from a cracker jack box!

    The Characters in This Case Never Cease to Amaze and Nonplus Me!!

    There are so many real doctors calling him a mockery of their profession, I bet he’s received thousands of hits to his site just to get further proof of his “ambulance chasing” activities. He’s a complete contradiction of “First do no harm.”
    Well “Slimey Sam” You reap what you sow pal. When you CHOOSE to represent yourself as a legitimate expert on a subject you clearly know nothing about and further it by acting innapropriately towards a patient then you’re just begging to lose your license, your credibility and your integrity if you EVER had any to begin with.

    I saw a documentary not too long ago about a gir who was suffering from PTSD as she was a foot soldier in Iraq and was injured in an attack. Constantly in pain, she was on too many medications to remember for her injuries, had major psych counseling sessions 2-3 times a week, constantly dealing with images of horror she could NOT forget. Had attempted suicide several times and it all started a month after she got home.

    For this doctor to use PTSD as a diagnosis for JA’s faked memory loss – and no one could ever convince me he actually believed her stories – he’s not THAT stupid, plus he’s had meetings with Nurmi and they’ve discussed how to get around Jodi’s little shop of lies – it just speaks volumes as to his character and credibility. His career is kaput. If any other attorney is stupid enough to use this crackpot in another case it’ll be a sure loss to their client.

  32. The defense best get Samuels off the stand pronto. I wonder if the jurors have a few more questions for him. The next clown witness due up Alyce La Violette…

  33. This excerpt is from Snowynyte’ s link… Great article Snowy, thank you!! Jodi has low self- esteem. Yeah Right…

    Most importantly, for a period of approximately 10 days, Jodi acted as her own lawyer. She fired her defense team and decided that she, and she alone, would become the defense attorney. She went to court and acted as her attorney. Her life was on the line and though she had never gone to law school, she chose herself as the best attorney available. Is this someone with low self-esteem? Jodi was a high school dropout, with no life accomplishments, yet she believed that she was better equipped to represent herself in a death penalty case, than a team of highly skilled lawyers.

  34. Karen C. says:

    I can’t wait for rebuttal…

  35. Redrelaxed says:

    G’morning Everyone,

    Of all Dr. Samuels testimony last week, his ridiculous diagnoses that St. Jodi of Arias suffers from low self esteem bothered me the most. I couldn’t believe my ears. The very nature of Travis’s brutal demise shows what a monster JA is. No way anyone with low self esteem could carry out that horrific slaying. This is not the result of a person with LSE.

    I am sure looking forward to JM’s rebuttal, and I have faith that this prosecutor has his ducks in a row. He has been dropping the bread crumbs throughout the trial that will lead to a logical conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt for this jury.

    Thank you for all links folks!

    Prayers going out to the family of TA to remain strong throughout the remainder of this trial.

    All IMO

  36. Karen C. says:

    I’m beginning to think that privileged communications between attorney/client should just be that- communications- the Prosecution side should be able to get a list of all reading materials the lawyers give the defendant, to see what “defenses” are being cooked up while they twiddle their thumbs in there.

  37. Sarah says:

    Good afternoon everyone:

    Are we suppose to use this article or the “yakkers” to post while watching the trial today?

    And did any of you see this cute article on Juan Martinez by Lissette Martinez @ AZ Central

  38. margaret says:

    Good morning Yaksters..I had insomnia again last night, so I was looking around on computer and came across a site called RealityChatter. com.. There is a lot of information and timeline of how many times lawyers came and left in this case.. Nurmi tried to get away 4 different times and he is only being paid a little more per day than his expert.. There are some court documents , texts and diary stuff there. The thing that made me get riled up was that jodi and team filed to make sure Travis was not identified as “the victim “, Martinez won that one. Her reasoning was that it would make her look bad. Bull crap.

  39. Amber from Maryland says:

    Thanks Sarah.

    That was a very interesting article. Juan Martinez is great!!!

  40. Amber from Maryland says:


    How could one not identify Travis as the victim after the butal way that he was murdered???

    What could make Jodi look worse than the way she talked and behaved? What could make her look worse than the testimony she gave in the court room? Looking bad because Travis was identified as the victim was the least of her problems with respect to looking bad!

  41. margaret says:

    Oh Gee we are color coded again !! Sick

  42. Karen C. says:

    So weird- the whole twins thing at this point….

  43. margaret says:

    I just heard them say on HLN that Martinez has the last word in front of jurors in closing.. Thats a good thing. Martinez deserves a long vacation after this..

  44. Karen C. says:

    It balances out the burden more… and, as personal as this appears to be, it is the State here, not JM, who has lost a citizen and tries the case.

  45. ledheadmelli says:

    (I’m 15 minutes behind – don’t have to wait for sidebars to be over)
    FINALLY!!!!! Sounds like JM is hitting on something I’ve been saying a long time – she had all these symptoms PRIOR to 6/4/08, rendering the entire evaluation worthless as all get out. Each one of those criteria stipulates that the condition be NOT in existence prior to the event – flat affect, anti-social behavior, I don’t remember the rest, but testimony exists that she displayed every one of those long before the murder.
    Back to the trial!

  46. Me thinks that Jennifer Willmott wants off this case right now. I see that Jodi is acting as her own defense and Willmott is just her puppet.

  47. margaret says:

    I have just had funny thought .. As I was reading last night about Nurmi’s failed attempts to leave this trial, several women lawyers did, it said that jodi was determined he stay..It just hit me why, after no objections to the women,,Nurmi is a man and men do not leave jodi..I wonder if Nurmi ever thinks of this.. I think I have finally lost it, but it is afunny thought..I am going to have to have my brain detoxed when this is over.. LOL

    Hon, I think Jodi would be better off to climb Mount Everest than Mount Nurmi. ~~SS

  48. Redrelaxed says:

    Is it just me, or does Alyce seem like she is having trouble with her memory…

  49. Has anyone else seen this clip and do you think Jodi is being arrogant in her finger motion?

    Jodi is not giving the finger. She is rubbing her neck and soothing herself. She feels quite comfortable with Samuel’s answers. Jodi is under a constant microscope and the news medias are getting carried away. JMO~~SS

  50. I did not have the patience to listen to the so-called “Dr” and his testimony… he so obviously is getting paid by the hour. And NOTHING he said makes any sense to me. I hope this is so for the jury, too.

  51. Newbie says:

    Evening ladies. For those who managed to stay with the testimony today, congratulations. I just flaked out. Now as the new witness is giving her credentials, I’m thinking how interesting she could be yet how long do we need to listen to credentials…..eeks. I’m also wondering how JM will handle her..

    La Violette spread her credential out from way back in the 70’s…no wonder her list was so long. She looks a lot older today on the stand then what she looked like in the video I watched of her. I just hope she doesn’t talk about Snow White and Greek Mythology. Those two are right up her alley. ~~SS

  52. For those who haven’t been watching and want to have a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account, you can go here for Donchais’ great coverage on Calls for Justice:

    Thanks, Sandy, that is great.~~SS

  53. snowynyte says:

    Wilmott lead the lady witness through the long list of credentials… I couldn’t help but the images of Travis’ came into my head, the one he is looking out from the ski slopes and the one in the shower. For HIM to be on trial, as opposed to that wretch who slaughtered him… so sad!

    Thank God Martinez is doing a great job for the real victim in this case. Tensions will be high when the verdict is finally rendered…all we can do is think positive while looking up~~SS

  54. I think Martinez overstepped today with his ‘feelings’ remark…

    Jodi Arias Prosecutor Accuses Defense Key Witness Of ‘Having Feelings’ For The Murder Defendant

  55. margaret says:

    I sure would like to read Flores report where he interviewed jodi family..Can you believe she kicked her mother..She is about as vile and evil as I have ever seen..Now I know why there is no family support for her. Even Dog the bounty hunter says she will kill again..Wonder how she treated grandparents?

    Nurmi and jodi , LOL Snoops.. Thanks for laugh ..

    It makes you wonder what Jodi’s real plans for that 9mm gun really were. ~~SS

  56. margaret says:

    LOL Vinnies eyes just got big as saucers , and said ” She’s dangerous, shes dangerous “. He says Life or DP……He looked so funny..

    Vinnie has changed his looks a lot. He has lost weight…he is a diabetic. I know he doesn’t think much of Jodi and doesn’t mind voicing his opinion.~~SS

  57. New thread up for tomorrow’s yakking….

    Yakkers-Day 37

  58. FYI~~ Jodi told La Violette that Travis was masturbating to the young boys while on the internet. Martinez mentioned that to Jodi in his cross……apparently he learned it while deposing La Violette. I wonder how the defense will get around that one. Maybe Ms La Violette will have selective amnesia?

  59. ledheadmelli says:

    I think the jury member who asked “Did Napoleon always bark when people arrived?” (ans: yes) has already thrown out the whole pedo incident. Not really the type of activity to continue doing when your dog alerts you that you are not alone. No ‘shameful’ pedo incident = no rib and finger kicking..

  60. Donna says:

    this case is crazy

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